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Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 7

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Just as the Batman was about to grab on the brass knuckle, the mahogany door swung open inwards. The host smiled at her visitor, remarking “Right on time. As always.”

While the Dark Knight has always pride himself for being able to manage and control his mind and body to the best of his ability, even his heart skipped a few beats when he saw Vampirella’s latest clothing for their evening together.

Or, more pointedly, the lack of thereof.


Just the reaction that Vampirella was hoping to see and hear. She could practically hear the skipping of his heartbeat and the slight strain of his underwear with her superhearing now.

Technically still a sling-bikini, the design definitely covered even less skin than Vampirella’s usual; the available fabric seemed only enough to cover her frontal assets, her crotch area with a g-string-like getup tied to the back.

Instead of the usual red and black that she is so fond of, his host had opted for a light green-yellowish tone, accentuating her emerald green eyes. Given the amount of sun-tanned skin that she is sporting instead of her previous paler skintone, the Drakulon looked even more stunning, especially when he could see the her more prominent muscular cuts from top to toe, from her arms, down to her tight buttocks and strong-looking thighs.

No doubt the benefits of having Kryptonian DNA flowing within her now. Definitely dressed to impress. And more.

Dressed in a tailored shirt and slacks as part of their “casual meetup”, the Bat could definitely see that his host is actually already planning ahead for the night activity after meals.

 “Of course.” Smiling in his most acceptable socialite-manner, he stepped into the hallway. Once Vampirella closed the door behind them, he handed her the bouquet of red roses “Roses for dear Rosalyn. I thought this would have paired well with your usual reds, but nonetheless I hope you like it.”

Vampirella smiled as she took the bouquet, remarking “Ever the prince charming.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the fragrant scent, which saw her float up six inches into the air, before she gently dropped back onto the ground. Another casual display of her new powers, though Batman barely batted an eyelash.

Another confirmation for Vampirella that he already knows about her latest transformation. Previoulsy she would have shown her wings to do a similar parlour trick. Nothing gets past the Batman.

“Smells fresh. Your own?”

“Yes. Alfred and the gardener gathered the best. Just for you.”

“Flatterer.” A gentle peck on Bruce’s left cheek. “Let me place this somewhere nice… Since it’s a little warmer today, I thought we’ll dine out on the back porch. Barbeque style, given my limited culinary skills. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not in the least. Which reminds me…” Bruce then handed over one of his vintage red wine “… I know that you have exquisite taste, so I hope this is still acceptable quality?”

Vampirella glanced at the year, saying “1957? Good start. And I think quite apt for our meal today.” With that she turned towards the kitchen while Bruce walked out towards the patio overlooking the garden. The sun was had already set on the horizon, with the light from the house and the patio illuminating part of the ground. He could see the barbeque on the side, the still lit charcoal keeping the grill warm.

As Vampirella turned up with plates of beef and pork, Bruce rolled-up his sleeves and started placing them on the grill. Vampi didn’t even have to tell him her preferences – knowing her dietary habits is just part and parcel of his intelligence gathering, and very soon both of them sat at the set out table on the patio with their respective plates - Vampi’s bordering on rare; Bruce’s all well-done.

“I never knew that you could eat that much in one-go.” Bruce remarked, seeing his host had tucked away her third bloody steak quickly. Vampi merely smirked at that comment before replying “There are a few more things which has changed about me personally. Though I guess you already knew.”

As Vampirella slurped up the blood around the meat, Bruce commented “More through observations actually. Even so, some things still remain the same. Your preferred beverage, for example.” As she didn’t reply, he continued “Is that the reason why I’m here this evening? For your little show-and-tell?”

Vampirella put down her cutlery and went for the red wine. Taking a sip, she remarked “Not that it’s needed, for the Batman sees and hears all, isn’t it? But I do admit that there are things that even I am… unsure… now.”

“Well given your talents and new… capabilities, I am sure they can be utilised for anything is more physical.”

Vampirella merely stared at her glass before prodding on “That might be true in an actual fight, but isn’t it also true, of what you Terrans say, ‘If you know the enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt’.

“Sun Tzu. What is on your mind?” Vampirella paused for a while before replying “My body. My habits. These powers. They are magnificent, and yet… they have changed me. And for that I will need… information. Better understanding about myself. Hence support; help, if necessary.”

