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Misery's End – Chapter 5

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 25 February 2023 00:43] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 25 February 2023 17:27]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 5: A Good-Hearted Person.

— 6 Years Earlier —

Damien rubbed his eyes as a constant knocking on his window stirred him awake. He looked at his clock. 4 am.

"What the fuck?" He fought against the urge to sleep, in order to discover the source of the repetitive tapping noise. As he walked in the darkness he moved erratically, hands guiding him until he reached the curtains and pulled them away.

"Hi!" Mary’s voice was as sweet as her tooth.

"What the…?" Damien cursed as he stumbled back, stepping onto his action figure of Fearless Guardian. He tripped, closed his eyes and braced for a painful impact as he prepared to land flat on his ass. Instead, a cold breeze filled his room and a firm hand caught his back, keeping him safely upright.

"I'm sorry, baby. I didn't want to scare you like that. Are you alright?" Mary asked with concern.

"Yeah, just let me turn on the lights and the heat. It's freezing in here.” He shivered as his eyes attempted to make out the layout of his room in the pre-dawn light.

Before he could make a move though, he heard his light switch click. It took him a moment for his eyes to adjust to the harsh artificial light, but once they did he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Next to him was Mary. Not just Mary, but Mary holding the frame of his window in one hand. He didn’t say a word, only glancing at his window to see the vacant section of his wall. The cold wind of the morning poured in through the gaping hole. The chill caught him again and Damien started to rub his hands upon his bare arms.

"Oh, right!" Mary rushed towards the window and put the piece back in place. Something was evidently wrong though, as the curtains continued to blow in a non-existent breeze.

"Oops, silly me." Mary yanked off the window again, flipped it, and put it back in the right way around this time.

Then she put her hand on the fractured section of concrete and matter shifted beneath her fingers. Not only did it cover the holes and repair the broken pieces, but it restored the paint on the surrounding wall as well.

"So, I’m guessing you got powers and couldn’t wait to tell me?" Damien smiled widely at his obviously superpowered girlfriend. His heart skipped a beat and his breath caught, only now realising that she must have been flying too. He was looking directly into her eyes for the first time, her feet lazily trailing down to the floor.

If they were both standing, Damien’s 6’1” height normally put Mary’s face somewhere around his chest. Currently though, all 5’4” of her was rising up towards the ceiling, reversing their usual perspectives.

“I know, it’s early. I really couldn’t wait though. I had to hold myself back just to wait this long.” Mary smirked down at Damien over her large breasts. “Like the view?”

"I love it.” Damien continued to take in his girlfriend’s beauty as she descended back down. “Happy birthday, by the way. Not sure what I can get you that would match up to superpowers, but I can't think of a better gift for a perfect girl like you.”

When her lips once again reached the level of his, Damien leaned forward to give her a kiss. He instantly regretted it. Both of them had moved their heads together simultaneously and it felt like Damien had just smashed his face into a rock. His lips cracked and his front teeth shattered against Mary's plump, red lips.

“Oh crap! Are you alright?” Mary lifted Damien by his armpits to check his face. She felt a cold chill run down her spine as she saw the blood around his mouth.

“It’ll be okay. I’ll fix it. Everything will be fine.” Mary licked her lips, tasting Damien’s blood on her tongue as an electric tingle spread through her body.

Either Mary’s words were prophetic, or she had far more power than Damien had first imagined. The blood vanished, sinking back into his skin as it stitched itself back together. His teeth restored themselves, all pain vanishing as it happened.

Then, Mary puckered her lips and kissed him again, this time letting him enjoy her lips at their former softness. Damien’s head was spinning as he tried to keep up with everything happening to him. Mary’s lips had been harder than steel, breaking his own inferior mouth apart with no effort. But as soon as she had noticed her mistake, he felt a revitalising energy fixing him.

Now, her lips were completely different. Back to their familiar warm, soft texture, Mary's lips devoured his own while she held him in the air, his feet dangling a foot off the floor. Mary could have just stopped floating, but instead of that, she continued hovering in the air while holding him as if he was weightless. Excitement coursed through Damien’s body as he considered just how much power Mary now wielded.

“I bet you have a lot of questions and I would love to answer them. But let’s go somewhere more private first.” Mary opened the window and rotated her body 90 degrees in the air, laying Damien flat on her chest. “Hold tight, here we go!”

Damien laughed between screams of terrified joy; it was like being on a personal rollercoaster. Somewhat nervously, he put his arms around Mary's neck as she repositioned herself midair, now cradling him like a baby in her arms.

He looked down to his left and watched the houses in his neighbourhood get smaller as Mary rose into the sky. Then, he looked to his right and enjoyed another glimpse of Mary’s cleavage. He could feel her generous breasts pressing against his torso. He wanted to touch them, but he shivered, remembering how hard her lips felt. It was entirely possible he could lose a hand in there.

“Don’t hesitate, babe. Why do you think I’ve been shoving them in your face since I got here? You wanna feel my super titties, don’t you?”

“Can you read my mind too?”

“No, but your mind is always pretty simple when my boobs are involved.” Mary giggled as she began to descend. “You can play with them when we land.”

Damien looked around and noticed they were now in a mountainous desert region. He frowned, trying to work out how far Mary had taken them in such a short time. Anywhere like this was dozens of miles away from their home. How fast was she going?

Mary helped Damien get to his feet, then floated down to Earth for the first time since Damien had seen her. When she did, her feet sank several inches into the ground, vibrations spreading out from her body as sturdy rocky formations were shattered by her dainty feet.

“Wow, how much do you weigh Mary?” Damien jumped back, fearing the soil under him would open up and swallow him.

“Are you calling me fat?” Mary grabbed the sides of her tummy, as a hurt look crossed her face. She had always been quite chubby, part of the reason for her abundant chest. Still, she considered herself a ‘thicc’ girl with some love rolls, not fat.

