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Ultra Lucille – Chapter 1

Written by pwnmawn :: [Tuesday, 24 May 2022 00:57] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 16 June 2024 01:56]

Author's note: This is an alternate ending of the chapter "Ultra Woman" (Season 3, episode 7) of the Lois and Clark (1993) series. I re-told a bit of the chapter but I strongly suggest you watch it if you like this story!

Chapter 1

Lois Lane ran  at super speed and quickly changed to her Ultra Woman outfit. She had just been told that a desperate woman was about to jump off the ledge of a building, and it was her responsibility to help things such as these after she accidentally got Superman's powers. She raised to the sky and quickly flew to the address where she saw a woman dressed in a pink jacket and black skirt apparently crying by a window on a 6th floor. As soon as the woman saw Lois flying her way, she fearlessly jumped. Lois didn't hesitate and caught her as she screamed in terror and held the distressed woman in her arms. As soon as they stepped on the pavement, the rescued woman fixed her dress and smiled.

“Would you like to talk to someone? A doctor?” Asked Ultra woman.

“No, But I would like a hug,” The woman replied.

What Lois Lane didn’t know was that the woman she had just apparently rescued was in fact Lucille Newtrich, one of the criminal sisters that had accidentally given her Superman’s powers. The same pair of sisters that had previously kidnapped Clark Kent in an attempt to steal Superman’s powers.

As Ultra Woman hugged Lucille, a laser blast struck her on the back. The blast was shot by Nelle, the younger and more intelligent sister and her invention, a device that concentrated the radiation from a red kryptonite rock to a laser beam. That was the way they found out by accident that they could transfer Superman’s powers to someone else.

In this case, they transferred to Lucille.

In a microsecond, millions of colors and sounds started flowing into Lucille's mind, disorienting her. Rapidly, she consciously blocked them and as she recovered, she lifted Ultra Woman off the ground to test her new strength and smiled wickedly as she experienced how easy it was for her to lift the superhero. Nelle stared at them in surprise, not because her bimbo blonde sister had the strength of Superman, but because of the fact that the plan of faking a suicide attempt and taking the chance to hug Ultra Woman was her dumb sister’s idea, and it had worked.

“Haha! Well let’s see just how strong I am” Said Lucille marvelling at her new strength lifting Ultra Woman up and down. Her enjoyment was ruined by a whistle coming down the street.

“Hey you! On the dime store dress? Over here!” Lucille looked at the man, recognized he was Clark Kent, and frowned.

“Is that real polyester? Because it goes great with that cheap lipstick and bad wig.” He said as he walked towards her. Lucille looked at herself and became self conscious of her aspect.

“Don’t you talk about my sister’s hair like that!” Nelle yelled to Clark, who stood behind him with the laser in her hands.

“Shut up Nelle! I can fight my own battles” Replied Lucille as she tossed Ultra Woman aside.

“Yeah but you are losing the one with taste” Clark replied confidently with his hands in his pockets.

“I’m going to ram you into next thursday” Said Lucille feeling confident with the new power coursing through her. Clark smiled and boldly gestured at her to come for him. Lucille became a blur attempting to ram him, but didn’t take into account that her speed was way beyond anything she had felt before and lost control of her acceleration. Clark expected this and jumped to a side, making Lucille take Nelle, dragging her several blocks away crashing to a pile of trash.

“Well, you’re off to a good start” Nelle nagged to Lucille who coughed and cleaned her dress as she recovered.

“I’m going to break them both into bite-sized chunks” Lucille said angrily as she adjusted her dress. “Just as soon as we’re rich” She turned and saw Nelle’s laser. “Oh and one more thing” She grabbed the device and tossed it to the sky making it disappear forever into space. “Just in case you had one bright idea in your whole life” Said Lucille as she walked away.

“Wait! I want to know! How does it feel? To have Superman’s powers?” Asked Nelle as she ran to catch up to her sister.

"I feel the same. The only difference is I can hear your nagging louder in my head!" Lucille answered as she kept walking down the street.

"You should be flying instead of walking!"

Lucille stopped, turned to look at her sister and sighed.

"I have no idea how to do that, OK? It's not like I think 'fly' and…" As she said the words Lucille lifted off the ground and floated half a meter in the air. "I fly…" she said, surprised.

Nelle gasped as she stared at her sister, fascinated.

"Haha!" Lucille laughed as she lifted even more. Then she looked around and flew in circles above the street.

"You can't imagine how fantastic this feels!" Lucille said, then landed gracefully in front of Nelle who stared at her in awe.

“I would have never imagined that the first decent thing you ever did was to give me Superman's powers,” Lucille said, grinning and angering Nelle.

“You're welcome” Replied Nelle, sarcastically.

