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Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 4 (part 2)

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<Adelaide, evening>

It was already pushing 7pm when Father Merrin pushed through the wooden doors of the church, making his way into Unity Church located just within the vicinity of the University of Adelaide. It had been a long day. Long, but fulfilling, for he had just come from a multi-faith discussion forum in the city, where he and many leaders of different faiths had engaged the public in discussing how each religion can do more to mutually support and encourage each other within the community, and to help combat racial and religious extremism.

It had been a vigorous, and intellectual discussion throughout the afternoon, where everyone was keen to learn more of each other and do better at the end of the day. Hence he was slightly tired when he found himself back at the church. Part of the lighting has gone up already; given that there is no evening service today, it was just enough for any of the public to make their way around and to pay their respects.

As he was about to enter the office just towards the left aisle, he noticed a solitary figure walking along the nave towards the altar. He observed her lighting a candle and placing it on one of the stands, before retreating back and sitting on the second pew from the front.

Father Merrin thought nothing more of it until when he finished his work and was packing up to leave an hour later. As he exited his small office, the figure is still sitting at the pew. Observing her for awhile, he finally walked up to her, his slow footsteps echoing throughout the church before he finally came and sit next to the young woman, who moved slightly inwards along the seat to make room.

Grace had heard Father Merrin come into the church earlier, had heard his breathing come and go as he entered his office. She had debated whether to have a confession, but it was both terrifying and also difficult to explain.

For how would she explain to anyone normal human beings that she has become a vampire?

Before she started university, she always thought that religion is bonkers, and everything related to theology is akin to just for weak-minded. Being a science-based student, she learned to question and seek scientific answers, which led to her education and knowledge clashing with their family’s own Christian faith. Now, that she found herself sitting at the church pew is indeed both surprising, but yet comforting in some weird way.

Both of them sat in silent before Father Merrin volunteered a question.

“Do you feel better?”

Grace nodded slightly, before replying “Calmer, but not exactly better.”

“Do you want to talk about it? I realise this is not confession, but I am all ears should you need someone to talk to.”

“Thank you Father. While that is very kind of you, I think I will pass on that… for now.”

A pause, before a surprising question from Grace. “Father, I make mistakes in life, bad ones somtimes. Does that make me a bad person?”

Father Merrin didn’t reply directly, but merely said “As far as I can recall, no one other than God is perfect. And as human beings we can only strive to be better everyday. Making mistakes is part of everyday life.”

“… then why do I have the feeling that I am currently being punished?”

Father Merrin turned towards Grace, as even in the low light he could see some dried streaks on the cheeks of the young, blonde lady. “While the common answer might be that God Works in Mysterious Ways, for practicality purposes we have to think that as human beings we have the ability to do good and bad. Many things are still a choice, and don’t take it that when things don’t turn out right, it means that you are a bad person.”

Turning forward to face the altar, Father Merrin reached up and took down his spectacles. As he rubbed the lens with the hem of his shirt, he continued “Think of it this way. Just like my spectacles. When it is has dust, or fogged up, I won’t be able to see clearly where I am going. Tripping over stones, bumping the table corners, you name it. All we need to do is to rub it, clean it, and voila, we can walk clearly down the road again. Sometimes there is wool or dust over our eyes, which lead us to make those mistakes in life. But we have to know how and when to remove the dust, so that we don’t make them again.

Turning towards Grace, he continued “I don’t know what action that made you so concerned, but I believe deep down you are a good person. At least, that’s why you are here, no? Just remember that there is always someone available to listen, and please don’t hold it against yourself.”

Another long silence hung in the air before Grace bowed down and mumbled a quiet “Thank you Father”, stood up and left through the right aisle of the church into the night, as Father Merrin looked on with some concern.


“Even though I agreed to a night out with you, I still don’t understand why you need to swing by the university even at this hour…” Kara pouted as she landed quietly on the side of the engineering building before she let go of her slightly windswept passenger. Luke staggered slightly as his feet touched the ground, before he regained his balance. He loosened his windcheater slightly as he made his way towards the glassdoor entrance of the building.

“Just give me a few minutes to get those coupons and tickets, and we’ll be on our way.” He said apologetically.

“OK, I’ll be back in a few as well.” And then she flew off.

