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In Dreams

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In Dreams

by dkc

Bruce and his fiancé Jenny were driving to Jenny’s mothers house for thanksgiving dinner. Which was strange because it was August, or at least, Bruce thought it was August. “I could have sworn it was summertime”. Bruce said softly.

Jenny looked at Bruce somewhat annoyed, “Are you going to get weird again?”

“What?” Bruce asked incredulously.

“Every time you see my sister, you get weird.”

Bruce was stunned by the accusation. Jenny’s younger sister Elle was very good looking, but he certainly wasn’t “weird” around her. Elle was a tall, dark-haired beauty. She had dark brown eyes, very cute face, legs for miles and maybe the nicest ass he’d seen on a woman. And while she may have been very attractive, Bruce found her to be simple, and generally oblivious. Her aspiration in life was to be a social media influencer, and she literally spent most her time posing in different outfits for her Instagram and tik tok followers. Apparently, she had 123k followers, and she was convinced that when she got her boob job, she’d easily get to a million followers.

“What do you mean I get weird?” Bruce asked.

“What happened the last time you saw her?” Jenny asked him.

“I hardly spoke to her when I was… wait… she was telling me she booked her surgery and all I asked her, was when her surgery was?”

Jenny practically bit her lip as the car pulled up to her mom’s house, “Why would my sister, ever, need to have surgery?”

Bruce looked at Jenny, rehearsing in his mind what he was about to say, and how it could possibly be wrong. “She’s getting her boobs done.”

Jenny just stared at him, clearly annoyed. “Is that supposed to be funny!?” Jenny shook her head, left the car, and went inside the house.

Bruce followed her inside still reeling about the previous conversation. He hung his coat and joined Jenny’s Mom and Sister in the kitchen. He hugged Jenny’s Mom and wished her a happy thanksgiving.

Elle had her hair up in a bun, had thick dark framed glassed on, and wore a purple track suit, not exactly Holliday attire. The track suit was tight, and it was clearly obvious to Bruce, Elle had her surgery. He only risked a glance, but goddamn, her body looked impressive.

“Hey nerd” Elle said as she hugged her soon to be brother-in-law,

Bruce could feel her new improvements press against his body, and they felt fantastic, he dared think. He could feel their warmth as her breasts pushed into his body. He kept the hug short, dare Jenny accuse him of being “weird”.

“Are we ready for dinner?” Jenny’s mom asked as she put the turkey on the table.

Bruce looked at the turkey, it was defrosted, but certainly not cooked. “Is this a joke?” Bruce asked, but his statement was either unheard or ignored.

The family had taken a seat around the table and closed their eyes as Jenny’s mom said a prayer. She gave thanks to her family, and especially to Elle the empress, a literal God on earth.

Bruce snickered believing the comment was some kind of joke.

Jenny glared at him, clearly irritated.

Once the prayer was completed, Jenny’s mom turned to her youngest daughter and said, “Elle, would you do us the honour?”

“My pleasure Mom” Elle stood up, used her hand to drop her glasses so that her eyes could see overtop of them. Twin beam of radiant energy fired out of her eyes and into the turkey.

“HOLY FUCK!” Bruce screamed as he stood up abruptly.

The entire family looked at Bruce in shock.

Bruce pointed at Elle while looking at Jenny, “Lasers just came out of your sisters eyes… Fucking lasers!”

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” Jenny said as she looked at her mother with dismay.

“Bruce?” Elle said, “You’ve seen me do this every thanksgiving”.

“The fuck I have!? What the fuck’s going on?”

“Bruce! Calm down!” Jenny said angrily.

“Jenny!” Bruce said assertively “Lasers” He emphasised with his hands, “Came out of your sister’s eyes!”

Elle came up to Bruce “Do you mind if I take Bruce downstairs and check him over. It’s possible that somebody tried to erase his memory”

“Do you think?” Jenny asked curiously.

“It would explain a great deal” Jenny’s Mom said.

“I’m dreaming this…Right? I mean, it’s not even fucking November! How do I wake up?”

Elle guided grabbed Bruce’s hand and led him downstairs and sat him down on the couch. She looked at Bruce with concern, and finally began laughing hysterically. “You should have seen your face!” Elle began mimicking Bruce’s reaction, “lasers out of her fucking eyes!” she said while laughing.

Bruce started to smile and slightly laugh, as obviously this was some elaborate prank.

Elle and Bruce laughed for a moment before Elle began “So, now let’s get serious. There are some minor formalities we need to discuss” Elle said with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

Elle placed her finger on her mouth in contemplation, “Now where is it?… Oh shit, that’s right, I left it in Hawaii . Could you just wait right there?” Elle asked, and in a blur she was gone.

This was no prank, Bruce thought as he noted the speed at which Elle departed. So this had to be a dream. A surreal, ultra realistic dream. But still, a dream. So, how does he wake up? He wondered. After a moment of thought, Bruce picked up the remote and turned on the TV.

“BREAKING NEWS” The headliner stated, “Elle the Empress has reigned destruction down on Alabaster.” Bruce squinted his eyes as he tried to look at the girl destroying the city. She was a blur in the video caught by a cell phone camera. From super speed to super breath and laser vision, the woman in the video was causing absolute chaos in the city. The woman spotted the person recording her, she posed for the man, and then blew him a kiss which abruptly ended the video.

The news anchor had a military specialist with him, and he reminded the public that they have no means of stopping Elle the Empress and encouraged all people, everywhere, to just accept this woman as ruler.

Bruce watched in shock as more footage came in showing Elle floating high in the sky and methodically and joyfully using her heat vision on the helpless city.

“Fake news” Elle declared as she came downstairs seeing what Bruce was watching.

“This isn’t real”. Bruce stated with certainty.

“Of course it’s not real silly! You think I’d seriously kill all those people! What kind of psycho do you think I am?”.

Elle had changed out of her previous attire, she was wearing very short jean shorts, and a very tight white V-neck t shirt. Bruce had never seen a more beautiful figure in all of his life. Elle’s legs were long and shapely, her hips were wider, but narrowed to her thin waist. He would have begged to see the back of her as her long silky-smooth thighs gave of hints of a firm, tight and round ass. His eyes shifted to her breasts. They were massive but seemed perfectly suited to her body. Her cleavage was deep, and Bruce couldn’t help but stare.

Elle giggled. “I’m glad you like what you see” Elle said confidently, “All natural, no surgery required, wanna touch?”

Bruce snapped out of it, “No. Of course not. Jesus Elle, I’m marrying your sister.”

