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Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 1

Written by kshoo :: [Saturday, 27 November 2021 07:04] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 February 2022 19:14]

<Mars. Midnight.>

Vampirella slowly regained consciousness. It took her a little while to get her bearings. Looking around she remembered the happenings that led to her being dragged off LexCorp Tower by one powerful superwoman called Mandi Olson, flown out into outer space, before being dropped unceremoniously on the stone pedestal in this hidden cave. The moment Mandi extracted the cursed green rock from within Vampirella’s vagina, she had then pinched her pressure points on her neck, and she blacked out immediately after that.

A bit more self-conscious, she did a quick check of heself. Still clad in her partially destroyed red sling suit, it is obvious that Drakulon clothing was never been made for such kind of interplanetary travel – burnt marks all around are testamount of her clothes’ frailty, unlike those of Supergirl’s Kryptonian garb. Other than that, she doesn’t seem the worse for wear, though she could feel that she is yet to be back at her peak strength. Looking down, her twin mounds on her chest felt heavier and droopier, and her entire body felt sore and slightly lethargic.

However, given her own experience in fights, normally enemies will take down and remove their most powerful opponents as fast as possible, to take away any possibility of a retaliation. The fact that she is alive is puzzling, at least for anyone with military-training is concerned.

But that’s not the main point turning in her head now, for Vampirella has no doubt what she wants now. Revenge. Revenge on the corrupt and the wicked. But could she do it?

If not revenge, then at least to get out and stay alive.

The last thought came unbidingly to Vampirella. In spite of herself, she realised that this Mandi Olson is more than meets the eye. That she dares to sleep so soundly, so contentedly despite having a dangerous enemy in such close vicinity is proof that she is either as foolishly overconfident as her male counterpart, or that she is truly much more powerful than even Vampirella’s current Kryptonian-Drakulon form.

Even though she was incapacitated for only half a day, for Vampirella it had felt like an eternity. Never in her entire life had she felt so weak and helpless. As a Drakulon walking on Earth, she had had the priviledge of NOT being impacted by sunlight unlike many of the converted vampires, or those that had come down through generations of evolution from the Elders millenniums ago, where time and mating with the normal Terrans has whittled down and diluted their initial pure-form DNA. While not as powerful as many of the superheroes or villains, nonetheless she is still stronger, faster and more than capable than at least twenty normal Terrans.

When she took Supergirl’s blood and transformed into the being that she is now, she had felt more alive, more vigorous, more powerful than ever before. Her current strength, speed, invulnerability, flight and more are testament of what she has become, gaining all the vaunted capabilities of a fully-powered Kryptonian under the yellow sun’s rays to add to her own Drakulon vampiric powers. Hence the shock, physically and mentally, when Vampirella was exposed to the green rock, feeling ridiculously weak for the first time in her long life.

Lex Luthor calls it “Kryptonite”, and from her own personal reaction to the green rock, she has no doubt that this really can bring down, and even kill, two of the most powerful superbeings on Earth.

Vampirella mentally cursed herself for letting her hunger take over at such a critical time. She had managed to use her full-sized Kryptonian muscles to overcome that foolish, overconfident alien male. That action had made her vampiric-self so excited and aroused, her habit led to her biting down into his carotid artery to savour her prize, crushing his supremis body in the process. She had been so utterly drunk from her feeding from another powerful being so soon after partaking Supergirl’s, which gave the female alien Mandi Olson the perfect opportunity to then place that cursed green rock deep within her intimate folds. Into a unique place of her anatomy that could only contract and push it even deeper into herself.

The result had been instantaneous. Vampirella had felt the Kryptonite’s deadly rays draining away her solar-fueled energy immediately, rendering her immobile and utterly useless. She had no doubt that if Mandi Olson and Lex had wanted to destroy her at that time, they could have done so as easily as breaking a dry twig.

However while the Kryptonite had sapped Vampirella of all her newly acquired Kryptonian powers and strength, she had felt her own Drakulon genes trying desperately to compensate against the weakness eminating from Kryptonian girl’s DNA. Ultimately though it wasn’t enough, and Vampirella could barely even muster enough strength to sit-up, let alone try to extract the green rock from deep within herself. Post-that, she was then taken on a long ride out into space and then deposited in such a unique cavern on the red planet next to Earth.

Her initial pain wasn’t all for nought though.image019.jpg

Despite weakened in the corner, her enhanced senses still worked enough for her to overhear the entire conversation between Mandi and Lex. About an upcoming war of another alien race called Arions’ intent on conquering Earth. About Mandi’s boasting about her own enhanced Velorian-Arion genes potentially much more powerful than Kryptonians, and how she had gained them through such sexually intimate means. It was also through her hazy vision that she saw how Lex is now the latest benefactor of such power, having drunk hungrily from Mandi’s intimate folds as she brought herself to such powerful climaxes many many times, using and driving her powerful orgasms inwards onto herself to produce so much cum that a river could have flown on the office floor. Her juices seem to contain some sort of retrovirus that has now changed Lex Luthor, giving him the physical power of the gods to complement his evil genius intellect.

Things are not looking good for Terrans on Earth.

Moaning slightly as she tried to sit up on the stone pedestal, Mandi could still feel some of the effect from the green Kryptonite, despite that rock being lodged among the many jewels in a pile at the far wall now. Looking around, this cave looks to be one of many within a vast system, with various drawings all about the walls together with pedestals. Using her hearing and weakened x-ray vision, she could only detect one other living being here within the vicinity.

As her anger rises, her blue-green eyes flash dangerously red, and her canines extended to its full size. She floated slightly in the air as she considered her options in light speed within her superbrain. Mandi seemed to be in deep sleep on the pedestal next to hers, still wearing that same, tight red dress at LexCorp, with lots of exposed skin. Vampirella’s enhanced sights and hearing didn’t detect any differences to her breathing nor her posture.

If she needs to fight, she must make it quick.

