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Misery's End – Chapter 1

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 28 January 2023 17:03] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 28 January 2023 18:19]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 1: She’s Dangerous. We All Know It.

“Your new life begins today, Mary. Trust me, you’ll love it.” Kevin, or Fearless Guardian to the public, led Mary through the headquarters of the International Heroic Front, or the IHF to most. “Just wait until you meet the team. I know that they’re dying to meet you.”

“You didn’t have to take me away immediately. I don’t know why you couldn’t wait one day,” Mary grumbled, following Kevin through the complex. “The place is pretty cool, sure, but it’s not going anywhere, is it? You could have at least let me celebrate with Damien. He had a whole surprise planned for me.”

“Life of a supe. Sorry about the short notice, but your life is serving the world now.” Kevin scanned himself into a room with dozens of monitors and a table, where four other people sat. “Just ask any of these guys, being a hero is the most rewarding job in the world. Totally worth it.”

The seated members of the Big Five stood as Mary entered the room. She recognised a couple by their costumes of course, though none were in the limelight as much as Kevin.

“Hey, I’m Melanie! I’ve heard so much about you Mary, all good things though, don’t worry! Well, I suppose the massive destruction wasn’t actually a good thing, but who can blame you?” Melanie spread her arms out and leaned down, far down, to hug Mary. She was dressed in loose-fitting robes and had what appeared to be leaves sticking out of her hair. Wrapping her arms around Mary uninvited, she gave the newly anointed superhuman a light squeeze, before realising that she may as well have tried to hug the wall.

“Wow, you are tough. I bet you’d give Kevin a run for his money, eh?” Melanie disengaged the hug, then went to stand next to Mary, on the other side from Kevin, whispering conspiratorially into her ear. “He’s single too if you fancy having some fun.”

“I have a boyfriend!” Mary physically recoiled away from Melanie, thoughts turning to Damien.

“Yeah, so did I when I first got here. Guy couldn’t handle me being a super though. Sent me an email after a month saying he didn’t want to see me again.” Melanie’s body shifted, her legs lengthening, breasts bulging and robes drawing tight around her body, to lie provocatively across the perfectly resculpted form of the malleable beauty. “His loss though. Just look at what he could have had.”

Now Mary recognised her. This must be Miss Shift, a very popular hero among her guy friends. Her looks changed constantly, not only into other people but animals too.

Now Melanie. Don’t put off our new team member immediately with your tales of sorrow. We are after all here to let her know that her new life will far surpass her old one. Thoughts appeared unbidden in Mary’s head. Was she hearing them? Had they just travelled directly to her brain? In any case, the feeling was bizarre.

The culprit was grinning at Mary from across the room. Smiling back at her, Mary tried projecting her thoughts back at the psychic. There seemed to be some kind of barrier in the way, so Mary exerted a little more willpower until it shattered.

The psychic immediately screamed, clutching her head and collapsing to the floor. As she fell, the man standing on the other side of the table sped towards her in a blue blur, catching her before her head impacted the floor. Blood dripped from her nose and tears streaked in red ran down her cheeks.

“We’re under attack, someone tried to take out Charlotte.” The speedster laid her body gently onto the table. “Actions stations everyone, they must be a pretty powerful mentalist to manage that. Amelie, see if you can set up a defensive ward.”

“I’m not sure if it was an attack, Francis.” The last girl, Amelie, was looking at Mary with concern. “Did you just do that?”

“I wanted to think back to her, but she had this wall thing in the way. So I just kind of forced my way through it.” Mary looked in fascination at the blood covering Charlotte’s face.

“You broke through her mental barrier? Those are some super amped-up mental powers you got there girl.” Melanie turned to Kevin. “I thought you said she had the same power set as you?”

“I… that’s what the guys in surveillance told me.” Kevin flew across the room and lifted the table. “I’ll get her to medical. Amelie, they might need your help, so come with me. Francis, show Mary to her room.”