As he walked towards his lab, Luke thought back how far their relationship had continued to evolve, and now they are actually going out on a date! His thoughts wandered off back towards earlier that afternoon as his body made its way towards its destination by autopilot…

After their morning excursion to pay a visit to Laney at the cemetary, they had returned to his place for bites and coffee. After that personal reveal, Kara had responded in kind by Like two long-lost friends who are now catching about their lives after years apart, they swapped stories about their lives.

They made use of the two well-worn couches in the living room and talked for hours; Luke lying flat on the three-seather length sofa, whereas Kara “sat” with folded legs, floating slightly above the one-seater so that both her and Luke can see each other comfortably.

As they talked to each other, Luke found himself very comfortable in sharing many of his thoughts with Kara, who shaped up to be a very good listener. Maybe it’s because being a superpowerful refugee from a long, dead world with only one other relative, there really aren’t many that she can confer or share stories with, and instead it is much easier for her to listen to others speak instead.

For Kara, this is one very unique instance where someone would actually open up their own world to her as Kara Zor-El a person, and not as Linda Lee or Supergirl which seemed to be a role that she is playing. That she can have the kind of candid sharing with Luke that is so reminsicent of all her chats with her friends back during better times is both surprising and gratifying.

They talked a lot. About their lives. Luke, especially about Laney, whom Kara had been very interested to find out about. About how both of them graduated from university, but Laney had decided to go back to teach in secondary school against their parents’ wishes. She had picked up all the latest about comic books, anime, superheroes and the like from the teenagers that she thought, and how her interest evolved into a serious, albeit amateur cosplayer. Despite her diagnosis Laney had stayed positive though her situation didn’t last. Luke was with her until her last, and it had been hard on him to lose his twin this way. It took a lot of effort on his own part to pull himself together and continue to live his life, and it was only recently that he has some sort of regular routine going on until he met Supergirl that faithful day a week ago.

Kara understood. It’s not easy to lose someone you love so soon.

For Kara, it was all about her old home planet. Her vivid descriptions about how the red suns blanketing the horizon, shining on the vast land and over towering skyscrapers; a technologically advanced society living the kind of life that one really needs to see to believe. That Earth’s technology progress pales in comparison with Krypton is no question, that the now defunct race has succeeded in sending its last hopes to Earth is proof of its engineering and science development at that time. In fact, Kara had regarded the current mathematics and sciences level to be merely elementary to what she has learnt, and that was also the reason why she had more time on hand to learn-up more on the arts and culture of Earth which happens to be her interest anyway.

But instead on delving on the technology, Kara remembered her old, normal, mundane life – of going to school, meeting friends, painting, welcoming Kal as a new member of their extended family…

“Wait, so you’re older than Superman?” Luke sat up when Kara mentioned that part.

“Mm Hmm.” Kara placed both her hand behind her head, reminiscing about that time when they had the christening of the baby boy into their family. It was always a momentous occasion when they welcome a new family into the house.

“But… but he looks so much older than you now. How is that possible?”

“Well, my rocket was stuck in stasis for years, whereas his took a direct path here. Hence when I arrived I only aged a little compared to when I left Krypton.”

She then gently sat down on the cushion and crossed her legs, her slightly provocative posture triggered the desired reaction from Luke as Kara’s superhearing and supervision picked up his quickened pace of breathing; plus there’s the clear slight bulge outline in his pants.


“I guess you can’t really tell from just looks, huh?” Kara giggled slightly, a twinkle in her eyes as Luke blushed slightly. “I was actually going on fourteen when the planet exploded, then it seemed I aged to about sixteen in the pod…” gesturing to her full-length body, “…now that I’m living here on Earth now, seems like my body has resumed its normal pace of growth. So what do you think?”

Luke’s brain has already short-circuited as he continued staring at Kara who is still wearing Laney’s custom-made superheroine costume; her youthful figure has all the right bumps and curves, and the way her legs stretched out from the pleated red skirt seemed to indicate that they can go-on forever.