“Actually, you’ll be marrying me”


Elle put the contract down on the table next to Bruce and leaned down so she could point at it “Just need your signature here, beside mine”

Bruce read only the first paragraph “This is insane. I’m not signing this! Okay, what the fuck is going on?”

“I know, I know, I was totally thrown off when I got here as well. It took me at least a day to fully understand what’s going on… ”

“A day? Jenny saw you yesterday…”

“Yeah, time totally fucks with you here. Look, here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell. You are dreaming. And I have this rockn body, and crazy awesome powers, and I get to have it all in the real world once you sign the contract.”

“I’m marrying your sister in three months”.

“Bruce, I’m going to be real with you, I’m not keen on marrying you either, but check it out.” Elle floated in the air and slowly turned 360 degree giving Bruce a fantastic view of her lower body. Elle turned her head and looked down at Bruce as he checked out her ass.

“Want me to sit on your face?” She said with a giggle.

“This isn’t real.”

“Exactly! So just sign it.” Elle said as she floated back to the ground.

“I need to wake up”

“Easier said then done. I mean, I imagine I’ll wake up eventually… .Probably just as soon as you sign the contract”

“I’m not signing anything.”

“Bruce” Elle said sweetly. “Look at these?” She said as she pointed at her breasts, “You know you want it. So enough with the games, sign the contract. Let’s make this a reality”.

“No.” Bruce said firmly.

“SIGN THE FUCKING CONTRACT!” Elle screamed, and then immediately calmed down. “Oh my God, we’re not even married yet and were having our first fight”

“You’re crazy!”

Elle clenched her teeth, her nose wrinkled, and brow furrowed in anger. With a quick inhale, she pursed her lips and blew at Bruce.

Bruce felt the shudder of ice-cold air blast into him, but instead of blowing him backwards, he was stuck in place as ice crystals painfully formed over his body. It felt like deep cold, colder than anything he’d ever known penetrating deep into his body. Before he knew it, his limbs body and head turned to ice. He couldn’t even blink. He just sat there; his shocked expression frozen in place.

“DON’T EVER CALL ME CRAZY!” Elle screamed and punched her tiny fist through Bruce’s head, shattering it to a million pieces.

“HOLY FUCK!” Bruce said as he sat up from his bed. Bruce was in his own bed, at his own place. He felt his body to make sure nothing was wrong with it.

“Are you okay?” Jenny asked startled as she too got up abruptly.

“I think so” Bruce replied still somewhat confused.

“Must have been quite some dream. Want to talk about it?”

“I dreamed about your sister.”

“Should I be jealous?” Jenny said jokingly.

“She tried to kill me.” Bruce felt his face, “Shit, I think she actually did kill me.”

Jenny started laughing, just as the alarm clock sounded. “Well, I guess this is one way to wake up. I'll make you a coffee.”

“Thanks” Bruce said as he reflected on how surreal the dream was. he remembered everything about it. He even felt pain in the dream. He finally got out of bed, got changed, and joined Jenny downstairs in the kitchen. She handed him a hot coffee, that’s when he noticed she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.

“Where’s your ring at?”

“Okay, don’t freak out. But Elle tried it on, and we couldn’t get it off her finger.”

Bruce stared at Jenny in shock, “Elle is wearing the ring?”

Jenny sighed as she had no doubt that Bruce would think that there was some link to Elle wearing the ring and the dream he had. “Your dream had nothing to do with Elle wearing the ring, you know that right?”

Bruce sighed, “That ring has been in my family for generations. I don’t believe in magic, hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo. But my Grand-mother did… Look, I don’t care what you have to do. I need that ring back on your finger.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get the ring back. now tell me about this dream.”

“Your sister demanded that I marry her, and when I refused, she killed me.”

Jenny started laughing “How did she kill you?”

“She like, like, fucking blew on me.”

“What do you mean blew on you?”

Bruce shook his head, “She had like powers, laser vision, super speed.”

Jenny giggled, “Bruce that’s totally your fetish, remember the Superwoman costume I bought for Halloween? Remember how into it you were? Maybe I should be jealous.”

“She wasn’t wearing a Superwoman costume… ”

“But she basically was Superwoman?”

Bruce thought about her powers, and compared them to Superman’s “Basically,” He conceded.

“It’s hilarious that your fantasy is a woman with power, and Elle’s fantasy is having power. Well, maybe tonight I’ll put on the costume. Show you my powers”.

Bruce smiled, “I’d like that.” He said as he felt his fiancé’s body and kissed her passionately.

Bruce went about his day as per usual, the dream was now a distant memory. Bruce had some showings for a few houses he had listed for sale. He had to make amendments to some of the contracts he had already written, and he met with potential clients. It was a long day, and he was eager to come home and get some rest.

The first thing Jenny told him when he got home was that they were not able to get the ring off of Elle’s finger, but that on Monday they would cut the ring off. Bruce wasn’t overly concerned, he was tired after a long day, and all he thought about was sleep. But Jenny told him that before he went to bed, she had a surprise for him. She went to the washroom to change. Bruce already knew she was changing into the Superwoman costume.

Bruce eagerly waited for her in bed, but she was taking quite some time getting into the outfit. Bruce’s eyes felt heavy, he closed them.

“What do you think?”

Bruce opened his eyes with astonished surprise. It wasn’t Jenny before him, but Elle. “What the fuck!?”

“So, you love a woman with power? What a coincidence, I love the idea of having power” Elle said as she watched Bruce’s eyes take in her body. She smiled as she didn’t have to use x-ray vision to see Bruce loved what he was seeing. “Oh wow, you really do have a thing for Superwoman. So, what is it about superwoman Bruce? Is it the skin-tight costume that shows off all these incredible curves? Is it these incredible breasts, and let’s face it, these weren’t here before. Or is it the power?” Elle’s red boots rose from the ground, as she adopted a power pose, with her fists on her hips and she floated above the bed, her head only centimeters from the roof.

Still Bruce was speechless.

Elle smiled as she floated down on him, she sat down comfortably on his stomach, it was if she weighed 20 pounds. Bruce just stared at her. Not believing this was real, and yet worrying Jenny would open the door and find them.

Elle took Bruce’s hand and guided them onto her breasts. She could feel Bruce’s grip tighten on her breasts. She bit her lower lip, “Thata boy, but you’ll have to squeeze much harder than that to satisfy me”. Elle adjusted herself so that she was sitting directly on Bruce’s arousal.

