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Misery's End – Chapter 8

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 18 March 2023 01:57] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 March 2023 12:15]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 8: Field Trip

“Girls, I think that he is waking up.” The voice had a European accent of some kind, but Damien couldn’t quite place it.

“Get your hair out of his face, blondie.” This voice was much harsher, with condescension in every syllable.

“My hair should be the first thing he experiences, the brilliant lustre is not to be missed.” Now that was a pretentious thing to say, especially with that refined, honey-coated tone.

“I will make you bald if you shall not move. How is that for you, ma belle?” French. That was the accent, he was sure of it.

“Savages, the lot of you.” Apparently, the honey had a bitter aftertaste to it.

“Oh em gee, he is like, so perfect. I’m gonna make him, like, worship my thighs.” Turns out that some people actually used abbreviations in real life. Damien hadn’t really believed that until now, but the whiny voice was proof of it.

“Do that and the boss will add you to her thighs.” That deeper, harsher voice again.

“Urgh, why is she so extra? I wanna play with him too, no cap.” Oh, another one. Why not? This voice was just as annoying as the abbreviation girl, and it oozed entitlement.

He tried to process what was going on around him, but the voices were unfamiliar and confusing to Damien. Where was Mary? For that matter, where was he?

Damien opened his eyes to a bizarre sight. Crowded around him were five impossibly beautiful girls, towering over an enormous bed with room for almost a dozen people. As his eyes opened, one of the girls, the last one to speak, squealed and flew onto the bed, wrapping her arms around him and brushing her body against his.

“Wow, he’s so warm and cuddly.” The redhead’s body was uncomfortably warm, and as Damien tried to escape, he found himself pinned immovably onto the bed.

“Remove yourself from him, Nature’s Wrath, or I shall be forced to do so.”

“Erm, you couldn’t stop me before, Biocide, what makes you think you can now?”

Damien mentally filed away the names of the French girl as Biocide and the annoying, entitled one currently forcing the breath from his lungs as Nature’s Wrath.

“Ooh, ooh, I got this. Fly out the window, scrub.” This was the whiny one then. And she was wearing headphones with cat ears. Great.

The redhead’s eyes glazed over, she lifted into the air, then launched herself out the window, crashing through the glass and into the distance.

“So, that’s like, my turn now, right?”

“You’re a fucking moron, Paradigm. We said we’d do it together.”

Another name to put to a face. The wannabe e-girl was Paradigm. Her hair was black, fading to purple, and her figure was the most extremely curvaceous of the bunch. She would have been the definition of a short stack if she wasn’t so astoundingly tall.

“Aww, but I weally wanna gif the cuddwy puppy a hug. Eep! Protect me from Nature’s Wrath, Singularity.

Singularity was an absolutely towering Jamaican-looking girl. Her body was toned and athletic, with long black hair down to her enormous ass. If she had been the one to sit on him, Damien wasn’t sure he would have survived. Her eyes briefly glazed over as she turned to the window.

When Nature’s Wrath flew back in, she came with a storm of rage but was promptly locked into an inescapable embrace from the much larger woman.

“You are going to fucking pay for that, Paradigm! I’m going to boil your eyes and water Biocide’s plants with whatever comes out!”

Getting a better look at Nature’s Wrath, now that she wasn’t straddling his chest, Damien assessed her as a typical girl-next-door on a serious bender. Her face was cute, but her eyes displayed a wild fury that came with excessive use of drugs or alcohol. Or in this case, probably her new powers.

“Eww, she’s so gross! Quick, Golden Goddess, do, like, something really cool.

It took Damien a moment, but he actually recognised Golden Goddess. She was the trophy girlfriend of one of his major rivals. The staggeringly-tall Latina had long blonde hair and had somehow become even more impressive than her modelling account would indicate. Damien had previously needed to berate his underlings for following her, but he knew that they wouldn’t listen.

Golden Goddess now looked at Paradigm with disdain as she conjured a rainbow of light that dazzled everyone in the room.

