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Zuperfriends Pt 2

Written by lfan :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 18:47] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 22:49]

Nora sobbed quietly in the bathroom stall, doing her best to dab the remnants of the sticky green slime out of her hair. She still was mentally trying to piece together the events. One second she opened the door and then next, she was doused by a bucket of green goo that seemed to come out of nowhere.

“The Squad…it had to be!” Nora hissed to herself, speculating that they were the masterminds behind the prank. Still how did they know she would be there, and how did the green slime suddenly appear out of nowhere like mag–

NO! thought Nora, trying to get the sudden thoughts of betrayal out of her head. No! Zee is my best friend and would never –

Nora’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of the poolhouse bathroom door swinging up amidst a cackle of laughter.

“Ohmygod, Summer… that was AMAZING! Did you see the look on her pathetic face? My god, I almost felt sorry for her!”

Summer giggled. “I know! That was great! Poor wittle Nora”

“How the hell did you do that? Say, is Zee ok? She doesn’t look too good…”

Summer heard both questions but chose to only answer the latter. “She’s just coming down from a little K. She’s good.”

“Good?! I’m Mitthi Aratath, the GREATESTH magician in the world!”

Gina and Summer looked at each other and began laughing at Mitzi as suddenly the poolhouse bathroom door swung open. “Oh my god! Get out here! You gotta see what Dallas is doing!”

Looking over at Zee slowly sinking against the tiled wall to the bathroom floor, Summer sighed with resignation. “Let’s go! She’ll be ok. We’ll come back and check on her.” With zero compassion for their groggy companion, Gina and Summer quickly exited the poolhouse, leaving Zee slumped to the floor.

There was a moment of silence before the bathroom stall swung open violently, slamming against the wall. The slime still dripping from her mousy hair like melted sherbet, the girl in the makeshift Supergirl costume seethed as she glared at the nearly unconscious Zee.

“You! How could you! I thought you were my friend!” Nora screamed tearfully.

Her eyes squinting from the overhead lights, Zee looked up hazily at Nora. She had no grasp of what had just happened. “Nora! You’re here! I missed you! I love the costume!”

Nora wordlessly looked down at the slimed-cover ‘S’ logo on her chest, a sad reminder of how stupid she looked now. She could not believe Zee could do this to her…to send that text and lure her here…to seemingly use her magic to embarrass her like this…and now, to act like it didn’t happen after getting totally shit-faced!

“We’re over!” Nora barked as she choked back tears staring at her pathetic self in the mirror.

“No! No” Zee sputtered, completely clueless of everything. “We’re besth friends! Tell me what I can do. I can fix anything! You KNOW that, right?” Zee winked knowingly at Nora as her friend rolled her eyes and began storming off.”

“Supergirl, WAIT! Help me!” muttered Zee as she began fading back into unconsciousness.

As she grabbed the brass door knob, Nora stopped in her tracks, her head quickly swiveling around to the nearly passed out Zee before looking back down at her slimy costume. As the crazy vengeful idea seeped into Nora’s head, her sobs turned into a single ominous chuckle. Embarrass me? I’ll show them! She thought to herself as she walked gingerly over to Zee.

“Zee! Zee! Wake up! It’s Nora! You CAN help me!”

“Nora! You’re here! I missed you! I love the costume!”

Nora rolled your eyes impatiently. Maybe this was not gonna work but she still had to try.

“Zee! Zee!” Nora said, lightly slapping Mitzi’s cheek. “Do me a favor…look at my costume, Zee!”

“Ooooh, itth tho pretty!”

“Yes, it is!” Nora placated. “Now…say ‘Aron semoceb lrigrepus’”

Zee giggled. “You’re funny! You were always so funny! Aaron Semolina Ignoramus!”

“No, Zee… ‘A-ron sem-o-ceb lr-i-grep-us’”

“AyAron Semicab. I grip this!”

“A-ron sem-o-ceb lr-i-grep-us’”

“Irie Semicab Hippopotamus!”

“Achane Semi-celebrity Everybody gets this!”

“Aaron Rodriguez the celebrity gets this!”

Nora rolled her eyes in frustration. Zee was too wasted for this to work. It was a stupid idea anyway. Right? Zee couldn’t possibly turn her into–

“Aron semoceb lrigrepus!” Zee stammered triumphantly. “Ha! I toldja I’d get it!!”

Nora’s eyes widened suddenly in surprise as Zee finally blurted out the three words correctly. Not being intimately familiar with all the trappings of the mystic arts, Nora wasn’t actually sure if it was even possible, but she was confident that she would know immediately if her plan worked. That was how magic worked, right? Abracadabra! Presto-Chango! And then BAM! It was done. Right?

It was only natural, then, that Nora let out an exasperated sigh of disappointment when she didn’t witness an immediate self-transformation.

I guess it was just wishful think—

Nora never finished her initial thought as it was silenced by the sudden appearance of an incandescent swirl of white light that seemed to materialize from nowhere, slowly slithering around Nora’s shapeless figure. A moment of brief panic quickly subsided as Nora grinned like the cat that ate the canary. Wishful thinking, indeed!

As the white light danced over Nora’s unremarkable figure, time seemed to stop completely as Nora began to feel her mind and her accompanying senses kick into overdrive, the feeling akin to a blind person suddenly regaining their sight for the first time. Nora gasped in amazement as thousands of new hues and tints of color seemed to magically come into focus for her. Darting her eyes quickly from side to side, the young woman quickly assessed that she could clearly spy every detail, every nuance, every imperfection in anything she even just glanced at with perfect clarity and recall.

Taking a breath, she closed her eyes, concentrating on her newfound super keen sense of hearing. Almost instantly, she was able to detect and listen to twenty-three separate conversations in the house – simultaneously! Closing her eyes tighter, Nora concentrated harder with laser-focus and grinned as she felt her heart begin to accelerate, sending the now magically-infused blood through her body with the ferocity of a Class V rapid, rebuilding her from literally from the ground up.

The young girl cooed in delight as she felt her physical transformation begin, her legs slowly lengthening, pushing her torso upward as she felt them becoming more toned… sculpted… powerful!

