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Birth of the Undead – Adoption, Chapter 5

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“Looks like we hit another deadend, boss.” Karen toss the pen down in frustration. It was Monday, and the interview with Stan Rodgers had just finished. The single parent had relented to an interview with Karen at the station during lunchtime, and whatever that he provided wasn’t very helpful. They were surprised to see that he turned up driving a white rental Ford instead of his BMW. Based on Stan’s statement, the car had been at the garage that day itself due to a fuel leak, and that it was still being repaired. He had been driving this car since for most of the past week already.

“Get this. Stan actually went to the Chen’s to buy takeout for dinner that evening while on the way back home. I called David to follow-up on that, and he remembered that Kevin rang up the till for him. That checks out, at least.”

“Ok. So he was not driving the BMW… and yet it was at the scene. Did he offer any reason?”

“Obviously he said he didn’t know. And that is the puzzling part. Stan said that he was dead tired from a whole day of meetings, and after an early dinner he had turned in. Conked out until the next morning. We could check with Shannon Rodgers to confirm that alibi.” Fred was deep in thought before nodding. “Thoughts?”

“Someone knew that the car was available, maybe the problem wasn’t as big as it was made out to be, given that someone drove it towards Ralston and waited there. For whatever reason. The video  doesn’t lie. The only thing now is to figure out who drove it.”

“You think it might have any links to the other crimes?”

“Three teenages. Two dead and one seriously injured. Two of them went to the same school. My hunch says that we solve one the other will break as well. Just keep the pressure on.”


The coming week came and went. Alex recovered quickly enough to go back to teaching, and at least for the Danvers family things went back to a sort of normal. Despite knowing so much more about her adopted sister now, they still decided to keep everything as a secret between them for fear of freaking their parents out.

One good news at least is that Kevin had finally woken up after three days in coma. While he was still weak, the fact that he is still expected to recover was a miracle enough. Given that David Chen became a man short, Linda had offered to do more hours to help the man out until Kevin recovered. He was quite prepared to help out in the investigation as best he could (after all, he was the victim), and Fred had taken the time to come by with Karen for a face-to-face at the hospital. 

“It was really unexpected, actually. I was on my way approaching the bridge when suddenly I found pair of headlights right in front of me. That panicked me into turning the steering wheel to the side and down the slope all the way. To think that I still made it with a couple of broken bones, that’s lady luck shining on me.” Kevin winced as he tried to sit up straighter.

“Did you remember seeing anything else? Or anyone who might be behind the wheel?” Fred pursued that thought further. “Anything that you can remember might help.”

Kevin thought for a while before slowly shaking his head. “To be frank, it was a dark road, no street lamps. When I saw those two yellow beams I didn’t even have time to process anything, just reacted, you know.” Kevin chuckled, then winced. “At least I still managed to stay alive. The car and all the food definitely didn’t survive right?”

“No, no it didn’t. It was a total loss… hey, what was that about food?” Karen asked.

“Oh, you see, that last takeaway call was a bust-up. When I came to the door at Ridgemont, the lady at the end said that I must have had the wrong number. Not sure why, because when I rang the phone back to the person who supposedly called for the order, it wasn’t picked up anymore. In fact it wasn’t even the supposed receiver’s phone number. Puzzled that how it might have been a mistake, or worse a prank call, I headed home after that. So not only did we not make any sale, we had to trade off with the car, the food and of course, me being in hospital. What a debacle this is.”

Frank and Karen looked at each other, nothing needed to be said between them. “Kevin, do you happen to have that phone number stored somewhere? Do you remember that address?”

“A bit hazy about the actual address. My phone should have a copy of it, since I used my GPS for it, if it’s not smashed to pieces. I did store the order on a notepad app, and it should sync to the cloud as a backup. As long as I give you access to my account…” Fred smiled at that comment.


“Hey, Linda. How’s everything?” A familiar though unexpected face showed up next to Linda’s locker that early afternoon just after lunch, as she just placed all her text .

“Uh, hi Cammy. I’m good. Yourself?” While they have a few common classes together, Cammy Camden doesn’t really hangout with Linda, and instead prefer to follow the ‘in-group’ of cheerleaders around. Petite and athletic, the olive-skinned senior of Midvale High however looked pretty and perky, though today she is with a bit too much makeup for whatever reason.

“I’m awesome! Hey, I’m here to pass a message? Shannon, our captain wants to see you later in the sportshall after practice. She thinks she might have some new information that might be helpful. Said she was looking for Ms Danvers, but she’s nowhere to be found.”

“Oh, Alex’ is away at university for classes today. Did Shannon mention anything else?” While it was a weird request given that a text would suffice, Linda kept those thoughts to herself.

“Nope. Just passing the message. Be seeing ya Linds!” With that last comment, Cammy swept out of the door and was soon swallowed up by the students thronging the hallway. Two hours later found Linda Lee Danvers walking towards the gym building, walking past a few other athletes and students who were on their way out after their own practices. Coming to the double-doors, Linda suddenly felt a bit odd-out. It was Friday late afternoon after all, and many sessions would have ended early, and at that precise moment she suddenly realised the entire place was eeriely quiet. Looking left and right,  no one was in sight; only the yellow-orange sunlight still pouring through the windows at the end of one end of the corridor that still lit the place before one had to turn on the lights to see around the place. Trying to use her enhanced senses, she could sense a few presence in the gym, though without xray vision and her Kryptonian powers, it wasn’t of much help anyway.