Laughing a bit, Bruce regarded that comment before replying “My dear, I think you have already found out how wonderful it is to have an indestructible body to go with your immortality. So what else are you seeking?”

“It is true that my current physique is better than I could ever imagine. But however invulnerable it may be, it definitely have its weaknesses. And I loathe to be put up against what I don’t know yet again.”

Bruce left that comment hanging in the air, already noting that she mentioned “again”. Both of them stared at cooling barbeque, wine glass hand, in silence before Vampirella continued “I believe I have enough of new information as trade. Important ones that should concern you and all the other superheroes of this world. This is more than us creatures, much more important that those which the humans are trafficking. It potentially involves life and death of this planet, so to speak, especially when you have someone among the Terrans who are willing to make deals to the detriment of your own race.”

Bruce took another sip of his glass, before venturing “Such important information doesn’t come cheap, Rosalyn. How did you get them, and what exactly do you want from me?”

“All in due time. As I mentioned earlier, I want to know more about what I have become. You know that I normally work alone, but for this I am open to looking for support. Physical and Mental. And I might even be willing to return the favour from time to time. Pleasureable ones even.” Vampirella replied with a sexy smile.

Bruce considered that suggestion for a while pouring himself another glass. It does feel a bit more humid now that it’s early summer; it affects the wine taste somehow, and his shirt does feel tight…

“You took away someone dear to one of my allies. That debt is almost impossible to repay, even for an undead such as you. Even if you are willing to, it is also not my call nor decision. Besides, I wouldn’t know what you have in order to barter and pay up on this particular unfortunate incident…” 

Bruce looked up and towards the hedge bordering his hosts’ property boundary. Vampirella have seen enough of that kind of look to understand that his mind is actually miles away, considering and debating how to break the news to the one Kal-El who calls Metropolis and Earth his home now.

Trying to lighten the mood, Vampirella switched topics instead. “Do you remember the first time we met?”

Nodding slightly, he replied “How can I forget?”

“We vampires have long memories. BUT… I am willing to bet…” Vampirella sultrily placed her slightly wet forefinger on top of her her wine glass, and moved it along the round edges, generating a low pitch while doing so “… that what YOU recall is different from mine.”

“And what is the bet?” Bruce raised his half-full glass and took a gentle sip.

“well… since we’ve been such good acquaintances, how about a late night tryst in my bedroom if I win?”

“And if I win, then you will do whatever that I ask of you as well?” Vampirella cocked her head to the side, noting the playboy’s mischevious smirk before nodding. She trusts the Bat in any case.

Bruce looked back at his host, and started to recall his side of the story.


The first time the Batman met Vampirella, it was definitely under odd circumstances.

Given the number of alien superhero and supervillains popping up everywhere across Earth, it doesn’t really require a genius intellect to figure out that we are truly not alone, and that there are many other beings who are similar yet unlike us who might also be walking on Earth.

However, what he didn’t account for is that some of them would be showing up in his own backyard, even though he has been well consulted by Madame Xanadu and even Zatanna that not all creatures and beings desire to be seen by others, normal or otherwise.

It happened about five years ago when he was chasing down a supposedly vigilante across Gotham City. A vigilante who seemed to have done the impossible. One who seemed to be able wipe away those scums of society in a simple note written on a magical notebook.

In a simple manner, able to play God. Or the Devil, depending on one’s perspective.  

For an entire week, a number of notorious criminals, important politicians, and businessmen who plied the grey-market trade had died in plain view of many people throughout Gotham City. Though every one of them have no connections or relationships between them, they were not entirely clean in their dealings. However as they were brought through the justice system, all of them had somehow been released or let off due to either incompetence, corruption, loopholes and everything else in between.

Right up the alleyway of the Dark Knight’s forte of HIS own style of justice.  

However what he had NOT bargained for that many of his would-be targets have died within days of being released, all of them supposedly due to cardiac arrest, irrespective of their ages nor pre-existing conditions or lack of. The youngest had only been in his thirties. That all of them died so suddenly seemingly due to the “hand of god” was too much of a conincidence for the Dark Knight of Gotham.  