“More…” Nora breathed, the word drifting languidly from her lips as she watched her stickly legs slowly ripple with the smooth, shapely sinew of a dancer’s. The changes paused for a moment before accentuating their length with subtle cords of lithe but oh-so-powerful feminine muscle. The budding supergirl looked downward at her new legs and gave an experimental flex of her quads. She was rewarded with an explosion of striations that could only hint at the mindblowing speed and power at her disposal now. She could run circles around those bitches in gym class now – literally!

Nora smirked mischievously at the thought, knowing that this was only the tip of a really, really big iceberg!

The euphoric feeling of the transformation continued its smoldering course as it blazed through Nora’s body. She could feel it spreading through her abdomen with the same delicious feeling but only faster. In mere seconds, Nora’s flat butt flared sexily into the shape of an apple – a delectable, ripened titanium apple! Almost simultaneously, she moaned as a tidal wave of ecstasy crashed into her stomach, before quickly receding, leaving a taut set of cobbled abdominal muscles and sculpted obliques in its wake. Nora was almost on the verge of tears as her trembling fingers fumbled over her new tummy. Gone were any traces of her “skinny-fat” pooch, replaced by a toned stomach that would be the envy of any Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Not to mention that it was undoubtedly thousands of times stronger and more impervious to damage than the reinforced hull of a freakin’ battleship!

And speaking of thousands of times stronger…

Nora’s breathing became more rapid as the sensation of her transformation continued to spread like wildfire throughout her body. The young woman extended her arms straight out to her sides as rivers of superstrength began to surge into them. Her arms, previously thin and gaunt, began to reinforce themselves with beautiful, sleek superhuman muscle as Nora felt herself becoming stronger and stronger with every passing second.

As her arm muscles continued to slowly expand, Nora’s eyelids fluttered in excitement as she watched as the sleeves of her makeshift supergirl outfit began to ebb away from her wrists. Flexing her left arm experimentally, the burgeoning supergirl’s eyes widened in amazement as her new, fortified bicep popped some of the feeble stitching of her faded blue top. Biting her lower lip, Nora flexed even harder, her left bicep detonating like a miniature can of TNT, completely bursting the stitching of her sleeve. Nora giggled with delight as she stared at her small peak of flexed, feminine muscle. She wasn’t some muscle bound freak with enormous muscles. Rather, they were the perfect blend of strength and femininity. Sexy. Toned. Strong.

Hmm… make that SUPER strong! Nora mused, wondering how much stronger she was now than before? Hundreds of times? Thousands? Maybe millions? She shivered, turned on by the mere notion of it when, just as suddenly, she felt her heart tremor violently. A brief second of panic set in as Nora was wondering if she was having some sort of heart attack. Maybe her body was rejecting all this? Maybe her feeble body wasn’t capable of possessing this much power? She felt her heart thump again, almost as if it was trying to leap right out of her chest.


Her chest! Nora’s eyes sparkled with excitement as more and more noticeable heartbeats followed, carrying very specific instructions with them: GROW! Quickly clutching her chest and looking downward, Nora marveled as two curvaceous swells formed beneath her top. The touch of her strong fingertips to her most sensitive flesh was electric, sending surges of arousal through her tensing body as it continued to ripen at inhuman speed. Every delicious pulse of her quickening heart brought new and additional size, shape and symmetry. Eventually, the young girl’s slender but powerful fingers began splaying apart, spread by the superhumanly firm swells of her rapidly developing breasts.

And why not? Nora thought. It was only logical that her chest should be as unstoppable and spectacular as the rest of her! Two perfect hemispheres sat high on Nora’s chest, still growing, completely oblivious to the Law of Gravity.

Nora’s lips parted as she watched the ascendance of her already magnificent figure continue. Fingering her nipples, feeling them harden under her touch, a soft moan escaped. Ravaged by delicious sensations heating every surface of her transforming body, her normally sharp mind began to dim into a warm, smoldering twilight, cloaked in an intoxicating haze of desire.

Her breasts were becoming truly magnificent now, dismissing her previous measurements as if they were completely irrelevant. The light blue leotard, previously snug but comfortable, was now on the precipice of utter disintegration thanks to her dramatic shape. The homemade ‘S’ glyph on her chest was now so badly warped by her prodigious curves, it was practically unreadable. As Nora’s breaths turned to pants, the rise and fall of her massive breasts pulled apart the straining stitching at each side. Fraying threads began to snap, yielding, finally, to her unyielding, hyper-feminine curves. Combined with the burst sleeve along her left arm, her costume was unraveling by the second..

Biting her lower lip, closing her eyes, Nora threw her head back. As she did, her hair rippled, becoming lighter, thicker, longer. Luxurious waves of platinum shimmered as they cascaded over her slim, defined shoulders, pouring over her upper body like a golden waterfall. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Nora knew her homemade costume was on its last leg, but she couldn’t care any less. She was super now. Her heart fluttered at the realization! It was amazing!

Lengthening eyelashes fluttering open, still breathing heavily from the sensual experience, Nora glanced at herself in the mirror and stretched her superhuman silhouette, lengthening her arms as she thrust her voluptuous chest forward. She let out a shaky breath, more aroused than she’d ever been in her life. She was magnificent, with a luscious body straight from her wildest fantasies. Her trembling fingers descended the lower slopes of her full breasts, slipping into the grooves of her sculpted abs, then dropping lower to the tops of her tanned, toned thighs. She was absolutely captivating, and she knew it! As a cacophony of ripped stitching erupted again from her top, Nora whispered breathily, “If only I had a costume that could do the new me justice—”

At that moment, another swirl of light suddenly appeared, its ethereal form wrapping itself tightly against Nora’s physical one. But whereas the first one was a white light, this one was prismatic, dancing with brilliant hues of red, blue and yellow.

Zee’s magical spell was nearing its end, but it was now clearly evident that its penultimate mission was to transform Nora’s dull, homemade costume into something remarkable and more appropriate for a newly anointed Girl of Steel.

As the polychromatic lights began sinuating over Nora’s generous curves, she giggled. The magical energy felt like feathers teasing her most sensitive parts. . It kinda tickled.

Within moments, Nora’s upper torso was completely engulfed as tiny illuminated streamers of red and yellow light danced over her chest. Nora closed her eyes once more, tilting her chin upward, exhaling into the sky in an attempt to maintain control as shudders of ecstasy rippled her stunning body. Her hand-sewn Supergirl symbol magically restitched and revitalized itself, pressing sensually against her succulent spheres. Just as remarkable, and no less euphoric was the sensation of Nora’s blue top disintegrating, only to be replaced by a sleek, sexy cobalt blue bodysuit that fit her new powerful and seductive shape like a glove. Nora’s eyes shot open with an ecstatic gasp as she felt the alien fabric roll over the dramatic swells and valleys of her body. Grasping the material between her fingers, it felt like a hybrid of solid steel and the softest silk, supremely elegant and otherworldly strong. Just like her.

