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Birth of the Undead – Prologue – Chapter 6

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<Still 3 months ago>

“Come on Kara, you can do it! You are Supergirl! Don’t tell me that’s all an El can do! ”

“Hnngh… huff… Ughhh… huff…”


Again, and again, Kara Zor-el flexed her arms and benched the vendorian steel weight that is programmed to repeatedly push down on her. Her arms a maze of toned muscles, Supergirl repeated her steps – squat and relax, stand and push up, squat and relax, stand and push up – all the while placing both arms on the large circular beam weighing down on her. Given her slim frame, her smallish yet firm bulges seemed right at home with her entire body.

Just one of the many exercises that Kal puts Kara through during each of their training session at the Fortress of Solitude.

It’s a routine that is becoming an unexciting chore for Supergirl. While she appreciates Kal’s efforts to train and prepare her with utiliizing her powers, the fact that she had to sacrifice most of her Saturdays to be cooped up in the Arctic when she can go out to town with other high-schoolers is getting harder to take by the day.

Which is why before they started their exercise regime today, Kara had jokingly suggested that should she achieve or surpass Kal’s own limit on the designated sets, they can stop training “for the rest of eternity”.

Superman doesn’t challenges lying down. And so, they agreed on the day’s challenge set - weights first, followed by a speed run, and cap it all off with a sparring session.

As Kara continued with her strength exercises, unknown to her Kal has programmed the machine to slowly increase the weight as Kara squated and pressed back the weights repeatedly. The changes are small enough that so as not to be noticeable, where as she progresses, he hopes that he can push her past her initial limit. In fact by his current estimates, Kara is already pushing close to 300 kilotons, a remarkable performance considering Kal’s own current max performance of 400 kilotons. And Kara’s still a maturing teenager! He continued egging his cousin on, watching Kara worked her entire body, her arms, abdomen and legs flexing hard to provide the Girl of Steel the power to push back the weight in a regular rhythm.

“Oh Rao, why must she insist of working out in such an outfit?” Kal thought to himself. True to self, Kara had arrived wearing what she called her “workout suit” today – the usual long-sleeve blue-top covered her chest in a workout sports top style; a short pants-skirt; Her toned abdomen and long legs exposed to the cold. “To minimize skin abrasion and maximize freedom of movement” she had said as she posed for him when she arrived earlier. “Besides”, as she pouted slightly, “all of my most important parts are covered, so what’s the big deal? I don’t want to be all icky and sweaty in a full body suit”.


Unconsciously, Kal felt HIS’ private parts stirring slightly as he continued observing Kara and listening to her grunts.

“Hnnngghhh… Uggghhh… I… I… enough… s… sttt… stop…”

Kal hit a few buttons on the control panel, and the weight lifted away skywards. Exhausted, Kara fell to her knees on the crystal floor, panting heavily as beads of sweat trickling down her face and her body. Her tight costume has now basically plastered to her body.

“How… how did I do…”

“You did great, Kara! 280 kilotons at last push!” Kara looked up in astonishment, still panting.

“280? I… I thought we agreed to just hit my 250 max limit… ?”

“Well, your body had actually acclimitised to 250, so i slowly increased the weights as you continued. So now you have a personal best!”

“Cheater.” Kara stood up slowly, and asked “So, did I also hit your max?” even though she knew the answer to that. Kal merely smirked “Still have a way to go to close that gap, my dear cousin.” Kara just groaned. In actual fact, it’s getting closer – Kal’s current best is only 400.

After a 10 minutes rest, she started on the treadmill.

Kara has alway done well on speedruns. Whenever they ran or flew, even at a leisurely pace Kara had always seem to be faster than Kal, perhaps due to the difference in their body size and structure – Kal’s larger mass and body-builder-like figure could have weighed him down when compared to Kara’s lithe and atheletic body. The younger Kryptonian girl is definitely more flexible and agile, her key strength and traits throughout.

Supergirl started her run, leisurely at first, before Kal again slowly increasing the speed. The digital readup kept increasing: 50. 75. 100. 150. 200. 300 miles an hour. Unlike the weights, this time Kara seem to be able to run forever, and faster, and then some! As her legs blurred, Kara’s breathing remained as steady as if she had just started. She turned to smile cheekily at Kal a few times as he grapple with that fact that in a sprint, she would have left him WAYYY behind.

