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Living by The Code

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 08 October 2022 18:35] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 08 October 2022 20:24]

Art by Manob0028 and Eminahimesama

Proofread and edited by Delta7447 and Yearends

Hermes Pégaso McEnroe had been one of the biggest real estate tycoons of the early 21st century. Brazil, his homeland, was one of the few places where the magic of the Super Goddesses and the Enhanceds arrived later than it should have and as such the power structures that existed before them stood tall and strong.

The man was infamous for his deforestation practices in the Amazon rainforest but eventually he died of old age. Except he really didn’t. He resorted to an extremely expensive and experimental cryogenic process where his body would be preserved until a point in the future where technology had gone far enough to reanimate his frozen body and rejuvenate it.

In retrospect, he had great foresight since eventually a Brazilian Enhanced named Tulia Teixeira acquired the company that owned the freezers back in 2188 and, sure enough, achieved with ease what the scientists of the past had struggled so much to do in decade after decade of fruitless research.

The first step was defrosting the half-corpses of about twenty former wealthy individuals, one of them Hermes, and then rejuvenating them in enhancement chambers imported from Imperial Japan. A privately owned variant designed to offer further customization was used to meet the old responsibilities of the company and give each individual their money’s worth.

Hermes was given many choices but he went for a rather boring rejuvenation treatment back to his mid twenties, a head full of luscious, black hair and general physical enhancements: greater height, more strength and sexual prowess and of course a superior intelligence to become even more gifted at business deals than he originally was. Needless to say, he also made sure he would age five times slower than before, since he had always been a bit obsessed with immortality.

Currently, Mr. McEnroe had become known for a 180-degree change of heart as suddenly all his morally bankrupt businesses from the past seemed to have been replaced by a streak of environmentally friendly, selfless enterprises. The world watched in shock as he converted his old real estate parcels in the rainforest into lofty natural reserves and grounds for production of clean and renewable energy. His popularity as a good person was as high as ever, and, in a way, it was too good to be true.

Because it was.

I wasn’t that knowledgeable about this man’s business empire but the way he carried himself plus my feminine instinct told me there was no way he was raking in so much cash by playing the reconverted messiah. He was deep into some shady shit to maintain his current fortune.

I would never attempt to read a client’s mind because it is against The Code, as well as asking questions that are too personal or relating to someone’s businesses. However, I could tell his actual ventures relied on more consistent flows of cash in the modern age. Like drugs, weapons and the illegal trade of stolen Enhanced and Super Goddess technology for reverse engineering purposes.

Such was the new breed of criminal that had begun to fester in the cantonal city-states of South America. And Rio was no different. The former drug lord and corrupt politician had transcended into a more sublimated form. One that was able to exist below the feet of the all-powerful and incorruptible goddesses of modernity.

But I didn’t really care at all about that. I wasn’t employed to be a moralist. In fact, my job was to do one and only thing: satisfying my customer to the best of my ability. And I was pretty damn good at it.

My name is Adriana, period, and I’m an elite prostitute. Or what some would call a luxury escort. The services I offer for just a few hours are more pricey than what most people can afford with their wages of a lifetime and I am, in truth, about as wealthy as some of the people that hire me.

This time McEnroe was my client. He had been in contact with my employer for a while but had only recently become rich enough to afford a date with me. It was kind of cute, in a way. This arrogant man that based his entire self-worth on money and power had a weakness for big titted, slutty blondes like me, and, despite his dashing good looks proper of an Enhanced, he acted just like a flustered child in my presence.

I could tell with just a look that he was the kind of person to treat others like shit and was used to being feared and respected, but, as we walked through the entrance of the hotel and everyone saw my bodacious, much taller body in heels next to his, he immediately blushed and looked away. Like he instinctively knew, no matter how wealthy he became, no matter his enhancements, he would never be on my level.

He was right in thinking so. I am the closest a person can be to an ultipotent Enhanced. I have powers that people in the era he was born would have considered godlike, paradigm-changing. Damn, I even teleported inside his limousine, giving him a quite hilarious scare. I have more than enough degrees and knowledge to get any job I want effortlessly, but I willingly chose to be an escort.  I suppose that might seem like I'm underestimating what I'm capable of, but honestly, I just love sex that much.And in fact, this man’s flaws were not a deterrent for me. He was a hot young stud a few metaphorical inches short of my greatness and regardless of how scummy he was, he had still paid for me to make him happy. So that’s what I would do.

As I walked in front of everybody, half naked with only strings of pearls covering my private parts and my mature and alluringly hefty breasts proudly sticking out with each inhalation, I was delighted to sense their sheer primitive lust for me. Hotel workers of both genders and every single walk of life saw my perfect body and face for a second and the only thing they could think about was fucking me, leaving the work they were doing unattended for the duration of my appearance.

It was kind of funny, that the pathetic excuse for a dress I was wearing was probably worth more than half of his empire. But I digress, it was cute when meetings like this happened and as we closed the golden presidential suite’s door behind us, I couldn’t contain myself and teased him a little, caressing his cheek and smiling down at him. He felt understandably humbled and let himself be pet. “Are you ready for a night with Adriana, my dear?”

“Y-Yes…I’ll get ready, you can too…” A man with more than 200 years of experience and wisdom was acting like a clumsy child in my presence. It was lovely and invigorating. Goes to show how much prestige the oldest profession in the world has earned since she took it over.

I chuckled. “Do you think I need to get ready at all?” Removing a couple of pearls to display my lovely, pink nipple was enough to coax an erection out of him, as if my looks and irresistible pheromones hadn’t been enough to entice him already. I could feel his brain struggling to comprehend how good I smelled, being next to me literally causing him to hyperventilate.

“O-Oh yeah, you are right Adriana.” He swept some sweat from his forehead.

“Relax, baby. This is supposed to be a good time for both.” I guided him towards the king-sized bed by hand, gently seating him with me. Right after that, I used some of my Enhanced magic to twirl my well-manicured finger and produce a couple of stylish cups out of nowhere in our hands.

Hermes knew of the existence of the Super Goddesses and other nigh-omnipotent entities but I assume he had never seen them in action up close because of how mystified he was at my little parlor tricks. “Wow…” he let out, mouth agape as I pointed my index fingers towards each cup and they inexplicably filled themselves with delicious, high-quality champagne. This service was also included in my package, of course.

We both drank and just by subtle changes in his body language I knew it was the best he had ever tasted. I looked at the gorgeous vista of the reformed independent Canton of Rio. At night, the cacophony of lights and sounds was simply overpowering, just my vibe. During the day, a splendorous sight of the aquamarine bay could be seen from up here.

The presidential suite was on the 420th floor of the Dos Santos Skyscraper, a building owned by my Mistress and the largest edifice in South America at this moment, overseeing the entire city like a glass-and-steel watchtower.

“Well, shall we begin? Fufu~” I said as I removed my dress, if it could even be called that, and laid my skin bare to the shorter man.

“O-Of course. I don’t wish to waste more of your time!” Hermes undressed, revealing his expensive, handmade underwear. He packed an incredible Enhanced tool, already past 10 inches semi-flaccid and for sure much bigger than anything he had in his original life.

However, while it was enough to pleasure most women, for someone of my status and power, it was just about acceptable. He almost recoiled in embarrassment like a virgin teenager during his first time with a woman when I put my dainty right hand on the bulge. I bit my lip in anticipation as his mast began to rise, surpassing its natural girth and length with each rub. For him, the ease with which I could enlarge a man's cock might have felt like sorcery but I really couldn’t be satisfied with anything below a full foot. So I stopped at that length and smirked as Hermes suddenly experienced difficulties moving around while packing such a monster, which could not be contained by his tighty whities. “Jesus…”

“NOW we are ready, darling~”

Hermes experienced his few last nanoseconds of sanity as one of my fat nipples broke into his eager mouth, instantly finding a loyal tongue and pair of lips to service it. 

Unfortunately, my breasts were way too big to fit in the mouth of a regular sized human so I simply let him investigate it blindly with his tongue. He continued while moaning, instantly addicted to my perfect taste and texture as I proceeded with his enlarged member.