Similarly, the mystical light performed its wizardry on the other parts of Nora’s costume. Her drab, yellow raincoat belt morphed into a shiny gold belt that snaked tightly around her waspish waist, cinching itself over her slender stomach with an emphatic ZZZIP. The used, red cheerleader skirt that she had purchased at Goodwill was now replaced with a shimmering and sexy shorter version, made of the same mysterious material as her bodysuit. Finally, as the light slithered its way down her gorgeous legs, her cosplay-inaccurate orange boots alchemized into a set of sexy, red boots with gold piping that perfectly hugged her nubile calves.

Then, almost as suddenly as it began, the celestial light swirling around Nora began to slowly flicker and dim, the bright shades of primary colors gradually fading until they disappeared into the ether without a trace.

Nora’s chest was still heaving with excitement as she slowly stepped up to the vanity, almost mesmerized by the spellbinding reflection staring back at her. The previous version of Nora Crumb was a thing of the past. Weak. Scared. Ordinary.

But thanks to her cunning and imagination – and her former best friend’s mastery of magic – she was none of those things anymore. She was now extraordinary… beautiful… gaining confidence by the second as her eyes searched the mirror for imperfections, finding none. With a satisfied grin, Nora gingerly reached forward and grabbed the two faucet controls, one in each hand. “… And strong!” she hissed as she gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the cross-shaped handles. Instantly, a muffled, high-pitched sound echoed across the marble tiling as Nora’s superstrong fingers sunk into the stainless steel knobs like they were made of jello.

Nora’s eyes widened with a sense of disbelief. She had confidence she was superstrong but this was so EASY! Laughing, Nora closed her fists over each handle and pulled, shearing the metal off like she was plucking daisies. The young juggernaut felt her heart flutter with excitement as she opened her hands and examined what used to be faucet handles. They now looked more like two stainless steel stress balls.

“Not just strong! Super fucking duper strong!” Nora heaved as she closed her hands again and squeezed hard, millions of pounds of pressure being transmitted, almost casually, through the girl’s small, feminine hands. The metal knobs, formerly solid, turned to white-hot, liquid metal as they dripped from Nora’s closed fists.

As the melted steel dripped from her bare hands onto the marble floor, it sizzled loudly, a clear reminder that it would vaporize the flesh off any normal person. But Nora knew she wasn’t normal anymore. Molten metal couldn’t hurt her. Or freezing cold. Or bullets. Or missiles. She was unstoppable!

The young supergirl cooed blissfully as the tiny rivulets of molten steel continued to dribble over her invulnerable flesh onto the floor. The supernaturally strong material of her bodysuit creaked and groaned in response to her arousal, her nipples blossoming underneath her top and stretching the ‘S’ symbol even tighter across her heavenly curves. She breathed in deeply, her beautiful chest rising even higher, boldly stretching and pulling the familiar Kryptonian glyph in all directions with her unyielding contours.

Nora stared at herself in the mirror completely oblivious to the final few drops of white-hot metal that dripped from her closed fist. No, her attention was focused on the alluring reflection that looked back at her, still recognizably hers, but… .

… with just a few significant upgrades! she thought to herself with a snicker.

Nora grinned mischievously back at Zee, now slumped back onto the tiled floor passed out once again. She had done it! She had tricked her former best friend into fulfilling her deepest fantasy. After all these years of being a ‘nothing’, she was now so much more. She was super, and now it was time to show everyone else what that meant.


The newly anointed Girl of Steel stepped out of the pool house, eager to show her high school peers the new and vastly improved Nora Crumb 2.0. The hinges of the metal french door gave a muffled snap as Nora accidently ripped the door from the frame with the slightest of tugs. She clearly was still getting used to this whole superstrength thing.

“Oopsy!” she said mockingly as she gently leaned the door against the door jamb, briefly looking around to see if anyone had noticed. As with her whole life, no one had. But that was about to change…

Scanning the landscape, Nora’s super-expanded senses began to take over. In only a couple of seconds, her dazzling blue eyes scanned the sprawling backyard, counting each partygoer, her computer-like mind knowing precisely which ones she counted and which ones she hadn’t. Two hundred seven! she thought to herself, knowing there was no need to recount them. But she did – even faster this time – her baby blue irises darting from person to person with otherworldly speed and precision that would make the most sophisticated spy satellite blush with envy.

Two hundred seven! Too easy!

She snorted to herself, relishing the vast superiority of her newfound self compared to everyone at the party – especially the three girls standing next to the pool with their backs to her. Typical.

Resisting the urge to zoom over to them at super speed, Nora sashayed with unwavered confidence over to them almost like a runway supermodel. But unlike Kate, Bella, and Giselle, Nora was equal parts super as model.

“Holy crap!”

“Who is THAT?!”

“She can save me any day!”

The new supergirl smiled as she heard the scores of comments whispered about her under their collective breaths. Nora’s body had never commandeered a second glance from anyone, but now thanks to the sexy costume stretched taut over her shapely silhouette, she seemed to be the center of attention. And she was loving it!

“Hi, girls!” Nora said with a half-hearted sincerity as she approached Summer, Gina and Dallas from behind.

All three girls whirled around almost in sync as their eyes drank in the image of Nora’s heart-stopping body in that perfectly tailored Supergirl outfit. Nora bit her lower lip, trying to suppress a giggle as she watched the girls’ eyes widen in disbelief. She was starting to muse over the possible thoughts in their heads when Summer didn’t waste any time in firing off a snarky salvo. It was typical Summer.

“Oh, if it isn’t one of the Nerds of Prey!”

Dallas and Gina laughed, almost on cue, at Summer’s quip. It was a dramatic change of pace from their ever-so-brief astonishment over Nora just seconds before. And for the first time since her amazing transformation, Nora’s previous insecurities began bubbling to the surface once again as she stood there silently, her shoulders and accompanying body language beginning to slouch, as the girls continued to laugh at her expense.