Standing back up, she floated off the floor and sashayed towards Luke, before flying higher to position herself in parallel to Luke who was still lying on the sofa. Floating a few inches on top of Luke Livingston and placing both her arms to her back, she gently sucked in a bit of air and thrust out her twin bosoms, stretching the spandex even more as it seemed to reach out and gently touched Luke’s chest. Smiling seductively as she stared into Luke’s eyes, her own baby blues glowing red momentarily as she said “Like what you see, Professor Livingston?” The way Kara spoke was as if she was daring her new friend to cop a feel of her body.

She could almost see the debate in Luke’s mind, and eventually he gave in to his desire, and both his hands rose to meet Supergirl’s tight body. He was gentle and respectful as he moved his hand along her sides down to her buttocks, before he held her ass through the red skirt firmly. As he kneaded the flesh, Luke’s eyes widen as he felt the Girl of Steel gently flexing her glutes and behind. Suddenly he felt his hands being pushed back slightly, her rounded buttocks becoming so firm and steely beneath her smooth soft skin as if it were marble, that his hands could no longer make an impression anymore.

Supergirl moaned slightly as Luke moved his hand slowly upwards, brushing across her underwear-coverd mound before proceeding upwards, past the gentle bumps of her muscled abdomen and onto her twin peaks of her chests. Luke opened his hands more as he gently cupped and massaged her breasts, and in moments he could feel her nipples and areolas firming, pushing insistently against his palm, seemingly trying to escape from their confines.

Kara lowered herself a little closer to Luke as she became more aroused. As she reached out and kiss Luke on the mouth, she could literally smell his arousal given their proximity to each other, She could smell his slight odor and musk through his clothes; hear the beating of his strong heart, pumping all the life-giving blood throughout his body, so pure and full of life, and how it would quench her thirst and hunger…

She snapped out of her reverie so suddenly that she flipped 180 degrees to the side and flopped onto the ground. Luke himself also seem to come out from his own daydream as he realised Kara is now laying on the ground instead, staring straight at the ceiling. While Luke was confused with what happened, Kara was not.


She almost went for his neck.

It was such a close call that she could still feel the slight shifting of her canines as her fangs retracted back into her mouth. It took a while before her mind focused enough to realise Luke was talking to her.

“Kara, are you ok? What happened?”

“I… I… maybe, maybe we should take a time out Luke?”

More confused, Luke enquired again “Did I do something wrong?” which brought a shake of the blonde superheroine’s head as she sat up on the floor.

Luke sat up and offered his hand to Kara, who took it and then pulled herself up, to sit next to him on the sofa.

An awkward silence hung in the air before he ventured. “Gosh, it’s evening already? I didn’t realise time just went by so quickly. How about we go out a dinner and take in some night scenes in the city?”

Kara turned to Luke and asked “you mean, like a date?”

Luke blushed at that comment, though he soldiered on “Well, if you want to take it as a date, sure. If not, it can still be a good meal between two friends. What say you?”

The girl in red and blues hesitated before replying “Luke, I don’t have anything to wear, remember. Unless there’s a cosplay event around in Adelaide at the moment, else I don’t think turning up this way is going to help.”

Luke offered gallantly “Well, there’s always plastic to the rescue…” He reached out to his wallet which lay on the cupboard behind the sofa, and offered it to Kara. “Come on, a change of scenery will work wonders. Plus you get to experience a bit of our night life. So what say you?”

And so that’s how he ended up running down two flights of stairs into the basement lab to grab the coupons for dinner and drinks and one of the downtown bars. Despite his offer, Kara had given his credit card back, and instead told me “Give me ten minutes and I’ll see what I can do.”

He whipped out his keys as he approached the lab, when he noticed from the top glass panes that parts of the lab was illuminated. Confused, he pushed on the handle and walked into the lab… and found himself suddenly being held up by the throat by a red-haired young woman and slammed against the wall.

Anita’s eyes glowed red for a moment before she realised who it was. She promptly let go, and Luke fell to his knees and coughed repeatedly as he tried to catch his breath. She bent down to help him up “I’m so sorry, Professor. I didn’t realise it was you. I thought you were already gone for the weekend. Why are you here at this hour?”

Luke retorted as he stood back up. “I should be the one asking that question, Ms. McCall. I don’t remember that you are involved in any research or experiments in any kind that requires your presence over the weekend.” Rubbing his collar, he winced slightly. “I knew you are strong, but wow, that was painful. What was THAT all about, Anita? I didn’t realise that throat lifts are part of the greeting people.”