Taking note to check with Vampirella later to learn more about the Drakulon's own extra-sensory perceptions, pushing down on the large horizontal handle, she braced herself and entered.

The building had seen better times. With the setting sun streaming again through the high windows, the entire place is fully illuminated in yellow glow. The paint is starting to peel on different parts of the wall all about the building, as with the markings on the parquet floor. The entire place was large enough to hold regular assemblies for the entire school assuming all the seating is pushed all the way to both edges, as it currently was, and large enough to have multiple basketball courts or volleyball courts for team trainings depending on which team is practicing indoor that day. On the rafters hung a number of championship banners, though the last was at least five years ago for any sport. With Joanne now not really perforrming to the best of her ability, even the promising volleyball season might not turn out the way the coach had anticipated earlier.

Doors at the end of the hall lead to the showers and changing room; one side each for the male and female students for obvious reasons. Walking about Linda’s senses detected a stronger smell of sorts coming through the women’s shower room door. Pushing through that door, she followed a short hallway until she walked into the changing room. To her surprise, a few of the cheerleaders were laying down on the long benches in between the lockers. Some were partially dressed, others less so, all are alive but knocked out as far as Linda’s own senses could tell, the pumping of blood through their body is proof enough, though somehow all of their heartbeats were weak. As if they have had a long bout of exercise and have overexerted themselves.

And there’s no denying the musk that hung in the air, mixed with some of the lingering smell of shampoo and soap after shower. Linda’s senses remain acute enough to realise that all of them must have had a round of sexual party, though as far as she could tell, seemed consensual. 

But where was Shannon?

That thought had barely passed her mind when her sensitive hearing guided her back out into the main arena. Once she got back out, she could make out some noise coming from behind cascading seats. Making her way there, she was surprised to find another cheerleader with her hands tied-up against the metal frame support for the elevated chairs, moaning and seemingly struggling. The way that she went at her bindings seemed that she was either drunk, or she was now in the throes of an impending sexual orgasm.  

It was obvious why the girl was there, alone; but Linda responded anyway by quickly trying to get her down, trying to use her sharpened nails to try and cut through the fishing line that was used to bind the girl up. In moments however, she realised a presence behind her.

“Look who’s here. My, aren’t you predictable.” Shannon regarded her coolly, her eyes communicating as if she had caught her prey as expected. “I thought it would take more to get to you. Guess I was wrong.”

Turning around slowly, Linda calmly regarded her schoolmate, who was still dressed in the standard maroon cheerleader top and matching skirt, the white “Leesburg High” prominently displayed across her budding chest that indicated her maturity into womanhood. While she didn’t sport any fangs, the red-highlights interlaced with her usual darker-bangs didn’t seem that out of place for the girl they called the Cheerleading Queen of Midvale.

“Shannon, what happened to her? We need to get her down.” Linda tried to manage the situation and sought to buy time by feigning ignorance.

“Oh, I put her there. I needed a top-up, you see.” Shannon replied nonchalantly.

“You put her there? Why? What do you mean by a top-up?” Linda had checked each of the girls, none of them had any bite marks as far as she could tell. Still, she continued her charade to buy time by asking relatively obvious questions while trying to move slowly towards the right towards an opening.  

“Oh, you know. A midday snack. I get hungry faster these days.” Shannon had noticed Linda’s ploy, and had quickly moved towards her left to easily block out her exit. “And don’t play dumb with me, Linda. I know what you are. Or at least, I think I do. It takes one to know one after all, don’t you think so?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” That comment actually made Linda's blood ran cold.

“Oh, I think you do.” Shannon closed the gap in a sudden move, and clasped her right hand over Linda’s neck, before slowly lifting her up with just one hand, her left remaining on her side. Never in Linda’s dreams would she find herself being held up in this way, similar to how she had done so against criminals and the bad lots previously. Her feet now dangling a few feet from the ground she struggled to get down, though she still managed to croak out a few words. “Urrkkk… please… I don’t know what’s happened to you, but you can’t do this. Shannon, please.”

“Come come, Linda Lee. Oh, sorry, it should be Linda Danvers now, no, Oooff!!!…” Shannon was suddenly hit on her face as Linda did a sidekick with her left leg, catching the girl offguard. While that allowed her to release Linda, the latter hadn’t even managed to run beyond twenty meters out onto the open space of the hall when she found herself grabbed from the back, Shannon having gotten ahold of her denim jacket and pulled her back. Before she could even react, Linda suddenly found herself flung around and crashing face first into the wall, cracking part of the wall and making her see stars.

Moaning with pain from that unexpected move, in seconds Linda found herself hoisted back onto a standing position albeit this time both her arms were caught and pushed back against the wall, while Shannon’s knees placed against her own to pin her lower body. Without any of her superstrength, it was all Linda could do but to struggle though with no avail, her head thrashing slightly towards both side as she tried to play for more time.

“P… Put me down, Shannon. What’s gone into you? Why are you doing this?”

