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Polishing a Diamond

Written by Akane :: [Friday, 18 February 2022 23:01] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 19 February 2022 12:17]

Art by DBP

Proofread by Delta7447

The room was suddenly engulfed in an alien, dark shade of purple as the portal finally opened. Shawna’s small and untidy college dormitory felt pitifully mundane the moment the magnificence and allure of the glowy vortex dawned upon her. It was beautiful, mysterious and in some ways frightening just like the whole reason she had agreed to partake in this ordeal.

A pair of golden, metallic hands much bigger than her own phased through it and reached out to the petite student. Though still wearing a simple shirt and shorts, she had no chance but to accept their offer and grab them.

Instantly Shawna was pulled into it and what she had thought would have been a painful experience happened to be almost instantaneous. What she found on the other side was completely different, so much in fact that she was holding her breath in awe.

As a descendant of unenhanced Earthlings she had only heard of this place from rumors and legends but she was now witnessing it for real, and it was glorious and perhaps a little too much to take in.

We are more than thrilled to be in your presence, Lady Townsend. That was Shawna’s family name but she had never heard it prefaced by such a formal title. Let alone uttered by a being as magnificent as this one.

Shawna looked like a chubby chunk of clumsy meat next to them. Towering, angelic creatures with an impossibly thin, almost worm-like body, branching into elegant appendices and a pair of feathery, glowing wings of incredible wingspan on their backs. Just like the rest of their armor, which also covered their faces and fingers, they seemed to be carved out of pure gold and looked rather mechanical.

The aliens looked at the much shorter Human with curiosity, as she was not responding, their glory bringing her to absolute awe. Not unlike the portal, they projected both fear and admiration due to their size, their power and their regal posture and demeanor. Ilthil is my name and this is my brother Ihvil. We are Kemetians and we will guide you through your journey to “Her”. Their voice didn’t come from their inexistent mouths, instead booming and echoing inside Shawna’s mind.

The frumpy black girl felt quite inadequate to be in the presence of these giants, let alone talk to them. To make matters worse, their dignified and unflinching voices shook her to her core. She had finally gathered the courage to talk back to them when she realized their pointy, peglike feet were hovering and there was...a 10 mile fall below them!

Shawna instinctively hugged one of them, desperately clinging to his emaciated leg. “Please don’t drop me!” She screamed in primal fear.

Worry not, milady. We are in Holy Grounds now. This great land rests proudly in the sky thanks to the power of Her Divinity. It made sense to Shawna but she wasn’t used to this kind of physical impossibility even when she lived in a world of Super Goddesses and other magical beings. Still, Neo Kemet was a completely different animal than Earth and rules seemed to be different.

Indeed, Egypt was now a land built in the sky with its buildings and streets floating miles over the origin of its culture, the Nile. From her perspective, the formerly longest river on the planet now looked like a tiny stream.

“W-What is happening?” She managed to muster up, still not letting go.

My apologies. It seems there has been a mistake. Have you not been previously informed that you won the contest? Ilthil calmly exposed the reason of Shawna’s presence in this dreamy landscape.

She instantly recalled what he was referring to but due to its nature, she was still somehow in disbelief. “Wai-You mean that silly internet quiz thing I did a month ago? The one that promised a trip to Egypt and meeting Super Goddess Dia?!”

Due to the discovery of new planets and species in the late 22nd and 23rd centuries, a great cultural exchange had taken place in the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies. Humans of all backgrounds left Earth to try their luck in the space colonies while different varieties of alien life forms settled on Earth. This eventually led to inevitable revelation that a few alien species had actually visited the blue planet in the long lost past of mankind, to the point of mixing with the native population and generating diaspora. Most of this diaspora returned to their original homeworlds and the children of their children generations laters became entranced with the idea of going back to their earthly roots and formed a new civilization around the shores of the Nile River, coinciding with Ancient Egypt’s territory. 

This was possible thanks to the collaboration between the aliens and the goddess of Egypt’s new majority religion, Dia. At least, that was the only piece of vague historic elaboration that was available in the more pedestrian city-states.

This civilization was given the name Neo Kemet and severed ties with Earth in less than a decade, which was followed by a colonization effort deep into space. In other words, the empire of Neo Kemet comprised Egypt, back on Earth and then a bunch of planets a galaxy away.

The people of Neo Kemet tended to be religious and didn’t waste time in realizing the Super Goddesses were the closest thing to physical gods in this universe. However, these were very openly against being worshiped as gods, regardless of their omnipotence.

This was not the case with Dia Mutegaraba-Sabini. Super Goddess and daughter of TWO Super Goddesses, an almost impossible mathematical miracle. She was incredibly eccentric and one of these divergences with the other members of their almighty sorority was that she was perfectly okay with the idea of becoming someone else’s God. 

She was conceived and lived with her mothers in Egypt for the first years of her life and became one with the culture around her. Achieving the status of goddess of the nation by a very early age. And it seemed she currently kept playing that role in Neo Kemet.

But despite this, she wasn’t considered a tyrant. Rather, she incarnated the idea of a solemn and kind guardian of the Neo Kemetian people, completely unaligned with their political system. Always indirectly taking care of their well-being but never overstepping her boundaries or acting as a ruler.

Her temple lied in the center of the capital of Sky Cairo, a gigantic pyramid that could be seen from every corner of Earth, sharing the firmament with the Moon. Due to her presence in this city, the place was also dubbed The Holy Grounds.

This was all information available to anyone on Earth and it’s what made Shawna interested in it all. Even if the excitingsexcapades of the Enhanceds off-Earth were very tempting she had always felt attracted to a more historical ideal of utopia.

The beautiful, Egyptian styled buildings and art, the vibrant society comprised of many different intergalactic species, the incredible vistas and otherworldly technology. They were such a contrast from her usual, boring life as a history student in Boston. Life on Earth had taken many steps towards an ideal future compared to the 21st century but Super Goddesses had been careful not to change society too much. And that of course prompted her to try her luck in this silly internet contest, something she would have never done otherwise no matter how pointless.

It was the real deal, yes. And if you wish you can come with us and visit our Goddess. Her Divinity is really looking forward to meeting you.

“B-But how is that possible? Why me?! I’m sure a lot more people participated. Why me, of all people, have been chosen by a Super Goddess?!” She still couldn’t believe it. Super Goddesses were omnipotent women. More beautiful and powerful than anyone else in the universe and pretty much the defacto mistresses of reality. Why would one of them, one as dignified and worshiped all over the galaxy as Dia want to do with her? “You know I have nothing to offer her…”

That’s beyond our knowledge, milady. Ihvil interjected. We have been instructed to take you to Her presence. If you feel fine with that, we can commence. Also, while we are at it, milady… You can just send us your thoughts, no need to use your mouth and waste precious energy. You are the Chosen One after all.

“S-Send my thoughts…? Uh…” She concentrated in saying something with her mind. She had no experience with telepathy beyond learning about it in school. L-Like this…?

Sure, that’s good enough. Shall we part, then?

Shawna was still confused and a little overwhelmed by the whole situation. She was getting preferential treatment by these angelic beings that made Humans look like unevolved primates. But she chose to nod and agree to part. She couldn’t deny she was super curious and eager to visit Neo Kemet and meet Dia, even if the whole prospect seemed way out of her depth.

The scared college aged girl slowly got separated from the Kemetians and probed the floor (if it could be called that) with her foot. Soon enough she discovered that there was indeed a very physical road below them, just invisible, which allowed her to walk without fear.

About thirteen different alien species were spotted by Shawna as she walked the streets of Sky Cairo while being escorted by the royal Kemetians at her sides. All of them, included the Human inhabitants of the city were surprised to find them in that situation and stared and whispered about it. She understood why. Of all the people in that magical place, she was the least impressive. Even those of her kind were tall, beautiful and looked like they could break her in half at the slightest use of their power.

The floating buildings were clearly Egyptian inspired yet they sported a futuristic look with NIOLED lights, alien materials and sharp, deliberate lines in their design. They also seemed to possess incredible amenities inside, par for the course for a city that contained a Super Goddess. Because that’s what Super Goddesses did. They rarely bothered to change the status quo around them, the status quo would mold itself around them instead. And this usually meant happiness, prosperity and progress.

The sky was divided in two stripes. The strong yellows and oranges of the sun having melted into the lower part and the coming night, lifting a soft, gentle purple veil over them. The Moon was also appreciable from there and between the two heavenly objects there was Dia’s temple, standing as a monument to her glory, presiding over both the old and the new Egypts and connected by a space elevator to The Great Pyramid of Giza. That’s how Earthlings accessed an audience with the Goddess, in the rare instances they were required or allowed in.

There are very few of yours, Shawna thought to them. I was expecting there to be more, given the name of this country.

One of the brothers, which the girl couldn’t properly discern because they looked so similar, answered with a gentler tone than usual. Good observation. There are not many fellow Kemetians around. Before the foundation of this country we were on the verge of extinction back in our original planet. We are very grateful to Egypt and of course, Her Divinity to allow us to live here.

