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Corruption: Resistance (Chapter 1-4)

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Chapter 1

(Hello everyone, I’m a big fan of the “Corruption” universe established by luchomeyer and later continued by HikerAngel 1.0 before her departure. This is a spinoff story in universe and a prequel taking place long before Empress Lizzie’s corruption and ascension in the world. This is part 1. Hope you enjoy)

The school bell rang as classes finally ended for the day. The doors opened as students poured into the hallways, eager to head home while others got ready for their extracurricular activities and sports.

“What did you end up putting for number 7?” Emily asked as she walked out of history class.

“Ulysses S Grant,” Tim replied with confidence as Emily cheered and jumped in the air full of excitement.

“Fuck yes! I thought it was Sherman at first, all these civil war generals got jumbled in my brain,” the brunette latina giggled as Tim smiled.

“Can’t argue with that! But I guess us quizzing each other last minute paid off!”

“Facts. Thanks again baby, I really needed the review!” Emily cooed as she leaned in and puckered her lips.

Tim didn’t need to be told twice, meeting her halfway as the young couple embraced in a kiss only to be interrupted a few seconds later.

“Emily! Tim! How’d the exam go?”

The couple immediately broke it off, blushing in embarrassment that someone was watching their brief, yet intimate, moment.

“Hey Jeff, it honestly went pretty well!” Tim replied, sighing with relief that the most stressful part of the day was now over.

The trio were getting ready to go home before the announcements turned on throughout the building.

“Good afternoon, everyone. This is Principal Walsh. Remember that female students who turned 18 within the last few weeks are to report to the front courtyard for your supergirl test! Thank you and have a good day!”

Emily rolled her eyes as Jeff began to smile and fantasize.

“Man, can you imagine being that lucky girl? You’d basically be like a god,” Jeff commented, turning around a full 180 and checking out the hallway. “Wonder if someone from school is one of the lucky few!”

“Oh come on Jeff, that test is pretty much a way of giving people false hope and ruining girls’ self esteem when they get that rejection letter a few hours later.” Emily groaned before nudging her head to begin making their way outside.

“Plus we haven’t gotten a supergirl in over 4 years. They usually appear in California, New York or Florida since they have the most people and better probability of one girl becoming a super. Virginia is still on the ‘no supergirl in its history’ list.” Tim added before they began to hear noises coming from the sky, sounding like that of thunder despite it being completely clear with the sun shining brightly on their faces. The wind then struck the trio along with the rest of the students nearby. Emily watched as the trees swayed far to the right as a result of the powerful winds followed by the sunlight now being overshadowed by a floating human-like figure.

“Oh my god! It’s a supergirl!” One of the girls screamed, beginning to run towards the descending goddess as her feet finally touched

the ground.

“Bro, it’s Queen Vanessa!” The jocks nudged at each other before shoving Tim, Emily, and Jeff aside to make their way towards her as well.

“She’s hot as fuck.. any chance she’ll go out with me?” One of the football players asked as the rest of his teammates laughed.

“Fat chance, Murawski!”

The trio couldn’t help but watch as their classmates drooled over Vanessa before bowing at the black superwoman.

“Queen Vanessa…” the school nurse gasped, surprised to see an actual supergirl in Charlottesville of all places. “What an unexpected pleasure!”

Tim couldn’t believe how tall the super was compared to the nurse and he and the nurse were already 6 footers. She definitely had to be at least 6’7 standing a head over him. Vanessa extended her hand outward as the nurse kissed it, showing respect.

“Oh, ya know, I was flying around the state and happened to notice an actual testing site and figured, why not support?” The black super giggled as she stared at all the girls waiting in line to take their test. “Am eager to see the next generation of superwomen!”

One of the girls raised their hands as Vanessa nodded, giving her permission to speak.

“Pardon me, my queen, but if I may ask, what's it like being all powerful?”

Vanessa chuckled as she rubbed the girl's head with enough force for her to say “ouch”.

“It is literal heaven. You feel so liberated as you ascend from your human body to one like mine!” She replied as she flexed both her arms and her biceps bulged, showing off her body matching that of a fitness model, bordering on body builder, except many times better. Both the guys and girls screamed as some fainted from such a sight. Emily could not believe it.

“Jesus, people are so stupid…” she replied as she nudged her boyfriend and Jeff to walk back home with her.

“Is someone jelly?” Jeff smirked, causing Emily to frown and turn around while still walking down the block away from campus.

“Of being an entitled bitch? Or treating everyone like they are pieces of garbage? Uh no I’m not jealous. If anything, I feel bad for them.” Emily responded.

“Yeah, she really doesn’t like supergirls,” Tim interrupted. “And honestly neither do I.”

Jeff had to hold his laughter. “Bullshit, you are telling me you never had an erection or felt aroused just by getting near them or seeing the shit they can do on TV. One supergirl lifted a plane to safety after it suffered several malfunctions. A FRICKIN PLANE!”

“Yes I have a TV and while they may seem arousing, I already got an amazing girl to admire and worship,” Tim smiled as Emily blushed.

“Well, regardless, you turn 18 in a few weeks Em, you need to take that test regardless. No way around it.”

“I’ll be sure to hold in the tears,” Emily replied with sarcasm as she and Tim chuckled while Jeff rolled his eyes.


(A few weeks later)

It was Emily’s birthday and she was ready to meet Tim at his house as he had planned a surprise party and already invited his and her parents over. All that was missing was her.

“You almost here? ;)” Tim texted as he looked out the window to spot Emily across the street pulling out her phone after receiving the message.

The light turned green as she began walking down the street while she texted him back. What she didn’t realize was the commotion going on down the block as a police car was chasing a red corvette with a lightning rod spray-painted on the driver's side.

Tim turned to his right to see it speeding before realizing the driver clearly wasn’t going to obey the lights. Panicking, he quickly ran outside the house to meet her at the nearest intersection.

“EMILY!!” He yelled as she was halfway through the street lookup from her phone only to smile and wave before she turned around to see the car ram into her. She flew several feet in the air before landing on their sidewalk unconscious.

Tim had a mini heart attack, not being able to walk as he watched the scene unfold.

“No… no no no!” He yelled with every “no” increasing in intensity as he approached her with some blood pouring on the floor.

“What happened?” Emily’s parents asked before her mom released a loud shriek.

Tim, in tears, looked at the bystanders in anger. “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!!”

Tim put pressure on the opening near her lower abdomen as he held her body close, rocking her in shock.

“You are okay… Emily.. look at me.. you are okay…”

The poor blonde kid felt powerless starting to blame himself.

“This can’t be.. this can’t be happening..”


The hospital doors burst open as Emily was in a moving cart lying unconscious as four hospital members began ordering people around to their respective positions to prepare for inspection of the patient.

Tim was speechless as he walked with them and looked at the immobile woman that was his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, they reached the point where he was prevented from following any further as the rest was up to the professionals, forcing him to stay in the waiting room whether he wanted to or not.

Tim watched as Emily’s parents were in tears, especially her mom.

“Mi Bebe… my ba… byyy,” she wailed as her husband comforted her, simultaneously trying to fight back tears of his own.