“Why, partly to survive of course. The other is to become better, and that’s where you and everyone else comes into the picture.” Moving her head nearer to Linda, she continued. “This is the new me, Linda. I’ve changed, for the better. Just as you observed and remarked the other day. After my accident, I’ve recovered much faster than I thought I possible, all thanks to the innovative therapy and the medicine that I received as part of my father company’s latest R&D program. But to do so, I realised I needed to take another person’s stamina and energy, to help fuel my recovery. The more I take, the faster I heal. In fact, I actually become better overall the more people I interact with. Taller, Faster. Stronger. Even slightly bustier.” She smiled while changing her hold on Linda; with her left hand pinning Linda against the wall and partially choking her windpipe, she raised her right hand to make muscle, making a small though pronounced ball bunch up and tightening her sleeve.

“Why… Why me?” Linda felt a bit faint with the chokehold, her hands clinging on to her classmate’s arms to try and pry them loose, while her kicks doesn’t seem to be able to connect, especially when she was gasping for air.  

“When I saw you that day in the hallway, I could sense that you were… different. Different from the others. The smell that you give off is very… enticing? When I got closer and touched both you and Alex Danvers the other day in the hospital, I could sense that BOTH of you are unique; the blood that flowed within you seemed to call out to me for some reason, and I’m at least adventurous if nothing else. That is what I’m going to do now.”

With that, Shannon grabbed Linda by her shoulders, and turned around to re-pin her against the metal-grid supports for the cascading chairs, causing the wind to expell from Linda yet again, being man-handled so roughly. A quick sideglance on the other non-responsive student confirmed that she had passed out and only hanging limply against the bonds. But before she could react further she found her denim jacket removed, the hem of her cream-colour blouse now hiked out from her tights and rolled over and above her currently unremarkable but slightly perky 32As that are covered by the obligatory pair of matching coloured cotton bra.

“My my. Already a senior, and yet still so… small” followed by an evil smirk. ”But that’s due to genetics and environment though, and not everyone as blessed as, well, me. However…” Shannon gently traced her her right hand down and over her beige-coloured tights until she came at the meeting point of her legs. The gentle motion of moving her finger over her covered slit brought an unconscious moan from Linda’s lips, as her body started responding to the ministrations. In moment, both of them could feel dampness spreading out and onto the covered clothing.

“Ah yes. You must be all pent-up with all the sexual frustrations. In case you were wondering, the way for me to take what I need is through… well, sexual orgasms. Not as vulgar and yucky as drinking blood like those fabled vampire tales. A very unique experience for me when I first discovered it, but very pleasureable indeed for myself and the ‘donor’ when we did it. As long as I remember to stop in time, everyone will just remember that they had a wonderful and pleasureable wet dream without the worst for wear, unlike my first time with the girl from Midvale and Derek. Oh, Derek was trying to resist me throughout, but then I realised that I can be VERY persuasive…”

Shannon’s left hand then moved down to cup Linda’s right breast, eliciting another throaty moan from the senior. “I also found out that the more powerful one hits their orgasm, the more I am able to drain and use the energy for my own. Precisely as some would call a…”

“Su..Succubus…” Linda’s mouth finished that sentence amidst her increasing arousal state, though that caused Shannon to raise an eyebrow. “Well well well! Looks like someone have done their homework on creatures and folklore. Given that you have gotten that point, I guess I should reward you appropriately.” Her right hand had expertly pulled down the zipper of Linda’s tights, and her playful fingers are now only obstructed by Linda’s white and drenched cotton underwear. As she felt the tantalising moves about her covered nether regions, Linda couldn’t help but gasp and moan in rhythm; her gentle cries starting to rise in both pitch and volume as Shannon rubbed her mound faster, more frantically. Playing her light a concert violinist even as she struggled, and losing, to contain her growing enthusiasm.

“How… No… ah… ahhhhh… AAAHHHH… uhhh… .” Shannon just smiled and whispered into Linda’s ear. “Shh… don’t try to deny it. Feel the pleasure that comes with giving in to me. Feel the release. Give it to me Linda. Help me survive. Help me grow! Save me!!!”

The past months have been nothing but frustrating for the Last Girl of Krypton, and it had been a very long while since she had even played with herself, made more difficult with a roomate now. It didn’t require much for Linda to climb the first crest, her gentle cry of ecstacy coming mere minutes thanks to Shannon’s surprisingly amazing fingerwork, her body eagerly hitting and blasting past the climax after being denied for so long. Her classmate smiled in satisfaction at seeing her release as Linda closed her eyes, her hands clenched and released a few times, panting in sexual exertion. At the same time, a white glow appeared covering Linda’s nether regions and Shannon’s right hand, as the villainess tossed her dark mane back slightly, moaning in response to the pleasureable energy that fed into her body through her hand, running up and throughout her entire body.

“Wow… what a rush. So it IS true. You ARE different. Your body… the energy burst that you give out is much powerful than any of the others. Definitely more intense.” Looking at the panting and akready slightly sweaty Linda Lee, she remarked “Normally many would have succumbed to me after the first wave, but you seem to have more to give. Very well, let’s see how many rounds you can take.” This time however, without warning, Shannon bent down and ripped apart Linda’s panties, revealing her moist blonde bush to the world, her clit already standing at rapt attention, seemingly in anticipation of what is to come. In a quick move, she plunged her tongue past Linda’s pearly gates to experience the gush of nectar that flowed from her victim’s cunt, the taste was sweet like honey. Shannon couldn’t resist, and wantonly sucked and licked all about her labia lips before plunging past the lips again and again.