Poor guy should be glad he couldn’t see what I was doing, given that he was entirely focused on my delicious nipple. Using my superior Enhanced speed, I peeled back his foreskin and my attack commenced. I had been doing this for decades, since the Madame hired me back when I didn’t even have powers and my technique had since become so masterful that I can basically do it on autopilot. My hand slid left to right as I looked into the now open eyes of my little prey and he started to feel the best he had ever felt. I don’t care how many times this guy might have had sex during his 21st century life enjoying the best prostitutes out there, compared to me and my ultrasonic handjob technique, his experience meant nothing.

I couldn’t help but smile as he let out squeaky sounds of pain even as he kept suckling from my teat and drooling. It was like my frantic cock massage was going directly to his brain, smoothing it like clay. “Very good, baby~ I know it’s the best sex you ever had but you need to empty your mind for the main dish!” I loved every second of my uncontested power over his mind as his penis became a blur in my hands, now spraying cum around like a hose in a way he could never have done before and staining me and the bed under us.

I stopped and used my powerful laser vision to clean every bit of cum off my well manicured hand. Of course, my skin could withstand far greater heat than that without even a scratch. My super breath pushed Hermes gently into the bed and then I went for the kill almost immediately.

With an almost malicious smile, knowing he didn’t know what truly awaited him, I turned around and playfully jumped on his lying body like I was about to slam him with my butt as if we were wrestling. However, I landed perfectly on his dick, which slid right into my pussy with no problem at all. 

The effect was immediate as my perfect pussy lips quite literally kissed his glans, making a deliciously sloshy sound. Hermes went into shutdown mode, as no matter how much his brain had been improved by modern enhancements, he could not quite withstand the pleasure someone of my power level can provide. Still, I wasn’t going to let this end quite yet. I knew that, even if a human is unconscious, pleasure can still be sent to his brain, and so I still dutifully performed the job I’d been paid for.

McEnroe’s brain went on battery saving mode as I began truly clamping my walls around his cock and forcefully shifting my body weight up and down. His body reacted strongly, albeit spasmodically, to my sex wizardry as his penis fucked me on autopilot. I did all the work but it didn’t matter as we were both getting unreal pleasure from this. If I allowed him do anything consciously, he would probably mess it up with his lesser sexual experience.

I blushed and panted, my tits jiggling all around as he let out little moans and his sex almost instinctively penetrated me and hit my cervix like crazy. I wouldn’t have chosen this job if I didn’t like having sex so much, after all.

Then, right after I managed to make him splooge all over my impossible-to-impregnate super womb, a golden portal appeared in the middle of the hotel suite. Almost immediately, I lifted myself off of my client's meatsaber and rushed to greet my lady and employer, Super Goddess Sereia dos Santos. What was she doing here? It didn’t matter, despite my unbridled excitement due to her visit I tried to look as composed as possible and I teleported right in front of her to do the customary earring-kissing that every Super Goddess mistress deserved.

It wasn’t common for her to arrive in the middle of one of her employees doing their job so she must have had a really good reason to just come in like this at the height of Hermes’ orgasm. Maybe she needed me for something?

Her deep and alluring voice enraptured me and instantly conquered all my senses. It had the right amount of purr with enough vocal fry to be sexy, yet not so much as to be grating. I had practiced all my life to mimic her glorious voice yet I only ever came so close. It was incredible she could do it so naturally, though. And that provincial accent of hers was also to die for, as a Super Goddess I knew she could do away with it if she truly wanted, but she kept it, because that was what the clients were looking for. Pure Brazilian class. “Sorry for interrupting, Adriana. I’m happy to see you are going above and beyond to give this gentleman our…” She chuckled deliciously at my handiwork as Hermes laid there, still spraying cum around like a fountain and multiorgasming thanks to my flawless technique. “...corporate treatment.”

“Is there something wrong, Goddess?” I asked more matter-of-factly than respectfully.

“Not really, you are doing excellent. Just realized something funny. You see, this story is about me yet you are currently the narrator and point of view. That can’t be right!” Her eyes glowed with a powerful, mesmerizing jade green.

“Wait, what do you mean? Narrator?”

“Yeah, see, the story…” She kept talking about that story, serving only to confuse me when all I wanted to do was lose myself in her enthralling, mouth-watering breasts, jiggling inside her gorgeous dress made with black fish scales which reflected the light as if it were glossy latex. “...currently it’s all being dictated by your point of view but you have already introduced me, sorta, right? So would you be okay with me taking the reins from here?”

“I can’t say I understand all that much, Goddess, but please go ahead.”

“Thank you! Now stay still.” Super Goddess Sereia’s seashell-shaped earrings glowed intensely as she worked up her magic and framed my head with her perfectly manicured hands. I stood still and silent as I noticed the entire Universe pass quickly around me, millions of stars and the emptiness of space moving beside me out of Sereia’s makeshift frame as the only thing that remained constant was her beautiful face, her striking, unblinking eyes and the magnificent, dark red lips that I wished kissed me that moment.

“Perfect, now we can continue. Also, sorry for interrupting you my dear Adriana. I will make it up to you right now.” I reached out and caressed my adorable employee’s little face. I wanted her to know that she is loved and appreciated, that I consider her my special little angel, delivering happiness to others in my stead. Despite having met her when she was so much younger, she had become a complete and developed individual with incredible sexual expertise and one of my company’s greatest assets. 

To show my gratitude for her surrender of the narration, I closed the gap between our lips and made out with her passionately, enjoying every single second of our open love. Since she was too overwhelmed by my pheromones and authority, I had my fun outwrestling her tongue and asserting myself as the goddess of the two, knowing well that turned her on to no end. By the end, she was a stuttering mess and very much couldn’t complete her Hermes assignment.

I had thought of this eventuality and with a gentle gesture, my unstoppable telekinesis lifted the unconscious man’s body up and floated it towards us. When he was right in front of us both, I twisted my finger and his whole body spun in the air. His still working testicles and erect cock could still get some work done on them.

I raised my hand and carefully but strongly pressed his balls with my hand, as if I was milking a cow. He immediately uttered a groan and a stream of semen fell on my mouth. I swallowed it and enjoyed the pleasant flavor and aroma, the one I loved so much and consumed almost on a daily basis. The next step was downing that erection and I put my mind to it right away.

My lips performed the greatest blowjob of his life as Adriana finally returned back from trance land, becoming a witness to my unparalled prostitution skills. She observed, perplexed and with a hint of envy, how I completely ate up the whole foot length of his meat pole like it was some kind of teeny, tiny lollipop, lending myself to a rough session of throatfucking. 

Adriana began touching herself as my mouth kept sucking on his pole, up and down, up and down. At some point his chubby deflated a little which allowed me to drag his balls with the rest and eat them too, dutifully cleaning them with my tongue while making obscene slurping sounds to the wonder of everyone present.

Finally, Hermes came full inside my mouth and a nicely sized amount of dickcheese went through my esophagus to be digested later. I pulled out, showing Adriana the fully shriveled dick, back to its original size. “Worry not, darling~ Not only will you charge everything for the night but I will also pay you extra for the trouble.”

“T-That won’t be necessary, Goddess. After all you have done the job for me…Shouldn’t it be me the one that pays you for your trouble instead?” 

Ah, my cheeky little slut. What you want me to do is to take you and fuck you until you pass out, hm? I can see it in your eyes, absolutely consumed by lust. I thought to myself. “Unfortunately, I have to go now, Adriana. But maybe I can show you some tricks another day.”

“Awww, well…It was a privilege seeing you work. You certainly are the best in the business.” Her pussy was trickling. It took almost all my willpower not to pump her full of babies right then but alas, duty called.

“I have to be--I want to lead you girls by example. Well, you have the rest of the night free! If you want to date Hermes for a while, that’s fine too. The contract has been fulfilled after all so I won’t consider it romance with a client~” I winked at her, knowing that despite how much she looked down on the billionaire, she actually had enjoyed his naive company tonight.

“T-Thanks, Goddess Sereia. May I know what you are going to do next?”