“Girls! We have agreed that this was to be a mutual event.” Biocide struggled to restore order to the warring pair of Nature's Wrath and Paradigm.

The French woman had striking platinum hair and golden skin, with the build of a swimwear model.

“Yes, girls. Get your fucking act together, or I’ll show you what happens when you fuck with the wrong people.” Another newcomer?

This girl was stunning. Her thighs brushed the doorway as she strode in, demolishing a part of the wall in the process. A smug smile played across her face as the bricks fell and she made a noise of satisfied approval that reverberated throughout the room. Her height absolutely dwarfed all the other girls and as she continued further into the room the building rocked with every step. All five girls stopped to gaze at her in awe, hypnotised by her astounding, dominating beauty.

Save me, Majestic! They’re being, like, weally mean to me.”

“Fucking try that on me again, Paradigm. I dare you.” Majestic’s intense glare seemed to diminish the entire world around her as she stared down the now sobbing e-girl.

“I’m sowwy, I’m sowwy. I’ll be good, I’ll be sooo good.”

“Now, I think the plan was a simple hug, wasn’t it?” Majestic coolly observed the squad of girls. “Show your new master the respect he fucking deserves.”

With that, all five girls leapt towards Damien simultaneously.

Golden Goddess scooped him up, into her lap, smirking at his much smaller form cradled under her modest breasts and held against her smooth stomach. Singularity floated behind the two of them, wrapping her toned legs around them both and pulling Damien’s head against her basketball-sized breasts. Paradigm took the opportunity to plant herself into Damien’s lap, leaning her head back and blinking those large, emotive eyes at him. Biocide took the other side, running her fingers across Damien’s cheeks and stroking his shaggy, unkempt hair. Finally and now somewhat reluctantly, Nature’s Wrath took her place by Damien’s thighs, massaging his legs muscles with her hands as she stared in unfiltered envy at Paradigm’s position.

When the girls were all finally at peace, cuddling as close as possible to Damien’s body, Majestic gave a nod and from the ceiling, the most perfect woman in existence descended.

Gone were the paintball outfit and trophies. Instead, Mary wore her original costume, a white suit with pink accents. She was significantly shorter than all the girls currently latched onto Damien, but her sheer presence was so many magnitudes larger that everything else in the room paled in comparison. It all just seemed like it was so much less real than the impossibly powerful girl he loved.

“Hey, puppy. Do you like your present?” Mary gestured at the pile of girls currently surrounding him. “I’m calling them the Amazon Squad. These are your new enforcers and this is your new headquarters.”

“They’re… certainly a handful.”

“Oh, way more than a handful. You’ll see them in action soon, puppy. First, we have to name me and choose a costume.”

“You didn’t name yourself Armageddon already?”

“Nope. Some people did and it stuck. I was never too keen on it. I mean, I never actually caused Armageddon, so it seemed a bit pointless. I’m sure your name will be way better.”

“Apex. You should call yourself Apex.”

“Ooh, I like that. Better than anyone else, top of the food chain. Great work, puppy. Now, costume time. I made this when I first started, but it got kinda destroyed when Cowardly Guardian ran into me. What do you think?”

“I love it, baby. But what about a new colour scheme?”

“Hmm, I do like Majestic’s outfit. Black is always flattering.”

“Fuck yeah, girl. Black suit, maybe make the pink into silver?” Majestic had been a cautiously silent observer since Mary’s arrival but seemed to have put herself somewhat at ease now.

“Yeah, that sounds cool. Maybe I’ll give your squad matching uniforms too?” Mary twirled a hand around as the girls’ clothing transformed into skintight black and silver suits.

“What the fuck!”

“Yeah, double you, tee, eff! Why am I wearing the same thing as the coffee girl? Get changed, like, right now.

Amy, shut up. Ally, do not get changed.

Both Paradigm and Nature’s Wrath simmered with rage as they followed Mary’s instructions.