It was then where Tim’s parents arrived and sat near him in an attempt to comfort him only to shrug it off.

“Sweetie, it’s not your fault,” his mother cooed as Tim looked up at her in anger.

“It IS my fault… if I wasn’t so stupid and was actually patient, she wouldn’t have needed to text and she may have been more aware and dodged that car just before…” he cut himself as he collapsed in defeat.

“I know this hurts son, but you can’t beat yourself up, the blame goes to that criminal that skipped that darn red light. Hope that bastard gets what’s coming to him!” He growled.

Tim sniffled as he nodded and understood.

“Come here.. all we can do now is be patient and hope things go alright.”


After an hour of Emily being inside the room, the doctor finally opened the door as Tim, his parents, and Emily’s parents rose from their seats in unison to hear the news. Judging from the doctor’s face it wasn’t going to be good.

“Emily is not doing so well, the injuries she suffered from the impact were so severe, there's heavy internal bleeding and I don’t think she has much time….”

Once again, everyone broke in tears before the doctor interrupted them.

“HOWEVER, not all hope is lost..”

Everyone looked at the Caucasian man with a serious expression.

“What.. what do you mean?” Emily’s mother replied as the doctor tried to word it correctly.

“We ran blood tests as part of admitting her and it turns out, your daughter tested positive for the meta virus.”

Tim’s eyes opened widely as he knew what this meant. Unfortunately, both parents were completely clueless.

“What is that? Is it fatal?” Her mom asked again as the doctor shook his head.

“No no, Mrs. Valbuena, your daughter is a supergirl! Or, potentially one.” He cheered as he gave everyone a few seconds to react before breaking the news again.

“But.. she doesn’t have much time, so I’ll need your decision on whether or not we should proceed with the ascension process.” He replied as they began to debate. “This will likely be the only thing to save her.”

“Do we really want our daughter to be one of those people?” Her father replied.

“Our baby as one of them? I don’t know..” Emily’s mom replied as Tim walked up to them in shock.

“Are you guys serious?! No offense but we are basically choosing life or death here, do you really want Emily to die?!” He yelled.

“Of course not! But she’s spoken out against them so fiercely. We are just unsure of the ethics…”

The front doors suddenly burst open as everyone gasped. Tim turned around to see it was Queen Vanessa who walked down the hallway with a lab tech assistant carrying a needle with some green serum.

“I don’t mean to interrupt but time is running out, are you in or not?” The doctor replied as he turned around and quickly bowed before Vanessa.

The black amazon cleared her throat with attitude as she looked at Tim and the two families only to realize they hadn't bowed. Tim unwillingly did so as she smiled.

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Vanessa smiled before looking at the doctor. “Human, show me the way towards my ascending sister.”

“Um, actually, we are waiting for her parents to decide whether she will take the serum or not.” He stuttered as she placed her hands on her powerful hips and swayed to the side.

“And why is that?” Vanessa replied with disgust.

“Because the patient is not 18 yet. She’s still a minor and therefore the decision goes to her parents. Plus the rules are not clear with 17 year olds getting the serum but this is life or death so…”

Tim got up. “Doctor Daniels.. do it!”

“Is that a yes?” He asked the parents as they looked at each other and sighed only to nod.

“Do it, save my daughter.”

“Please save my girlfriend!” Tim begged.

Doctor Daniels nodded as he looked at the lab tech assistant.

“You may proceed.”


Chapter 2

The doctors tried to patch the injured Emily up as the door opened widely and the towering Vanessa walked towards her. The doctors backed away while showing their respect. She looked back at the lab tech assistant with a frown.

“Well? The fuck are you waiting for? Give her the serum!” She barked as the man was jumpscared and hurried towards the hospital bed with the dying woman.

He quickly used some cloth to disinfect her upper arm before gulping and injecting the serum in her body.

Upon finishing, he took it off her arm and placed it on the table before backing away slowly and smiling at Vanessa.

“It is done, my queen.”

“Excellent, good work now let’s..” Vanessa began before they heard a flat line beeping on the monitor.

Both looked at each other, the assistant with nervousness and Vanessa with anger as she picked him up by the throat raising him above the ground.

“What did you DO!” She roared as he tried to place his hands on hers to pry her grip open to no avail. Her strength was just too superior to him.

“Ack… pleaseeee,” the man groaned as he felt the amount of air in his windpipe decrease causing his face to turn purple.

He was ready to meet his end before the computer began to beep again, signaling a heartbeat. Vanessa gasped, dropping the assistant on the ground with a loud thud upon impact.

“Ughhhh,” Emily moaned as she opened her eyes for the first time since the incident. “What happened..”

She began to move her arms slowly as she felt pains everywhere, especially on her breasts, arms, and abdomen.

“Welcome back to the land of the living…” Vanessa smiled as Emily tried to process what was going on.

“Where.. where am I..?” Emily asked weakly before she began asking the real questions. “Where is Tim? Where are my parents?!”

Emily began to jump from her seat as Vanessa placed her hands on her shoulders to restrain her.

“Easy girl.. you’ve been through a lot..” Vanessa tried to calm the next supergirl.

Emily looked at her only to stare down and gasp. She had never been this close to a supergirl before and she couldn’t help but peek at Vanessa’s cleavage that her super suit threatened to burst and reveal. She didn’t even realize how muscular these goddesses were as their biceps bulged slightly along with their muscular thighs, despite still retaining that irresistible feminine look with their 8 pack showing through their suits.

“Don’t worry… soon you’ll have a body like mine,” the black super smirked, catching Emily off guard

before the door burst open to reveal Tim in a worried expression.

“Emily… EMILY!” He sighed as he ran to her and gave her a big hug.

“Who the hell let you in?!” Vanessa yelled as the tiny human ran past her, shocking her.

“Oh god, Tim!” Emily cheered as she embraced him, causing the superwoman to roll her eyes.

“What happened? I- I remember the car crash and after that I… and now I’m here…” Emily stuttered hoping her lover would fill her in with the details.

As Tim was about to open her mouth, Vanessa interrupted them both.

“You are a supergirl!” She cheered, causing Emily to look at her like she just grew 3 more heads while Tim gave her a death stare.

“Do you mind?” Tim asked with an attitude as Vanessa frowned once again despite realizing Emily also felt the same frustration towards her, giving her the signal to leave.

As Vanessa walked out of the room, Emily looked at Tim with nervousness.

“What did she mean by me being a supergirl?” The confused woman asked her boyfriend as Tim tried to find ways to say this in the proper way .

“Well.. uh.. when you got hit, the doctors tried everything but they said the damage was too much..” Tim paused as he tried not to cry. “That you were going to die..”

Emily observed the pain in her lover as he told her this, causing her to pout and place her hand on his cheek, rubbing it up and down as he continued.

“And apparently the doctor said that when they did tests they observed you have the meta virus in you and that it was the only way to keep you alive..”

Emily gulped as she heard it again. The meta virus. The virus that was so rare that you had a better chance winning the fucking lottery and being a millionaire. She has it. She was one of them.