Bruce gasped, despite the fact that she was fully clothed, he was in her, he could feel himself inside her. As great as it felt, he knew this was wrong. “I’m dreaming again.”

Elle closed her eyes as she pumped into him, “Mmmm…Does it matter?”

“Yeah it matters.” Bruce stated, he stopped, and tried to push Elle off of him.

Elle rolled her eyes, “Why are you so stubborn?”

Jenny stepped out of the washroom and looked at Bruce in shock, “Bruce? Bruce!”

Bruce opened his eyes somewhat startled,

Jenny crossed her arms pretending to be upset with him. “You fell asleep!”

Bruce looked at his fiance’s body, and while he would have been otherwise very impressed with the superwoman costume she wore, her body didn’t compare to Elle’s. The costume didn’t stick to her body like it did with Elle, her breasts were small in comparison, nor did Jenny have the same power as Elle. Thankfully it was the image of Elle which kept his interest peaked. He grabbed Jenny and pulled her into bed with him and made love to her repeatedly.

“Wow!” Jenny said exhausted, “You really do love Superwoman.”

“Or maybe it’s just you.” Bruce said as he kissed Jenny goodnight.

The sun was beating down on Bruce’s body, and even though his eyes were closed he could almost see the bright light from the Sun. He opened his eyes. He was on a hot beach, all by himself. He could see a woman walking out of the water toward him, she was tall, fit, and her ultra tight neon pink bikini proudly showed off her impressive curves. He knew before she even stepped out of the water that it was Elle.

Elle walked over to him, and then sat next to him.

Bruce looked the other way, as Elle’s body was already having an effect on him.

“I want the ring back.” Bruce stated.

“What are you talking about?” Elle replied.

“The ring, I want it back. Not on Monday, not on Sunday, tomorrow. You understand?”

Elle laughed, “Do you think I’m actually Elle? You think, what? Elle is invading your dreams?”

Bruce shook his head, but acknowledged that she was right, the idea that he and Elle was sharing the very same dream was crazy.

“You’re so funny. But in all seriousness. I’m going to need you to sign the contract”. Elle opened a cooler and pulled out the contract.

“So, I sign that, this is done, you don’t show up in my dreams”.


“Fuck it.” Bruce conceded as he stood up with the intent to sign the contract. He read it over briefly, it warned that upon signing Elle would be his wife. That all the powers of Superwoman would be hers. The contract, practically speaking, was ridiculous, first of all, having the power of Superwoman in the real world wasn’t physically possible. Second, she was right, this wasn’t literally Elle in his dream, this was something he had conjured up. The contract would not have a real-world consequence. He grabbed the pen and was about to sign. Then he stopped. He read the contract again, and something dawned upon him. If this was a dream, how was he able to read the contract? He had been told that letters and words in dreams appear backwards or scrambled. Bruce put the pen down “I need to talk to my sister about this.”

Elle’s excitement turned to fury, “You what?”

Bruce began explaining the situation as if the Elle in his dream was oblivious to the ring situation. “See, there’s this ring that’s been handed down to me from generation to generation. My Grandma always said it was magical. Like, if there was a strong enough connection between me and the girl I gave it to, we could make our dreams come true. And somehow, the real Elle, got that ring stuck on her finger. So, I need to talk to my sister about all this. She paid a lot more attention to this hocus pocus, voodoo nonsense than I ever did”.

“Bruce” Elle said calmly. “Sign the contract.”

“There’s no connection between me and Elle…”

Elle kissed Bruce. The kiss was long and passionate. One hand touched his cheek while the other rubbed down Bruce’s firm back. She made sure her breasts pushed into his chest dramatically increasing her cleavage. She could feel Bruce’s arousal. She smiled at him as she bit her lower lip, “I’d say theres a bit of a connection.”

Bruce had never felt a kiss like that before, it took him a moment to regain his thought process “You are not Elle. And I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s no connection between me and the real Elle. So, it’s kind of silly for me to sign this, when the truth is, I can’t stand the real Elle.”

Elle crossed her arms and menacingly squinted her eyes. “You can’t stand Elle?”

“Don’t get me wrong. She’s beautiful” Bruce gestured toward Elle. “I mean obviously. But she’s kind of dumb. Cares only about herself and how many followers she has. She’s like… okay, okay, let me put it this way, when her looks fade, there’s nothing left.”

“Are you trying to piss me off?” Elle asked.

“No, not at all. What I’m saying is that once I get the ring off Elle’s finger and put it on Jenny’s. Then maybe you’ll take on Jenny’s identity. We can sign then!”

“I don’t like you either Bruce” Elle stated. “Be honest with you, I think my sister could do way better than you. I think you’re an idiot, a bad realtor who solely relies on his good looks to get clients. Even the Johnson’s said you had no idea what you’re doing when they bought a house through you. You’re a joke, and you don’t even realize that that’s what people think of you.”

Bruce looked at Elle wondering if maybe this was the real Elle. But that was impossible, wasn’t it? “If I’m such a joke? Why do you want to marry me so badly.”

“Look at me Bruce, not only did I get these massive upgrades.” Elle cupped her huge tits and gave them a squeeze. “But I’m also a God. I can’t be hurt. I can fly! I can melt anything with just a look. Do you know how many followers I would have with these kind of powers… Billions!”

Bruce started to laugh, “All the powers of Superman, and all you can think about his how many followers you’d have? Fuck…Maybe you are Elle after all.”

Elle crossed her arms, clearly unimpressed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means Elle is superficial, shallow, and ignorant. Kudos to my psyche, clearly it has you nailed down to a tee.”

“What’s that on your left hand?” Elle asked with concern.

Bruce lifted his left hand and inspected it. “What?”

Elle squinted her eyes, and twin beam of energy shot into Bruce’s left hand. Bruce screamed in agony. The burst of heat was only momentary, but his hand began to melt to the bone. He grabbed his wrist as he screamed loudly. The pain was so intense, he questioned whether or not he was even in a dream.

“Why the fuck am I not waking up!?… AGH!… FUCK!… AGHH! Look what you fucking did to my hand!?”

“Ew! That is gross.” Elle commented.

“You’re a fucking psycho!” Bruce screamed and then began running away from her.

Elle rolled her eyes as her feet lifted off the ground and she gingerly landed in front Bruce.

“HELP! HELP!!” Bruce shouted.

“Oh my God, Bruce, who do you think is going to help you?”

“Leave me alone you fucking cunt!”

“Oh no you didn’t!” Just as Bruce was going to yell for help again Elle unleashed a small dose of her heat vision inside Bruce’s mouth.