“AHHHHH… ..” That act by itself almost sent Linda into another unwilling climax. Having arrived on Earth and blessed with amazing powers beyond mere mortals, she had always had the fantasy and even hope that eventually she will be able to have sexual intercourse and make love to the partner of her heart’s desire, be it with the Last Son of Krypton, or anyone else of her choosing. In a sense, beyond her own fingers during masturbation or with the help of other tools, Linda had not offered herself to anyone, knowing that it would take a literal superman to be able to penetrate her at her full strength. With her current depowered state and her supposed boyfriend now gone, she wasn’t in any sexual mood for anything. Until now that is. 

Shannon sucked and lapped up Linda’s free flowing cunt-juices like a cat taking to the sweetest milk in a saucer. She chuckled when her tongue touched something familiar within Linda’s vagina amidst her sucking and slurping, who sucked in breath and cried out softly upon that tantalising hit deep within her vagina, realising that Linda Lee is still very much the innocent girl that she is. “You taste so good, Linda. In fact, your cum tastes amazing… is this what a virgin tastes like?” The air started to waft with the smell of honey and wildflower around them, and if anything it seemed to heighten their arousal even more.

As time progressed, instead of resisting the inevitable, instead of denying her body’s natural response, both of Linda’s hands now instead went down and grasped Shannon’s head willingly, and tried pushing her in motion with her licks to try and get her tongue deeper within her as she felt her entire body climbing once again towards release. It was as if both of them are now working hard to bring Linda to the peak of pleasure that she had denied herself for so long, all her pent-up sexual frustrations coming up to the fore and burst through the dam holding it.

“Yes… no… thereyes… Moreyes… yesthat’s it… uh… UHHHhhhyess… .YESSSSS!!!!!” Finally, after more than fifteen minutes of hard work, Linda finally come yet again, succumbing to the wonderful cunnilingus of one Shannon Rodgers. Her most powerful orgasm in months, her shriek of peak pleasure didn’t last as long as she had hoped however. Instead she felt herself coming down faster than even her previous, as Shannon the succubus partook her sexual energies directly with her mouth clamped over her bush-covered southern lips and her teeth clenched on Linda’s pronounced clitoris. The transfer of energy was so direct that within a minute another round of powerful draining left Linda almost faint.

But the succubus was still not done. Grasping the heaving and disshelved Linda by her hair, she cruelly dragged the young woman towards the open hall and left her sprawled on the parquet floor, illuminated by the orange setting sun coming through the glass windows. Then, she smiled and straddled Linda by sitting on her victim’s smaller chest with her barely covered ass pointing at Linda. Bending down in a 69 position, Linda cried out again as she felt the flexible muscle of Shannon’s tongue swirling teasingly all over her still erect clit before biting on it, as if trying to coax out another wave of orgasm from her.

“No… too weak… I can’t… Shannon, please…” before she could say more she suddenly found her head clamped-on by Shannon’s long and powerful legs, legs with toned muscles built-up from all the cheerleading work and now further enhanced by the influx of sexual energies.

“If you can still talk, that means you can still give. But i’m willing to share the experience as I take what I want.  So start working.” With that, she bent down again and swirled her tongue around Linda’s puffy slit, teasing and painting the sides without going full-in.  That caused Linda to moan and gasp again in a mix of frustration and anticipation, her breathing expelled directly against the succubus’ exposed cunny lips under her skirt. However Linda moaned in frustration as she felt Shannon stopping her ministrations down there, and instead waited. The succubus made things unconfortable for Linda Lee by tightening her leg hold on Linda’s face, who responded by trying to use her hands to try and release the pressure somehow. Again to no avail.

For Shannon, since her transformation, this is the first time that she felt an unfamiliar resistance coming from between her legs, as she had to use more and more of her unnatural strength to try and control this slip of a girl. But eventually the inevitable happened, for she felt a timid swipe around the area, and then a gentle lick on her own protruding clit, followed by a more responsive licking around the lips. Moaning in appreciation, she eased the leghold somewhat as a reward of  sorts for her victim, and in moments she felt the expected penetration down there passing through her gates into her core, knowing that Linda now understood that the only way to get out from the predicament is to provide a reciprocal effect.

Away they went at pleasuring each other for next twenty minutes, time and everything else was forgotten as both girls were so intent in licking and eating each other out until the familiar trembles coursed through Linda’s yet body again as she cried out in ecstasy, her young alien body shuddering pleasureably and uncontrollably as Shannon’s gifted tongue drew out another powerful climax. However her lusty cries and breath also had the effect of sending Shannon towards her first, as the succubus also moaned out in appreciation as she crested her own peak. Just like the previous, the pleasure didn’t last long as the powerful energy generated was rapidly consumed by the succubus as she drank Linda’s sweet cum, cum that contained the purest of genetic materials from Krypton and Drakulon.

The villainess could literally feel her entire body energising by the minute, becoming even more powerful as her body hungrily consumed this amazing new influx of energy, and it was another five minutes at least before the bright white glow surrounding almost the entire lower part of Linda’s body finally faded, causing the young girl to finally seemingly drop into deep sleep splayed on the parquet floor. Shannon licked her lips, giving up a gentle moan of satisfaction, her body now a mixture of being sated and fully-powered, having literally absorbed so much sexual energies for herself within a short span of time. Each and every part of her body from her head, down to her limbs, torso and lower body felt sensitive and engorged; each and every muscle having grown larger as well. Standing up, she did a double-bicep pose, feeling satisfied as she felt the energy coursing about and creating the two large bumps on both her arms, stretching the sleeves of her cheerleader costume almost to the breaking point. She could also feel the bunching up of her buttocks and her thigh muscles as she flexed, feeling her skirt hike-up slightly

The succubus was amazed by Linda’s stamina to handle all these in one go. The first time she did it with the stupid girl from Midvale High, the victim only lasted one round properly, and when she tried to take her on another go, her body just gave up. Derek wasn’t much better, going for twenty minutes and he’s flat. At that time Shannon was still trying to come to terms on her extent of taking energy, and for her two unfortunate victims she had miscalculated how much more they had to give. Both of them paid the price with their lives due to her inexperience that night.