“No, not at all.” Damien grinned as he embraced Mary in his arms.

“Good, because otherwise, I’d have to sit on you.” Mary gave Damien a playful little smirk. “I’d have to sit there eating chocolate for comfort until you admitted that my curves are the most beautiful thing in the world and you want to see more of them.”

“Baby, you will always be just too much woman for me to love.” Damien smiled back, taking in her beauty as he did so. “But I’ll do the best I can.”

Mary had always been very self-conscious about her extra weight, so he was happy to see her joking about it. Damien always told her that he didn’t mind that she was curvier than most girls, in fact, he loved it. Especially as those extra pounds tended to go to all the right places and looked so great on her tits and ass. The fact that she was quite petite only made her so much more adorable and huggable. He couldn’t get enough of her.

“Aww, Damien, you’re so sweet. Being with you always makes me happy.” Mary floated off the ground again, leaving her footprints beneath her. “Most guys I catch are either looking at me with disdain or as if I were a piece of meat. Guys can be such creeps. Not you though, Damien.

“I just can’t believe we’ve been dating for two years and they’ve been the happiest years of my life.” Mary had tears running down her face as she embraced Damien in a hug. “I thought life couldn’t get much better, then it gave me this incredible power. And I want to use it to make you as happy as you’ve made me. I love you, puppy.”

“I love you too, baby.” Damien kissed her, brushing his cheeks against hers. “I can't believe I’m dating a super girl. Or better said, a super woman. Happy 18 years of Mary. How did it happen?”

“Well, I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t actually do it knowing that in a few hours I would finally be an adult. So, I waited until the clock hit midnight. I was about to dial you because I wanted to hear your voice when I felt something strange happening inside my body. My bed started groaning and before I could move, it split in two! The only reason I didn’t fall through the floor was because I was hovering in the air above my ruined mattress.

“I think I yelled something really dumb about being a supe a few times before rushing out of my room and breaking my ceiling as I tried to fly higher. I was pretty surprised that I could control my flight so well immediately, I kind of assumed these things took practice. I mean, I was even more surprised by the fact that I had just pierced through a concrete ceiling like it was made of paper, but I didn’t have much time to think. The noise woke up my neighbours and lights were going on around my neighbourhood, so I flew away before they noticed me.”

“And your parents? They didn’t check on you?”

“They take pills to sleep. Even if there was an earthquake, they wouldn’t have felt anything.” Mary giggled. “I’ve probably actually caused a few already.”

Damien laughed at that, imagining the face of Mary’s parents when they saw the destruction their little angel did in her bedroom. In fact, he was hoping to see it as well.

“So why did you bring me here?”

“Oh! After getting my powers, I wanted to test them. So far the results are very impressive. Wanna see what your girlfriend is capable of doing?” She grinned, flexing her arm. Damien expected to see a huge bicep, like in cartoons, popping out in her arm, but nothing happened at all. Her arm was still as flaccid and fatty as it had always been.

"Sure! I just wish you could have let me get some shoes and a coat. It's freezing here.”

"Don't worry, citizen. Super Mary is here to protect you and keep your yummy body all warmed up." She grinned flying away. A few minutes later she landed again carrying a huge tree on her back. "Alright, let me show you some of my new powers. As you can see, I can fly and also have super strength.” She tossed the huge piece of lumber aside, shaking the ground. "Also, as you may have noticed, I'm way heavier than before. I think maybe my muscles have become hundreds of times denser, but I don’t think I weigh enough for that to explain how strong I am. Oh and I’m pretty sure that every part of me is harder than diamond now."

"So that was why I broke my teeth when I tried to kiss you?"

"Yep. My skin became so strong that even when I flew through that mountain, I didn't get a single bruise. Nothing. My skin only bends when I touch it, so unless you’re super strong, there’s no way you will be able to hurt me.” She grinned. "But don't worry, I got some transmutation powers. Not quite sure how they work yet, but I was able to use them to heal you. I made my skin as soft as it was before too, but it’s still impossible to pierce it.”

For the first time since arriving, Damien took in the peculiar features of the landscape around him. With his jaw on the floor, he was looking through a huge crater in the centre of the mountain. It was far more devastating than if a meteor had crashed on it, and it had been created by his adorable girlfriend with apparently no injury to her.

"That is fucking incredible. I wish I had that kind of skin before, would have saved me a few scars from my stupid days." Damien chuckled half-heartedly as looked at the ground, ashamed.

"That's all behind you now, you need to stop worrying about it. Everyone makes mistakes, you were young and got together with bad people. But something good came out of it because it meant I met you." Mary’s smile was captivating as she looked lovingly into Damien’s eyes.

Damien remembered those days all too well. How at the age of 15 he got involved in the dealings of a local mob. How he was ‘trusted’ with the distribution of drugs in his high school. Nothing risky, nothing too felonious, but he was good at it; charming, reliable and discrete. He made a lot of money and a lot of enemies too. Enough money, he could have any woman he wanted, but enough intelligence to know that they were after his money and not him.

One day, after a successful sale, a group of his 'coworkers' decided to 'reward' him for his achievements. The result was him being thrown in a dumpster with blood over his clothes and without a single penny in his pocket. At least all his outstanding debts were already settled. Otherwise, he would have been in an even deeper shit hole.

But as his luck seemed to have run out, he found himself being cleaned. His swollen eyes barely made out the shape of a chubby girl cleaning his blood with a tissue. She was talking to him but he didn't listen. He was taken in by the kindness of this girl, who didn't hesitate to help a total stranger.

"I couldn't believe such a good-hearted person could exist until I met you, Mary. You didn't only help me to get out of that dumpster, but out of that life of crime. Being with you is the most amazing thing that has happened to me and I really want to make sure you know that. I’d love to have you at my side for the rest of my life."

"And I will be, silly boy. You won't get rid of me so easily. Not now that I can do this.” Mary concentrated on the fallen tree as it suddenly levitated and moved toward her. "If you try to get away, I’ll just bring you back with my telekinesis.”

