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Birth of the Undead – Adoption, Chapter 2

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<One month later>

Dr Eliza Danvers, Head of Research of LunarCorp, looked at the item that she held in her hand intently. Holding it with left hand while she ran her right hand’s fingers all about the place, she let her touch guide her as she tried to feel the irregularities all across the surface. Finally she turned around and nodded to the technician Marcus, who then took it from her and started the fitting process onto their first ‘customer’, for Corporal Stanley who together with his wife, had been waiting patiently to be fitted with the new artificial limb. Lena Luthor stood to the side, watching intently as her lead researcher and lead technician started attaching the arm onto the wounded soldier in the lab.

The Corporal was injured recently while working with the Engineers Corp who were tasked by the Cambodian government to clear out a large patch of a previously laid minefield that was part of a notorious area that was controlled by the Khmer Rouge, later relinquished to the current government after many of the war criminals had long passed away. With available technology and machinery, most of the old mines were discovered and deactivated without much issue, but habits lead to normalcy lead to complacency. A mine that was previously thought to have been diffused went off unexpectedly, taking out one man and injuring another two, one on the lower right arm and another on the lower left leg.

As part of this pilot program, the two injured soldiers somehow are placed first in line to try out the artificial limbs that LunarCorp had developed. While she doesn’t know what other reasons that Lex might have to dump such a project on her lap, it does give Lena and her team an opportunity to showcase their technology, to build their confidence in their undertaking and also to expand.

Developing the artificial limbs and making it better is only one half of the problem. After all, developing the frame, manufacturing it based on the specifications identified is but one part of the issue. One common complaint (and a logical one at that) is to make it as ‘life-like’ as possible, so that the adaptation with the receipient will be faster. Based on what is currently available on the market, despite the development of technology, most limbs are still rigid. The movement while improved, is still cumbersome.

LunarCorp plans to change all of that. That is where Lena Luthor’s genius in mechanics and Eliza Danvers’ research and knowledge comes in.

Using her knowledge and her research on stem cell and DNA, Eliza and the research team took the skin cell samples from the Corporal and then proceeded to grow them in the lab in their uniquely developed nutrition bath. This shortened the time to grow enough cells within a week over a pre-cast silicon case that is a replica 3D model of the Corporal Stanley’s lower arm, and it was only less than an hour ago the entire lower arm was taken out, cleaned, dried before brought in for the fitting.

What makes this artificial limb different is that unlike the regular ones on the market, this one has Lena’s prototype nanite that has built into the limb and grafted into the skin. It serves to purpose – the first is to attach the frame and parts of the microcircuitry to the part of the limb that was severed, and to try and reconnect and link up with the existing nervous system of the body. If done right, that means it would be controllable by the person through his brain and actions, just like a normal limb. The second is to allow a more seamless stitching on the edges of the fit, so that it looks as natural as possible. Just like normal cells, the nanites on the skin and the frame are also designed to repair small tears or breaks itself with time.

All in all, if done well, it would be the ultimate breakthrough in artificial limbs. Today is the ultimate test.

The moment the limb was attached to the soldier, they all saw him grimacing. Not in pain, but the discomfort does show.

“How do you feel?” Eliza asked.

“Like ants attacking my stump, Ma’am. It’s...not painful, but it’s itchy like hell, and it feels hot.”

“Good. That means the nanites are going to work.” Lena chimed in. “Relax, it’ll be over soon.”

Within minutes, the feeling seemingly subsided, Corporal Stanley lifted his arm up. Turning here and there, grasping and opening his hands, it’s just like he had always have them since he was born.

“Wow!! This is amazing! It really does feel very natural with every move that I do. I mean, before I came I did some research online, and they mentioned implants of sorts attaching onto the neck or brain for a more natural movement or training, but this...this really does go beyond my expectations!”

“OK. Careful, don’t...” Eliza didn’t manage to finish her sentence when water spilled everywhere on the table, as Corporal Stanley crushed the glass of water while attempting to handle it. “Yes, that tends to happen when you hold things too strongly. It is metal alloy, and much stronger than our regular bones and all that. You’ll need the physio to help you to get used to the new limb, but at the start you do need to be more careful.”

Eliza and Lena watched with pride as they saw the fluid that was flowing out from the cuts on the artificial hand stopped almost immediately, and soon disappeared from view. The nanites did their work, and they did it splendidly. Powered by a battery pack, it would require changes once every two weeks, but it’s thought to be a small hassle for the benefits it brings.