So, how come it was named Neo Kemet if you are in the minority? As a history major she had to attend many Egypt-related courses and this situation puzzled here since there was no point in history where something of the sort took place.

Our ancestors that landed here thousands of years ago and lived together in harmony with your kind had just barely survived another cataclysm. When they managed to return to their home galaxy they proudly started calling themselves Kemetians, in honor of Kemet, the land that so graciously had took them in. The situation unfortunately repeated itself in the last century and thanks to all of this collective effort around you, we are slowly but surely coming back from the brink.

Shawna nodded politely. It’s good to know.

Our job here is over, They found themselves at the gates of Dia’s temple. It was so imposing, Shawna found herself swallowing in awe. Though, in a way, it was almost exciting. It was like she was experiencing history hands-on rather than studying it eons later. The Goddess is waiting for you inside. Make sure to act respectfully towards Her Magnificence. That wasalot of pressure but if she had been summoned by a Super Goddess, it probably was for an important reason.

As the two armored Kemetians left her presence and retreated to their original posts as temple guards, Shawna felt something similar to receiving a punch in the gut, yet completely unpainful. She wanted to kneel but she had no reason to. Then she realized. It was Her. She felt her, nearby. Despite the fact Dia was nowhere to be seen yet, standing on the stairs to her lair, right outside the actual building was enough to trigger a primordial feeling of overwhelming humility and inferiority. Shawna had never met her and here she was, completely bewitched by that supreme aura of power and confidence.

There was an equally powerful force fighting against this unbearable desire to submit to Dia and that was her excitement to meet her. This prompted Shawna to rise up and continue going up the stairs, even if the Goddess’ presence felt like it doubled the strength of gravity’s pull.

Using more strength and willpower than ever before in her life, the cute college girl opened the big, golden doors. She was sweating and gasping for air, but it was worth it.

The room was vast but not as much as she had imagined, considering it belonged to an omnipotent goddess. The marble floor and columns were dimly illuminated by torches on the walls as no natural light penetrated the ceiling. In the middle there was a hundred feet long swimming pool in the shape of an ankh, filled with a strange, dark blue water that pulsated brightly and gave the whole stance a mystical and kinda spooky aesthetic.

Shawna walked alongside the water. It felt like the subtle ripples on the surface were calling to her, echoing her name in a ghostly manner, almost impossible to tell apart from the ambience noise. Was she imagining all this? It did all feel like a fever dream.

She finally reached the end of the cavernous first floor of the pyramid and gasped at the sight in front of her. Two people were having sex on the edge of the pool. It wasn’t passionate, animalistic or loud but more like a hypnotic dance, a ritual practiced for what felt like an eternity to get to that level of finesse and sheer perfection.

There were two bodies in the water, engaging in the primal act of reproduction. One of them was big and voluptuous, with dark and gleamy skin. She was clearly a woman, as her humongous breasts and hourglass figure betrayed, though most of her features were hidden by a forest of wet black hair that seemed to pulsate just like the pool, with a mystical shade of pink instead.

Hugged tight to her hypersexual mass of flesh there was a much smaller person with a contrasting, much lighter complexion. Shawna wouldn’t know he was a boy if it wasn’t for his tree trunk sized penis and softball testicles which almost dwarfed the rest of his being; a flawless, thin and femininely proportioned body accompanied by a nicely combed mane and Egyptian themed anklets, wristbands, necklace and cute covers for his cat ears. Yes, cat ears, he was indeed a hung catboy. He even had a tail! One that was fully proud of his feminine aesthetic and gaudy jewelry, and why wouldn’t he? With a cock and balls like that, his virility couldn’t be questioned.

He was probably a descendant of those people with animal ears from Japan. She had the pleasure to meet an exchange student from that country once and he had dog ears instead.

The whole scene was incredible. That tiny cutie was pounding the much bigger woman with no sake for her safety with that monster dick of his, and for some reason she was taking it so professionally and stoically. No moans or cries of pain despite the fact that he was deforming her stomach with each wild thrust. 

Shawna felt a funny feeling down there in her womb and then bit her lip. She wanted what the big woman was having. As the silence, momentarily broken by the viscous sounds of their mating press and the dynamic breathing of the catboy, kept going, her lack of knowledge of what to do next increased. She wished to keep watching, but it felt to her like she was doing something forbidden, a taboo, and that she had to stop. Only she just couldn’t. Not only she loved being a Peeping Tom but she was relentlessly horny at this point and ardently desired to participate. 

Thing is, they ignored her standing right there for the next quarter of an hour while the boy kept dickstroying the much bigger woman. It was such an erotic and unabashed display of sexuality that Shawna couldn’t help but to rub her ever-wettening pussy, helplessly observing the coitus of the two gods in front of her. 

Soon enough, the smaller guy was spent and it became obvious the brown venus was the winner of the competition (if this was all supposed to be about that).

After a desperate moan, the Egyptian catboy’s eyed rolled on their sockets, tears of pleasure and pain escaping as his monster cock exploded inside the more-than-seven feet tall woman. A pressurized, inhuman discharge of increasing gallonage came out like a hose right into her uterus.

The semen was thick and sticky looking with a molten cheese-like texture and an almost unhealthy yellow color. It produced bubbling clots and even from afar Shawna could sniff the strong smell. What at first was a pleasant and aphrodisiac fragrance quickly started to attack her cute nose like a mixture of rotten eggs, seafood and organic garbage. It was repulsive to the point of causing her to reach for her mouth and retch but at the same time the powerful and assertive virility it denoted turned her like nothing else had ever done before. 

She found it terrible and wanted to get far away from it, but at the same time her pussy was telling her she wanted to be bred by that filthy cum. Unfortunately for her, it was filling the other woman’s womb. And it was filling it good! Despite her size, her belly was quickly growing with the dirty and fertile substance, forming a cartoonishly oversized basin of baby-lard that could very well be displacing her organs to make more space for itself. Yet, she was completely and utterly unfazed by it! Not even a reaction, not even a word. The hyper-virile femboy was giving his best to no avail and her expanding belly was causing her no pain whatsoever. Who was this woman?!

By the end of it her own impressive size was dwarfed by a bloated cum-filled belly over which the now flaccid fuckboy was resting, having passed out. Still as stoic as ever, and leaking liters of semen from her overstretched, tuff crowned slit into the pool.

She easily stood up with her strong, toned legs and killer thighs. As ridiculously as it sounded, it made sense in Shawna’s mind that someone of her body type could walk upright with such a belly weighing her down. She certainly looked powerful. And she proved that, by picking the unconscious body of the hung, little cat guy single-handedly. That was the first time the American student noticed how unnaturally long her nails were.

The woman, still ignoring Shawna, or maybe just pretending she wasn’t there, climbed outside the pool and walked next to it. She approached one of the marble columns and passed behind it. Shawna almost literally dropped her jaw when she saw what happened next. The moment she came out of the robust piece of Egyptian styled architecture, her belly had completely disappeared! Was she an Enhanced or one of those magical aliens?

No. She had to accept it. The person that was carrying the unconscious catboy on her solid shoulder and had magically done away with the tons of cum inside her in less than a second was the Super Goddess. She was Dia Mutegaraba-Sabini, the matron goddess of Neo Kemet. 219 centimeters of pure divinity with bombshell proportions so preposterous she couldn't believe were real. Her thick curtains of hair veiled her body and accentuated its ineffable glory. However, she could now appreciate her marvelous, gigantic breasts in all their splendor, and her even darker colored, perfectly shaped nipples. They barely sagged but jiggled around like crazy with each step of hers, making a sloshy sound that betrayed the fact they were among the greatest sources of milk in the entire universe, ready to feed an entire planet's population that very moment if needed..

Shawna was then spotted. Their stares met each other and she suddenly felt the presence of the deity weight even more on her. She wanted to prostrate before her and beg for just a tiny bit of her grace, of her favor. Her knees felt weak but she couldn’t allow herself to appear clumsy or inadequate in front of the giantess, no, the goddess, that she wished to impress. Indeed, just a mere moment in her vicinity made it all very clear for Shawna, she was in love at first sight with this woman. She wanted to make her happy, to serve her with every single bit of her being, to give her the world. The sexual prowess of the femboy made her feel nothing in comparison. This was beyond a simple sexual connection and right into the realm of the spiritual.

Yet this was only the beginning of the incredible things Shawna was about to witness. And the next one truly caught her by surprise.

Coming from the left, what seemed like a white, translucent cloth flew at astounding speeds just to collide with the enormous woman and then started enveloping her as if it had life on its own.

The gown quickly morphed into different shapes that molded to the part of the body that they were supposed to cover, separating and becoming completely different pieces of clothing. One thing was clear though, none of it stuck to the middle part of her body, leaving her torso, private parts and upper legs entirely naked. It would have been a crime to cover them anyway, Shawna thought.