I opened another wormhole with my omnipotent magic and smiled at Adriana right before stepping out. “Just checking on the business~”

I left the moans of the two lovebirds behind me as I entered my domain. Many would call this place a brothel, and they would be right, since I do indeed own the biggest one in the world. Others would call it a whorehouse but that’s always sounded like a pejorative to me, not to mention very unprofessional. Frankly, who even cared about prostitution in our day and age when it’s been legalized and the sex workers under my protection have a wide array of rights and incredible wages? After all, these women are great at what they do and they have the vocation to bring happiness to others through sex and the realization of their kinks. And, in fact, so do I, so why not get them all together in a hub like this? Makes it much easier for both parties. 

Lady Sereia’s Brothel, as it was colloquially known, had a strict ruleset called The Code which regulated the interactions between the escorts and the clients, all matters regarding pricing and transactional protocol plus the attitude and values of my business towards society. I took great care in ensuring everything ran smoothly and without undesired incidents, and my employees respected it because so far it has worked for them. Sometimes, like before with Adriana, I made exceptions if I deemed them sufficiently reasonable.

Naturally, I felt right at home since this is also my personal palace, standing at five thousand feet under the sea. The fish and other marine creatures passing by the building could be seen through the glass walls as the entire palace is made of this material with a minimal steel structure to support itself. The only difference was they were stained red to create an adult and sexy atmosphere, making the world outside look like some kind of watery nightmare of sorts, though still incredibly beautiful. I myself am very fond of the sea and fish, as illustrated by my beautiful, dark mane tied into the shape of a dolphin’s tail and all my ocean-related ornaments. It could--and should--be said that my relationship with the sea has always been positive.

As I walked through the hallways I couldn’t avoid feeling watched by all my employees and their clients around me. I know I’m hot and they knew too and I didn’t mind giving them some fan service for free. They couldn’t keep their eyes off my seductive, chocolate curves or my never ending legs for that matter, so I winked or blew a kiss at them every once in a while to wake them up so they could get back to work.

As per usual, the place was filled to the brim with rich, attractive super fuckers hanging around with my girls and guys and spending their seedy money. I made this palace easily accessible for those who couldn’t swim, breathe underwater or teleport by adding wormholes through my webpage’s links. That way once they paid a minimal fee they would get transported here, ready to have a fun time in the many different facilities. Getting a prostitute for themselves had its own cost, getting the luxury escort service was even more expensive but as long as they stood here they could revel on the atmosphere and even use the bar or casino. I even offered a variety of rooms for the guests that wanted to do their business here with small Enhanced tech computers that were able to reality-warp the contents of the rooms to suit your particular kinks or current mood, with its limits of course.

I directed my endless clicking of heels to the main lounge. My client was awaiting me, hugged at each side by two of my best girls. They were Jessica and Laura, nearly planet-buster Enhanceds and clearly out of this Korean hacker boy’s league. He looked positively tiny next to their amazonian powerhouse bodies but somehow he was someone with a powerful enough mind to resist their charms and act relatively in charge in their presence. Or at least, that was my first impression of him.

My smile betrayed both my surprise and excitement for meeting someone like this. We Super Goddesses enjoyed socializing with humans and finding new experiences out of our expectations. “Soon-Woo Kwon, is it? You work at Seoul’s police cybersecurity department.” I didn’t steal this information from anywhere or read the guy’s mind, my employees simply relayed it to me telepathically.

“I see you’ve done your homework, Lady dos Santos. But if you really knew that much about me, you’d be aware I have different tastes.” Though that was probably true, he didn’t refrain from feeling up the robust butts of the women at his sides.

“Oh? Are you perchance a returning customer? In that case I beg your forgiveness for not catering to your tastes sooner. If Jessica and Laura over here do not satisfy you, then perhaps…” I sat on his lap, using my magic to not crush him with my greater weight, but he didn’t budge or even get hard! Now this was truly weird since only a small percentage of the population was able to resist the explosive cocktail of sex appeal and Super Pheromones from a Super Goddess like me. Who exactly was this guy and how could he keep his cool in this situation?

Kwon got close to my face and, with me still in his lap, he whispered his true tastes to my omnipotent madame ears. “Do you have something like that in stock?” I smirked knowingly and nodded. How could I have been so blind? The answer to his behavior was truly simple and reasonable.

“My apologies for the misunderstanding.” I dismissed the two gargantuan ladies with a snap of my fingers and they quickly teleported away to tend to other customers, then I shifted to his side and crossed my endless, bronze legs, with a strip of my revealing dress barely hiding my then currently fat pussy wishing to be ravaged. The foam-like scarf I always wore around my neck was so large and fluffy that it almost touched Kwon’s nose, tickling him. “What about this?”

Two platforms raised through the floor, triggering a mechanism that hadn’t been there seconds ago and, rather, existed only due to my desire for spectacle. 

A couple of adorable, pint-sized prostitutes manifested in our presence and both I and Kwon could immediately see they were not your usual kind of Sereia brand escort. One of them had long, blonde hair and blue eyes, looking like a princess out of a fairy tale and dressed with the tightest, most daring Japanese school uniform I had in my palace. The poor thing fidgeted around and blushed the moment he saw me.

The other one looked far more confident and well versed in the art of whoring, wearing a reverse bunnysuit and exposing all the goods. I’m not the one to complain about this kind of stuff, though.

They both lacked a lot of the things that make my girls so special to customers, specially big tits and motherly curves. However they possessed another, much more relevant tool for this situation. The two escorts in question were in fact not women, but femboys, and hung ones at that. Fer and Leo had penises bigger than any run-of-the-mill guy, only in the realm Enhanceds could reach, and their phallic monsters were completely exposed and erect in front of Kwon now, who stared at them with intent and awe. I couldn’t blame him because I was having trouble containing my libido in their presence myself. Holy fuck, did those cocks on them look yummy... and fucking gigantic! They could probably ruin my pussy and fill my womb with their hyper virile femboy baby batter and I would ask for seconds.

Still, those pre-cum leaking 20 inchers might be too much for a regular mortal like Kwon, who hadn’t received an Enhancement yet.

Fer, the dashing brunette bunnyboy, approached the prideful hacker and raised his chin with his gloved hand. “If you choose me, we can spend a night together that you will never forget. By the end you will be begging Daddy to tap your ass for eternity~.” He proclaimed with a brash, yet still feminine voice, showcasing his dominant tendencies and justified air of superiority. With a cock like his, who wouldn’t be egocentric, though?

“I-If you prefer someone to do everything you order, I…I think I’m the best option…” The much more submissive Leo half-whispered. Kwon blushed at his cuteness and the crazy contrast between that and the monster dick between his legs.

“So, which one will it be?” I asked, knowing any of these two would end up being too much for someone without powers like him. These two boys could end galaxies and fill entire black holes to the brim with their cum if they wanted. Entertaining Kwon for a few hours would be easy and profitable.

Kwon swallowed and tried to look back at me, obviously flustered by my boys. “They are incredible, Lady dos Santos…and I hope I’m not insulting you by rejecting them. On any other occasion I’d rush to suck their cocks but…I’m actually looking for a very particular person that I know full well you have hired recently.”

“What the fuck? YOU rejecting ME, nerd boy? Don’t make me slap you with my cock.” The dominant bunny was angry and approached Kwon. “I’ll let you know this monster has sired a million children at this point. No sow resists it!”

“W-Well, mine doesn’t have quite that record... but I impregnated a lot of women too!” The shy sailor boy added.

“It’s ok, boys. You two are cute but the person I’m looking for has always been my fantasy. Better luck next time!” To show his appreciation for their eagerness, Kwon gestured for the two femboys to come up to him and he dutifully and respectfully kissed their cocktips. Fer blushed and let out a cute hmph while crossing his arms. Leo straight up cummed on the spot, discharging an entire pool of cum on the expensive carpet that I rushed to clean with a thought.

“Don’t tell me you have the hots for good, old Blake Carmichael. He isn’t as hung as these two, you know. Besides, I haven’t hired him…yet. He is just on a lease. Super Goddess Ha-neul told me to take care of him while she coaches an idol group back in Korea.” Blake was a well known femboy in the Super Goddess harem community. His cock was average but his creativity with the use of his ultipotence and his throughout dedication to stuffing us all full of cum like Thanksgiving turkeys was unparalleled, like he would fucking grow millions of dicks if that was what it took. Ha-neul met him long ago as some military baldie but that was way before I was born so I didn’t know many details other than he had somehow turned into a feminine hottie with long, raven hair and a penchant for latex and other kinds of kinky clothes.

