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Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 6

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<Nighttime, Gotham docks>

Already past 3am, Paul Tanner finally closed-up his bar for the night. it was all that he could do to finally cajole, coax and even toss a few of them out so that he can finally clean-up and close shop. Even tougher given that he needed to manage everything on his own this warm summer night.

Burly and approaching 50, Paul used to be a dock worker before he was laid off more than 15 years ago. He had scrap together just enough of money to rent the shop, and together with a few friends had poured in effort to restore the previously delapidated place to at least a functional pub. Given that he is still regarded as an “one of the boys” among the many workers who still put in their ungodly hours there, his bar had been a hit since day one.

That he could cook a mean steak, and has also been known to turn half an eye away from other grey-area stuff going on (as long as it does not involve drugs) in his bar are icing on the cake.

Walking into the side alley of the block, he was just about to turn into the staircase leading up to his dwellings on the second floor when he noticed the woman leaning against the wall. Seemingly waiting for someone.

“Can I help you?” he called out towards the sillhouette. The woman straigtened up and started walking towards him, before stopping just under the dim streetlight. Paul gulped when he realised who it was. Her raven hair and those unmistakable emerald-green eyes, his regular for as long as his bar has been opened.

“Oh yes. I DEFINITELY think you can help me.” Paul blanched slightly when Vampirella replied, her tone sultry and dangerous. And oh so pissed.

Unlike her previous few visits where she put on looser-fitting cloths to stay slightly under the radar, tonight it’s very different. Tonight she had on a black leather top with its zipper pulled all the way to the top, paired with short black tights that reached mid-thigh, and finished with a pair of red boots. Her ensemble seemed to indicate that she had just returned from a wonderful night out in the city, or that she is just about ready to go out hunting.

Sexy, sultry, dangerous.

Vampirella strutted closer towards Paul, each step forceful as the boots clicked on the dry pavement. She moved closer while Paul back away, and gradually he found himself up against the wall behind him. He whimpered slightly when he felt Vampirella’s toned right arm lashed out, and soon felt himself lifted into the air by his throat.

“You know, I’ve given you quite a lot of business over the years, Paul. I am surprised that you would treat me in such a way.” She shook him slightly, and applied a bit more strength against his windpipe, choking him further. “I have to admit, it must have taken a lot of guts. Or money. Or both. Which is it?”

“P… please…” Paul croaked out“… Nnnn… M…” Try as he may, he just couldn’t pry the Drakulon woman’s fingers loose from her hold on him. Despite her slim frame, her relaxed features and the slim contours of her arm muscles indicate that she hasn’t even gone full-strength on him.

“Sorry, I can’t hear what you’re trying to say. Maybe you should have thought about it more before you decided to send me into a trap. Because I so hate people who betray me.”

“Ff… forced… g… g… vampires…”upon hearing those words, Vampi’s eyebrows rose slightly before releasing him, allowing him to crash onto the dirty pavement. As Paul gasped for air on the ground, Mandi squatted down and said “Talk.”

He finally managed to sit up. Looking directly into her emerald eyes, he finally croaked out “A… a few of them turned up one evening, looking for you. Roughed the place out, with me included. Very tough, felt like hitting brick walls when I tried to hit back. Almost killed me.” He paused for a moment to take a few breaths. “How many? And what did they look like?” Paul considered for awhile before replying. “Three; One broad. From the way she barked orders, it sounded like she was in charge.”

“They said they would leave me alone if I just pass along a tip to you through the usual channels. They showed fangs too when they spoke…” Vampirella narrowed her eyes further on that comment.

“The railroad yard?” Paul nodded at her question.

Vampirella considered that for a while. So it might actually be Alena and those two vampires that had paid Paul a visit. Given that she had taken care of the three then, THAT loose end should be tied up… which meant that all trails lead back to the man sitting in that high tower in Metropolis.

“And Debbie?” Debbie was the bartender at Tanner’s. She’s been her liaison for the past year, fronting for her on any news that might be of interest, and also to filter out potential clientele from her potential enemies.

“Gone.” “Gone where?” Paul looked away.”I… I don’t know. They took her the night after you took the bait. Said that they needed some ‘company while they pass the time’.” That comment struck Vampirella deep. Even though she is an alien on Earth with few friends, there have been instances where she had formed relationships with certain people who happened to strike a common chord with her. Debbie happened to be one of them.

Sighing, Vampirella helped Paul to stand on his feetShe contemplated using her mind powers, then thought of trying something else. As Paul brushed the dirt from his clothes, he suddenly felt his arms trapped against his back as Vampirella grabbed hold of him, hugging him against her curvaceous body. He struggled vainly, and his fear rose when he saw her eyes glow bright red, and the fangs revealed themselves from the edge of her mouth.

