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Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 5 (Part 2, NFSW)

Written by kshoo :: [Monday, 31 January 2022 01:18] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 January 2022 00:05]

<Adelaide, Australia>

Luke Livingston was just about to enter his house in the evening, when he realised that he wasn’t alone. Turning around, he sighed a breath of relief when he realised who it was “Whoa, Kara, you gave me a fright alright. I thought you are out with friends? And how come…” indicating towards her budding chest…”you’re in this shape? Are you ok?”

Kara was not feeling ok. In fact, she was thirsty. And Hungry. And despite herself, sha had somehow brought other acquaintances to Luke’s doorstep. Beings similar to herself, but for whatever reason seemed to be even less dressed than even her Red and Blues during this winter time.

When she saw him pointing at her chest, she looked down to see that her blue top had ripped in multiple places, partially revealing her hefty Cs and slighty aroused pink areolas and nipples to the cool air. Kryptonian-large now, it seemed to be firming up ever so slightly as the seconds ticked by, as she became even more horny.


No doubt the rips had happened during her frenzied feeding that had happened not long before; that was how she had enticed her victims to heel by her seductive eyes and her generous physical assets, even if they are still maturing.

She could feel the continous conflict within her mind; the incessant physical need pushing her towards Luke despite a part of her mind is still rejecting the notion to feed on her friend. “Luke… I, I, I don’t know what else to say. Please, you need get away from me. Now. Run! I don’t know how long I can hold myself back.”

“Run? Run to where? Why do i need to flee? Hold yourself back from what? You’re home, it’s cold, so let’s go inside.” Kara groaned in frustration. Frustrated with her friend’s inability to comprehend the impending danger, and also because she can hear and feel the warm blood within his youthful body, so much blood in him for her own sustenance.  

As she continued staring deeply into Luke’s confused eyes, her arms acted on instinct. Both her hands moved towards the hem of her red skirt, and slowly she lifted it upwards to reveal her creamy thighs and her scandalously short blue underwear. Her right hand then gently moved towards the elastic band of the blue cloth, which she then slowly pushed them down, finally exposing her well-trimmed blonde bush and her pussy lips to her audience. She could feel the slight moistness on her entrance, no doubt her own body’s increasing arousal upon seeing such a tasty morsel in front of her.

Her actions had the desired effect on Luke; she could sense his arousal, she could see his pupils dilate and eyes widen, as well as the growing bulge in his pants. As she strutted slowly towards him, she could literally taste the adrenaline flowing within his bloodstream. They did say that one of the tastiest blood that one could have is when partaking it during sexually intercourse, where arousal is at its absolute peak.

She gentle clasped her arms over Luke’s neck, and her flight powers enabled her to float up slightly before she kissed him all around the shoulder, the neck. And then she opened her mouth wider, the incissors fully extended…

And then Kara Zor-El woke up.

As Kara stared at the beige-coloured ceileng, she realised that it had all been another nightmare. Groaning despite herself, she could feel her heartbeat slowing slightly from its initial pounding, relief washed through her entire body as she closed her eyes again, her suprebrain still retaining part of the experience in her mind.

It had been vivid. “Felt so real though.” It did make her shudder slightly that if she could, or rather she would, really do what she had dreamt if she loses control.

But there is a slight difference though, for the nightmare (or dream?) seems to be more sexual, less violent compared to the previous one.

When she reopened her eyes again, she finally realised where she was, though it wasn’t where she was expecting to be. ”Wha..Why am I in the living room?” Kara felt around and realised she was sleeping on sofa bed. To add to the confusion, “ And why am I still dressed in Laney’s costume?” as she looked at herself, still dressed in the slightly ripped costume after tossing aside the cape covering her.

Given that they are home, it must also have been Luke who had set up the sofa bed and laid her there before removing her cape and covering her up for the night

Kara tried to recall what had happened last evening. The fun times with Luke and the girls in town, the mid-air rescue, and then feeling tired while walking home… Despite her super-memory, she was left scratching her head literally as she just couldn’t seem to remember what happened after that.


A quick check beyond the partially covered drapes indicated that it’s close to mid-morning already. She adjusted her vision slightly and looked throught the ceiling, confirming what her superhearing had failed to detect as well – another person. So she is home alone at the moment.

Frowning, she sat up slightly and noticed the mobile phone on top of the settee. Picking up the small piece of paper wedged beneath it, Luke had left her a note.

“Hope you had a good sleep. Out with friends; left the backup phone for you. Turn on WIFI to call anywhere. Luke.”

Grinning to herself, Kara thought that it was really sweet of Luke to treat her like this. As if they are currently dating. Then, a flash went through her brain. “Unless… that’s what he really thinks?” Groaning, she flopped back on the sofa, thinking about the current weird predicament that she is in.

It also unwittingly brought her back to her earlier nightmare (or dream?), which she can’t seem to get rid off from her head just yet. Replaying the scene in her head, it seemed to make her slightly wet as she recalled her attempt to seduce Luke. Her left hand moved downwards and within the waistband of the skirt before traveling further down beyond the edge of the top until she touched her underwear beneath the red cloth. Kara was surprised that the cloth was damp; so she HAD had a wet dream, albeit an unfinished one.

One that she is now determined to complete.

Biting her lower lip, she felt her heat rising slowly as she gently rubbed her left hands on her labia lips through the thin cloth, feeling up the edges of her cunny’s entrance as well as her clit which has also emerged from her hood. “Ooooohhhhh…” Kara moaned as her left hand rubbed her hard nut and her pussy lips in a regular tempo, and her arousal climbed yet another notch as her right hand snaked under her top and slowly pushed it higher and higher until it revealed her creamy right breast, her areolas and nipples already expanded, now as hard as bullets.