I rang the star on my pendant like a bell to dismiss the two cuties. “Your loss, bitch,” said Fer before flying away to fuck some other girls at the lounge.

“S-Sorry for spilling all over the place earlier…” Leo apologized and then faded away.

Kwon’s heart skipped a beat when he found out Blake was already there, sitting between us. The 5’4, black-haired femboy was looking at him with desire, like a prey he was about to play with. His unnatural red eyes combined very well with his goth makeup and the way his above average cock was pressed tightly against his latex pants was very alluring. “Speaking about me, guys?”

Blake Carmichael, the former American soldier transformed into an ultipotent hottie by Super Goddess Ha-neul, was now in the room. It wasn’t only the ultipotent power that he commanded but his sheer sexual experience that made Kwon swallow and instantly lose his composure. “Yes,” I answered. “This fine gentleman here wants to spend time with you.”

We looked at each other knowingly. It wasn’t the first time he used me as a cum rag despite his realistic appendage. If Ha-neul kept him around in her harem, it was because he was that good. “Mister Kwon, right? I assume you know how expensive I am?” Blake licked his lips. Originally he wasn’t much of a domineering guy but spending half a century as an alpha femboy apparently does wonders to your self-esteem.

“I DON’T CARE! I GOT A LOT OF MONEY, BLAKE! IN FACT I COULD RENT YOU FOR HOURS!” His demeanor completely changed and he pulled out a myriad of credit cards, startling us both for a moment. “Y-You awakened my libido back when I first watched that porno of you turning that skinny girl into a human condom…C-Can we do the same?”

Blake nodded and immediately caught the horny nerd in his flat bosom. Kwon nuzzled against his object of desire, almost crying out of emotion unlike his cool persona from before. “There, there. You have been awaiting this moment for so long, right? It’s not everyday a regular person can fuck someone from a Super Goddess’s personal harem.”

“Actually, if it’s ok I want to pay for a full day together. Sex and cum inflation kinks are good but couldn’t we pretend date for a while?”

“Boy, that’s fucking expensive. You sure?”

“Sure as hell. Oh also, could you…”

“Say no more. I don’t need to read your mind to know what you were going to say next. You like a very special kind of femboy, someone unlike Fer and Leo, right?” To illustrate his point, Blake made use of his incredible, nigh-omnipotent reality warping skills. I chuckled as his previously very flat, undeniably masculine pecs, inexplicably and vigorously inflated into gigantic melons in a matter of a few seconds, like they were being filled with air by a magical pump. Blake’s prodigious, ultipotent mind was more than enough to make each boy-tit as big as his head, and that was only but a meager display of his true power. A single, playful slap from my hand made them bounce around like crazy, showcasing how natural and fleshy they actually were, and with barely no sag at all. Those were real tits.

Kwon’s drool almost watered the carpet as his eyes fixated on Blake’s ginormous manboobs that were way too large for his small frame. “Holy hell, dude. How did you know I’m into femboys with tits?”

“I have a shitton of experience, bro. I just recognize a connoisseur when I see him. Well, gonna play with them?” Blake smirked as he toyed his fat-nippled breasts, making them jiggle in an almost hypnotic fashion.

“Oh god, yes…”

“Well then. It seems you guys have a deal so I’ll get going for my other responsibilities.” I stood up, leaving the two soulmates on the couch. When I turned my back I caught a glimpse of Blake fiddling with his right earring while talking to Kwon, very much already conceiving how to make this guy never regret his purchase.

“Oh, leaving already? Thank you, Lady dos Santos! As long as you keep Blake around I’ll come back every week!” Kwon promised.

“Heard that, Carmichael boy? Don’t murder him on the first date, pretty please?” I winked at him.

“I’ll try Sereia.” But I knew very well he would go balls-to-the-wall with such a grateful admirer. Maybe even literally.

Coming out of the lounge I found Jessica rushing towards me in an uncharacteristically janky way. Her makeup was ruined and her cloudy gaze made her look lost, with the kind of shock that comes with somatizing a traumatic experience. She had parted with a mysterious client a minute ago so I was very surprised to reunite with her so early, and with her being in such a pitiful state at that. Besides, she was so powerful no one outside of a few godly people out there could hurt her. What could she be so winded up about? “Madame dos Santos, please come! I need assistance!”

“What’s the issue this time?” I chuckled, knowing that Jessica’s peerless beauty and innocent allure always managed to attract the kinkiest kind of patron. “Another guy that is into filthy stuff again? You can pass those to me if it’s too much for you, my dear.” Jessica came to me and I hugged her with my taller, wider frame. As my godlike warmth washed over her, I noticed her heartbeats getting slower and calmer.

“No. I mean, it’s about a client. It’s not a normal one.”

“You mean not even someone like you can handle this person? I’m taken aback!” I exclaimed theatrically. “Tell me what happened, sweetheart.”

“Well…This woman with a tophat and glasses appeared and told me she represented an associate that claimed to never have been outfucked.”

“I might have an idea of who you are referring to. But please, do continue.”

“Well…She challenged me to give her a free ride if…you know, she beat me at sex.” She blushed and shrugged, like she was about to confess something to me that would make her look shameful in my eyes.

“You know we only offer free service to those that can’t really pay for it. It’s one of the cornerstones of The Code.”

“Yeah, yeah. The throughly destitute, the ones looking for erotic euthanasia and requests from Baiseurs sans Frontiers, I get it. But still, my pride was hurt and I…”

“You accepted the challenge and thought because you are a high level Enhanced, there wouldn’t be beings out there in the universe that could outfuck you.” I gazed down to notice her over-stretched pussy, almost fully open and still leaking cum. “Huh. And it looks like you judged her wrong.”

“S-Sorry. I couldn’t do anything against this client. In fact I had to seal her inside the special chamber due to her powers but it wasn’t enough and she just…she just destroyed me…”

I cast my foam scarf over her and her sex-destroyed body was magically and seamlessly restored to its original state, the psychological damage to her mind erased completely too. “So I get you want me to deal with the situation.”

“The woman with the tophat said, and I quote, that she wouldn’t pay for it unless someone from this low-class whorehouse stepped up and defeated her protegé.”

I gave Jessica a stern look and shook my head from side to side, displaying my disapproval for her careless actions and my exasperation with this dire situation. “You know I am very busy today and I might miss my most important appointment because of this. If this makes me break The Code with this person in particular…” I realized how terribly sad and ashamed she felt and my semblance shifted to a reassuring, confident smile. Knowing very well no person out there could outfuck a Super Goddess, it was now up to me to fix this. Especially if my opponent was able to take down someone as experienced and powerful as Jessica. I put my hand on her shoulder and crouched to her level to kiss her lovingly. “You did well, all things considered. Leave the rest to me, okay?”

“Y-Yes, M-Mommy…I mean Madame!” 

I patted her head to let her know everything was going to be ok. My simple presence was enough to turn this fearsome Enhanced with an IQ of 324 into a little, purring kitten. “Well, if they are in the Sealed Chamber then I have to take a dive to get there~”

Jessica knew what I was about to do next and I enjoyed every single moment of it. I bit my lip in anticipation as my palm pushed through the red-tinted wall of glass like it was made out of jello, then I proceeded to do the same with the rest of my body, phasing seamlessly through it. Even though Jessica had the magical powers to do something like this too, the power of my pheromones and my sheer elegance while doing so was enough to send her pussy into overdrive.

Soon enough I was out in the water, my element. I didn’t need to breathe but my clothes were being lifted by the water currents, giving Jessica a clear look of my naked, humongous ass and pussy that I did not care to cover.

I turned my head and winked at her as my eyes glowed with a hellish green radiance. Then the metamorphosis began. However, it wasn’t my body that changed. It was through my clothes that my real identity was revealed to my dear employee. My sexy black scales dress growed shorter and tighter as it hugged to my body, almost as if it had a life of its own and wanted to be as close to me as possible.