There was silence for a moment, as Francis shared a glance with Melanie, a silent agreement that they would go together to complete their new teammate’s tour. Mary simply smiled at the both of them.

Upstart bitch caught me by surprise. Charlotte was in the medical wing, Amelie by her side. The sorceress had managed to subdue the psychic while they waited for the echoes of Mary’s thoughts to leave Charlotte’s mind.

“Don’t let her hear you think that, as far as we know, she could be tuned in right now.” Amelie flicked through one of her spell books, attempting to recall a suitable charm of mental protection.

I’ll think whatever I like. The new girl got lucky. Give me a rematch and I’ll have her doing somersaults for my amusement. Charlotte winced as Amelie put a hand on her forehead and spoke the relevant words. A blissful calm washed over her afterwards, which sent Charlotte back to, a much more restful this time, sleep.

It would be a problem if the new girl ended up being a better mentalist than Charlotte, especially given Charlotte’s personality. Amelie sighed and looked at her book pensively. It seemed she would be working overtime, once again.

The room was filled with plants. Vines hung instead of curtains, roses littered pots on every surface and an orange tree was the central point of the room. Unlike the other rooms, this one was on the ground floor, to allow access to soil. Bees buzzed between flowers and Mary thought she caught a glimpse of a squirrel before it dashed under the bed.

A small dog rushed up to Melanie as she walked in, yapping and jumping across her feet. In response, Melanie’s body shrank down and warped; her robes dropped to the floor around her. From the pile, another small dog emerged and started chasing the first around in circles.

“She’s rarely in one shape for longer than an hour. I think she has this urge to use her power, she’s called it an addiction before. She loves the freedom it gives her.” Francis stood in the doorway to Melanie’s room with Mary.

“And you don’t?” Mary’s eyes followed the racing creatures as they careened through Melanie’s discarded robes.

“Sure. But I know when it’s needed. I use my speed to save people. If I rely on it too much, I’ll stop seeing the world in the same way.”

“What’s wrong with that? Everything is different now right? Kevin told me everything would be better.”

“Kevin also spends half his day posing for new action figure designs. He’s had 3 new costumes just this month. The world is better for us existing in it, provided we act like the responsible role models the world needs us to be.”

One of the dogs had returned to the doorway and was looking up at Mary eagerly.

“Aww, does the little doggy want to snuggle?” Mary picked up the dog and nuzzled it against her face. As she did so, she wondered if her own body could change too. It would be nice to look even cuter for Damien.

Not too tall, obviously. She still wanted him to be able to cuddle her into his lap. Maybe a few inches in height would be fun though, to put her at least a little above average. Damien always said he liked her softness, so she would definitely keep that, but she could always be bigger in a few places. Her breasts were big and Damien loved them. He’d love them even more if they were a little bigger. Okay, maybe a lot bigger. Her hair too. Blonde was cute, but Mary had always dug the jet-black hair look. She had always been way too scared to try it though, maybe it was time to grow it out and give it a go?

Then, her thoughts wandered further. Could she play with Melanie too? What chased dogs? Something bigger presumably. Something like a bear maybe. Maybe she should chase Francis too, get him involved. What was better than a bear? Two bears maybe? And a lion?

All at once, Mary’s body split apart. Instead, where Mary once stood, there were now two bears and a lion. The corridor wasn’t built for that size though, and the walls were caving inwards. One of the bears ploughed through the doorframe and into Melanie’s room, chasing after the squirrel under the bed. The other laid its body on the small dog, enthusiastically lapping at the smaller creature.

The lion locked eyes with Francis and pounced towards him, resulting in the speedster fleeing at uncatchable speeds. Although, Mary didn’t actually know how fast she was. Maybe she was faster than the Blue Bolt. Accelerating every instant, the lion's paws tore through the ground as it chased Francis. Within seconds, he was caught and pinned beneath it, a groaning sound coming from beneath lion Mary’s paw.