A pair of white latex boots and elbow-length gloves with golden linings now hid the skin of her elegant arms and never-ending legs, a few rings manifesting on her fingers, each worth an empire judging by all the gems that were embedded in them.

After that, her messy sex hair was automatically brushed and styled after the way ancient Egyptian princesses used to, set in place by a couple of simple, golden accesories. The whole thing resembled the transformation of one of those magical girl shows she remembered from her childhood. The resulting mane was very long with straight-ended bangs, done with mathematical precision. A black rainforest that resembled a creature coming out to get you, though more magnificent that frightening. The fringe was abnormally long and it seemed to purposefully cover her eyes, which Shawna had not gotten the honor to see yet. Though she could perceive a tiny bit of Egyptian-styled eyeliner under them and a supernatural and mysterious hue of pink radiating from behind the curtain.

Over her head, a crown-like garment appeared, both gold and turquoise emulating the pharaohs of old as two priceless ankhs sprouted from her ears performing the task of earrings. An even bigger one came into existence as her necklace, trapped between her humongous and very exposed cleavage. And on that note, the awestruck college aged girl could now notice a very similar design in the form of a womb tattoo, exuding sheer sex appeal.

All the jewelry she wore had a common theme. Big, aquamarine colored gems that didn’t seem to fit with the description any precious stone Shawna was used to see. Maybe this was something that only existed here in Neo Kemet. In any case; the sheer, raw sexual ecstasy that she was feeling now that she had gazed at this goddess’s perfection made her conscience fade out before she could ask herself more questions.

The last thing she saw was the floor precipitating towards her as everything went dark.

It didn’t take long for her to wake up. During her brief loss of conscience she had been treated to a weird kind of dream, a hallucination spanning just a few seconds where she found herself naked. Tiny, unprotected, powerless, and completely surrounded by a dark nothingness. Then, a gigantic, unblinking eye manifested out of nowhere, like it was a part of the infinite darkness and it just happened to open at that time.

It was frightening and imposing, of a size many times Shawna’s frame. The unblinking, pink colored Human eye shifted its pupil with a steady and calculated trajectory, looking at the tiny being it dwarfed. Right now, the poor Human girl felt like she was at the mercy of something way bigger than her, not only physically, but also spiritually, something that enfolded her entire body and mind and humbled it on a primordial level. 

As much as all these conflicted emotions were trying to pull in the direction of a different reaction to the eye’s unfaltering presence, she stood still, silent and in awe. One part of her wished to run away out of desperate terror, the other one wanted to kneel and worship this new but all so familiar idol, and another one was even considering she should kill herself right now because she wasn’t worthy of being in its presence.

Then it closed again, and those feelings of inferiority and alienation ceased in an instant. Her soul returned ot its default state and she suddenly felt like the ownership of her body was coming back. It must have been just a very intense dream, though, because she had woken up in what seemed like a bed, surrounded by other bed-ridden people in a large, dimly lit room.

“Feeling alright now? Fret not, it happens to a lot of people when they first meet me.” It was a feminine voice, but booming and powerful with a stately degree of depth to it. Despite the underlying message of care for Shawna’s health, there was a perennial stoicness to it.

Her eyes adjusted slowly but between the impossible-to-ignore sex stench and the silhouette in front of her it was clear who was talking. The woman from before was tending to her, right at her bedside. Shawna’s first reaction was confusion and a bit of fear but soon enough the relentless horniness overtook those. “I-I’m fine…” She struggled to properly speak in front of this pinnacle of female perfection. “W-Where am I? Who are you…?”

“Super Goddess Dia at your service. I’m the matron deity of the Neo Kemetian Empire. At your service.” She politely answered. Now it all made sense, only a Super Goddess could be this gorgeous and imposing, and elicit such a wide range of conflicting emotions on a lowly mortal.

Shawna took a look around the room. There were at least another thirty clones of Dia tending to other bedridden patients? Since there were no sheets, she confirmed one of them was the hung catboy from before, who still hadn’t recovered from the brutal sexual display from before. “N-Nice to meet you, I’m Shawna Townsend a-and I-” She barely managed to blurt. Her thoughts and urges were driving her crazy right now, making civilized communication difficult.

Dia acknowledged this and let out a brief but quite comforting smile, with a motherly streak to it. “I’m glad that you are ok,” She then stood up completely, her towering figure surpassed 2 meters and cast a shadow that covered the whole frame of the bed. “After all, you have been sleeping for four hours.”

“F-Four hours? And you have been here with me all that time?” In any other situation she would have been alarmed. But this one she had put herself in. Besides, her object of worship was in front of her and she had been inconsiderate enough to pass out in her own house. “Sorry, I didn’t want to be a burden.”

“You are not a burden, Ms. Townsend. After all you are my guest here in the temple. It is extremely important to be a good host in Neo Kemetian culture.”

“Got it…Still, you are a goddess and all so-”

She was interrupted by Dia’s thunderous voice and she almost wet herself. But thankfully the meaning of her words was much more comforting than their volume. “Moreso in that event! As the goddess of this empire I have to represent its core values and follow them to be an example for everyone!”

“Sorry but right now I’m very confused and I have a lot of questions…For example, what is this place and who are these people?” Shawna was brave in her head despite the meekness of her voice.

“This is one of the many dormitories of my personal harem, comprised by many thousands. I send them here and take care of them when they are all tuckered out, since they would rather not sleep otherwise. More time for sex, you know.” She stated nonchalantly.

“S-Sex?!” The memories from the scene she had envisioned before her fainting came back like a rush and she instantly felt overwhelmed by it, blushing like crazy. The catboy hadn’t even recovered yet from the sex with this monumental titaness of a woman. And people constantly did that at the temple?!

“Indeed. I love everyone in my harem, and love as far as I know is best expressed through…carnal means. You even saw me doing it with Asim over there. He has the mightiest sex drive but as you could tell, sex with me is quite a challenge. Even if you manage to please me, you might still not faze me.” Shawna could swear she detected a sneaky smile there, but her lips were so pretty that she kinda got lost in them.

“Wow, yeah. I definitely could tell.” She thought to herself for a moment. “Well, if this is a place strictly made for that purpose. Why am I here?”

Dia seemed puzzled by that question, though Shawna could not see she was arching an eyebrow through all that hair covering the upper part of her face. “What do you mean, Ms. Townsend? If I recall correctly, you are here because you won the online contest.”

The contest! She remembered. It was the opportunity to become the bride of a Super Goddess. And for some reason it wasn’t all just a scam and she was now in the presence of one. And Dia seemed serious about it! “I did win…but honestly this is all unexpected to me.”

“How so? Does the idea of marrying me displease you?”

“No, no, no! I didn’t mean it that way!” Because she would be lying. Shawna was absolutely infatuated with Dia, and would love to be her bride and have sex with her for eternity. But it felt too good to be true, mostly because she didn’t feel worthy of the Super Goddess. “Sorry, I didn’t want to offend you…It’s just that I thought it wasn’t a serious contest so…the fact that I’m here is kind of accidental.”

“Even in that case, I see no problem. I believe wholeheartedly that these kinds of miraculous conveniences exist for greater purposes. But still, I won’t force myself on you.” She offered her hand to Shawna to help her up.

The dark skinned goliath had almost two feet over the rather plain college student and now that she was standing next to her Shawna couldn’t ignore the fact that she was now right under the goddess’s plentiful underboob, which cast a shadow over her entire body and prevented her from seeing Dia’s face. “Thanks…” She gulped.

“Oh, please don’t be so wary in my presence. I’m a person just like you, regardless of my power or status. Tell you what, Ms. Townsend. What if I show you around the temple so you can decide to stay or leave? I won’t judge your decision, I promise. And besides, since you are here after all, why not have some fun for a while? You could at least accept that.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A Super Goddess was being so kind to her, and she wished to love and marry her too! It was too good to be true. The instant Shawna returned back from her trance, she nodded in approval to Dia’s offer. “Yes, I’d like that a lot! Also, please call me Shawna.”

Now she definitely could see the warmest smile possible radiating from her. The previously immutable goddess now seemed much friendlier. “Of course. Call me Dia~”

The deity told Shawna to follow her with her impossibly long, gloved fingers and she had no other choice but to obey. Dia moved almost rhythmically, swinging her hips left to right with that dump truck of an ass and her ever-inviting puffy vulva in full display. The poor girl was having trouble concentrating on anything other than the massive rear in front of her since its pendular movement was quite hypnotic.

Then she noticed two things. First, the light that was being filtered through the temple from outside didn’t follow the laws of physics since they seemed to focus on her and her alone, as if deliberately going out of their way to highlight her perfect body, and, of course, made her clothes and jewelry shine with angelic intensity.

The second one was that she made jingley, metallic sounds with every step. Just another proof of the sheer quantity of jewelry she was carrying around.