After a while, Superman eased the speed down, and Kara stepped off with an expectant look. She’s definitely beat her personal best, and “Looks like it’s comparable to my speed”. Kara burst out laughing and countered back “Comparable? Really, Kal? Are you SURE you can hit 500 miles per hour running consistently like little me?”

Kal blushed slightly before admitting “Fine… you are MUCH faster than me.” Both of them know that Kara’s advantage has always been her speed and flexibility. With her flight powers added to it, breaking the speed of sound and gaining multiple Machs wasn’t even an exertion for her.

Despite all the her running exertion, the slight wind generated by Kara’s running motion had helped to dry her costume somewhat. So now she looks almost as good as new.

Onward to the sparring session, and it started with a <BOOM> as the two superhuman cousins went against each other, trying to utilize their strength to best the other.

Even though it’s called “Sparring”, Kara have always thought “wrestling” sounded more apt. Since they first started more than a year ago, she pretty much figured out that Kal’s style is all about strength, which is Superman’s key trait given his huge muscles and power contained within it. For Supergirl, it is about combining her athleticism, flexibility and speed to achieve her goal of hitting back. Having grown up in Argo City and Krypton in general, Kara had learnt a little of their race’s ancient martial arts “Ku” which happens to rely on her key advantages.

And so today she kept using the “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” move reminsecnce of Muhammad Ali; to move herself out of Kal’s superstrong charges and body checks and hitting back on the side. However there’s only so many places one can dodge in a closed-ended ring. Even so, it is shaping up to be a close fight, both Kryptonians slightly panting and heaving, their bodies broke out in sweat.

In one particular move, Kal feignted to his right and then supersped to the left, catching Kara on her sidestep run to send her crashing to the sidewall. As she picked herself up, she wasn’t fast enough as Kal soon came barrelling, and wanted to pin her down further by trying to put his hands on her shoulders. Before he could do that however, Kara caught his hands in her own, and despite being on one knee, she gritted her teeth and slowly pushed back little by little, before finally standing up facing Kal again, her feminine muscles fully pumped to counteract Kal’s own strength.

Kal, surprised by Kara’s matching strength, was also feeling the strain. As he tried to adjust and find another opening, Kara suddenly twisted and flipped her body up and over Kal’s head, immediately putting her strong legs over Kal’s head in a leg-scicssors hold. She then flipped both of them down on the floor, as she tried to choke Superman into submission.

Kal immediately felt the effect of the scissors, and it was all he could do to try and stay conscious. His powerful arms moved up to hold onto Kara’s thighs, and he flexed his godly mucscles to try and pry open Kara’s hold to try and keep his windpipe open. And also trying desperately to NOT look at Kara’s exposed undergarments just directly in front of his eyes. But his grunts and breathing through his nose happend to caress Kara’s private parts through her panties in this compromisng position, and pretty soon, both cousins became slightly aroused with their current entanglement.

Kal’s strength won out, and the slight opening he managed to create from Kara’s scissors allowed Kal to extricate himself quickly with a burst of speed from Kara’s hold. He quickly grab hold of Kara’s body in a full body hold, pinning her now pumped athletic arms to her side and stood up, and then held her against his massive chest. Kara struggled like a banshee to try and wiggle free, even resorting to trying to knee him on the groin which he just about avoided. However the constant rubbing of her young firm breasts and nipples against himself again heightened his arousal even more. It lead to Kal loosen his hold slightly, of which Kara managed to untangle her arms, and proceeded to pound and pummel Kal repeatedly with superspeed. One connected hook shot struck Kal on the chin, sending him crashing into the far wall.

Before Superman could get up, it was Kara’s turn to run over and pin HIM down on his back, smashing his head against the ice wall again. She straddled him with her bare muscular legs, her hands and arms pinning Kal’s against the floor, and she flexed her thighs to control his own struggles.

It was then that Kara discovered Kal’s private fetish of being overpowered by a female. A SUPERPOWERED female. For Kal’s body started acting on its own accord, as he felt Kara sitting on his crotch in such a compromising yet wonderful way.

Kara felt Kal’s body trembling, and suddenly instead of pushing her away he tried to draw her nearer instead. Thinking naively that he is switching tactics, she tightened her legs’ hold even further , squeezing with enough stength to crush marble. Suddenly both of them gasped aloud together, their eyes wide open as Kara felt, then saw a huge bulge tent up underneath her skirt, seemingly growing larger by the second, and it brushed insistently against her covered nether regions. They both realized that this wasn’t what they were expecting, and quickly extricated themselves and turned away from each other, embarrased.