My serpentine scarf danced around my skin and became smaller, splitting into two and finally settling right over my arms where it became an independent set of puffy wristbands. My hair broke free and magically grew longer. The already gigantic black mane reached new lengths and was filled to the brim with small luminescent particles that made me easily visible in dark waters. This all happened alongside my traditional seashell earrings temporarily being swapped by starfish for this transformation.

By now, the upper half of my former dress had turned into a scaly, black swimsuit while the lower half had formed into a tail. Yes, a magnificent mermaid tail recreated to perfection. But not just something out of a fashion pageant, the REAL thing. Jessica was in awe at my magnificent siren looks, which never failed to impress and arouse her. 

My tail, which possessed a graceful and aesthetic appearance born from the combination of the most beautiful of fish species, swung around freely in the warm waters, giving me a new level of mobility in this environment.

Lacking legs like this didn’t bother me at all. In fact it made me feel like a sea princess, exploring a magical domain forbidden to most. Whenever I swam like this, swinging my fin from side to side and propelling my body at supersonic speeds, I felt a level of freedom I could never experience on land. This was my medium and I very much considered myself half-mermaid, completely in tune with the oceans and the creatures that populated it.

Since I was a child, whenever I found a chance, I chose to swim instead of walking, flying or even teleporting. The water currents simply felt great on my skin whenever I traversed the oceans from coast to coast, or discovered new underwater grottos filled with treasures. That’s partially why I built my palace down here, to have an excuse to swim between its many separate facilities.

A mako shark tried its best to match my speed for a while, but it gave up when I kicked it up a notch and surrounded myself in a whirlpool. Needless to say, I’m not just the most beautiful and regal marine creature, but also the fastest. Other animals recognized it, as they also recognized my authority. Whenever they saw me pass through they would stop whatever they were doing and sometimes they even provided me with food or other gestures to display how much they appreciated me.

While all Super Goddesses possess the ability to instill a sense of instinctual domination over lesser beings (specially animals and living beings from the other realms), marine creatures seem to have an innate respect and admiration for me. And I reciprocate, treating them well, protecting them from danger and even feeding them whenever I’m off-duty as madame or have the slightest break from work.

Since I assumed this challenge could wait just a little more, I decided to speak to my underwater friends before heading to the Sealed Chamber.

I joined a monstrous school of herring that was flocking away from a predator. Almost immediately the thousands of tiny fish moved in my direction like some kind of arrow and engulfed me in a tornado of blue and white. I couldn’t help but laugh out of the sheer joy of being surrounded by all my little friends (Yes, of course I can laugh and talk underwater. Did you expect anything less from a Super Goddess?) as they closed in on me, making me the core of the formation.

The herring knew I was their master on an instinctual level, even if it really wasn’t my intention to impose my will over them. Furthermore, they also somehow had learned I was their best chance at survival and that sticking with a Super Goddess always meant total safety. 

Despite how powerful I am and the myriad of magical wonders I am witness to everyday, the simpleness of nature always manages to overwhelm me. These small, primitive sea creatures were intelligent and resourceful enough to know what to do in situations like this and act creatively and almost at unison. I found myself positively impressed the moment their formation changed into the shape of a ship sized mermaid, created after my likeness.

Their hope was to deter the predators by imitating the shape of a powerful Super Goddess mid-swim. And it worked, as the sharks, barracudas and other bigger fish didn’t dare approach our school. I happily swam with them for a few miles further until we were in the clear and then I continued on my way.

While arriving in deeper waters I saw other surprising migratory species down there. Dolphins coming from the northern Atlantic to mate and even stingrays searching for mollusks to eat on the coral reefs. I felt it was time for some childish fun and used my mental powers to orchestrate both species to swim at my side, asking them if they wanted to first of course. As a proper mermaid, I knew every single language under the sea and could communicate freely with any marine creature.

For a brief but priceless moment I joyfully jumped over the water with my friends the dolphins and the stingrays, then dove back down with precision and elegance just to resurge once again and bask in the scorching Latin American sun, which tickled the scales of my fin. From an outside perspective we probably were skipping so high over the waves that it could have been mistaken with outright flying.

I snapped my fingers and the marine creatures departed, having had a lot of fun dancing together with me like that.

A last stop felt warranted before reaching the Sealed Chamber. The smallest creatures of the sea were also my friends and hanging with them was more fun than most people thought. I knew what to do to get them out to play, swimming down to a rock formation where there was not much light coming from above anymore. My starfish earrings and eyes began glowing with intensity, illuminating my surroundings as I started singing with the most beautiful voice any underwater creature had ever had the luck to hear, let alone the ones on land. As a Super Goddess it was more than natural that my singing voice was as perfect as the rest of me, allowing me to hum an improvised lullaby with the talent and freshness of a debuting musical actress. 

Between my charming and wholesome lyrics and my inspiring dancing moves, it didn’t take long for my friends to come out. The crabs, the trilobites, the smaller mollusks like clams and barnacles all showed their faces and started dancing to my song to the best of their abilities. It was like one of those famous scenes in your typical cartoon princess musical movie but with real life animals. Some of them even used the nature in their surroundings to mimic instruments and accompany my voice.

The show ended in an euphoric stupor as I laid out the last high note and then everything became silent. The adorable critters felt satisfied and immediately went back to their hideouts.

I resumed my travel to the Sealed Chamber and not much later found the chasm where I built it years ago. A big, spherical construct, made of the same steel frame and red glass wall materials as the other parts of my palace, loomed in the background. The silhouettes of nearby blue whales only confirmed the size of the thing, as the largest animal on planet Earth was like a fly in comparison.

Why did I even build this thing at all, you ask? It had a simple explanation: I created it to contain a certain class of guest. The highly pressurized atmosphere inside, coupled with constant magical emitters shooting my depowering beams into the airwaves betrayed it had been purposefully designed to hold really powerful beings. The oversized furniture and interiors implied its secondary function: to contain macroscopic life forms, creatures that could dwarf countries, or even planets and galaxies. Beings like these also wanted to enjoy the high quality of my escorts sometimes but they were way too big and powerful to even exist on Earth so I had to banish them to the Sealed Chamber where they could comfortably enjoy our services.

If a being that could outfuck Jessica really existed, it made sense their presence required this place.

I rapidly swaw towards it and phased through the wall again as my mermaid form seamlessly morphed back to my human legs and madame dress. To speak with a client you always needed to look professional and trade-appropriate, at least that’s what I always told my lovely sluts.

“Hoohoo…So what the woman said was true. I could find someone like you even in this meaningless dirtball. Just looking at you tells me you are different from that worthless little girl from earlier.” I didn’t like what the big woman with the vociferous intonation was implying about my girl Jessica. Her booming voice was way too much for my taste so I (inadvertently to her) reduced its volume to be more comfortable in her presence.

I posed confidently with my hands on my protruding hips and let my real personality run loose. Madame Sereia was usually polite with customers and friends but I didn’t have patience for those that treated my employees without any respect. “Frankly, dear, I might be too much for you. Are you sure you want to go through this?”

A roaring laughter filled the chamber as the giantess stepped out of the shadows. “Brave words for someone so tiny. I take it you don’t know who I am, little one, but if you did you would instantly kneel and worship me.” She was plain gorgeous, despite her brutish features. I had never seen this species of humanoid in my travels through the universe before. Some of my Super Goddess peers might have been better acquainted with aliens than me but seeing someone this overwhelmingly powerful and great was a novelty for me. I whistled half-sarcastically.

Her towering, 40 feet tall frame was prominently muscular while still conserving a faintly feminine shape, confirmed by the enormity of her sagging, naked breasts. This person was powerful enough, and important back where she was from, that she didn’t even see the need of wearing clothes, or to keep any decorum at all for that matter. I could feel the impressive signature of her well of magic swelling from within and providing her with a blueish, almost luminescent complexion that contrasted with the redness around us. Her large flesh horns and fangs coupled with her fully black pupils told me she definitely wasn’t human, though not far away from our mother seed, genetically speaking. She kind of reminded me of the oni from Japanese folklore.