"Fuck, just how many powers did you get?”

“No idea, I haven’t finished testing them out.”

“I guess I have to do everything in my power to make you the happiest woman alive. You might come up with something worse to do than sit on me.”

"Oh, there are so many things I want to do to you, babe. Especially now that I’ve got all the power in this relationship." Mary licked her lips and her eyes flickered, firing brilliant lasers.

She looked up and down, then side to side at the felled tree, cutting it down to pieces that she mentally moved and piled into a bonfire.

"Do you have a light? Oh, hang on, I think I have one around here somewhere." She grinned before blowing fire from her mouth, igniting the wood.

“Fire breathing too?" Damien was finding it difficult to keep track of just how powerful all these abilities made her. She was definitely in the top tier of supes, maybe even up with the Big Five.

"Ice breath as well, but it will be silly to use it when you’re already chilly. There’s a lot of things I can do with my mouth, come to think about it.” Mary bent down to her knees, her head at crotch level to Damien as she placed her hands on the ground.

Fear and excitement ran through Damien, was she about to do what he thought she was? Suddenly the dirt around Damien's feet crawled over them and then reshaped itself into a pair of shoes.

"Hope you like your new shoes! I made them out of dirt because I knew you would get them dirty anyway." Mary stood up and grinned mischievously at Damien.

"You know, you’re very odd sometimes." Damien laughed as he tested his new shoes, walking to the bonfire to heat his body. "So do you think you got all of Fearless Guardian’s powers?"

"It seems so. I know you’re a big fan, so don't get mad if I end up becoming more powerful than he is." Mary teased while Damien felt his arousal grow.

"Do you think you can run faster than him?”

"Dunno. Want me to try?"

"Sure! What about a race to the top of the mountain and back? Just avoid that massive hole someone put it in.”

"Who could have done such a thing? Alright. You got it." Mary jumped a bit, shaking out her limbs.

She stopped cold when she noticed that Damien had fallen to the ground and the mountains were rumbling around her.

"Not again! These powers will take some time to get used to." She reached out to Damien with her mind, helping him get back to his feet. "Uhm, just to be safe, step like, way back over there and keep your distance. I don't know what could happen if I put my legs to work"

Damien nodded his head and did as instructed. As he walked away, he looked back and was pleased to see Mary's long blonde hair and her juicy ass from behind. For all the teasing she had given him, he was hoping that her super butt cheeks were soft enough to squeeze and slap a little - there was no doubt she could take it. Maybe he’d even stroke her thighs while she planted her ass on his lap, he knew she loved that.

“Are you ready?" He called out, as Mary bent over and thrust out her bountiful derriere, making it look even bigger. "Set, go!"


Damien was taken aback. He had been admiring Mary’s butt, but a blink of the eyes later and he was now ogling her bare pussy. Mary was looking at him, completely naked. Her long hair covered her nipples like she was a Greek statue.

"What the…" he tried to say as a shockwave hit him. The roar of thunder vibrated his body, while a trench started opening from where Mary was standing toward the mountain. Then, the mountain was being cleaved in two in front of his eyes. The split halves were forced aside, with waves of dirt and rock cascading down until the crack reached the peak of the mountain, which exploded completely.

Mary had moved so fast that nature couldn't catch up with her. And as astounding and frightening that the display already was, Damien noticed the destructive trail moving back towards them. The trench was getting deeper as it mirrored Mary’s return journey, closing the distance to her, thundering louder as every one of her footsteps was noticed by the world. They pounded at his ears, bombarding and entirely overwhelming his senses.

"Oh fuck!" Damien fell to the ground, unable to stand. He curled into a ball and covered his ears to protect himself from the impact.

"I got you.” Mary embraced him, using her body as a shield.

The force of the most powerful hurricane to ever exist hit them, as the ground beneath simply opened up and fell away. Every tree nearby was torn from the ground and the adjacent mountains began to collapse.

But Mary didn't move an inch protecting the love of her life.

"We better go. Sunrise is soon and it might be best to keep my powers a secret." Mary checked that Damien was alright, then surveyed the disaster that had been wrought by her little run. “At least until someone finds out I broke a mountain by running on it.”

"Why hide? You could show the world how awesome you are. It’s not like anyone could stop you, looking at that." Damien held Mary’s cheek against his palm as she turned her head to rub against it. "Finally people will see the powerful and resourceful woman I always knew you are. People will adore you. I bet you can become a better hero than Fearless Guardian, easily.”

"I don't need anyone to adore me except you, Damien. I don’t need anyone but you. The day I found you, I was actually pretty scared. You were so much bigger than me and I knew you could have beaten me once you recovered from your wounds. But I couldn’t just leave someone lying there in pain.”

Mary had flown the two of them far away from the mountains that had failed to withstand her body and they were approaching a distant shoreline that quickly filled their view.

"But you were so kind and grateful when I helped you. You trusted me to care for you in your most vulnerable moment and I trusted you more than I ever have anyone else. I finally realised that I had found someone who appreciated me.”

"I didn’t realise you felt so scared. Honestly, I don’t really remember much of that day, apart from you saving me, of course. I suppose me being alive today is because of you.” Damien smiled at Mary. “I'm your first rescue, Little Miss Superhero.”

"That is definitely not going to be my supe name.” Mary gave Damien a quick kiss on the forehead. “I've always trusted that you would keep me safe. Now, it's my turn to make you feel safe. With Super Mary at your side, nobody will hurt you again.”

Damien didn't say anything, he only reached toward Mary's face and kissed her back. Mary stopped flying and focused all her attention on the kiss. There were so many things she wanted to do to his body beyond kissing, but she didn't want to hurt him, so needed to keep her urges in check. Still, it was her birthday and she knew just what she wanted from Damien as her gift. Breaking the kiss, Mary quelled the rising needs of her body and continued the final part of her flight beyond the shoreline.