Bruce grabbed his throat as his voice went silent. The burning in the back of his throat more painful than anything Bruce had experienced in his life. It felt as if someone had put his head in the microwave. He gasped for air, and every bit of air that went into his lungs burned. He wanted to cry out in agony, but he knew, to do so would be beyond painful.

Elle grabbed the sides of Bruce’s head. “Next time we see each other, you’re going to be respectful? Am I clear!?” Elle’s eyes began to shine, and twin beams of pure energy fired from her eyes and straight into Bruce’s. Bruce’s eyes quickly liquified, and so did his brain, as the boiling fluids in his head leaked out of the cavities on his face.


“What the hell Bruce!” Jenny said as she woke up startled.

Bruce felt his face and then looked at his left hand. All intact. He sat there, trying to compose himself. “She fucking…she fucking… she like… .she… .FUCK!”

“You dreamt of Elle again?”

“Listen to me, she’s torturing me, she melted my head from the inside out.”

“You know how creepy it is that you’re dreaming of my little sister every night?”

Bruce looked at Jenny, clearly irritated.

“Okay, what does she want?”

“She wants me to sign a marriage agreement.”

Jenny rolled her eyes, “And you said no?”

“Of course I said no!”

“Okay, Bruce. You have my full blessing to sign or do anything your dream wants of you. It’s only a dream. It’s 5 AM. Lets go back to sleep.”

“No way. She’s waiting for me. I know it!”

“Oh my God Bruce, just sign her stupid contract. It’s just a stupid dream!” Jenny watched as Bruce got out of bed. She rolled her eyes and turned over and tried to go back to sleep.

Bruce made himself a coffee, black, with lots of sugar. He was anxious to speak to his sister, Shay, about the ring. He was sure she’d know something about it. He waited until 7 AM before he got into his car and drove to her house.

He rung his sister’s doorbell three times before Shay opened the door.


“I need to talk to you about the ring, the engagement ring grandma passed down to me.”

Bruce got straight to the point. He spoke to his sister for over an hour, not holding anything back. Giving her every detail of what he had experienced. Bruce’s sister listened and believed him. She tried to remind Bruce of what her grandmother claimed. That once, every so often, when passion and attraction collide the ring will make both come true.

“But I don’t like Elle,” Bruce exclaimed.

“You don’t find her attractive?” his sister asked.

“Of course, she’s attractive.”

“And… you love the idea of a woman with power, and she loves the idea of having power?”

“I mean…yeah…I like the idea of a woman who is independent, strong…”

“Bruce” His sister interrupted, “I’m not talking about a strong independent woman. I’m talking literally about a Superwoman. You love the idea of being dominated?”

“No. No I don’t.”

“You love the idea of a super powerful woman. But don’t want to be dominated by her?”

“Is that so strange?” Bruce asked.

“Kind of. Okay, so, do you know how Jenny feels about having superpowers?”

Bruce thought back to a silly conversation he once had with Jenny. He had asked her if she had the choice between 100 million dollars, or superpowers, what would she choose. Jenny chose the money. Showing no interest in having God like abilities. “I don’t think she’d care all that much about having powers. But I don’t know if Elle would be so keen on having powers either.”

Shay smiled, “Bruce. Her name on social media is Elle the empress. Of course, she loves the idea of power.”

“I didn’t ask Elle to marry me, I asked Jenny. There’s no connection between Elle and myself. I’m not attracted to her”.

“You sure about that?”

“Listen, Elle said that she only wanted the power so that she could have a billion followers. All the social injustices in society, corruption and racism in this world, and she just wants the power so she could have more followers. That’s disgusting.”

“Did she turn you on?”


“In the dream…Did she do it for you.”

Bruce hesitated on answering.

“Let me show you something” Bruce’s sister went to a closet, and she pulled out an old photo album. Bruce was familiar with it, their grandma would go through the album with them a long time ago.

Bruce’s sister flipped pages until she got to the one she was looking for. “You know who that is?”


That’s our great great grandmother Belle.

“No. I’ve seen pictures of Belle, she was beautiful. That’s not her.”

Bruce’s sister flipped a few pages, “There’s Belle. Look at her finger”.

Bruce looked at the black and white photo, and how striking Belle looked, and then he looked at her finger and the very same ring that was eventually passed down to him. “So, what are you saying? The ring made her beautiful?”

“What I’m saying is” Jenny flipped back to the other picture of Belle. Removed it from the album, and then flipped back, and placed the two pictures of Belle beside one another. “These are the same person.”

“But… Belle didn’t have powers.”

“Bruce, don’t be dense. She didn’t have powers because our great great grandfather, didn’t desire for her to have power. But he desired for her to be beautiful, and she desired the very same thing.”

“That’s impossible.” Bruce stated as he looked at the side by side comparison of the two pics.

“There’s a history of voodoo and magic in our family, and yeah, it seems impossible, but if the ring could turn a girl from that.” Elle pointed at the old photo, “To that. Then we might have to ask ourselves, what else is it capable of doing?”

Bruce reflected on the question.

“You couldn’t have a normal fetish could you” His sister said playfully. “You had to have a Supergirl fetish”.

“I have to go” Bruce said as he walked to the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m getting that ring back”.

Bruce drove quickly to the other side of town, he drove to Jenny’s moms place. He knocked on the door and she opened it. Bruce smiled at Jenny’s mom, “Hey, is Elle home?”

“Hi Bruce” Jenny’s mom greeted, “Is this about the ring?”

“Yeah, Jenny thought maybe I would have a little more luck getting it off her finger”.

“I wish you would. Girl’s been sleeping non-stop since the ring got stuck on her”.

Bruce went downstairs and then knocked on Elle’s door. After no reply he opened it. He turned on her bedroom light and saw her there, fast asleep. There were pills on a counter next to her bed. He looked at the pill bottle, Trazadone.

Bruce looked at her left hand, and there was the ring. He carefully began pulling on it. It didn’t come off, so he pulled harder.

“What are you doing!?” Elle said as she woke up startled.

“Did you have nice dreams?” Bruce asked.

“What are you talking about!?”

“Look, I just need the ring.”

“It’s stuck.”

“Then we’ll cut it off. I’m sure your mom has some wire cutters in the garage.”

“That’s stupid. It’s a beautiful ring, why would you cut it?”

“Elle, I don’t have time to explain. I need the ring back now. Let’s go.”

“Can I get changed first?”

“Why are you taking Trazadone?”