Other two details that definitely reminded me of her non-humanity were her four arms and her grand, robust dick the size of a house’s pillar, which seemingly possessed the same structural integrity as one. The barbed monster stared at me directly like a pre-cum leaking cyclops, obviously charmed by my erotic body. Behind the thick clouds of steam generated by her body heat I could sort of tell she also had a vagina right between her humongous balls. Interesting individual indeed.

“I’m afraid I have not come here to worship anyone but…” I looked at my nails, creating expectation. “I might be interested in your challenge. My name is Sereia, a Super Goddess and matron of this fine venue. May I know your name?” I wanted to appear charming, yet threatening as I let some of my unlimited magic permeate the air so she could notice my pressure.

“Haskar…I’m the ruler of what your people call Southern Supercluster--that woman I fucked to exhaustion called it that. I have come from far away, but when you have mastered faster-than-light travel you don’t mind it that much.” She was trying to intimidate me.

“Nice to meet you, Haskar. You have also learned our languages very fast, because I will assume you haven’t just mastered Portuguese. Your brain must be quite prodigious which I must say I like in a woman. I think I will enjoy fucking YOU to exhaustion, as you put it before.” I smiled cockily and crossed my arms under my hefty breasts.

The humongous alien roared terribly, pushing all the furniture away with the power of the soundwaves alone. I didn’t budge an inch, though. “Careful, tiny. I might look like this inside this earthly contraption of yours but back where I come from I’m larger than a planet. If you understood how strong that is you would be trembling in fear!” She had just admitted my invention was holding her back. Couldn’t be millions of miles tall here, huh? Still, I was a bit surprised the chamber’s shackles hadn’t completely depowered her.

“Maybe. I won’t know how good you are if we don’t try. I can tell no one has ever really put you in your place, right? At your size, it’s no wonder.” The universe was full of interesting beings like her. Who could imagine there were powerful people like her out there before our advent? In any case, she had nothing on me. I was going to have a lot of fun now.

“Hm. That woman from before also talked the talk. But can you walk the walk? Come on, let’s see who puts who in their place!” She stomped towards me, covering my whole body in her shadow, easily dwarfing me with even her most diminished size and shaking the ground with her very deliberately and (supposedly) threatening steps.

“Very well. The rules are simple: if you make me cum, you’ll get your service for free, both the one Jessica gave you and mine right now. And not only that, but the privilege of knowing you have beaten the strongest in the universe.”

“You?! The strongest in the universe?! Don’t make me laugh!”

“If I make YOU cum first I’ll win, though…You will be fully charged for the service and the damage you have caused and also you will grant Humanity complete and amicable access to the supercluster you rule over. Me and my people are currently exploring space and it would be great to find ourselves in friendly territory if and when we eventually chart those parts.”

“Strange AND unfair request... but it is no matter given that I won’t lose. Deal, haha!”

“We shall see.” I grinned with relentless smugness and proceeded to remove my dress’s bottom strip. Since I’m engaged with sex work constantly, I don’t think I even have to mention the fact I was not wearing any underwear. My glorious, bronze pussy was exposed in full sight, more than ready to take her monstrous cock in. 

As high and mighty as she made herself out to be, Haskar immediately reacted to my display. She blushed and gulped out of sheer lust for my godlike cunt, all while her fat cock rose and twitched, letting out a large pool of pre-cum.

“Come, show me what you are made of.” And she did, almost instantly grabbing me with two of her oversized arms to keep me in place. Her free arms showed me how desperate she truly was to make me her bitch by trying to tear my dress apart with all her strength. Nevertheless, she found herself confused as to why she wasn’t able to undress me no matter how much brute force she applied. The answer was simple: my elegant garment was made of the same material as my tail in mermaid form, ergo, it was as indestructible as the rest of me. “Something wrong? You seem to be outmatched out of the gate~”

My teasing worked, making her angrier and hornier as she let out smoke from her oversized nostrils. “How can this be…? I can generate enough force to twist dark matter…This silly dress shouldn’t give me this much trouble…You magical wench, what have you done?!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you…” Slowly and methodically I easily freed one of my arms from her grasp. I didn’t even feel tensile resistance from her as I just got it out and proceeded to manually remove the upper part of the dress. “No need to ruin something so expensive, dear.”

Haskar was out of her depth. It was the very first time she felt the inability to do something but she was too horny to care. She precipitated towards my super tits, squeezed them hard and chuckled manically, thinking she had somehow regained control of the situation. Then she inserted her barbed cock inside me. I could now understand how she stretched Jessica so much with this size and power. If I had been in the mood of enjoying some sex I’d have accepted it but I wanted to win so I made my usually welcoming coochie the tightest, most impenetrable hole she had ever had the pleasure to drill.

First of all, only the glass and a small amount of the trunk managed to be inserted, with great difficulty too. Her blue meat was now swollen, unable to get past the initial bottleneck. “W-What is this sorcery? My penis can breed with any creature, no matter how small!”

I bit my lower lip and then clamped on it for real, as if trying to cut it in half. Haskar cried out in pain and tried to get out but I just wouldn’t allow it, sinking my fingers on the floor as she desperately flailed about with her giant body, all her mighty muscles unable to overpower my meager (for her standards) 6’3 frame. 

Another humiliation came through my tits. I activated my hyper lactation and two streams of steamy hot, potent milk burst out of my engorged nipples and hit Haskar like two delicious, creamy punches. She immediately got her hands off me to cover her body from my terrible secretions. I could tell she didn’t want to back down, especially from something as inoffensive as a lactating woman but she had no other choice. I laughed heartily as my milk began to fill the Sealed Chamber. It was huge, but at my then current pace I calculated it would take me at best 15 minutes to get it to full capacity.

Haskar was visibly worried and started to thrust in and out with all her strength, trying to escape. “You are not coming to me? Then allow me~” I broke her hold with ease and then turned the tables by grabbing the wrists of her dominant set of arms and slowly but steadily pushed upwards. “Sometimes inexperienced people need someone to take the initiative.” This cosmic dick demon might have probably bred a bajillion amount of wombs in her lifetime but there is no one, and I say no one, as good as sex as the queen of escorts. I, Sereia dos Santos, have never been defeated at fucking.

Now it was me who was lifting her, smiling with arrogance in the space between her arms. “I-I can’t move! Release me at once!”

“You want in? Let’s see if you can please me. I warn you, my standards for dicks are high~” Controlling her and on the offensive, I was the one being penetrated yet clearly in control. “I’ll show you what powerbottoming means~” I proclaimed and then let out a wild grunt as I forced her inside me, then out, then in. 

Thanks to my Super Empathy I could tell Haskar had never felt this before. The idea of being surpassed, of being utterly dominated and sexually used instead of the opposite had never occured to her. She was truly scared and angry at this point but I also sensed a newfound taste for being treated like a toy by someone superior. Maybe that’s why she came here? In pursuit of someone able to give her this experience? If that was the case, even subconsciously, I would gladly give it to her.

“P-Please, stop…M-My dick is spent…” She panted and moaned and I could tell her cock was going flaccid now. My extremely tight hammerspace pussy had taken most of it and turned it into a wrinkly mess in less than 10 minutes and I wasn’t even sweating yet. My cervix had not been hit once and my womb was still safe from any undesired cum.

I listened to her begging and found myself feeling pity for her, so I took a mental note to not go so hard on her from now on. I dropped Haskar on her ass and pulled her flattened cock out of me. By now the poor space demon was quietly sobbing and had become an exhausted mess. Unable to hold onto her pride any longer she let go mentally and released everything she had stored on her oversized, gurgling testicles so far. I gladly watched that hyper virile seed be wasted and form a layer of yellower white on top of my milk, which was now at knee level.

The gallons kept coming out as she orgasmed, her eyes rolling in their sockets. The sheer pleasure was so incredible that she couldn’t even make a sound. Her tongue stuck out comically as her fingers twitched on their own. When she was done, she fell on her back, creating a small earthquake. “That wasn’t bad, Haskar. When you come back to your senses you will probably think the only reason I defeated you is because of the properties of this chamber. But that’s not it and I will show you.”

