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Zuperfriends Pt 1

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The Zuperfriends

The school year – Nora’s final year of high school – had started two weeks ago with the normal lack of fanfare and excitement that she was now accustomed to from her previous three years. The subjects and teachers were different but classes were still the same. Same stupid classrooms. Same stupid people. Same stupid cliques.

Nora entered her first period class five minutes early as per her routine. She liked getting there before everyone else – even the teacher – so she could have a seat near the back and just blend in quietly. However, when she dropped her backpack on the ground at her base of her AP Chem workstation, Nora was surprised to look up to see a new face already seated on one of the two stools. They both managed to reciprocate apprehensive smiles to one another before Nora wordlessly slipped onto her stool and began staring blankly at the whiteboard.

The silence was awkward. Nora knew she had to say something, but while math and science were in her wheelhouse, conversation icebreakers definitely were not. She never knew what to say in situations like this.

God, just say something to her, Nora! She thought to herself as she slowly turned her shoulders towards the new girl when the first morning bell suddenly blasted out through the classroom loudspeaker. Nora and the other girl both jumped in their seats surprised by the sudden claxon. A few brief seconds later, the blaring sound from the speaker stopped, and the girl quickly turned back to Nora with a confused look.

“First bell.” Nora said matter-of-factly, emphasizing it with air quotes.

“Ohhhh…” the girl responded, as she looked back musingly at the speaker.

“Yeah, they used to have an actual bell, but last year they switched to the air raid siren for some stupid reason. First day?”

“Yes,” the girl replied, turning to her with a more inviting smile. “How did you – ”

“This is my table. No one usually sits here,” Nora replied coldly without even thinking.

The new girl apologetically bowed her head downward as she quickly reached down for her backpack. “Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I’ll just find – “

“No! No! That’s not what I meant.” Nora blurted, reaching out with her hand to stop the girl from packing up. She took a silent breath, trying to compose herself. “I mean just I usually just sit here by my—”

Nora was interrupted by the staccato sound of high heels rapping against the hard linoleum floor as Summer Angelino reached out and grabbed their table to catch her balance. “Ow! Damn it, Nora! Get your stupid Dollar Tree backpack out of the aisle before you kill someone with that thing!”

“Sorry, Summer,” Nora said pensively before looking at her new potential lab partner and exchanging sheepish grins.

“Freakin’ nerd!” Summer snorted as she walked past the girls disgustedly to sit at a table in front with one of her friends.

“As I was saying, I usually sit here by myself. But I’d love for you to sit here and be my lab partner. I’m Nora!”

“Mitzi Arataz,” the new girl replied, extending her hand welcomingly.

Nora smiled as she shook Mitzi’s hand, Nora’s eyes discreetly admiring the girl’s radiant face. “Nice to meet you, Mitzi! Wow...that’s such a cool name. It fits you. It’s!”

Ugh! Can you sound any more like a dork! Nora cursed to herself, immediately wishing she was someplace else. The young girl felt her cheeks begin to take on a crimson hue from embarrassment as she quickly turned her gaze. She stared blankly at the black counter surface of their lab table as she internally berated herself. Jesus, Nora! What made you say that?

Maybe because it was true. Mitzi Arataz was a raven-haired beauty with beautiful sapphire eyes that had an incandescent sparkle to them. With her flawless alabaster skin, Mitzi resembled one of those glamorous Hollywood actresses from the 40s and 50s – a darker haired version of Veronica Lake or Lana Turner. She was beautiful...sultry...glamorous. Yes, the name Mitzi was a perfect fit!

Conversely – and similarly – Nora’s name was rather apropos as well. Nora Crumb wasn’t a Mitzi...or a Summer...or an Ashley or a Torrie. No, she was Nora and everything that seemingly went along with being a Nora: nerdy, unfashionable....unremarkable.

And awkward! Nora clenched her hands and hid them under the table as they began to perspire. As she felt her face redden like a thermometer on a hot July afternoon, Nora felt like she should say something...ANYTHING to relieve the uncomfortable silence from her bizarre comment.

“Listen, Mitzi, I’m—”

“Glamorous?! You’re sweet to say that, but...just call me ‘Zee’! It’s what my friends call me.

“OK, Zee it is!”

Did she just say friends? Nora beamed at the thought. Nora didn’t have many friends, especially since Stephanie’s family had moved out to Washington. She missed having a BFF. Of course, she had only just met Zee, but she sensed there was something about this girl...


“We can eat under that tree over there, if you want.” Nora told her new friend, motioning her tray toward a large oak tree on the periphery of the outdoor cafeteria.

“Sure,” chirped Zee. “And thanks for letting me eat lunch with you.”