“Watch your tone Cornelia," Lucille said, frowning.

"Don't call me like that!"

Lucille chuckled and kept walking. “Come on, isn’t the truck supposed to be here soon?”

"I think so, yes… hey Lucille… Do you have X-ray vision? Can you see where it's at?"

Lucille stopped. "I have that power too? Let me figure out how to use it." She said as she stopped and stared ahead into the distance.

"I told you the list of superman's powers a dozen times! Weren't you paying attention?" Lucille slightly frowning ignored her as she slowly panned her sight with her mouth half open.

"I’m looking through so many things! It's hard to control…" Lucille kept staring and then lifted off the ground and floated several meters over the buildings below.

"I see it! It's 3 blocks in that direction! Nelle, meet me there!"

“Wait! Lucille!” Nelle saw her sister fly away and ran behind her.

Lucille landed just in front of the moving truck which barely evaded her and was forced to go into an alley. The driver came out of the vehicle and saw her walk to him with a confident smirk.

“Lady are you alright? You came out of nowhere!” Lucille walked confidently, making the man get nervous. He reached for his holstered gun.

“I’m fine.” Lucille became a blur and now with more confidence, rammed the man with her super speed, making him crash against the truck. “Thanks for asking.”

The co-pilot got out of the truck and unholstered his gun. He turned the corner of the truck and aimed, but just saw his beaten up partner lying unconscious.

“Looking for someone?” The guard heard the voice behind him and startled quickly turned to see Lucille grinning. Before he could react, she slapped him on the face with such a force that made him slam against the truck falling unconscious.

Nelle arrived just in time to see Lucille’s act of strength. “Is that all of them?” She asked.

Lucille rolled her eyes. “Of course not. There’s another idiot still inside. I can see him with my x-ray vision” Lucille walked to the back of the truck, stuck her fingers in the metal door and ripped it out, tossing it and making it crash against the second floor of a building nearby. The man inside was waiting for the chance and shot her. Lucille stared at her chest as it got shot 4 times, frowned and became a blur that dashed up where the guard was, grabbed him by his jacket and tossed him outside, making him hit a wall behind.

Nelle followed her sister inside the truck, who was opening a bag. She grinned at the sight of the countless hundred dollar bills.

"That's the way to deal with guards!" Nelle cheered as she grabbed a fistful of bills and sat by her.

"Did you like how the bullets bounced off my chest?" Lucille asked as she enjoyed her victory with a big smile.

"Oh yeah, watching you get shot was a real pleasure"

Lucille laughed. "Oh this is how crime should be. Forget about the gang of guys with UZIS or the getaway chopper. Just rip, punch and grab! Haha!" Lucille gloated, grabbing fistfuls of bills.

"We're rich. We're rich!" Nelle celebrated.

"Ladies!" A female scream came out of the truck. "May I have a word?"

Lucille frowned. "Ultra woman?" She walked to the backside of the truck. "Excuse me, but don't you qualify for protection under the endangered species act?" She asked in a mocking tone.

"It is you who is up for early extinction. See, I still have all my powers." Ultra woman replied confidently with her hands on her hips.

Lucille stared angrily at Nelle. "You make me so mad my hair hurts"

"She's lying!" Said Nelle at the obvious fact her sister didn't notice.

"Let's just see," Replied ultra woman.

Lucille made an angry face and dashed, appearing behind Ultra Woman making her turn in surprise.

"Why do I think you're bluffing?" Asked Lucille confidently.

"Well, I don't know" Ultra woman blinked uneasily as she crossed her arms.

"I see fear in your eyes," Said Lucille, smirking and raising her eyebrows.

"Well, that's just extreme modesty,"

"Oh Nelle. Let's do a little test. Grab the guard's gun there." Lucille asked her sister.

Nelle confusedly picked a gun and aimed at Ultra Woman.

"You're familiar with the phrase faster than a speeding bullet?" Lucille asked Ultra Woman with a big grin.

Ultra Woman turned to face Nelle.

"Lucille… I… I…" Nelle replied, trembling at the idea of shooting a gun.

"Nelle! She knows who we are, what we did! Now, there's no jail on earth that can hold me, but you… you'd be in a lot of trouble if she talked to the police. So, if you're so sure your little laser worked: Finish. The. Job."

Nelle was about to make the decision when a taxi at full speed stopped skidding behind them. Superman, who held a video camera, stepped out.

Lucille turned annoyed and blew with her super breath at Superman making him stumble and drop the device. Ultra Woman took the chance and used the lid of a trash can and threw it to Nelle, who fell on her back. She then ran to Superman. Lucille looked angrily at them while Superman turned one of the taxi’s side mirrors and pointed it at Lucille's face attempting to distract her with the sun's reflection.