A few seconds later, they were about to land on what seemed like a desert island and Damien noticed a few man-made objects located close to the beach. Specifically, two beach seats with a table in the middle and a large umbrella over them.

"I read about this island when I was a little girl. I always thought about visiting it, so when I got my powers, I knew I had to find it. We can come here from time to time to be alone, maybe we could even live here? If you want that, of course." Mary eagerly presented the island to Damien as she landed, floating a bit to avoid her feet sinking deep into the sand. She let Damien get to his feet, then deconstructed his dirt shoes with a thought.

"I bought some clothes for our time here. Good thing I packed a spare set for me too.” She pointed to a gym bag under a palm tree and gestured to her naked body. "I brought you a swimsuit and a t-shirt to use. You left them at my house after we went to the beach and I might have forgotten to give them back…”

"Wait a minute…" Damien grabbed Mary's arm, causing her to stop cold.

“Please, Damien. Don’t touch me without warning. I could have ripped your fingers or your arm off, without even noticing it. You aren’t ever going to be able to stop me by grabbing me, so please be careful." Mary was visibly alarmed and the sand was rising up from the beach and blowing across the island from the change in her breathing pattern.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, I won’t do it again." Damien withdrew his hand more slowly than he should have, as his concern for his safety was replaced by a terrified curiosity. The brief moment he touched her, he felt something harder than steel under her soft skin. His fingers couldn't grasp it, much less make a dent in her super muscles. He gulped, dark thoughts rising to the front of his mind about what that body might be capable of when applied to his own, the kind of damage a careless Mary might now do.

“Damien, look! We can watch the sunrise together. I give you permission to hug me, I’ll try not to tear your arms off.” Mary giggled as she winked at Damien.

Damien didn’t say anything, simply wrapping his arms around her from behind. She was so small, he had to arch his back to get his face close to her. While his arms were wrapped around her torso and under her breasts, he wasn’t able to lift them at all, merely compressing the soft skin slightly as he held her close.

“I could stay with you like this forever.”

“Well, I would prefer if our clothing status matched.” Mary smiled and tilted her face slowly toward his. “I don’t care who changes though.”

As the sun rose, Mary felt her knees getting weaker. This was the most romantic moment she could ever imagine. Having a man, her man, embrace her while watching the sunrise. It felt like a dream. For a moment, she wondered if she had the power to keep the Sun in place in the sky and make this moment last, but decided against trying it. If she could do that, she didn’t know if she would be able to look at the rest of the world in the same way again.

For now, she shared her magic moment with Damien. Life couldn’t be better. At this moment, she didn’t need to feel super at all. She felt loved and cared for. She liked that.

As the sun finished rising over the ocean horizon, Mary felt a faint tickle on the underside of her breasts. She looked down and grinned, watching Damien’s hand attempting to compress her boob flesh.

“Damien.” She called in a sweet voice. “I thought I told you I can’t be hurt by anything. Be rough.”

Placing a hand on top of Damien’s, she guided his fingers towards her nipples.

“If you can make me feel more than a tickle, I’ll give you a present.”

“That sounds like a win-win scenario for me, you know how much I love your boobs. Are they bigger? I can’t even fit one in my hands anymore.”

“Maybe I’m having a growth spurt. Boobs can keep growing for a while, you know. Why? You like?”

“Of course. I’ll always like there being more of you, baby.”

Mary turned around and placed her hands on her waist. She pouted looking up at Damien.

“You say that, but it’s not fair that you’re so tall. I always wanted to be tall enough to kiss you. Guess I can just do this now though.” Mary hovered in the air and turned her body, removed Damien’s arms carefully from her breasts, then planted a kiss on Damien’s forehead. “See, now I don’t need to step on my tiptoes to kiss you anymore.”

Damien embraced her waist once more and tried to pull her toward him. It didn’t work and instead, he was pulled closer in, burying his head against her chest. Mary chuckled.

“You really are at the mercy of my body. I bet if I wrapped my thighs around you, you could never escape. Hmm, if I were taller, I would just pick you up and dangle you in the air, while I did whatever I wanted to you, puppy.”

“I don’t mind you being smaller, Mary. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

“You say that because you don’t see too many women taller than you. Imagine my perspective though, people looking down at you all day.” She held his head close to her chest, mimicking their height difference. “This is what it feels like for me.”

“If someone makes you feel insecure, just let me know and I’ll kick his ass, even if you’re the one with the powers,” Damien said seriously. “But if being taller is important to you, I totally support it. Now that you’re a supe, you could try some platform heels? I hear supes tend to have heightened reflexes, so it should be easy to walk in them. Reinforced ones though. They’ll need it."

“Just keep in mind, I want you to be happy, so I want you to be able to embrace your body in whatever shape you like.” Damien indicated for Mary to descend again, as currently, they were both floating several feet above the ground.

Mary’s heart was racing now. Her senses felt overwhelmed from being so close to Damien for so long. He smelled great. Perhaps it was because she had a heightened sense of smell, but she felt incredibly excited by it. Mary looked into Damien's eyes and she saw his pupils dilating. He was aroused too. Mary bit her lip as her mind imagined what would happen next. She and Damien were on a private island. There wasn’t a single soul around that would see them. She had been naked the whole time and while Damien had been a complete gentleman for the most part, she could feel his erection against her thigh. She knew they had been saving themselves for a perfect moment, and she couldn’t imagine one more perfect than this.

Standing on the sand again and looking into Damien’s eyes, Mary tore off his pants, to observe his unrestrained cock for the first time. It was significantly bigger than anything she had been anticipating and Damien’s smell intensified. Mary eagerly lipped her lips.

“Wow. I think I just hit the jackpot.” Mary gently stroked the twitching length of her boyfriend with a careful hand. “I’m new to this, so please, let me know if I’m doing it right.”