Now, Linda did close to 45 minutes, and yet she’s alive. Remarkable.

Looking around, Shannon regarded the cascading chairs that were laid on one side before deciding on something. Walking confidently over to one side, she looked at the towering set of moveable infrastructure that was supported by all the steel supports. Bending down, she grabbed hold of bars at the bottom, and slowly lifted the entire structure up from one side with only one hand. While she could still feel the weight it wasn't as heavy as she thought, and the very fact that she could actually lift them up now all the way with straightened arms, lifted by a high school girl of average height and built, felt very empowering and satisfying.

If one young little Linda Lee Danvers could give her so much, imagine what the older, more matured Alex Danvers would be able to provide.

With that thought, Shannon dropped the entire structure, causing a big crash as it slammed back onto the parquet floor, and moved back towards the unconscious Linda Lee. Binding her victim’s hands together with the extra fish line, Shannon finally slowly but confidently made her way out of the hall before she thought of something. Going back, she flipped the girl over on her torso, reached into the girl’s pants pocket to produce her phone. Moving Linda’s right thumb over the touchscreen sensor she managed to access the phone. Checking through the contacts, she found the person of interest and left a text, before leaving it beside Linda.

She smiled, in anticipation for her next prey.


“Chief, you might want to have a look at this.” Karen Sands came in without knocking as Fred was checking in on his other cases’ materials. Tossing a few photos on the table, she pointed to one of them that seemed to have captured two faces. “This was taken late evening just before the sun set by one of the traffic cams near to the car rental shop that Stan Rodgers claimed he went.”

Squinting slightly, Fred asked “Any possiblity of blowing this up?”

“Already did. Based on the figure and the clothing, I’d say that Shannon was with her father at that time. She must have been waiting in the car when Stan dropped by the Chen’s for takeout.”

“So… what?”

“This the interesting part. So ten minutes after the BMW turns into the junction, we can see a white Ford leaving the junction. And in moments… .” pointing to another photo, which unmistakenly shows the same BMW going the other way. This time it only has one occupant, and the based on the figure the driver looks distinctively female.

“Ok. Shannon was in the car. Possibility of her droppping it to the garage?” Both cars were turning the same direction anyway. But the other possibility now is slowly becoming a reality.

“Maybe, but what are the chances that a young girl like her would know what to tell the mechanic? My bet is that this girl…” looking up at Fred as she spoke “knows something about this entire thing. I think it’s time we visited the Rodgers for another round of interrogation, but this time we go for her.”


Alex was having second thoughts when she arrived at the location at the annoted time. The sun had set when she parked her Kawasaki just outside of the fenced area of the phamaceutical company’s warehouse area. For a company that prides itself for R&D, for some reason security was pretty sloppy. Not a guard in sight as she waited for a while, looking around the place, though the entire is relatively semi-lit especially along the pathways. She had gotten a text from Linda’s number, though it was written and signed-off by Shannon.

“Be at the warehouse C near the Logan Industrial Area 8pm.Come alone, or else… xoxo shannon” An image of her sister being tied up was attached with it. The intent was obvious, but other than coming by what else could she do?    

How could Linda be so stupid that she could get caught by Shannon? Alex muttered under her breath. Then again, that would also apply to herself, having obliged to coming alone. Having a father for a cop she should know better. After all, Linda was a superheroine, and despite herself being depowered she too should know better. Of all people it had to be Shannon Rodgers. The cheerleading captain who just also happened to have above average grades to match her All-American good looks, not to mention the family background to match.

For a supposedly secure warehouse for a pharmaceutical company, the security seems lax. There wasn’t anyone about that she could see, and the security cameras were located in such visible locations that it was as if it was placed more as a deterrent than anything else. Visible signages meant that within ten minutes, Alex found herself approaching one of the smaller warehouses within the vicinity and despite her best effort, the windows were too high-up on the walls that she couldn’t look through to first check out the place. Picking up a metal bar that was lying on the ground with some other toolds, she steeled herself as she approached the small door on one of the sides. Taking a few breaths, she pushed through to find herself in a surprisingly brightly illuminated building that looked more akin to a test facility, rather than a finished goods warehouse.

Designed with splitting the two-levels as distinctively as possible, to be sure most of the ground level is where the test facility is setup, what with all the lab equipments, fridges, and a couple of gurneys and makeshift beds lined-up neatly on different sides. A faint smell of chemicals hung in the air indicating the place must have been cleaned and detoxed regularly. There also seems to be some sort of small-scale manufacturing somewhere towards the side. Walking over to one of the desks, she could see some of the state-of-the-art medical diagnostic equipments on the benches, and within the fridges she could see multiple vials of… something. The colour of the liquid is dark, though Alex couldn’t be sure if they were chemicals, or blood. Each of them have combo signs of “D”, “W”, “V” etc., and there seem to be trays of them.

