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Misery's End – Chapter 6

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 04 March 2023 02:32] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 04 March 2023 08:10]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 6: Little Doggy.

— Present Day —

The coffee shop was deserted when Mary arrived, costume temporarily transmuted into more appropriate civilian wear. Majestic had been talking about the place yesterday, and it made Mary nostalgic for the days before her life ended. She had gone on some cafe dates with Damien years ago and the smell was bringing back memories. When she reached the barista, she had a tear running down her cheek.

“Oh, honey are you okay? What can I get for you?”

“Caramel mocha with extra cream to go. I’ve just got a busy day ahead of me is all. And it’s been a while since I’ve come out into the real world.”

“Don’t we all feel that way? It’ll be a couple of minutes, feel free to take a seat while you wait.”

The cafe was cute. A tiny little shop with three tables and a couple of stools next to a bar along one wall. Newspapers and magazines lined the bar, so Mary went to browse.

The headlines weren’t surprising. Most of it was focused on Majestic’s destruction of the prison, with some calling her the welcome consequence of the more vicious types of heroes like Armageddon, while others were calling for her to be locked away. Mary mentally scoffed at the idea. They probably had as much chance of locking Majestic away as they did her.

“Hey babe, got some sugar for me?”

Another customer had entered the shop. Looking at him, he could have been Trickshot’s brother. Mary smiled at the memory of the supe’s broken skull on the floor. The newcomer took that as an invitation to continue his advances though.

“You wanna find somewhere cooler than this place? There’s a club down the road, my cousin’s a bouncer there. He’ll get us in.”

“As flattered as I am by having a complete stranger hit on me, I’m gonna have to pass on that, little guy.”

“What are you saying, you making fun of me?”

“No, no. It’s just that everyone is so insignificant. You’re all puny little specks. What else am I meant to call you? You started flirting before you even told me your name.”

“One caramel mocha with extra cream, right here.”

As Mary approached the barista, the guy strode towards her.

“Listen here, bi—” he grabbed Mary’s arm and startled her.

With a sharp exhalation of air from Mary, the barista’s body was vaporised to a fine red mist, splattering onto the back wall of the shop. Fuck, look what that scum had made her do now. And the filthy low-life was still fucking touching her skin.

“You want to see what I really think of you, tough guy?” Mary looked down at the guy's crotch and spat.

The projectile tore through his trousers, leaving a hole where his dick should have been.

“See? Now you’re a little guy.”

The screams didn’t even begin to leave the guy’s mouth before Mary took a swig of her drink and sprayed it across his body. Clothing dissolved, flesh melted and the final thing that the guy saw before he died was the disgusted face of Mary.

“I’m already taken, prick.”

Missions had started to become tedious. Torturing bad guys to death was fun, but Mary was now longing for more time to play with her new toys. There was just a whole new level of pleasure in breaking regular people, who were trying to celebrate something she never could. That guy at the coffee shop deserved everything he got too, killing that poor barista like that.

Sipping at her coffee, mask hanging at her side, Mary approached the main entrance to the warehouse where two guards were waiting. Another tear formed; drawn by memories long past; as Mary had an idea. The guards had just noticed her and in costume, even without the mask, she was undeniably a foe. The hundreds of trophies dangling from her outfit attested to her danger too. This would be shoot first, ask questions later.

With a flick of her nail, Mary directed the teardrop at the closest guard. It immediately sunk into his skin, causing ripples to spread across his body. He dropped his weapon, while the guard next to him started firing. Mary ignored the bullets and continued to sip her coffee. She had done everything she needed to do for now.

Cracking and squelching noises filled the cool evening air as the guard’s body deformed. Flesh and bone sprayed into the air, vacating places where it wasn’t needed. Tendrils of blood lashed out to pull the material back in and mould the body appropriately. After a few seconds of this, the second guard noticed and turned to flee inside. The doors refused to open though.

Trapped between helping his companion and fleeing to find help, the guard ran to find another entrance. Five seconds of running later, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. Dressed in the ill-fitting guard uniform, Mary held the terrified guard tight in her grip. His shoulder crumbled to dust as she spun his body around and leaned closer in.

“You don’t deserve to live.” Mary whispered as another tear fell onto the guard's face. “None of them do.”

Feeling his mind being completely erased by Mary’s own overwhelming personality wasn’t something that the guard could ever have expressed in words, even if he had maintained his bodily functions. He was trapped in a room with an imposing figure, who just kept growing, taking up more and more space, until finally, there was nothing left. The other entity simply shuffled herself in to completely fill the space that contained his psyche and squashed any remnants of the former individual underneath her presence.

Taking each other by the hand, Mary and Mary entered the warehouse, while Mary followed, still savouring her sweet coffee.

Weapons lined the walls, each custom-built to kill different types of supe. Various guns designed to fire large calibre bullets, contraptions required to transmit incredibly high voltages and an array of fluid tanks, ready to be attached to what were essentially modified pressure washers.

None of those weapons mattered though. As far as Mary knew, she was completely invulnerable.