Awkward silence hung in the air before Kara turned around and spoke. “Uh… shall we call it a draw?”

“Yes… i think that’s for the best.”

Another awkward silence. Yet again Kara ventured: “Kal, uh… was that… were you… feeling it?”

Silence. Then a sigh before he turned around. Kara could see that his manhood has started receding slightly. “I guess you finally felt me at my peak size today…”. He then proceeded to flex his entire body in a double-bicep pose, his muscles growing into a size that would make all the bodybuilders on earth cry. Even in this seemingly static pose, it did not go unnoticed that Kal Jr also grew back up into its aroused state, threatening to explode out from his bottoms.

“Since i’ve become fully powered under the yellow sun, there really isn’t many who can … help fulfill my needs. When you held me down just now, I think it just… uh… triggered me to… to…”

“Yeah, i know…” Kara too blushed slightly, recalling back how big he was slowly becoming, tenting up underneath the skirt. After a while, she asked a question that has been turning in her mind.

“Say, Kal…” she looked at her cousin. “I’ve also been feeling these… urges too recently. Do you think i can… able to… you know, do it… with Derek?… I mean… if you and Lois can do it, i think I can do it to…”

Derek Ander’s, Linda Lee classmate and seemingly her boyfriend. The boy who is trying to take things a step further with Kara’s alter ego. While she has always been careful, lately Derek has become more bold in his touches, and only Kara’s willpower and reluctance had meant he has not discover the blue and red costume with the <S> sign underneath her regular clothes. However, Kara has considered taking their relationship to the next step though…

“No. NO! KARA! No! Do NOT even think about it! Do you know what will happen when we lose control? It will be a catastrophic!!”

Kara was stunned by Kal’s angry reaction. “But… but aren’t you and Lois married? Don’t both of you make out? I mean, if you can do it, surely I can do it too?”

“Yes… well, but… but… it’s DIFFERENT! I mean… I have to keep reminding myself to control my urges and my passion so that i don’t tear her apart in my bare arms! Trust me, I have wanted to take her to heaven so many times with my full-power, but I know if I truly let go, the power that it is my muscles, even, my ejaculation… she will never survive…” She saw a tear coming down from his baby blue eyes…

“When you hit orgasm, each and every part of your superhuman body will tense up as you climax. Each and every one of your superstrong muscles EVERYwhere, shuddering and convulsing involutarily. Think about it. You… he… he won’t survive your full power, your full enthusiasm, especially when you try to wrap yourself around him. And when he’s inside of you…”

Kara got it. If Kal, with all his years of practice couldn’t even find a way to ‘do it’ with his soulmate, then what chance does Kara have with anyone else? Thinking about it made her slightly depressed, but increasingly frustrated. For as she continues to mature, she could feel her body blossoming into womanhood, and her hormones are clashing with her self-control increasingly on a daily basis. It’s all she could do to bring herself to small pleasures in her bed at night, but it’s becoming more and more frustrating!

“So that’s it? So what you’re saying is that there’s no way that I can hold another person within my cunt without crushing it to a pulp during orgasm? That only YOU pack that kind of power to penetrate me and bring me to a super-powered climax? But you’re taken! And we’re cousins! So what does that leave ME ?? What about MY needs?? What do I do?! What can I DO?!”

Kal looked away. He didn’t have a response to that.

After another prolonged silence, Kara just said “I’m leaving”, a brieft jump into the air, and a gentle flex of her beautiful legs propelling her out and away from the fortress, and into the clear blue afternoon sky.

Kal just watched his cousin’s figure slowly fading into the horizon, regretting how their impromptu sex-talk conversation had turned-out.


As she flew back her orphanage in Midvale-Leesburg, Kara was turning over Kal’s words in her mind. How he mentioned he needed years to control and manage his superpowerful urges. During the entire conversation, Kara could sense how much Kal loves Lois, and she also realised how much stress that this has put on their marriage. Kal had merely spoken about how he had strived to give Lois her pleasure, but without a proper way to climb to heaven together, how will that work? She dare not even contemplate how he eventually fulfilled his needs.

Even with the limitation, Kal is so protective of his mate. So befitting of the man the world called Superman. “So is this the price to pay for being Super under the yellow sun? That both of us can be alive and have all these powers in our bodies, but we can never enjoy being a lover or a partner?”

She was feeling more and more frustrated. And even more like a freak.