Lifting the struggling speedster up within her jaws by the nape of his neck, lion Mary returned to see one of the bear Marys licking a protesting Melanie. Being in three places at once was really weird. Melanie’s skin had developed a reddish tinge from the repeated licking, so Mary stopped. She also seemed to have caught the squirrel with her other bear. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

She had a great idea. The bear above Melanie morphed into an enormous gorilla, gripping Melanie and leaping at the orange tree. Melanie screamed as the enormous digits compressed her body and forced her to shrink or be crushed in the palm of the creature.

The squirrel was having an equally bad time. The bear had released it to play again, and as it pawed at the tiny rodent under the bed, it slammed a paw down to pin it. The Earth shook as the squirrel’s tail became trapped and it squeaked in alarm.

“Stop!” Francis groaned from where the lion, now a cheetah, was batting him from side to side. “You have to stop Mary.”

Morphing had turned out to be a lot of fun, but Francis might have a point. Mary should save some of the fun for later, especially when she could involve Damien. Bringing her bodies back into one, Mary visualized her perfect body again, re-emerging as a tall, raven-haired beauty; with enormous, gravity-defying boobs thrusting from her chest.

“Kevin was right; this seems like a lot of fun.” She smiled at Francis and Melanie again, and once more, a member of her new team worried about her power.

Damien sat in his room, on his bed, alone. Something he feared to become intimately familiar with in the months to come.

Why did things have to end like this? Why? Why? Damien's thoughts were swirling out of control.

They had built their entire futures together. In fact, he had rebuilt his entire life around Mary after she saved him from a dangerous path. But now, through no fault of their own, she was gone, taken from him right when their life together was about to start.

"It's not fair!” Damien choked out, voice cracking as he held back tears. “It's her birthday…”

As uncharacteristic as it was of him, Damien gave up on a fight, letting the tears roll and his heartbreak fully wash over him.

“She needs to be with her friends. With me. She belongs with me, not them.”

His rants continued and the implications kept building, the reality of a future without his soulmate dawning on him with the intensity of a million stars. He needed some way out, some way to relieve this anguish in his very soul. Thus a single solution presented itself clearly in his mind: the wall, so damnably pristine, fixed just that morning. Perfect, just like Mary was, like his life used to be.

He didn't think any further before his fist launched forwards and connected with the wall, pain racing up his arm and helping to physically reflect his mental state. His knuckles were ragged and little but his own blood had left a mark on the paintwork. Then he did it again, and again, and again, and again. Memories of Mary destroying the mountain, her sad goodbye, their first lovemaking, and her back as she flew away from him. Those memories fuelled his anger and the wall silently received all his frustration and pain.

When he was through with it, an indentation had been left behind in the wall, shards of plaster falling to the carpet, rivulets of blood congealing on their passage down to the floor. But while the wall looked minorly mangled, his hands were faring far worse. The adrenaline began to fade and the shock started to set in.

"If she were here, her kiss would heal me,” Damien softly whispered as he collapsed on his chair.

Catching sight of one of the items on his desk though, another fit of rage took Damien. His arms swept out, clearing everything but a solitary figurine: the latest action figure of Fearless Guardian.

"You…” Damien began, glaring at the figure as he had failed to do to the real thing. “You took her away from me. I hate you, I hate you!”

Grabbing the figure of his former hero, Damien wished for laser vision to reduce it into a molten pond of plastic. He wished for telekinesis to rip the thing apart with his mind. He wished for any power that would help him destroy the man who had destroyed his life.

None of those wishes came true, so instead Damien tried to tear the figure apart with his bare hands, but his own injuries got in the way soon after he managed to rip the cape off. Instead, he threw it to the floor, stamping his feet down on it repeatedly. Minutes later, when he was finished, the clothes had been torn to pieces and the plastic was deformed beyond recognition.

Still, his fury didn't find peace. There was so much left to break. Damien’s mind was set. He knew what he had to do. He would keep channelling the pain outwards until he found Mary, or until he broke the world trying.

He grabbed his bag, ready to go out and destroy the IHF headquarters if it was needed, when something fell on the floor making a peculiar sound. His eyes looked down and saw the diamond Mary had given to him. His vision clouded as his eyes became watery once more. Getting to his knees, Damien picked it up and clutched it in his palm.