NO! Nora thought to herself as she clenched her hands into two tiny fists. Nora’s eyes fluttered as she felt the searing heat of untapped Kryptonian power locked inside her thaw her rigid limbs.

No! No! No! NO!

A wave of confidence crashed over Nora. Then another. And another. Dawning realization quickly followed, reminding her that she was no longer the weak and insecure Nora anymore. A wry smile materialized as the young ubergirl subtly arched her back, the symbol on her wondrous chest slowly pushing outward, becoming more noticeable, her posture now befitting a Girl of Steel.

“You’re such a bitch, Summer!”

The laughter immediately stopped. It was now Summer’s turn to momentarily pause and stand dumbfounded, her mouth agape. A quick exchange of glances with her friends told Summer this kind of blatant disrespect could not go unchecked. With a sinister smile, Summer looked down at the contents of her half-filled red solo cup and, with one quick motion, tossed it at Nora.

Nora spied the tangerine colored liquid emerging from the cup as Summer’s right hand flew forward. Instinctively blinking her eyes, Nora was startled to see the world around her practically freeze in time as she realized she was now in some sort of super reaction mode. Eyes widening, Nora became mesmerized as she watched Summer’s drink fly through the air so slowly it almost appeared suspended in mid-air to the fledgling supergirl.

“Duh, Nora! You’re faster than a freakin’ speeding bullet!” she giggled to herself, relishing this wonderful and unforeseen result of having superspeed. As she watched the viscous orange liquid slowly change shape, Nora knew with absolute certainty Summer’s pathetic attempt to douse her would fail. She would easily be able to step out of its path. But where was the fun in that?

With a malicious smirk, Nora pursed her sultry lips and blew a tiny puff of air at the amorphous cloud of liquid floating in front of her. Almost immediately, the wave of liquid began to change its shape and trajectory to suit the whim of Nora’s superbreath. With a deliberate flutter of her brilliant blue eyes, Nora was delighted to see time return to normal – just in time to see a wave of orange punch splash back onto the revealing white dress that Summer was wearing.

“What… t-t-the… FUCK!” Summer screamed as she stood incredulously, just staring at her ruined Posh Spice outfit with her mouth agape. Gina and Dallas had similar what-the-fuck-just-happened looks on their face as well, as their heads swiveled back and forth between themselves and Summer.

Summer gave her two friends an exasperated glare, arching her eyebrows purposefully. Gina and Dallas knew that glare.

“I’ll get a towel and some club soda! Be right back, Sum!” Gina stammered as she and Dallas practically began dashing back towards the main house. They still didn’t know what exactly had happened, but they knew they better get something to get the orange stain out of Summer’s dress or they’d never hear the end of it.

Nora couldn’t suppress her laughter as she observed the two girls’ reactions – and Summer’s. “Umm, Summer… you might wanna have Dallas give you some pointers on how to throw when she gets back. Looks like you could use a little coaching up.”

It was the boldest statement any other girl had ever made to Summer, and it did not go unnoticed. Summer gritted her teeth and tossed her thick mane of hair back. She took two steps towards Nora, trying to intimidate her, but Nora held her ground, her newfound superpowers fueling her confidence. And why not? Nora knew there was nothing any of them could do to her anymore. Not while she had these powers. There was nothing anyone could do to her anymore.

Seeing a simmering Summer ready to boil over, Nora decided to turn up the heat even higher. “Or… maybe you shoulda asked Zee for a little marksmanship instead of those bolt-ons.”

Summer’s rage momentarily faded, transforming to a more calculating expression as she looked directly into Nora’s eyes.

“That’s right, Summer! I know about Zee. I know how you guys plotted my best friend against me. Tricked her into giving you bigger boobs. Tricked her into dressing up as one of you. Tricked her into becoming part of your little—!”

“Ha!” Summer interrupted with an arrogant smile. “Is that really what you think happened? Tsk, tsk, tsk… Oh, poor little, Nora. Poor little, clueless, gullible, Nora.”

“Oh my God, Summer! You haven’t changed since middle school. Except now you’re just a skankier version!”

Summer’s hand flashed upward towards Nora’s face with the same laughable speed as the cup of punch earlier. Nora grinned and, for a moment, thought about letting Summer break a nail, or maybe even a finger, on her face, but she quickly changed her mind.

In the blink of an eye – at least to everyone else watching – Nora’s arm became a blurry streak of blue as it moved faster than a streak of lightning to grab Summer’s wrist inches from her face. Nora beamed once again, partially over her remarkable reactive speed, but mostly from the bewildered look on Summer’s face. Even better were Summer’s feeble attempts to wrest her arm away from Nora’s steely grip.

Nora arched an eyebrow as Summer continued to tug, now with both hands. “Troubles, Sum?”

“Fuck you, Bora!” spat the nasty young girl as she pulled frantically against Nora’s grip. But it didn’t move. One. Single. Millimeter. It was like trying to uproot a 100-foot redwood with her bare hands!

“You really shoulda asked for some additional cardio from Zee if you’re gonna be carrying all that extra weight around now, Summer,” Nora quipped.

“What the fuck is going on?!” the confused young woman spat as she paused breathlessly and stared back at Nora, who stood stoically with a smug Mona Lisa smile on her face.

“The thing is, Summer… It’s your own fault for thinking so small. Well, I mean not THAT small. I mean, I gotta admit they’re pretty nice,” Nora said as she gestured towards Summer’s augmented bustline. “But there’s nice and then there’s…”

Nora flashed a wicked smile as she purposefully brought up her index finger and slowly traced the outline of the ‘S’ symbol on her chest, slithering along the mouthwatering contours of HER chest. Leaning into Summer, she whispered “Well… then there’s Suuuuuper!”

Quickly pulling back, Nora grinned mischievously, playfully wiggling her eyebrows as she watched Summer’s face become pallid, her eyes, always so sparkling, now almost completely white.

Yep! She’s got it now.

“N-N-No! You can’t possibly…Y-you’re… ”

“Poor little, Nora…” Nora playfully retorted with a childlike voice before gesturing toward Summer’s ensnared wrist. Nora’s tone suddenly changed, becoming deeper, dripping with unwavering confidence as she spoke

“… super strong… super fast… super everything, Nora!” Nora slowly applied more pressure on Summer’s wrist to drive her point across .

“Well, it doesn’t matter!” shrieked Summer. It felt as if her wrist was caught in a trash compactor.