She floated quietly across the few feet separating Mandi and her, opened her mouth wide, and with the maximum speed that she could muster, plunged straight down…

… right into Mandi’s arms. The Arion had reacted a tad faster, to catch hold of the vampire by the throat, arresting Vampirellla in mid-lunge. Vampirella however was a seasoned fighter; the moment she felt Mandi’s hands close on her windpipe she immediately raised both her arms to grasp Mandi’s, flexing her solar-powered Kryptonian muscles to try to keep Mandi’s arms from crushing her throat. At the same time, she brought her powerful right leg upwards, her carried momentum hitting Mandi’s abdomen and eliciting an “Ooff” from her opponent, resulting in a slight “crack” behind her own makeshift bed/pedestal, which somehow still managed to stay erect despite the maze of cracks. It did loosen Mandi’s hold on her, and Vampirella did a quick backflip before landing a few feet in front of Mandi.image020.jpg

Even with Vampirella’s weakened physique, Mandi had found her surprisingly sprightly. While the kick on her abdomen didn’t hurt much, it did catch her by surprise. She slowly stood up, and both adversaries observed each other, slowly moving in a circle as they prepared for renewed attacks.

Suddenly, Mandi stopped, her back blocking the exit. Crossing her arms under her uplifted breasts, she smirked before saying “Well, little Kryptonette vampire. Looks like you still have some fight in you yet. I was getting worried that you might not even last long enough for me to play with after your little intimate bath with the green rock.”

Narrowing her eyes, Vampirella asked “My main beef is with Luthor, not you. He owes me and my kind a debt, and I intend to collect on his dues. Who the hell are you and why are you standing in my way?”

“Oh, that’s for me to know, and for you to find out.” Mandi grinned. “Now are we going to talk, or are we going to fight?” She noticed Vampirella narrowing her eyebrows before flying straight at her, her upper body flexing as she cocked her arm back, attempting to throw a punch at her with her Kryptonian strength.

Still holding her current powerpose, Mandi flexed her Velorian-Arion musculature to the fullest, her entire body exploded into a body-builder stature in anticipation of the incoming punch.

It never arrived.

Instead, she felt two separate slashes across her chest and abdomen, and Vampirella then did another backflip into her initial stance again to face her. This time, it is Vampirella’s turn to smirk, as Mandi felt the trickle of blood across her supposedly invulnerable powerful body. She looked down to see the slashes across her body, the front of her red dress almost in tatters. Though her healing powers are such that the wounds have already sealed itself and became welts, the fact that Vampirella’s nails (or claws?) had penetrated her Velorian-Arion skin even when weakened is truly remarkable.

“Looks like you are not as indestructible as you thought, my dear Mandi” Vampirella taunted, then licked the remainder of the blood off one of her nail/claws. “Are you SURE you want to test me?”

Which made Mandi even more determined to gain Vampirella’s powers to add on to her own.

“Fascinating. No wonder you can defeat that slip of a girl and take her powers so easily. Very impressive. But…” using her mental powers, she tried to push her influence across, “… we don’t have to be enemies, Vampirella. After all, we are goddess to the Terrans down there. Think of how much enjoyment that we can have as we enjoy each other’s… company…”

Vampirella could feel an abnormal push of thought against her head, which her vampiric mental powers reacted by immediately blocking it. She grinned slightly as she noticed a slight frown on Mandi’s face, confirming her suspicion that her adversary is not just a tank, but has the mental powers to complement her physique as well. Unlike the Kryptonian alien called Supergirl.

“If you had asked NICELY earlier, I would have considered it. But then, there are things which Lex owes me, and I intend to collect.”

“Well, he DID give you an even more amazing set of powers now…” Mandi gestured at Vampirella’s body “… to go with your voluptuous body, so why not we just let this slide and allow me to play with you instead? Besides” pointing back at her own powerful body “I think you will find me a much more… suitable companion and sexual playmate, no?”

Vampirella found that thought amusing, and her eyes flashed red as she spoke “Is that so? But I felt SOOO weak when you put that little green rock in me… why don’t you come closer and make it up to me?”

In response, Mandi relaxed her power pose, her entire body returning to its initial model-esque form, and she started walking towards Vampirella. Her blue eyes seemingly focused on Mandi’s own, like how other normal Terrans react when under a vampire’s mental coercion powers. She walked right up and stopped inches away from Vampirella, her well-endowed Arion breasts brushing lightly against Vampirella’s own Kryptonian bosoms. Both gasped in unison as they felt their nipples of steel hardening and slowly pushing out and touching against each others’.

Vampirella grinned even more, her eyes still flashing red. “That’s a good girl. Now how do you want to make it up to me Mandi? I am sooooo thirsty, why don’t I quench my thirst first?”

Mandi again responded by tilting her head slightly to her left, exposing her neck to Vampirella, who looked on in glee. Vampirella moved her head forward towards Mandi and almost bit down into the flesh when again, she felt the unmistakable power of Mandi’s left hand closing her windpipe and lifting her upwards. The response was so sudden, that Vampirella was immediately gasping for air. Mandi then hit Vampirella multiple times in quick succession on her abs with her right fist, the final blow sending the latter flyng as she suddenly let go, making Vampirella crashing into the cavern wall and creating fissures before collapsing on the floor.

Mandi laughed as she walked sultrily towards Vampirella, who was gasping and trying to pick herself up. Squatting down, she sneered. “Surprised? Do you think that you are the ONLY one who can withstand mental attacks? I was merely curious to see how much you can influence me. Not much, it seems.”

Kneeling down, Mandi quickly trapped Vampirella’s arms to her side with her own arms, and then stood-up and bear-hugged her. As she flexed herself fully, her unique Supremis muscles exploded across her entire body again. ”Now, let’s see how YOU get out of this debacle.”

Vampirella squirmed within Mandi’s powerful bearhug. She felt Mandi’s muscles, large and small, flexing with tremendous power of a Supremis-born. Though weakened, her will to fight remained strong. She struggled mightily and flexed her own impressive Kryptonian muscles to try and withstand the powerful onslaught, trying not to be crushed. As she struggled, it caused both superwomen rubbing their powerful bodies against each other, resulting in the unintended consequence of both becoming more and more aroused. Both of their deceptively soft skin now unable to hide each of their superpowerful muscles, as they pushed and rubbed unyieldingly against each other, the keening sound could be heard as steel-hard muscles pushed against one another.

As Mandi became more and more aroused, the entire room started to smell of honey and wildflowers courtesy of her Supremis genetics and pheromones. In spite of the situation she is in, Vampirella too started to feel a gentle heat rising from her nether regions, her Kryptonian-power infused body responding and opening up in response to the Arion’s powerful pheromones. She could feel her labia lips opening wider beneath her wild black bush as her arousal increased; her clit stiffening and growing out from its protective hood, and before long it brushed and pushed against Mandi’s own engorged Supremis clit, causing both to gasp in pleasure, and to rub against each other even more.