What am I doing? Mary loves me. She’ll come back to me; all I need to do is wait for her. He kissed the diamond and held it next to his heart. She’ll return to my side, and when she does nothing will ever split us apart.

“Hell, she’s so powerful, I almost pity the guy who tries to keep her away from me." Damien grinned, finally feeling his heart racing down.

Taking a deep breath, he left his room to heal his hands. He needed something to keep his mind occupied until his baby came back to him.

— One Month Later —

“We need to keep her here, where we can train her and monitor her progress.” Francis leaned forward, motioning towards the observational reports. “Have you seen these? Literally everything she’s tried, she’s been able to do. If she isn’t monitored, who knows what happens.”

Fuck that, cut her loose. We don’t need her on the team, it’s been great so far. Charlotte, evidently still bitter about her first encounter with the overpowered super, had been the most vehement opponent against Mary’s inclusion in the IHF. Send her back to whatever planet she came from so she can live with her boyfriend or something.

“You know we can’t do that, Char. Orders from above and all.” Kevin had been in charge of most of Mary’s training for the past weeks and knew the contents of the reports well; he’d written most of them. “If we let her go she could cause some kind of disaster. We don’t even know how many powers she has yet. Did you read about last week? She forgot her key card, so she just phased through like 6 walls instead. There’s never even been a phasing super before.”

“She’s just having fun guys, nothing excessive. Sure, she goes overboard a bit sometimes, but can you honestly say you wouldn’t too if you had her powers?” Melanie had gotten over the shock of Mary’s powers much faster than the others and was happily spending time shifting with her. Sure, the new girl was a little better, but it was having the power that mattered, not the quantity.

“She’s dangerous. We all know it. But she needs to work with us. This could be the single greatest opportunity we have to save the world. We can’t mess this up.” Amelie had given a lot of thought to the issue of Mary’s limitless power and came up with no solution, only a direction. Keep the power pointed at the right people. “We need to see her on the field.”

“That settles it. The higher-ups are in favour of that too and I’m the lucky guy who gets to take her out for a spin.” Kevin flew into the air and towards the door. “Next emergency, we’ll head out and deal with it. She’ll come around when she sees how great it is to be a hero.”

The ship was sinking. Some kind of explosion in the engine room had caused a slow leak while simultaneously cutting off any possibility of motion. Lifeboats were being deployed, but IHF aid had been requested in the event of complications.

It was a great opportunity. Likely low stakes, with a lot of press opportunities and of course some lifelong fans to be made. Kevin couldn’t think of a better mission to take Mary on.

Her costume looked great too. A largely white latex, with pink accents around her now ridiculous curves. The contrast with her sweeping black hair was stark and the whole thing was topped off with a domino mask, mirroring the grey of one eye and the green of the other. Kevin had been assured multiple times that Damien would love it and she had adamantly refused to name herself without consulting her love.

Kevin’s own costume was a new one, steely silver, with blue stripes. He was eager to put it out to the world and just as eager to put the inevitable action figure on display.

“The mission is simple. We evacuate high-profile citizens immediately, while the rest board the lifeboats. When all personnel have left the ship, we tow it back to the nearest port to be scrapped or repaired.” Kevin flew in his classic pose; one arm stretched forward, the other back; body as straight as an arrow, while Mary lounged in the air, flying backwards as she faced Kevin.

“You know that sounds really boring, right? How can you honestly say that this mission is going to be ‘a fun first outing’?” Mary had been pessimistic about going on rescues from the outset. “What about a terrorist attack or something? Like an actual fight?”

“You don’t want to get into a fight Mary, there are far too many things to consider. And our lives are dangerous enough as they are without wishing for more excitement.”

“Fine, but I want to see Damien soon. There’s way more cool stuff I’ve worked out I can do now. He’ll be so impressed when I show him.”