In truth, Anita McCall had woken up not a few moments ago, and being still slightly groggy she had heard footsteps approaching with her current enhanced hearing. In a flight or fight manner, her body had reacted instinctively by assuming the worst as she braced by the side of the door, and then going straight for Luke the moment he stepped through the door. It was also his luck as Anita had regained control fast enough to not sink her fangs into him; she felt them retracting on their own when he was still gasping for air.

“Anita? What happened? I heard a loud noise” Grace Duncan appeared at the doorway so suddenly that Luke almost tripped over himself when he heard her voice behind him. He finally sat on one of the workbenches, and asked. “Ok, what exactly is going on here? And who are you?”

It took all of five minutes, but finally he obtained enough information from both women who were talking non-stop to understood that they had both run into some trouble, and had needed to sleep over in the lab until they found alternative lodging. Raising his hands, Anita and Grace clammed up as Luke spoke “OK… so it sounds like both of you are just crashing for a few nights here. Without permission. Tell me.” Looking straight at Anita, “Why here? It’s not like we have a ongoing AirBnb situation down here. I am sure you have many other friends who can offer you a more comfortable option than sleeping on the floor. Plus…” looking at Grace, then back at Anita “Where IS Mike? I have seen both of you together enough to know that it’s not normal for you to turn up alone, even if both of you are just classmates.”

Both women looked at each other, and struggled to find a good response. They too are worried when Mike seemed to have gone incommunicado. They were saved by a growl coming from Anita’s stomach.

Luke heard that growl too, and he mistook Anita’s mortified expression for a more typical reaction, rather than an indication of pending danger. Chuckling, he leaped onto his feet and went to his personal workbench. Extracting a few coupons and tickets from the drawer, he remarked “Well, I guess both of you are in luck. It just so happen that I am taking a friend out for dinner and drinks, and I guess both of you can tag along.”

“Oh no no no, we wouldn’t want to intrude, right Anita?” Grace quipped before her own stomach started growling as well.

“Your mouths might say no, but your stomach seems to agree with me. So it’s settled then.”

Both women opened their mouths, and closed them again. Despite themselves, they know that at least having a normal meal will help alleviate their blood hunger slightly, so better than to follow and try to keep each other out of trouble, than to continue denying themselves.

“So who’s the person that you are going with Professor?”

“That would be me.” Grace and Anita whipped around to see a slim, model-like blonde, standing with her arms folded, standing at the door while observing all the commotion.

Instead of buying more new clothes, Kara had supersped through some of the clothing shops around high street to ‘borrow’ a few articles of clothing before they closed for the evening, picking up something that she deemed ‘more appropriate’ for a night out. For most, it was as if a sudden gust of strong wind blew through the street as she sped picked up what she wanted.

As it is, she is now wearing tight red leather blouse, and had put on a short black skirt. Pairing it with a pair of black heels and with for whatever reason, put on simple glassless frame, hands holding on to a simple black coat, she looked ready to paint the town red.

However, despite her remark Kara’s eyes were firmly on Anita and Grace, whose eyes have also narrowed suddenly with her presence. For despite their enhanced hearing, that Kara had turned up without any of them able to pick up her footsteps despite their enhanced hearing is uncomforting. Even though Kara’s familiar red and blues is now hidden beneath her latest set of clothes, all three women’s underlying vampiric instincts seemed to have come up to the fore as each somehow felt that the person standing in front of them is not who she seems to be. Which meant all three women are on guard against each other instictively only, though for what reason none of them could really tell at the moment.

The blondes, Grace and Kara, are about the same height, whereas Anita is closer to Luke’s 5 feet 11. Anita is also clearly more athletic-fit, her body size and definitions not hidden within her black blouse and jeans, clear results of her being with the university’s track and field team.

Kara however had one additional insight. She had done a quick scan of the building with her supervision while following Luke’s voice to find the lab. Her supervision had revealed that both women are of room temperature.Impossible, unless they are superhumans. Or supernatural.