All of which is proceeding according to Mandi’s plan.

As Mandi continued to climb towards ecstacy, her supermuscles flexed even harder ala the Supremis way, and Vampirella felt her own weakened Kryptonian body being slowly overpowered. Looking down at her chest, for the first time since her transformation, she saw and felt her ample assets being compressed more and more against Mandi’s own larger Velorian breasts, breasts that are of a size that compares favourably with the most powerful of the P1 Velorian protectors at the very peak of their abilities. As Mandi continued to slowly but surely thrust her Velorian-firm mammaries against Vampirella’s own, slowly deforming her enemy’s rounded countours, she locked eyes with the vampire and smiled evilly.

“Looks like this will be over soonnARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” Mandi screamed in pain as Vampirella suddenly unleashed her heat vision directly into Mandi’s eyes. Mandi felt her eyes heating up to hundreds and thousands of degrees as Vampirella ploughed on with full power, desperate to get away from her beartrap. It had the desire effect of causing Mandi to release her hold as she tried to block the heatbeams with her arms which slowly became redder and redder as the temperature continue to rise. Vampirella didn’t let up, and the force of the beams forced Mandi to slowly back away, step by step.

“Heat vision eh? Well, have a taste of MINE!” Once she felt her irises have cooled down enough from the initial heated beam onslaught, Mandi too turned on her heat vision and soon it became another battle of wills as both beams hit and pushed against the other. As the heatbeam contest continued, the temperature in the cave climbed furthur, and any remaining clothing on their bodies charred and burnt away, soon leaving both naked.

For Vampirella, this was a calculated risk as she knew with her current condition, she would not be able to last as long as Mandi. She managed to hold her opponent in this heatvision duel long enough before suddenly breaking her beams and slid to her left, the sudden void allowing Mandi’s heat vision to blast unopposed against the cavern wall, blowing it apart into the next room, causing dust and debris to blow throughout the cavern.

Before Mandi could react, she found herself at the receiving end of a flurry of attacks as Vampirella launched powerful kicks and punches on her. Now on full-on attack mode, Vampirella’s lust for revenge and blood hit the roof and she leveraged her superspeed to compensate for her weakened strength to deliver as much pain on her Arion opponent as possible.

Despite Mandi’s own military training, it was clear Vampirella is the more experienced and has a larger repertoire of fighting techniques, the latter quickly gaining the upper hand in close combat. In minutes, Mandi was hit multiple times across her torso and even her face, and very quickly she found herself pinned to another sidewall as she tried to block as many hits as possible. A maze of cracks appeared behind Mandi’s back whenever Vampirella’s hits connected pushing her repeatedly against the wall.

However, as Vampirella attempted to swipe her claws down on Mandi’s face, her opponent managed to somehow grab hold of Vampi’s right hand and with a burst of strength crushed it with a full-flex of her arm muscles. Vampirella screamed in pain, and quickly found herself picked up by her wounded hand and then thrown unceremoniously through the previously made hole, to crash into and partially embed into the thick wall in the next room, stopping her momentum.

As Vampirella extricated herself out from the wall, she fell onto the dusty cavern floor, heaving with extertion, her own healing powers struggling to heal her wounded hand and aching body. She heard Mandi coming closer. “I guess you are just too weak to play with me, little Kryptonette vampire. Oh well, I guess it was as good as it lasted…” Suddenly she felt Mandi’s right arm across her chest, and Vampirella found herself in a chokehold, Mandi’s Velorian-Arion muscles bulging powerfully again against her her neck, the girth threatening to close-out her windpipe.

Vampirella struggled for air again, and as she trashed about Mandi started to feel sexual stirrings between her legs, feeding her increasing arousal again. Which only made her flex her upper torso even more, just like any other sexually excited Supremis would, feeding her body’s continuous sexual loop.

Yet again, she underestimated Vampirella’s capability and tenacity in a fight, for her opponent suddenly flipped herself upwards with a push of her own powerful legs, and using her flight powers flew upwards in a reverse-stand position, pulling Mandi upwards slightly and breaking the Arion’s hold hold. Flipping quickly behind Mandi, Vampirella then delivered a powerful round-house kick to Mandi’s head sending the Arion crashing through another cavern wall.

Despite feeling tired and extremely sore, Vampirella dare not let up. Through the hold, she saw Mandi lying spread-eagle on the floor, stunned due to the sudden attack, and before she could pick herself up the Kryptonian vampire quickly flew through the hole and sat down just in front of Mandi’s chest. Splitting her legs across, Vampirella used her thighs and knees to pin Mandi’s arms on the floor to hold her steady for a while while she looked for options to restrain her opponent.

At this stage, both superwomen are panting from their fight. Looking up slightly from the dusty floor, Mandi realised Vampirella’s compromising position. Despite sitting on her upper chest, in actual fact her mound and her aroused nether lips are only inches away from Mandi’s face. Grinning evilly, the Arion launched her heat vision against Vampirella’s exposed womanhood, though with a slightly different intent. As she aimed her heat beams past the valley of her cleavage and hitting Vampirella’s exposed womanhood, she regulated her blast so that that it is of lower intensity but still wide enough to cover as much of her opponent’s labia opening as possible.

Vampirella gasped when Mandi’s low intensity heatvision on her pussy lips and kryptonian-sized clitoris. Unlike the earlier powerful blast, this time the beam feels like a warm and gentle lover caressing her inner core, trying to bring her towards ultimate pleasure. Writhing and moaning despite herself, Vampirella’s body began to react just like a Kryptonian woman in heat. As she slowly climbed towards her peak, she felt more and more warm liquid flowing freely and downwards past her nether lips, warming up continuously as it flowed down to coat Mandi’s torso as she continued to receive such wonderful attention from Mandi’s eyes. Her eyes fluttering, she slowly gyrated her hips, rubbing her hardening clit against the underside of Mandi’s larger mammaries. As the steel-hard, bullet-length clit continued to rub against the soft tissue, Mandi too seems to be slowly influenced by this, which led her to tilt her head upwards slowly, gently but surely intensifying her heatvision on Vampirella’s cunt.