“You know, I could give you the grand tour, if you wanted.” Turning around quickly in alarm, Alex didn’t even hear anything approaching, and seeing Shannon now only made her drop the metal bar in surprise. The young woman just smiled and spread her legs slightly with her arms folded, as Alex quickly reached down and collected the item as defence. “After all, it’s all due to the latest remarkable development in science that I am what I am now.”

“Where’s Linda?” That brought a laugh from Shannon. “One thing that’s so predictable with you people. The mention of someone close, and they panic, and don’t even bother to check on anything. Don’t worry. She’s alright. That is, if you do what I say.”

“Where is she?” Shannon took steps forward while Alex moved backwards in tune, and grinned. “Now, this is something I don’t get. Since you’ve always been an only child, wouldn’t suddenly having a pesky younger sibling be a major problem at home?  But now you’re trying to act all brave and concerned for her, as if you care…” Amidst all the monologue Alex found her back against the wall, and mentally cursed herself for not moving towards some place which is more open. All those weekend trainings that Dad used to give her have all been thrown out the window…

Before that thought even finished Shannon had closed the fifty meter gap in no-time, and with a nonchalant slap sent the metal bar flying away. The speed of her movement was unreal, and while Alex managed to throw out a punch, Shannon just caught her right fist easily and twisting it to her left, causing Alex to cry out in pain before the elder Danvers was then flipped over to her side and was then sent crashing onto the ground.

Trying to stand up, Alex just managed to avoid the first fist that came her way, but was unable to avoid the second slap, the powerful contact made her saw stars straight away as she found herself falling onto the floor.

“AARARGGGHHH …” Alex cried out in pain again as she felt herself pulled onto her feet by her hair, many questions swirling through her mind, chief among which of why was her student doing this. She knows that Shannon is very athletic, but how did she became so fast, and so strong to boot? And why she is doing all this to her? And Linda, whom she presumed is lying around. Somewhere.

 Shannon made a show of sniffing around her body amidst her light huffing, from her torso down to her pants as she lifted the slightly shorter Alex upwards to leave her legs barely touching the floor. As she took in the slight waft of musk that seemed to permeate from her lower body despite the mixture of sweat and fear, Shannon briefly closed her eyes to savour that desireable smell before opening her dark brown eyes to look deeply into Alex’ own.

Despite not sporting any fangs, the way she looked at Alex might have might have well been an animal looking at its next meal. “Why… .why… .” Alex could barely string together a proper sentence as Shannon laughed.

“Both of you are indeed some work! Just as I told Linda, the moment I touched both of you at the hospital I was weirdly taken in by both of you. That both of you are so unique from anyone else that I’ve met. I never understood how much is that until I savoured your sister earlier, and oh my god! Thanks to her that I found myself more energised than I could ever imagine! I’ve never felt more alive, more active, more REAL than now!”

Moving her face closer, she continued. “I’m actually surprised with the amount of fight you put up. Much more fiesty than that docile sister you call Linda. But I guess that’s to be expected from a grown woouugggghh…” A kick on her stomach caused to let Alex loose, who then followed up with a slap and a push as Alex tried to get away. But she had barely covered more than thirty meters when she again found Shannon standing in front of her, positioned between the gurneys and the main exit.

“You know, I’ve read about how physical exertions releases endorphins that gives the feeling of euphoria. I guess you’re one of them who prefers to really exert themselves before the main course.” A feint, a duck, and Alex suddenly found herself tripping and falling onto the floor on her torso again as the much quicker succubus anticipated her moves.

Moaning in pain, Alex felt herself being turned over by Shannon who then straddled her, before pinning and then trapping her hands arms by twisting a metal rod over and around them. Admiring her handiwork, Shannon grinned. “I wasn’t able to do that before, but after partaking more than a few people’s energy, this is a piece of cake now; coercing people also seemed to be ever easier.”

“Is… is that why there’s no one around?”

“No. Not exactly. Sometimes, if you want to convince people there’s nothing to see here, sometimes all you have to do is to give the perception that there really IS nothing to see. No real security, skeleton crew, then voila! Everyone leaves you alone. Now, let’s have a proper taste of you.” Shannon scooted backwards and then proceeded to remove Alex’ leather pants downwards. Then she slowly moved her black cotton underwear downwards to reveal the wet prize underneath it.

“My my, you’re drenched! You’re really excited aren’t you? Unlike little Linda who looked so uncertain, you look like someone who has MUCH more experience.” Without skipping a beat, Shannon plunged her tongue through Alex’s southern gates easily, causing the elder Danvers to gasp and moan at the penetration, before she started writhing and crying out softly from Shannon’s cunt-work.   

Being more sexually active and adventurous, Alex had already experienced the pleasureable or not on both sides of the fence for sometime, though given her penchant for alcohol it had landed her in undesireable situations multiple times. However, the predicament that she found herself in currently somehow managed to heighten the entire overall feeling no matter how bizarre this was, and pretty soon they both got into rhythm as Shannon alternated between plunging and drinking deeply from within her, before moving and kissing around the edges of the lips and clit.

It was driving her mad with desire. That’s saying something for someone who had her fair share of mindblowing orgasms.