She got off her bed as she pulled some needles out instinctively feeling like she didn’t need them anymore.

“You shouldn’t have done that..” Emily whispered as she got on her bare feet with a loud thud that she didn’t think she was going to make. She slowly walked towards the window.

“Wait.. but I told you, you would’ve been dead otherwi-“

“Then I should’ve DIED!” She suddenly burst, causing Tim to flinch as tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“You know how much I despise those overgrown freaks… how much I HATE everything they stand for.. their ideology.. their personalities…`` Emily began as she tried to process her emotions.

“I get that sweetie… but your parents and I didn’t want you to go..” his voice cracked causing her to look back at him.

She walked towards him and buried her head on his chest as she continued tearing up.

“What if I become like them…” she whimpered. “I.. I don’t know what I’d do to myself if I did half the shit these girls do Lowkey..”

Tim hugged her tightly, feeling a slight difference in their embrace. He felt like her body was a little thicker than before. Has the transformation already begun?

“You won’t be like them… you hear me?” Tim assured her. “You will be better.. you will show them what a TRUE supergirl is like.”

Emily lifted her head to look at his eyes. “P-promise me you’ll stick by my side while this… happens to me?”

Tim smiled as he moved her hair to each side, clearing her face and wiping away her tears. “I’m not going anywhere..”

Emily smiled as she got on her tippy toes to kiss each other. ‘Huh that’s odd…’ Emily thought as she noticed she no longer needed to lift herself up as much as she used to in order to reach her boyfriend's lips. This was going to be a wild and stressful ride.


After being cleared immediately, following the procedure, they arrived back home to get back to what they were originally supposed to do: celebrate Emily’s birthday.

The two families engaged in dancing and food as Tim and Emily ran upstairs to his room.


“Yes, sweetie?” He replied as she placed her right hand on her other shoulder in nervousness.

“I’m sorry for what I said before. I can’t even imagine how everyone must’ve felt seeing me in that condition. Thank you for bringing me back…”

“It was the least I could do.. I was the one that caused this mess…” Tim responded in defeat as Emily’s eyes opened in shock.

“What?” She began before she heard the window knock causing the couple to turn around and notice Vanessa floating outside.

“Seriously? This girl again?” Emily groaned as she opened the window only to see her clap with excitement as she floated down to the floor as it made a creaking noise upon contact trying to support the goddess.

“Well, I’ll be. Congrats supergirl! Pleasure to have you be part of the sisterhood of superior beings.” Vanessa smiled before making a serious face. “However, you need to come with me.”

“What? Why!” Tim spat as she paused without looking at him.

“Did your pet just address me without permission?” Vanessa asked, ready to grab him before Emily jumped in front of her.

“Excuse me, you don’t get to call him a pet, he’s my boyfriend!”

“Potato - po tah toe,” Vanessa rolled her eyes. “The council is waiting and they ARE expecting you so it’s best not to piss off a legion of supergirls on the first day.”

Emily looked back at Tim as he nodded.

“Go, see what all the commotion is about, come back when you're done ok?” He asked as Emily immediately nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

Emily walked towards the window where Vanessa was standing.

“So? Where to?”

“Well, you just got your first dose so you still won’t be able to fly till at least the second. Hop on,” Vanessa said as she opened her arms.

Emily rolled her eyes as she was unwilling to go along but in the end, she obeyed and they began their flight towards DC.


“How are you liking the view?” Vanessa smirked as Emily was trying not to throw up. She always got motion sickness with practically anything that moved too much, however she was surprised that she held out this long. Perhaps a nice benefit from the serum?

“I’ve had better flights…” Emily said carefully as the supergirl held onto her harder.

“You should be happy… many humans would kill to be in your place.”

Emily felt Vanessa’s brolic body press her chest against her back only to gasp as she suddenly felt the supergirl’s nipples poking through her suit and onto her back.

“Sorry, us supers are hypersensitive with our bodies, especially around humans. You’ll understand soon!”

It took 25 minutes, but they arrived at the towering building by the pentagon that was built specifically for girls like them. It was incredible, it was like a supergirl avengers tower! The number of supergirls blasting into the sky from the large balcony along with many flying into the structure from multiple directions.

“Well, here ya go newbie,” Vanessa said as she let go while she was still a good 30 feet in the air causing Emily to shriek as she experienced free fall before landing on the ground with a loud thud.

All the supergirls nearby giggled as they watched the newest iteration of superwomen emerge from the ground.

“I’m ok?” Emily asked herself as she began scanning herself for any possible injuries from that height drop but nothing seemed to be out of place or in pain. This confirmed her suspicions, the serum was definitely kicking in.

“Ah, Emily Valbuena!”

Emily turned around to notice a towering redhead float towards her extending her arms in eagerness. She landed on her feet as she grabbed Emily by the shoulders. She looked a little older than Vanessa and the other supergirls she got a quick glimpse of despite still looking young as hell if that even made sense.

“My my, welcome to the club! Please, Follow me there is much to discuss!”

The redhead then started floating away at a quick speed as Emily yelled for her to wait. She tried to fly but that was clearly embarrassing as all her body did was jump a few feet in the air before gravity took over. Running it is.

Emily began to pick up the pace as she maneuvered her way around the building, keeping the redhead with her golden cape in check. She couldn’t believe how fast she was running. She never ran this fast before, and she was on track and field, before she quit a week later of course. All that didnt matter as she felt the force of the winds hitting her in a way she never felt. Eventually, she caught up with the redhead as she approached her office.

“So, you are fast now,” the superior supergirl smirked as she sat in her chair. “But not that fast.”

Emily gulped as she used her improving vision to observe the features the redhead possessed. She was gorgeous. From legs that go on for miles to an hourglass figure many girls like her could only dream of and the shape of her abs visible through her tight supergirl suit. Being a comic book nerd, she noticed she had all the matching appearances like that of power girl with extra muscle and her busting tits threatening to rip through her extremely durable suit being the main distinction. Overall, she did not want to do anything to piss her off.

“Who… who are you?”

“Oh where are my manners? I'm Tiffany and I gotta say, you look like an adorable young superwoman,” she cooed as she got off her chair and grabbed her cheeks squeezing her like she would to a toddler. “Welcome to the big leagues.”

“Listen.. I don’t want to be some public figure..”

“Let me finish.” Tiffany interrupted, causing Emily to slump into her chair in worry. “You are still fresh meat despite being superior to your average regular people, but like every new supergirl, you will be paired with a mentor, a godmother if you will.” The redhead added as another woman entered the room.

“You called, ma’am?”

“Yes, Kelly, just in time. I’d like to introduce to you our next supergirl, Emily Valbuena.”

Kelly’s feet began to float in the air as she moved towards her with a frown observing the fresh woman.

“So innocent. I remember when I was like that.” She commented as Tiffany giggled along with her.

Emily’s hands turned into fists, full of anger from the humiliation she was already getting. However, she was still a human in transition compared to two veteran voluptuous superwomen that stood a head taller than her and could still kick her into the moon. Getting all angry and looking for issues was not the wise decision right now.