“Come on, doc. This is fantastic! A month ago I was resigned to being a disabled person for the rest of my life, but now, now you’ve given me a new lease of life! You’re a lifesaver, for me AND Julie.” His wife leaned over, gave him a peck on his cheek and laid her head on his left shoulder, after wiping away a few drops of tears of joy. “I can’t thank you enough for that!’

Given that part of LunarCorp’s research achievements and pioneering work is in the field of miniature renewable resources before the unfortunate debacle previously, the company has also proposed an enticer to the military by proposing a cost-competitive upgrade service that can be utilised when LunarCorp has made progress on its power sources.

“Not bad, doctor. Not bad at all.” Two hours later found Lena and Eliza back in the CEO’s office, both of them enjoying a glass of wine that Lena seemingly has unlimited stash in his own private space. “Looks like the pilot program will be a success, and with that, LunarCorp will truly be in business! I am so looking forward to having this launched officially to the mass.”

Eliza took a sip of the red before remarking. “Well, I only made the skin cells; technically it was your nanites that was incorporated into them together with the frame. With your ability you should be able to do it on your own though. You don’t really need me.”

“Nonsense. I might be able to learn the knowledge, but you are the one with the skills and experience to put them on properly. Obviously if we were to eventually push it onto the market targeting the healthcare industry we will need to find ways to mass produce them better, but those will be for later. Right now we have to fulfill the contractual obligation first.”

“Hmmm. Yes, contract. Doesn’t that mean we will need the government’s ok to sell it mass? And what about the clause that everything is exclusive to the military?”

“Leave it to Lex to negotiate the terms on this. Being the ‘smart’ businessman that he is, the contract was worded so precisely that beyond the normal stuff per the specifications, everything else is on-top. Yes, LunarCorp is providing the nanites and configuration software as part of the deal, but the regular servicing will also be done by us as we are the sole-provider of the technology for the nanites. In addition, the software and nanites are our own proprietary technology, and given that it is new, I am sure that the military wouldn’t mind to NOT be committed to tinkering with it a least not with something so new for now, less something happens.”

“Well, we do have a contingency for that I hope.” Eliza ventured, suddenly conscious of the fact that the tech IS still in pilot stage.

“A kill switch, that can be programmed to shut the limbs down at one go. Or just take out the battery from the limbs, and the nanites will just shutdown.”

“Well, looks like you’ve covered the bases. I do hope that we can build more things that benefit people at reasonable cost, not just for the elite few.”

“You read my mind. Right now one of the key items that the research team is working on are ways to speed up the cell productions and to improve manufacturing. The latter should be much more doable given that there are so many manufacturing plants that we can probably partner with to do the same. It’s more of the skin-cells that is key, since the nutrient bath is your own concoction.”

Eliza laughed at that. “You make it sound like I’m a witch. Or an alchemist. It’s just a mixture to mimic the condition for proper cell growth, plus a little more.” A twinkle in her eyes, Lena could see.

“Well, whatever it is that you’re making, let’s continue to work on it, and we can change the world while making money doing so! Sam is going to love the dollarsigns at the end of the P&L.” Laughter all around the office. It is a good day in LunarCorp.

“So how are your daughters?” Eliza’s eyebrows raised slightly and proceeded with a short sigh. So she knows.

“They are adapting. To each other.” She saw the grin on her CEO’s face. “I know it’s going to take time. And effort. I hope that eventually they will get used to each other living under the same roof.”

“I can relate to that. Elder brother remember? Sometimes I think the twenty-thousand square feet manor wasn’t large enough for the four of us. I assume your own daughter is the one having trouble adjusting?”

Eliza smiled. “How can you tell?”

“Well, case in point.” Lena pointed to herself. “Personal experience, given that I was the unwanted guest in the Luthor household. And how is you adopted daugher....Linda?...adapting?”

“Better than expected, actually. Both Fred and I adore her, and we are glad that she was willing to take a chance with us, even though she is going to be an adult soon, at least by age. Linda’s literally like the sunshine that chases away the darkness wherever she appears. Despite the terrible tragedy that befell her family, she’s so strong and optimistic about life, always looking ahead, helpful and forgiving. I think you’ll like her too.”