By piecing together circumstancial clues, he had traced them to one person - Gotham City’s current Assistant DA Rachel Dawes, a friend of his Bruce Wayne alter ego. An acquaintance since his university days (some would even call her his old flame), both of them drifted apart when Rachel went to law school in the west coast while Bruce continued his playboy antics plus his little bout in with the Al Ghuls, before eventually returning and taking over Wayne Industries. It was during one glamorous fund-raiser not that long ago that he ran into her again, Rachel having come back to Gotham City with an adopted son in tow, “to help and serve” while trying to raise a family on her own.

Not that Rachel is any fan of either of his alter-egos. She had tire of all his playboy antics since university and is still noticeably put-off seeing that he hasn’t changed much; and she regarded any form of vigilante activities to be a dangerous way to crossing the law and taking matters into one’s own hand to deliver sentences. ‘Law and Order’ seemed to be her motto, and despite Commissioner Gordon vouching for the Batman she had refused to touch any of the cases that had come through with the Dark Knight’s help.

It was also her dogged persistence of shunning the Batman that saw herself being bypassed by the current DA Harvey Dent. Instead she got stuck with an endless supply of cases that even the most optimistic would know is close to impossible to win without any outside help or luck.

Nonetheless she persisted, though Bruce could see her spirit being crushed bit by bit as politics, money and corruption slowly eroded her confidence in the system, only able to watch on helplessly as her cases were tossed out one by one by one.

One of them, Grant ‘Lucky’ Thom had the gall to take action within hours of his release from the courthouse, sending Rachel a ‘parting gift’ through an arranged drive-by shooting just as she returned to her suburban home that very evening. Though heavily injured, Rachel had survived that onslaught, though it would be weeks later before she would even open her eyes in the hospital.    

It was also pure luck that Cody, her adopted son had decided on the fly to stay with a friend just a few blocks away that very evening, avoiding further tragedy.

So it was extremely surprising that with that latest development, ‘Lucky’ Thom actually fell dead the moment he stepped out from his latest meetup with the boys two nights later near his own building outside of the string of discos and pubs that he owns. Batman himself had seen how the criminal clutched his heart and collapsed on the steps, moments before he was about to swoop down from the rooftop to deliver his own brand of justice and punishment.

Shortly after, other deaths started happening, all at different locations, time and in the presence of different people. Some died in their sleep, others collapsed at ‘work’. The list went on and on. All of them Rachel’s failed cases. The one person who would hold a grudge couldn’t have done it, for she was still unconscious and all propped up in Gotham Hospital throughout.

Batman himself was extremely puzzled with the subsequent development, but he caught a break when through face recognition technology he noticed Cody being present in a few of the locations where the victims lay dead. In all cases, he was clutching a white notebook. Notwithstanding that it was odd that he would be present near to those people, that at least was a lead that he had to work with.

Setting up video surveillance on the Dawson residence was easy as his own computers and systems designed by Oracle was able to hack into the feed from the existing city cameras. For whatever reason, he saw Cody leaving for St Andrews cemetary a few times throughout the weeks.  

So this one particular evening when he saw Cody leaving the house he decided to follow suit. What he saw later made him rethink what he thought he knew about the God and the Devil.

He had tailed the teenage boy into the cemetary and silently hung back, using his miniature heat-sensing motion detector to lead him to the actual sport. But when he got there, he was surprised to see Cody talking animatedly to someone… dressed as a Grim Reaper? The whole getup, even holding onto a full-size scythe. All he could catch were flickers of white beneath the hood, staying in the shadows behind one of the large sarcophagus.

He would later learn that they were just bones, what the available light managed throw on.

That the two of them were having an animated conversation in a relatively open area (even though it IS the cemetary, and it’s nighttime) does seem very out of the ordinary. While Cody’s voice is typical of a teenager his age, the Grim Reaper’s is more akin to a low bass. 

“I don’t want to do this anymore. I… I can’t seem to stop. It’s just too much!!”

“Come now. Isn’t this is what you wanted? To help your mother, lying there powerless in a coma, to punish those that have walked away from justice? ESPECIALLY those that have come after your dear mother and you. Didn’t I give you the ability to do that?”