Moving one hand to the base of his cock, Mary tried to use her other to cover the entire shaft, but the head was still fully exposed. The bulging purple flesh looked angry and Mary almost laughed but held herself back in time. She didn’t want Damien to think she was laughing at him. Instead, she decided to try using her tongue on it. Damien’s moans told her everything was good and once she got the handle of it, she opened her mouth wide, carefully guiding the thick tip inside the moist cavern between her lips.

Damien’s body tensed and his toes curled as Mary treated his dick as a lollipop. He wanted to scream in pleasure as her tongue did things he couldn’t even describe. Furious flicks of the tongue were accompanied by Mary’s hypercharged suction. Was this how oral sex from a supe felt? No, this was how oral sex from Mary felt, no other person on Earth could match up to her. And as he thought that, he screamed her name, ejaculating everything he had into her mouth.

“Oh fuck! I’m sorry Mary. I didn’t….” He tried to apologise and pull his penis away, but Mary held it tightly like a leash.

Her cheeks were partially inflated from his seed and her lips were curved up into a smile as she released her toy from her mouth, giving it a parting kiss. She swallowed his load in a loud gulp, licking her lips to collect any of Damien’s delicious treat.

“You taste so good. And you know how much I like sweet things, puppy.” Mary advanced on Damien. “I’m going to drain you into my tummy.”

Damien couldn’t take it anymore. His sexual tension was reaching the point of no return and he felt a hunger for Mary he never felt before. She was sexy, he knew that, but seeing her naked and so willing was driving him nuts. Even though he had climaxed already, his dick was beginning to spring back up. His vision was getting blurred. An animalistic desire was possessing him. Every fibre in his body yelled at him to take Mary. To thrust into her and return the pleasure she gave him tenfold. His mind pounded against his skull, as his heart did against his ribs. His balls ached to fulfil Mary’s request and his dick throbbed like a firehouse, ready for the pressure to be released.

Mary felt the impulse to push Damien into the sand and mount him, but stopped herself, fearing what would happen if she lost control. She had heard stories about supes having accidents during sex. The idea of her ripping off Damien’s dick while thrusting her hips popped into her mind. What about her weight? She must weigh at least a few tons and if she stopped hovering for a second, she could turn his pelvis into dust. What about her tits? What if she leaned forward too far and collapsed his torso with hers? No, she didn’t want to hurt him. At least, not if she wasn’t sure she could heal him.

Considering her options, Mary decided to lie down in the sand. She pushed her hair aside to expose her breasts to him while she slowly opened her legs, revealing her womanhood.

“I think it’s probably safer if you take control, Damien. Otherwise, I might hurt you. Take me as hard as you can, puppy.”

Damien’s pupils further dilated as he saw Mary’s fully erect nipples and her slit now dripping sweet nectar. On his knees, the scent of her sex guided his head down, until his face was buried between Mary’s thighs.

Mary moaned, anticipating the sexual experience she had long craved. She had to keep her mind focused and force her legs to remain open. In the back of her mind though, Mary felt the impulse to close her thighs over Damien’s head and trap him there, forcing him to keep pleasing her, bringing her to earth-shattering orgasm until his head would explode like a watermelon, his brains spilling all over her.

Something stirred inside of her at such a gruesome image. At the power she had to hold life in her hands, or in this case, thighs. Eventually, she managed to discard those thoughts, but she had only gotten wetter from them, as Damien’s tongue licked her petals.

As soon as his tongue tasted her ambrosia, Damien’s mind devolved into a primitive state. Everything else in the world faded away, Mary was his world now. He eagerly lapped at her pussy, spreading her juices across his face and around her womanhood. The urge to be inside her was overwhelming and she was definitely wet enough now. He felt like a rabid dog, ready to tear her apart. He knew she was super strong now, and there was no chance of him hurting her. She had told him multiple times could take it, but could he go that far on their first time? Could he be as much as she wanted? And still, the fear of hurting her held him back.

Mary noticed the conflict in his eyes. His intentions were far too obvious, but he was holding himself back. She felt his hands grabbing her thighs firmly, not that she felt any discomfort or pain. If it wasn’t for her dense, invulnerable skin, there would be some nasty bruises later for sure.

“It’s alright baby, I’m a super girl now. I can take it.” Mary stroked Damien’s cheek as she lifted his face to allow their eyes to meet.

Seeing the warm, smiling face of Mary, framed between her huge tits, was a scene from Damien’s dreams. But behind it, he saw her grey and green eyes, intense as always and begging for this to happen. Her breasts rose up and down with each of her rapid breaths.

They both wanted this. Nodding his head, he rose from between the warmth of her thighs and positioned himself in front of Mary’s drenched pussy. When Mary nodded her head, he guided his tip inside her gently, stopping shortly after when he encountered resistance and found he could go no deeper. Further thrusting failed to move his dick any deeper inside.

“I knew you were small, but I never imagined you would be small there too.”

Mary giggled, sliding off of Damien’s dick and inserting her own finger instead. She paused for a moment, then pulled out her finger with some blood drops on it.

“Seems you weren’t strong enough to handle my hymen.” She giggled, licking her juices and flecks of blood from her finger. “The way is clear, try again.”

Damien tried again, once more thrusting his cock inside his super girlfriend, this time able to push far deeper than before. Mary’s moans grew louder with every additional inch. Damien knew that no matter what, he wouldn't be able to harm Mary, but he feared he wouldn't be enough for her. Mary’s pussy was greedily devouring everything he had to offer. His fears were magnified when he suddenly felt Mary’s hands grabbing his ass and pushing him deeper into her. Intense pleasure came as the tip of his head hit her cervix and Damien realised he was big enough to completely fill his girlfriend. At the same time, Mary screamed in pleasure, bursting Damien’s ear drums from the volume, though they swiftly healed as Mary’s aura of safety washed over him.