She tried to hold on, but the inevitable arrived as with a finality Shannon pushed her tongue as far as it would go while sucking on Alex’ southern lips and clit, and a yellow glow appeared as the succubus started to partake her desired sexual energy. Alex’ closed her eyes tightly as she screamed out her climax, louder than she had ever screamed before. She felt the pleasant torment spreading from her cunny lips through her vagina and deep into her core, before expanding throughout her entire body, making each and every part of her tense as she shook from her peak. 

It was a full minute before Alex finally came down from her high, taking big gulps of air in a sweaty mess while Shannon felt full of vigor and energy. The succubus was again rewarded with an influx of energy, and though it was different from that of the normal humans, the influx was well-received. Looking around, she picked the weakened Alex up and placed her on her shoulder like a sack of wheat, stood up and went over to one of the gurneys before depositing her victim on it. When Alex finally comprehended her latest location she had already been tied up by white bands all around the gurney, over her hands.

“What… what are… you going…” She made a feeble effort to pull and tug at her binds, but she knew she was not getting away anytime soon.

“Well, if you’re anything like your adopted sister, I am hoping to have another round with you before I go. Then I’ll just leave you here until someone turns up in the morning. Or a few days later. Whichever it may be, I don’t really care. So… WHAT THE!”

A powerful blow sent the door flying into the wall at the opposite end of the lab, and a feminine figure suddenly appeared in the hallway. Given the disproportionate lighting between the locations, Alex could only discern the figure moving slowly towards them in the middle of the room. Squinting her eyes slightly amidst the haze clouding her mind, Alex realised who it was when the figure stepped into the light.

“Linda… you… you’re ok.” She managed to croak out weakly.

“Alex! Are… are you alright?” The voice was concerned, though to Alex it was comforting. The elder Danvers sister managed to smile a little before sleep caught up, and she fainted away on the makeshift bed.

Linda cast another glance at Alex before turning her gaze back at Shannon Rodgers, who noticed that the young woman’s azure blue eyes seemed to switch to red intermittently like the latest LED lights. Linda’s more sensitive hearing confirmed that her sister while out cold for now is not in any danger immediately, and now she can focus on the task at hand.

Brushing some of the dust off of her, Linda Lee Danvers looked slighlty dishevelled, but no worse for wear. Her blouse and bottom were partially ripped, and her shoes seemed strangely worn. for whatever reason. What was striking of the young woman was that her hair had changed, seemingly having been dyed blonde from her usual dark locks, and the long strands of blonde waves cascaded down beyond her shoulders. Despite all that Shannon could discern that Linda Lee also looked more toned than before, as if she had been working out for some time…

“You hurt Alex. You hurt my sister.” The tone was quiet; factual and slightly dangerous. It brought an involuntary shudder to Shannon, who took a step back as Linda took one forward.

“Hurt her? I’ve just given her the best orgasm she has ever had for some time! If anything she should thank me, just like you should.” Using the sweetest tone and mustering as much calm as she could, she tried to cool the proceedings and try to take back control. But her powers of coercion still doesn’t seem to have any influence over Linda. If anything, she saw the blonde’s brows furrowing as if she was more irritated.

Her gaze intensified, steady, steely. “You will not hurt Alex anymore. Or anyone else. I won’t allow it.”

“Honey, who said anything abouuuUUURRKKK” This time, it was Shannon who found herself at the receiving end of a chokehold, Linda’s right hand closing tight enough to be painful but still not fully closing out her airway. Shannon didn’t think, she just reacted. It’s her turn to attempt to deliver two kicks towards Linda, who while parried the two loose hits, did loosened her chokehold. Though when the cheerleader captain tried to deliver a few more punches they were easily parried by one who has had enough martial arts training in her lifetime, blocking the non-practised flurry almost too easily, before dishing a blow of her own onto Shannon’s abdomen to send her sprawling onto the ground. 

Grunting from the exertion, Shannon tried to stand up and she saw Linda removing her blouse to daringly bare her…”Hey, those are mine! They’re new!” Shannon shouted, seeing the now blonde Linda Lee Danvers sporting a grey sports bra and black undies. No doubt the younger Danvers sibling is now dressed for action.  


“Well, since mine were drenched and fit only for the bin all thanks to you, i thought it was fitting for me to use them. Want them back? Come and take it from me then.” This time it’s Linda’s turn to smile tauntingly. Her eyes again flicked between blue and red as she observed the succubus getting to her feet, and waited for the inevitable leap towards her.

The way they went at each other was more of a girl catfight in a bar rather than the kind of martial arts fight that Linda had initially envisioned. Unlike the choreographed play-by-play, this quickly descended into a skin-scratching, hair-tugging, hitting below the belt or attacking the chest, no-holds-barred style as both young women took their anger out on each other. Their actions resulted in multiple banging and hits onto to wall and floor; furniture sent flying and crashing in all directions as they both went at each other. It was almost a miracle that Alex’ gurney didn’t flip over and hurt the unconscious elder sibiling amidst the chaos of the fight.

Eventually after a long fifteen minutes, Shannon managed to grab hold of Linda hands yet again, and pinned her against one of the walls. Pausing in between while panting, Shannon couldn’t help herself and started to grind her body against Linda’s, and she could feel her would-be victim’s excitement rising in tandem, if the tenting of her nipples were the main indication.