“Of course!” responded Nora, trying to sound calm and it was no big deal. But after eating lunch alone for the last two weeks – twenty-one weeks if you were counting into last year – Nora was excited about having a new friend.

Plopping down under the large shade tree, the girls had an expansive view of the entire outdoor patio. Zee seemed awed by the scene, all the interactions and conversations, as she surveyed all the different cliques.

“Yep, the social hierarchy of Westmoreland High School in all its glory…” Nora said theatrically with a hint of bitterness as she took a bite of her parfait.

“It’s so… big! My previous school was only about 20 kids,” Zee said, continuing to soak in the scenery.

“Twenty? Oh my gosh? Where did you go to school?”

“It was school,” her friend replied as she took a quick bite of her burrito, as if she were hiding something.

Nora was about to probe more about her school when a shout rang out from the patio.

“Heads up!”

Nora and Zee barely had time to react but thankfully the field hockey ball struck the tree about five feet above their heads, ricocheting off the trunk with a muffled thud, landing next to Zee.

“Oops! Sorry…” said an unapologetic, sun-kissed blonde in a field hockey uniform as she casually strolled up to them, stick in hand. “Hey, Bora. Who’s your friend?”

“Are you kidding me?! You coulda killed us with this!” Zee spat in anger as she picked up the ball and threw it with surprising force and athleticism in the opposite direction. “And her name is Nora!”

There was a collective chorus of “ooohs” and “aaahs” that erupted from girls’ lunch table as the girl looked back over her shoulder at them. Nora gulped as the tall blonde turned back to Nora and raised her eyebrows as if to say “you are joking, right?”

“Umm...she’s joking, right?” the field hockey captain snorted as she flashed her stick out and pointed it at Zee who looked strangely unintimidated and composed. Nora, however, felt her hands beginning to perspire, her heart beating faster, as she tried to calm the girl.

“Dallas, she didn’t mean it. Really…”

Dallas turned her head back and forth between Nora and Zee a few times and smiled wryly, slowly lowering her stick in the direction of Zee before whipping it through the air mere inches in front of Nora’s face.

“I’ll let it slide this time, Bora, but you better get your little friend up to speed on the pecking order in this school. Got it?”

Nora nodded wordlessly as Dallas smirked and turned to Zee. “How bout you, Princess Diaries?”

Zee tilted her head and smiled incredulously at the towering blonde. “Sure! See you next Tuesday?”

“Yes! Yes! She got it! We both got it, Dallas!” Nora blurted to a semi-confused Dallas who thankfully didn’t know what Zee meant.

Dallas flashed a fake smile and took a deep breath, composing herself as she lowered her stick again. “OK, I think we’re done here then! Ta-ta, ladies!” she said condescendingly as she pirouetted gracefully, skipping back to her table amidst the laughter of her peers.

Nora looked concerningly at Zee who seemed to still be stewing over the confrontation. “Zee, let it go. You don’t wanna be messing with Dallas and the rest of them. Trust me.”

Zee scowled as she glanced over to spy the lunch table that Dallas sauntered back over towards, a veritable Who’s Who of the Westmoreland High social ecosystem. “Rest of them? There are more?”

Nora sipped her coconut water with an affirmative nod. “The Squad. There’s sometimes a change in who is the actual queen bee of their group, but it’s the same four girls. There’s Dallas Burkes who you’ve met obviously. She’s the co-captain of the field hockey team with her bestie, Austin Morris. That’s the tall, pretty black girl sitting next to Dallas. They’re the jockettes of the clique and both won scholarships to play fockey in college.”

Zee let out a chuckle. “Waitaminute! Austin and Dallas? The other two are...lemme guess...Galveston and Houston?”

Nora smiled sheepishly and let out a cute little giggle. “Not quite. The redhead with her back to us. That’s Gina Sanderson. Her family is loaded, and she never misses an opportunity to let people know it. She’s the senior class president as well as a cheerleader and head of all these social clubs at school.”

“And then there’s Summer…” Nora sighed as she nodded in the direction of the statuesque blonde sitting at the head of the table. “Junior homecoming queen, junior prom queen, cheerleading captain, most popular girl in school, and apparently the current leader of their group these days.”

“Wait, isn’t she the girl that tripped over your backpack in AP Chem this morning?”

“Yep, that’s her. Summer Angelino. Take away her gorgeous looks and bangin’ body, and she’s still, surprisingly, pretty freaking smart. Life’s so unfair...” Nora trailed off, staring at their table. These girls seemingly had it all: looks, brains, athleticism, popularity, power. Life was unfair. Why couldn’t she have some of that?