Nora laughed. “Yeah, right! Keep telling yourself that, Summer.”

“Zee is still MY friend now, Nora! And despite getting turned into Superman’s wife or whatever, it doesn’t change anything.”

“Uh huh…”

“It doesn’t! You even know it deep down. Why would Zee hang out with you when she could hang out with me and my girls? Or any of the other 2 million people in the county, for that matter?”

Nora’s confident smirk began to waver as she loosened her grip on Summer’s wrist ever-so slightly. But Summer could sense it. She had managed to cut the invulnerable Girl of Steel before her and her mind whirred to concoct a twisted version of the truth that would allow her to twist the knife even more.

“You think we stole her from you? Puh-lease! Nora, she was dying to get away from you and your creepy ‘BFF thing’ that you do. Tricked her into dressing up as one of us? It was her idea to go as the Spice Girls, genius! It was her idea to ditch you. I mean, there’s no Boring Spice, right? My god, Nora, wake up! It was her idea to dump the slime on you!!”

It wasn’t, of course, but Nora didn’t know that. She was crestfallen.

How could Zee do that to me?

Nora’s pulse began to quicken and her eyes fluttered in response to the emotional strain of Zee’s supposed betrayal. Distracted, her super senses exploded into overdrive as hundreds of sounds, colors and smells fogged her mind. She tried frantically to convince herself that Summer was lying.

“No, that’s not true! I-I-I’m Supergirl, and I’ll MAKE you tell me you were lying.” Nora barked, her once dazzling eyes now foggy with pooled tears. She tightened her hand around Summer’s wrist once again, tighter than before. Summer gulped silently, trying to choke back the pain.

“I’m not lying! You’re Supergirl? You’re not Supergirl, Nora. You have superpowers… that Zee gave you! What do you think she’s gonna do when she hears what you’ve done to her new friends? One quick ‘abracadabra’ from her and guess what? You go from supergirl back to less-than-average girl. I guess you didn’t work that out, did you?”

Nora gulped audibly. She hadn’t thought of that. She never once considered all this awesomeness was temporary… that Zee could take it all away with a simple few words. For the first time since gaining her incredible powers, Nora felt vulnerable.

Gina and Dallas returned, paper towels and club soda in hand, in time to notice the bizarre sight of Nora standing there holding Summer’s wrist.

“Umm… what’s going on?” Dallas asked as she and Gina exchanged puzzled glances.

The sudden return of her friends spurned a new, wonderful idea in Summer’s head. Summer’s eyes twinkled, and she let our a maniacal giggle in spite of the pain in her wrist. She glanced at her friends and then beamed at Nora.

“Wait! I know… how ‘bout our new best friend doesn’t just take away your powers but also gives them to us?”

“Powers?” Dallas and Gina had not gotten the memo yet, but Summer chose to ignore them, continuing to taunt Nora.

“Can you imagine that, Nora? Little ‘ol me with those powers? Super Summer! And powers for the rest of the squad, huh? Hah! And you thought we made your life rough before? Oh, Nora, you just wait till—”

“NO! That’s not going to happen!” Nora hissed through gritted teeth as she began to tighten her iron grip on Summer’s still-ensnared wrist. Summer’s eyes widened with shock for a millisecond before her mouth flew open wordlessly and she dropped to one knee. Two muffled pops sounded as Summer’s ulna and radius snapped sharply from Nora’s unbearable pressure.

“Nora… please…” Summer pleaded, her jaw tight with pain.

“No, you’re not gonna bully me ANYMORE! Do you hear me?”

Shooting pain seared through Summer’s arm like wildfire as tears began streaming down her face. Summer’s glassy eyes begged Nora for mercy, but the young supergirl refused to relent.

“Y-Y-Yes… I’m so sorry… I won’t ask Zee for powers… I prom—”

Nora gritted her teeth at the mere mention of Zee’s name. Perhaps it was the reminder of her betrayal or maybe it was the lingering knowledge that since Zee had bestowed Nora with her powers she still could probably take them away. Whatever it was, it made something inside Nora snap.

The smoldering furnace of years of emotional and verbal abuse from Summer were now stoked with Kryptonian rage as Nora squeezed harder with unwavering determination born of hatred.

As the bones in Summer’s wrist continued to grind into tiny, pulverized fragments under Nora’s incredible strength, whimpers quickly turned to screams of pain. But the newly minted titaness felt no remorse. In fact, the physical act of crushing her longtime adversary felt strangely satisfying to Nora… liberating even. Might makes right and, well… now I’m mightier than everyone! snickered Nora, as if attempting to justify her actions. After all, wasn’t that everyone at school – especially Summer and her ilk – believed? Already they were plotting to take her wonderful new powers from her and gift them to themselves. Working with her friend, her betrayer, to turn the tables back on Nora yet again. Nora knew she couldn’t let that happen.

And she knew she wouldn’t. It’s not like anyone can stop me now! she thought confidently as she turned her attention once again to her rival.

Peering inside the rival girl’s skin with her x-ray vision, Nora could see that the Summer’s bones now more closely resembled powdered calcium. Releasing her grip, there was a collective gasp from everyone as Summer’s hand dangled grotesquely from her arm like a wet sock. Summer was ashen, almost on the verge of passing out when Gina reached into her purse and pulled out her canister of pepper spray and sprayed it directly at Nora.

“How you like these apples, skank!”

As the droplets splashed against the side of her face, Nora snorted and turned her head directly into the oncoming spray. She inhaled deeply through her button nose. Like a high-suction vacuum, all of the pepper spray was directed through Nora’s nostrils as Gina looked on in disbelief.

“No! That’s impossible!” Gina stammered in horror as she watched Nora breathe in more and more of the toxic irritant with seemingly no deleterious effects. In fact, she was actually smiling.

“Fuck this!” shouted Dallas who moved into action and grabbed a handful of Nora’s luscious mane from behind and yanked abruptly. It was a move she had used a few times before on the soccer field, usually resulting in a concussion for the recipient. Not to mention a red card for her. This time was different, however, as Nora did not budge. Not. One. Single. Inch.

Dallas suddenly yelped in pain as she felt the silky-soft-but-steel-hard tresses of Nora’s hair lacerate her hands as if she was trying to hold onto the steel cables of a falling elevator. Dallas looked down, trembling at the series of bloody track marks on her hands in bewilderment as Gina’s mace canister abruptly ran out.