“Listen, I gotta go, there’s trouble at the capitol and I just got news Bethany flew the president out of the way.” Tiffany suddenly spoke.

“The president has a supergirl?” Emily asked as both superwomen shared a laugh again.

“What, do you think his pathetic ‘secret service men’ are effective?” Kelly replied. “Of course he has a supergirl.”

Emily was shocked. Guess you learn something new every day.

“I heard she even fucked him in secret!” Kelly added with a laugh. “And he even enjoyed it. Bad news to bring to the Mrs. I mean Bill Clinton much?”

Emily was definitely not liking this Kelly girl. Something about her just didn’t seem right. And now she was her supposed mentor. Tiffany opened the doors to her office balcony before looking back.

“I’m terribly sorry, Emily, it seems like we need to postpone your official introduction and welcome to our team. But Kate will show you the summed up parts!”

‘Great… extra time with the supergirl she didn’t like. This should be good,’’ she thought.

“Good luck Emily and once again, welcome!” She winked before looking up and blasting into the sky.


Emily gulped as she walked down the hallways once again with Kelly who was busy with her phone.

“So Tiffany said you are going to train me?” Emily began before Kelly slapped a brochure on her chest while she continued texting.

“Read it.”

Emily obeyed and opened it up to find a “So you are a supergirl. Now what?” Title. She flipped through the different sections within 15 seconds gaining a better understanding as she frowned.

‘I just skimmed through this… and I understand everything to the minute detail..” Emily thought as she gulped, impressed by the improvements her body was gaining, particularly her mind.

“Judging by the speed you read it, I assume you now know how we work?” Kelly smiled.

“Bullshit,” Emily thought. “Superheroes, saving the world, making it a better place, my ass. Maybe in the olden days.

Kelly didn’t answer, the silence growing long and awkward.

“Were you really the one that saved that plane from crashing in the middle of the Pacific? Carried it all the way back to the states?” Emily finally spoke.

Kelly opened her arms and formed a smirk on her face. “Guilty! Well, almost saved everyone, 4 people died upon impact: 3 black, 1 Asian.

Emily recalled Jeff telling her the story but she didn’t know she was actually talking to that specific supergirl.

“You must be famous.”

“Darling, we are all famous. It doesn’t take much for lesser beings to cream themselves. Hell, I've had ‘experienced’ men wet themselves in seconds just by briefly contacting them.” Kelly bragged as she nudged her head at the desk near them.

“Lift it.”

Emily looked down on the large piece of furniture that was filled with books, desktops, and heavy boxes.

“Lift this? No way, we need multiple people to -“

“Ah ah ah… that was true yesterday, when you were weak, pathetic, human. You are better than that now. Now I’m telling you again. Lift that table.”

Emily sighed as she approached the table trying to find a good angle to grab it in. Arriving at the center, she ducked and prepared to apply a large amount of force but, as she began to exert, she noticed the table was already being lifted in the air.

“Am I..” Emily began as she applied more force before she realized she was already standing straight and using her two hands to lift the furniture.

“It’s so simple…” she thought. She remembered how hard her boyfriend struggled in moving the sofa to her place that he called 3 other guys to help him. She didn’t need 4 men, this was all her. A smile formed on her face as she wanted to play around with it. She began lowering the table only to lift it back up like she was working out at the gym.

“This is kinda fun..” Emily replied as she continued lifting weights before it was suddenly hit by two intense lasers causing it to break upon impact.

Emily yelped as she quickly moved out of the way to avoid the rubble before giving Kelly a death stare as her eyes were still glowing red before slowly going back to her normal self.

“What was that for?” Emily yelled as the blonde supergirl released a chuckle.

“Relax, we are actually supposed to get rid of it anyways. But I just wanted to see your reaction.”

Emily was furious. She could’ve hurt her even with her new durability. Stronger or not, she knew she was nowhere near the level of power her fellow supergirl possessed. At least not yet.

“So.. you shoot lasers?” Emily asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yup. You didn’t know that? We’ve been doing it since forever.” She replied.

“I don’t watch the news often. Plus supergirls don’t usually visit my city often.”

“Well, your ability for that should pop up within your second treatment along with flight,” Kelly said as she looked at her phone. “Well it’s getting late, time to carry you back to whateversville and meet up with friends.”

Emily nodded as Kelly opened her arms and they began flying their way to Charlottesville. It still kind of sucked, but next time she might not be flying as cargo. Would being able to fly on her own really be that bad…?


Chapter 3

It was a quiet night in the city of Charlottesville as a sonic boom was suddenly emitted from the sky. Kelly entered the area and lowered herself towards Tim’s home.

“Thanks.” Emily replied, forming a slight smile at the towering woman as Kelly chuckled.

“No prob. You’ll get the hang of it in the next couple of days. It takes practice.”

Emily nodded before Kelly raised her two fingers as she made a slight squat before blasting once again into the sky, the effects so drastic it even gave Emily a slight shove while leaving a small crater on the grass. Tim was definitely not going to like that.

The young supergirl sighed as she looked up at the upper left window where Tim’s room was to see the lights were still on. A smile formed on her face once again as she ran to the door and was about to knock before realizing it was already past midnight and her boyfriend's parents would kill her for lingering this late. She walked back to the front lawn as she made a frowning expression thinking how she was going to get his attention.

“Throw a rock? No that wouldn’t work,” she thought. “With her increased strength, she could probably break the window.”


Emily looked down at her thighs to notice that they had become slightly thicker. Perhaps this was a crazy, yet last resort option. She walked backwards to obtain a certain distance before she began to run, gaining momentum. She ran and ran eventually releasing a mild grunt as she squatted and jumped. Emily cheered as she was in the air for a brief moment before gravity began to take over as she approached the wall and landed on the exposure, slightly digging her fingers and toes into the brick wall for support.

“Oh god…” Emily commented as she was suddenly breathing heavily in excitement. “Cool…”

Unfortunately, Emily was too distracted with her new powers that she didn’t realize Tim was at the window causing her to yelp and jump away from the wall falling on her back as she collapsed onto the ground. Emily moaned as Tim quickly opened the windows.

“Oh my god, are you ok?” He asked in worry as Emily got back up.

“You’ll pay for that!” She replied with a smirk as she got back into position and ran again, this time jumping straight into the second floor and into Tim’s room. She could not have landed any better as she did so in a superhero-like pose ripped straight from a comic book lifting her head in a seductive pose with her luscious hair whipping back.

“Huh, interesting.” Emily smiled before turning around to see a shocked Tim.

“Sweetie?” Emily smiled as she noticed the slightly scared look on his face. This is not how she wanted him to react. “Sweetie, please speak to me..”

Tim gulped as he released a slight smile. “Wow.. so super jumps and superhero landing.. check!”

“Yeah,” Emily giggled as she extended her arms. “Sorry, I meant to come through the door but didn’t realize it was already late.”

“That’s fine! I missed you!” Tim smiled as Emily pouted and walked towards her boyfriend.

“Aww I missed you too baby,” she replied as she opened her arms to embrace him in a hug, sighing from exhaustion and relief as she shut her eyes for a brief moment before she began hearing groans, not from pleasure, but discomfort and pain. She opened her eyes to see Tim struggling to breathe.