Vampirella struggled to maintain control of both her opponent and her desire but it was a contest that she would lose. As her arousal climbed, both her hands reached up to grab and fondle her own breasts, her fingers gently rolling and pinching her hardening nipples with enough strength to crush steel into liquid. After what felt like hours while in actual fact only minutes have passed, Vampirella’s screams of ecstacy echoed throughout the entire cavern system as the Kryptonian vampire finally gave in to her pleasure/pain, hitting her first super-powerful orgasm since gaining all the vaunted powers of Supergirl.

Gasping and heaving, her grip on Mandi loosened as she tumbled to the side, still shuddering from her first powerful climax. Vampirella had never lost control like this in any sexual coupling; as a vampire warrior and a born-hunter SHE was the one normally in control. Even though she had just hit a crest, it felt like her body needed more, her glistening inner folds can’t stop leaking cum through her southern lips, flowing copiously onto the cavern floor. Though this experience is very pleasureable, it also made her feel extremely vulnerable.

A vulnerability that Mandi knows all too well. One which she intends to exploit immediately in order to extract the most that she could from Vampirella’s Kryptonian-Drakulon cum during her opponent’s sexual peak.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat who had found a tasty prey, Mandi sat up from her position, moved forward to grab hold of the vampire’s legs, pulling them apart slowly. Using all her experiences as a Betan concubine to all those hated Arion Primes years ago, she sensually moved her hands up and down Vampirella’s silky smooth legs, up towards her upper thighs and down again, eliciting gentle and involuntary sighs from her opponent who is still shuddering slightly from her earlier peak.

As Mandi continued to rub her hands on the vampire’s legs, she herself slowly slithered upward until she faced Vampirella’s wet mound. “Let’s see how you well you take kindness”. Mandi again turned on her low intensity heat vision focusing on Vampirella’s exposed bullet-like clit; while at the same time, blew gently against her opponent’s nether lips with a little help of super-breath. This unique twin assault of hot and cold sensations almost overloaded Vampirella’s brain and body, as she gulped and gasped loudly from the unique caresses the Arion directed against her exposed and most sensitive spot, her eyes squeezed shut tightly and her toes curled in anticipation, in need. Her legs involuntarily moved up and laid on Mandi’s powerful shoulders.

Smiling, Mandi then moved her left hand upwards and with two fingers, slowly penetrated the labia folds, eliciting another needy moan from the vampire who despite her powers doesn’t seem to be able to resist any such sexual advances currently. Moving her fingers expertly in and out through the nether lips in rhythm, her thumb touching and caressing the steel-hard clit in line with her movements, Vampirella’s moans soon became gentle cries of pleasure which grew louder and louder, the vampire’s own hands moved up to caress and fondle her own super breasts again. Smaller now given her own exertions, they remain sensitive to the touch, her raven mane tossed around as her head moved side to side in line with her growing heat within her core.

As Mandi increased her speed of penetration, she turned off her heatvision and superbreath, and moved her right hand moved upwards and closed it over Vampirella’s left, gently guiding the vampire to rub, squeeze and fondle her left breast in an increasingly sensual way. Very soon Vampirella felt her trickle of cum becoming a flood yet again; a large puddle of wetness visible on the cavern floor beneath the two superwomen.

Smiling to herself, Mandi said “Looks like you’re so, so ready for me Vampirella. Now, let me have a taste of a Drakulon. Or rather, a Drakulon infused with Kryptonian powers…” And with that, Mandi lowered her mouth to the vampire’s wet mound, her strong tongue replacing her fingers, easily penetrating the vampire’s flower among the dark bush, touching and licking the strong inner walls, slurping up the flowing warm white liquid. Vampirella mewled, squealed and writhed with the penetration, and as Mandi drank and drank the constant flowing cum from her cunt, she moved her hands involuntarily onto the Arion’s head, caressing and playing with Mandi’s dark tresses, seemingly egging her on even as her enemy took her higher and higher towards her peak.

Using the same method that she had used on the Velorian scribe Sara’Lynn Best, Mandi played Vampirella sensualy just like a conductor of an orchestra. Using all her techniques and experiences of Supremis loving, she kept her opponent on edge for hours, taking her close to finishing but not quite enough to push her prey across into oblivion. Trying to pleasure her opponent to the fullest and yet continuosly denying her the final absolute orgasmic release. She could sense Vampirella’s mounting frustration from the repeated denial of release, even as Mandi plunged her own fingers into her own cunny and extracted multiple orgasms of her own body again and again. All in her plan to take Vampirella to the absolute sexual peak, to try and extract the maximum amount of retrovirus within Vampirella’s supercum for her own.

However even superwomen have limits as Mandi, too, started to tire, what with the fight and her own previous exertions to benefit Lex’s transformation. With finality, she pushed her strong yet flexible tongue hard within the inner folds, touching Vampirella’s g-spot while sucking on her clitoris. This sent the Kryptonian vampire crashing powerfully through her ultimate climax, her legs rose suddenly into the air as her thighs flexed powerfully, tightening and crushing Mandi’s head against her wet mound. Grabbing her smaller but still invulnerable breasts with all her Kryptonian might while arching her upper body upwards towards the sky, Vampirella lost control of her heat vision as powerful beams blasted away all across the ceiling, as she came and came and came for a full ten minutes. Screaming her pleasure continuously with such force that the cavern walls cracked from the vibrations, her body surging so powerfully that Mandi just about held on to Vampirella’s thighs with her own superstrength to still maintain an airway to breath. When the vampire finally came down from her powerful orgasmic high, her entire body relaxed and she released Mandi from the leghold. All she could do was to pant repeatedly while shuddering on the ground, fully spent from such a fantastic orgasm befitting of goddesses and superhumans.

Mandi too felt sated, having had so many climaxes of her own through masturbation. She just managed to climb ontop of Vampirella, moving her mouth onto the vampire’s right breast, and started to bite gently and suckle on the thumb-sized, hard nipple. Despite unconsciously thinking that Vampirella’s pair now felt softer and less firm, Mandi tried to extract the warm energies stored within Vampirella’s twin mounds in order to power her own supposedly pending mutagenesis.