After that moment, Damien couldn't remember what else happened. He woke up feeling he had run a marathon. He was laying on the sand with his heart fighting hard to keep the blood running in his body. Next to him was Mary, curling her toes in the sand as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm.

Stirring and rolling her body toward him, Mary let her breasts rest over his ribs. They were significantly heavier than before and he was completely pinned in place.

"That was wonderful, puppy, more than I could even imagine. I knew sex with you would feel good, but damn, you went all mad over me. I love it.” Mary purred, curling the hair on his chest with her fingers. "Your whole body got pretty heavily drained trying to keep me happy, not just your cock.”

Mary straddled Damien’s body, now resting both breasts on his chest and exerting just a little pressure. She could feel the insignificant resistance being put up and restrained herself from pushing down further. Her thighs gripped his body tightly, as her mouth approached his ear.

“How about we take the rest of the day slow.” She whispered. “Then, tonight, I ride you like a cowgirl taming a savage horse. I’ll even wear a suitable outfit.”

"I’d love that." Damien tried catching his breath, but her breasts prevented it. “You might need to film it for me though, because there’s no way I’ll be able to stay conscious through that.”

Once Damien recovered enough strength to move again, mainly from Mary simply removing herself from on top of him, he stood up and put his change of clothes on. He enviously watched Mary, who had finally dressed herself in a bikini and was playing on the water like nothing had happened. The stamina of the supes was legendary, so he knew he’d better start training if he wanted to stand a chance of keeping up with her, as futile as that might be. Every little helped though and he wanted to be his best self for his perfect girl.

After joining Mary in the ocean, Damien remembered that she had never actually learned how to swim. She was currently just using her flight to maintain her position against the waves. So, he offered to give her a quick lesson. Mary tried for a while, but after realising that it was impossible for her to float with her increased density, she decided to cheat instead. Using her powers was so much easier anyway, she could float over the water or just speed through it, faster than any aquatic creature born to the sea. Damien did get her to stop before she caused a tidal wave, which Mary felt slightly sad about.

After that, the couple decided to build a sand castle. Mary simply focused on the grains of sand and almost instantly crafted a perfect replica of a castle she had seen in a book with her mind. Damien was astounded by the details she had been able to add. She had even left the towers hollow and if he looked through the windows he could see stairs. Her control of her powers was incredible.

Then Mary jumped onto it, destroying the castle and causing a small earthquake, knocking Damien to the ground and covering him in sand.

"Why did you do that?" Damien spat out sand as he unsteadily got back to his feet.

"I wanted it to be a model for us to use, but it looked so good, I just had this urge to tear it down. Do you ever get that feeling? It’s kind of exciting.” Mary smiled wide as she looked at Damien for signs of recognition, blowing gently at him to remove the dusting of sand.

But even as Mary contained herself, Damien felt like he was being hit by an industrial blower. Her breath completely enveloped him, taking control of his body and halting all attempts his own feeble lungs could make to take in air. His cheeks began shaking, making Mary laugh and freeing Damien from the captivity of her breath.

“Don’t worry, I won’t break the one we’re going to build. Hope you aren’t too mad.”

She hadn’t even noticed. She hadn’t noticed that she could now kill a person by gently blowing on them.

Once the castle was built, the sun was halfway to its peak and Mary decided it was a good time to try some sunbathing. Damien gulped hard as she handed him a bottle of tanning oil and she laid face down on the beach, removing her top so he could apply the lotion to her body. He started shyly at first but remembered Mary’s encouragement from before. This was not the time to be shy. He had a much better idea.

Mary closed her eyes and enjoyed Damien’s gentle fingers massaging her back as he poured oil on it. She wasn't sure how he would react trying to massage her sturdy physique, but he was doing a great job so far. Then, she felt the pressure suddenly increase and smiled as Damien started driving the palm of his hand between her shoulders. Good, he was getting used to her new strength. In fact, she felt he really enjoyed using all his own strength on her, even if it was basically insignificant compared to her own. At the very least, he should have some fun seeing just how much she was able to endure. Of course, his hands gave up before her body was close to being satisfied, but as a reward for his effort, Mary turned around and squirted the lotion onto her breasts.

"I’ve never let the girls out to get a tan before. I think I need someone to apply the oil though, there’s just so much of them.” Mary teased. “It’ll give your hands a rest too, these are much softer.”

Damien grinned and got to the job ahead. Mary's breasts were a work of art. Round F-cups and incredibly firm. He enjoyed greatly rubbing the lotion over them, especially as he rubbed her nipples to get them hard.

"Damien, you like that I have big boobs, right?"

Damien considered for a moment. In his experience, women always seemed to test men with that kind of question.

"Babe, I couldn't love you more than I already do, no matter what bra size you wear." He saw a disappointed look on Mary’s face. "Having said that, I wouldn't mind if they were even bigger.”

“Maybe we’ll try to make those dreams a reality later.” Mary grinned up at Damien and he grinned back down at her.

After taking a nice nap on the beach, Damien looked towards the ocean and saw Mary playing along the shore. She blew hot and cold with alternate breaths, freezing a coming wave, then letting it fall back to the ocean as it melted under the heat from her lips. Initially, the ice simply vapourised, but after a few attempts, Mary managed to reduce her power to a level that didn’t boil the water as soon as it formed.

"Hey, babe! Want something to eat?" Damien’s hair suddenly blew across his face as a blast of air from Mary’s rapid approach hit him.

"Sure thing. What do you have in mind? I can fly anywhere and fetch us some food." She crossed her legs in the air and put her hands behind her head, reclining back and putting her breasts on full display again.

"Nope. This is my treat." Damien picked up a long wooden stick. "You showed me your skills, time to show you mine.”

Mary watched curiously as Damien grabbed a rock and started to hack the tip of the stick into a point. Once the spear was ready, he pointed to the top of the palm tree.

"I’ll catch some fish, you pick some coconuts and set a bonfire going.”