“Em…” he tried to gasp.

“OH GOD,” Emily yelled as she immediately let go, causing him to collapse on the ground. Thankfully the TV was still on with some background noise to cancel the thud that may have awakened his parents.

“I’m SO sorry…” Emily whispered in a terrified tone, backing away slowly as she looked at her hands and arms.

“It’s okay…” Tim breathed in, regaining his strength as he noticed his girl now a considerable distance away. “Sweetie?”

Emily was shaking her hands as tears began to fill her eyes. “I’m a monster..”

“What?” Tim asked, walking towards her only for Emily to lift her hands up to block his move.

“Stay away from me…” she whined, despite seeing him continue to get closer.

“Sorry, but I refuse,” Tim smiled as he put her arms down or at least tried to. Emily did it herself to not freak him out even further.

“I almost killed you..” she said timidly as it was Tim’s turn to open his arms and hug her.

“But you didn’t! It’s just new to you. You showed restraint!” Tim cheered.

“But.. but..” Emily wanted to continue before Tim leaned in to kiss her on the lips. She knew she was always a talker and his strategy to shut her up was with a kiss. An old trick from the book, but effective nonetheless.

The couple embraced in this intimate moment before he eventually pulled back gently while still keeping his head close to hers.

“You talk too much. Your powers are manifesting so I assume you will only become more powerful. But we will get through this.”

Emily couldn’t help but break a smile hearing that. This man loved her for who she was. It wasn’t lust for a supergirl, it was real love.

“God, I love you so much..” Emily replied.

“I love you too!” Tim smiled as he hugged her again, rubbing her back.

Emily released a slight moan as he did that. Even with powers, Tim’s back rubbing while hugging her was her kryptonite. She began feeling something else, her blood pumping harder. She felt her nipples swell by this embrace. She bit her lip. Feelings of lust began to overtake her, more intensely than she’d ever felt before. She needed Tim.

“Baby?” Emily asked.


“I want you..” she replied as she grabbed him gently and carried him to his bed before throwing him into his mattress. He was far lighter than the table had been, and just as easy for her to lift.

“Take off your clothes…” she ordered.

Tim didn’t need to be told twice as he obeyed his lover and began disrobing until all that was left was his boxers. Meanwhile he watched as Emily took off her shirt, shorts, shoes and socks as she was left with her bra and panties. His jaw dropped as he witnessed the new Emily. She had not only grown 2 cups sizes, her once slightly chubby belly was now defined to the point that a faint definition of abs were visible.

Emily smirked as she was ready to reach for her bra but not before her straps automatically snapped as a result of her C-cup tits being contained in a bra meant for a-cups. She watched as the broken bra flew straight into Tim’s face causing her to burst into laughter. She had to admit she loved the way her boyfriend was looking at her.

“Seems like someone is happy to see widdle ol me?” Emily said in a toddler voice, sliding her hands over her long curves. She took off her boyfriend's boxers to set his member free, springing into action.

“Time to conquer this anaconda right here…” the superwoman commented as Tim moaned. She used her hand to grab his rod but not before remembering that she needed to be careful as a result of her new strength. Last thing she needed was accidentally ripping her lover’s cock from his body.

Emily mounted over her boyfriend as he laid flat waiting for her to ride him. She positioned herself in the right place before moving his member and inserting it in her as she lowered down. Both of them moaned as this occurred causing Emily to place her hand on the top metal frame for support.

Tim was caught off guard by the sudden weight Emily imposed on him once she lowered herself enough for her asscheeks to make contact with his pelvis. She definitely was a lot heavier.

Emily began to move her body in a nice and relatively slow motion as the bed began to creak.

“Yessss that it….” Emily gasped as she began to increase her pace. She needed more.

Tim could only watch his girl as she did all the work, something that she typically didn’t do. She would usually be the sub in the relationship. This was a new her.

“Tim… I got C cup tits now… and they need you!” She growled.

Tim was busy trying not to cum so quickly as his girlfriend was literally rocking his world right now. He saw her tits begin to jiggle with her rapid movements. As he grabbed each of them he couldn’t help but notice how hard they were as he struggled to squeeze them. Regardless, he used his thumbs to rub each respective nipple using his spit as a nice lubricant.

“Fuckkkk…” Emily breathed in and out as her toes began to curl into the mattress and she continued to apply pressure on that metal bar in the back of the bed frame.

Tim heard groaning noises as he looked up and saw Emily’s hand begin to deform the bar. He wanted to react but there was no point. Her eyes were closed shut as she continued to moan and interrupting the ascending goddess was not a good idea. In fact, he had more important things to worry about: not cumming immediately. He tried his best to avoid reaching the point of no return but Emily speeding up even further made it worse. He was losing this battle. It was time.

“Emily.. I’m gonna..” he groaned before his body buckled and he released his load on her.

As he did, Tim couldn’t help but feel his member feeling a lot more pressure as Emily’s vaginal walls began to constrict as she too was nearing orgasm.

“Oh god.. that’s new..” he groaned as Emily turned her head back and covered her mouth as she released a yell of ecstasy before her upper body collapsed on Tim.

They both were breathing heavily as Emily lifted her head and pulled her hair back to stare at her lover's eyes, his beautiful hazel eyes before he closed them shut as he officially passed out. She giggled as she leaned in to give him a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you Tim… and I will do whatever it takes to protect you and our families.”


The sun rose in the Virginian city as Tim’s mother walked down the hallway towards his room.

“Sweetie.. I’m going to the bakery, do you want me to pick up any—“ she asked as she opened the door to see his son and Emily lying nude in the bed hugging each other.

She released a loud scream, causing both older teens to wake up and panic before they too began screaming.

“What the hell, mom!” Tim yelled as she turned around in shame before he shut the door and locked it.

“Shit! I should’ve left before they woke up!” Emily yelled as she used her new and improved speed to quickly change her clothes before opening the window.

Tim was putting on his pants, while still shirtless as he watched his girlfriend turn around and smile.

“Uh, see ya in school!” She commented before they both burst into laughter.

“Just go, stupid,” Tim teased as she blew him a kiss and jumped out the window landing on the grass before getting up and sprinting towards her home.

Tim chuckled as he turned around and opened the door to find his mother begin to hit him with her slipper like the generic pissed off mother.

“What.. did.. we.. say.. about… girls.. in.. your.. ROOM!” She grunted.

“Ow.. OW! Tim yelled. “Sorry!”

“You better have been wearing protection!” She spat.

“MOM!” Tim yelled as he quickly put his shirt on and grabbed his school bag to head to the kitchen.

“Oh we are not done talking, young man!”

“Uhh yeah we are!” Tim smiled.

Clearly they were off to a wonderful start to the day.


The first school bell rang as students were finally allowed to enter the hallways to get their belongings from their lockers before starting the day.

Tim was in a good mood taking his books and placing them in his school bag as Jeff popped up from behind startling him.

“Someone is in a good mood!” Jeff smiled as Tim jumped.

