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The Lady and The Sea

Written by loamlife :: [Thursday, 28 April 2022 06:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 June 2022 12:07]

Special thanks to Woodclaw for editing 

Cindy didn’t even know why she was here. Seeing a mass of people half her age swimming and running around in the sun. She was in no condition to get in the water, but she figured she wouldn’t be too out of place napping in the sun. She hardly got days off so she might as well make the most of it.

As she set down her towel, Cindy wondered how she had gotten at this point in her life. Things had been hard since the divorce and it showed, she looked ten years older than she actually was. Looking at the volleyball court, she felt completely out of place. Seeing all the beach beauties playing, she felt self–conscious about her wrinkled skin, plain face and pudgy stomach. She admired how athletic they were, while she could barely get stuff from the top shelf these days. I’m just a loser who couldn’t make it work. I don’t belong here she thought and started getting up.

As she was packing, Cindy saw something gleaming in the sandand slowly walked towards it. She dug her hands into the sand and pulled it out. It was a silver bracelet must have washed up at high tide, Cindy figured. It didn’t look particularly valuable, probably not even real silver. Someone must have lost this while swimming. Still despite its plainness Cindy found it rather elegant. Holding it in her hand, she felt compelled and slipped it on her wrist. After jangaling for a half second it suddenly became a perfect fit.

Cindy walked back to her towel to collect her things but was struck by a sudden wave of drowsiness. She fell down on the towel as the little energy she had drained away. She took a final look at the volleyball game before lying down and closing her eyes. As she passed out she was filled with envious thoughts. She thought about the girls playing volleyball again with their long legs, nice breasts and athletic builds. I'm just a waste of space compared to them. Imagine if I was as cool as them, hell imagine if I was the hottest woman on the beach she thought. I AM the hottest woman on the beach. These were her last thoughts as she dozed off on her towel.

When she woke up, Cindy felt incredibly groggy. How long was I out? Then she shuddered in horror as she realized she forgot to apply sunscreen. She scolded herself for forgetting something that basic. She imagined going to work red all over and the looks of contempt she would get. I'm already on the shit list with my boss and this certainly won’t help. She pictured him in her head. “There's Cindy being a screw up again”. She didn't want to move, knowing the pain it would cause. Fearing the worst Cindy finally mustered the courage to open her eyes and sit up.

Surprisingly there was no pain at all. In fact her joints moved great. Taking a look at herself, Cindy was shocked at what she saw. Instead of a sickly red body, she had a perfect tan complexion. No signs of sun damage anywhere. Not only that, her skin was perfectly smooth. If Cindy had looked ten years older than she was before now she looked at least ten years younger. Not only that but there were other changes as well. Her one piece swimsuit looked way too large as her stomach seemed noticeably smaller. Her boobs had lost their sag and appeared perfectly proportioned on her frame. Her feet were further from the towel than she remembered. Had her legs grown longer? Cindy stood up, noticed her hair for the first time and gasped.

Her old brunette locks were gone, replaced by a flaming and vibrant orange color. She held a strand between her fingers. It was silky smooth. While previously she had it cut to her neck now it probably went all the way down to her upper back.

Cindy was puzzled. “I took a nap for a few hours after putting on… the bracelet!!!”, she realized. Could that really be the cause? She glanced at it again. She had passed out thinking about the other girls and how she wished she looked like them and now… “but that means” Cindy grabbed a pocket mirror from her bag.

As she expected, the wrinkles were nowhere to be seen but that didn’t prepare her for what she saw. Her face was… flawless. She could barely recognize it. Her cheekbones were long and elegant, her Lips perfect, her eyelashes looked like something out of a magazine. Despite the color, her new hair complemented her face just right. She looked… twenty eight at most. She smiled and gave off a warm glow. I must be the hottest girl here. Cindy looked over at the volleyball court again. None of the players looked half as good as she did now. Noticing they needed more people, she ran over with a mischievous grin.

“Mind if I join?” Cindy asked. The people on the court were taken aback by the orange haired beauty, but they needed an extra person and were happy to let her play. Cindy stood in position as the opposing team served the ball. She went to bump the ball… and missed it completely. “Oops” she said. The next few serves weren’t any better. Cindy looked completely lost on the court flailing around like a toddler. After an attempted spike went straight into the net she heard one of her teammates whisper “She's just some bimbo.”