The ship was in view now; a massive cruise liner with lifeboats floating as ant-sized specks around it. Suddenly, Mary grinned.

“Hey, I know how to make this all a lot more fun. Just watch.” Mary swivelled in the sky and blasted towards the ship, rocking Kevin in the air from her backdraft.

As he hurried to catch up with her, Kevin noted two peculiar things. Firstly, the ship seemed to reverse its sinking, slowly rising out of the water. Secondly, he felt his armour become tight, dragging him ever faster towards Mary. He couldn’t control his own motion! Trapped inside the steel armour, he flew forwards.

“Mary, what are you doing!” Kevin cried out while his armour constricted the expansion of his lungs.

“I think I’m using some kind of magnetism power, but it just seems like a less cool telekinesis really.” Mary shrugged. “Pretty boring.”

“You need to stop!” Kevin was rapidly approaching Mary. She held out a hand and halted his motion.

“Yeah, basic telekinesis is way better. I’ll do that instead.”

Kevin felt the pressure on his body release as Mary relaxed her magnetism, allowing his chest to expand once more. The costume was ruined though, he’d have to get it repaired before actually showing it to the public. The groaning of metal dragged Kevin from his thoughts and he turned to see the ship floating up and out of the water, the hull being stripped away from the bottom up.

“What are you doing Mary? There are still people in there!”

“Don’t worry, I’m just taking the ship apart. It’ll make it easier to get them all out and you said they were probably going to scrap it anyway. I’m doing them a favour.”

As the lowest level was completely removed, Kevin witnessed a group of engineers falling towards the water. He sped downwards, trying to work out the best way to catch them. Just because they were falling into the water didn’t mean they wouldn’t be injured.

He didn’t think he was going to make it. He wasn’t going to make it. The workers were screaming, arms flailing and overalls flapping. Then suddenly they stopped, inches above the water. Mary. She was treating this all like a game, playing with her powers rather than using them responsibly. When the sharks arrived and started collecting people in their jaws, Kevin lost it.

“This is not how we do things!” Kevin yelled at her as he flew back up to see her idly directing some dolphins. “You don’t tell sharks to go and drag people away in their teeth!”

“I didn’t tell the sharks anything, I am the sharks. Sharks are cool. Really good senses too.” Mary had torn apart the bottom half of the boat at this point and the wreckage was being compressed into a tiny ball that Mary held in her hand. “I think I’m actually going to make a little model ship out of this and keep it. A memento of my first successful rescue.”

“Mary, we do not steal million-dollar cruise liners.”

“You know, if we weren’t here, that ship would be on the bottom of the sea, right? The only reason it still exists in a non-flooded state is because I decided that. So I’m taking it with me.” Mary pouted as she manipulated the ultra-dense ball of metal into a more recognisable shape.

“I think I’ll give it to Damien when I see him.” Mary focused her attention on Kevin. “When is that happening, it’s been like, a month now? I want to see my boyfriend. He needs to know that I haven’t forgotten about him.”

The intensity that Kevin felt from Mary was overwhelming. He’d managed to brush off most concerns before, but seeing her here, using her powers so casually and without regard, was starting to scare him. Maybe Charlotte had the right idea after all and Mary would be best back with Damien.

“He loves me so much, you know, flaws and all. He loves everything about me.” Mary’s eyes were starting to glaze over. “Kevin, I need to see my boyfriend. I need to -“

Mary cut off her sentence as she paled considerably.

“What is it? What’s happening?” Kevin was alarmed. He’d not seen Mary do this before. Was she under attack?

“I think I might have done something wrong. My sharks smell blood. A lot of it.” Mary glanced over at the now fully deconstructed ship. “I almost managed to do it, that has to count for something right?”

“What did you do?”

“I don’t know, stop blaming me and go look for yourself.”

Kevin would regret looking for the rest of his life. The witness accounts were horrific, but nothing compared to the sight of the bodies.

