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Super Soldiers, Part 1

Written by Scrobthefancyturtle :: [Friday, 30 December 2022 02:03] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 January 2023 09:38]

Chapter 1. Welcome to the Family

They say never meet your heroes because when you do, they will always let you down.

But that’s not always the case. Because how can your hero let you down when they only became your hero after you met them?

General Marcus Tobias was a square man in every sense of the word. Square house, square shouldered and a square jaw that when matched with his cold and detached face and attitude made him someone who people would not want to stay alone in a room with. It was a side effect of what over thirty years in the most secret form of the US military would do to you, but it was a side effect that he didn’t mind. Afterall, all this time and research that he has led has seen some of the most powerful and deadly guns, tanks and bombs ever designed. His work would be award winning. If anyone was ever allowed to know what kind of work, he did.

Today was different however. With all new weaponry and machinery around he couldn’t help but realise that no matter how good and deadly his weapons are, they all have always had the exact same weakness. The person using them. What good is a bulletproof tank if the people inside it are not also bulletproof? All it would take is one stray shot or explosive to wind up inside one of his very expensive tanks before the people inside it would be too busy dying to do anything else. And that was the exact problem Tobias aimed to fix.

General Tobias drove past the military checkpoint outside the middle of the Nevada desert, arriving to work twenty minutes early today and walked with confidence towards what looked like an old rundown airplane hangar. Before punching in a code on a cleverly hidden keypad and entering the not so rundown insides of what is clearly a secret underground military base. Walking down the green and white hallway until he found his office.

The morning went by faster than Tobias expected, he was looking through and sorting his files until he heard a knock at the door and saw a young woman standing there. She was slim but looked to be in good physical shape, though a little small. The woman couldn’t have been taller than five feet and she made General Tobias’s door look almost comical next to her unassuming frame. Although her body looked out of place, her chocolate brown hair tied back in a tight bun and the look of determination in her surprisingly cute face made it clear that she was the exact person he was waiting to see.

“You requested to see me. Sir.”

Spoke the young woman, her British accent had trouble hiding excitement and confusion on just what was happening.

“You must be mis Jones.” Said Tobias. Greeting the woman

“Lydia. Sir.” The woman corrected.

“Well, mis Lydia. Take a seat.” Tobias answered nodding towards the seat opposite his desk.

“I assume you know why I have called you here.” He continued as Lydia sat down.

“I’m not sure. Sir.” Lydia replied in a tone that made it quite clear that she had no idea why she was called.

“Well, I have called you here to talk about the piece of paper you signed when you first started working here.” Began Tobias.

“I have not spoken a word to anyone about my job. Sir.” Lydia interrupted in a truthful tone.

“And I don’t doubt you on that, but that’s not why you’re here.” Tobias continued.

“You are here because when signing this you made it very clear that you are willing to volunteer in any and all physical experiments that happen.” Said Tobias holding up Lydia’s contract to show the boxed she had ticked and signed proving exactly what he said.

“Today I am offering you a chance to volunteer in a highly experimental and possibly fatal series of tests. To examine what the human body is fully capable of.”

An air of silence fell in the room while Lydia was thinking about what to say. After a moment she spoke.

“What kind of experiments are these going to be?” She asked.

“I’m sorry but that is highly classified unless you agree” Tobias answered truthfully.

“If I say no, will you find someone to take my place?” Lydia quietly yet firmly asked.

Tobias could see the conflict in her hazel brown eyes. Debating on if she is comfortable with sending someone else to take part in an experiment that could take their life. Thinking on his feet, he decided to take a gamble.

“Yes.” Lied the general.

He had played his hand and he could see he played it correctly because after a couple moments of silent thinking, Lydia raised her head and looked him in the eyes and said only three words.

“I’ll do it.” She said with a previously unheard confidence.

“Good.” replied Tobias.

“Follow me.”

And with that Tobias and the small woman rose from their chairs and left the room.

They walked together for what seemed an eternity for Lydia before finally they reached what must have been where general Tobias was leading them.