Shifting her stance a little, Vampi moved the squirming Paul slightly upwards until her chest faced his ribs. “I am usually very liberal and forgiving when it comes to Terrans, Paul. But I don’t take betrayals lightly. Let this be a lesson for you to remember me by.” With that, she gently squeezed his body against her now well-endowed body. The man gasped in pleasure, and then in pain as he felt his ribs and back crushing inwards against two seemingly unmovable objects that are Vampirella’s large and Kryptonian-firm superbreasts.

As she continued hugging him with a little of her tremendous strength, she used her superhearing to listen for the creaking and bending of his ribs and back, and she adjusted her strength slightly towards the front more. Pushing her chest slightly forward, she was rewarded with a few muffled cracks and an anguished cry from the man as her twin globes, the softest part of her body, proved to be stronger than mere Terran bones.

After she lowered him towards the ground, Paul just about managed to cling onto to edge of the large rubbish bin on the side of the alley, barely able to stand on his own two feet given the pain all across his torso. But before he could even think about anything else, Vampirella again picked him up again and this time placed his eye level against her chest.

“You see Paul, thanks to you and your little part in that ploy, I’ve changed. For the better. And it seems I do have to thank YOU for that though. Think of this next item as my thank you gift as well as a gentle reminder of not to cross me. Ever again.”

Paul’s eyes widen when he saw Vampi started drawing in air, which caused her zipper to slowly move downwards from her neck and past her generous breasts, opening up her leather jacket to reveal its treasures beneath. His eyes bulged even bigger when he saw the top part of a famous blue garment with the hints of red and yellow, and how her large mounds grew larger by the second.



“Ss… sssuppper… SU” he could barely craft his intent into words when Vampirella held her breath, and moved forward to press those large powerful breasts against Paul’s face. Kryptonian firm now with steel hard nipples barely contained by the leather, she trapped Paul’s head between her twin Ds and the brick wall behind. The man struggled, trying to grasp and push the twin cushions away from his face. Resistance however is futile; before long Paul succumbed to the erotic attack. When she felt his lack of movement, Vampi moved back slightly allowing him to fall flat onto the pavement, unconscious.

Picking him up and laying him sitting against the wall, a quick check with her superhearing and supervision confirmed that Paul is still alive, and the rib breaks were clean with no internal bleeding. She then moved away from the alley and went towards the tavern.

Standing outside the main entrance, she easily broke the locks on the chains across grills, and then grabbing part of the grill with her left hand, she casually tore them away before tossing them aside, mere steel no match against her Kryptonian-enhanced strength. Crushing the door handle with her right hand, she pushed the wooden door inwards, breaking it from its hinges before letting it drop onto the greasy floor. Finally stepping through the opening, her vision automatically kicked in to allow her to observe the place for a while, before she released the breath that she had been holding. Pursing her lips, she blew a huge gust of ice breath into the bar, encasing the entire place in thick ice within minutes.

Doing some damage but not destroying the place would be enough for now.

Finally contented with what she had done, she stepped back out into the night and a gentle flex of her powerful legs, flew up into the night sky.


Breverton National Park has always been a favourite of nature lovers along the East coast of the country. Bordering the shores of the Atlantic, the 100 acres site consist of forest trails that past the trees lining up the entire location, before it reappears along the coast before it branches into two parts. One of them leads downwards along a path towards a relatively flattish area on top of the rocks, but gives a fantastic view of the sea, where the waves crash repeatedly against the two sides of the vertical cliff. Another runs inwards and upwards onto a rocky trail before arrive onto Smith’s peak, a lookout point that offers a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean just beyond the horizon. It is also one of the earliest places where one can see the sunrise in the country.

For the past hour, Vampirella had been sitting patiently waiting for that first glimpse of yellow and orange to break past the far-off horizon. Despite her simple clothing the dark-haired woman had not felt the need to wear something more, even though she had dropped by her own place before deciding to come to the park for a little me-time. Thanks to her current abilities, her body is able to handle any extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Her experience on Mars has confirmed that.

As per her usual habit, Vampi had found a place which gave her relative privacy. She had actually found a relatively secluded place somewhere in the middle of the cliff where it was slightly more depressed than normal. Floating in the air and using her heat vision, she had carved out a larger area, and then reaching out with her arms across, grasped the large chunk of rock to pull it apart from the cliff face and dropping it into the ocean, before finally settling down into the makeshift cave that is just slightly larger than her sitting position and size.

Sitting on a relatively flat, though rough area on the rock face, vampi leaned her back against the depressed area of the large boulder, with her legs and hips tucked against her chest, letting her mind wandered off to all that had happened throughout the past week.