Vampirella, slightly delirious from her high, seemed to recognise Mandi’s intent, but didn’t have enough strength to push Mandi away. “Ngggghhh… … Please… don’t… Sss..sttopp… uuugghhhh”. Mandi merely responded by moving to her left breast and sucked even harder, eliciting even louder moans and gasps of pleasure mixed with frurstration from the tired vampire.

After a while however, something feels wrong.

Despite her efforts, despite Vampirella continuously writhing and her soft cries of pain/pleasure from Mandi’s continuous ministrations, there doesn’t seem to be any liquid, or energies flowing out from the large areolas and thumb-size nipples.

Nothing at all.

Just as Mandi’s own confusion grew, she suddenly felt very uneasy. She looked up from the vampire’s chest to suddenly stare into Vampirella’s ruby-red eyes. Eyes filled with anger. And hunger.

Before she could react, she felt a hand pulling on her hair, and in a sudden burst of strength, dragged Mandi’s head violently away from her breasts. A violent bite on her neck followed as Vampirella’s fangs plunged powerfully through her skin and into her carotid artery, the vampire drinking wantonly from the only source of liquid that is immediately available. Mandi could only whimper, her life seemed to flash across her mind as the vampire suddenly turned the tables, and seemed hell bent on taking out an entire day’s frustration by drinking as deeply and as much as possible. As the vampire drank, the Arion actually felt herself becoming weaker, and colder…

Suddenly, the drinking stopped. Vampirella lifted her face from the Arion’s neck. With blood still trickling down the side of her lips, her face a mixture of anger and frustration, she narrowed her eyes and looked at Mandi. “We’re done. For today. I am leaving NOW. Do NOT try to stop me or I WILL finish my meal.” Then, with her right hand on the Arion’s neck, she lifted Mandi up as she stood, and with a casual toss sent the Arion flying, crashing through three pedestals in the room before hitting another cavern wall and collapsing in a heap.

Using her weakened supervision, Mandi quickly found the way out, and she ran towards and out the entrance with her superspeed. She came out from just as the sun was just rising from the horizon, the dawn of another new day. Standing erect and stretching herself, Vampirella stood on tiptoes and thrust out her chest as she felt her Kryptonian-DNA infused cells starting to absorb the energizing rays of the rising sun. Extending both of her arms to the side in a “T”, she could feel tiredness and soreness slowly dissipating, each and every part of her body slowly recovering back to its peak Kryptonian form.

But she didn’t want to wait around any longer, for fear of Mandi recovering soon. She needed to get away. Fast. And there is only one set of clothing that can withstand her superspeed and flight.

Flexing her powerful legs, Vampirella leaped upwards and lifted into space. Flying back down towards Earth, the heat of re-entry further re-energizing her naked body as her telescopic vision guided her towards Metropolis.

For people walking by Metropolis Central Station, they were shocked as suddenly the set of lockers located near the main entrance exploded. Fearing that it was a terrorist attack, people screamed and fled in chaos, not knowing that it was due to the actions of one superhuman who had miscalculated the force of her strength and speed as she tried to extract her luggage out from one particular box.

Running faster than the eye could see, Vampirella had already sped away just as the lockers burst and crumbled, the chaos lost behind her as the police who arrived later at the scene tried to figure out what happened.

Ducking into a side alley five blocks away, Vampirella dove through her duffel and extracted the Kryptonian Red and Blue garment. Putting it on quickly, the durable costume still fitted her much taller figure like a glove, though her more mature but currently energy-depleted womanly curves only gently stretching the <S> insignia on the front of her costume now, her body still recovering from prolonged Kryptonite exposure. She paused to consider her options before slinging the bag on her left shoulder and flew up and away, leaving a trail of blue and red as she sped towards her destination. image021.jpg

Towards Gotham.

She needs to share the newest development, the latest intelligence with someone she trusts.

Someone who is capable of drawing on all the bits and pieces to craft out the entire picture.

Someone who can call upon the best and the mightiest for support, if need be.

Someone she respects, and whose respect she has earned.

She needs to talk to the Batman. Soon.

And also, to figure out why she almost lost control on her own vampiric hunger just now.


Groaning with pain, Mandi finally came to, some time after Vampirella had made her way back to Earth. Looking around the carnage all about her, she recalled how the fight had turned horribly wrong for her.

As she groggily picked herself up, she checked her own body. Unconsciouly, she raised her right hand and touched her neck, shuddering involuntarily when her fingers touched the depressed bite marks on her skin. A stark reminder of how the invulnerable fangs of that Kryptonian vampire had pierced her supposedly invulnerable skin. And how she had drank deeply from her as if she was taking away a part of her soul while doing so. While she doesn’t understand how this could be possible, it shouldn’t surprise her, given that she had seen how Vampirella had fed, and killed Saul’Tel in front of her own eyes.

But why didn’t Vampirella kill her? Why did she leave her alive?

More importantly however, as Mandi checked her body, she realised that despite her best efforts, her plan for a second mutagenesis seemed to have failed. Despite having ingested so much of Vampirella’s Kryptonian-enhanced DNA through her cum, somehow there was no effect on her Velorian-Arion body at all.


If Kryptonians are related to the Supremis races, surely their heritage would still retain the powerful mutagenic retrovirus within their existing DNA? Unless… they have evolved beyond what Arions and Velorians have within their genetics?

Or could it be that a pure-blooded Kryptonian is needed, and not an enhanced hybrid?

Could it also be that Vampirella had simply became too weak, Kryptonite having rendered her powerless for almost an entire day? Despite Mandi’s efforts, there just doesn’t seem to be any liquid energy forming on the Kryptonian vampire’s bosoms. Without enough exposure to the warm sunlight to recharge her, did that mean the kryptonian just wasn’t able to give up any ‘additional’ reserves even through the Supremis’ way of femme loving? And could that also have resulted in all all the ingested Kryptonian retrovirus, if any, were simply overcome by Mandi’s own body’s fully-powered antibodies?

Too many questions that need to be answered. Looking around, she sighed slightly. Their aggresvie fight and extreme lovemaking had forced a makeover to almost half of the old Atalantean cavern system. Luckily however, they seemed to have missed the main archives which is located deeper.

For now however, Mandi herself needs a recharge as well, and she slowly made her way towards the entrance towards the empowering yellow sun.

And then she will pay another visit to her new 'lover', to see how good an enhancement he has turned out to be.