Oh shit! There was a third thing, and the most important one at that. She would have realized instantly if she was in any other situation but the bizarreness of her current predicament was clouding her better judgment. All of a sudden the weird had become normal around her so she hadn’t paid attention to the fact Dia was completely and utterly naked, except for the only parts that are usually naked! Was she an exhibitionist?! Or just a quirk of Neo Kemetian culture? Maybe the latter since everyone back in the dormitory was like that too…In any case she couldn’t unsee it now.

The perfection of her sun-kissed skin alongside her voluptuousness and the almost casual demeanor and dignity with which she wore the nudist look made Shawna all hot and bothered. That, plus the overwhelming smell of her powerful pheromones meant she definitely needed to take a rest. 

Dia noticed Shawna wasn’t following anymore and glanced back, which at last allowed the infatuated Human girl to see the color of her eyes. It was the same intimidating pink as in her hallucination earlier, no surprises here. It left a mystical energy trail of the same hue as the goddess shifted her head but that was all she could make out before it was once again obscured by the hair. “Is something amiss?” The fat-boobed colossus asked.

Shawna barely managed to answer between muffled panting and moaning. “J-Just a moment, p-please…” She had a reason to be worried. After all Shawna was almost on her knees, gasping for air and sweating like in a sauna. It didn’t help that the Super Goddess could easily notice that the 20 year old had prematurely started ovulating with her perfect see-through vision. 

This was not uncommon for her. Since she was so hot, many unaccustomed people had succumbed to their horniness after more than a few seconds in her presence, entering a dangerously rut-like state like this. Fortunately for her, she was omnipotent, so it only took a swipe of her magical hands for a cloud of pink glitter to do away with Shawna’s lewd issue. “Sorry for the inconvenience. That was my fault.” She offered her gigantic hand to help her up. “I hope this didn’t persuade you of leaving my side.”

She still felt horny for Dia, but least her body wasn’t being torn apart by her unfulfilled sexual drive anymore. “D-Don’t worry…I’m just not used to, well, all of this.”

“Fair enough. I’ll be more careful from now on. As you have probably figured out, Neo Kemetians are more libidinous and body-positive than the other Earth-based societies. Even Prosperia, with someone like my mother as ruler, is much more modest.”

“Oh, true. I’ve heard that you are the daughter of two Super Goddesses. M’Wela, the queen of Prosperia and Elza Sabini.” As a future historian, she had an encyclopedic knowledge of trascendental events, which included more recent stuff like the advent of the Super Goddesses, trivia about them and their lives, and, of course, their genealogy. However, Dia was a special case of study since she didn’t like divulging much information about her.  Always mysterious. She always pondered. Like Egypt itself.

“That is correct, I am the only Super Goddess that descends directly from other Super Goddesses. But more on that later, it’s time to show you more.” She said candidly while taking Shawna by the hand. “This place is big. I don’t want my guest to get lost.” It made sense, but it was still heart-pumping for her to go by the hand with a Super Goddess. Especially someone as chivalrous as Dia.

The building was gigantic and majestic, with works of art and architecture way beyond anything she had ever seen before, making the old Egyptian ruins look like playgrounds. It took them 20 minutes of pure walking through the myriad of colossal halls and corridors to reach an inner patio. 

Shawna noticed quite instantly that this place was different from the rest. For starters, it was full of vegetation, waterfalls and alien animals that theoretically could only ever exist in the imagination of a sugar-fueled, hyperactive child. A garden extending way past what her eyes could see. But the most impressive thing of all was its inhabitants, the rest of Dia’s harem, she supposed. Every single one of them looked like a god in their own right, regardless of their gender or species. She had to admit to herself that she felt completely outclassed by these supremely beautiful Enhanceds with perfect features and oversized assets, their presence alone eroding her confidence and self-esteem. And it didn’t get better when they all posed their perfect eyes on her, the tiny Human trailing behind their goddess-wife.

Their reaction wasn’t quite what she expected. The closest ones to Dia surrounded her and proceeded to hump and hug her much larger body, their expressions filled with happiness and delight. “Welcome back, Dia! We thought you would never come back!” One said, absolutely elated. “Have you come for the seventeenth pregnancy today?” Another added, quite smug about his breeding merits. “Who is the new one?!” An amazonian beauty almost as tall as the Super Goddess asked.

“Darlings, darlings. I have only been out for a few hours. I’m showing our new possible member the ropes here. Please don’t come off too strongly to her.” Her voice sounded magically amplified, so everyone there would be able to hear her.

Everyone instantly rushed to Shawna at blinding speeds. She thought these perfect specimens would laugh at her inadequacy but it wasn’t the case. For some reason, they were in complete awe and wonder at her, glad and happy she could maybe join them in the future. If it wasn’t for the fact Dia had told them to keep away, they would have tried to feel her. Was this the power of a Super Goddess’s approval or were they able to see something inside her she didn’t know she had yet? In any case, they looked almost deprived by not being able to at least touch or pester her with questions. 

There was a background noise of chatter about her between them. Well, at least what they were murmuring wasn’t negative, only speculative. “H-Hi guys. I won the online contest so…the goddess, I mean Dia, invited me!”

A series of wows and ooohs echoed in the garden after she explained herself. “Don’t worry, guys. I’ll dispatch some clones if you need to fuck so desperately~” The Super Goddess purred. To which she delivered, snapping her fingers and summoning thousands of herself. Soon enough, the whole harem erupted into a glorious orgy that surpassed what she had seen with the catboy earlier, with every member having their time with their personal clone of Dia, tailored to their kinks and wants. In fact, the scene was so rambunctiously raunchy that it entered the category of indescribable. “Don’t mind them, Shawna. They’ll be at it for days like always. Now, please come with me. I want to show you how I do my job.” Despite the fact her clones were experiencing a legit sexual frenzy, the original one was as stoic and polite as ever, and fully focused on Shawna.

“S-Sure…” Though it was difficult to listen with all that fucking going on around them. “But I have some questions…is that ok?”

“You are a curious one. Are those questions about the harem perchance?”

“Yes. I'm curious how living with or as a Super Goddess differs from that of us mere mortals.  What's it like living in a harem?  Is yours an unorthodox example??”

“Well, no. It’s a mostly orthodox one. Anyone that catches our romantic attention is offered to join and most don’t decline because of what they perceive as obvious benefits.” She explained as they strolled through the garden, exploring its wonders.

“Like what? Well, besides the sex with a goddess of course.” She giggled to herself. But she totally thought that was persuasive enough to join.

“Well, for starters, being in a Super Goddess harem is different from a regular one in that it doesn’t require adhering to the rules of the space-time continuum. If you want to stay with me here all day, you can do that but if you want to have a life outside this temple then I can just have you exist in two places and it’s a win-win situation. But really, since we cover all their physiological and emotional needs, they rarely choose to keep their jobs or careers anymore.” She then pointed at a clone. “And we can cover those needs easily, and for all them without causing any clash or conflict of any kind since we can just clone ourselves and give them full attention. Perhaps it’s not that well known but we Super Goddesses exist in many bodies at almost all times, and when I say that, I mean that we exist at different times too.”

Shawna nodded, captivated by how different and, in many ways, better, Super Goddess anything was to mundane anything. “You can leave anytime you want if you don’t like it anymore? What about your obligations with other harem members other than you?”

Dia chuckled dryly. “No obligations here, dear. You can leave and rejoin anytime and are bound only by your wish to love us. If you like anyone else other than me, out or inside the harem, you can ask them out, even marry them! And if you don’t, that’s fine too.”

“I won’t lie, Dia. This is all very enticing. Sounds like paradise on Earth so I wonder why not everyone begs to live here.”

“Ahhhh, that’s a good question. But I think you will learn why with time if you stay here.”

After a pleasant hour at the garden, albeit always with the sounds of sweaty and frenetic collective sex in the background, both women reached a small roofed building in the middle, surrounded by four artificial lakes of milk separated by bridges. Newly awakened haremites would crawl out of their improvised tree-beds alongside Dia’s clones and slowly descend into the waters, taking a bath together and hugging each others’ voluptuous bodies. This time a more tender display of love between goddess and follower than the previous raw lewdness.

“Just like Cleopatra.” She spouted without thinking. She always remembered that popular fact from Egyptian History class, that the last queen of Egypt would bathe in donkey milk in what would constitute one of the first ever skincare routines. The benefits of such practices were dubious at best, said modern science, but these new inhabitants of the land of the Nile kept the tradition. 

“Glad you noticed. Though we only do this because it feels good to swim in milk.”

“I’m sure it feels great…” She started to envy the haremites. Wondering when she would get to be like that with Dia. She really wanted to join her but something in her head quite didn’t click yet. It was just too beautiful to be true, and the fact that she was acting choosy in this situation when what she wanted was growing clearer by the moment confused even her. Perhaps she found Dia was putting effort in showing her around the temple and she didn’t want to suddenly stop it and ruin her kindness. Or perhaps she was starting to enjoy being in her presence. In any case, it was a fun time, and she would have all the time in the world to choose later.