“Yes… but… BUT you never told me that all of them will DIE!? Nor that I would have to follow your orders for the rest of my life?!”

Clutching the large scythe in both of his hand, the grim reaper gave out a low laugh before remarking “My boy, the little notebook in your hand is literally called a “Death Note”. I did mention to you that everything comes at a price. When you ask for such power, you should know that it comes with a certain sacrifice."

Taking a step closer towards the twelve year-old boy, who flinched slightly, he (it?) continued “Remember, it was YOU who called out to me. And despite me placing the notebook in your hands, it is YOUR handwriting on each of the pages. You are such a good boy, having done so many deeds on my behalf…”

When Batman tried to move from his current hiding location to try and have a better glimpse of the other person and figure out an exit plan, he felt a slight wind blowing past him, and then a gentle voice on his left ear. “Don’t look now, Bats, but you’re in for a show. Just stay quiet for now.” Before he could even respond he saw a womanly figure closing on the pair and walked to face the Grim Reaper.

 “Well well well. What do we have here Grim? I thought that all your tasks require your presence outside of the cemetary? What brings you…” and then pointing at Cody “and this fresh little meat to my humble abode?”

Both Cody and Batman could only stare at the person entering the fray. Standing close to six feet in her 3-inch black-heeled boots, the raven-haired and paled skin beauty looked utterly under-dressed in her red getup in the cemetary, with the fabric only enough to cover all the critical private parts. Batman thought he had seen his fair share of dramatic costumes, but yet no matter how ridiculous this woman’s is, somehow it didn’t feel very out of sort from the company that she’s keeping.

That, and the gleaming emerald eyes indicate that she’s not one to be crossed.image042.jpg

The Grim Reaper seemed cool and calm though. Bowing slightly, the imposing figure replied “Ah, Vampirella. My apologies for the intrusion. We are merely having a little… discussion to set things right. This boy and I have a little pact, you see. I lend him my Death Note, he helps me to gather the ones that are due to expire in the world. A perfect agreement, wouldn’t you say so?” Cody flinched again at that question which was directed in his direction.  

“Tsk Tsk Tsk. I didn’t know that your situation is so dire that you would entice a child to help you to complete your task? Mother will not be pleased.”

The Grim Reaper laughed sarcastically with that comment. “My dear, while your reputation precedes you, it is also evident that YOU have not seen Lilith for some time. It was with her explicit approval that I am able to… share my little tasks with my new abled helper here.”

“Tut tut. I will admit, Mother and I do not see eye-to-eye on many things, and this happens to be one of them… “ pointing again towards Cody “Don't you find it ridiculous, needing to outsource your job to a teenager?”

“I… I… I never wanted the job…” Cody’s voice suddenly came through in the middle of the night. He pulled out the white notebook and fingered the cover. “I saw this notebook on the desk in my room, and it had an instruction in it that whoever name that I write within it, the person will be punished within 24 hours. Mom is in hospital, and I was so angry that the GCPD was just taking its own sweet time, irrespective of those hollow reassurances. So I wrote down the suspect’s name…” he paused before continuing “But then he DIED! I thought it was just a lucky coincidence. Then I retraced some of mom’s case books, checking some of those people who were let go, and all of them died!”

Vampirella extended her left hand towards Cody, and the boy placed the white “DeathNote” into her hands. Flipping through the pages, she whistled “Looks like you have been busy.” Looking back up and at the Grim Reaper, she mentioned “Well, given that our little one is underaged, how about you let me play your executioner for a while? After all, I think I’m more qualified with the task at hand.” With that she gave the Deathnote back to the Grim Reaper with her right hand, and she raised her left hand. Even from a distance, Batman could see that the fingers seemed have sharpened into claws.

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to bother. After all you are the designated Adjudicator for the creatures, AND you happen to be the Daughter of Lilith.” As he took the notebook, Cody’s shriek tore through the night air as Vampirella plunged her left hand into the Grim Reaper’s chest, and her right hand into its face.

“Don’t worry. Part of what I do everyday anyway. Tell Mother I said Hello.” Pulling out her hands, the grim reaper staggered, before dropping both the scythe and the notebook and collapsed onto the ground. Standing close to her victim she had been unable to avoid the falling scythe which plunged into her right shoulder, though in seconds, together with the fallen creature and the notebook, all of it seemingly turned into ash and disappeared into the night.

