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ENERGIZE! There’s Something in the Water

Written by Monty :: [Wednesday, 22 December 2021 09:14] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 15 January 2022 14:32]


There’s Something in the Water

Tiffany was fed up now. She could not help but feel annoyed with her so-called ‘best friend’ Emma. Tiff had sampled just a mere glimpse of the extraordinary power and benefits to her body that the irradiated shampoo had bestowed on her - for a short while at any rate. Sure, she can smile down at the wads and wads of cash on her bedroom floor that she had ‘extracted’ from those toy-like bank machines she had been able to easily rip apart. But now The Power had all been kept away from her by that two-faced, scheming bitch Emma. ‘There has to be a way to get my shampoo strength back with the extra-special conditioner’ she thought to herself.

Across town, Emma smiled to herself in her super shower. “This stuff is fantastic!” she shouted out aloud in the cubicle as she looked down at her blossoming toned body that was again being enriched in previously unimaginable ways. As she massaged the gel over her body, there was the feel of more new raw strength emanating into her very skin!

Sure, she had given her pal Tiff a taste of the energy, but there had been some sort of fall-out between them, and Tiffany had went her own way. Maybe it was because of Emm’s relationship with Tiff’s other school pal, Craig.

She was pretty certain that Craig had never recovered from his first sexual experience with Emma. She re-called the shock on his face. It wasn’t that she had easily supported his whole bodyweight above her, but she also had kinda easily floated the pair off the bed. ‘Oh well, at least I managed to convince him that it was ‘normal’ to share that moment’ she shrugged then giggled to herself.

Now she returned to the matter in hand with her gel making continuous improvements to her body. She became understandably distracted in her glazed shower closet and paid no attention to the noise she thought she may have heard from the ground floor of her apartment. (An 18 year old girl just out of school buying a swanky new apartment in town with cash in hand? It may have raised a few eyebrows at the realtor’s office, but money talks, Cash is King – or in Emma’s case – Cash was Queen and it was, after all, one of the side benefits of being able to hold up armoured security trucks single-handedly.) She laughed to herself again “Yeah, I am right! I can hold up those trucks single-handedly - into the air!”

Totally distracted with the thoughts of her incredible super-strength that had been imbued into her, she knowingly let her free hand sweep downwards as she was turned on to momentous heights and floated off the shower room floor. ‘Hmmm…all of this because of that gel, baby…Ohhhh my GGodddd " Emma's gel-laden hand was now pushing so hard against her pussy, the powers and pressure she was inflicting on herself was proving to be way, way too much, even for the young Energized Supergirl.

"Oh, oh, ooooh" she shuddered to herself as her full single-hand full of her beautiful source of strength led by one energized arm was now actively pursuing Emma to climax in a way she had never experienced before! Floating higher above the shower room floor now Emma was sent into a wave of superstrength passion. She knew her hand was applying the same, if not more, power that she had indeed used to lift the mere two-tonne weight of the truck. The very thought of that equal strength now being pressed against the most intimate part of her body raised Emma's overwhelming experience to new heights....This Just. NOW. was proving to be Some. Thing. Else. Entirely!

Emma could not and would not let go, even if she had wanted to. There were some things even the young, superior Supergirl could not control, even on her very self with all that Power to easily lift armoured trucks free from the ground, with that single hand, with all that might to lift a heavy vehicle, was now pushing herself over the edge! Even the thought of what that one solitary hand could accomplish on lifting was proving far, far too much, even for a Supercharged, Energized Emma ... Emma's eyes were closed off to the world in sheer ecstasy now.

Emma’s impulsive distraction allowed Tiffany to burst into the room, through the shower room door and into the cascading flow. Tiff was now drenched fully clothed in the steaming water, but she couldn’t care less about that – all she cared about was the shampoo bottle perched on the shower shelf as she reached out in forced desperation.