They entered a huge room that Lydia could only compare to a prison atrium. There were weird machines stretching across the tall walls reaching up to the second-floor balcony they were standing on. Looking over the railings, Lydia noticed there were three distinct groups of people below. There were two armed soldiers in uniforms that Lydia didn’t recognise on either side of each door of the room along with small group of scientists, equipped with various tools that looked like they belonged in some old comic books. And an even smaller group of fellow soldiers, three men and a woman.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Lydia turned around to see Tobias gesturing towards a set of stairs to her right leading down to the ground floor where the various groups were greeting each other. Taking the hint, she promptly left Tobias to join the group of soldiers downstairs. She barely had enough time to walk over to the group before they were all called to attention by the man on the balcony. Lining up Infront of the balcony, Lydia stood next to a young, kind-faced man at the end as general Tobias finally let them know what exactly they had signed up for.

“By now I’m sure you all are wondering why we have called you here today.” Tobias started.

“We have called you all here because for the next few months you will be taking part in a new experimental program approved by the state and designed by yours truly. To turn each and every one of you into the world’s most powerful fighting force.” He continued.

“Starting today you will be the first in a new line of genetically enhanced soldiers to fight secretly only when and where you have been told to. Have I made myself clear?” he finished.

There was silence in the room as Lydia and the other soldiers processed what Tobias had just said. After a moment, the man next to Lydia spoke up.

“Sir, are you saying that you’re gonna turn us into superheroes?” he asked incredulously.

Lydia had to quickly hide a snicker as she tried not to laugh at such an outrageous question.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Answered Tobias, as funny as the previous question was to Lydia, it was clear in general Tobias’s tone that this was no joke at all.

“Anything else?” Tobias asked to the crowd below.

After a deafening silence filled the room, he finished his speech saying.

“As of now, none of you exist, but let me be clear. If anyone fails to comply with any demands we make of you either during or after the experiments. You will be hunted down and shot. We cannot risk any other country knowing that this talk has taken place. From today you are all brothers and sisters, and I enforce that you treat each other as such.”

And with that Tobias had left the room through the door he and Lydia had entered through. The room slowly coming alive again the man next to Lydia smiled and chuckled to himself.

“I don’t mind having superpowers, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those costumes.”

“And why not?” Lydia asked joining him in conversation.

“You got the mouth of Spider-man.”

“Or maybe the legs for wonder woman.” she joked, playfully looking him up and down.

“You’re not so bad yourself. With a face like that, a mask might do you some good.” The man shot back.

“Not bad.” she said smirking.

“I’m Lydia” she finished offering out her hand.

“Bradly” the man said, taking her hand and introducing himself.

“Welcome to the family.”


Lydia could only describe the next few weeks as absolute hell.

Training, sunrise to sunset with little to no breaks all the while having mysterious men in white coats strapping her with wires, weird devices and monitoring her every move. Her only saving grace was an hour-long break for dinner each day where she would sit with everyone taking part in the experiment and catch up with what they were doing that day.

Entering the atrium after a particularly cruel weight training session and sitting down in her usual spot at the table, she caught the second half of what must have been an incredible story being told by James, the designated “big brother” of the group, as he had everyone on the edge of their seats wanting to know what would happen next.

“How the hell am I meant to get over there?” He shouted, acting out his story.

“The bridge was hit, about to fall with me on it.” He continued.

“So here I am, a wildfire to my left, a huge jump to my right and a fleet of enemy boats beneath me.”

“what’d you do?” asked Alex, so invested in the story that more of her was leaning on the table than sitting in her seat.

“I did what I could.” James answered.

“I ran and I JUMPED!” he said victoriously, actually jumping onto the stool he had just been sitting on

“And I made it, just about. And I ran like I never did before and made it back to my team.” He said finishing his story to the appreciation of the crowd.

“Impressive.” Said Lydia visibly startling James. It was clear to her that he was so invested in telling his story that he hadn’t noticed her entrance.