"Ooh, you know I love fish! I’ll get some lemons too. Best birthday meal ever." Mary rushed into the air to examine the coconuts after planting a kiss on Damien’s forehead.

Though Mary’s tasks were completed within seconds, Damien had a rough time catching any fish. He tried to remain still, letting the fish get close enough to spear them, but it was difficult. On most occasions, he threw his spear with no luck at all. After 15 long minutes, his fortune changed. The fish must have been getting used to his presence because they were now swimming incredibly close to his legs, allowing him to skewer them with ease. He was so focused on fishing, he never saw Mary’s finger subtly guiding the ill-fated fish towards him.

“I bring fish.”

"I bring fire. And coconuts too."

Lifting them into the air with her thoughts, Mary placed the fish on some stones atop the fire. She breathed lightly on the topside, then flipped the fish and repeated the process. Within seconds, they had four reasonably cooked fish.

"You must be thirsty after all that, have a coconut." Mary took one of the coconuts and cracked it down the middle with her nail.

"Here you go." She grinned, handing the half with the liquid to Damien, mentally splitting another coconut for herself.

They took turns tilting their coconut into the other’s mouth, while Mary directed small chunks of fish towards them. Damien noticed that she was eating almost three times as much as him, but that was why he caught four fish after all; he could only have expected Mary’s appetite to increase after her transformation. With Mary sitting between his legs, Damien happily whiled away the day embracing her.

As wonderful as their time at the beach was, Damien had plans. Mary left him at his house, before flying back to her own. She imagined her parents would have a lot of questions, but those could wait. After all, she needed to get ready for Damien’s surprise.

When Damien picked her up, he produced a blindfold and asked her to cover her eyes. It was a 30-minute drive before they reached their destination and Mary was itching to get out of the cumbersomely slow vehicle the whole time. Damien directed her out of his car, mainly to avoid her collapsing the doorframe with her tits, then placed his hand on hers to lead the way.

“Damien, can I take it off yet?” Mary stumbled around, digging a trench into the ground before she decided that a slight hover was probably a bit wiser. She put her faith in her boyfriend to guide her steps, but when her steps had already been proven to level mountains, she decided to be slightly more cautious.

“Just a bit further. Don’t spoil the surprise so close to the reveal, I know the suspense must be killing you.” Damian was eager to keep the secret but equally keen to ensure Mary was happy.

Despite the blindfold, Mary was starting to get an idea of their location. While it would have been easy to open her eyes and look through the blindfold, she didn't have to; a strong odour of paint was scented in the air.

“Come on, puppy. Are we where I think we are?” Mary took a hearty sniff, the air around her rushing in and nearby trees creaking as their trunks snapped.

Definitely paint, but also the unmistakable scent of Damien’s aftershave. She had heard some yelping noises at her actions, so she could tell that there were other people around. That was okay, but really, Mary just wanted Damien. She nuzzled her head closer to his shoulder as he refused to spill the beans.

“Okay, the time is now. Blindfold off!” Damien untied it as a chorus of noise filled the wooded path.


Shielding her eyes from the sudden light with her hand, Mary squealed with joy as her friends came into focus. All dressed in paintball gear, they cheerfully smiled back at her.

"Happy birthday Mary!"

"You can finally drink legally!"

"And get married, wouldn’t be surprised with these two!”

"Thank you so much for being here everyone." Mary restrained herself from hugging her friends. Even if the idea of squeezing her friends breathless with her affection did sound like fun, she wasn’t sure she wanted to risk turning them into pulp.

Still, Mary found her happiness wasn't as full as she expected. She thought she would be with Damien alone now; having to interact with her friends wasn't too appealing. Was she selfish to want to celebrate her day with him alone?

"Now, we better keep moving. Let's change into our gear so we can get this party started." Damien handed Mary a bag while pointing to the changing room. Minutes later, Damien looked at himself in the mirror adjusting his gear.

"You look so hot right now. I know you just put that on, but I’m resisting the urge to just tear it off." Mary had appeared in the reflection behind Damien, startling him as she wrapped her arms around his body.

“It suits you too, baby. My cute little tactical nuke.” Damien could still make out the outline of her figure beneath the heavy tactical gear and loved the contrast of it with her sweet face.

“I have something for you. A little present.”

“You know that’s not how birthdays work right? You’re meant to be getting the presents, not giving them.”

“I know that, I just thought I’d give you a little souvenir of today.” Mary reached into her pocket. “Open your hand.”

Holding his palm out, Damien watched a beautiful sparkling stone fall onto it. The diamond was flawless, perfectly cut and glimmering in the light.

“I made it from that mountain I destroyed, I just kept compressing it until that happened.”

“It’s beautiful, Mary. I’ll keep it safe.”

"And I was thinking…" Mary said floating and getting closer to Damien. "... I really appreciate you organising this, but I want to be with you. With my powers, finishing this match won't take too long and then…"

"No cheating. Don’t worry, you can show off your powers again later, just not right now."

“It’s not really cheating if I’m just better than everyone else right? You told me I should show off, that I could be better than Fearless Guardian. I just want everyone to know that.”

“I know babe, and you are. But maybe we should keep it quiet for a little bit while there are people around? We don’t want you being taken away too soon.”

"Well, okay. You’ll be thrilled when I make my way into the supe ranks though. Who knows, I may get into the Big Five. Don’t worry, I promise to introduce you to Fearless Guardian." she beamed at him.

"You’d do that for me? Even knowing how embarrassing I would be in front of your cool new friends?”

"You could never embarrass me. Don’t worry, I’ll keep quiet for a little bit. Then I’ll really make my audition into the big leagues." She floated up and gave him a kiss. “I love being able to do that now.”

"Thanks, baby.” He kissed her back as she descended.

"It's alright. That way I will have time to consider a total makeover." Mary looked at her reflection. "If the world is going to know my name, I don't want them to see me as a classic blonde bimbo with big boobs."