The sparring session replayed itself in her mind. The instance that she had used her legs to scissor Kal’s head. How as he struggled to extract himself, his muscles expanded to its full-size, rubbing along her entire thighs… his grunts in front of her covered nether regions triggered a unvoluntary reaction from her at that time, making her a bit moist down there. And when his manhood throbbed and rubbed against her panties under her skirt, it had felt so good…

Unconsciously, Supergirl left hand had moved downwards past and under the waistband of her skirt and was rubbing her covered mound. The more she recalled their fight, the more excited she felt, and suddenly she felt dampness on her underwear, with some of her juices flowing down her upper thighs.

Like a failed sneeze however, Kara still felt unfulfilled. She needed more! She remembered an abandoned storage yard just outside of National City that might serve her purpose. A slight change in her flight path and quick flex of her powerful legs she landed at the yard minutes later. It was a large piece of land, acting as a holding area for old army equipment including tanks, trucks and other war machinery that has been decommissioned and ready to be scrapped. Relics of past wars, it sat there rotting away under the weather.

Superman had been the one to introduce the place to Kara. After all, where better to learn about men’s weapons and their history of war than to see some of the actual stuff?

Kara felt a bit self-conscious about what she was about to do. A quick scan around with her x-ray and thermal vision, and listening out with her superhearing confirmed that the place is deserted. Only then she proceeded to land in the yard.

She walked up to an old M1 Abrams tank and looked up at the turret. Standing at 8ft in height and 12 ft in width, the tank is enormous compared to Supergirls’ own 5’7 inch frame. However, whatever dimensions with regards to the war machinery has no bearing on a superpowered Kryptonian.

Still feeling a slight buzzing aftereffect of her minor climax in the air, she walked up to the tank and proceeded to try and hug the tank’s front armour to herself. She opened her arms wide and thrust her smallish but perky breasts towards the metal of the front armour. The metal, slightly heated due to exposure under the afternoon sun, just felt warm and comfortable to Kara. She started rubbing heself againt the tank armour, all the while imagining that she is similar pressing herself up against Derek. Kara started moaning as her fantasy became more intense, and as she got more and more aroused, her kryptonian breasts too responded, gradually firming up and pushed forward, her nipples grew harder still, becoming very prominent and poked outwards from her top.

As she continued to rub harder, her nipples started to create grooves on the steel plate, the metal screeching in protest as it tried to resist her firm, invulnerable 32B supertits. The warmth increased with all the friction, bringing more pleasure to Kara. Faster and faster she moved until she finally came with a loud scream. Her breasts thrusted forward powerfully as she arched towards the back, her beautiful bosoms punching through the 5” armour easily, creating two large holes of her chest size.

Despite the strong climax, Supergirl is not done yet. Panting and gasping slightly from the afterglow, she extricated herself, floated upwards and sat straddling the turret. She then started rubbing her covered pussy against the slightly roughed-up surface of the turret, feeling increasingly wet again in her womanhood. She felt her clit slowly emerging from its hood and poked insistently from her undies, and it only heightened her arousal as she sped up her ministrations against steel beneath her.

But it was not enough. So Kara scooted backwards with her flight powers towards the mouth of the turret, and then used her casual strength to gently crush and reshape the mouth with her hands until she thought it to be of appropriate size. She then lifted her skirt with one hand, while another moved her undies aside and opened up her moist nether lips. Using her flight powers, she thrust herself onto the reshaped metal, causing the rusty tank to shudder with her attempt.

“UUUUGGGHhhhh….” Kara actually had to use her flight powers and superstrength to push herself onto the turret; her flexibility and power had finally allowed her pussy to stretch wide enough to take as much of the compressed width of metal within herself. She paused, panting for a while as she adjusted to the size within her before she started to hump the turret, her free-flowing cunt juice helping to reduce the friction.

“Uhhh… uhhh… yess…… yess….uuughh… ” Kara moaned, and she continued to climb towards her peak, moving faster and faster while both her hands kneaded her twin peaks with enough strength to crush marble into dust, all the while fantasizing that another kind of organic steel is fucking her in earnest. Supergirl didn’t notice that the faster she humped, the more frequently the entire tank was bouncing off the floor in sync with her rhythm, generating small quakes within increasing power around a 10-mile radius. Nor did she notice that the turret mouth within her is progressively becoming even smaller, gradually crushed by her inner muscles of her Kryptonian vagina.