The last two passengers, a rich married couple, had been held in each other’s arms as they fell, thinking that this may be the death of them. When Mary’s telekinetic grip had taken hold of them, they had not been separated correctly. Not noticing that their arms and legs were interwoven, Mary had distractedly pulled them apart down the middle, tearing off all of their limbs in the process. The blood dripping to the water was what had alerted her sharks.

To make matters worse, Mary had tried to put them back together subconsciously, meshing their already limp bodies into each other as limbs were plugged back into sockets. The resulting mess was a completely inseparable amalgamation of the two lovers. When Mary and Kevin made it back to land, she looked remorsefully at the evacuated passengers.

“I know I messed up, but everyone else got back safely. Imagine how much worse it would have been if I hadn’t been there.” Mary played with the replica ship in her hands, mentally finalising the details of the structure.

Kevin had no idea if it would have been worse. All he could think of was that he had effectively killed two people by bringing Mary with him.

“At least they died in each other’s arms though, isn’t that cute?” Mary finished sculpting the ship and gave Kevin a solemn smile. “And on that subject, when do I get to see Damien?”

How do none of you see the problem here? She killed people! I don’t care how; you can’t dispute it. She has to go. Charlotte hadn’t changed her position on Mary, her resolve to remove the new recruit growing more intense by the incident.

“She just needs more guidance. A lot of it. And practice in a safe space. Where’s she gonna find that if we toss her to the curb now?” Melanie had tried to comfort Mary after the ship rescue but had been rebuffed. “She’s in a bad place and still thinking about the life she had before.”

“Which is the main problem here, isn’t it? She’s too easily distracted for someone with that much power. We need to sort out this Damien situation before she ends up sorting it out herself.” Francis already knew the standard response from the higher ups and their stance was firm: no visits until a supe had a proper grasp of their power.

“I reported the issue to them again after today. Maybe they’ll take it more seriously this time.” Kevin had returned shaken from the mission. Some time meditating with Charlotte had helped calm him but had riled her up even more as she viewed the events from his perspective.

“I have an idea. We send her on a mission with me. She won’t be able to intervene in matters of magic, but she can offer support and protection if there are any minions. You know what these mage types are like, there’s bound to be a deal she can deal with. And it won’t matter if she takes out some imps or constructs.” Amelie had no shortage of magical knowledge, but would often need support in the field from more mundane attacks. Barriers against bullets only lasted for as long as her will could maintain them.

The group considered the option. Taking Mary out with Charlotte was guaranteed to be a disaster and Kevin was still recovering from today. Of the remaining options, dealing with the types of problems that Omen faced was probably the best choice.

“Fine. I’ll report the new plan to the higher-ups and let them know your feelings.” Kevin glanced at Charlotte as he turned to leave. “Just maybe stay away from her for a while, I’m sure she has a lot to process. We don’t want to risk unleashing Armageddon.”

News of the ship incident was once again playing on the radio. The identity and hero name of the new supe had yet to be revealed, but Damien doubted it was Mary. Basically no photographs of this new girl existed yet, but eyewitness reports claimed she had black hair and a pink and white costume. There was no way that Mary would have debuted her new look without showing it off to him first.

The report was worrying though. Somehow, Fearless Guardian had neglected to train the girl properly, resulting in the deaths of two people. The press were having a field day with it, and the IHF had expressed their sympathies. As usual, the supe herself had not been permitted to comment, with the IHF simply stating that more rigorous training procedures were being put into place.

Damien sighed as he checked his phone. Still four hours left on his shift. No one had come into the gas station for the last hour, so his mind had been given plenty of time to wander.

His mission was a lot simpler now. Hold down a job and save up for a wedding. The diamond had been fitted to a band with the funds from his first paycheque and he kept it on a chain around his neck.

The ring of the door broke him out of his thoughts as a customer entered the store.

“Quiet tonight, eh?” Officer Marshal had been a regular since Damien started, stopping for a coffee and a pack of smokes on his way into the early shift.

“Quiet is good. Not for business, but it gives me time to think.”