Dia noticed Shawna was lost in her thoughts and interrupted her. “Do you want to know where it comes from?” She said with a teasing voice, unrecognizable from her previous demeanor.

“S-Sorry-I mean what?!” It caught her so much by surprise she blushed seconds after the fact.

“No need to be embarrassed. This is all actually my milk. It comes from these.” She playfully flicked her dark nipples and Shawna could instantly imagine the scene. She had seen Dia lactate before with Asim, but the idea of this towering piece of a goddess just standing there and filling a whole lake sized hole with just milk coming from her nipples was too fantastic. She never considered herself particularly kinky but the overwhelming sexiness and power emanating from the Super Goddess was changing her and fast.

Desperately trying to change to a more wholesome topic, Shawna answered with a higher pitched voice than usual. “Hey! This small temple looks very nice, what did you want to show me?!”

“Hm. Let’s go inside.” There was only a table with some weird dioramas inside. They looked like a miniature version of the many neighborhoods of Sky Cairo. Though she hadn’t seen much of the city yet to make a judgment. The inner zone with the buildings was surrounded by a river and an ample territory of farmland  which she definitely didn’t remember.

“What is this?” Shawna asked, genuinely curious.

“This is one of the most important duties I have in Neo Kemet.” She approached one of the dioramas and waved her hand over it. “Let there be light.” And so it was. A beam of light seemingly coming from nowhere was cast on the model. And now it looked quite different. Even Shawna, when squinting enough, could notice the realistic, extremely detailed crops and tiny people farming around.

“A-Are they real?” She really wanted to touch but common sense told her it was a bad idea.

“Yes. These are the citizens living off the river, below the city. They are tasked with producing primary products for the nation. They are extremely important.”

“Those crops don’t look right. Have they gone bad?” She noticed almost instantly.

“It’s been a horrendous season for this harvest. The Nile has come stronger than usual and drowned quite a lot of it. And to top it all off, the heat makes it very difficult for anything to grow.” The peasants stopped their toil for a minute to solemnly stare into the distance. The clouds were parting, displaying the upper world of Sky Cairo resting high up in the heavens. They knew that whenever this happened, an event of mythological proportions was about to take place.

The goddess approached the table and started to suck with her plump lips. As soon as she did that, the waters of the Nile began siphoning in the middle and forming a twister, moving towards to her mouth. The citizens of Neo Kemet could not see her consuming those billions of tons of liquid, just the effects of her actions, as the water disappeared into the clouds, slowly but steadily draining the whole creek of the river until the former lost crops resurged, surprisingly not wet or damaged in any way. 

Indeed, Dia was not only reducing the volume of the river, but also turning back time on it. Cheerful cries of distilled joy came from the diorama. They knew their goddess had come to their aid, that she wouldn’t let them lose all their hard work.

The dark-skinned amazon proceeded with her miracle, this time blowing instead of sucking. The chilly wind produced by her magical lungs swiftly turned the climate more bearable and temperate, one that the crops would easily get used to in a few days. Though that was not it’s sole effect. The formerly malnourished cattle began fattening and a good portion of the female farm animals found themselves miraculously pregnant. For Dia, creating life out of nothing like that was childsplay. “That should do it for now.” She sighed quite sexily. “I use my omnipotent powers to subtly give the mortals living in this realm an advantage. Enough for them to thrive, but not to completely warp their society around my person. That’s how I have gotten to be worshiped like a goddess, instead of revered like a ruler.”

“Wait. If you are an omnipotent goddess, shouldn’t you guys like…live in an utopia. Why do you need to produce anything?” For Shawna it seemed so obvious that she had not repairs in soft-criticizing Dia like that.

“Well, if that is the case for the rest of Super Goddesses too…Why doesn’t the rest of the world run like an utopia? Why do you Bostonites still have resource scarcity?” There was no animosity in her voice. She was just doing some good old maieutics.

“Now that you say that…” It’s true that she struggled to explain why Super Goddesses helped sometimes but mostly stood away from mortal affairs and didn’t instantly end all suffering on a whim, because they sure as hell could.

“We Super Goddess aren’t a monolithic hivemind. Some of us have different ideas on how to help and live with Humans. Me? I’m definitely up for solving all the problems Humanity has and lead them to a point where they and us aren’t so different anymore. However, I also understand that despite all my empathy for the fate of mortals, I cannot force myself on them. And that is the current philosophy we all have accorded to follow. And have done so for two centuries.” There was some barely hidden melancholy in that powerful and solemn voice.

“You don’t like how current things are?” Shawna pointed out quite astutely.

“No. Of all the Super Goddesses, I’m by far the most interventionist. Though I clearly have a more hands-off approach than my mother, or say, Shizuka. The others seem to prefer having as little influence as possible.” She smiled gently at the tiny farmers, grateful for her divine gift and praying to her, on their knees, and knowing she is somewhere out there, taking care of them. “I long for a total conversion of mortal society in the future. And some of my sisters support me in this. But I think it will still take a while for everyone to come to this conclusion.”

“Well, I think we are halfway there already. Super Goddesses created the Enhanceds, and all these crazy new countries and…well, they took us to deep space so we finally met with other intelligent life. As a historian in training, I can safely say you girls have surely taken vital steps towards changing us for the better.”

“And that is my hope. That someday we won’t all be chained by some primitive belief that helping those in need means hurting them, robbing them of a struggle that shouldn’t be there in the first place.”

“Yeah, I agree with you. That sounds like something out of one of those old, preachy sci-fi shows.”

“I’m glad we think alike. As for now, I will limit myself to act more like a force of nature than anything else. Making sure they are happy and safe, but still mostly on their own.”

“I guess I can understand that. But how come power doesn’t go to your head? If I had that power I-”

“What if you had it? Well, I don’t know how it would feel to have my power, comparatively to your experience. But when you are born like me, it quickly becomes nothing special. If anything, I’m happy to use it for others. It’s my calling, even if I have to appear to them as a goddess for their society to make sense of the aid I provide.”

Shawna found Dia’s honesty, humbleness and eagerness to make others’ lives better quite admirable. To her, she was a better version of the grandest figures in history, one that didn’t actually disappoint. And despite the collective Super Goddess mandate to not interfere too much in mortal affairs, she was doing a lot of good without imposing her will on others. “Sorry if it’s sounds a bit premature but I’m quickly becoming your fan!”

“Thanks. I’m really happy that you appreciate what I do. It’s not that usual that I find someone that shares my philosophy. Though I do far more than this, I still feel like I come up short at times.”

“Oh, what else do you do? I want to see!” With her former nervousness shed away, she felt much more comfortable in the goddess’ presence. And the idea of staying here with her was becoming even more attractive.

“I can show you, but promise you won’t get scared.” That sounded interesting, but also spooky.

“I promise!”

The golden-clad goddess nodded and took Shawna by the hand once again. This time, however, they began floating. Shawna had forgotten the feeling since the Kemetians carried her before so she instinctively hugged to her curvaceous body like a cat. “Don’t worry, Shawna. From now on I assure you nothing bad will happen to you. You are under my protection while on the temple.”

But they were not at the temple anymore. Dia was ascending, practically flying now. And fast. The pyramidal satellite now looked like the diorama from before as the superpowered beauty blasted into the sky and past the last layer of clouds. The speeds and air stream around them was scary but Dia’s presence comforted her. If she was omnipotent, that meant she was well protected.

They quickly landed in an invisible platform in outer space. Earth could be seen from below and Shawna was fearing she would run out of oxygen but it didn’t happen. The structures around them rested on nothing and looked more modern than anything inside the temple, more akin to the newest parts of the city below. “I see Neo Kemet prefers a more uh…vertical approach to urban planning.”

“And you would be right. The empire even has a solar system where I had to stack every planet on top of each other to make traveling easier.” The goddess answered, reminding Shawna of the galactic span of her domain. Both able to speak despite the lack of air. “This is a less known venue of the temple. The Super Goddess Church wing.”

“I was always taught Super Goddesses only tolerated the Church, not condoned it. It’s surprising they have a wing at the temple.” Once again her encyclopedian knowledge was betraying her obsession with the Super Goddesses.

“That’s another way in which I’m different. While their tempered nature and perpetual worship are not of my taste, I have to admit they can be really useful when employing them for beneficial ends. So I officially collaborate with them.” She nonchalantly explained, acknowledging her greatness was such that she straight up tempered people.

A bunch of bodies appeared to both sides of them, forming two perfect straight lines that escorted their march. They were tall, strong and amazonian as were Dia’s haremites, and wielded ornate staffs that radiated pure energy. However, there was a very defining feature to their appearance. A loose, featureless white sheet with a pair of droopy and cartoonish eyes on the head, hiding their real faces. It resembled a weird ghost costume. “Medjed.” Shawna’s history knowledge came back to help her explain the situation. They were wearing the garments of an ancient Egyptian god, or at least, the hieroglyphical representation of it.