Some of the gel had squirted onto Tiffany arms, as she delightfully felt the radiated power hit her. She even managed to swallow some in her haste! ‘All the better for the new improved me!’ she smiled to herself. The pair were now on a more level playing field as they wrestled in the cubicle. Emma was determined not to let go of what she claimed, Right or Wrong (or Fight and Strong), was her bottle and Emms pushed back roughly. Both girls smashed through the glass cubicle in a full-on cat fight. There was no way the double-glazed apartment window could survive the onslaught from the two gelled-up girls as they crashed through into the open air. The shattered glass fell away without harming the two now invulnerable bodies here on display. Emma was now fully supporting Tiff’s weight as they tumbled through the sky. Pedestrians, whilst trying to shield themselves from the pain of falling broken glass from a great height, tried to stare up in disbelief at what they were witnessing!

Sarah was on the street below, on her way to Emma’s new apartment to check up on her little sister. Emm’s had been too quiet recently, what with all her new power and recent escapades. She heard the smashing of glass above as she looked up to see her sister involved in some crazy battle!

Was that her school friend up in the sky with her?’

“You’re gonna pay for MY NEW window bitch!” screamed Emma.

“Aw yeah? Just give me more of the gel and I can get you all the money you want!”

Sarah glanced around the busy street. All the pedestrians were immersed in watching the incredible onslaught above.

Good” whispered Sarah, “It’s time to immerse myself in something as well!”

It did not concern her that there would be so many witnesses around to see her transformation on the street. Sure, she could head for some darkened alleyway to transform, just like they did in those comic books, but there was literally no time for that! Sarah reached into her purse for her vial, saved for such occasions and quickly tried to shake and splash the special gel onto her hands impatiently. OH, COME ON! Do your stuff and hurry the fuck up here!’ Eventually the self-replenishing gel rolled out into her waiting palm.

“Ah, Yes! Time to go to work!” as she placed and massaged her gel-covered hand onto her waiting  cleavage and chest…

”Aaaaannnd ENERGIZE!

There was a tumultuous explosion around Sarah as her new-found power engulfed her. It had seemed like ages since she had last transformed into her statuesque form! But she loved the feeling! Stunned, people turned to watch Sarah clutching her burgeoning and blooming chest as her shirt ripped open apart to oblige her ripening body.

As good as always!” Sarah smiled to herself, ‘Now, it’s time to sort that pair out!’

The pair above were grappling for the bottle, both amassing their strength in their contest. Sarah shot up through the sky to join them to the disbelief of the crowd of onlookers below. Sure, they knew of the  tales of some flying superheroine in their city, but was this for real?

“That’s enough now, ladies. You both have to calm down and come down now! Look at what you are doing! Think of those poor, innocent people below!”

Angry at the interruption from Emma’s sister, Tiffany turned towards her, charging and shoving into Sarah’s enlarged chest with all her gel-laden might before continuing her pursuit and wrestling with Emma.

In the ensuing calamity, high over the Devil’s Gate Reservoir to the north west of Pasadena the bottle fell, endlessly spinning away from the girls.

“Look what you’ve gone and done Tiff! You crazy bitch! Now the gel is GONE FOREVER because of your theft!” cried Emms.

The girls looked far below as the special bottle splashed! into the water. Now Gone Forever …. or was it? The genetic radioactive elements that the good doctor Slater had accidentally created in the lab with the help of her young assistant Sarah had burst from the bottle (Sarah had also experienced a lot of similar burstings in her body over the last few years), and through the sealed container to freedom!, bubbling up to the surface and spreading eagerly and rapidly out across the reservoir, almost eating and heating throughout the mass of liquid available. The Water Department were quickly scrambled to the scene. Jim removed his hard hat and scratched his head.

“What the hell is that stuff?” as he looked over the green, bubbling semi-opaque lake. “Will it be contagious? Hell, this is the main water supply for Central California! This could hit the whole of LA! We can’t just shut it down! Jeez, is the whole population gonna be infected??”

University of California, Los Angeles, Early Evening

“Come on Carol! It’ll be fun!”

