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Dozer's Day Off

Written by Woody :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 17:45] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 19:00]

She landed with the grace of a ballerina at a secluded beach. Putting her bag down and obscuring herself behind some trees, she raised her hand and twirled. A shower of red and white sparks cascaded down her sleek toned arm. As it reached her hair her mask disintegrated, sunglasses replacing them. As the sparks met her trademark red and white form fitting suit, a flowy sundress materialised, gently swaying in the spin. Her boots disappeared showing her long lean legs, adorning a pair of flip flops.

Julie Torpor stepped out into the sun. It had been two days since her world turned upside down when she found out that she was the superheroine Dozer after the fight with the Seer.

Her fellow heroines had welcomed her with open arms, and her contract had come to an end as her boss was ultimately proven to be a hell bent megalomaniac. She figured that she'd take a day or two to recover before going back to her old job.

Stacey had told her about this beach, secluded and out of the way, it was mostly inaccessible and perfect for hiding away.

Julie smiled, "this is idyllic" she thought to herself, "I have this is all to myself". She placed her towel down and pulled her sundress over her head, revealing a blue high waisted bikini and a matching halter top.

She'd stayed there for the next few hours. The sun warming her skin interlaced with the occasional dip. She was a million miles away from the world without a care. So much so that she nodded off.

Later, it could have been minutes, could have been hours, Julie woke up with a start. In the distance she could see a boat burning. She got up without missing a beat. She knew what she needed to do.

A quick check that she was alone and she raised her hand and twirled.

Red and white sparks cascaded around her. Julie smiled as a rush of adrenaline coursed through her body as she spun.

She felt her mask materialise on her face, lightly pressing her cheeks, hiding her true identity .

As the sparks reached the nape of her neck she felt her costume begin to materialise, the costume giving her goosebumps on her shoulders as the fabric moulded to her physique. Her blue bikini top transformed into her trademark red and white suit, forming around her breasts and down her slender waist. Simultaneously red gloves adorned her hands.

The sparks continued down past her hips, accentuating her curves as it continued down her thighs. At the knee her trademark red boots materialised, and with a flash Julie completed her transformation into Dozer.

She took off and landed on the deck, smoke was coming from the cabin below. She took two steps then stopped, she caught a glimpse of herself. Instead of her usual costume, She was in a full body suit from her neck to toe. Her outfit was one whole piece, her gloves and boots were part of the suit, like they were printed onto the fabric

"What the hell, this isn't my costume" she thought to herself, starting to run her hands over her normally uncovered thighs, when the sound of glass exploding snapped her back to the present.

She went into the cabin and found two men hustled in a corner.

"Don't worry, I'll get you out" she said, just as two beams crashed in between her and the men. She picked up the beams effortlessly and tossed them out the window, causing smoke to billow through. Suddenly she felt a gust as the flames sucked the air from outside, creating the perfect flammable cocktail. Before she knew it, there was a flash, a fierce wave of heat, and everything went black.

Julie woke up with a start. "Thank God that was just a dream" she said to herself breathing a sigh of relief. She went to roll but then she saw the ground. It was two feet below her. Panicking, she saw a bead of light spinning then encircling her. She looked down and saw her feet being encapsulated in red.

As the light traversed her calves she felt a light pressure, she tried to move her body to get a better view but she could only tilt her neck, her view obstructed by her breasts.

She could see the light move up her thighs, feeling a warming sensation as the light passed over her flawless porcelain skin. Upon reaching her hips she felt the most luxurious fabric mould to her body, with her feeling slightly tingling as it knitted it way around

She tilted her head and saw the same fabric knit it was through her fingers creating red gloves. As the light passed her waist and hit her top, she felt her breasts gently pushed together. She again tilted her head to be greeted with a deep valley of cleavage. As the light continued she saw the luxurious fabric was red and white. Just like her costume.

No sooner has she thought that she felt a slight pressure on her cheeks then turned upright. There was a flash and Julie had transformed.