As the woman dusted her hands, she turned around to look at Cody, who had also collapsed in a heap. She approached the teenager, and squatted down. Looking at the trembling figure in front of her, she cocked her head to the side. “So… what should I do with you now?”

“Pl… please don’t kill me.”

Seemingly looking over his shoulder, Vampirella called out “Bats, will you take him?” Her question shocked, and yet excited Cody to the core. EVERYONE in Gotham knows about the Batman, and every child wants to be like him. The Dark Knight looking after the city, he shows no mercy for those who do not play by the rules, waging a seemingly one-man war against the worst of the worst. That the Batman had been watching all that unfolding silently for the past hour was both unnerving, and at the same time so scary. And given that Cody has admitted to indirectly killing people using a notebook… Well, he would rather die by Vampirella’s hands rather than being given to the Batman.

The Batman silently approached Vampiralla. The latter just watched him approached, before looking back at Cody. “Don’t worry, I’m sure he will take good care of you. But before I hand you over…” Suddenly, Batman saw a trembling Cody calming down and seemingly entralled by the woman in front of him; and when he observed Vampirella he saw her eyes seemingly changing colour into crimson red. He tried to pull her away from Cody, but as he did so he saw the woman fighting his pull, and they were seemingly at a literal stand-still until minutes later when Cody just fall backwards onto the ground behind him. 

Standing back up, the woman dusted herself before telling Batman “That was a dangerous thing that you did, interfering in what I was doing.”

“What did you do to him?” His voice showing a hint of concern. Despite himself, he had extracted a compact bandage kit and passed it to the woman.

“Relax, Bats.” Vampire took the pack and dabbed lightly on her wound. Batman could see that the cut has already started to knit back together. No doubt one more of her unique abilities.

“What did you DO to HIM?” Batman raised his voice, trying to show authority.

“What I did” she cross her arms under her large, firm breasts “was to influence his mind enough to make him think it was all a dream. Or a nightmare. Depends on one’s perspective. I thought with all that he had gone through, it would be most appropriate.”

“Did you know why, or how he got into this entire debacles?”

Vampirella sighed. “I suspect it’s a combination of a push-and-pull. Grim there” looking at the small pile of dust on the grass “is looking to get someone to do his dirty job for him, not the first time I'd admit. Preferably someone who is already on his death list. Dropping that ‘Death Note’ of his is just one of his petty little games, to see if anyone will bite on his bait. It’s really hard not to be tempted with all that power…” she looked at the unconscious Cody “especially when someone so close to you is hurt.”

“Is that why you are here then? To make things right?”

Vampirella laughed at that comment, before replying “I tend to be a busybody. But more importantly, they were too noisy for me, and I for one hate noisy neighbours.”

She took a few steps down the road seemingly planning to leave, when she felt Batman’s hand grabbing her left arm. Sighing slightly, she turned around. Looking at Batman’s impassive face, she replied “Unless you have anything else in mind, I think it’s time you get him home, don’t you think?”

“Who are you? Or rather, what ARE you?”

Laughing at that question, the woman just replied. “Given that you are called the Batman, I am sure that you are not deaf. Grim called me Vampirella, and unlike many others who wear colourful costumes and use even more colourful nicknames, that is my real name.”

 “So you are a vampire?” Even he himself felt foolish asking that question.

Coming closer to Bruce, Vampirella grinned and showed her fangs. “Don’t worry, I had a drink before dropping by. I am not planning to partake anything from the protector of Gotham without premission, nor do I want anything to do with that little teenager over there. I know my boundaries. You’re lucky that I happen to be around next door, else I doubt even YOU have enough in that little arsenal pouch of yours to get rid of a thoroughly pissed Grim Reaper.”

In a determined manner, she took hold of Batman’s hand and slowly pried open his fingers one by one, as if emphasising the difference in strength despite her model slim body. With that she turned around, and suddenly a pair of bat-like wings sprouted from her back.