That it all started from a supposedly legit source has led her further down the rabbit hole than expected. Coming from a long line of warriors, she knows the importance of intelligence gathering and the time needed to build the trust needed within a long chain of people. And in an instance, everything can crumble down, just like that little bar in Gotham City. Hopefully what she had done is enough of a reminder for others not to cross her or they will have to face her wrath.

Through it all, there remains one major regret. One which she knows will be extremely hard to make-up for, even for one whose life is measured in centuries supposedly.

For despite all of her confidence, her supposedly strong control over her own thirst for blood and dark mind powers, she had taken a life. And not just any person.

A superhero. And not just any superhero, but the life of a young girl.

One who happened to be a refugee of a long dead race.

One who, like herself, had escaped destruction of her own planet to somehow survive on Earth, even though in her case, she had someone else like her on this planet.

The life of a young girl, her supposedly long life on this wonderful planet, denied by one who herself needs blood to survive.

Vampi could still remember that night, of how she had sensed the healthiness and power within her victim’s nubile young body. The pull of blood was so great that she had seduced and commanded her with her dark powers. Despite the entire experience already a few days old, Vampi could still remember the sweet and powerful taste Supergirl’s blood had been, how her heart had continued pumping strongly against the superheroine’s will as it generated so much of her life-giving nutrient to Vampirella.

That feast was so magnificent that Vampi had actually felt pretty much sated, after such a long time on Earth drinking normal Terran blood from the dregs and the lowlifes of society.

And the girl had given her more than just her blood; much, much more.

For by drinking the blood of a Kryptonian who had gained remarkable superpowers under the invigorating yellow sun of Sol, Vampirella’s own Drakulon DNA had somehow combined with girl’s Kryptonian DNA, giving the vampire similar abilities of what Supergirl had.

In fact, that was one of the reason that she decided to wait for the sunrise today. Since her escape from Mars and from the Arion superwoman, Vampirella had spent time recuperating in her own home, practically collapsing into her own bed the moment her head touched the familiar surroundings of her own. It would be more than a day before she finally came to from her deep sleep, a confirmation of how drained she was from her fight with Mandi Olson despite having turned-the-tables around.

First things first - a quick top-up of blood by snacking from the usual homeless hobos around town, followed by her house-call on Paul Tanner, taking out part of her anger at her failure to spot the trap before.

However, since her body has further evolved, she needed more than just blood.

As the sun rose slowly over the horizon, she stretched her long legs out towards the sea, as her left hand pulled down the zipper of her leather top from her neck downwards, past her generous womanly curves and towards her napel, finally revealing the beautiful red and blue costume with the large <S> sign that she had taken from the Girl of Steel.

Then, she reached upwards towards the upper chest and pulled the costume downwards with her superstrength, stretching the skin-tight costume further and down below her chest before letting it go, the fabric snapping back onto her abs, just under her generous 36Ds.

Despite that it used to belong to the smaller sized girl called Kara Zor-El, the ultrathin and silky smooth Kryptonian fabric had fitted Vampi like a second skin, easily stretching and wrapping itself across Vampirella’s more mature and generous curves. However, the red pleated skirt now only came towards her upper thighs given her height, just enough to cover her modesty. And as such, Vampirella just grabbed the hem to reveal as much of her powerful legs and thighs as possible, her legs slightly open as it seemingly welcomed the rays shining on her in such an intimate way.

As the sun rose higher in the horizon, its rays gradually spread out across the sky chasing away the darkness, and with the heat increasing Vampirella could literally feel the energy level rising within her. Her remarkable cells now responded gently and actively to the sunlight, each and every part of her body firming up slightly with the influx of energy that is the source of power for all Kryptonians. She arched her body slightly, moaning at the wonderful feeling as the energy flowing throughout her body, causing her to become slightly flushed, a gentle heat seemingly rising from her nether region. A muffled “Crack” brought her back to reality, for her movement and firmness was such that she had pushed her head too far back and her tight butt too much, making a maze of cracks on the boulder behind and beneath her.

As she gently fondled her Kryptonian-firm breasts and pinched her exposed nipples, her superbrain continued to run-through the things that she found out the past few days and options for what she could do next. Especially on the supposedly Arion superwoman who had so nearly killed her; as well as the ongoing issue of the trafficking of the creatures that she is still helping to resolve.

For the first, despite their extremely long life of the Vampiri race, Vampirella couldn’t recall about any contact that Planet Drakulon had with either the so-called Arions or Velorians despite having fought many wars as a Warrior Princess of her planet. There had been minimal information and documentation about such an outcome between Drakulons and other races from far-away planets in any case, though there were hints about the supposedly Invincible Elders who had fought, and beat back extremely powerful beings of exceptional strength and capabilities against all odds, such information passed down only verbally.