They entered the warehouse to a call of alarm, as guards posted inside recognised the threat of the twins approaching them and readied the largest guns they could find. Mary and Mary grinned at each other, before dashing forward and biting the ends off the rifles. Chewing the weaponry and swallowing it greedily, they then looked up at the guards and pouted, doe-eyed and tearful, like a kitten begging for more.

After the tears fell, Mary, Mary, Mary and Mary walked further into the building, as Mary licked the cream from her coffee.

The next room was far more crowded. Almost a dozen people were sitting around workbenches, machinery filling every other available space. There was a moment of stunned silence before the occupants all reached for weapons while backing away.

Mary inhaled and a stream of silvery mist left the bodies of the gang members. From Mary, a sliver of dark red tendrils crept through the air on the exhale, tearing apart the silver mist and diving into the gaping mouths of the helpless victims. Bodies shuddered violently, then each gang member raised their weapon against their own head and pulled the trigger.

Blood coated the room as Mary stood in the doorway and stirred her drink.

Just the back rooms left. No need for all these minions now. Mary walked through the wall, her body disintegrating as the concrete collapsed around her. Next, Mary entered the room and flew into the ceiling, her body demolishing itself as well as the supporting structure. The entire room was collapsing in on itself, but Mary was standing in the only two exits. The door was welded into place by Mary's laser vision, which ignited a fire underneath her, setting her ablaze, to burn out in a fiery mess of exploding viscera.

Now just one exit remained: the hole created by Mary, that Mary currently stood in. The gang members in the room fired on Mary, but the bullets simply sunk into her skin, never to return. One brave soul rushed Mary, trying to push her aside, but his shoulder made contact with her partially exposed chest. His body jerked into the air and was slurped into the flesh of the curvaceous horror.

Then Mary entered the room. Her flesh spread outwards, breasts becoming more so, spilling out of her guard uniform and into the minds of the unfortunate occupants of the break room. As Mary touched their bodies, their forms sank into her skin. When their gaze met her breasts, their thoughts were forever lost, minds blank as the soft, perfect flesh of Mary’s tits smoothed their brains and smothered their senses. When it was just Mary left in the room, she sat down, content.

And the room exploded into pieces.

Huh, Mary hadn’t expected that one. Fortunately, her coffee was being kept warm by her heat vision, so she could keep going if there was someone left to put up a fight. She couldn’t wait to see the look on the face of whoever it was when she revealed that they hadn’t actually killed her. The destruction of the room had revealed a secret passage behind a painting of a dog fight.

Must be the boss then. Mary smiled, hoping they had something nice for her to add to her collection.

The passageway was filled with a hail of bullets as Mary strode forward. Each of her steps was carefully placed to bring down another part of the building, and the sound of the collapse echoed down the tunnel behind her. She placed her coffee in a protective force field as she reminded herself that Melanie was still tucked between her breasts for safekeeping. The miniature hero would be fine there for now. No force in the universe could hope to move any part of Mary’s body unless she willed it.

Exiting the hidden passageway, Mary noticed a ceasefire. A few seconds later, a smoking canister dropped at her feet. Mary started laughing at the absurdity of it. They had chucked fucking tear gas at her. The building rattled, while Mary picked up the canister. She directed the spray right at her eyes, daring it to cause a response.

No tears fell this time.

“Yummy,” Mary drawled as she happily inhaled the gas. “I love spicy food. Get me more, little doggy.”

The figure at the other end of the room was wearing a gas mask shaped like a dog’s head. On the table in front of him was an assortment of weapons and to the right of him was a bed. At that point, Mary knew what she was going to do.

A grenade bounced off Mary’s chest, so she caught it in her hand and squeezed it against her belly, absorbing the explosion in her curves.

“I think I felt a little tickle there. Are you trying to tickle me?”

Mary was getting into this now. She felt more alive than she had in years and she wanted to play. The gang leader raised a large weapon at her and Mary dashed forward, knocking him backwards as she came to a stop immediately in front of him, her breasts resting on his chest.

“That’s a big weapon you have there. A girl might worry about what you intend to do with it.”

Why was she acting like this? Was it his smell? He smelled so good. He smelled delicious. She just wanted to lick him, to devour him, to destroy him. What was getting into her?

The business suit he wore had obvious bulges from a bulletproof vest underneath and another bulge was present near his crotch. Some kind of groin guard, probably. Mary thought back to the guy from the cafe and laughed, her breasts pressing against the body of the boss and cracking a rib from the sudden movement. There was a grunt of pain before Mary stilled the air inside his throat.

“Uh uh. I’m going to do the talking here, puppy.” Mary had some ideas for him now and didn’t want the interruption.

His eyes went wide as he tried to say something but failed to form words. Mary looked at the ant in annoyance. He had made her think salacious thoughts - fantasies that she should be keeping for her love. No, Mary would show him just how unable to please her he truly was. She placed her coffee on the table and started to play rough.