“Hey!” Zee said, grabbing Nora’s hand and squeezing it. “Life might not have given me a Porsche, but I got a cool 2003 Kia Sorento...with AM/FM radio, mind you!”

Nora giggled.

“And I may not be super popular or athletic, but I’ll always be a loyal friend and will never let you down, Nora, OK?” Zee said, a sudden shift in tone conveying her seriousness.

Nora smiled brightly, trying to suppress the tears that she thought were beginning to well up behind her eyes. She wanted to say something but all she could manage was a silent, affirming nod.

Nora knew Zee was special, and somehow knew this year would be different from the others. While they had only met hours before, Nora felt that there was something...a special connection between the two girls. The kind of bond that told Nora that nothing was ever going to come between them...


“I cannot believe you flaked on our sleepover and went over to Summer’s house last night!” Nora shouted immediately as she opened her front door.

Zee was surprised by Nora’s tone but didn’t cower. “God, Nora! Quit being so stalky! I told you I might not be able to stay over this weekend. I only went over for like an hour, tops.”

It was a lie, and Nora knew it. Everyone did, thanks to a steady stream of Insta and Tik Tok posts for a period of almost four hours last night.

“Uh, huh…” Nora mumbled as she got out her phone, reading aloud to her friend but never looking up as she scrolled methodically through Summer’s feed .

“Oh look! Summer and Zee making popcorn. Zee doing “Cannibal” dance on Tik Tok with Summer. Summer and Zee doing Doja Cat’s “Say So”.... Summer and Zee drinking White Claws by the pool. Wait! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Hashtag Zummertime?!?!”

Zee’s face reddened as she tried unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle at that last one.

“It’s NOT FUNNY, Zee!” Nora screamed, almost in tears, as she felt her heart race with anxiety.

Knowing Summer since the third grade, Nora had seen this movie before. And once Summer and her minions had selected their pet project for the semester, that girl was pulled into their inner circle like a cow under an alien tractor beam in rural Indiana. There was usually no coming back.

The dark raven-haired girl could see how upset Nora was and tried her best to deflect her fears as she spoke. She genuinely never wanted to hurt Nora.

“Nor, listen...I ran into her at CVS. We went to her house and made popcorn and had one Fresca. OK, and half a White Claw. But that was it. Believe me, have nothing to worry about.”

“You don’t know them like I do, Zee. Trust me.”

“OK, I get it, “ Zee acquiesced with a sigh. While she didn’t necessarily agree with her friend, she just wanted to put an end to this little quarrel and put it behind them. Stepping forward, Zee held her arms out to the side invitingly. “Friends?”

Nora’s arms instantly wrapped around Mitzi as she choked back the tears. Even though they had only met a month before, Nora had grown fond of Zee, perhaps more than any other friend before her.

“Best friends!” Nora said with that half-cry, half-sniffling sound.

Zee smiled as she continued to hug Nora tightly. She genuinely liked Nora. A lot. She just wished Nora wasn’t so clingy. And as great as Nora was, it was nice to have other friends, right?


As Mitzi hypnotically watched the empty bottle spin, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of regret at the little white lie she told Nora. She hated lying to her friend, but she knew how Nora despised Summer and her friends. A little subterfuge is sometimes needed to keep the peace, she convinced herself.

But this wasn’t an isolated provarication. It was just the latest in a complex web of lies that Zee had been spinning for the past few weeks as she began spending more and more time with Summer and The Squad. The young girl didn’t like being duplicitous, but she knew Nora would totally freak if she knew all the time Zee was spending with them these days.

“Ha! Truth or dare, bitch!” Dallas taunted as Zee’s attention suddenly snapped back to the present. Peering down, she saw the mouth of the empty bottle pointing at her. Grinning like the Chesire Cat, Austin popped another White Claw tab, taking a generous sip.

“Oh! I got a good one,” she taunted, giggling and batting her eyelashes.

Mitzi nervously downed the last of her remaining White Claw – her fourth one of the night.. After witnessing Austin’s last “dare” of getting Gina to reveal how she masterbated, Mitzi mentally chose to refrain from that type of embarrassment and chose what she thought was the much safer path.


Gina immediately jumped at the opportunity. “Ok, what boy would you totally —”

“Zip it, G! I got this one!” Summer barked, holding her hand out dismissively as she barely acknowledged Gina’s scowl. Instead, Summer locked her dazzling blue eyes with Zee, flashing a sinister grin.

“OK, tell us a secret that you’ve ONLY told Nora and no one else!”

Mitzi’s eyes widened fearfully to Summer’s delight. Summer had honed her craft of manipulating and blackmailing people in high school, and now she smelled blood in the water! And Summer could tell it was a good one!