“Yo, you need to wear a bell. Swear you pop up out of nowhere,” Tim replied as Jeff made a smirk.

“You guys fucked didn’t you?”

“What?!” Tim yelled in embarrassment. Was it that obvious?

“Oh c'mon it’s soo obvious, you are clearly glowing.” Jeff stated as he looked in the hallway to notice a girl in a huge bulkie hoodie approach them.

“Hey guys!”

“Can we help you?” Jeff replied, confused on who this random girl was.

“It’s me, dumbass,” Emily spat as both guys frowned. It couldn’t be her, Tim thought as this girl was now slightly taller than Tim who was 6 foot even. All that was proven true when she pulled her hoodie away from her.

“E-Emily?!” Tim gasped as he looked down to see she wasn’t wearing heels like he immediately suspected but plain old sneakers. She was taller. A LOT taller.

“Hiii!” She said shyly while laughing nervously.

“Wha-what happened?”

“Well… long story but I woke up in your bed and when I jumped out I began feeling pains in my body as I ran and I figured, maybe it’s because I keep jumping out of windows, but that wasn’t it! I arrived at my house to find my parents asleep and as I entered my room.. I don’t know, I just felt like my body was stretching like crazy.”

The two guys stared at her as she finished her story. It wasn’t long before Jeff connected the pieces and made that face of shock.

“It’s you…”

Tim looked at Jeff as he figured it out.

“You are the next supergirl…”

Emily sighed as she looked at her boyfriend only for him to slightly nod before turning her head back to Jeff.

“Yes, Jeff.. I am.”

Jeff didn’t know what to do as he breathed in heavily before smiling as he got on his knees and bowed at her.

“What are you doing?” Emily asked, weirded out.

“It is a pleasure, my queen!” Jeff replied as Emily made a disgusted look.

“Ew no please none of that worship bull crap.. get up!”

“Of course, my queen!” Jeff replied, getting back up.

“And stop calling me queen! I’m not your queen, I’m still the same old Emily, ok?”

“Yes my… I mean yes, Emily!” Jeff said with respect and sincerity.

Emily sighed. She was so busy enjoying the modifications in her body that she completely forgot it also meant people were going to start treating her like she was about to usher in the “Second Coming.”

The school bell rang for the second time, meaning class was about to begin in 4 minutes. Suddenly the jocks walked by them before slowing down to look at Emily.

“Wow… looks like someone’s been working out..” murawski, the captain of the football team, commented, grabbing her ass as Emily yelped before hitting him in the stomach with her elbow out of instinct.

“OOOF!” He groaned as he coughed before falling on his knees and collapsing on the ground.

The rest of the jocks along with Tim and Jeff gasped staring at her as Emily looked down in embarrassment. That’s it? One punch to the gut to knock a big and brolic guy like Murawski down? It was easy… too easy.

“Let’s just go to calculus,” Emily replied in a defeated tone as the two guys nodded and led the way leaving Murowksi groaning on the floor.


Emily sat on her seat that felt a lot smaller than before. She struggled to fit in as she was taller and now “thicker” than she normally was. The fact that these seats had tiny tables attached to them didn’t help either.

“Fucking hell…” she whispered as the door closed and the professor walked into the classroom.

Emily began pulling out her books as she turned around to see a man in a leather jacket drooling over her. Gross.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“Wow Emily.. new makeover?” He commented.

“You could say that,” Emily replied as he gave her a smirk.

Emily finished placing her pencils and highlighters on the table as she started hearing whispers.

“Is that Emily?”

“I think so..”

“No fucking way. What the hell happened? She looks gorgeous now!”

“Girl, that ass of hers too…”

Emily couldn’t help but smirk at the girls who sat in back as they complimented her appearance. So this is what it felt like to be admired…

“Alright class, did you guys do your homework?” The Caucasian professor asked as the class nodded and he made a straight face.

“Well, well. It looks like I have an excellent class of conscientious students! I guess you guys wouldn’t mind if I gave y’all a pop quiz then!?”

“Ughh.” Everyone booed.

“Fuck!” Emily replied to herself as she began to panic. She forgot to do the homework. She didn’t know what the hell to expect.

She watched as the professor walked by her desk and gave her the quiz paper. She looked down to analyze the questions that at first looked like gibberish. Math was her least favorite subject. However, as she spent more time looking at the problem she made a frown as she began to write down the equations that managed to linger off the top of her head from class a few days ago.

“Wait.. this isn’t so bad..” She thought as she continued writing and writing, applying the formulas discussed into the problem at a quicker speed as her enhanced mind began to connect to her memories and tricks the professor advised the class on how to tackle those problems. She began to breathe heavily by the excitement in how close she was to finding the answer before she slammed her pen on her desk, too loud for everyone around her to turn around.

The professor heard that too and walked towards her.

“Is everything ok, Emily?” He asked as she looked up to him in happiness.

“Oh? No, I'm finished!” She replied kindly as his eyes opened widely.

“Finished? But it’s only been 7 minutes and I assigned 3 problems for a 30 min quiz…” he said as he yanked her quiz and analyzed the pages front and back and compared them to the answer key he had in his desk.

The class was quietly staring at the professor as a shocked expression formed on his face.

“It’s all correct…” he said quietly. “How?”

The class then turned around to stare at Emily in unison as she was now put on the spotlight. She even looked at Tim who sat diagonally from her as he shook his head, telling her to stay quiet.

“I..uh.. studied a lot?” She replied with a fake smile.

The professor stared at her before making a frown. “See me after class.”

Emily gulped as she clearly did not like that response.

The day continued to go as usual: teacher doing the lecture, practice problems, bell rings, teacher assigns problems for this week's homework, and everyone leaves the class. Everyone except her.

“Don’t tell him anything..” Tim commented as she nodded and looked at the professor sitting on his desk.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Chen?”

“Yes, have a seat, Ms. Valbuena…” he said with a stern and suspicious look. He moved the pile of quizzes from the rest of the class and placed them on the other side of his desk before pulling her quiz up front.

“I’m only going to say this once…” Mr. Chen began as he took off his glasses, probably to make himself more intimidating. “Did you cheat on this quiz?”

Emily frowned upon hearing that. “How dare he assume I cheated when I completed that quiz fair and square!” She spat in her mind.

“No I didn’t.”

Mr. Chen’s frown increased as he pulled out records.

“You sure about that? Because your past 3 quizzes this semester don’t add up. One barely passing and two failures following that only to now suddenly get not only a perfect score but in record time!” He yelled as he looked back at Emily.

“Jeez this guy needs a chill pill,” she thought.

“Emily, I want you to be honest, otherwise im

calling the principal and you WILL be in trouble.” He responded.

“Ugh again, this asshole wants me to admit something I didn’t do. I mean it’s not MY fault he can’t do math quickly. He’s the damn professor, HE should be doing these kinds of things like second nature! But he can’t because he’s a regular man and not super like me. Wait.. no no! I can’t think like that! I can’t be like those bitches.”

Emily kept looking around the room battling her inner thoughts as Mr. Chen waved, catching her off guard.

“Hellooo? Earth to Emily?” He replied with an attitude.