The sunlight on her eyes made Lucille trigger an immediate involuntary reaction and suddenly her eyes started glowing red and, with a surprised expression, twin beams of pure energy blasted from her eyes, blowing the taxi to pieces. The driver was vaporized in a millisecond. Superman and Lois were sent flying away with the blast’s force.

“Oh… WOW!” Surprised, Lucille blinked, and her eyes stopped emitting the devastating heat rays. “Did you see that?! Hahaha! What do you think about that, Superman?” Lucille turned her attention to him and saw that he was almost frozen in time.

"What is going on?" She murmured as she walked to the slow-moving Superman. She put her hands on her thighs, bent over slightly and gazed at his slow motion with curiosity.

"Another superpower? Am I going to be stuck like this?" She noticed he had his attention on something, a camera on the ground. She walked to the object and picked it up. She opened a lid and saw a chunk of red kryptonite and closed it angrily, making time go back to it's usual flow.

Superman stumbled and ran as fast as possible towards the camera. If only he could shoot the red laser towards Lucille and transfer his powers back to Lois…

“Why did you bring my sister's laser?”

Superman was sure he saw the camera a second before, but now Lucille's black high heels were on the same spot as she held the device in her right hand. He stopped and sat on the ground, staring at the superpowered villainess.

“Nelle! You forgot about this laser! They were planning to use it on me! I thought you said it was destroyed!”

“I guess they repaired it somehow…” Said Nelle pointing the gun again at Ultra Woman.

“Ugh! You idiot! I could have lost my powers!” Angry, Lucille tossed the device into the air with more than the strength needed to make it break escape velocity, leaving a burning streak in the sky.

Superman was terrified. His plan had failed and now he had no idea how to take his powers back. Lucille had proven to have all of them, and now she was so powerful she could do anything she wanted. The only weakness he could think of was her apparent lack of intellect and explosive temper. But that could be enough if he played his cards right.

“Who fixed it?” said Lucille, staring angrily at Superman as she walked towards him. She kneeled and lifted him by his neck.

“Who. Fixed. It?” she asked again, with an angrier tone. Superman’s struggling eyes met hers.

“I want to know, and from now on I will get what I want whenever I want!” She tightened her grip.

“Lucille! He won't talk if you hold him like that!” Nelle yelled.

“Ugh… fine!” She dropped Superman as he took deep breaths while coughing.

“I did it by myself…” *cough* “and I could just have waited…” *cough* “the transfer is temporary…”

“Argh! Nelle, you idiot! What are we going to do? I’m going to lose my powers!” Lucille said angrily.

“He could be lying like she was before!” Nelle said as she gestured at Ultra Woman.

“I can kill him! That way the powers won’t have anyone to go back to!” Lucille said as she walked a couple of menacing steps towards Superman.

“No you can’t,” said Ultra Woman. Nelle and Lucille stared at her. “You have your powers thanks to an energy connection. If you kill him you will lose them instantly.”

Lucille stared at Nelle who returned an uncomfortable nod. “She could be right. We don’t know how the transfer works.”

“Ugh! Why can’t I ever get a break from your incompetence!” Lucille stood for a moment, thinking what to do, when suddenly, her super hearing picked up several police sirens in the distance.

“I guess we’ll have to figure this out somewhere else, more cops are coming. Nelle, get inside the truck and put the seatbelt on.”

Nelle knew what her sister was planning, but could she actually do it? Lucille picked Superman off the ground by his suit and walked toward Ultra Woman. Lois tried to run in the opposite direction, but crashed against Lucille’s invulnerable body as she appeared right in front of her holding Superman with her right hand.

“Where do you think you are going? You are also coming with us! Get in the truck!”

Lucille strutted confidently toward Ultra Woman who crawled backward, forced to get inside the vehicle. She threw the former Man of Steel inside and then took the door she had ripped off the truck, placed it where it had been before and used her laser vision to meld it back again. She then used her super breath to cool it off.

“She might be dumb, but I'm worried of how fast she’s learning how to use the powers” Clark whispered to Lois.

Lucille knelt and lifted the truck by the back. Slowly she moved to the center and easily lifted the whole vehicle. "Flying with an armored car?" She thought. Just as she imagined herself flying, she suddenly felt her heels lift off the ground. She was floating with an armored truck in her hands, and she couldn't control her laughter.

The passengers suddenly felt the truck move, making them fall to the back panel with all the bills inside. They could see the truck go airborne through the windshield.

Lois held Superman’s hand. “I’ve never been this scared in my life, Clark. She can be a terrible force in the world if she gets to keep your powers.” she whispered into his ear as the vehicle flew through the air at an incredible speed.

“We’ll figure something out. Just stay in character.” He replied in spite of knowing that deep down, he shared the same deep fear of things to come.

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