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Summertime Memories

Written by Rjjt456 :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 16:25] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 18:58]

Authors note: I’ll like to say a huge thank you to my friends, editors, and mentors, Au Goose and Woodclaw. Without their help, the story either wouldn’t have been finished, or been trimmed down enough to meet the 2K word limit (Barely!)

As a little further side note: A Part 2 is planned, and will (hopefully) be released together with a more complete version of this story (A Director’s cut). I won’t promise when it will be ready (since I’ve tried that before and still hasn’t delivered) but I hope soon.


Paradise Beach was a summer wonderland, a place of fine warm sand and thundering waves. Some came to take a dip in the water, others visiting the greasy fast-food shops, and the rest playing in the sand.

Rachel was looking for fun as her girlfriends tried to decide what to do.

“We could try and surf?” Crystal pointed towards a little both that rented boards and swimsuits.

“No way, none of us has ever tried that! How about some beach volley?” Taylor countered, looking toward the nets.

“You just want an excuse to play with Mack.”

“Yeah, sure,” Taylor frowned, her eyes expressing her true feelings. “It’s not like I’m ever going to get the chance when Rachel here has him wrapped around her little finger.”

“Shut up!” The gorgeous red-haired woman replied, tugging a lock of hair that escaped her ponytail. “He is just a good friend.”

“He sure is.” another voice chirped in, which made the group collectively turn their heads towards the newcomer.

“The ‘good friend’ whom you’ve gone to the cinema with, been dining with…” she said as she turned her voice down to a whisper. “... and likely already given a blowjob, slut.”

The newcomer was a woman the same age as the cheerleaders. Her long auburn hair was gently swaying in the wind as her self-assured grin turned into a vicious snarl.

“Shut up, Kate!” Taylor barked back. “You’re just jealous!”

Kate’s eyebrow raised and her expression turned predatory, her white teeth gleaming as she was about to tear into her prey.

“The jealous one here is you, Taylor. We all know how much you wish he was yours. You’re like a little schoolgirl: Only out for attention.”

“And you,” she continued, walking up to Crystal. “You’re a bimbo in training. You think we haven’t noticed all the guys you take home to “help” with your homework? Please, we all know what happens behind the closed doors of your bedroom.”

Her victims blushed deeply as some boys from school turned at the sounds of Kate’s venomous onslaught.

“That’s enough!” Rachel roared, closing the gap between her and Kate in five steps and pushing Kate away from her friends.

“You’re a shallow bitch that can’t find happiness, so you do your fucking best to tear it away from others.” Rachel leaned in and whispered. “What happened to Silver Star, the amazing girl who could save us all? You used to be a hero…”

Kate recoiled from Rachel and almost lost her footing. She almost recovered but landed buttfirst in the sand… How dare she bring that up! That was from the stories they made up together as kids! Two little girls pretending to have super powers.

Kate fumed angrily, getting up. She wanted to deliver the smackdown of the century when she noticed people staring. She’d have done it anyway, but with so many idiots looking, it wasn’t worth it anymore.

“Someday, Rach” Kate snared as she marched away from the trio towards the cliffs on the northern part of the beach.

Rachel looked after Kate while Crystal came up to her. “What was that about? I mean, she’s always been a bitch as long as I’ve known her, but not like this…”

Rachel sighed, her gaze falling to the sand that blew across her feet.

“She and I… We were close, once. Inseparable even.”

Crystal’s eyes widened. This was the first time that she had ever heard this.

“How close? What happened?” Crystal inquired.

Rachel pondered how to answer. For several moments she looked ready to say something before shaking her head, a subtle smile forming.

“I’m up for beach volleyball if any of you are.” she simply stated, strolling past Crystal.

Crystal took one last look towards Kate before joining the other girls for a game.


“Stupid Rachel, making me look like a fool in front of everyone. Especially in front of that stupid, airheaded…” Kate sighed with desire “...Mack.”

Kate steamed as she beelined towards the cliffs by the sea. She’d meant to embarrass them, not to be embarrassed!

“Someday Rachel. I’ll teach you…! GARH!” she screamed, throwing her hands in the air and spooking a flock of seagulls. Startled, she felt a tug at her foot and saw her legs engulfed in the sand. She slipped further down into it, to her knees. Seconds after, her thighs were covered.

“Help!” Kate shouted, but she was so far away that none heard her over the screaming birds and the crashing waves. The sand muffled her last scream as her head sank beneath the surface.

After a few moments of terrifying darkness, she flopped onto a surprisingly soft pile of sand, more trickling down on her head. She was in a cave, a thin beam of light lancing down from where she’d fallen through the ceiling. The walls were incredibly smooth, curved inwards to make the whole cave into a dome, impossible to climb.

She was stuck.

Fuck! Hello!!! Anyone there?! HELP!” she screamed as loud as she could, hoping that some idiot would be near enough to help. Minutes passed but none came. She checked her phone for coverage… Nada.

Just great! First Rachel embarrasses me in front of everyone. Now I’m stuck down here. I’ll likely starve before one of those buffons will move their lazy ass to help me!“ she thought, pacing back and forth on the little sandpile.

When that became too boring, Kate took a look around. If help wasn’t coming, then she would explore the cave.

Following the wall, she found a large opening that led further into the cave. Despite walking away from the light, the cave was still weirdly bright. Soon she heard what sounded like running water.

That seemed weird, but she followed the sound to a cavern with a stream rushing through. It was only a couple of meters wide, but churned dangerously and she couldn’t see the bottom. Across the water she could make out the opening of another tunnel.