Oblivious of the situation, Luke merely walked towards Kara, and called out to his students “Ah good, you’re here! So, shall we?” Waving the coupons and the tickets, he motioned to Anita and Grace, and before they could react, he put Kara’s arms in his and together they out and along the corridor towards the exit.

Anita and Grace looked at each other, before the latter shrugged, grabbed the coat behind the lab door and tossed it at her friend, and the two vampires trudged behind the professor and the superheroine.

Luke Livingston chuckled inwardly to himself as he sat at the longbar, observing the three young women swooning and swaying with each other, enjoying themselves on the floor listening to Tim Chase and his band belting out his rock ballads at one of the city pubs. Part of the growing underground indie movement, Tim had been Luke’s classmate in secondary school, and after a lucrative turn as an investment banker in Sydney, he had turned his back on the industry after the ’08 financial crash and instead plunged full-force into his personal passion which is rock music. Though a far cry from the lucrative gig that relates to evaluating companies and looking through financial statements, from his friend’s smiling and sweaty face, with the spotlights on the stage, Luke could tell that Tim misses none of his old life.

It was Tim who had invited Luke to come by and see him at Pestos, one of the more visible and larger pubs in the CBD. The band had been invited by organisers to play in front of a live audience during the annual Umbrella Winter Music Festival. Apparently Tim is quite famous - the place is filled to the brim, and the only reason the four-person group managed to squeeze in through Tim himself, who had turned up the same time the foursome arrived.

As Luke took another swag of beer, he reflected how the women had started out frostily enough. Luke had only introduced Kara by her first name and steered clear of anything pertaining to her “family”, explaining enough that she’s a friend of a ‘cousin’ and is only ‘passing through’ Adelaide for a few days before going back to the States.

Both Anita and Grace had been wary of Kara, and it did took some effort on his part to slowly bring them onto the same conversation. That Kara is very close in age to both Anita and Grace helped, and pretty soon they realised they have more things in common with each other than they realised. Other than the usual girl topics of fashion and boys, Anita realised that Kara is actually quite interest in sports, and the Kryptonian also has a strong affinity of arts and she paints frequently, which happens to be one of Grace’s past-time. And of course, given that both Luke and Anita are into engineering which apparently the Last Daughter of Krypton is more or less well-versed in, there were no issues in discussing the latest technology development and advances in sciences too.

< Guess all we needed was a bit of alcohol, plus a lot of food to do the trick. Who knew?> Luke Livingston laughed inwardly at that irony, as the the three ladies really hit it up, dancing with each other and also engaging other young men as they danced the night away. That the three ladies had each wolfed down a full-size, medium-rare steak by themselves; then chugged down glass after glass of red-wine, and yet still looked wonderfully alert and preppy was beyond him. Given the circumstances, it took little persuasion for all four of them to continue the evening at Pestos.

As the three women danced to the latest rock song by the band, Kara stiffened slightly as her superhearing had picked up something odd. Putting on a smile still and still swaying to the music, she gradually moved towards the side and the back, seemingly trying to make her way towards the Ladies outside and at the back of the building. Luke caught sight of her, but before he could call out to her, Kara the Kryptonian seemingly winked at him, before seemingly disappearing among the crowd.



As Kara slipped out, she used a burst of superspeed and ducked into one of the alleyways just two blocks down. Taking off her glasses and opening her red leather jacket to reveal the replica red-and-blues, she doffed her disguise quickly and in a gentle flex with her powerful legs, lept onto the rooftop of the adjacent building. Putting all her clothes into a bundle next to one of the open chutes, she leapt into the air and sped towards the bay, hoping that she’s not too late.

Captain Jack Andrews and First Officer Anne Link were on the last leg of their country-wide hop with their freighter plane when they suddenly felt a lurch, and suddenly the emergency buzzers came on in their Boeing 747 freighter. Checking the indicators, Jack noticed that one engine on each of the wing had shutdown for some reason (the plane had four). Given that they had just refuled in Sydney before taking off, that two of the engines gave out was puzzling. The fuel indicators confirming his understanding, showing that they still have more than enough to get them anywhere around Australia.

Built solidly with multiple failsafes, the 747 has a good safety record, and both pilots know that the plane could still fly even with two engines out of commission. With Adelaide airport only 30 minutes away, there is still ample maneuver space and time for them to land the plane.