Regaining full control of her body she surveyed her costume, spied her slender waist and jumped. Her gloves were the same, but her boots only ran halfway up her legs. Instead of her usual suit, she was wearing a sporty two piece. Her bottoms still accentuated her hips, with a fuller cut like her normal suit, and her bust was contained in a crop like bikini top that still emulated the massive cleavage she normally displayed as Dozer.

"What is going on?" Julie said to herself. Was she in a bikini now because she was in a bikini before? There was so much she didn't know about becoming and being Dozer.

While she was trying to make sense she spied the same burning boat from her dream. "That must be an ability I have." Julie said "I have precognition of my scenarios, that's Awesome"

Dozer flew into action, and the bikini clad heroine landed on the boat. She found the men in the same place as in her dream,but this time used her superspeed to race the men to the upper deck. Getting them out a split second before the beams fell.

"I'll get you to safety." She said to the men "Have you got life-jackets?" she asked as smoke continued to bellow from the burning wreck.

They shakily pointed back to the cabin. Amidst the flames, Dozer spotted the jackets. Dozer took a step to advance, when the fire caused the cabin's glass windows to explode outwards, just as before, air rushed in and there was an explosion, and everything turned black.

When she came to, Julie was floating, She was back in her bikini surrounded by a soft white light. "It's not the easiest gig is it?" said a familiar voice. She turned and saw a familiar figure walking towards her. Her red boots met her silky porcelain thighs. Her red and white costume moulded to every curve on her body, accentuating her beauty. Her flawless face obscured by a red fitting mask.

It was Dozer.

"But I'm you" Julie said quizzically. "How is this possible"

"This is a dream realm" Dozer confidently replied. "Here is where I was when I wasn't inhabiting your body as Dozer. Here I can help guide you while you learn to use your new abilities?"

"Well that didn't work out too well, did it!" Julie said, motioning with her arms.

"You noticed how your costume seemed a little off Julie?" Dozer started

"Well yeah" replied Julie. "What's the go with that"

"You were right, one of your abilities is precognition. Sometimes you can run through scenarios before they happen, should the circumstances allow. That is, if you're already asleep. you've been here a while, you're still asleep on the beach."

"So the Costume…."Julie started.

"Will be a clue you're the dream realm, if you transform into a different costume without intent, you will probably be here."

"What do you mean without intent?" Julie asked.

"All things in time" Dozer said, "there are many things I need to teach you?"

"Why couldn't you just, I don't know, TELL ME THIS IS A DREAM" Julie Screamed at Dozer. "I know I'm new at this but WHAT THE HELL"

"These dreams are scenarios you will face, You performed well."

"The fucking Boat exploded twice" Julie said "How is that performed well?"

"You learnt from your mistakes, you realised you couldn't move the beams so you got the men before they collapsed. Now you know the boat as it will explode regardless. You'll be fine when the time comes with this knowledge.


"What do you mean when the time comes?"


"I will be here to guide you Julie. You will be a terrific hero" said Dozer.

"Can you please stop being vague" replied Julie.

"Wake up Julie"

"Hey Dozer can you hear that?"

"Good bye for now Julie." Said Dozer as she faded.

"WAIT" yelled Julie, "Where are you……"

Her eyes opened with a Start. Above her was a Heroine with a short blonde bob, blue eyes and a purple suit with a silver diamond emblazoned on it.

"Sorry to wake up Julie, but we need your help" It was the Dazzling Diamond.

Julie got up and dusted the sand off her body. In the distance she could see the burning boat that was in her dreams. This time Manta was putting out the fire.

She looked at the Dazzling Diamond. "No problem Stacey" she said. She then traced her hand up her body pointed to the sky and twirled. A shower or red and white sparks transformed Julie's bikini clad body into her red and white costume. She looked down at its completion and smiled. It was her regular costume.

It was real this time, and this time she also had back up. She knew exactly what needed to be done.

"On it Dazzling" she said as she turned and took to the sky to help out Manta, as Dozer.

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Hmm! Clever twist on the Heroic Super-Twist! Groundhog Day comes to the beach... I did NOT expect that!
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