Kate groaned. It wasn’t especially wide, but it was enough that she didn’t feel confident trying to jump across and the current looked scary.

She suppressed a scream of frustration. Looking back, she felt a rising dread: she could no longer find the passageway she had entered through. The tunnel on the far side was now the only way out.

Pacing along the bank, she reviewed her options: walking across was too dangerous – maybe impossible – swimming was out and the jump was too far for her…

Silver Star would have just flown over it like nothing at all. Not that that helped now.

…unless there were stones that broke the waterline.

Kate Blinked. How had she missed them before? It wouldn't be an easy crossing, but they were her best way over.

She took a deep breath before taking her first careful step on the stones.

They were slippery, but not as much as she had feared. She moved carefully, cautiously picking the next one, just like she and Rachel did to cross the creek near where they lived. It was another summer, a lifetime ago, when they were just little girls playing superhero.

That put a smile on her face before she wiped it off again. That was the past. Things had changed.

With a little jump she made it fully across.


“It’s pointless!” Kate exclaimed as she kicked a loose rock.

“I’ve walked for I don’t know how long! This fucking cave seems to work on its own freaking logic, and…” she stopped and sat on the ground.

“I just want to get out of here and go home.” Kate sobbed, covering her eyes with her hands.

In her distress, she didn’t picture her flat, but her old childhood home out in the suburbs. She had always felt safe there, even when walking in the forest with her friends.

Or rather friend.

Rachel had always been there, her outgoing nature infectious. It often led to day-long adventures under the leaves, hills, and rivers, as they would use their fantasies to figure out ways to use their “superpowers” to find solutions to their problems.

What would Rachel do now? She sniffed, another memory bubbling up.

“Hey, Kate! Look at this!” Rachel said from her spot on the sofa, comic in hand.

“What is it?” Kate replied, wondering what Rachel wanted to show her. “There is this superhero on here that looks a lot like you!” Rachel said eagerly, almost throwing the comic in Kate’s face.

Kate had to admit Rachel had a point. The young woman on the page shared her hair color and had a similar face. There was just a little detail…

“Why is she dressed in black?”

Eager to explain, Rachal almost stumbled upon her words. “Okay, so normally she’s a hero, but in this she lost her powers, but somehow took the villain's powers! So she has powers again, and this outfit, and-”

“What is her name?”

“Oh…” Rachel had lost her momentum. “Her name’s Mary.”

Kate chuckled at the memory. “You always told me to never give up when things were tough.” Kate got up again, trying to wipe a bit of the sand away that got on to her.

“There got to be a way out of here…”

As she brushed a strand of brown hair out of her face, she suddenly felt something she hadn’t expected: A breeze.

Not knowing what else to do, she followed the breeze, first in a walking pace, then faster before it turned into a sprint when she could see a light ahead. As she emerged from the corridor she looked around and found a room that felt familiar. Looking up, she noticed the dome-like structure of the cave… and the hole in the ceiling.

“Come on! Have I just been going in circles this whole time?!?” Kate exploded as she walked further into the room. Everything was as she had left it: The big pile of sand, the hole in the roof, the glowing rock…

“Hang on there…” She muttered, walking back to the sand pile. She was sure the gleaming stone hadn’t been there earlier when she fell. Picking it up, Kate noted how light it felt, and how it seemed to fit well in her hand, like it had been created for that purpose alone. It was small, but it hardly mattered. After all, she was still stuck down here.

Gazing up towards the hole, she chuckled as she thought about how easy it would be to escape if she had the superpowers from her childhood alter-ego. Flying through the air as if nothing could hold her down.

She at first didn’t notice the warmth emanating from the nugget in her hand, but it soon became clear to her as it traveled across her body and began its work upon it.


She could feel it enter her, traversing her whole body. It was the most intense pleasure Kate had ever felt in her life. Her schoolgirl body morphed into such beauty that few could match her.

As she closed her eyes, she knew what she was becoming capable of. What she desired to be able to do. All of her most treasured childhood dreams were becoming true.

Strength to crush mountains… Faster than anything built by man… Impervious to mortal weapons… And flight, her ultimate desire.

As her feet left the ground, she thought “I need a costume. Something fitting…" and her new power obliged.

Her clothes became entirely black as it stretched to cover all of her upper body. Her pants turned into a short black skirt, and her shoes into black knee-high boots.

She grinned as she opened her eyes. Striking her arms above her, she accelerated so fast that the cave crumbled behind her, as it collapsed from the impact.

Floating above Paradise beach, Kate grinned even more as she looked at the people beneath her.

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… Looks like today is the day I’ll settle the score.”

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Clever premise with the rivalry from the past and the transformation in the present. Were the girls sisters? I guess in part 2 it will be Purgatory Beach for Rachel!
By AUphoric

Not sisters, but saying more would be a spoiler.
Funny thing is that I...
Clever premise with the rivalry from the past and the transformation in the present. Were the girls sisters? I guess in part 2 it will be Purgatory Beach for Rachel!
By AUphoric

Not sisters, but saying more would be a spoiler.
Funny thing is that I had an almost completely different idea for how it would end and then Goose came up with two simple suggestions, and an idea. T

They changed everything!

Hopefully I can write the next part soon, and expand on this one (Over 700 words were cut to have it meet the word limit!)
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Clever premise with the rivalry from the past and the transformation in the present. Were the girls sisters? I guess in part 2 it will be Purgatory Beach for Rachel!
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