“I did not cheat on this quiz.” She replied once again.

Mr. Chen looked at her for a good five seconds before he sighed and got off his seat. “That’s it, I’m calling the principal.”

Just as he was on his way, the window broke as another supergirl entered the classroom. Emily turned around to see it was Kelly. She noticed Mr. Chen gasp and all that macho attitude and intimidation suddenly went down the drain as Kelly levitated and floated towards him.

Emily couldn’t believe it. This whole time she had to suffer with him treating her like she’s a cheater and too stupid to finish the quiz and Kelly shows him whos boss in like 5 seconds. Was she going to have that effect on people when she gets the 3 treatments?

“What seems to be the problem, professor?” Kelly smiled as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“My queen, I was just going to the principal's office to report a potential cheating incident.” He chuckled nervously as Queen Kelly smiled and floated towards him before pinning him against the wall, pressing her enormous E cup breasts that defied gravity onto his chest.

He began to panic as Kelly cooed and rubbed her finger on his cheek. “Shhhh, relax…” she whispered softly as she bit her lips and rubbed her hands along his shoulders. He began to calm down and smile.

Emily did not know what the hell was going on but she did begin to notice a weird fragrance around her, something calm and sweet. Perfume? However, that wasn’t the weird part. The weird part was seeing her professor start to giggle.

“Surely this is a misunderstanding, right? Emily is a smart girl and will be excused immediately?” Kelly smiled as Mr. Chen stared at her like he was hallucinating before nodding.

“Yes.. it was a misunderstanding.. Emily is a smart girl and I will excuse her immediately!” He repeated in a zombie like fashion.

“Good boy.” Kelly said as she let go of him and he continued about his day like nothing ever happened. “Damn yellow asshole”

Emily was in shock as she looked at Kelly who was already at the window.

“Come. Your second treatment is ready.”


Chapter 4

Emily looked down at the city as she was being held by Kelly once again, flying and heading towards supergirl HQ in D.C. It was a quiet flight for the first 5 minutes, but Emily had to know what the fuck just happened.

“What did you do to him?”

“Hm?” Kelly replied as she was too busy looking at the path in front of her.

“You heard me. What did you do to Mr. Chen?”

Emily spat.

“I was your get out jail free card. You’re welcome, I guess?” She replied in an annoyed tone.

“Clearly, but what did you do? He was like mind controlled.. or something. Can we mind control people?” Emily gasped.

Kelly couldn’t help but roll her eyes and groan. Emily didn’t like to feel mocked and if it were some regular person she would’ve had it with them but clearly Kelly was not a regular person.

“Jeez, somebody is pissed off,” Kelly giggled as she made a sudden left, causing Emily to hold on to Kelly tightly.

“Just tell me please… I need to know what I signed up for.”

The blonde supergirl looked down upon her with a frown as she said that.

“You didn’t ‘sign up’ for this, you were chosen to become one of the most superior beings on this planet. And soon, you will embrace it whether you like it or not.”

Kelly was approaching DC as she looked down and saw Emily distraught and worried. God she was pathetic she thought.

“What I did to your professor was charm him up.”


“It’s one of the abilities we have. When we get emotional, are in tense situations, or in my case, you master the ability, you can release pheromones around you and anyone besides us who inhales it… well let’s just say they experience a sort of nice blunt break.”

Emily had a hard time processing this. Pheromones? Under the influence?

“So.. it IS kinda like mind control?” She replied as Kelly shrugged.

“If that’s what you wanna call it.” Kelly said as she was approaching HQ. “We are here!”

Emily couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Mind control…. And something she herself wouldn’t be able to control for the first few times as she masters her abilities. The amount of bad things this could bring was too much. On the other hand, this could mean a way out of doing chores and washing dishes. No harm in that right? She chuckled just picturing the scenario before snapping out of it.

Emily gulped as she approached the towering structure once again, landing on the helipad that was meant to be for helicopters or in this case many superwomen. She looked down to see a nice bird’s eye view of Washington from the White House to the monuments and even the pentagon right next door.

“Cmon, newbie.” Kelly nodged as they walked into the structure and headed towards the infirmary.

Emily walked through the double doors as she looked at the empty brightly lit room that had a couple of supergirls being checked up with some state of the art doctors and equipment overlooking their results. “So this is where our tax dollars go to..” she thought.

“Everything looks good, Queen Lucy! You are completely healed from the sun rays! Didn’t know you girls could withstand going that deep into the sun!” The doctor smiled as the towering Asian supergirl got on her feet and patted the doctor on the head.

“Thanks, doc!” She smiled back.

Emily couldn’t believe how huge and brolic these women are. Even Asian girls, who happen to be shorter than average, are huge and brolic seeing how the doctor only reached her chin.

She was clearly distracted as she didn’t realize Kelly stopped walking, causing her to bump into the towering superwoman.

“Watch where you are going, squirt.” Kelly spat as she signed papers and soon the lab assistant appeared before them, bowing to Kelly and soon to Emily.

“Pleasure to meet again Queen Emi-“

“Please stop.. I don’t want you to address me like that!” Emily yelled.

The lab assistant looked at Kelly before looking at Emily again.

“Oh.. so uh how would you like me to address you?”

“Just Emily!”

The assistant nodded as he extended his hand to lead her to her seat. Emily followed suit as she sat down and exposed her arm ready to take her second shot. This was it. She was going to unlock more abilities and only become more beautiful and powerful. God if only she could say that in a more exciting way rather than nervous.

She was so distracted by the thoughts and possibilities that the lab assistant closed his kit.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“Not at all my qu-… Emily. It’s done!” He smiled as Emily gasped and turned around to see she already had a Band-aid on her. What the hell?

“Your second dose will have more of an effect on your body compared to the first so I’d be careful before trying to jump out of the building eager to fly.” He chuckled.

Emily giggled as well as she reached out to touch the assistant's hand, catching his attention.

“Thanks.” She smiled. “For your service!”

The assistant was shocked as he definitely didn’t not expect that. She didn’t seem to be like the other supergirls he injected the serum with. Perhaps she was different. “You’re.. you’re welcome, Emily!”

As the timid man left the room, the doors opened to reveal the leader of the HQ, the Superlady, Tiffany.

“Would you look at that, a new super in the making!” The redhead cheered as she approached Emily and opened her arms for a hug.

Emily couldn’t help but groan as Tiffany applied more pressure than she could handle. That or it was probably the second dose already giving her bodily pains.

“It’s time you and I have a talk.” She smiled before looking at Kelly and nodding, telling her she was free to go.

“Walk with me,” Tiffany replied as she began making her way down the hallway before entering her large office.


Emily did as told and got comfortable. She felt like she was at the principal's office as she was supposed to be before Kelly intervened and saved her.

“How are you dealing with your transition?” She smirked as she sat on the front edge of her desk to get a closer look at Emily rather than sitting on her chair.

“It’s alright,” Emily shrugged as Tiffany’s smile turned into a frown.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing..” The young supergirl replied as she looked at the window before the giant redhead walked toward her and placed her fingers on her chin to lift her up gently.