“So I can sleep! Duh!”

“Your mom said you’ve been doing a lot of sleeping lately”

“What’s it to you? Why are you being so creepy?”

Bruce wasn’t going to discuss his dreams with Elle. He just wanted to get this over with. “Let’s go to the garage. I’ll cut the ring off, and you can sleep your life away for all I care.”

“Can I change first!?” Elle repeated, and then gestured with her hand for Bruce to get out of her room.

Bruce sighed, left her room as she slammed the door behind him. “I’ll wait right here.” Bruce waited at the door for five minutes before he knocked at the door. There was no reply. “Elle, I don’t have all day.” Bruce waited a little longer before he opened her door. The window to her bedroom was open, and she was gone.

Now Bruce was furious, he was certain Elle was aware of the dreams he was having. That she was torturing him in his sleep. He was going to run upstairs when his phone rang. It was Jenny.

“Hey Jenny”

“Where are you right now?”

“I’m at your mom’s house”


“I came to get the ring”

“Elle called me, she said you were touching her while she was sleeping”

Bruce practically bit his lip in anger, “I tried to get the ring off her finger while she was sleeping”

“Bruce!” Jenny screamed “Do you know how creepy this is!? My sister is hysterical, I had to convince her to not call the police on you. What’s the matter with you!”

“Jenny listen to me…”

“No you listen to me! Leave my moms house, right now! Come home! We’ll talk when you get home.” *Click

Bruce looked at his phone angrily. He dialed Elle’s number, no answer. He dialed it again, no answer. Bruce dialed her number constantly all the way back to his home.

Bruce reluctantly got out of his car and headed inside his home, where Jenny waited for him.

“Are you fucking nuts!?” Jenny yelled. “You snuck into my sisters bedroom and started touching her!?”.

“Oh ,Jesus, don’t put it like that! I spoke to your mom, we both agreed the ring had to come off. I knocked on her door, there was no answer. I walked in, saw the ring and tried to pull it off her finger”.

“I told you! The ring was stuck!” Jenny asserted.

“So, I told Elle to come to the garage so I can cut the ring off.”

“And I told you! That I’d go with my sister on Monday to remove the ring!” Jenny got a cell notification and she looked down at her phone. Elle had taken a screen shot of her phone and sent it to her, showing how many times Bruce had called her. Jenny looked at her phone angrily. “You called Elle twenty-three times! Are you fucking kidding me!”

Bruce sighed, “She’s doing this to me… She’s doing this to us. I know it sounds crazy. I know! But she’s doing this.”

“Doing what!? Coming into your dreams and asking you to marry her?!”

Bruce sighed, he knew how crazy this sounded, and every time he spoke it was just getting worst. “Look, just tell her to call me”.

“Have you listened to anything I’ve said!?” Jenny shook her head in frustration, “You need to leave.”



“It’s my fucking house!”

“LEAVE!” Jenny showed him her phone “Or I’ll call the cops.”

Bruce’s temper was reaching a boiling point. He immediately turned to the door and left the house. He headed to his car and intended on driving back to his sisters house. Thirty minutes later, he got the call.

He stared at the phone notification, Elle is calling… .

“Hello” he said calmly.

“I heard Jenny kicked you out of the house. Sorry to hear that.”

“I’m sure you are,” Bruce casually replied.

“You know you could have avoided all of this. All you needed to do was sign the contract.”

Bruce became furious, “I knew it! You fucking… .”

“Careful Bruce. I’m not going with your sister to the jewelers on Monday. And you’re going to have to sleep eventually.”

“When I find you!” Bruce threatened.

“I’m actually going to be out of town for a few weeks. So good luck with that.”

Bruce shook his head, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Doing what to you? All I asked you to do was sign a contract. Big deal!”

“A contract that stipulates that we’re married! A contract that gives you power to do anything you want!”

“And you think it’s real?”

“Somehow…I do.”

“Me too!” Elle said gleefully. “Okay look, how about we put our differences aside. We meet up for dinner and learn about each other.”

“Sounds great, tell me where you are, and I’ll come grab you.”

“Oh, you’re funny. I mean in the dream world. When you go to sleep tonight, I’ll take you somewhere nice. Let’s forget about the contract, and other unpleasant things that happened, and lets just focus on us. You know, for all the pain I caused you, I can show just as much pleasure.”

Bruce disconnected the call. He thought about Elle’s offer all the way to his sister’s house. When he finally got to his sisters house he told Shay everything that happened, including Elle’s offer.

Shay had been obsessed with Bruce’s experience since he told her, she had been doing research, trying to find out everything and anything about that ring. “I’ve been going through a lot of Grandma’s things” Shay began, “trying to find out more about the ring. I found this old story. I think it’s connected to the ring. The ring was taken from a burned corpse centuries ago. I just don’t know if the corpse was our ancestor, or our family came across the body. But, the ring was taken from a dead witch.”

“Why would our family pass down a cursed ring from generation to generation.”

“Because it was never seen as a curse. The ring has brought, beautiful and successful women into our family for generations. Listen, you have to get the ring back. And I have a plan.”

“I’m listening.”

“You don’t know where Elle is, but you have her phone number? Right?”


“I know someone working in law enforcement who can ping her cell phone. I can get you her address. And while she’s sleeping, you get that ring off her finger”.

“And how would I know she’s sleeping?”

“Easy” Shay declared, “You first meet up with her in the dream world.”

Bruce shook his head, “I can’t automatically wake up. Once I’m in the dream, I’m stuck there until I eventually wake up on my own, or I’m dead.”

Shay looked at Bruce, hoping he got the que, that he answered his own question.

“Kill myself?”

“Here’s the thing Bruce, I can imagine you dying in dreams would be relatively easy. Not so easy for a woman with powers, especially if they are the same powers as Superman.”

“Do you really think this ring could turn Elle into Superwoman?”

“I don’t want to find out” Shay responded.

Bruce thought for a moment. “Okay, lets do it!”

“You may go to go to jail for this.” Shay warned. “She’s likely staying at a friends house and…”

“I know the consequences. You work your end, find her. I’ll wake up when I’m in the dream with her.”

“Okay…well…lets get you to bed.”

Bruce was so filled with anxiety he found it hard to sleep, he tried meditation. He even wondered if he could control the setting of the dream. He meditated for over an hour, imagining the place he’d be, who would be there. He tried deep breathing, and before he went to sleep, he imagined himself defeating Elle.

“Sir. Your table is ready” a lovely hostess said to him.