“Eh, you can’t worry about your girl for too long, lad. She’ll come back to you when she’s good and ready. That’s what I’ve been saying about my last wife for years now.”

A second ring of the bell took Damien by surprise. The sound of the gunshot and the sudden reddening of Officer Marshal’s chest shocked him further. Over the falling body of the officer, Damien saw two familiar faces.

“Oi, oi, look who it is! Our man on the inside.” Patrick, former and current lowlife drug runner, stood holding a smoking gun.

“Nice to see you again mate, it really is.” Nathaniel strode forward, reaching his hand over the register to shake Damien’s hand. “Now, you’re gonna hand over all that cash, then give us the tapes from those cameras, you got it?”

Flashes of a previous life assaulted Damien, a life left behind when Mary saved him. These two had always been bad news. Damien simply stared at the bleeding hole on Officer Marshal’s chest until Nathaniel snapped a finger in his face.

“Oi! Money and tapes. Or you’ll get the same deal as the piggy here.”

Robotically, Damien obeyed. He emptied the register, careful not to trigger the alarm; he handed over the tapes, including those of the forecourt; he watched as Patrick bit into a stick of beef jerky, other hand still holding the gun locked onto Damien.

All the while, Nathaniel regaled him with tales of the life Mary had saved him from. A life of violence, drugs and murder.

“Shame about the way it ended, mate. You know we never wanted to leave you like that, all bloody and pulped in a bin. But hey, don’t feel too down.” Nathaniel tossed a wad of notes back to Damien as he left. “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.”

When the police arrived, Damien was still holding the money. Officer Marshall had bled out on the floor.

The trial was swift and damning. Damien’s record and association with the gang weighed heavily against him; while the hidden camera used to keep an eye on employees only caught his familiar interactions with the two culprits. He was convicted on the counts of accomplice to an armed robbery and accomplice to the murder of a police officer.

Bail was set but never paid. Both his parents had decided he was a lost cause, for how easily he fell back into his old habits. His few remaining friends were Mary’s friends really, with no real loyalty to Damien.

Transport was arranged to the prison, along with a large group of recently detained members of another gang.

“Yeah, you should have seen the look on her face before she melted. What the fuck is the point of ice powers if a flamethrower fucking melts you?”

“And get this: her fiery friend actually died when I sprayed that fire extinguisher on her. Boss was right, supes are dog meat if you know how to deal with them.”

“Man, I’m so bummed I missed my one. I thought the oil slick idea would work.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself man, we knew the bitch was fast, didn’t know she could fly too.”

Damien’s ears perked up. “Hey, you saw a fast supe girl? Who could fly? Was she blonde?”

“Yeah, but what’s it to you?”

“Did she have green and grey eyes?”

“How close do you think I got to this fucking girl? If a speedster gets that close, you’re done for, man.”

“Was her name Mary? Did you find my girlfriend?” Damien shook against his restraints as the three other prisoners looked on in bemusement.

“You think his girl is really a supe, or he’s just mental?”

“Fuck, if his girl really is a supe, maybe we go hunt her down next.”

The screams of rage let out by Damien distracted the driver momentarily. Unfortunately, that was long enough for him to miss the sight of the oncoming truck.

Six bodies were later recovered from the wreckage of the transport van, charred beyond identification.

Official reports indicated no survivors.

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Because I'm not a native English speaker, I rarely write comments. Some time ago, writers told me that they wanted feedback on their articles, so I will try to leave some comments on the articles I read in the future to tell the authors that...
Because I'm not a native English speaker, I rarely write comments. Some time ago, writers told me that they wanted feedback on their articles, so I will try to leave some comments on the articles I read in the future to tell the authors that their stories are wonderful and I love them.
This story is the most wonderful I have read recently, the heroine inadvertently caused the death of people, and the naughty and lovely attitude deeply attracted me. Look forward to the changes in the character of the heroine and the development of the plot. Please, please let me see the next chapter early.
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I'm so glad you enjoyed it! No sneak previews I'm afraid, but I'm certain you'll be a fan of the next chapter. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!
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