Even in the dim moonlight, Batman’s hearbeat skipped a beat when he observed the generous curves of her buttocks and her torso in profile.image043.jpg

Turning around, she smiled at him, seemingly pleased with the reaction that she had on him. Vampirella blew a kiss towards the Dark Knight before flying away into the night.

It would be the first of many encounters that the Batman would have with his neighbour from then on. Depending on circumstances, their interactions coould swung widely from being uneasy partners, to even becoming adversaries once or twice depending on their goals.

More often than not however, they acted as informants for each other, passing on relevant and useful items, even important connections that could further an investigation. Bruce with his vast resources, technology and large superhero alliance; Vampirella through her own capabilities, ability to blend within the shadows, and her own network of supernatural creatures. That they have always shared reliable and accurate information helped built trust between the both of them.

And of course, with increasing opportunity to see each other, it led to more casual meetings and eventually a number of trysts in the sack, secret identities thrown out the window quickly. It was also then that he found out Vampirella went by “Rosalyn”, a name supposedly given by Marcus due to her personality tend to mirror that of the flower – beautiful but prickly, all holders beware.

Despite Bruce’s own confidence in his ability (he’s not deemed the most desirable playboy in Gotham for no reason) and experience given his flings with superheroines and villainesses alike, Vampirella had thoroughly blown all of them out the water with what she was able to do, her ability to bring pleasure to both of them seemingly better than anyone that he had.

In his mind, even Wonder Woman and Catwoman have to give way to an immortal Drakulon vampire warrior stranded on this planet called Earth. 

The latest case which Batman placed onto Vampirella’s plate was actually an extension from the Daily Planet’s investigation into the illegal human trafficking into the country. Despite the prominent reporting on the paper, one of the key items supressed by Clark was that a number of those trafficked are actually creatures. Vampires, witches and daemons – creatures that are younger, innocent, more malleable and easier to influence - have been picked-up across the globe, and for some reason is also passing through a number of major cities in America using the same system, before going on to Europe.

While Superman had wanted to bring out all the facts into the open, it was on Batman’s insistence (and curiousity) that it was suppressed, giving the Dark Knight time to find the right person to look into this other aspect of the illicit trade. Bruce has had enough experience working his own intelligence network that he thought that the trafficking of the creatures must be the main dish, their numbers small enough among the humans to be overlooked and hidden.

This is akin to hiding dried leaves on the floor of a vast forest.

Vampirella had checked this latest development with the De Claremonts discreetly, and she was flabbergasted when Marcus informed her that it sounded as if the creatures are being ferried across the pond to a rogue family member of their clan who is intent on taking revenge upon Matthew Claremont and his wife, Diana Bishop. Both of them have somehow disappeared, supposedly trying to stay low-key. Despite Diana being a witch, Vampirella has been suitably impressed, seeing and hearing about how tenacious and vivacious the young witch had been in defending her relationship with one of the most prominent Undead, and had promised Marcus Clairemont to try and resolve this to the best of her ability.

She is, after all, the designated Adjudicator for the vampires of the Congregation.  

It was her dogged pursuit of the grapevine that led Vampirella and Batman into this unique predicament today.


“So did I pass?”

Her thoughts returning to the present, Vampirella smiled mischieviously even though she had her mind tuned elsewhere as Bruce talked. “Pass, yes. With distinction? No.”

“I don’t recall that I am going for excellence today. Not that you were listening to much what I was saying. Though if it pleases you, I do plan to stay a little longer tonight.”

Vampirella laid her wine glass on the table, stood up and walked over to Bruce’s side.  Standing behind him, she moved her right hand across his chest, feeling the Bat’s own powerful pectorals and abs through his thin dress shirt. Leaning over to kiss him on the cheek, she then whisked Bruce up from his seat and carried him bridal-style, and walked out onto the ground.

“Up, up and away then?” Vampirella smirked at that snarky remark, and with a gentle push of her powerful legs, floated upwards onto the balcony above and into the room upstairs.

This time, without her wings.


“Was it good for you?”

Bruce was putting on his shirt after the late night workout on bed when Vampirella called out to him, still floating a few inches above the bed. 

“It was excellent for me; though I will need to work on my techniques in order to do the same for you now. Maybe consider trying out some new ones too” That comment alone brought an unconscious shudder throughout her current naked body, for Bruce DOES like to keep things interesting. Unfortunately with her current strength level, his own organic steel is inadequate to open her own jaws of life without Vampirella using her fingers to gently keep them open for him to move in.  