As she became more aroused, Kara moved her underwear to the side and inserted her middle finger into her cunt, drawing out a couple of sharp, large intakes of breath as she felt her inner walls clench and grasp her finger. Imagining that it was Luke who was doing the penetrating, she started to piston her finger in and out in a regular rhythm, and before long she added a second, then a third into herself, see-sawing into her nether lips faster and faster as her imagination took on a more erotic turn. As she climbed towards her peak, her right hand grasped, kneaded and caressed her right breast seemingly in concert with her left hand’s rapid pistoning into her supercunt.

Unconsciously, as she sped up her masturbation until it became a blur, with only the muffled sounds of her fingers’ smacking and rapid plunging into her super-pussy, in her mind her lover’s face has also changed, gradually shifting from Luke, into Derek, and finally into the one and only male on Earth whose size, endowment and power is more than capable of taking her to heaven and beyond.

“uggghhh… UGGGHHh… Faster… HARDER… Kal… .yes… Yes… YESSSSS… UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa…” Quaking uncontrollably, Supergirl came like a freight train down a steep mountain as her fingers hit her g-spot. Screaming out her orgasm, her entire body arched into a curve as she came, hard. Her right hand crushing her right breast while her fully erect left areola and nipple tore through the blue top, mere Terran clothing unable to withstand the firmness of fully flexed Kryptonian flesh and muscles, no matter its size.

As she plopped down fully onto the crouch yet again, panting for while, Kara still felt strangely unfulfilled despite feeling sexually satisfied just for a while. And given that it was Kal’s face that she saw before she finally came… she blushed as she realised that one of her most intimate fantasy happened to be the one they call ‘Man of Steel’. Her cousin, no less. A baby no more, but a stud of a man.

Sighing, she got up and attempted to use the cape to try and clean up the wet stain on the sofa, before padding upstairs for a quick bath.

Then the long-dreaded phone call.

<Moments later, in Metropolis>

“Hello? Who’s this?” Clark was a bit puzzled. Who could be calling him at this hour? Caller ID didn’t identify this person.

“Uh… It’s me.” Clark’s mind short-circuited for a moment when he heard her voice.

“Ka… Linda! We’ve been looking for you for days! Are you ok? Are you hurt? Where are you?” He stood up just as he felt Lois’ arms around his waist. Both of them have been worried, and what with no latest information about Kara they had feared the worst.

But when they saw the grainy video that surfaced the previous night about a girl wearing a red and blue costume helping a plane descend safely on the ground, their hopes had grown.

With this phone call, confirmation that Kara is alive. For the first time, Clark could at least check off that one most important item on his list that needed confirming. Even though it’s a phone call, Superman’s superhearing is so sharp that he could detect any form of mechanical or electronic deception, at least for those people who are close and dear to his heart.

And this, THIS is the real Kara’s voice. 

“…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry about everything…” before he heard gentle sighs behind the line, and he could imagine her trying hard to form coherent sentences to communicate to him. It was so uncharacteristic for his 'older' cousin to apologize.

“Where are you? Are you alright? I can come and get you wherever you are.” 

“No..NO! I… I… I think I need a few more days to myself. Just to, you know, get a handle of myself and things.” That stopped him just as he was about to rip open his shirt. 

With Lois holding on still to him, Clark tried to reason with Kara. Still using her secret identity, he continued “Linda, look. Please tell me if you’re in trouble ok? I can come and help you. At least tell me you’re alright.”

“…I’m alright… Just a bit… changed, but still alright… Please, you have to trust me. I promise I will be back soon when I’m ready, ok?”

Clark had more questions to ask, but he knows that badgering his cousin doesn’t seem right at the moment. He has to be patient. He has to learn to trust her.

Sighing slightly, he finally replied “Fine. By the way, about the incident with the plane, hope that it was not too difficult to handle?”

He heard a slight chuckle over the line. “Nothing seems to escape the best reporters, I suppose. It must be Lois who saw those it, what with her eagle eyes.”

Clark laughed at the joke. “That it was. Look, can I at least keep this number? Whose number is this by the way?” It looked to be a foreign number, a quick indication to Lois confirms that it is from Down Under.

A pause before a shy response “A friend’s. I’m staying over here a couple of days more, and then I think I should be ready to come back.”

“Promise me you’ll stay safe? You know you can always talk to us if you need help right?” With a proper push of his superspeed, he can be anywhere across the globe in minutes. Just like she could be home in a similar time too.

Maybe he should just do a quick check later… high-up in space… she won’t know…

“I will. Just… trust me to do the right thing ok? No supervision of any kind ok? Please. I mean it.”A deadpan comment, then the line went dead.

Clark stared at the phone for a while before Lois’ voice alerted him. “So, shall we tell the world’s greatest detective about Kara contacting us?”

“Actually, he texted me earlier this evening. Says he finally got in touch with his contact, promising developments to share with me either later or tomorrow. Regardless of what it is…” he turned and hugged Lois with surprising strength, his head bent down over her shoulders “at least I know she’s safe.”

Despite herself, Lois replied in a mocking tone “Ooo. So is she more important than me now?” which earned her a passionate kiss on the mouth as Clark suddenly crushed his lips against Lois. It was a full minute before he let go, replying “No one is more important than you in my life, Lois. You know that. Just like you also know that I take care of my family and closest friends too.” Lois smiled and leaned against his husband, rubbing her head against his large pectorals while rubbing his back, in a gentle calming manner.

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