“Awww, that looks bad,” Nora pouted as she turned around and spied Dallas’ hands. “Maybe we should put something on it?”

Reaching out and grabbing Dallas’s wrists in the blink of an eye, Nora held them up and pursed her lips, blowing a tiny bit of the ingested pepper spray directly at her damaged hands. Dallas howled in scorching pain as the irritant made contact with her open cuts.

“Oh, quit being such a baby!” mocked Nora as she gazed upon Dallas’s terrified expression with an evil smile. “You know, you’re not so intimidating anymore. Not to me,“ the blonde titaness whispered as she pursed her lips once again and blew a super concentrated stream of the pepper spray – the rest of it – directly up Dallas Taylor’s nose causing her to convulse almost immediately, her almond brown eyes rolling into the back of her head. The girl was dead before she hit the ground.

“What the fuck did you do?! Y-Y-Y-you killed her!” stuttered Gina, paralyzed with fear and confusion.

Nora looked down curiously at Dallas’s lifeless body. Had she really killed her? Was it that simple? She didn’t think she would kill anyone when she woke up this morning, but then again, she didn’t, in her wildest dreams, ever think she would be a gorgeous, invincible, super powered version of herself either. Besides, it kinda felt good to be a superpowered badass! Hot even! She slithered her lithe arms over her alien suit, feeling the super contours of her new body, fantasizing about its seemingly limitless capabilities. She cooed in delight as her nipples blossomed underneath her costume like two titanium strawberries. Yes, definitely hot!

“What the fuck happened to you?” a tearful Gina raged.

“Oh, something wonderful! Well, wonderful for me. Not so much for you guys!” snapped Nora as she sauntered over to the head cheerleader, clearly disenchanted from her tone – for the last seven years..

“P-P-Please, Nora… I’m sorry!” Gina stammered, slowly starting to backpedal in fear as Nora strode purposefully toward her.

Nora chuckled. “Sorry for what? For spraying me with mace? For making fun of me all those times in class? For constantly calling me Bora? For totally humiliating me when I tried out for cheerleading two years ago?”

Gina simply stood there, speechless.

“You don’t remember do you? Hmph! Typical! See…you and your cheerios made fun of me cause I didn’t know what the moves were called,” Nora said innocently as she suddenly zoomed behind Gina at superspeed, placing her hands against Gina’s curvy hips. Startled, Gina tried to turn around or even move away, but it was useless against Nora’s godlike strength.

“And those aerial thingees where the person gets tossed and does all those flips and shit?”

Gina gulped loudly enough for Nora to hear even without super hearing. Nora grinned with delight as her super hearing detected both of their hearts begin to race – Gina’s with fear, hers from sheer excitement.

Leaning over to Gina’s right ear, Nora breathlessly whispered, “Time to show us what you got, G. Bring it on…”

With a simple motion, Nora’s mind-blowingly strong arms shot upward, tossing her one-hundred and twenty pound adversary skyward. Gina’s screams were short-lived as her lithe body rocketed away at nearly four hundred miles-per-hour, her flailing body seemingly disappearing into the night sky. There was a collection of gasps as several of the party goers watched Nora’s casual demonstration of her unbelievable power in awe.

Nora felt absolutely invincible! Strangely, she felt little remorse over Gina and Dallas. They deserved it anyways! she thought to herself as she turned her head to see Summer attempting to flee, cradling her shattered wrist. Nora flashed a mischievous grin as she glanced upwards.

“Summer, be careful! Watch your step!”

At that moment, there was a thunderous BOOM right in front of Summer as a human-shaped projectile landed ten feet in front of her with the force of a small bomb. Knocked off her feet and covered with dirt and mud, Summer struggled to her knees. Nervously peering into the makeshift three foot deep crater, Summer let out a blood curdling scream as she saw the nearly eviscerated remnants of her former best friend.

“Oh shit! I totally forgot she was up there,” mocked Nora as she slowly began sashaying over to Summer.

Summer scrambled to her feet in horror and began running away again as Nora simply giggled, a devilish smile etched on her angelic face.

“You can’t run from me, Summer! Not now, not ever any—.”


There was a chorus of ‘oohs’ from the surrounding crowd as Nora felt a slight tap on her back. Whirling around, Nora smiled to see Austin with a group of larger male jocks. Austin looked bewildered, holding an aluminum baseball bat in her hands.

“What the hell? Her costume’s friggin padded!” the young jockette stated incorrectly.

“Here, babe, lemme show you how it’s done,” barked Jake Butterfield, the star catcher on the baseball team as she took the bat from Austin and then made a show of twirling it theatrically.

Nora tried to suppress a giggle, watching Jake’s buddies whoop and holler as Jake took a practice swing. On the other side of the party, Nora surmised Austin and her crew hadn’t seen her toss Gina into the stratosphere. The young supergirl folded her arms under her magnificent chest and smiled like the cat that ate the canary. This was gonna be fun!

There was a sharp sound as the all-state player’s bat furiously cut the night air. If Nora’s body was a baseball, it would have been launched over 400 feet. But it wasn’t. It was an unyielding column of something far harder than steel.

Nora watched with excitement as the arc of the swinging bat struck her directly in her beautifully toned abs – her beautifully toned, stronger-than-tank-armor abs. Nora felt the impact, or rather the result of it: an arm-numbing reverberation of the bat as it vibrated ever-so-slightly against her steely midsection. It tickled.

Nora giggled, partially from the tickling and also from the wide-eyed expressions on Jake and Austin’s faces.

“Oh, that’s adorable. Your eyes are all wide as saucers!” mocked Nora, triggering Jake into taking another more-maddened swing.

Same result.

“I think you’re right! She has some kind of padding in there!” barked Jake incredulously.

Nora grinned. “Yep, the same stuff between your ears,” quipped Nora. It wasn’t necessarily clever. Apparently, wittiness wasn’t one of her new superpowers. Nevertheless, it did its job, causing the steroid-fueled jock to fly into a rage.

“Fuck you, nerdling!”

With Nora’s hypersenses, it was almost comical watching Jake in slow-mo as he swung the bat with impunity. As her dazzling eyes followed its trajectory, she quickly realized Jake had given up on her midsection because of her ‘costume’s padding’. Adorable! giggled Nora to herself.