“Truth! Truth! Truth!” they all chanted in unison, getting louder and more obnoxious each time.

Zee knew there was only one secret that matched that description… HER secret. Quickly, she tried to formulate a ruse that she could say as a red herring, but the mental haziness from the four White Claws combined with the incessant chanting of the girls was distracting. They all knew she was stalling.

“She’s trying to think up a lie!”

“She’s cheating!”

“I told you she was lame, Summer!”

Mitzi’s head felt like it was spinning out of control, and in an effort to make it stop, she blurted it out. Her secret.

“I’m a magician!”

The room fell silent. Mitzi gulped audibly as her eyes darted fearfully to each of the girls who were all exchanging glances with one another. Then they all erupted in laughter, Dallas accidentally spraying Austin with a mouthful of watermelon-flavored White Claw.

“Ugh! Dallas! You whore!”

“Waitaminute! Waitaminute! Your big secret is you’re a magician!?” Dallas mocked. “Like grab-a-quarter-from-my-ear magician? Wow! That’s cool!”

Dallas, Austin, and Gina once again erupted in laughter as Mitzi’s face turned red from embarrassment. Summer looked at Mitzi inquisitively, almost curiously, her eyebrow cocked with an all-knowing arch, but she chose not to say anything. For now…


“Night, bitches!” Summer shouted at Austin, Dallas, and Gina as they stumbled down her front steps and to their car. If Summer was concerned about them driving impaired, she certainly didn’t show it. Rather, she flippantly shut the door and leaned against it, looking up at a still slightly embarrassed and much more inebriated Mitzi.

“Don’t worry about it, Zee! They can be real jerks, sometimes!”

“It’s not that! I just am mad at myself for revealing that!”

Summer flung her arms around Nora trying to comfort her. Kinda. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure none of them say anything if that’s what you are worried about! What happens in the Spin the Bottle Circle STAYS in the Spin the Bottle Circle!”

Zee gave a half hearted chuckle. She was still nervous though. And Summer there was something that Zee wasn’t saying.

“So… when you say magician, you don’t mean pull-a-quarter-out-of-someone’s-ear type of stuff do you?”

The young magician looked up with a concerned face, shaking her head slightly.

“So what? Are you a witch or something? C’mon, Zee, I won’t tell anybody! I promise! It’s just between us. Zummertime, right?” Summer again wrapped her arms around the despondent girl and gave her an insincere hug.

Zee flashed a half-drunken smile and in return, gave a genuine reciprocated hug back to Summer. “Okay… I’m gonna show you, but you can’t tell ANYONE!”

Summer smiled coyly. “I promise, I won’t tell a soul…”


Summer Angelino smiled in the mirror as she flattened out her ultra tight black dress and adjusted her short black wig. She looked great and with her coloring was a dead ringer for Victoria Beckam.

It was Summer’s idea for The Squad to dress as the Spice Girls for Bobby Morrisey’s big Halloween Party. She naturally chose Posh and assigned the roles of Ginger to Gina, Scary Spice to Austin and Sport Spice to Dallas. Rounding out their fivesome was Mitzi as Baby Spice.

Mitzi has wrestled with ditching her plans made months before with Nora to go to the party as Supergirl and Batgirl, but in the end, Summer’s adamant declarations won out, as they could not possibly be one Spice short! In a way, Mitzi justified her decision by the fact that she felt wanted. Included.

Summer even sympathetically suggested that Zee not tell Nora the reason for her change of plans, convincing Zee it would upset Nora. Rather they developed a cover story that Zee had to visit family out of town and wouldn’t be able to attend. Both Zee and Summer correctly surmised that Nora would not have the courage to attend a cool kids party alone. What she didn’t know wouldn’t kill her, right?

“Yeah, the car service will swing by and pick you three up as soon as I pick up Zee! Oh, Dallas, just between you and me… bring some of your Ketamine for Baby Spice’s White Claw!” Summer snorted as she pressed the End Call


“Happy Halloween, bitches! Wubba, Wubba!” Gina screamed from the backseat as the girls laughed and smashed their cans together and took five liberal swigs of White Claw from their respective cans. Summer flashed a discreet glance over at Dallas who gave her an approving nod as they both watched Zee tilt back her Ketamine-laced White Claw.

“Goddammit!” Summer suddenly blurted out.

“What’s wrong?”

“My stupid phone died! And I need to text Jake.”

Thrusting her hand out quickly before anyone else could react, Austin offered up her IPhone 13 as an offering to their leader. Completely ignoring Scary Spice’s proposal, Summer quickly turned innocently to Mitzi.