“Yes. These priestess are so zealous that they use a protective sheet shaped after Medjed to avoid orgasming endlessly in my presence. I have the passive power to humble other beings when I’m around, but to this kind of person it can be quite lethal. So we figured a way to solve the issue.”

Shawna raised an eyebrow. Aside from their powerful and sexy bodies, they looked quite goofy and not intimidating at all. Besides, their gigantic breasts and asses made very provocative tents on the sheet. “And why that god in particular?”

“You will see soon. Their task is not easy and, in fact, quite dangerous. Sometimes I have to lend them a hand like I will now.” The medjeds were completely silently and reverently bowed to them as they coursed through this part of the temple, surrounded by nothingness and the occasional stars. 

“Mistress, we have been expecting you. It’s gained enough strength to overload us again.” One of them added with admirable stoicness. Dia said they worshiped her more than anyone but that costume must have been very effective for so little of this to show.

“You have been doing a great job. I will take care of him.” Him? Shawna was starting to get worried. Something not even these powerful Enhanced beings could deal with it? Something that required the powers of a Super Goddess. Indeed, it was frightening to think about.

The priestess suddenly got nervous. “We are tremendously sorry for our inability to contain him, Mistress. How dare we force you put your perfect hands to use? We shou-”

“I won’t take any more of that. You are all important to me. Besides, you are the punishers, not me.” 

The punishers? Shawna recalled Medjed was a god that punished sinners and rule-breakers. Was this the function of these priestesses too?

She didn’t protest and led them further into space. A heartrending roar echoed into the abyss as Shawna hugged to Dia’s leg, scared to death. “W-What was that…?”

“Apep.” The priestess answered. “A monstrous demonic entity that comes from far away, from the defunct Kemetian homeworld.”

Shawna interrupted her in a fangirlish tone. “Apep?! As in the demonic serpent from Egyptian mythology? The one that Ra had to battle so it wouldn’t consume the world?”

“Exactly, another nod to their time living in Egypt apparently. A less than fortunate one.” 

Dia nodded and continued the story, almost as if they were synchronized. The pink energy sparkles her body produced were the only guiding light they had at this point. “Once upon a time, the Kemetians created a superweapon to defend themselves from another alien civilization. The very same that expelled them from their original planet millenia ago. Apep is a true monster with the powers of a god that won them the war single-handedly, besting the now extinct hound people and avenging their ancestors.”

“But Apep turned against them and; in his great might, destroyed their planet, forcing them to venture into the depths of space, searching for Earth once again.”

“It was a miracle they found one of our patrolling spaceships. We took all the refugees that we could but Apep had been following them and dealt with some of their more laggard vessels. Turns out they had been lost for centuries by that point in time.”

Shawna then saw him, and could make a clear picture of him despite his size since they were still relatively removed from his jail. A being so gigantic, he could rival a whole continent in size. His pitch black, muscular body with both anthropomorphic and animal features was topped by a fearsome crocodilian jaw with millions of tiny teeth stained in the blood of his victims. His long snout was preceded by a myriad of dreadful, crimson eyes. Like a spider. He was Apep, the Destroyer of Worlds.

He was screaming in pain and anger as the thousands of pulsating, magical chains that were holding him were about to break into pieces. There were about two dozen priestess around his monumental, bigger-than-life figure, casting spells with their staffs and trying to reinforce the chains to keep him in containment. “I-Is that him…?” Shawna was filled with fear. She didn’t know how to react and hid behind Dia like a child behind her mother.

“Yes. That’s Apep. I decided to capture him a decade ago and I have kept him here since then because he would react to neither reason nor affection. We take care of his needs as best as we can. But as you can see, a being with such a Machiavellian will to power cannot stand being contained, and we cannot afford setting someone so dangerous free.” She tossed her hair regally, exposing her ankh earrings. “I could easily do it myself but I thought it would be a good charity act for the Super Goddess Church. The girls do a good job but once every few years he gets close to release. I cannot allow that.”

“P-Please, Mistress. They cannot hold him much longer.” The robed woman begged.

“Why don’t you…I mean, just kill him if he is such a pain in the ass?” Shawna understandably asked. “Is it your Super Empathy?”

“I value all life in this universe. Besides, he is not at fault that he was made this way by a bunch of warmongers. The least I can do is protecting people, and by extension him, from himself. Don’t you agree?” Not a hint of doubt or hesitation in that statement. Dia was a woman proud of her convictions, which made her even more dazzling for Shawna.

Dia left Shawna’s side and flew towards the colossal superweapon, getting smaller in the distance as she progressed. “W-Wait!” She tried to reach for her but the priestess stopped her.

“Don’t worry. You are safe here. The Mistress knows what she is doing. After all she is a glorious Super Goddess.” She was right. Theoretically there was no reason to worry. Even if Apep was a planet busting artificial god.

The beast knew how to speak and it lashed out against Dia with such strength that his yelling alone was enough to finally break the chains and free him. The priestesses were blown away by his sheer demonic power as his darkness spread around the cosmos, warping and corrupting it.

The only one standing was the Super Goddess, proudly floating in front of the infinitely bigger monstrosity, unfazed by his words. Whatever they meant in that ancient Kemetian language of his makers, it was obvious Apep remembered Dia and hated her. “You know I don’t like to do this, Apep. I still believe you can reform and contribute positively to Neo Kemetian society, or just apologize for starters.” 

She was being condescending to him like a child and the beast didn’t like it one bit. Apep exploded in a fit of rage and dedicated some filthy sounding words to the goddess, then proceeded to amp up his power. The sheer energy he was projecting everywhere was making the foundations of space-time continuum shake and Shawna was fearing for her life more with each passing second.

Before the first strike materialized, Dia calmly sprinkled some magical pink powder without even looking back. The gargantuan black crocodile lunged with all his might, throwing a punch downwards to squash the bug that was pestering him. He didn’t care that his past attempts had failed, he felt powerful and confident.

Shawna was worried about Dia. No matter how powerful she was, Apep’s pinky finger was thousands of times bigger than her, let alone the rest of him.

At first there was silence, then a tremendous shockwave with the power to vaporize entire solar systems expanded through space, rending reality as it passed. The priestesses now seemed quite calm for the situation they found themselves in. Being in the line of fire of two gods. 

Soon enough, Shawna understood why. The moment it was about to reach them, it completely stopped on the spot. A pulsating wall of pink light appeared in front of them. “Mrs. Townsend.” She heard from under one of the robes. “I hope you didn’t believe our goddess didn’t have this under control. She took safety measures from the beginning, like that impenetrable barrier in front of you.”

Shawna couldn’t bear not to touch it but, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt. Though it was clearly solid and impossible to go through, she could still witness the ongoing combat from there.

She peered once again into the planetary dome of pink and gasped. It was an expected result but still, seeing it was another thing completely. Apep’s attack had been stopped on its tracks by…Dia’s open palm! A fist the size of a small nation was not able to push her down as Apep shaked and sweated, trying to put more power into it to no avail. Her pose was unchanged except for that raised arm that held a weight of billions of tons with laughable ease. “I will say it once again, Apep. Surrender or you will force me to harm you.”

The superweapon’s pride was hurt but that didn’t mean he was done yet. He spat a new barrage of unintelligible would-be-insults and then reiterated himself, launching his fists towards the goddess. Dia fend off his formidable punches with ease, each landed with the speed and power of an asteroid but she effortlessly blocked them with her fingers at blinding speed while her expression stood immutable.

After a few minutes of continuous denial of reality, the obviously much weaker Apep was utterly defeated and out of energy to keep going. “Last chance. I’m willing to give you an opportunity before assigning you to a more intensive rehabilitation environment.”

That only angered him further. Using all the energy he had left, Apep propelled his body towards Dia’s with his mouth open, ready to eat her and munch her with his powerful jaws. “Be careful, Dia!” Shawna yelled. That made Dia, who was the only person able to hear her from so many miles away, smile candidly.

She turned to face the mighty jaws of her opponent, now enveloping all the space around her. “You want to consume me like you did with your creators’ planet, correct?” Just like that, she teleported behind him. “Sorry, but you are too slow for that.” 

What followed was something that Shawna didn’t know how to describe. It was a mixture of awesome with comically hysterical. Dia grabbed Apep’s immense tail and pulled from it once, INSTANTLY sitting him on his ass. He made a weird squeaky sound as Dia lifted it overhead and began spinning around. As she moved, so did Apep’s entire body, completely at the mercy of her unlimited strength.

She kept spinning and spinning, shifting a weight of who-knows-how many trillions and quintillions of metric tons like it was just a plushie with the same solemn and uncaring expression as before. When she felt it was enough, she tossed Apep away, sending him crashing to the floor.