None mentioned how, or what a Drakulon would become should they partake the blood of another race. Not Kryptonians, Velorians or Arions.

And since her own planet was rocked by a major destructive event of its own, trying to find out more about this would be close to impossible now. Which means she will need to rely on her current contacts, both creatures and what not, for information.

However there is one name that readily comes to mind, a person whom she has already decided must be the starting point for everything.

The World’s Greatest Detective of course. The Dark Knight himself, who just so happened to be in Gotham City.

She smiled at the thought of seeing him in person again, and then she frowned at her predicament.

Even if she were to bring information that would be the starting point for all discussions, how can she convince the Batman to work with her now, given that she has killed one of them?

Then her emerald eyes opened wide as she remembered that comment, spoken by Lex, at the penthouse. Just before Vampirella was disabled with that accursed green rock shoved so deeply within her inner folds by the stupid Arion male.

That the girl of steel is “back on Earth, living as an undead”, and that “Kryptonians are made of stronger stuff than we have ever imagined”.

Vampi had regarded that to be impossible. But a lot of things were dismissed as impossible by her until her latest encounters this past week.

IF Kara Zor-El is truly alive, then it might not be as bad as it seems. But there are new questions that needed to be answered.

For one, is she still the sunny-sided, young Supergirl that supposedly offers hope and kindness to the world, or is she now the super-equivalent of a vampire that could signify the start of the dark ages? Does reason still play a part with the Girl of Steel psyche or has she become mindless like those other newly converted, where physical need for blood dominates everything else?

If she really HAS become like her, an undead with Kryptonian powers, then having Kara Zor-El on Vampi’s side is not a bad idea. But even so, with such a dreadful deed done against the girl, why would she even consent? As a warrior, she knows enough about fighting wars and enemies. You need a common goal, or a common baddie. And even so there needs to be enough enticements or enough threats to form an alliance. And God knows what will be demanded of Vampirella, given that she is the one responsible for making Kara Zor-El what she is today.

Vampirella had been in this business long enough to know that there will be repercussions for her. A sacrifice maybe of some kind will be needed; to make a trade of some sort , in order to start the process of rebuilding trust. And even if she wants to somehow cajole the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel to play mediator… What does she have as a counteroffer to the Dark Knight? Or worse, to the Last Son and Daughter of Krypton even?

Amongst everything, she still hasn’t any clue on why the hell she lost control in the first place.

Then it hit her. The syringe that was plunged into her that day at the railway depot at Gotham, fighting those rogue vampires. An experimental drug that she had assumed her Drakulon body would have no issue in shrugging off its effects. Could that somehow had loosen her control, making her bloodlust increase until she must absolutely feed to sate herself?

Too many questions, not enough answers for now.

With the sun fully risen, Vampirella too rose from her place. Though she sat up too fast and accidentally knocked her forehead on the low rock ceiling, she had barely felt it.

Stepping outwards from the cliff, she floated in the air, readjusting her costume top to cover herself decently, before zipping up her leather jacket again in preparation for her flight. Spreading her legs slightly, Vampirella did a double bicep pose, pleased as she observed the softball-sized Krypton-powered muscles bunching up her blue sleeves as she flexed.

Thinking back to that day in Metropolis, when Kal-El appeared in his alter ego, her mind had flashed through all the possibilities of interacting with Superman. Many of them sexual in nature. And with what she has become, Vampirella is confident that she is now powerful enough to take him to places that he has never been before, for if the rumours circulating on the interenet is even partially true, the Last Son of Krypton would be a seriously denied man looking for a powerful release.

Smiling, she spoke “Perhaps there IS something for me to use as trade after all.” Turning west, she flew towards Gotham.


Even Vampirella has to admit, the Internet truly is a marvel of the modern day society.

Back in her home, she had just gotten a confirmation from that one particular Dark Knight of Gotham, who had agreed to a meet her tonight. For dinner among all things, despite knowing what her actual diet requires.

Before she started thinking about the menu, she saw that he had also sent a video link together with his reply, which she obliged by clicking through.

Given that she had remembered what Luthor said to her, Vampirella wasn’t surprised when she saw what looked like a superhuman being saving a plane in that shaky, grainy video.

However, given that Vampi is still wearing the Girl of Steel’s original costume currently (the silky smooth touch more or less confirmed that), that the figure is also dressed in a copy of the same Red and Blues is a little intriguing. Regardless, as she leaned back against the chair, it at least confirms that Lex Luthor IS telling the truth on this particular item at least.


Now to figure out if she can try to turn the situation around. Hopefully with the Batman at her side.

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