“Zee, can I borrow your phone real quick”

“Sure,” Zee said innocently, pulling her phone from her bag.

“Thanks! I’m so excited for the party! This is gonna be a night to remember for sure!” Summer said while deftly sending her message before handing the phone back to Zee.

“Cheers!” she said smiling, clinking her can with Zee’s as they both sucked down the last of their remaining cans.


Bzzzt! Bzzzt!

Nora sighed, putting down her bowl of popcorn and pausing episode nine of The Outer Banks to pick up her phone.

“Yes! Yes! Woo-Hoo!” she whooped in excitement as she bolted up from the coach, sending an explosive spray of popped corn all over the carpet. “I’ve got to get ready!” the young girl shouted to no one as she bolted for her bedroom, dropping her phone with the green message bubble still illuminated:

Hey, girl! Change of my plans! I can goto the party! Getting dressed now! Meet me there, Supergirl! :)


“Jesus, Summer, what did you slip her?” Gina giggled as they watch Mitzi gyrate on the dance floor, seemingly lost in the moment.

“I just gave her a little K… you know… to loosen her up a bit!” Summer snorted as they watched Zee awkwardly bump into a guy dressed as a Cobra Kai. Summer grinned mischievously. “Ok… let’s really get this party started…” she mumbled as she went over to rescue their fallen damsel.

“Hey, Girl! Having fun?”

“The bethst!” Zee slurred as she tried to maintain her equilibrium.

“Great! Hey, know what would be cool! You remember our little secret you told me about? You wanna have some fun and show me some more things you can do?”

“No!” Zee snapped as she put a finger to her mouth to shush Summer.

“Oh, cmon! Just maybe once or twice fro Zummertime!”

Zee smiled longingly “Aww! It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that I shouldn’t! Especially when I’m not thinking clearly. Something to do with the magic being tied to desire and inhibitions… blah, blah, blah!”

“Pleeeease!” Summer implored, battling her eyes for full effect”

“I’m sorry, Autumn, I can’t!” Zee apt in a garbled tone before catching her self and laughing.

Summer glared at Zee momentarily before trying another tact. “That’s ok, Zee… I mean, you’re probably not as good as you said you were anyways…”

“Oh Cmon! I’m Mitzi-zi-zi Fucking Arataz, Magic of Mistress… I can make reality into fantasy! Wait! Strike that… reverse it!

“Well, Magic of Mistress, if you think you’re such hot shit, make Jake kiss Austin…”

“You’re kidding right? Is this amateur hour? ekaJ ssik nitsuA!”

Summer grinned impishly as she watched Jake practically run across the dance floor, knocking people over, before sweeping an unsuspecting Austin up in his arms and crushing her lips with his.

“Much better than the ear-behind-the-quarter thing, right?” Zee slurred pridefully.

Summer’s mind swirled with devilish imagination as she played on Zee’s vanity and pride, coaxing the drunken and roofied magician into one crazy idea after another…

“Make Dallas drink everyone here under the table…”

“sallaD tonnac teg knurd!”

“Take away Hannah’s costume…”

“ekaT yawa s’hannaH emutsoc! “

“Make me two cup sizes bigger…”

“remmuS pu owt puc sezis!”

“Oh my god!” Summer squealed as she felt her already angelic figure become even more heavenly as her breasts surged forward and pushed out the bustline of her little black dress almost to its breaking point.

Summer beamed at the possibilities now afforded her, thanks to her new friend. Summer just kinda saw Zee as a gateway to some high school hijinks, but this was so much more! She could have Zee make her a millionaire… get her into Harvard… make her a movie—

“I gotta puke!” Zee suddenly blurted as she pushed Summer aside and made a beeline for the restroom, diving almost headfirst into the water closet toilet. Anxious to keep dibs on her new personal spellcaster, Summer quickly followed in the bathroom.

Knock! Knock!

“Zee? You ok, honey?”

The only response was a flushing sound, in unison with a ding on Summer’s phone. A text from Austin which read:

Look what just flew in! LOL

Another ding quickly followed, this one a picture of Nora walking up the driveway of the house dressed in her homemade Supergirl costume!

As a semi-disheveled Baby Spice emerged from the locked water closet, Summer put her arm around her to help escort her out of the bathroom like a real true friend.

“So, Zee… I’ll bet you $50 you can’t dump a bucket of green slime on the next person who enters the party…”

“Ha! Like taking candy from a baby.... ” Zee drunkenly snorted as the two emerged from the bathroom. Zee didn’t even notice the young girl dressed as Supergirl was walking through the front door as she spoke.

“pmuD neerg emils no txen nosrep ohw sretne!’

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