The dome barrier ceased to exist and all the priestesses rushed to aid Dia, they even brought Shawna with them in their arms. Fortunately, it was not needed. The goddess rested next to the unconscious titan’s body. In any other context, he would have been fit for ruling the universe, but next to a Super Goddess he was nothing but an insect.

This was not Dia’s opinion on the matter though. She considered Apep a living being with rights just like any other, and that his crimes and high death toll were not a reason to deHumanize him. “We have not been doing this correctly, girls.” She expressed, quite disappointed, more in herself than in the punishers.

“W-We are sorry. If there is anything we could do to appease you, oh Goddess…” They seemed truly ashamed and sad for their failure to keep the beast at bay. “We could…take our own lives as an apology!”

She denied with her head. Taking it casually despite the fact these zealots could do that no problem. “No. This time, it’s on me. I will deal with the consequences myself.” She approached the body and caressed it slowly, showing the compassion she truly felt for him. “You were made to kill and destroy by people who didn’t believe in the power of conciliation. Yet you are a marvelous creature worthy of living as your best version. I am afraid the punitive angle we have taken until now with the chains has been in vain.” 

The lead priestess was shaking, as if she knew something very specific was about to happen. The ambience suddenly got denser. The pressure in the air rose and breathing became harder and more elaborate. “G-Goddess, d-don’t tell me you…”

“Do what?!” Shawna was completely lost. What could she do now that was more impressive than effortlessly defeating a godlike crocodile monster?

“Stand back.” With a gentle telekinetic push, everyone was yeeted out of her way. Dia began ascending as a subtle, radiating aura appeared around her silhouette. 

“What is she going to do…?” The poor, unpowered girl had seen enough. She was confused and frightened.

“We should run away. I don’t even think the defensive robes will stand it.” A priestess said from behind.

“T-The robes, wa-WAIT!” She found herself being carried by the medjeds like ants with a leaf. The priestesses flew as fast as they could, not daring to look back. All except Shawna, who was still watching everything.

Dia's eyes were in full display now: simultaneously incredibly intimidating and relentlessly beautiful.  She was radiant with so much surreal pink energy, and it kept on building up and arcing across her body.  Dia made reality itself her bitch once again.

Then, her ankh womb tattoo began glowing too. By this point the priestesses had covered miles of distance between them and Dia but it was to no avail. She exploded like a million supernovas and affected the whole dimension they were in. The radiant pink light blinded them, preventing them from seeing the process. Still…Shawna could swear Apep was screaming in fear and agony, and that he was quickly being sucked into…Dia? Like, the last thing she witnessed was the crocodile’s form being warped into a black maelstrom and disappearing into her body.

At her sides, the priestesses were by far the most damaged by the blast. Dia’s sheer energy was burning away their sheets and revealing their gorgeous, amazonian shapes alongside their gigantic breasts and enviable faces. But why was that part the only one to be destroyed? She wasn’t even being hurt by it and she was a regular Human.

After a final flash of blinding light, everyone found themselves laying on the ground. “Shawna, are you okay?!” It was Dia’s voice, blurry but recognizable as always. She seemed worried, judging by her tone. “Please, answer me!”

The poor girl was a bit dazed by the whole situation but soon enough she recovered her senses and could see the underboob of the goddess in all of its splendor. She didn’t notice any part of her body broken or wounded so she tried to stand up. With the help of Dia’s always helpful gloved hand she managed to get up and face her. She wasn’t tired but she was ventilating pretty fast just because of how intense that situation back there had been.

“I’m fine…Uh…What happened, Dia?” She looked around. The naked bodies of the priestesses were still on the ground but they were all…humping desperately against it?! The formerly dignified punishers were now continuously whispering Dia’s name in a manic and chaotic way while profusely salivating. A lustful expression of uncontrolled love and devotion crossed their faces and their pupils were clouded by a pink layer, denoting their current mental instability. At certain points they attempted to kiss or finger the air, as if they were interacting with their own hallucinations.

“Oh, them? I think I put too much power into my spell and I accidentally destroyed their robes…”

“That’s…impressive. And will they stay like this forever?” She had to admit that, while hot, in this context Dia’s ability had created a really weird scene. With all these sexy girls flopping around like fishes and randomly multiorgasming.

“No. I can fix this with ease.” She snapped her fingers and the sheets were materialized once again. It took seconds for the medjeds to recover their sanity, wondering what had happened.

“Mistress…don’t tell me that…” One of them said.

“Yes. As you have probably figured out already, I have chosen to absorb Apep inside my womb’s birthmark. He will be part of me for a while.” She answered matter-of-factly, as if it wasn’t a completely and utterly impossible thing.

Wait a minute, is that a birthmark? For real? I thought it was a tattoo. “Why would you do that?” Shawna definitely supported Dia’s penchant for rehabilitation, regardless of how evil the person was. But how would absorbing Apep help him in any way?

“Since harming and chaining him down didn’t change his ways, I thought a less punitive approach was required. Now he is part of me. That will give us plenty of time to be together inside my mind. To talk about his fears, his insecurities, to find a common ground that will convince him not to try and kill me. If I achieve that, I am sure he can be brought back to the light…” She solemnly grasped his ankh necklace as she explained herself, solidifying how serious she was about forgiving him and offering him a fresh start.

“Then what are we going to do now…? Apep was our job here in the temple. Please, Mistress, don’t tell me you are going to cast us aside? We love you and being in your company gives us a purpose!” She was awfully distraught by that hypothetical.

“Nothing of the sort. You will remain here until I give you new orders.”

“As you wish, Mistress.” They all bowed to her.

Shawna and Dia slowly walked out of there. The girl was still trying to conceptualize what the hell had just happened and how she was still alive after it. “I hope that I didn’t startle you too much back there, Shawna.”

“A little bit. But I think you were trying to show me something here.”


“That power is just a tool that you use to do your job. And that you genuinely want to help others, even if it inevitably ends up forcing you to resort to restraining someone violently like that.” She smiled to herself, containing a giggle.

“I thought you would be disappointed in me after that display. I prefer to solve problems with dialogue but I don’t always have that luxury. I mean, I could force it with my omnipotence but what’s the point then? Brainwashing is deplorable.”

“You really don’t want to steal other people’s lives. It’s truly commendable.” She looked directly into her eyes. “So that guy is inside you now?”

“For a while, but don’t worry. He doesn’t have a bearing in my interactions with the outer world.” Dia stood pensive for a while, and sideglanced at Shawna with one of her gorgeous eyes. “You have not been affected by my ability since the first time. It’s very uncommon, specially since you were unprotected now.”

“Now that you say that…” Her lips curved into an impish smile, it was her time to be clever. “I guess it’s because that’s how I feel every moment I am with you. So this wasn’t any different.”

Dia visibly blushed. “F-For real? Ahem…I get that makes sense…You mean you like being around me? We have only been together for a couple of hours, Shawna.”

The now-not-so powerless Human girl offered her way smaller hand to the towering titaness. “You said you believed in fate being the cause of these miracles…or coincidences or whatever you want to call them. I have never been the kind of person to believe in that stuff but…really now, what is the chance of me both winning the contest AND also being able to tolerate your ability? The only possible explanation is that we were destined to meet each other.” 

“Is that what you think?” She grabbed Shawna’s hand. There was power in her grasp, but also an indescribable feeling of emotional vulnerability. “Then…Does that mean you want to stay here with me…? Despite barely knowing me?”

“To be honest with you, I have been desperately wanting to be with you since I saw you but…seeing you do all this good and your personality and…well…you are ridiculously beautiful, Dia? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?” Shawna grasped harder to reassure Dia of her compromise. “Unless this is some elaborate ploy conjured by your omnipotent powers, yeah, I do want to stay with you. At least for a while. And I definitely want to try a relationship.”

Dia reacted with a girlier voice than usual to that comment. “Wait! I didn’t plan any of this, I swear!” Her honestly made Shawna laugh heartily. The Super Goddess was appearing more and more Human with each passing second she spent with her.

“I believe you.”

“Truth be told, I don’t just want you to be part of my harem like the others. I mean, you would be part of the harem but I’m looking for something…grander…”

“What is it?”

“I know it’s maybe a bit too much to ask but, could you be my consort? The most important of my lovers, my…well…first wife.”

Shawna paused for a second and calmly smiled, now understanding everything. “You need someone to share your emotions with, right? I can do that, but if you are alright with it, can we discuss it somewhere else more private?”

Dia conjured a portal with her eyes, very similar to the one from which Shawna came into Neo Kemet. On the other side there was a very lavish bedroom with the architectural style of the temple. “Those are my chambers. Is that fine? It’s gotten pretty late, so I thought maybe you would like to rest.”

Shawna nodded, and then they both entered together by the hand.

The bed was gigantic. Shawna could tell that not only was it designed to accommodate for Dia’s Rubenesque proportions but also wide enough for at least two dozen lovers. It occupied almost the whole room and was adorned very similarly to its owner’s garments. “I’m pretty tired, yes.” She let her tiny body drop and almost drown on the heavenly comfiness of the many layers of the bed.