"That sounds like a very poor decision for them. That mountain didn’t even call you a bimbo and look what you did to it.”

“The mountain was blocking my view.” Mary shrugged and smiled.

“And I thought you were just a bit ditzy.”

"Urgh, this again? Maybe I do knock over things, but from now on, only you can call me ditzy. Other people have to respond to my fists. Actually, a single finger maybe, that's probably enough.”

Mary was working herself up talking about her power. And Damien was so close to her. She licked her lips, imagining the taste of him again. Maybe she had time to blow him once more before the game? Or maybe…

"Now, about this paintball match. Can we skip it and return to our island? I really want a go with being on top and I know you’ll love it.”

"Mary, that sounds great, but I have one more surprise after this. You’ll love that even more.” Damien went to leave the changing room but then gasped as Mary grabbed his hardening penis.

She was so close to him. He could feel her firm grasp against his now fully erect cock, using it as a handle to control him. Her aroma was numbing his judgment and he felt himself slipping into obeying her whim. Maybe going back to the island would be a good idea. Fuck the rest of their friends, they only needed each other. Mary’s raging hormones were getting the better of her too. She was about to tear Damien’s gear apart when suddenly there was a sonic boom that shook the building.

They rushed out in time to see the clouds part, revealing a masculine figure descending from the skies. The style of his uniform was new and his flawless cape was a different colour to last week, but he was instantly recognisable.

"Fearless Guardian," Damien gasped.

"Don't worry citizens. We're all friends here, call me Kevin." He took Damien’s hand and shook it firmly. "I’ve come to meet Mary."

"Oh? Why ever would you want to meet me?" Mary innocently smiled at the hero, wondering whether if he had offered her a hand to shake she could have resisted testing him.

"I must say you got us very worried all day, Mary. The day hadn’t even started and we got an alert about a possible natural disaster. Our sensors picked up an earthquake in an otherwise quiet mountain range, but when Blue Bolt and Omen arrived at the scene, we found nothing left. No mountains, just a massive hole in the region, clear evidence that it was the work of a supe. Imagine our surprise, not an hour later, when your parents called and told us that their daughter had become a supe and destroyed their house."

"You didn't fix the hole in your house?"

"I'm sorry, I guess I forgot. Too busy trying things out."

"No need to worry, Mary. Lots of supes go a bit crazy on their first day, just tone it down a little,” Kevin reassured her as he put a hand on her shoulder. “You’ve received a wonderful gift, but you need to work out how to use it to help others, as well as make sure you are safe to be around them. That’s why I came here. I need to take you to the IHF."

“That’s great? When do I start?”

“Right now. It’s dangerous to leave a supe along for too long, especially one as powerful as you.”

"What? No, you can’t take her yet!" Damien tried to step between Mary and Kevin, but both of their bodies offered no option of that. "You have no right to take her. It’s her birthday too, let her celebrate."

Watching Damien in awe, Mary found herself becoming even more aroused. Damien was being so assertive to protect her, and from his favourite hero too. But the sooner she dealt with this, the sooner she could get back to her life with Damien.

"It's alright, puppy. We knew this would happen, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. Fear- I mean Kevin. Can we delay this until tomorrow?"

"I'm sorry, Mary. It’s too dangerous if you remain among normal people. You saw what you did to the mountains right? Imagine you go out there, running around and forgetting where to step. Soon, we’ve got a paintball massacre and you have to live with that for the rest of your life. So far, you haven't hurt anyone, but unless you learn to control your powers, it could happen, even to the ones you care about. You don’t want that, right?"

“No, I would never want to hurt Damien.”

"See? In the IHF headquarters, we have special equipment so you can train and control your powers. Once you do it, you will be able to interact with normal people without fear of hurting them. You have my word.”

Mary didn't like one bit that Kevin was right. She looked at Damien, whose eyes silently pleaded with her not to go.

"I'm so sorry, puppy, but I think I have to go. Don’t give me those eyes, it’s already hard enough for me to leave you.” Mary blinked her eyes as a tear ran down her cheek. “But look at it this way: the sooner I go, the sooner I’ll return to your side.”

"I know you will, baby, I know you will.”

"I’ll make you a promise: once I’ve trained and I’m ready to go public, I’m gonna come back in a really cool super suit and you can name me."


"Pinky promise." She crossed her littlest finger with his. "So you better think up an awesome name for your awesome girlfriend."

It was difficult for Mary not to crush Damien in her embrace. She wanted to hold onto him tightly, to prevent him from leaving her side, but she knew it was for the best. She settled with an almost rib-breaking hug and a breath-stealing kiss, before crashing through the door and out into the sky. She didn't want him to see her crying again, one tear was already enough. She was the one with superpowers, she needed to be strong for him.

But she couldn't avoid feeling a rising anger towards Kevin. Damien’s favourite hero or not, she was looking forward to seeing how her body fared against his. Once she managed to control her powers, she would give him a piece of her mind.

As Mary took off into the sky, Kevin moved in close to Damien, standing proudly posed, the image of the heroic supe everyone could aspire to be.

“Hey man,” Kevin whispered down to Damien. “Don’t feel too down if she ends up moving on. She’s heading for great things here, the world needs her.”

Damien's face changed from hope to incandescent rage in the blink of an eye. The urge to tear Kevin apart for this comment rose in him, but he smothered the foolish emotion.

"You don't know Mary. Don’t you dare make assumptions about her.”

"Listen, Damien. I’ve seen dozens of couples going through this already. They never get back together. The life of a supe is very different. The sooner you let her go, the easier it will be for her to go on in her new life".

Giving Damien a body-shaking pat on the shoulder before leaving, Kevin flew away after Mary.

Damien felt his blood burning, his pulse racing, his pounding heart crashing in his ears. He clenched his fist so hard that his knuckles went white and his fingers went numb.

"Fuck you, Kevin. Mary’s gonna show you how wrong you are. She’s gonna be better than you all.”

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