Hence as Captain Andrews continued flying and monitoring the instruments, co-pilot Link radioed Adelaide airport indicating a ‘Pan Pan Pan’ – informing the airport that the plane has major issues but still one step short of a full-on Mayday. Nevertheless the control tower radioed back telling both pilots that emergency services are on standby.

Once all comms were completed, both pilots ran-through the landing checklist and configured the plane for landing. As Captain Andrews brought the nose slightly down, he noticed the bright lights of the city glowing brighter as they appeared beneath the clouds. As he tried to adjust his throttle backwards to slow down the 400 ton plane, his blood turn cold. He pulled it further back. Still no response. There is no way for them to land the plane at this speed. He pulled his control stick up to level the plane, and thought for a while, before changing their course slightly towards the sea.

Mustering as calm a voice as he could, he spoke “Anne, call the tower. I think we need to upgrade our hail to Mayday after all.”

Kara’s superhearing had actually caught some of the other pubs broadcasting the live news report about an airplane having some trouble to land, and that it has been circling over the sea near to the airport proper. Even though she wanted to stay below the radar, that doesn’t mean that she’s prepared to stay on the sidelines when people’s lives are at stake.

She flew as fast as she dared given that in the back of her mind the current costume is not built for durability. While its tightness meant it hid nothing anyway, flying up to the crew members nude is NOT going to help given the stressful situation. She saw the circling plane almost immediately after she got into the air, and as she flew closer she smelt fuel, confirming her suspicion that the Captain is dumping fuel in preparation for coming in hard. Kara put in a slight burst of speed, and pretty soon got close enough to the cockpit to try and communicate with the pilots.

Co-pilot Link had to blink her eyes a few times before registering the fact that Supergirl is flying alongside them, and is trying to get her attention outside her window. She saw Kara waving at her, before gesturing at the plane, as if trying to find out the issue. Anne tore a few pieces of paper from her notepad, and wrote a few words on them, and then putting them on the window, hoping Kara could see them and understand their desparate situation.

“Too fast”; “can’t slow down”; “Emergency landing”;”dumping fuel”.

Kara nodded at Anne, before pointing at herself, and then towards the plane. Specifically more towards the nose. The co-pilot frowned, confused at first before realisation dawned on her. Before she could write a reply Kara had flown ahead of the plane, placing herself in line to try and catch the plane from the front.

Captain Andrew had no chance to react as he suddenly saw a floating object in front of him. A sudden “WHOMP” and a lurch confirmed that the plane had hit… something? Anne called to him through the intercom “It’s Supergirl, Captain! She’s trying to help us bring down our speed so that we can have a better landing” as she tried to look through the front windscreen to try and catch a glimpse of the superheroine.

“What? WHAT? From the front?” However much reservations he had, the fact of the matter is based on the speedometer, the plane DID start to slow, though from all the creaks and shakes throughout the entire plane it seemed to be against its wishes. Jack just hope they all can still stay in one piece long enough to bring the jet down safely.

Kara had truly underestimated the force of the impact of such a fast moving object, and she found herself seemingly pasted onto the nose spread-eagle style when it hit her. That she had only been slightly winded when the jet slammed into her meant that this girl is still invulnerable, though it had dampened her pride and confidence somewhat. Still, she has a job to do, and she’s determined to do it.

As the plane continued moving forward relentlessly, the Last Daughter of Krypton used her entire body seemingly as a backstop as she tried to use her superstrength and flight powers to counteract against the power generated by the two remaining turbofan jet engines that is relentlessly propelling the large machine and its crew forward. Flexing her body, she felt her firm muscles bunching and coming to the fore, their sudden enlargement stretching her custom costume to the breaking point as it is made from merely conventional materials. As she pushed her body more and more against the plane, her hands and womanly curves crumpled parts of the nose’s surface as the Girl of Steel was seemingly cradling the huge flying machine with her body.

Despite its design specifications, instead of air friction it is now going up against a resistance that is Supergirl, and despite all the rattling and shaking as it continued to go up against her superpowered body, she felt herself making progress as they started to slow down gradually, her youthful solar-powered Kryptonian body winning out against a man-made machine. Inside the cockpit, Captain Andrews had managed to maintain steady flight controls amidst all the rattling and shaking, and despite himself managed to let out a grin as Link continued to call out the declining speed.