“So…are we really doing this? Are you accepting me as your significant other?” She still was hesitant to join Shawna. She was used to being dominant, but…for some reason she felt like she had to walk around eggshells in a mortal’s presence. Was this how the ultimate expression of love felt? How one of those miracles she was so fond of felt? In any case, it made her very emotional.

“I-I guess so…” Shawna looked down. “I find you very attractive, Dia. And I don’t know how to explain it but these last few hours have been the most epic and eventful in my life. If being with you is like this all the time, well…”

The Super Goddess sat down, her hefty weight shaking the bedframe. They were very close right now and the Super Pheromones were slowly taking their toll on both of them. “Still, I perceive that a small part of you is doubting. Why is that so? You can tell me, I will understand and try to make it up to you somehow.” Super Empathy was very useful in these situations.

“You are right…” She hugged her legs. “There is something that’s been bugging me since I came here…well, since I won the contest actually. I feel like this is just too good for me, you know? That I don’t deserve your attention, let alone your affection. Look at me, I’m a skilless girl in my early 20s with nothing to my name and just about average or below average at everything I attempt. I haven’t even had that many lovers in the past. Then look at you, a literal omnipotent goddess with beauty that puts the most charming divas of history to shame. You make me feel so inferior, so small…so powerless…” A sigh followed, she was finally letting it out. “I really am not the kind of person that should become your significant other. I am too lacking and we barely know each other but…that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be with you. Another part of me is telling me that I would lose the opportunity of my life if I left today…”

Dia stood silent for a moment, then combed her bangs back with her hand so Shawna could see her eyes. This time they didn’t emit any kind of deadly radiation or glow. They were just her pretty pink orbs. It was her way to proof Shawna she was for real now. “First of all, sorry for not taking your feelings into account before. I understand and I want to say that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t feel like it. But still, I want to give my opinion on the matter.” Her voice was now more natural, less authoritative. “Remember how earlier I was telling you about coincidences, fate, miracles…? Well, besides that, I don’t truly consider you below me. You are a Human being just like me and the fact that we have come to this point and we are being honest to each other like this is already special. You are special to me, Shawna. And I really want to be with you.” Then she crossed her legs. “Though, if those feelings are really that strong, perhaps I could Enhance you. Most of my haremites are Enhanceds and they became very happy when they could start keeping up with me.”

Shawna nodded. “Nothing like that will be necessary. I think…I would be content with just knowing you better and…becoming someone truly fit for you.”

“The first can be fixed with time. The second…I can’t figure out how to make it work. It’s a little vague.” She had been the first person to present her an issue she didn’t instantly know how to fix. It was puzzling how truly special this Shawna girl was. And it only drove Dia more heels over head for her.

“What’s up? This is the first time I’ve seen you like this.”

“Yeah…This is all a new experience for me too, Shawna. I guess, what I want to ask is…care for a little compatibility test? A…kiss perhaps? I will turn off the pheromones, and my godly attractiveness. I want to feel it raw.” 

It was a weird way to ask for a kiss but Shawna smiled so apparently it had the desired effect. “Sure. A kiss wouldn’t hurt~”

They both leaned into each other, though Dia had to look down and grab Shawna by the shoulders to boost her up a little so their lips could meet. It was short, but intimate and heartfelt, as if the world had just stopped for them two only, without any reality warping induced time breaks either! 

They broke apart and stared at each other for a moment, unable to say anything, then went back at it. Once and once again. After a few moments, Dia was on top of Shawna and devouring her lips, making sloshy sounds all over the place. Their hands intertwined and explored each other as they enjoyed their mutual wish having come true.

Shawna couldn’t help exploring Dia’s perfect, omni-powerful naked body. Pinching her nipples, causing the goddess to moan and rubbing her hands lewdly on her exposed tummy, thighs and the vulva between them. She didn’t trim her pussy hair but that only made her hotter.

They had chemistry, it worked.

Dia caressed Shawna’s soft cheek and whispered. “Well…It was one of the best experiences in my life…Was it for you…?”


“But there is still your greater issue to solve before we move on to greater things.”

“Making me truly worthy of you without enhancing me?”

“In my eyes, you are already worthy. But I finally figured out how to really turn us into true, equal soulmates. What do you think? Ready to give it a try?”

“Anything to be with you and feel free of my inadequacy.”

“So be it~” 

Dia changed reality once again, but this time it didn’t require a gesture or any kind of action. It happened because the situation required it, and her magical brain did the rest on autopilot. The sheets and blankets under them began turning into something else, their composition changing on the omnipotent’s demand.

Soon enough, it became clear they had become bandages, not too dissimilar to those worn by Egyptian mummies. They slowly made their way around Shawna and Dia, wrapping their bodies with care and precision as they resumed kissing. The Human girl didn’t really feel anything as her body became completely covered in them.

But that was not all. As it turned out, they both had eventually turned into a sexily shaped bandage cocoon with the shape of two women making out. Finally, some alone time for the two.

Hours passed, and they could have done anything inside there, even having sex with each other for the first time. But what historians would definitely tell down the line would be what came out of that shell.

The coffin made out of bandages opened up in the morning and a dense smog came out of it and filled the room in a matter of seconds. When it dissipated, the first person to be seen was Dia, who looked exactly the same as before but with her hair and clothes highly disheveled, another hint at their sexy deeds during the latest hours. 

“Dear, it is done.” She walked towards the wall and removed a big mirror framed in gold from it.

Shawna, or what seemed like her silhouette finally came out of the bandages, though she was still tied to some. The shadow walked through the fog silently until it faced the mirror that Dia was putting in front of her.

A gasp escaped her lips as she brought her new hands to her cheeks. They were hyper stylized with gold-painted nails as long and sharp as knifes. The bandages had caused a wondrous metamorphosis.

It was not just a silly enhancement. This was different. She felt different. Her body had been given the usual treatment in some cases though in more subtle ways. She wasn’t super tall, or super busty with impossible body proportions like the people she saw back at the garden. Her body was a perfected version of what already existed with all the inconveniently placed fat gone and a much healthier skin. Everything from her newly formed wide hips to her bumblebee ass, plus her perky supermodel tits, was a sign of true beauty. A beauty that only a certain level of taste and refrainment from the absurd could achieve.

She appreciated the sexiness of her new outfit as she turned around with a big, fat smile to take a look at her long, red cape held in place by what looked like two massive golden pauldrons shaped like Horus’ head. At the front, the bandages traveled around her body from feet to neck, hiding the most private parts but not shaming away from teasing at some of her perfect bronze skin that now reflected the Sun with a glorious and imperial shine. She looked right out of a big budget production about sexy mummies, if such a thing existed.

Her head was topped by an elongated crown, like Queen Nefertiti’s bust. It contained all her copious hair inside and highlighted her sharp cheeks and dark predator eyes embellished with makeup similar to Dia’s. All of that AND a very cute and pointy nose made her fit perfectly with the goddess she had agreed to marry and that made her the happiest woman alive in her mind.

“What do you think, Shawna?” But the goddess already know what her opinion was. She didn’t need Super Empathy to read it in her face.

“I feel…very different, but the same. And it’s so good and…somehow just exactly what I wanted…How did you do this, Dia? What did you do, exactly?” She couldn’t keep her eyes away from the mirror.

“I made you more similar to me, and in turn I made myself more like you. The bandage spell took a fragment of our souls and placed it in each others’ bodies. It means I am part you as we speak, and that you are part me. We couldn’t be more on the same terms.” It was the truth, even if Dia’s appearance hadn’t changed. Super Goddesses were immutable like that.

“It does sound complicated. But I can’t lie to you, all my former doubts have disappeared. I want to be with you forever and I feel like it’s me who is supposed to live that fate.” She approached the still much taller goddess and embraced her lovingly.

“This is just the beginning, oh my soulmate.” She showed her the entirety of Sky Cairo’s city skyline from her room’s privileged window. “Now you are the goddess of this realm. Just like me, my dear consort. And that means you will be worshiped here and in every single planet of the Neo Kemetian empire. I long to take you on a tour of all 127 of them.”

A tear of happiness escaped Shawna’s eyes. Now she truly felt one with Dia. “I have a last weird petition, if that’s okay~”

“What is it, my love?” Dia’s smile was also telling of her boundless happiness.

The new goddess started to realize her mind had also been expanded. With her superior brain, her thirst for knowledge had been multiplied thousandfold. Just like her ability to retain it. “I don’t exactly feel like my former self. I am still Shawna but with part of you inside me I have become something new and better. I don’t have much imagination for this stuff but…could you please give me a new name according to my current status?”

“Sure.” She accepted nonchalantly. “Amantis, my queen.”

“Good one~” Dia and Amantis hugged each other, enjoying the sun rising in the horizon. A life of love and happiness together awaited them.

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