Digging her nails into the vest and allowing them to pierce into his skin, Mary lifted the gang leader and placed him on the bed. Then, she mounted his body, placed her thick thighs on either side of his stomach, and rested her huge rear on his pelvis.

“I learned something from a new friend recently,” Mary whispered as she leaned her body forwards, placing an infinitesimally higher level of pressure on his crotch. “Guys are really fucking easy to break when girls like us aren’t careful.”

Mary climaxed as his pelvis shattered beneath her ass.

She climaxed again as she ground it to dust beneath her.

“Oh, fuck that felt good.” Mary placed a finger on his chest and used her nail to tear the armour apart, ignoring the chain around his neck.

When his chest was revealed, her rage built, seeing a tattoo of a sleeping puppy on his chest. Her eyes glowed red as she scoured the tattoo from his skin, burning away all ink-stained flesh.

“You don’t get to have the same fucking tattoo as him, understand? You don’t fucking deserve it.” Mary placed a finger on a rib.

His body was sweaty, but that smell kept coming back. She was so horny, she hadn’t felt this way in years. Mary sighed as she pressed down, cracking the rib while the vortex she created with her breath knocked his mask askew.

Another finger, another push, another crack. The pleasure was building again, but Mary kept it in check. Damien wouldn’t mind if she got some pleasure by destroying someone who had insulted her. He had tried to kill her too, but she didn’t feel nearly so strongly about that.

This time, she slid a finger along the rib, drawing out the agony as she ground the bone to dust. He smelled so good. Maybe she would bite off his fingers and chew them up after this. Or maybe even…

Mary mentally slapped herself before the thought went any further. Pleasure derived from mutilating an opponent was fine, but getting it from using their body sexually? That was forbidden.

Her teeth pressed down on her lip as she broke the last rib and another cry of pleasure left her body. Her thighs clenched, splitting the sides of her victim, as she climaxed for the third time. Seeing so much blood and destruction kept her heart rate high and her loins afire.

In fact, she was sure that burns would be appearing on his skin, through the fabric on his stomach. She slid her body back, to remove the material and check. Yes, there were scorch marks, as well as a distorted birthmark on his lower abdomen. What was going on? Was this fucker trying to provoke her into giving him an easy death?

“I don’t know how the fuck you found out about Damien, but I’m going to make this as long and painful as possible.” Mary lowered her chest with every word. “And I want to hear you scream now.”

Airway no longer blocked, Mary crushed his lungs beneath her tits, exhaling as she climaxed again, completely knocking his mask from his face. In a final, whispering voice, too quiet for anyone but Mary to hear, Damien chose to say her name as he died.

Francis and Majestic ran as fast as they could, or in this case as fast as Francis could. Feeling held back by the inferior speedster, Majestic was getting fed up. She wasn’t even exerting any power! How was the famous Blue Bolt so slow?

Because of him, they reached the warehouse too late. Mary had obviously gone in already. Before they had a chance to go any further, a scream came from ahead of them that forced Majestic to recoil back at least a mile. Blue Bolt wasn’t fast enough, eventually catching up to her with blood pouring from his ears. He didn’t even stop, just slowly sped past her and away, the fucking coward. Although, Mary had told her something…

“Francis, you know what Mary does to you when you run away from her?” Majestic appeared in front of Francis. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to break your foot.”

Majestic stepped down lightly as the speedster ran into her, a muffled scream of pain blocked by the cushioning of her tits.

“Get your fucking act together. You’re a hero. We’re going to save the world whether you like it or not.” Majestic picked up the shorter, weightless, whimpering supe and carried him helplessly towards his nightmare.

Mary screamed, first in ecstasy, then in horror. Damien’s body knit itself back together beneath her, but her voice calling him over and over was tearing it apart as quickly as she healed him. Taking a few deep calming breaths and tearing the walls down around her, she centred herself, waiting for the healing to overpower her own strength.

When she calmed, it happened instantly, dust returning to bone, air refilling lungs and bruised flesh fading back to healthy vigour. The only things left standing within a mile radius were her, Damien and a cup of coffee, held in a protective force field.

A tear rolled down her cheek as his dead body finally took a weak breath. He was breathing. He was alive and that was all that mattered to her. Making sure not to hurt him this time, Mary hugged Damien, cradling his head on her generously cushioned breasts. She had dreamed for too long about this moment, spent every night for years fantasising about it. He was back to her, that was the only thing that mattered.

When Majestic arrived, she found the two of them in a close, intertwined embrace. It appeared her arrival was unnecessary after all. Recognising the intimacy present, she was momentarily confused and more than a little jealous. Damien; the infamous Mad Dog and Mary; the controversial Armageddon, lay peacefully in each other’s arms. Retreating to a safer distance and allowing them some privacy, Majestic waited to see how the reunion would play out, but there was no motion, just the sharing of existence for hours after.

Meanwhile, Francis looked at the scene in horror. For the first time in years, Armageddon had a truly blissful smile on her face. And it was far more terrifying than anything he had ever seen.

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