“Try me,” she said, causing Emily to sigh.

“I never asked for this. This job, this responsibility. I got these powers by accident.”


“A car hit me and I was fatally injured. Only reason I’m alive is because I have that virus thingy we all share and it brought me back to the land of the living. I was unconscious and my boyfriend told the doctors to go with the procedure.”

“Sounds like a lovely man and a keeper. Why do you sound like this is all a burden?” You have a gift, my dear. You can lift heavy objects, you can soon fly over the heavens, shoot lasers out of your eyes. Why not use it to help make this shitty world better?” Tiffany implored.

“Because, I have a life… and a boyfriend..” Emily responded as Tiffany nodded, finally understanding the situation.

“And you feel like being a supergirl will jeopardize or complicate that life more than it already is.”

Emily’s eyes opened widely. “H-how do you know?”

Tiffany chuckled.

“Sweetie, you are not the first woman to admit that to me.” the redhead replied as it was her turn to look at the window overlooking Washington. “I am in the same boat.”

“You-you are?” Emily questioned with a slight frown as Tiffany’s facial expressions now showed a saddened look.

“Tell me, how old do you think I am?”

Emily looked at her, top to bottom. Was this a trick question? She looked amazing. Her broad muscular chest and arms defined by her super suit along with what appeared to be F cup tits just yearning to tear through that suit. Thighs that made Emily a little scared of those who have to suffer under them.

“Uhh… 25?” Emily finally guessed as Tiffany burst into laughter for a good minute.

“Oh honey, I wish. I sure miss those days. But I’m actually 61.”

“What?!” Emily replied as she got up from her chair in shock. “How..”

The redhead shrugged as she made a slight smile. “Just another side effect of our condition I guess. I don’t know how long we live but some died around the mid to late 100s. Some barely passed 200.”

Emily didn’t know how to respond to this news. 200 years… What does this mean for her relationship with Tim?

“But yea, surely you can imagine how tough it is being married to the love of your life and seeing him age while you look like you are still trapped in a 25 year old’s body.”

Emily nodded as she slumped on her chair. She and Tim were going to undergo the same problems.

“But it’s not all bad! I mean. I used my powers for good and even got a Nobel peace prize!” She cheered as she moved to the side allowing Emily to see the trophy on the top shelf.

Emily used her improved Vision to read the plaque only to gasp.

“Wait.. are you the one who..”

“Liberated North Korea?” She smirked. “Yup!”

“Holy crap.. That's amazing.. It's an honor to meet you!” Emily cheered. “I remember I heard about it but I didn’t realize you are THE superwoman.”

Tiffany giggled as she crossed her left leg over her right. “Eager to meet a fan.”

“If you don’t mind.. I’d love to hear how you did it? Like what was it like to overthrow one of the cruelest dictatorships in history?”

The redhead looked up as she thought about it. “Where do I even begin? It was my third year on the job. I was 21 and I was tasked with an undercover mission in North Korea. The president tasked me with retrieving info on any potential threats Kim was going to use against us as tensions grew between our nations and we feared nuclear war was imminent.”

Emily sat on the edge of her seat as she listened to the veteran super. “How did you even go undercover, you aren’t exactly Asian looking. No offense.”

Tiffany chuckled. “None taken. I simply relied on my powers. Used my superspeed, flight, camouflage outfit to blend in. And I learned the entire language in under a day in case I encountered them.”

“Woah…” Emily commented.

“I uh… it was a dark moment, Emily, the things I’ve seen there. Those poor people.”

Emily nodded. “I’ve read the history books, it's a shame no one has done anything about it since the Korean War.”

“No one wanted to risk a nuclear war, so everyone figured the best thing to do was mind their own business and stay as far away from those WMDs. So once I’ve seen enough I figured it was time to have a chat with him.”

Emily continued nodding as she wanted to learn more. “Did you hurt people?”

Tiffany looked at Emily as she sighed and walked towards the window facing the city again.

“I didn’t kill them if that’s what you're implying, I’m smart enough to know many were simply just following his orders, but I did make sure they understood the message that a ruler like Kim was no longer allowed in this world. Especially now with beings like me around.”

Emily felt chills on her body hearing that.

“Wanna hear the funny thing? It was such a nice experience challenging a person who claims to be a ‘god’. His “pikachu” reaction when I began to levitate off the ground and fly around him. The feeling of bullets bouncing off me as his guards began to shoot me with machine guns only to see him running away from me as I flew towards him. Eventually, I got bored and used my mouth to inhale as deeply as I could to pull him back to my grip.”

Emily giggled as Tiffany paused her story. “That must’ve been embarrassing as hell.”

“Oh it was. It was like an annoyed mom dealing with her child undergoing a tantrum. He threw punches and I placed my hand on his forehead as he failed to charge at me. He tried to reach for me with his tiny arms. I didn’t even need to throw a punch back for him to be humiliated in front of the whole country. Sadly he had one trick up his sleeve. When I asked about his plans with the US, he pushed a button which was a failsafe to blow up the palace hoping he’d take me out with it.”

“Oh no.” Emily commented with fear.

“I watched everyone around me explode and disintegrate before my very eyes while I felt like I was in a temperate sauna. After that, I just flew through the debris and burst back out into the sky as all of Pyongyang witnessed me before telling them that they don’t have to live in fear anymore and they were finally free.”

“Wow! That’s incredible! Freeing an entire country!” Emily cheered. “What did you do afterwards?”

“Went back to the states, kissed my then-fiancé, and fucked like rabbits of course,” she relied causally.

“Oh jeez,” Emily replied with a giggle.

“Trust me, when you become a fully realized supergirl, your libido will be through the roof.”

“No kidding,” Emily said thinking back to her first sexual encounter post serum with Tim. “So what’s it like now? North Korea I mean”

Tiffany chuckled nervously. “Well, they always saw Kim as a god so when he was beaten and saw me flying in the air…”

“They assumed you were the ‘true’ goddess..” Emily finished.

“Yep. They wanted me to be their new ruler. I kept denying it, telling them I’m just a helper, one of them, but as much as I want them to believe it.. we just aren’t, Emily.” She sighed.

Emily analyzed those words. “So what are you suggesting? That we are like deities or something?”

“I mean, let’s be real, what other word can be used to describe us given our abilities?” Tiffany asked as Emily was left speechless. “Question is, can we keep our power in check?”

“Apparently not, I’ve seen many supergirls abuse their powers and treat humans like second-class people. It's disgusting.”

Tiffany nodded in sadness hearing that. “It’s uh, difficult to deal with a bad supergirl when you have the ability to brainwash people to cover your tracks. Cases are easily thrown out and usually the supergirl is free to go.”

“But that’s so unfair!” Emily spat. They can’t be above the law! They are supposed to help enforce it!”

“I understand, Emily, but unless you can get actual video footage, chances are they are walking free. I tried to help ease the tensions post-Kim and talked to the United Nations to consider an alliance with other beings like me. To help keep that power in check. But it seems even then, we can be corrupt as well.”

Emily groaned hearing that. “Then I guess it’s a good thing I became a supergirl!”

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