I snapped my reality warping fingers once again and all of a sudden the chamber had been emptied and Haskar’s health was completely restored. She stood up, wondering what had happened. “W-what is this…? You have cheated! I can’t accept this result, give me back all of my power and then I’ll totally impregnate you!” She seemed terribly angry, and dangerous with her energy fully replenished.

“Ok, darling. Let’s assume I haven’t won. Let’s say you didn’t cum all your load away under ten minutes like an amateur. In fact, let’s change the rules and say I technically have to make you cum vaginally to win the competition. If I gave you back all your original power, do you reckon you could beat me?” I loved leading them on when they got all grumpy like this.

“No doubt!” I immediately removed the restraints of the chamber and Haskar not only got all her original, galactic-leveling power back but she also grew up to thrice her size. Her horns were now close to touching the ceiling of the already monumental building. In fact, I looked like a literal ant next to her at that moment. I could return her to her original planetary size if I wanted but it would be too impractical. This would demonstrate my point anyway. “Ohoho! Now we are talking! I feel like I could eat a few black holes for breakfast now! Holy fuck, look at my babies!” Haskar flexed her bus-sized biceps, posing like a wrestler and kissing them. Her ego was back. Good.

“Well then. You promised you’d make me cum but I also gave you the courtesy of the first turn. What now?” She felt confused. She could somehow hear my voice perfectly fine from up there. I was sure regular people usually sounded like ants on helium to her.

“I guess you can try to make me cum now.” She chuckled while not even looking at me, completely obsessed with herself despite her humiliation from just seconds ago. “But I’m confident you stand no chance now.”

“You sure?” Haskar was immediately spooked out when she noticed my voice was coming from behind her. I had used my super speed to get there while she was blinking. I was not going to sugarcoat it for this woman, she had already been completely and utterly beaten.

Before she could even turn I jumped 50 feet into the air and headbutted her from below, making her yell out a cute squeak as she realized she was now airborne. She didn’t fall, though, as my powerful palms were holding her multi-thousand ton mass with ease, one hand on each asscheek. “W-What are you doing down there?!”

“I’m gonna take you for a ride~” From this vantage point I had a perfect view of Haskar’s blue pussy and her adjacent asshole. They looked OH so good and practically unused since she had never needed to release in this way. “Wow, these are new…You haven’t even fingered yourself so you are a perfect virgin. Allow me to take that away~”

Haskar was about to protest about some perceived unfairness when I grew up a second set of arms just like hers. Only these were each bigger than the entirety of my body and looked more like a set of back wings in practice. They were made from the same invulnerable mermaid scales as my dress. I deployed them and was pleased to find they had the right size for the job they had been created for.

I didn’t waste a single second and strongly pushed my fingers inside her already lubricating pussy. By now I was able to tell that whenever I got the upper hand she couldn’t help getting hornier. The result was instantaneous as a shiver ran down her spine and made her whole body tremble in divine exhilaration due to my expert fingering technique, developed over decades of pleasing the most powerful sluts in the universe–and other strong people that aren’t my Super Goddess sisters too.

The titaness shrieked and moaned like the virgin she was, her body shifting around over my perfectly balanced fingers and completely powerless against my sexual onslaught. I stroked with enough force to wipe out stars from existence as her pussy opened itself to me like I was her first love. I wasn’t seeing her face but the way her humongous tits were jiggling, looking from the back, was telling of her then current state as my uncompromised bitch.

But I wasn’t satisfied with just that, and when I noticed the first few drops of sweet pussy nectar, signaling my victory, I used my magic once again to transform another part of my body. This time it was my tongue, which grew to a thousand times its original size in a moment. Naturally, I used it to give her the first ever and best cunnilingus she was ever gonna get and to collect some of that delicious quintessence she was currently producing.

As my tongue treated her vagina with the franticness of a starved dog licking the bottom of its bowl, I got to devour endless pure, concentrated virgin cum. I deserved a trophy for my efforts after all.

At that point, Haskar was already unable to speak again and could only communicate in loud yelling, moaning and hollering. With her pussy being pounded by both my mermaid fingers and super tongue, she had no opportunity to retaliate and continued cumming and dehydrating herself with no end in sight.

“It’s time for the plot twist~” I joked before literally spinning her entire body around by twirling my mermaid fingers on her pussy. She got all dizzy and it took her a few seconds to realize she was now looking at the other side but she had no time to think about it since I was already eyeing her exposed anus and wondering how tight and flawless it would feel to the touch.

I retracted my tongue, giving Haskar some peace, if any, so I could lovingly smooch her exposed rim, sending her into overdrive once again. The magical, red lipstick mark that I left increased her sensitivity supernaturally. Then I removed my superstrong original palms from her ass as I introduced one mermaid finger in her asshole. It probably looked ridiculous from outside but I was basically holding her entire kaiju-sized body with one finger plucked inside her anus while keeping it perfectly balanced.

By then, her mind had shut off to thoroughly bask in the ridiculous pleasure of receiving anal from me. Her pussy kept releasing juices, now cascading, more than dripping, into the floor as my giant, black finger penetrated her asscrack without mercy and drove her into a chain of inhuman, guttural sounds and outright screams. Her brain just couldn’t keep up anymore. 

My point had been made so I pulled out and held her body telekinetically instead. “I think I have won. You know what this means~” I said cockily, levitating upwards and making sure to rotate her again so she was facing me at the same level.

It took her almost a full minute of gasping, grunting and incoherent speech between the pleasure and her physical exhaustion to properly go back to a semi-normal state. She looked at me, half in love, half scared. The ruler of an entire galactic supercluster had turned into the bottom bitch of a simple brothel owner and was now completely under her spell. It was almost ironic, if it wasn’t completely fitting that a Super Goddess specialized in sex wouldn’t lose at sex. I didn’t know what this mysterious representative of hers had told her about me, but any doubt about my prowess by then had most probably fully dissipated. I was Number 1.

“I-I don’t care about the challenge a-anymore…P-Please, fuck me more! Use a dick now if necessary…” She struggled to say, now turned into a complete, disheveled mess. Her white mane had become a mess after the finger rodeo she just had gone through. “I-I…I want a child of yours, please put your seed inside me…” Finally admitting to it, huh? “I know you are omnipotent, grow a fucking dick and do it!” Still so demanding even after total defeat. She was indeed a spoiled brat that had never been put in check by someone stronger.

“I’m sorry, Haskar. If you want me to be the first to make you a mother, I’m perfectly fine with that. But not today since I’m actually very busy and you have costed me half an hour of my precious time.” I put on my dress again and shifted my voice into a more serious, business-like tone. “Oh and about that. Since you have lost, you have to keep your promise. Please establish the method of pay for your transaction. I calculate that…between Jessica and me…hmmmm…You will be charged a total of 14 million.”

“I-I don’t have that kind of money…T-There’s no currency in my realm, I have nothing to pay you with.” She looked distraught and confused. It was clear she had never been forced to keep her end of the bargain before and didn’t expect this result at all. Oh and I didn’t forget about the space promise either, I would talk to her about that later on. “I was told Super Goddesses are morally flawless beings…W-Why do you even charge for your services?”

“Listen, I run this business but it’s not just me here. I need it to turn a profit because many people depend on the money it generates, one of them the poor girl you fucked to near-death earlier. Besides you also have to pay for the damages to her as the customers have treating the escorts roughly strictly prohibited unless paid extra and accorded beforehand.” I sighed. “This is not a charity, so pay up. Do it somehow, but pay up. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“I told you I have nothing! Besides, what will you even do if I don’t pay? What ridiculous interaction this is!”

“If you can’t pay me with currency, then you will have to make up for your debt by working for me. Otherwise, I can’t let you leave this planet, which means you will have to be jailed here forever.”

“But that’s ridiculous! Where’s my representative anyway? Come here now and pay this woman, we are going home!” But after 30 seconds, no one came. There was only silence.

I raised an eyebrow out of incredulity. “Seems like your handler, if she ever existed to begin with, has abandoned you. You are out of options now.”