<Meanwhile in Metropolis, before dawn.>

Clark woke up just before the morning alarm rang, and as he moved his left arm to the other side of his bed, all he felt was the cool, empty sheets, the blanket already tossed aside. He could hear his wife’s familiar hearbeat just outside the room, around the balcony. For some reason, Lois has been up for some time already.

Pulling away the covers on his side, he realised that he is still wearing his Kryptonian tights. Clark had returned home during the wee morning hours after helping out in the Midwest where a tornado had swathed through several towns the past afternoon. Superman had turned up together with a few other Justice League members to help clear debris and look for survivors. Working with rescue workers, he had seen to all of the injured taken to the hospital before flying back to Metropolis.

As he was about to make his way towards his wife, his x-ray vision through the walls saw that she was only wearing her night negligee. Picking up his cape from the side chair, he walked out to the balcony and put it across her wife, kissing her lightly on the cheek as Lois sighed with the warmth of the garment over her body.

“Can’t sleep?”

Lois sighed. “Is it that obvious?”

“About the dark-haired unknown superwoman?”

“Not just her. About Kara too. And us.”

Clark frowned slightly, before replying “There’s nothing in the world that can change…”

Lois turned around, cutting him off “No, Clark, that’s not what I meant. It’s that Kara’s been missing for more than 48 hours already, and so is that dark-haired superwoman. Do you think that both of them have tangled or gone up against each other, and that Kara might have been hurt?”

“… I don’t know; Knowing Kara, she can take care of herself…” despite his reply, Clark still sounded unsure, and Lois could detect that tone in his voice as well.

For Clark is truly worried. He knows that he might have become a bit more paranoid after having made an acquaintance in the Batman, but deep down he knows Kara’s disappearance doesn’t make sense. Even if they want to chalk it up to a teenager’s youthful exuberance to try something different, acting on sudden impulses or inspritations, they are talking about an invulnerable Kryptonian who doesn’t really know many other Terrans anywhere else, and who had just came out from deep sleep traveling through space about 2 years ago.

Both of them looked at each other for a while, their reporter instincts to the fore, before Clark said “Let me put a call out to our friend, maybe he can help.”

Lois nodded. “Better sooner than later, he might be able to find out something more the earlier we ask…”

Clark frowned at Lois’ comments, and he flexed his Kryptonian body in front of his wife. Powerful Kryptonian muscles of astonishing girth exploded all across Superman’s torso, as he reminded his wife about his alpha male status on Earth.

Lois merely laughed at his husband’s antics, saying “Well, he’s called the world’s GREATEST DETECTIVE with good reason, you know, despite all your superpowers and invulnerability. In any case,”she placed her left hand on Superman’s chest “we need all the help we can get, to find such an extraordinary member of our family. Especially if she’s in trouble.”

Lois then turned her back towards her husband and leaned against his muscular body, both of them looking out towards the horizon, thoughts turning in their heads. Clark reached his left hand over Lois and wrapped his cape tighther against her, while his right hand played with her tousled dark hair. Both of them didn’t speak for a while.image022.jpg

“You know… you still owe me one session of lovemaking. I waited for you the entire night, all cold and alone.” Lois broke the silence first.

“Oh?” Clark’s eyebrows raised. “But when I got home you were already sound asleep. I can’t bear to wake up my wife just to have a go. Or three”

“It was quite depressing waiting for you the entire night. And seeing you and everyone else zipping around town on live broadcast just tire me even more...”

“Well, if you feel like it” his tone becoming more mischeivious, “we DO have time before going in..”

“That’s if… Eeeep… Clark, wha…” Lois seized as she suddenly felt her husband’s tool poking her ass. She could feel his cock gradually sliding upwards along her back as it lengthened through his stretchy, indesctructible costume, as her Superman became more and more aroused. Lois moaned as his particular organic steel grew harder and larger along her back, before the rustle of clothing indicated that it had outgrown his pants enough to protrude from its confines, its heft causing it to slowly droop downwards as it continued to lengthen and expand still.

Her eyes widen further as she felt Clark’s cock drop between her ass cheeks again; she gasped loudly as her husband gently positioned himself and pushed his thickness through the space between her thighs, spreading her slightly. It allowed his Kryptonian superorgan to protrude proudly towards her front, tenting Lois’ negligee and his own cape provocatively.

Lois used both of her hands to grasp her husband’s cock through the cloth, and also squeezed her thighs on its length, bringing out a throaty moan from her husband. Quietly proud that SHE can have such an effect on the Man of Steel despite him being indestructible everywhere, even with his most vulnerable tool, Lois continued to grip and stroke the warm cock. He feels so hefty, so POWERFUL in her hands. “Wow, Clark, I mean… Wow…”

“What can I say Lois? You bring out the animal in me every time.” Grinning mischeiviously, Superman put his hands on both sides of his waist and flexed his erectal muscles further. He was rewarded by his wife’s sudden gasp as she slowly rose into the air, lifted up only by his powerful engorged cock.

“Now, what was that about me not pleasing my wife enough in bed?” Grabbing Lois gently by her shoulders, he continued to balance her on his erect log as he floated upwards, and flew both of


<LexCorp, Cadmus lab, early morning>

“How are his vitals?”

“Stable, Dr Hamilton. Everything of Lex looks better than earlier.”

“Good. What about the blood work and his saliva? Did we manage to get a sample of it?”

“Only saliva. His skin is so tough now that needles can’t penetrate it. We even tried those Kryptonite-tipped ones too, but no go. Do you know what happened to him, Dr Hamilton?”

Lillian Luthor Hamilton didn’t know how to answer that question posed by one of her assistants.

She was utterly flabbergasted when Mercy called her to come in early in the morning, telling her how his son had remained comatose after such an athletic sexual workout with that… that ALIEN of a woman. She was even more upset when she realized the reason that his son had done so.

For in her very core, she despises everyone and everything that does not comform to what she believes to be right. Unfortunately, this includes looking, sounding and acting in a way similar to her own social and economic status as well as her personal features. To a certain extent, that was one of the reasons why she created Cadmus – to research and devise ways to remove all who do not conform in status and features, irregardless of friend and foe, through whatever means possible including technology, politics and military if need be. And now, with the increasing influx of superheros and supervillians, the term “alien” has also expanded to include all of them too.