Bruce opened his eyes surprised to see that he was in a luxurious hotel lobby. He stood up and looked at his suit and then followed the hostess to the table.

“Elle the Empress has notified management that she’ll be a little late.” The hostess said while handing Bruce a note.

Bruce looked at the note. ‘We are all in position’.

Bruce looked over at the bartender. It was his high school buddy Martin. One of the waiters that walked past him was a friend from work, and the pianist was his best friend Dan. He reached into his pocket and felt a box. He smiled as he looked at the green glow of kryptonite. Now, Bruce was excited. Finally, he would have the edge on her. Make her fantasy a nightmare. His plan shifted, perhaps if he could turn the tide on Elle here, there would be no need to get the ring from her. She’d willingly give the ring up on her own accord.

Bruce saw her come in, she was wearing a red fitted red gown that hugged her body. A slit along the gown ran up all the way to her thigh showing off her incredible legs. Her hair was done up elegantly, and she smiled brightly at Bruce as she approached the table. Servers quickly pulled the chair out for her and took their drink order.

Bruce looked at Elle, her gown exposed her deep cleavage. The tightness of the dress pushed at her bust, but not as hard as her bullet sized nipples pushed back. She was certainly beautiful.

“Soo.” Elle finally said.

“You look good.” Bruce conceded.

“Oh, I look better than good, but I’ll take it. I know how upset you must be with me.”

“You really are hurting my life. You know that right.”

“That’s why tonight, we’re going to have a pleasant evening. I’m going to make it up to you.”

“And how do you intend to make it up to me?”

“Oh” Elle smiled, “I have my ways.”

“I don’t know what this place is, how it came to be, if anything even matters here… but. I won’t cheat on Jenny.”

“And I totally admire you for that. But you need to know, that Jenny was never really sure if she wanted to marry you. And after you tried to kill me tonight… ”

“After I what?” Bruce said confused.

“My best friend Tammy and I called the police after you tried to run us over.”


“Yeah, I’ve got an emergency restraining order from you. Cops are probably talking to Jenny as we speak. Definitely looking for you.”

Bruce remained calm, “You’re ripping my life apart.”

“Tsk! Don’t be so dramatic. Listen, tonight is about us. About us getting to know one another.”

“You love it here don’t you?” Bruce said to her. “That’s why you’re in bed all day. That’s why you’re on Trazadone. To keep you sleeping”.

“Bruce, I don’t know much about what’s going on. But I do know I’m your fantasy woman. I’m your dream come true. My body, my power, my style. You love every bit of it. You could jump across the table right now, rip my dress open and ravish me, and I wouldn’t stop you. I would make love to you in a way that would shock your wildest fantasy. Have you ever bit down on a woman’s nipple as hard as you could? Of course not, that would be really painful for the girl. Not me, mm mmm, my nipple would grow, get harder and firmer, split your teeth open as it fully engorged in your mouth. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.” Elle smiled, “I’m already turning you on. Aren’t I?” Elle’s eyes squinted as she looked through the table and at Bruce. She smiled as she slipped off the straps of the gown from her shoulder blades and then pulled the dress down exposing her large firm breasts.

“What are you doing?” Bruce said with surprise, as he looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“They’re not just big, soft and firm Bruce. They’re super. You know you want to feel these super tits.”

“Jesus Elle”

“Your drinks” a waiter said as he placed them on the table. “The bartender said that he made these drinks specially for you.”

Bruce looked over at the Bartender and the bartender nodded at him.

Elle smiled as she pulled her dress back up.

Bruce looked at his glass, both glasses had a green tinge in it. Was this kryptonite? He thought. It had to be. “Shall we” Bruce said as he raised the glass. Bruce clinked glasses with Elle as she drank the drink in one go.

Elle let out a slight cough.

“NOW!” Bruce screamed hoping that the players in his dream would act. As if his subconscious had mastermind the entire setting. Bruce through his drink in Elle’s face.

Elle gasped as the green water splashed in her face. The waiter dropped a smoke bomb under Elle seat and it exploded with a loud pop. Thick green smoke enveloped Elle.

Bruce felt victorious as waiters, guests and bartenders pulled out their weapons and aimed it at the blob of green smoke. He’d done it, he was now in control. “How’s that feel you fucking bitch!”

Bruce heard a sucking noise, and the blob of thick green smoke began rapidly collapsing in on itself until finally he could see Elle. She was sucking in air at a fast pace until every bit of the smoke was in her lungs. She let out a slight cough, then looked at Bruce. “Kryptonite Bruce? Really? You do know I’m not actually Superwoman. I just have all her powers.”

Elle began walking toward Bruce,

Bruce was back stepping away from her.

Someone fired a shot at Elle.

Without even looking Elle caught the bullet inches from her head. “You know what Bruce. I’m not mad. I think I know what you want. This is your fantasy after-all! You want to see my powers in action, don’t you? Well then, enjoy the show!” Elle turned to the person who had fired his weapon at her, she opened her eyes wide and dramatically and vaporized him. His scream echoed long after he disappeared.

The bartender placed a machine gun on the bar table and opened up on her. The green tracers smacked off her chest, dimpling them with every impact. Elle put her hands on her head and pushed out her chest as the bullets ripped her gown to shreds, she looked over at Bruce. “Do you like the way bullets bounce off my chest?”

The bartenders gun clicked empty, and he began to reload.

“Bruce!” one of the waiters called out to him and threw him a gun.

The uzi flew toward Bruce but Elle used her super speed to catch it. She looked at Bruce as a bullet pinged off her shoulder blade and another ricocheted off her head. “You’re going to love this.” Elle said as she put the nozzle of the uzi in her mouth and then began firing. Her cheeks flared outward as the bullets rebounded off her teeth, tongue and throat. The gun clicked empty, and so she singled for Bruce to be patient with her index finger. She began manipulating the steel in her mouth into position. Then she opened her eyes wide and blew in rapid succession. She was indiscriminate as the bullets popped out of her mouth zipping through tables walls and people.

Elle laughed at the slaughter she left in her wake. “Full disclosure, I would never do that in real life.”

The bartender got back to his feet finished loading the machine and took aim at her.

“Hold that thought” Elle said to the bartender. In a blur of speed she appeared eight metres in front of him with her back turned to him. With her dress already in tatters, she raised her arms in the air and then brought her arms down so that she was touching her toes. Elle exposed her large firm and round ass to the bartender, and the bartender let er rip. The heavy rounds careened off her ass, the curved smooth surface of her bum causing the bullets to deflect up and down.