“But I cannot work as a prostitute for you! Why would the Great Haskar lower herself to perform sexual acts for inferior beings?! Preposterous!” 

“First off, doing sex work isn’t lowly in any way. A sex worker has defeated you after all. Second, I don’t like your attitude towards my clients, they are not inferior to you. However, you are right about something, I cannot just sell you into sex slavery to pay your debt, so I have to find another use for you. Hmmmm…”

“Hey, don’t decide on my life like that! I’m my own master!” I noticed how her delivery had changed from confident overlord to tsundere bottom. Each line she uttered was filled with passion and an inherent submissiveness and non-admitted love for me. She could try her luck against me and fly away into space but here she was, still pleading and bargaining, almost like she secretly didn’t want to leave my side.

“That’s true, yet you owe me 14 million. Say, you look quite powerful. You can’t defeat me but you proved yourself against Jessica, at least physically. Would you like to work as security for the brothel? At the kind of wages I pay you will be free to go…in 11 months! Deal?”

Haskar breathed out heavily in defeat, yet conceded with a quiet nod. She had lived for 20 million years so less than a year of easy work wouldn’t be too problematic. Then she could get back to be the ruler of her supercluster or whatever. Yes, she would totally do that after paying her debt. “I have no choice. When do I start?”

“I’m leaving the palace now because I’m late to an important date with a client. It will be quite exposed for a while so let’s start now. You are in charge of keeping everyone safe and sound and prevent any fights or riots between the customers while I’m out and not watching.”

Already running out of time, I pulled out of my lovely foam scarf and I ordered it to extend indefinitely until it reached Haskar. The scarf grew disproportionately and managed to easily roll around and engulf her entire building-sized body. “W-What the-?!”

“Shhhh, don’t be afraid. It’s nothing bad.” I told my scarf to form a mound and cover Haskar from head to toe, then I retracted it and it came back with a zinger, automatically placing itself around my neck like it had a life of its own.

I took a look at my handiwork and whistled, pleasantly surprised. A 9 feet tall, properly groomed Haskar stood in front of me, dressed in a sharp black suit, shoes and stylish sunglasses. She was even wearing a Timex watch on her wrist. “Now you look professional enough to work for me.”

“Wait! What have you done to me?! I look ridiculous, and so damn small! I don’t like it!”

“You need to look like that to properly interact with the other employers and the customers. A naked giantess doesn’t fit into my business’s structure, to my displeasure mind you. Now do me a favor and stop complaining. Go talk to the other security so they can guide you on how to do your job better. It’s going to be a very productive next 11 months of your life and I hope it teaches you about humility and respect.” Before she could give me any bullshit, I teleported her to the palace’s main structure miles away with a thought.

I was about to arrive late to an appointment with a client, which was seriously unbecoming of me and I wouldn’t accept it. I had to rush to get there, though luckily this person was in the general vicinity of Rio. After sensing his soul, I phased back into the water and returned to my most preferred mermaid form. My tail became a blur and propelled me at speeds so awesome that I was literally splitting the ocean into two as I crossed the water like a bullet. It took me less than 10 seconds to reach Copacabana Beach, where I performed a triple somersault out of the water and transformed mid-air, recovering my legs and dress.

People went ooooooooooh! at my super athletic performance and the way my mermaid tail shapeshifted as I landed with my two human feet, my gracefulness was incomparable. I walked on the sand, still mostly wet from my swimming and attracting glances with my swaying hips. I could tell these people basically worship me, the thought of having a real Super Goddess so close alluring them to no end. I heard many Is that Super Goddess Sereia? and a lot of What is she doing here with us mortals? and mostly stuff like Holy fuck, she is so hot! answered by statements like Yeah, wish I could fuck her.

The attention felt good so I had no problem letting my bronze, bombastic body be captured on everyone’s cameras. I knew they would masturbate to it back at home but since that counted as a public appearance I wouldn’t charge them. The Code made this exception, between others.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t there to model for anyone and I soon enough found the person I was looking for, hiding in plain sight. My client’s identity was none other than Mr. Robinson Pereira, a 68 year old man from São Paulo that had had one of the most rompy lives out there for a non-Enhanced mortal. During his life, he was unlucky enough to lose his family for reasons that didn’t concern me but he still shouldered on, providing for himself by selling cold beverages on the beach to silly foreign tourists.

His skin looked like leathery hide after decades of sunburning from working on the field back in the provinces and his body had been utterly tarnished by the cruel farming life, especially his bent spine. Still, this all worked in his favor somehow by giving him an impressive degree of personality and gravitas. At forty, I was not that far away from his age myself but no one could tell since I was a whole foot taller and would conserve my 20 year old looks forever.

To be fair, I didn’t blame people for thinking that we two had nothing in common, let alone being completely bamboozled at the fact that we could ever somehow interact. He was a poor old man with cheap clothes, subpar looks, and the kind of job a teenager would have part-time. I was an omnipotent goddess desired by everyone in Rio.

However, we actually got along very well and after all I had promised Robinson some service the day before. He sold me and the girls drinks when the brothel played an exhibition beach volleyball match against Rio’s cantonal team. We won 3 sets to 0 and they didn’t even score a single point. I was pretty sure it was Robinson’s enthusiastic support from the side and his delicious energy drinks that gave us the victory!

We sat together to talk about life, philosophy and the key to aging gracefully and found much in common with each other. “Yo! How are you doing, Mr. Pereira?” I placed my hand on top of his little cart and everyone suddenly shut up, not quite believing the scene they were witnessing.

“Nice to see you again around these parts, Lady dos Santos.” The humble working man said with a gentle smile. “Can I do something for you today?”

“Well, we sealed a deal yesterday, I came to give you service. You know which kind~” I winked seductively at him. This caused everyone to go crazy and wonder if they were actually dreaming.

“Oh? I thought that was a joke! Come on, ma’am, I’m just an old man that struggles to meet ends every month. What makes you think I could keep up with you, let alone afford your prices?”

“I only ever charge people according to their standing and I don’t care much about age or looks because this is my job.” The fact that I constantly fucked billionaires and other elites meant nothing to me, it was making people happy through sex that brought me to life. It was my duty, my call. And if it took charging less for economically unfortunate people like Mr. Pereira, then so be it. “So…What do you say? Want me to take you for a ride?”

“Hmmm…I’d love to have an experience like that before I die but I’m not sure how I can pay you…” He scratched his nape, making clear this sudden exposure was making him nervous.

“What about a drink? I’d love some fresh water right now.” I cheekily pointed at one of the clear plastic bottles.

“Please, don’t toy with my heart like that…”

What a charming old man he was, I only wanted to fuck him more now. “I’m totally for real! I will trade that water bottle over there for sex! Take it or leave it~”

“I-I guess I will take it…” 

I fetched the beverage and ripped off the cap with my teeth, then I downed the whole thing in one gulp. “Ahhhhhhhhh, so refreshing~” In front of everyone, I suggestively began to lick the bottleneck and even got the whole thing inside my mouth, sucking on it while looking at him, informing him of my intentions.

He was now erect, probably for the first time in years. A foxy grin formed in my lips. I offered Robinson my larger but much more delicate hand. “You mean now?” He asked, instinctively reaching out for me with his callous fingers.

“Yes, let’s go! I’ll give you the kind of love no one has given you before, Mr. Pereira~ All for that nice drink.”

“But where will we go?”

“Your house. Oh and for your information I will stay with you for days, you paid for the whole service with that!”

“The full service?! So that includes you staying at my house and having sex everyday? Muito obrigado, Lady Sereia…”

“Mhm! For a whole week! And not only that, it also means I will be your personal maid for the time being!”

Deus meu…I think I’ve just won the lottery! I hope you don’t mind my place being small and dirty but I guess you can sort it out if you are a maid, right?”

“Sure, and don’t worry. I was raised in a favela so I will feel right at home.” As we maintained this bizarre conversation together, we walked away by hand, leaving the bamboozled crowd behind, most of them straight up jealous of Mr. Pereira.

But his looks or background were of no consequence to me. After all, Lady Sereia’s Brothel had one motto I had sworn to live by, its words were written into the very first page of The Code: “Healing the cock is healing the soul.”

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