“What are we talking about?” she asked the table.

“The closest each of us came to death.” Answered Bradly to her left.

“You got any like that?”

“Does five minutes ago count?” she joked pointing her thumb behind her shoulder indicating to her training.

“Nope, I literally said the exact same thing.” Said Ryan at the other side of the table.

“Gotta do better than that.” Bradly added.

“Well, I got a story. I guess.” Said Lydia

“Does anyone remember Memphis?” she asked.

“You were there?” interrupted Alex.

“During the disaster?”

Lydia learned quickly that Alex wasn’t that great with her words, she’s never disrespectful but she did have a habit of saying exactly what was on her mind regardless of how it sounded to other people.

“Yes. I was.” Lydia answered nodding uncomfortably.

“I was twelve at the time. I don’t remember much of that day but I remember hearing later on the news that the entire waterline underground burst at once. I wasn’t too far from one of the explosions, I was in an alleyway between a parking lot and a building, and it knocked me a good few feet back and I hit my head.”

“Dam. That’s me beat.” Added Ryan.

“That’s not all.” Lydia continued.

“I remember staring up at the parking lot and seeing a pickup truck leaning over the edge above me. I tried to get up, but I was too weak, and it fell.”

Lydia bowed her head and let her last sentence sit in the air for a moment, debating on continuing or not.

“How did you escape?” asked James.

“You wouldn’t believe me.” Answered Lydia flatly. Speaking to her hands on the table in front of her.

“Try us.” Ryan responded.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave it there.” interjected Alex.

“Hey. It’s alright, you don’t have to say anything else.” Bradly said softly, placing his hand on hers.

Lydia looked up into Bradly’s face. She didn’t know what it was but there was some kind of warmth in his eyes that was reassuring to her. Using this new found confidence, she took his hand and continued.

“I didn’t see a way out, so I closed my eyes and waited for the truck to hit me. And kept waiting. I heard a voice, a woman’s voice. I thought I was dead, so I opened my eyes just to see a woman in the air holding that truck over her head with one hand.”

“No, Way.” Interrupted Ryan, it was clear to Lydia that he didn’t believe her. Nevertheless, she carried on.

“The woman was hovering not three feet above me. She held out her free hand and I took it. We were flying off the ground. She dropped the truck where it would’ve hit me and flew me to the closest safe street before flying away.”

“I’m not buying it” said Ryan stubbornly.

“I said you wouldn’t believe me” Lydia responded.

“Are you sure you couldn’t have dreamed that when you hit your head” asked James sincerely.

“I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but I can remember that just as much as I remember the whole day.” Lydia answered truthfully.

“it’s not too unbelievable.” Said Bradly.

“I mean, look where we are.”

Lydia was woken up early the next day along with the rest of the team and lead into the atrium.

General Tobias was standing in the middle of the room with two scientists either side of him.

“Good morning.” He started

“Today is the day we start the experiment.”

“We haven’t even started yet?” interrupted Alex incredulously.

Lydia had to agree, what had the training been for if they weren’t already in the middle of the experiment.

“In a moment, you will be lead through those doors and into the test chamber.” Tobias continued, completely ignoring what Alex had said and pointing at the door behind him.

“This will be the most dangerous part of the experiment. If I do not see you on the other side of these tests, then I would like to say my goodbyes in person. Each and everyone of you have been put through training that would kill any regular man. And you all did it without a single complaint and for that, you have proven that you five truly are the best of the best.”

General Tobias saluted.

“I hope to see you all again.”

With that, the two scientists either side of him began to lead the team through the doors. Lydia couldn’t help her nerves. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she walked through the long corridor leading to what must be the testing chamber.

The scientists reached two armed soldiers either side of a large steal door with a rotating door handle like a bank vault. Showing their cards they carried around their necks, the soldiers opened the door allowing the two scientists and five volunteers entrance to a medium sized room. Filled with similar computers and devises that are in the atrium. At the end of the room stood five tanks that, to Lydia, resembled tanning beds.