Which is ironic, notwithstanding that she herself is in fact a daughter of an immigrant, with roots tracing back to Eastern Europe.

One could only conjecture the reason why she despises everything or everyone else that doesn’t seem to meet her “standards”, though many have speculated that this hatred came up to the fore when she met Lena Luthor and her birth mother for the first time. Her genius step-daughter’s emerald green eyes are a constant reminder of the betrayal of Lionel Luthor had brought on her and Lex.

Now, for whatever reason, his son has chosen to become one of “them”, if she heard Mercy correctly. Looking at the constant beeps of the machine, she could only sigh, not sure if it’s because of disappointment or just plain disgust.

All she could do now is to wait for her dear Lex to wake up, before deciding on her next course of action.

As she waited, she took a seat at her usual workarea, and started to read up on all the latest development. The watermark on some of the documents are clearly marked “LunarCorp”.


<LunarCorp, same early morning>

A statuesque blonde drove up to the Midvale headquarters to start her day early. As she exited her car, standing up to her natural six-feet height, the lady saw the dark green vintage Porsche 911 parked in its usual reserved parking spot; seemingly unmoved since yesterday.

Frowning, the blonde quickly gathered her notepad and tablet from the passenger seat, picked-up her Burberry handbag and proceeded quickly through the main doors, nodding to the security guard on shift as she walked past him, her relatively modest 2-inch heels accentuating her height even more, making her seemingly towering over the ex-policeman.

The clicking sound of her heels as she walked could be heard throughout the empty complex given it is still early in the day. The lady detoured first to the cafeteria to fill-up a stainless steel tumbler with black coffee, before she made her way towards the end of the complex where the main research labs are located now.

Since the fire had burnt down the adjunct laboratory a few months ago, all remaining functional research prototypes and test equipment that were either saved or salvaged has been moved to a makeshift research room that was converted from an under-utilized storage area of the complex. Everyone had to make do with the cramped conditions temporarily until the rebuilding work finishes, and progress is extremely slowly given that the insurance company had dragged their feet on the payout.

No money, no work. That’s the way the world turns.

And in LunarCorp’s case, no amount of threats that Lena Luthor could throw at them, that could force or corece the insurance agents and the building contractors to work faster. Especially when everyone knows you’re the OTHER Luthor.

When the blonde opened the door, the entire place was shrouded in darkness in the windowless space, except for one small area at the back of the room where a gentle blue-light seems to be illuminating the desk area.

Despite the darkness, the blonde made her way effortlessly across the room, easily walking past or strutting over wires and strewn-about equipment until she came to a stop next to the prone figure of Lena Luthor, sound asleep on the desk with her head on top of her arms across the table. As the laptop screen is still lit, no doubt this is another one of her late night exploits.

The blonde lady laid her notepad and tablet on the few inches of empty space on the table, before gently poking Lena on her shoulder a few times. It only managed to illicit sleepy moans and incoherent mumbles from CEO of LunarCorp, before the head suddenly rose up when the waft of hot coffee permeated the area as the lady opened the cover of the thermos.

“You know, at least it would be more comfortable sleeping in that sofa in yours in the office, Lena.”

The owner/head researcher only scratched her tousled hair and rubbed her eyes, yawning and stretching her body to try and chase away the lethargy. Lena’s emerald green eyes sparkled when she saw the tumbler in the lady’s outstretched hand, and she grabbed hold of it and immediately took two large swags of the black liquid into the system.

“I guess you really DO run on coffee.”

Lena sighed contentedly. “You know, swapping the beans in the cafeteria coffee machine with these Kenyan-ones must be my best executive decision ever. Have some?” She offered it to the blonde, who merely shook her head.

“And now all it’s missing is…” and the blonde held up a small jar of golden liquid in it, which Lena again took from her aide, opened the lid, and poured a few dallops into the tumbler. Closing the lid of the steel container, she shook it violently before downing another big gulp. Her happy sigh signaled that all is well in the world.

“What would I do without you, Sara?”

“Well, the last time I checked, you were perfectly capable of running your research, balancing your books, managing people AND fighting off your brother and mother pretty well on your own. I’m just the aide who helps you to craft a few paragraphs in a more… politically coherent manner, remember?”

Lena laughed, replying “That may be true, but you turning up a year ago here had been a true blessing for me. God knows how desperate I’ve become when Mercy was forced to leave. And despite what you say, you are now practically running my life here.”

Sara smiled, and said with a slightly Nordic accent “that’s very kind of you to say that, Lena. It’s not easy to find work here, as you know…”

“Come on, Sara. With your figure and looks, any modeling or casting agency would DIE to have you in their talent pool. I am surprised that you haven’t talked to any of them, and instead deigned to take up this small position with us.”

“As I told you earlier, my true interest lay in my own literary work, and how I hope to publish my writings some day, hopefully sooner than later. That you are so kind in offering me a position with good monetary compensation and such flexibility in time, is more than I can ask for…”

“OK, OK! Enough of your pandering for the morning. Speaking of which, why are you so early today? It’s only…” looking at her watch, “only 7am?”

“I want to work on some of the press releases on the company, sharing the progress of our rebuilding process. I was also thinking about how we can continue keeping the Midvale and Leesburg community interested and engaged, to help boost staff morale, and also send a positive signal that LunarCorp will be able to overcome any challenges big and small. Would you consider supporting or running a local event for such purposes?”

“Well, it depends on the scale, and the target audience right? On the press releases, once you’re done we can look through them together first. We’re releasing them to the local papers right? That should help on the PR side for us. God knows how much we need them.”

“Actually, I was thinking of sending them to some of the big boys too. Maybe the Daily Planet, and the Daily Star?”

“THOSE two? Would they even be interested?” Lena asked.

“Well, the fact that YOU being a prodigy AND one of the youngest female CEO of a hi-tech research company does have its benefits. Plus…” lowering her voice slightly “your surname does make good headlines.” Lena winced slightly at that comment, despite the slight twinkle of Sarah’s eyes.

“Oh, why not? As long as it gives me and the company much better exposure…” and Sara added on to Lena’s comments “and then YOU can show Lex that you’re in the Big-Leagues now despite his low opinion of you. And since we’re on topic for the local community PR event, why don’t we invite our Kryptonian super-rescuers to join us too? Now THAT will really send your brother AND mother through the roof.”