Working hard for 15 minutes, her moans gradually became shouts, and Kara finally came like a bullet train. “YEESSSS…… OH RAOO…CUMMMING…” she screamed in pleasure for a full minute, her cum leaking out from her pussy and onto the turret. She then removed herself from the makeshift dildo, and fell to the ground on her back.

Still panting from her climax but sated for the first time in a long while, Kara looked up to see that the turret mouth had been crushed and squeezed into a replica of her super vagina. She could also see that the tank had shifted its location of at least 20 feet to the left, many of its old parts and armour having come apart all due to her enthusiasm. Yet, she knew she still had not used all her strength and power yet. Proof again that Kryptonians are stronger than any Terran-made steel, especially in the throes of super-orgasm.

As she finally calmed down enough, Kal’s words finally hit home. As she gathered her faculties and started on her flight back to Leesville, she couldn’t help but feel slightly demoralised by that realisation.


And it wasn’t just Kara who was feeling frustrated.

Kal had felt the stirring from deep within the pit of this body. After Kara flew off, he realised his little Kal’s size is a bit too large for him to fly back, its dimensions so obvious in his ultra-stretchable costume. So he tried to calm himself down using the various mental exercises that he learnt before. But at the moment, his body is too primed and energetic from his exertions and workout with Kara just now. He was still struggling to get the vision of Kara out of his mind.

“Oh Rao, why did she have to wear that particular costume of hers today?” as his steel rod just stood erect, refusing to calm down. His mind just went on recalling how her tight costume left nothing to imagine, especially her growing breasts stretching their family rune across her chest, the powerful torso of a acrobat or dancer and ably supported by powerful legs that stretched on and on…another indication that his cousing is blossoming into a mature woman….

Groaning to himself, he tried to use the old cold shower trick to reduce the warmth of his passion, but his rigidness remained even after that as his mind repeatedly replayed his cousin’s image in his mind, not helped by his hands going over to his length and thickness as he cleaned himself.

And so, Kal decided to give in to his needs. Plonking himself down on the lazy couch wearing only his famous top, he gradually stroked himself to full hardness as he fantasized about Kara in her tight costume, recalling how she used her strong legs to scissor and pin him down in one full swipe. And then the way she sat on his crotch, her short skirt covered both of their privates as she held him oh so tighly with her thighs, eventually coaxing his own forbidden fantasy out into the open, his still contained manhood growing to such length and girth that it had stretched his indestructible pants high enough to tease her nether lips.

Superman felt his rod growing even harder still, and finally it reached its full Kryptonian 16-inch length and corresponding girth. As he continues to stroke it, precum started to dribble down from the crown. He knows the power of his super-ejaculation, and moments before he lost control he supersped outside the fortress before letting go.

Kal cried out as he climaxed, both his hands clutching his hardness with full strength as his supercum blasted out multiple times in quick succession, each seemingly more powerful than the previous. He saw his ejaculation hitting icewalls 5 miles away, literally destroying and sending them down as it took some time before he finished unloading.

Panting slightly from his explosive release, Superman sat on the snow, sated after such a long time of denial. It has been a long time coming. As he gradually calmed down from his high, he too realised an unspoken thought hanging in his mind just now. Despite his height, his body size, and supposedly bigger strength due to all the years of absorbing solar energy, his teenage cousin had bested him. In combat. The way that she had managed to bring him down with her thighs and how he held him SO tight despite his larger arms and muscles, indicated that should things come to a head, she can best him in any one-on-one. An impossible thought, though Kal had learned that things that looked impossible today might not be so in the future.

And she’s still a teenager, still maturing, and not yet a full-strength Kryptonian woman on Earth! One who one day will be able to contain his full size and enthusiasm without skipping a beat!

This thought led him back to his initial regret – the inability (or actually, avoiding) to have a wonderful super-orgasm together with Lois surfaced back up his mind. Both of them have discussed their situation numerous times, and it is Kal’s love for Lois that until they can find a sustainable solution for their super-coupling, he is willing to give-in and still enable his wife to have the best pleasures she could ever have at his own expense.

While there are definitely alternative ways that they could consider, such as limited exposure to green Kryptonite, but none of it feels natural. Lois herself too has indicated previously she is willing to give way for Kal to find his pleasure with Kara, or with any other superheroines like Wonder Woman, or even Maxima. But if it’s fated to be Kara….will Kara want to? HE only loves Lois, and he knows Lois loves him…even if everyone agrees, does that make it right?

It is a question that continued to linger on his mind as he flew back home to his wife in Metropolis.

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