Once again, Cindy felt searing anger taking over. She almost went up to slap them. I don't want to look lame out here. I AM the best volleyball player! The thought entered her head seemingly out of nowhere. On the next play the girl next to her bumped the ball for a dude in the back Cindy immediately ran over and spiked it into the sand on the other side of the net. The opposing team was taken aback at the power of the hit. Cindy just stood there with a guilty look on her face. On the next serve she set up a clean spike. It seemed as if, with every serve, she rapidly improved. In five she was the best player on the court. By the tenth she played like a pro. By twenty she barely needed teammates.

People started gathering around, mesmerized by the orange haired women and her mastery of volleyball. Seeing her run and dive after the ball and spike it with deceptive strength. As Cindy easily won another serve, she noticed that she was looking down at her teammates now. Did I get taller again? She took a once over on her body again. She seemed to be over six feet tall now and her arms and legs had gained definition. Her now ill-fitting one piece hid a pair of defined abs on her abdomen. Cindy admired her new form. “This is incredible” she was taken aback by her voice, now melodious and commanding. She raised up the bracelet on her arm. Did you really do this? It seemed to have turned her into a gorgeous volleyball star but was that its limit?. What are you capable of?

She left the volleyball game and ran to the ocean. I AM the best swimmer she thought to herself as she dived into the ocean. With perfect form she swam at top speed far from the shore. She wasn’t feeling tired at all but the miss sized swimsuit was becoming a hassle. She quickly discarded it into the depths without a second thought. I can worry about modesty later. Concerns like that were quickly starting to feel beneath her. She stared at the vast ocean, then quickly dived down into the depths. Can this bracelet take me beyond human limits? I AM beyond human the words seemed to enter her mind again. It appeared Cindy had answered her own question. Opening her eyes underwater they shone with a golden radiance. Seeing perfectly beneath the waves she continued downward at mach speed. Once it became clear she no longer needed to breathe Cindy quickly turned around and rushed back up above the water… and kept going into the air. I suppose someone like me should be able to fly. I AM able to fly. Cindy hovered 30 feet in the air, as if she was still in the water.

Staring at the people on the beach from above with her improved vision she laughed at how insecure she had felt only hours ago. Now they all seemed so insignificant to her. Surveying the beach from above she noticed a small child far from the shore. Even in the air she could hear the calling for help. There didn't seem to be a lifeguard nearby. I guess I should save them. Cindy was still naked not that she cared much anymore but she didn't want to overwhelm the people with her perfect form. I AM wearing acceptable clothing. A two piece outfit materialized and wrapped her, leaving her midsection visible and nothing to the imagination. The tight red spandex highlighted the definition of her curves and her tight rear end while holding up her perfectly shaped chest. I guess I should have expected that. I look like a supergirl now. I AM a supergirl now. Cindy gracefully flew down and picked up the child in her arms. A crowd gathered as the statuesque women landed back in the sand. “Who are you?”

That was a good question.I’m not really Cindy anymore am I. No I have gone quite beyond that. She could barely comprehend what she had been only a few hours before. Imagine if my ex saw me like this now. Not that it would matter, a loser like him isn’t worthy of me now. But then who was she? If I'm a supergirl do I need a fancy name? She couldn't imagine herself trying to disguise herself or hide her powers.why would she. No the world would know who she was. “You can call me Cynthia,” she said. It was similar enough to her old name but more fitting of her now.

Cynthia spent the next fifteen minutes taking pictures with the crowd on the beach. People were coming from all over to see the new superwoman. Cynthia was loving the attention. “So where did you come from?” someone asked. Do I really want to tell them about my lame life and job before today? No, that woman was long gone.“I came to this world after my home dimension was destroyed and now it's my duty to be the guardian of this world” She lied. Cynthia still remembered her boring life as her old self. The bracelet isn’t changing my past. I guess there is a limit.

Then someone asked for a demonstration of her powers. Happy to oblige, Cynthia quickly went to the parking lot and grabbed a car. It was weightless in her hands so she grabbed another. Flying back with them carefully in her hands the crowd was mesmerized by the tall women lifting several tons without breaking a sweat. After showing off her super breath and laser eyes she finally got bored from the attention. I need some personal time. Needing a way out she told them “Duty calls” and then flew off.

Soaring high above Cynthia could see all the mortals of the world below. Their concerns were beneath her now but she did feel enough compassion to help them. I guess I’m a good supergirl. She did enjoy the praise from the people. It's better than my old job even if the pay is worse. Not that she needed money anymore. I hope they don't mind that I didn't give two weeks' notice. Cynthia landed on top of a building. Now alone she truly grasped the magnitude of her abilities. The world just seemed so simple now. She could do whatever she wanted. Cynthia displayed a radiant smile. “This world is my domain now”

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