Both ladies locked eyes for a moment, before they both broke out in huge grins. “Done ! But how do we invite Superman and Supergirl? I can’t imagine them having email addresses called ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’”

“Ahhh… NOW I know which super you’re more interested in seeing again…” Sara replied jokingly, casuing Lena to blush slightly before she Lena threw a gentle punch against the blonde’s left arm.

“Word has it that both of them seem to be on very good terms with two particular reporters at the Planet. If we give them a national-level exclusive, perhaps we could also persuade them to ask on our behalf whether they can grace our event. I’ll tell them that ‘Lena Luthor INSISTS on their presence’ or something to that extent…”

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s talk details later.” Turning back to her laptop, Lena continued. “And since you’re here now, I want to ask you something.” Gesturing the codes on the screen, “You see… I’ve written some codes to crawl around performing some internal checks and housekeeping within the internal servers and cloud storage…”

“Err… Lena, you do know that all I’m good with the computer is just to do Internet research, word processing and some presentation prep, right?”

Lena merely waved off that comment, continuing “I think we were sabotaged.”

Sara was silent for a while. “How do you know? And how can you be so sure?”

“I’m not. That’s why I’m keeping this between both of us. Based on my own checks and traces available, it seems like some of the test parameters for the solar battery were changed at the last minute on that very day the explosion happened...”

“So… a wrong configuration entered by mistake?”

“Plausible, but normally all configuration changes must be signed off by a number of us before it is uploaded. To ensure all parties agree, you see.”

“Ok… so who changed it?”

Lena was silent for a while. “It was done using my personal access. But it wasn’t me. I was in the other side of the complex with Chen.”

“Wait a minute. So… someone hacked your user id and password? So the battery was purposedly… overloaded?”

“I think so… but why? Only a few of us have that kind of super-user access. That includes Spearing, the five researches on loan from LexCorp, and I. Spearing’s been here since Day 1 with us so I can vouch for him for now, but Henshaw and his team…”

“… of which four of them have died, and Hank is still in a coma in Metropolis… It doesn’t make sense. What do they stand to gain with the company’s current situation? LexCorp is one of our major shareholders; anything that hits you, hits him too financially.”

“True, but I think he might have wanted something that we were working on that is probably quite further on in research, but yet to be made available commercially to public. Remember, being a shareholder doesn’t give him the RIGHT to take whatever he can lay his hands on, for free.

Sighing, Lena continued “If he gets hold our prototypes or design specs, he can then use HIS own lab and team to extrapolate and complete the rest of the stuff. They have enough resources to do that. And once he’s finished it and commercialise it, then they can throw away LunarCorp like another used resource. That’s why I’m fighting so hard NOT to reveal anything to him.”

Looking back up at Sara, Lena ventured further “A setup, or a sabotage would be a good ruse, to buy time for others to exploit the chaos and steal something out, don’t you think?”

“At the expense of his own team? That’s quite a big sacrifice to make.”

“Not for Lex, everything is available as a trade-off. Just like business, or chess. As long as you capture the King eventually, it doesn’t really matter how many Knights or Pawns you sacrifice along the way, does it?”

Peering over Lena’s shoulder, Sara squinted at all the codes on the screen “So… do you have any idea what they could be after?”

“Well, based on the progress of our research, other than the solar battery, I think the biomedical exoskeleton suit might be of their interest. Possibly the nanotech and the cybernetics, but that’s still too early… the space dimension portal too…”

Sara looked up suddenly and stared at Lena “Wait. What? You designed a space dimension portal? As in a portal that allows travel between dimensions?”

“No no no. THAT is just a concept paper, leveraging on Einstein and Hawking’s theories, plus taking some inspiration from your scifi novel draft that you showed me a few months ago.” Winking at Sara, Lena continued “It’s still early days, but I was intrigued enough to do some mathematical calculations and simulations. I did think that if the solar battery project works, not only will we have a fully functional and commercially viable renewable energy power plant, it would also mean we can use this perfect power source to support such a energy-intensive device in future, no?”

Sara stared at Lena, her mouth wide open. “No wonder you’re a genius. You connect the dots so fast, and so brilliantly!!”

“That’s what my professors in MIT used to tell me” Lena smirked.

“Oh, and don’t forget, you have an interview with Dr. Danvers later at 2pm…”



“It’s me. I need a bit of help. It’s about Kara.”

“What about?”

“That’s the thing. I don’t know. She’s been missing for a few days now.”

“She’s young. Still maturing into a woman. Possibilities of where she can be, or who she is with is incalculable. Besides, she’s invulnerable.”

“Look, it’s not like her to just… get up and go. I know she feels miserable and alone most of the time, which is why I thought her introduction to superhero work will help…”


“I know she looks up to you, ever since that first time she met you in Gotham. You know, that time she butted-in unknowingly into your work there…”


“She tried to meddle. I don’t like meddlers.”

“… which I told her before. Unintentionally, since she just chanced upon you and the Scarecrow on her way back from the coast. Heck, since then she even flies AROUND Gotham’s city limits, just to give you a wide-enough berth for your work be it day OR night.”

“… So?”

“But she looks up to you. Really!! You’re the first person to have taken her down a peg after she gained all those powers on Earth. With ease. Made her realize that it takes more than superstrength and a fancy costume to be a hero. If she really is in trouble, I am sure she will welcome your help and support to get her out of anything.”


“… Let me see what I can find out.” <Click>

Clark put down his phone and turned to Lois “Well, that’s that.”

“He’s willing to help?”

“I think he’s surprised that I even asked.”

Bruce Wayne placed his Vertu on his mahogany desk, stood up and looked at Gotham’s city skyline through the window, his mind turning over Superman’s request.

He WAS surprised that Clark would seek help from him with regards to such a personal matter. It does imply that even Superman suspected that this is no usual occurance. Especially when that missing person is an invulnerable Kryptonian girl who can crush armoured tanks with her bare hands.

What Bruce did NOT tell Clark is that he has another reason to investigate this matter. It just so happened that one of his… unorthodox partners had also somehow disappeared around the same time. Uncontactable while following-up on a human trafficking case of certain curious origins. Both leads seem to converge in Leesburg and Midvale, midsize towns bordering each other.

Time for the Batman to venture beyond Gotham City for a change.

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