“I won.” Pushing Linda’s arms with all her might, she stared into Linda’s beautiful baby blues, before opening her mouth and kissed Linda’s neck, their bodies ground against each other even more enthusiastically. Shannon actually had to use quite a bit more strength to try and keep Linda at bay. “My god this girl fights like a banshee, with speed and strength matching her own enhanced abilities!” The thought of draining even more sexual energy from the girl caused a light tremble all over her body.

“I don’t think so.” Linda replied coolly despite her rising arousal, as she succeeded to hold herself at bay. It was then Shannon realised that Linda wasn’t even winded. “They say that you have to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Or something of that sort.” With that, Shannon’ eyes opened wider when she felt her hold slowly gave way, being pushed back by Linda’s slim arms. And then in a blink of an eye, her own hands are now clasped in Linda’s, who then proceeded to open her arms out wide, having both of them at a standstill in a contest of strength. Shannon dug in and gritted her teeth, but a sudden increase in pressure on her hands caused her to cry out in frustration as she felt herself being slowly overpowered, her prize slipping away. It was then she realised too late that she couldn’t pull away, her exit plan seemingly denied. That’s when she felt herself being pulled towards Linda until their faces were just centimeters apart.

Keeping her tone as calm as she could muster just like how Bruce trained her, she continued “You did me a favour earlier. Your sexual ministrations reawakened me. I guess I have you to thank for. Since you are so curious about me, I might as well show you my secret.” Shannon’s eyes opened wide as the baby blues gave way to dark red, and she saw the tell-tale fangs extend out from the edge of the blonde girl’s mouth.

“You… you…” Struggling frantically now, she felt Linda’s breath on her neck, which sent her heart racing even faster, and her mind practically running wild imagining the worst. That seemed to heightened Linda’s arousal, the smell of fear causing the blood and energy pumping all about Shannon’s body in a heighted pace. The Kryptonian vampire can practically hear and taste the wonderful live-giving liquid within her now trapped victim, and the blood seemed to call out to her to consumer it. It was all she could do to suppress that urge for now.

And since she's displayed those tell-tale fangs, might as well start to play the role too.

“You were quite rude to me earlier, insulting our kind. Plus, you hurt Alex. My sister. And I do love my sister very much. I will make sure you will not harm her or anyone again.” Linda opened her mouth wide, but before she bit down Shannon had fainted away, going limp in her arms.

Given the proposterous circumstances that the entire thing had eventually turned out, Linda couldn’t help but laugh. “Look who’s talking. All that bravado, but when the shit hits the fan, nothing to show. I guess canines and a little fear tactic can really go a long way…” Slapping Shannon a few times to confirm that she was out cold, Linda zipped away to fetch a few steel rods and bent them to tie up her arms and legs, and placed her against the wall before coming quickly to check on the still-out-cold Alex. While this is now easier than before, Linda knows she’s still far away from hitting her full strength.

Now to check on her dear sister, though as she walked over she had to constantly watch her breathing, trying to keep her weirdly active arousal at bay.

“Where… what… Oh, god, Linda!” Alex sat up immediately and wrapped her arms around her adopted sister the moment she came to. Stunned, Linda could only hug Alex back as she continued “I was really worried about you. When I got the text, I know that it might be a trap, but I couldn’t leave it to chance so I…”

“I’m ok, Alex. Thank you for coming after me. Thank you for caring about me.” When they finally let go, she could see the worry etched on Alex’ face. That almost melted her own heart immediately, though she still managed to keep it together. It was also all she could do to keep calm enough, for it feels as if her body is also heating up with that gesture.

“Did she… did she…” Alex understood the question. “Yes, she really went for me just now, and I would be lying if I said it weren’t good. In fact, it felt fantastic! As if she knew from the start where to attack, and which buttons to push… Did she hurt you Linda? Shannon bragged that… that she managed to, you know, take you a couple of time…”

Linda released her sister and smiled at Alex’ concern. “As you can see, I’m none the worse for wear.” Gesturing to her body.

“None the … hang on, where are your clothes? And are those push-ups? You seem to be a bit bigger now.” Linda immediately blushed, and Alex quickly looked around for something that can be used to give Linda a bit more modesty. Jumping up from the gurney she walked over and took one of the strewn labcoats on the floor, and quickly passed it over to her adopted sister, who quickly covered herself however little it might be.

“Wow, did I really sleep through everything? Both of you really went against each other.” Alex turned her neck left and right just like how she used to do whenever she wakes up. Looking around sheepishly, she finally spotted the currently tied-up Shannon on the side. Linda only laughed. “Let’s just say that I came out on top this time, and I don’t mean just sexually.” The blonde suddenly stopped, and this time it was Alex’ turn to laugh. Who would have thought the dork of the class would crack a sex-related joke? And to her sister no lesss.

“What are we going to do with her?” Alex went over to check over the comatose succubus. She relaxed when she could still detect the pulse.

“I thought we could drop her off at the guardhouse or something, and call in 911 anonymously. I was hoping we would be long-gone by then. That way dad and mom won’t kill me. Kill us.” Reaching down, Alex grunted when trying to pick the senior up when Linda came to her side. “Allow me.”

Alex’ eyes widened as Linda raised the student up casually and placed her over her left shoulder like a sack of potatoes, before starting to walk towards the exit. She stared at the athletic back of her sister in amazement for a while until she heard Linda calling out to her. “Come on, Alex. You still need to give me a ride home. We still need to act as if nothing happened, unless you want to be caught out by our detective father? Help me out here!”

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