Despite his best efforts tonight, it was obvious to both of them early on that their make-up session would not be similar to the ones that they have had previously. Now that Vampirella’s body is infused with Kryptonian strength and stamina, it made her even more difficult to pleasure. Not to mention that each and every muscle of hers is now firm and invulnerable, even her private parts.

And so he focused on using other ways and options. Lateral thinking and creativity are part and parcel of being the Dark Knight after all.

Having figured out that penetration with THAT part of him is out of the question, they also established quickly that Vampirella’s senses seemed to have heightened further, which meant despite being invulnerable she could definitely feel the touches and caresses all over her body.

So they went for each other in other ways. Judging from the cries and moans of pleasure that he was able to elicit out from Vampirella for the past hour, it had been a fantastic experience for the new vampire of steel.

Vampirella was surprised how talented Bruce’s tongue and mouth was. After having been put through a horrendous pace with Mandi just days ago, it feels so good to be gently caressed and pampered by such a wonderful and eager male lover, who seemed to know how fast or how gentle her body needs.

Bruce knew when to gently blow, lick, or bite on her super-sensitive clit, or even to touch, kiss, and lick the juices gently flowing out from her cunt; while his large hands alternated between kneading, cupping, caressing her firm globes, her bulletproof nipples on top in rhythm, or to knead and squeeze her steel hard rump in tune with all his ministrations below. That a Terran man (though a very well-built one) was able to take her current powerful body to gentle climax twice was truly remarkable. It did take some effort on her part to focus and continue spreading her legs wide while floating in the air, in order to give him full access and not accidentally crushing her lover between her meaty thighs. That she had kept her posture still despite hitting her climax impressed even the Batman himself in return.

She had then returned the favour by using her super-firm bosoms to engulf his large erect tool as he lay on the large bed, seemingly trying to give the Batman the tit-fuck of his life, licking on the cockhead as she moved above him with her flight powers. He had tried to hold out as long as he could, as he felt his erection alternatively being gently massaged and then firmly crushed within Vampirella’s twin pillows, but even he could only take so much. Twice as he was about to cum, Vampirella had sensed his impending explosion and instead had placed a finger on each side of her firm tits and pushed them inwards, deepening her cleavage. As her breasts crush unapologetically on his erection, Bruce groaned loudly in frustration, and made worse as Vampirella placed her tongue mischeviously so that she blocked his cock-hole with a portion of her immense strength, forcibly delaying his release.

When he did come, it was as if a geyser had erupted after being contained for months as he blasted his spunk repeatedly into Vampirella’s mouth, who just seemed to lap it all up like honey. 

Going up against a super-vampire is truly hard work. And after the two rounds, Bruce was already done. He called it a night.

After all, he still has his night patrol later.

Before he left, Bruce gave the floating raven-haired superwoman a languid kiss on her lips before remarking “Despite your firmness, you seem to be very sensitive still.” This brought a laughing moan out from the vampire, who remarked “What, another note that goes into my profile in the Bat-computer?”

“No, just a personal observation. Which also reminds me on what needs to be done. I will let you know tomorrow.” He was referring to their previous conversation during dinner. It had to be said anyway, no point leaving it hanging longer. He knows in his heart that Clark will literally explode in anger when he hears about it, the only thing in question would be what he would do next.

“Oooo… I can’t wait. I hope it also includes lots of slapping and furious exchange of bodily fluids too.” Then she noticed a change in Bruce’s face, his eyes seemed to sharpen as he responded in a serious tone.

“We ARE talking about a life here, Rosalyn. Irrespective of what happens, I hope that you realise the implications to it.” The mood changed dramatically as if the temperature had dropped suddenly within the room. Before she could retort, the Dark Knight had already made his way downstairs, and in minutes she heard the closing of her front door.

Putting her arms behind her head, the Drakulon continued laying on a cushion of air, staring up at the ceiling, lost in her own thoughts.  Then, moving her hands from her chest, past her abdomen and down to her powerful legs, she smirked to herself.

“Let’s see if he truly IS super then.”

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