Rather, the barrel of the bat hit Nora squarely on her button nose. Another sharp metallic ping rang out, less muffled than the previous ones, as the bat contacted with visible collateral damage. To the bat, not her nose. Nora stood there with an arched brow as Jake looked down in disbelief at the aluminum bat, now dented inward, a small, jagged crack running up the barrel.

With Jake’s prodigious skills as a hitter on the diamond, Nora surmised his aim had to be intentional. It was clear that Jake was trying to take her out. Permanently. While she found his attempts humorous thanks to her apparently limitless invulnerability, Nora’s blood still began to boil.

As did Jake’s. ‘Prudence’ was his favorite bat, the same Louisville Slugger Mega that he used to win the County batting title and hit a grand slam to win Regionals last year. Not to mention it cost about five hundred dollars!

“You bitch!” Jake screamed as he swung at Nora’s head once again.

Nora had had enough. Like a streak of lightning, Nora’s hand darted upwards, intercepting the swinging bat in her hand with a muffled thud. With a fraction of her strength, Nora wrested the makeshift weapon from her surprised assailant, easier than pulling a toy from an insolent child.

“Give it back!” Jake barked boldly, followed by a litany of colorful expletives directed at Nora.

Nora said nothing as she held the bat in her hand. She listened. To Jake’s rant. To Austin’s insults. To the myriad of hushed insults from the rest of the party-goers. For the first time in her life, Nora really listened to what people thought of her.

“What’s the deal with the weird girl?”

“I dunno how she did it, but she’s gonna pay!”

“I never liked her anyway!”

“She’s always been a little crazy…”

All these years, Nora had thought she was invisible, that everyone merely tolerated her. But that wasn’t it. They genuinely never liked me! thought the young Maid of Might.

Nora’s confident, sinister smile waned. There was no anger. No sadness. At that moment, Nora Crumb felt nothing towards her classmates.

With barely any thought, and even less effort, Nora extended her hand outward, placing the end of the barrel firmly against the warped ‘S’ of her costume. Slowly and deliberately, the high school girl pulled the metal bat into her unyielding, succulent curves. The aluminum casing whined loudly, buckling on itself, flattening like a beer can that had been run over by a freight train. With a dismissive toss, Nora threw the mangled scrap at Jake’s feet.

“I-I-I’m gonna—”

Jake never finished his sentence. A quick exhalation from Nora’s plump lips, swept Jake off his feet flying backwards into the expansive 25 meter pool, eliciting more disdain and whispered insults from the bystanders.

Nora sneered in disgust at their reactions. Breathing in, the young titan relished the accompanying whooshing sound of hundreds of gallons of air flooding into her inviting, super powerful lungs. Nora smirked as her hyper firm curves swelled and rose higher on her chest. Nora shuddered at the euphoric feeling these powers gave her. She would show all these two-faced jerks who the real queen bee of this school was!

With a simple pursing of her moistened lips, Super Nora began to blow, creating a swath of hurricane-esque gusts that propelled Austin’s entourage and several other bystanders into the freezing pool with Jake.

“You are dead! You hear me, Nora?! You are over!” spat Jake as he treaded water and stared directly into Nora’s eyes. Her eyes, pools of dazzling blue – even in the darkness – suddenly brightened, their radiant, rich blue hue suddenly appearing almost violet, thanks to a shimmering red corona.

“You first!” retorted Nora as she leaned forward and squinted, firing two incandescent purple beams out of her eyes which struck Jake in the forehead, blasting out the back of his skull like a shotgun hitting a watermelon. Before his skull fragments and gray matter hit the water, a cacophony of screams arose from the horrified mouths of the rest of the group. Their cries of help annoyed Nora.

Turning up the intensity of her eye lasers, the young supergirl cast her gaze on the pool itself. It was 30 meters by 50 meters, holding over 50,000 gallons of nearly freezing water, but Nora turned it into a scalding bubbling cauldron of chlorinated water with her searing heat vision. In a matter of seconds, their screams ceased, replaced only by the stench of melted human flesh.

“Stop her! Take her powers away!”

Nora quickly turned her head, spying Summer standing off to the side with a slightly wobbly Mitzi in tow. A sense of dread swept through Nora’s invulnerable body as she spied the young spellcaster. She nervously suspected that Zee could take all of this wonderful power away with the turn of a phrase.

“Do it, Zee! She’s a psychopath! I told you! Look!”

Zee furrowed her brow, trying to concentrate as she began to speak the magical incantation, “Srewop saron…”

“NO!” Nora cried out, simultaneously tapping into her gift of mind-blowing Kryptonian speed to rocket next to Summer and Zee in a fraction of a second. With a flick of a single superpowered finger, Nora’s superhuman index finger slammed against Zee’s side like a jackhammer in mid-sentence.

Instantly, Zee’s eyes widened as she gasped for air, never finishing her spell. Falling to her knees, Zee’s torso violently spasmed as she tried desperately to catch her breath. In a matter of seconds, nausea washed over the young girl as she began to vomit on Summer’s feet.

“What did you do to her?” Summer screamed as she felt Zee’s warm bile splash against her bare ankles.

“Kidney punch.” Nora said nonchalantly, holding up her index finger. “Or…in this case, a kidney flick. I guess it’s hard to cast a spell when you can’t catch your breath, right?”

“Now we can finally have some alone time…wait, come back, Summer!” Nora jokingly chuckled as Summer made a vain attempt to flee from her as she scrambled to the front yard amidst all the chaos. Ripping Amber Crescenzo’s keys from her hand, Summer pushed her down and hopped into Amber’s SUV, quickly getting the Range Rover up to nearly 80 miles per hour as she zoomed down the dark side street.

Summer frantically picked up her phone to dial 9-1-1, but screamed as she saw Nora drop from the sky and land on the road only 50 yards in front of her. Summer didn’t have time to react as the car slammed into Nora’s immovable body.

Nora grinned menacingly as the front end crumpled like tin foil around her waist, causing the airbag to deploy violently against Summer’s disbelieving face. Nora watched in delight as her super senses slowed everything down, allowing her to see and feel every wonderful sensation of the SUV deforming against her sexy, new superbody. Within seconds, the car’s momentum was completely halted, the front end now arching into a ‘V’ shape around Nora’s invulnerable waist.