Lena poured more wine into her glass while smiling wistfully. “She does sounds like a million. All the same, it’s also a brave move on your part. I mean, Alex will be going to college soon, but then you decided to take in another of about the same age. It is a big responsibility.”

“Well, I don’t look at it that way. We’ve always wanted a bigger family, Fred and I; and with both of us now more financially stable I thought it would be nice to offer someone a home.”

They paused for a bit, before Eliza continued wistfully.

“I’m not religious, nor am I the kind who predicts stuff without hard facts or evidence, but somehow I have a feeling she is capable of doing many great things in her future life.” Eliza Danvers took another sip of her glass, before continuing. “I can understand that it will take time for Alex to adjust, but everyday it feels like there’s simmering heat beneath the surface, just waiting for the right conditions for everything to come together, and then...<BOOM>” Eliza made a gesture with her hands indicating a blowup.

That brought a chuckle to her CEO. “Well, sometimes trashing things out will help, better sooner than later. Here’s hoping that everything will work out for you and your family.” The clinking sound of glasses followed, and the two ladies drank away the rest of the afternoon.



“Impressive, Mr. Luthor. Very impressive.”

“Thank you, Director Waller. I aim to please. I wouldn’t dare to recommend anyone for anything if I know that they cannot handle the job.” Lex had just arrived back at his penthouse when he received the call. As expected, Lena and her team had exceeded all expectations; her enhancements to the project was welcomed, and not entirely unexpected as well by the criminal mastermind.

After all, who better understands his half-sister than he himself? Leave it to Lena to try and leave an indelible mark on her potential suitors.

“So we can proceed?”

“Yes. I know that LunarCorp has done some enhancements to the frame to make it lightweight and strong. But we at LexCorp think we have an alternative to what both of us are pursuing.” Lex took off his tie after shedding his coat, as he made his way to the balcony to look over the city as the sun set over the horizong. “We have found a potential way to handle the...item that you shared with me previously. Took lots of trying, but we are finally to able to shape it to what we want.”

“Oh? Now THAT is interesting. Our own team have tried various lasers to try to cut or melt it. I assume you’ve found the solution?”

“Yes. It needs much MUCH more heat and focus than what regular lasers are able to put out, but yes we managed it. But because this is the first time we’ve gotten it melted, it will take some time to setup and make the design that is desired.”

“What about the power source?”

Lex sat down at the bar and poured himself a glass of whiskey before replying. “Now that is the tricky part. Nuclear fission-related sources would definitely be helpful and more readily available...”

“...but extremely dangerous to handle, risky as hell, plus it raises multiple flags globally once anyone gets their hands on it...”

“...which is only lucky that we are a country which has nuclear reactors and weapons which are actively being renewed.” The comment was obvious, and no reply meant that Amanda Waller is at least acquiescence to the thinking.


“In the roadmap, though that’s assuming that my hypothesis is proven right. One of the possibilities is very rare however...”

“...and expensive. I am in the business of defence. Get to the point.”

“I mean Kryptonite rare.” He heard the pause at the other end, and he could envision the gears turning within the Director’s head as she considered the potential opportunity, and fall-out should news get out that they are playing with what would be a major weakness of one of the most powerful and celebrated superhero on the planet. The male-chauvinist in him didn’t even consider Supergirl as part of the list. Also not mentioned was the fact that both of them knew about a small stockpile of the rare mineral located in one of the vaults located within the Pentagon.

He took a sip of his glass before continuing. “Still early days, but I believe the potential is enormous. Of course, we are still doing multiple tests to figure out how to harness the energy that I suspect is contained within it, but if we succeed the usage will be endless. And clean.”

“Interesting. I assume that you’ve found ways to look at it from every angle possible, using each and every way possible like all the colours of the rainbow.” So Amanda Waller ALSO knows about the multi-coloured Kryptonites. “Again, we are using different methods to try and test the samples, as mentioned it is still early days. I will keep you posted on progress.”

After a few more minutes on discussing payments and the like, he finally hung up and tossed the mobile phone nonchalently on the desk. Rising from his seat, he started stripping off his work shirt and pants as he headed towards the bathroom, his eyebrows twitching slightly as he had heard his queen in there the moment he entered the penthouse suite. He had just got his pants off and is only dressed in his boxers when he turned the corner and walked in, and found just the person he was thinking of, sitting on the edge of the bath with one leg gently moving along the white edges while another was partly submerged in water.