As they slowed, Kara changed her position in midair, and adjusting into her usual flight position of hands in front and legs to the back. Placing both her hands against the nose, she felt the aluminium frame and sheets again crumpling inwards as it was not made for superpowered hands of hers. With as much care as she could muster, she continued pushing back slowly and firmly with both her legs and thighs flexing and generating the supporting flying power to augment her own superstrength generated through her deceptively toned arms. The short skirt rising scandalously to reveal the thin blue strip beneath as her glutes and buttocks firmed up to superhuman-level in response as well.

As they turned for the final time to line up their approach, they are now close to landing speed. Link again wrote notes, and rapped repeatedly on the front windsheild to call out Supergirl’s attention.


“Landing soon”; “Maintain speed”; “Brace”. Again, Kara’s exceptional superhearing had picked up the rapping against the glass despite the wind all around her and the rattling. She flashed a smile towards the pilots, before turning around to gauge their distance from the runway, and as they approached the ground she eased her pushing power slightly to try to maintain their speed , though she created deeper groves on the nose so that she could continue to hold on to the plane.

Captain Andrew’s night landing was close to perfect. Kara felt the jolt of the tyres hitting the tarmac, and pretty soon the plane was barelling down the runway. This time, the engines’ thrust became an advantage as the reversing of the thrust helped provide braking power for the large plane. The plane soon stopped towards the end of the runway, a few miles away from the main hangars and terminal. Once it stopped, Kara flew quickly to the still running engines, took a deep breath and blew her ice breath on faulty engines, freezing the fuel and stopping the engine in entirety as a precaution.

The two pilots in the cockpit had quickly exited the aircraft the moment as soon as they turned off the engine, taking the inflated slides to the ground which had deployed when they opened the door. Per training, they ran a distance away from the plane, before stopping on the grass next to the runway. As they stood there panting, Kara floated down to check on them, even as the emergency sirens indicating help is on its way.

“No broken bones, just some bruises. Looks like both of you are still in good shape.” Kara concluded after a quick check of their bodies with her x-ray vision.

“Boy, am I glad that you’re in town Supergirl. We would have been goners if it weren’t for you .” Captain Andrews remarked, Link nodding earnestly to his left. “If you’re still in town these next few days, I would really like to buy you a few glasses in town.”

Kara politely declined the offer, and as the fire engines and ambulance approached, she smiled and gave both of them a mock salute, before flying upwards into the night sky.

It was only when she approached the city minutes later when she realised the various rips on the costume, on the sleeves and even on her chest. “Looks like no regular clothes can really withstand my muscles of steel” Kara thought as she landed on the rooftop, before suddenly falling forward as she felt slightly dizzy.

Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she stood back up, puzzled. She hadn’t felt any different just a while ago, and Kara had practiced enough times with Kal to sense any Kryptonite around. She found it even more curious as she was putting her disguise back on, her jacket and tight skirt felt… slightly loose on her chest and buttocks. Pulling herself together, she stepped off the edge of the building and floated gently down into the alleyway, before walking back out into the mainstreet to meet Luke and the girls.

“Looks like you missed part of the show, though I guess you had a more important matter to attend to.” Luke was just stepping out from Pestos just as Kara arrived. “So, am I still lucky that you still remembered about me?”

Grinning sheepishly, Kara replied “Well, I had a plane to catch, though I did try to make it back as soon as I could.”

Luke’s eyebrows raised for a while “Anything that I should know about?” “Oh, i think you’ll find out more when the live news start reporting the incident in another 30 minutes. By the way, where’s Anita & Grace?” She looked around the place, not seeing her new friends.

“They found some hot dates for the night, and left about 15 minutes before Tim closed his gig for the night. So they left poor old me here; all alone, just to wait for you. And even then I wasn’t sure that you would show. I was just about to give up and leave when you turned up.”

“Aww… but that means I have you all to myself for the rest of the night. So shall we hit the next happening area to continue our wonderful night??” Kara hooked her arms around Luke’s, and they started walking down the mainstreet.