Bruce watched her face as some of the bullets were hitting her sensitive area. She seemed disappointed when the gun clicked empty.

“Are you all out of bullets?” Elle said with a smile as she lifted herself back to an upright position.

The bartender pulled a pin of a grenade and tossed it at her, with a quick puff from her pursed lips the grenade flew back behind the bar and exploded.

Bruce walked over to a dead waiter and leaned down and picked up a pistol. He aimed it and Elle, who was practically naked.

“What are you going to do with that gun?” Elle asked with a smile. Bruce walked straight up to her, she smiled at him the entire time.

Bruce fired. A bullet cracked off the top of Elle’s breast, “Oooo!” another smacked right off her nipple, “Mmmm!”

Bruce pointed down, at practically point-blank range.

Elle smiled mischievously as she saw where Bruce was pointing the gun “Do it!” She said as she bit her lips. She guided the barrel so that it was pressed to her. “Do it!” Elle said as she grinded up against Bruce. “Do it!” She pleaded.

There was a loud bang, followed by another.

“Fuck yeah!” Elle triumphantly screamed, “More! More!”


“OOOOOOH YES!” Elle dangled her arms over Bruce’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Do it some more”. Elle watched as Bruce looked down at her large breasts.

“They’re perfect Bruce, and they can be all yours!”

“There’s no way this could become real… ”

In a flash of speed Elle was gone, and then reappeared with the contract. “Shall we find out?”

“Here’s what I’m going to do.” Bruce said as he walked over to a grenade and picked it up.

“Bruce” Elle said as she rolled her eyes, “If you haven’t already figured it out, I can’t be killed here.”

Bruce pulled the pin of the grenade. “I know. The grenade is for me. You see, I found out where you are. I’m coming for you bitc… .”

Bruce woke up startled and looked at Shay who was waiting for him to wake up.

“4519 Glenridge crescent.” Shay said to him.

Bruce hurried out of bed. Typed the address into his phone.

“Good luck” Shay said to him.


Elle stood there, standing over Bruce’s dead body. His last words repeating themselves in her head. ‘I found out where you are’, did he mean he knows where she was sleeping? But how would he know that? She needed to wake up. But how? Bruce killed himself in order to wake up. Nothing could kill her. She began to panic as she worried about how time was moving in the real world. Some how she needed to wake up! She raised her arms into the air and blasted through the roof of the hotel. She began picking up speed, flying faster than she had ever flown before. Her clothes disintegrated as the friction of air heated her body to extremes. A tail of smoke and fire traced her flight path as she increased in speed as she directed herself toward a mountain. She closed her eyes, as she braced for impact, and undoubtedly the first time she would ever experience pain in the dream world.


Bruce drove quickly, it was late, traffic was light. Still, he drove excessively fast. He flew through red lights and looked at his phone as it gave him directions. It advised him that he was 28 minutes from his destination, but based on how fast he was driving he was sure he could cut that time in half.


Snow fell on the caps of tall mountains. An otherwise peaceful place began to quake. Birds flew from trees, and animals began to run as the mountain began to shake. A thunderous explosion echoed across the countryside as Elle blasted into the mountain face first. She cut deep into the mountain, and while the impact wasn’t pleasant, it was far from painful. “FUCK!” Elle screamed wedged deep into solid granite. With not much effort, she blasted out of the mountain, desperately seeking another way to wake herself up.


Bruce slammed on the breaks and turned the car as he narrowly missed a vehicle. In his haste, he had missed a turn off, and had put an additional three minutes on his time of arrival.


Elle was starting to panic, she couldn’t allow Bruce to take the ring from her. She couldn’t imagine life being the same after experiencing these powers. ‘Think think think’ she recited to herself. All sorts of crazy thoughts popped in her head, and the only reasonable thought she had was to get nuked. She didn’t have time to get the US army to nuke her. God knows they’d use every other means before they resorted to a nuclear bomb. But there was one other option. Elle looked at the Sun. How long would it take for her to reach it? She wondered. She didn’t have time to think, she needed to act. She adjusted her flight path quickly taking her out of earth’s orbit, past satellites and then the moon. Her speed increased with every passing second.


Bruce finally turned into a residential area. He pulled up to the address. Got out of the car and approached the door. Bruce hadn’t planned his next moves. He hoped the door to the house was open. It was locked.


Elle focused as her speed continued to increase, the sun filled the entire field of her vision. Her naked body was absorbing the power of the sun, causing her to gain in strength and acquire more speed. She could feel her body tightening as it collected the suns powerful rays, her breasts swelling. She worried now, that not even the Sun could kill her.


Bruce smashed his foot into the door. The door didn’t break. He kicked it again, and again, and again. Finally, it cracked. He heard a female’s voice warn that they were calling the cops. A man’s voice warn that he was holding a gun. Bruce kicked again and the door broke open.

A young man stepped up to Bruce, “I called the police, get the fuck out of my…”

Bruce punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground clutching his broken nose. Bruce pointed at the girl. “Where is she?!”.


The Suns power felt glorious, but now, as Elle approached its surface, she felt pain for the very first time. The heat was becoming too great, too quickly. She screamed as she pushed through the pain and hit the surface of the sun. Elle gasped as she woke up from her sleep. She could hear a commotion coming from the kitchen. She hurried out of bed and to the window. She could hear Bruce going from room to room until finally he found her room.

Elle jumped out of the window and ran out onto the street screaming for help.

Bruce was unphased, jumped out the same window and began his pursuit.

Elle was fast, Bruce was faster.

Bruce tackled Elle to the street. She screamed as her body hit the concrete. “STOP!” she said as she fought to prevent Bruce grabbing her ring hand.

Bruce had never hit a woman in his life, never thought he ever would. Bruce clenched his fist and struck Elle. The punch was hard, and it felt good. “How’s that fucking feel! HUH! How’s that fucking FEEL!” He struck her again, and again.


Bruce was so full adrenalin he never heard the approaching sirens, nor the lights. He stopped hitting Elle who was now sobbing, raised his hands in surrender before the police aggressively took him down.


Bruce’s was sitting on a plastic chair, wearing a red jump suit. He was watching a movie when a prison guard warned that it was five minutes to lock up.

“Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain.” Dr. Strange said before being killed by spikes. “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain”. Dr, strange said again before being killed again.

“See” Bruce said to the inmate next to him. “Problem is, Dormammu lacks imagination. If he killed Dr. Strange slowly. Took his time. He’d give up the stone…Eventually”.