Firing a tiny blast of heat vision, Nora’s deadly gaze pierced the windshield and with impeccable precision popped the deployed airbag like a balloon, causing Summer to yelp in fear. “I just wanted to see the look of fear in your eyes, Sum. To see how YOU react to someone bullying and terrorizing you like you do to everyone else. Sucks, huh?”

Nora smiled at Summer’s wordless reaction as she easily extracted herself from the wreckage and walked over to the driver’s side, the heels of her red boots clicking and echoing ominously as she sauntered up to the driver’s side window.

With a flick of her finger, Nora giggled as the shattered glass of the driver’s side window exploded inward, lacerating Summer’s face with shards of glass. Summer whimpered as she reached up and looked at the blood cascading down her face.

“You know, Summer…all this time, I thought it was Zee who I was mad at, but now, it’s so clear! This is all YOUR plan. YOU sent the text to me, didn’t you? Don’t lie, Summer…I can tell and believe me, you wouldn’t like me when I’m REALLY angry!”

Summer wordlessly nodded in the affirmative, choking back tears.

“And it was you who somehow found out Zee’s secret and got her to embarrass me, right?”

“Y-y-yes! I’m so sorry, Nora… I never wanted it to be like this!”

Nora giggled as she looked down admiringly at her costume wrapped around her heart-stopping new body, “No, I guess you didn’t count on this didja? Well, sorry, not sorry!”

Reaching down, the young titaness put her hand underneath the vehicle, the steel frame groaning in her superhuman grip, and began to lift the enormous vehicle. The Land Rover’s suspension creaked as the wheels left the ground and rose easily to the whim of Nora’s unbelievable strength. Flexing her superpowerful legs, Nora began her ascent, ignoring Summer’s screams as they rose higher and higher into the night sky. Flexing her tush, Nora felt a burst of speed as she shot faster and faster into the upper atmosphere. While the lack of oxygen could not bother her, she giggled as she heard Summer's last few gasps for breath as she released the car with unimaginable velocity, watching proudly as it eventually crashed into the desolate surface of the moon. Nora grinned, knowing that Summer’s days of bullying anyone were now a thing of the past.


Mitzi Arataz stared in horror at the chaotic scene around her. Looking to her left, she spied Gina – or what was left of Gina – lying on the grass, her body twisted into a grotesque, bloody shape from her atmospheric free fall only moments before. Closeby, Mitzi saw Dallas’s lifeless body slumped out on the lawn, her face now gray and ashen from ingesting an entire can of pepper spray. And then there was the macabre scene of the pool, scores of bodies – including Austin’s – floating lifelessly in a crimson-hued pool, the flesh on their bodies melted like plastic, barely clinging to their bones. People were screaming and retching all over the place as Mitzi quickly realized that SHE had caused this. With a simple phrase, she had turned her former best friend into an unstoppable, psychopathic superheroine and—


Mitzi never finished her sobering thought as she found herself swept up in the arms of Nora and flying hundreds of miles up into the sky.

“Jesus, Nora! Are you crazy?”

“I’d be careful with that word now! And don’t even think of using your mumbo jumbo to take away my powers either. You’ve seen how fast I am and I can hear EVERYTHING!”

“C’mon, Nora! This isn’t like you! We were…we ARE friends! You can’t undo this! I can’t undo this!”

For the first time since becoming Supergirl, Nora began to process everything that had happened…what she had done. She was a good person deep down. It was just that Summer and The Squad had pushed her to her breaking point. She didn’t mean to kill everyone. It just happened. A tear began to roll down Nora’s cheek as she looked at Zee. All she wanted was a best friend.

“I’m sorry, Zee… I didn’t mean to. I’m not a monster.” Nora whispered as she tried to choke back her emotions. They were nearly up 5000 feet now.

“I know you’re not, Nora, but you cannot be Supergirl anymore! We both know it.”

“No!” Nora pleaded. Being this powerful…this confident…for the first time in her life was a dream come true for Nora. She was always so ordinary, but now, as Supergirl… she was extraordinary! “I know, I know! How about we run away to someplace no one will find us. We can start a new life together as best friends…yeah, we’ll be Superfriends!” Nora stammered, trying to convince Zee – and herself – of the untenable idea.

“We can’t Nora…deep down you know it, right? We both need to pay for what we’ve done. My god, Nora…lots of people died because of us tonight…”

“No, they deserved it!”

“Deserved it? Listen to yourself, Nora! This has to stop… NOW!”

“No! What are you gonna do? You can’t take my powers away or we’ll both die. I’ll carry you around the rest of my life if I have to!” Nora blurted, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Nora…please don’t make me… ” Zee said tearfully as she looked up into Nora’s tearful but steely eyes.

“I just wanted us to be friends… .Superfriends!” Nora mumbled as she closed her eyes.

Mitzi Arataz wrapped her arms around her friend and hugged her tightly, whispering softly in her ear as they passed 10,000 feet, “Superfriends forever… Yawa srewop saron ekat!


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I really like stories where a normal human gets superpowers, and I think this one's among best of the best. The transformation was amazing. Nora asserting her superiority over the others was amazing. And even if the ending was a little abrupt, It...
I really like stories where a normal human gets superpowers, and I think this one's among best of the best. The transformation was amazing. Nora asserting her superiority over the others was amazing. And even if the ending was a little abrupt, It still hit hard in the feels department.
Barrister Cabbage
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Excellent! Loved it! You hit this season's workshop story genre bang on the button with your original ideas of how to work with the 'magic' formula! 😀 (Which I thought would be quite a tough story idea to work with.)

(e.t a. near the end, when...
Excellent! Loved it! You hit this season's workshop story genre bang on the button with your original ideas of how to work with the 'magic' formula! 😀 (Which I thought would be quite a tough story idea to work with.)

(e.t a. near the end, when Nora was power-hungry and desperate to keep her powers, and all hell was breaking loose with party-goers urging Mitzi to reverse her magic spell, I was kind of half-expecting for Nora to burn out Mitzi's vocal chords with her heat vision to prevent her from speaking the reverse spell, but that would have left an open-ending, rather than some closure to the ending.)

The ending was still sad tho, 😔, but that's part of the reason these stories work so well. Instead of a possible 'what if?', there is real eventual closure.
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My god what a journey, loved it!! Really felt every emotion possible reading this, and such a powerful ending. I felt bad for Nora in the end even after what she did 😭
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