Lining up in the middle of the room, one of the scientists finally explained what will happen,

Handing out a small vial of fluid to each volunteer, he said “If you may, please drink what you have been given and step inside one of these tanks as the experiment takes place. Each vial has been genetically coded to your DNA and when infused with your blood, a follow up injection and the microwaves from these tanks they shall unlock your full potential.”

Lydia nodded in understanding.

“Okay, magic potion.” She joked to herself to ease the tension and drank with the rest of her team. She couldn’t pin down what exactly the fluid tasted like. It felt lighter than water but had a metallic after taste.

Lydia stepped into the tank and let the scientists continue to strap her in.

“No going back now.” She thought to herself as the scientist began to inject her shoulder with the follow up serum. She looked around and offered a brave smile to her team.

“we’ve got this” she said out loud for the team to hear.

She heard a muffled response from everyone as the scientist closed her tank.

“Activating microwaves” she heard from the other scientist on the other end of the room.

Lydia was warned that the experiment would be painful. But she had never expected anything like this. Jolting violently in her tank as she felt both fluids in her system react with her blood and the radiation. She screamed as it felt like all her bones were being crushed and remoulded. As her muscles completely untangled and reformed in a new way. As her clothes were slowly shrinking and suffocating her. She screamed as each new wave of pain hit until it suddenly stopped. Leaving her panting and shaking. Every part of her body felt sore and great at the same time.

Slowly opening her eyes, she noticed that her tank was open. But not just that, everything in the room looked slightly different from as it did when she first entered the tank. Blinking a couple times, she was surprised that the bright lights of the room didn’t affect her eyes at all. In fact, she could see things in more detail than she could before. She never had bad vision, but now, looking through her new eyes, she could only compare her old eyesight to watching a low-quality video from a couple feet away.

Stepping out of the tank, she was also surprised about how seemingly easy it was for her to move around. She thought that after going through so much pain that she wouldn’t be able to raise her head let alone walk without difficulty.

Turning to look at her teammates. Lydia hugged Bradly as he stepped out of his tank. A hug that he returned very lightly.

“you’re stronger” he coughed through Lydia’s embrace. Noticing, Lydia quickly stopped hugging her friend.

“Sorry.” Said Lydia.

“Guess, you’re still a bit sore.”

Bradly took a step back and looked Lydia up and down as if he had never seen her before.

“You’re taller” he said, confused.

“Am I?” Lydia asked as she looked down to examine her new body.

Lydia had always considered herself as petite. Five feet tall, with no real muscle mass. But now. Looking at her new body, there was nothing petite about Lydia anymore.

Standing at 5’7, with new long, toned, shapely legs. Leading up to a set of wide hips and her flat stomach now supporting washboard abs on her new shapely figure, along with a big new pair of breasts. It looked like she had the body of a completely different woman. But to Lydia, it was like finally seeing herself for the first time.

“Please tell me I look like a model too.” Said Bradly jokingly and hopefully at the same time.

To his credit, he did look different, he looked more filled out. A little bit taller, 6’2 now maybe. And more muscle definition. He would be the best-looking person in the room if Lydia wasn’t standing right next to him.

“you’re not too bad yourself. With legs like those it would be a shame to keep them covered.” Lydia said before immediately covering her mouth. She had no idea why she just said that.

Bradly laughed “that didn’t come out the way you wanted, did it?”

“Not even close.” Lydia answered truthfully.

Joining the other three volunteers, Lydia noted that the rest of her teammates had changes closer to Bradly’s than hers. James and Ryan looked more or less identical to as they did before the experiment, whereas Alex was a solid mix between her and Bradly, she was taller than Lydia, probably around 5’9 with a little more muscle definition. Overall, it looks like the experiment was a success.

Walking around the room, Lydia took her time congratulating each scientist on their experiment, shaking their hands in turn and left the room to return to the atrium with her team.

Entering the atrium and lining up in front of general Tobias. The team had trouble hiding their excitement as he said one thing.

“Great, now let’s see what you can do.”

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