The TV shut off, and the intercom announced that it was time to lock up.

Bruce went to his cell, lay on his bunk as the door locked behind him. He was going to sleep eventually, and worried what horrors waited for him there. Unlike Dormammu, Elle had an imagination and seemed far more bitter than Dormammu. She no longer asked him to sign the contract, instead she tortured him in ways he’d never imagined possible. As he prepared to fall asleep, Bruce conceded, that he was done. He couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes closed.

Elle had her hands on her hips, seemingly waiting for his arrival.

“Wait, wait…wait!” Bruce pleaded.

“What am I waiting for?” Elle practically sang.

“I’ll sign the contract!” Bruce begged.

“What makes you think! I’d want to ever marry you! After what you did!”

“I’m sorry. I made a mistake.”

“You think sorry is going to cut it?”

“I’ll sign the contract.”

Elle thought for a long moment. “If this is another one of your tricks. If you second guess signing that contract even for a moment… .”

“No tricks… I’ll sign.”

Elle disappeared in a flash, but as quickly as she disappeared, she reappeared, contract in hand.

Elle watched with curious fascination as Bruce put pen to paper. “What makes you think I won’t do the same to you in the real world?”

Bruce signed the contract. “In the real world, you can only kill me once.”

Hours passed by and Bruce opened his eyes. For the first time in months, he had a peaceful sleep. The next night, another peaceful sleep, no dreams, no Elle. He watched the news every night. No news a flying woman or any indication that Elle was Super.

A week later Bruce was allowed to use the library. In the library there was one computer which allowed him limited access to the internet. He typed in, Elle the empress, and saw her latest pics. He smiled as he realized his concerns were nonsense. Of course, nobody could ever obtain superpowers in real life. He wasted his life for nothing. Bruce’s smile faded, as one pic concerned him. Elle was in a place, dressed in a way, that would not be physically possible without photoshop.

The next day he heard news that China had accused the US of nuclear testing on the moon in violation of treaty.

A week later he got the news.

“Bruce!” A guard called out.

Bruce looked over at the guard,

“Pack your shit, you’re being released.”

That was impossible. His sentence, even with good behaviour, was well over two years.

But, within one hour of the announcement he was released with a message to go to Jenny’s mom’s house.

Bruce got a cab and went to there.

Jenny’s mom greeted him as if nothing had ever happened. Jenny was there too, after a moment of awkwardness she finally spoke to Bruce.

“I should have believed you. I just didn’t think such a thing was possible.”

“What do you mean? What are you talking about?”

“Elle…you know…she’s…super.”

“That’s not possible.”

“You heard about the nuclear test on the moon?”

“Yeah” Bruce said.

“The Government found out about her, asked her to drop off a scientific experiment on the moon. The experiment was a nuclear warhead. When she got to the location, they detonated it”.

“This can’t be possible.”

“She was furious, she flew to the white house and vaporized the President of the United States.”

“This is a dream.”

Jenny began to tear up, “They’re covering it up, they’re not telling the world. She can’t be stopped, she’s… ”

“She’s what?” Elle said as she floated to the ground wearing a black cat suit.

“Nothing.” Jenny said fearfully.

“What did I tell you about talking to my husband?” Elle warned as she placed her hands on her hips.

“You told me not to.”

“Mmm-hmm, so what are you doing?”

“Sorry my Empress It won’t happen again.”

“Go inside and help mom with housework.” Elle said and then looked at Bruce.

“I’m dreaming this”.

Elle confidently approached Bruce, her body only inches away from his.

“I signed the contract. Why am I dreaming.”

Elle giggled, “Oh Bruce. This is no dream. We’re married. And now it’s time we act like a married couple”.

“What do you mean?”

Elle smiled, and held Bruce’s hands, and then placed Bruce’s hands on her breasts.

“Your sister’s watching.” Bruce warned as he could see Jenny looking at them through the window.

“Mmmm, let her watch.” Elle said as Bruce’s hands felt the contours of Elle’s massive breasts. “There’s just something that turns me on about her jealousy. She wants to be me. Everyone wishes they were me” Elle looked at her sister, smiled, and then embraced Bruce in a passionate kiss. “But there’s only one me” she said to Bruce. “And I’m all yours.”

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Just chiming in to say that I’d personally be very interested in a Patreon. And looking at other creators in this space, there is definitely a considerable amount of interest in general for such an offer. Great storytellers are definitely a...
Just chiming in to say that I’d personally be very interested in a Patreon. And looking at other creators in this space, there is definitely a considerable amount of interest in general for such an offer. Great storytellers are definitely a rarity in such a small community. But if it’s more about releasing a collection of unfinished stories, then Gumroad might be more suitable.
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Wow! I really enjoyed this one. Great Work!
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Hey everyone!

Thanks for the encouraging comments! This was a fun story to write and I'm glad many enjoyed it.

As far Patreon? You mean make a wage for writing Supergirl stories....God wouldn't that be wonderful. But the truth is, I genuinely don't...
Hey everyone!

Thanks for the encouraging comments! This was a fun story to write and I'm glad many enjoyed it.

As far Patreon? You mean make a wage for writing Supergirl stories....God wouldn't that be wonderful. But the truth is, I genuinely don't know how much interest there really is. We Superwomeniacs are an assorted bunch, from peril to extreme muscles to dainty but gorgeous.... we all have our preferences.

But I have a collection of about 20 stories, that didn't make the cut for various reasons. And ive always wondered how I might release them.....Maybe I would try patreon and that would compel me to write even more. If i did, I would have to credit you for giving me the idea.
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I love every word! As always a masterpiece from you!!!
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dkc have you ever considered starting patreon/making more content? think a lot of us would enjoy that
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Like many old heads on this website, I've been following and enjoying your work for many years DKC. This story is an absolute masterpiece and my new favorite of yours.
The sense of pacing, the descriptions, the characters. Everything is...
Like many old heads on this website, I've been following and enjoying your work for many years DKC. This story is an absolute masterpiece and my new favorite of yours.
The sense of pacing, the descriptions, the characters. Everything is top-notch. You had me hooked from start to finish! Wonderful work. The mental prison where Bruce finds himself, in his dreams but also in reality gives a frightening vibe to the story.
The heist part when both characters understand what's at stake gives so much momentum and excitement to the story. Incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

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See, dreams do come true. Great read as always dkc!
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Yet another ABSOLUTE HIT FROM DKC! Gona be hard to swap my vote from this and I'm only 2 stories in
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Loved every second of it, so good!!😇
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