Craig had been doing well with his studies at uni and settled in a dorm with a  room-mate. He had finally been able to move on from Emma (as much he could be expected to, given Emm’s unique talents!) Caroline lowered her glasses at her study desk. She was a bit of a dormouse as a roomie. She always seemed to have her head in a book studying hard, even at the weekends. As a result, Craig wasn't attracted to the shy, quiet Carol at all. (After having Emms as the ultimate super -ex-girlfriend, Carol paled into insignificance! - which made it easier for them to both share a room 

“Craig", as she lowered her studious glasses and glanced up from her desktop, "I have to finish this study report for Monday morning. I can't just swan off and jump in a shower with you, can I?”

“Come on Carol. It’s been a boiling hot day here in LA. It will be fun to cool off, and it will help get your nose out of those books for at least a little while."

 Craig pulled at a reluctant Caroline's hand at the side of her desk. He knew he was much stronger than her, (it felt good to be in control in a potential relationship again after Emma had always seemingly easily been able to overpower him.) Carol was a weakling really, and her arm was dragged upwards as she was forced to rise from her desktop work...She was more or less pulled towards the shower room...the taps were soon turned on at a full blast!

“But Craig, should the shower water be like that? " she asked nervously. "It looks kind of emerald-coloured and soapy already.”

“It’ll be fine, trust me!” Craig was beginning to get turned on as much as the shower tap, and at the prospect of being the dominant one in control here. (He hadn"t had the chance to be in control of anything really in his last relationship with Emms, come to think of it... )

So, in slight disagreement, Caroline removed her glasses, her outer garments and her smallish bra in anticipation of what was, in actual fact, the unknown. She could satisfy him with a super-quick shower before returning to her awaiting studies...

She stepped into the shower ahead of him, and, all of a sudden she could feel the radiating power emanating from above! Craig tried to gently push her against the cubicle to get intimate with her, but Carol wouldn't budge an inch!

“UMMMPH!” retorted Craig as he put more effort into his caress with no effect! She looked down at her soaped-up body. The students couldn’t afford to ‘splash’ out on expensive commodities much, but here the soap was coming through the shower head itself!

“This feels great! The uni must be giving us a free supply or something!”

“HUMMMPH” remarked Craig again. How could this be happening? He had already experienced the superstrength of Emma. Was it just Californian girls who were capable of extreme power like this?

A surge of energy passed through Carol. She was loving this feeling! She massaged her now wonderful rising chest with the outpouring soap. Her strength was definitely increasing due to this wonderful shower! She felt like she could do anything now! Rather than easily push Craig away with all the power she could feel surging through her, she pulled him into her, close to her body, his hands now trying to grasp her rising chest. She could feel her physique developing wildly under the raging hot torrents above! Carol smiled down at her helpless boyfriend. The closer she pulled him into her and her now raging hot shower, the stronger she felt!

“Here Craig, let me help you” as one hand raised him from the shower room floor. He dangled helplessly from one of Carol’s hands. She carried him out with her one hand to their dorm room. A Quick Super-Spin, and Carol was dried and dressed as she was only minutes previously. Only this time, her blouse and student tie would not fit right on her enhanced body anymore! She glanced down in disbelief at the amazing changes to herself that she had just encountered.

''This is definitely not the same me who was pulled into the shower by her room mate! "

Her glasses sat askew over her eyes and her clothes were dishevelled after her amazing spin to dry off. 'How had she managed to produce THAT?' she thought to herself.

But none of that mattered one little bit. In fact, the use of the word 'little' should not even have been in Carol's thoughts as she stared down in awe at the transformation her body had undertaken only 30 seconds previously!

As Carol raised her arm to adjust her spectacles to gaze at her new spectacles below, she raised her head to face an astonished roomie.

“I don’t think I will be needing these glasses anymore, dooo yoooou? she teased

713728 blonde with glasses 296x1000

Caroline easily pulled his ear close to her breath…

I think there’s something in the water…”

Across Los Angeles and Southern California the areas ERUPTED with girl's new-found strength and powers. Property prices rocketed through the roof! (Just as much as the oh-so lucky females embracing their new-found powers could do).

Somethings had definitely changed... things would never be the same again after a careless, naughty splash into a local reservoir...

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