Luke yawned at Kara’s question, bringing a laugh to the Kryptonian woman. “Well, YOU can go, but I am a bit tired. Not everyone has your fortitude and your stamina you know.”

“Pity about that. I was actually thinking about… doing a little… exercise back at your place. But since you’re not up for it…” she laughed out loud as Luke stumbled over an uneven part of the pavement at that statement. “Which reminds me… can I borrow your phone later?”

“Hey Hey, go slow. I thought you’d like to, you know, get into the mood first.” The young man commented as Anita unceremoniously threw him onto her dorm bed. The ginger-head lady merely grinned as she moved to the bed and sat on top of him. Her eyes glowed bright red as she replied “Well, I’m in a little hurry at the moment,” motioning to Grace and another man who is getting it on at the side. “and I’m hoping that you would like to help us… put out this fire that we have. You’d do that for me, won’t you?”

Staring deeply into Anita’s eyes, the young man seemed entranced by Anita’s words and he just nodded numbly. Anita smiled as she moved her body on top the man, one hand trying to open up the person’s fly while another moved towards the person’s neck. Laying on him, Anita gently stroked the person while slowly kissing the person’s neck before opening her mouth and gently biting down on him, her sucking noises similar to Grace’s who was also having her snack while pinning his date against the wall.

When both men woke up hours later they found themselves lying outside one of the dormitories of the university, with only a vague recollection of having had a good time the past night.

<Metropolis, morning>

“Clark, are you reading this? This just in from our affiliate news station in Australia. Apparently Supergirl was sighted not too long ago.” Lois gestured to his husband, who hurried over to her place.

She clicked on the link provided, which linked them to a video seemingly taken from a distance a away. A bit shaky and grainy, it nonetheless captured the a scene at Adelaide airport, showing the long minutes of a Boeing 747 attempting to land, until it came to a stop at the end of the runway. Despite it being a night-time video, they had caught sight of a familiar sillhouette when the plane rolled down the runway, and moments later their suspicions were confirmed when a figured floated down gracefully next to the pilots who had gotten out from the plane.

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking, Smallville?”

Rubbing his chin, Clark frowned before replying “Sure looks like her, Lois. But given the quality of the video we can’t be sure…”

“Well, maybe this will confirm it” as Lois switched to the news reporting that was uploaded onto Youtube a while ago. The newscaster reported that Supergirl was the one responsible for turning around a potential disaster and saving both the plane and crew. That she was there was confirmed by the two pilots.

“So she’s safe. That’s a relief.” Clark let out a sigh, as he leaned against the desk. ”But why is she in Australia of all places? And why not call me?”

“Must be teenage-rebellious thingy. Haven’t you done anything similar while you were that age Clark?” Lois remarked with a grin. “Like trying to do something naughty with Lana, for example.” Her grin widened as Clark blushed.

“I guess we just have to wait and see. On the other hand, all ready for our meeting with Lex?” The thumbs-up was all that's needed to confirm that her co-worker is bringing his A-game to the show.

<Penthouse in Metropolis>

“What do you make of it?” Mandi asked after watching the same video, hovering and watching over Lex’s shoulder while doing so. Dressed in a white sleeveless dress today, her sun-kissed skin and raven hair further is further accentuated by the contrasting colour. She had finally turned up in the office today, after spending a few days recuperating from her fight on Mars.

Lex replied nonchalantly “This merely confirms the fact that Kryptonians are very different from normal Terrans. However, until she decides to show herself back here,” laying down his Ipad and turning around to look at his lover, “we just have to be patient and wait for the right time.”

“For what?”

“To test her out. I am sure if we put our minds together, we can come up with quite a lot.”

That his current shirts and suits hid nothing of his tight muscular bulges confirms the fact that Lex has now gained the birthright of a Supremis-born. Mandi licked her lips as she swivelled his chair so that she is facing him, and cupping his face she smiled. “I can’t wait.”


Bruce's mind turned as he considered the latest development. He too had saw the video mere moments ago. Despite his limited understanding of the vampires’ powers, that Kara was spotted doing superheroics in Australia is still a surprise to him. That she’s alive is great news; but is she now still a friend, or very much a foe of humankind?

More importantly, can she be trusted?

Questions that he planned to ask his date when he meets her later this evening.

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