Mandi Olson turned around and smiled at the dumbstrucked look of Lex Luthor. It is not very often that one could mesmerise or stop the criminal mastermind in his tracks, though as the Arion gently fondled her now well-endowed 38DDs with her left hand she could see his rising enthusiasm that is slowly bulging from his briefs, as he stood awestruck by the beautiful scene in front of him. He thought that she looked even more stunning that before, as if her entire body has become even more well-defined than usual today.


“My my. Looks like you ARE happy to see me.” She tilted her head upwards to a kiss by her lover, and then continued as she felt his left hand reaching down to caress her left buttock with his sweet Supremis-enhanced strength. “Miss me?”

“Very. I almost tore down the main door when I heard the water running. It took all my concentration to just finish that conversation over the phone.” A few more pecks, this time onto Mandi’s neck and shoulder blades, bringing a languid moan to his superlover as he moved his right hand over, holding and caressing one of the most, if not THE most powerful boob on Earth. “Where were you these past two days? ”

“Well, I DO have to work. Keeping up appearances, remember. Just like you” A few sighs of contentment as she felt Lex’ gentle kisses moving all over her shoulder and upperback, even as she felt his weaker, but no less amazing strength attempting to caress her right boob the way she loved. Despite his enhanced strength now close to regular Arion Prime, he still couldn’t hold a candle to her own Velorian-Arion hybrid body, especially when she became fully aroused. Her Velorian protector-sized breast that kept its gravity-defying shape easily is proof enough, and every part of her is as firm, curvy and muscular as a long-term Ms Olympia competitor on Earth.

“You know I earn enough for the both of us. And more.” His continued caresses from her buttocks and moved his left hand forward, gently running along her muscular thigh sending a slight shudder to the Arion woman. “And given that I am also MANLY enough to pleasure you with the various ways that you love so much, why don’t you just quit and stay forever. You are still free to do whatever you want.” He then found his lips crushed against Mandi’s when she turned around, their tongues dueling with each other as they got into each other more aggressively.

After a long few minutes, Mandi broke their kiss. With an evil grin on her face, she exchanged stares with Lex before slowly standing up from the edge of the bathtub. “It sounds like you’re trying to tell me what to do next, Lex. Are you sure you want to challenge ME, to prove to me that you are INDEED that capable, that powerful to tell a goddess what she should do?” Standing up, she placed her arms under her bared prodigous breasts and smirked at him, and shifted her stance slightly to reveal her slightly damp black bush to him. Daring him to take the next step.

Despite Lex’s strength having become close to the typical Arion Prime male that she was used to back in the days. However, it also seemed that the enhancement had also multiplied his own ego and male-chauvanistic tendencies equally as well. It was just as well that she herself have become akin to a litteral goddess in the flesh, thanks to the mutagenesis courtesy of the wonderful Velorian Protector’s DNA from the scribe Mandi Olson had forcibly taken from. Both she and Lex knows that she is still much stronger, and vastly more powerful than him, and she waited for his response.

Blessed with a keen mind, Lex Luthor the criminal mastermind have always been able see multiple steps ahead and would have been more than able to sidestep non-returnable sacrifices. In this case however Lex is seemingly taken in with Mandi’s challenge; the gauntlet thrown down came in tune with Mandi’s own unconscious release of her Supremis pheremones that had the intended effect of clouding the mind of their opponents or heightened the experience of their sexual partners, especially those from her own race.

As a result, Lex Luthor the newly-made Arion Prime man ploughed on.

When he pushed his rigid pole forward he found his own jaw of life barely penetrating past his lover’s pussy lips before it was stopped in its track. As he pushed on, the slick wetness coating on those labia lips and her moist thighs instead allowed him to slide just beneath the inverted “V” of where her thighs met her lower body, and then beyond her. Eventually Lex found himself protruding much further than he thought he could, given that he hadn’t even hit full mast yet. Seeing the widening grin of the raven-haired beauty, he tried to extract himself backwards to his starting position, but is unable to do so as his superlover gently but insistently trapped his manhood between her long, powerful legs. Legs with the strength and power to potentially destroy the largest tanks with a gentlest flick, or level city buildings with a kick through the supports.

“My my. How could you miss, even when presented with such a large and intimate target, Lex? Do I have to do everything myself? I guess I just have to punish you for not doing your job well.” Lex gasped when he felt the tightening of those powerful thighs over his own powerful tool. It was tight, but not overly so; the pressure on his well-hung manhood meant that Mandi was actually teasing, rather than truly being angry. Which was great for foreplay. And Lex was in the mood to oblige.

Holding onto his lover by her waist, he then flexed those powerful hamstrings and his erectile muscles, and both of them grinned as he lifted Mandi upwards inch by inch with nothing but the strength of his organic steel. The stiffness of his erection also meant that very soon, his large throbbing tool lay seige at the gates of the Supremis woman’s pearly gates again. This time, with the benefit of gravity adding to the mix, he found his probing cockhead pushing upwards and through, seemingly having more luck opening up the doors to life of his superlover’s intimate flower, his insistent surge moving upwards slowly but surely gently prying those wet southern lips apart, turning on Mandi even more with this small but significant gesture.

It took a few long seconds, but penetrate her he still did, and the throaty moan that echoed and reflected from the tiles in the bathroom from his female superlover made his ego swell as he savoured the feeling of being the superman that he is, with the strength, stamina and invulnerability that enables him to open up his lover to start the age-old song of love-making in their own way.

It took a few more moments for them to come down from their initial high of initial penetration, before Mandi, smiling seductively, started lifting both of her powerful legs upwards and to both sides in a splits move, balanced in the air only by the barely penetrated cockhead at her labial lips. Gasping and moaning as she opened herself up, she willed herself to soften just a tad more below before she moved her hips insistently forward and downwards with the help of her flight powers, aided by the push of her hips and gravity. A keening sound of steel meeting steel reveberated all over the room as Mandi inched downwards bit by bit, as both superman and superwoman savoured the feeling of her inhumanly tight vagina gradually swallowing up his foot-long manhood as she forced himself deeper into her pussy. It was all Lex could do to continue holding onto to his stance, the force of her penetration downwards already causing cracks to emanate from his feet, the limited edition reinforced tiles no match for the increasing amount of force used by Mandi to try and finish the wrapping of his large organic weapon of potential destruction deep within her. The kind of power that is unique and comparable to gods, goddesses and aliens such as Kryptonians and Supremis.

When Lex’ foot-long finally disappeared fully into her vagina, Mandi smiling in glee as she put both her powerful arms over his shoulders while observing Lex savouring the feeling of being enbraced so tightly in such an intimate space. A move that is so reminiscent of her role as a Beta lover to many an Arion Prime. When he finally opened his eyes to look directly into Mandi’s, Lex licked this lips before asking the most unnecessary question.

“Where do you want to continue our little tryst, my love?”

Her answer was unambiguous. A quick thrust of her hips upwards and forwards sent them crashing through multiple dry walls, past the large penthouse living room and into the bedroom where in moments the enhanced Arion female used all the power of a fabled Velorian Protector at her disposal to pump her lover enthusiastically on the reinforced bed. Her entire body now a maze of hard-cut muscles, she rode him like a rodeo whose aim of the night is to continue to tame that huge bull between her legs. Though in this case, the bull is inside of her.

It took four orgasms from Lex and the partial collapse of the bed before Mandi Olson got her own delayed impact, herself crying out in one final, but relatively tame manner compared to all their previous trysts as Lex Luthor’s body gave up the fight for the night that is now closer to morning. The entire building had swayed in rhythm with their powerful coupling for the past hours, though Mandi had managed their lovemaking enough to still get her way and yet not destroy more things than necessary. Internal deco can be replaced, but waking up amidst concrete dust and crumbled buildings was not what she has in mind anyway.

As the most dangerous criminal in Metropolis conked out on the bed, Mandi relaxed her inner folds enough so that his softening manhood dropped out without much issue from its wet confines. Walking nonchalantly out and back in, Mandi raised Lex’s left hand and pressed it against his personal tablet, his thumbprint allowing the dangerous woman full access again into his private stash of documents, network and files. Looking at the clock, she figured she has about an hour at least before her personal superhuman boy toy come to based on past experience, as she combed through his latest findings and projects, to see if any of it can be used for her own private plans.

That is not even including the tons of reading material that Lex had collected on the Kryptonian male that he hated so much. All interesting to know and store in the back of her mind, less she needs to use it later.

“Let’s see what other secrets you have been keeping, Lex.”

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