“Here’s how it works, girls. Everyone in this world is like an ant to me. Nobody really matters, apart from Damien.” Apex increased the volume of her voice as she spoke, pounding her message into the heads of her new servants. “You lot, are like flying ants. Sure, you get to look down on all the other ants, but you’re still ants to me.

“Majestic here is like a wasp. She’ll fuck you all up if you dare mess up too much. Maybe even if you just annoy her. Honestly, I don’t care, whatever she says goes.” Apex turned to Majestic. “Having said that, she’s still just a wasp. Still just a little bug for me to squish if I feel like it. You protect Damien, you serve Damien, you belong to Damien. Everyone understand?”

A chorus of agreement rang out from everyone else.

“Good girls. I think you all deserve a little field trip. I know exactly the place to go.”

Most of a continent was just gone and the world was panicking.

The IHF acted erratically, first trying to send supers out to deal with the catastrophe, then recalling them to defend other potential targets. To top it off, every powerful member was missing. Majestic had gone on her mission to monitor Mary hours ago, while Cherie and Ally had disappeared more recently.

This meant that the only functioning senior hero left was Amelie, who was trying to persuade Demon ex Machina to bring in reinforcements.

“Now, do you mean reinforcements of the human, minion or demon variety?”

“Fuck, at this point Demon, I’ll take anything.”

“Hmm, you wouldn’t want the homunculi. Very disagreeable creatures, oddly. Very inflated sense of self-worth.”

“Just, help me keep the world from falling apart.”

Laying a hand on Omen’s shoulder, Demon looked sincerely into her eyes.

“I shall do my best.”

Unfortunately, a lack of reinforcements was only part of the problem. Fear was rapidly spreading across the world, and morale in the HQ was at an all-time low. If Mary had truly decided to begin Armageddon, Amelie was uncertain if anything could stop her.

The reports from Australia were terrifying. Every adult male in the country was dead, crushed and smeared across beds, floors, walls. The place was a bloodbath. And it had apparently happened in the span of a few seconds. Enormous craters, visible on satellite imagery, now dotted the landscape with gouges cut into the planet between them.

There were no living witnesses to what had caused it, but Amelie had a concerning thought at the back of her mind. Recent memories of events at a prison and the person responsible for that.

As if on cue, Mary appeared in Amelie’s – once Kevin’s – office.

“Oh, I hope you don’t mind me barging in, Amelie, but I’m here to hand in my resignation.”

The outfit was old, yet new. Her cutesy white and pink uniform had been transformed into a cross between a business suit and a dominatrix outfit. The skintight material highlighted her curves once more, unlike her tactical gear. Amelie was stunned by how darkly radiant Mary appeared, the physical embodiment of the call of the void. It took significant effort for Amelie to register that Mary had said something and even more time to process what it was. Amelie’s mind simply couldn’t keep up with Mary’s mere existence.

And she was smiling, gloriously happy for the first time since Amelie had met her.

“M-M-Mary—” Amelie began but was cut off as she finally managed to say the name of the marvellous creature before her.

“Oh, hang on, I’ll try to restrain myself a bit.” Mary’s aura of power gradually diminished, as Amelie felt her thoughts returning to her. “Sorry, it’s a little hard remembering how fragile you all are. Even the cute little ants like you two.”

It was only at this point that Amelie noticed the second person, arm locked with Mary. A tall, ruggedly handsome man, with dark and messy hair.

Mary floated across the room, picking up her companion and holding him close to her chest. She placed him comfortably on the chair, taking a seat in his lap as he rested his feet on the desk. Mary brushed her cheek up and down the man’s chest and he smiled, stroking her hair and causing her to make little mewling noises. Mary curled her finger, beckoning Amelie and Demon closer, not quite dragging them through the air telekinetically, but providing an incentive for them to approach her.

“I found Damien, isn’t that wonderful? Now we can continue our life together like I always dreamed.” Mary reached into the neckline of her costume and drew out an amulet from within her cleavage. “I have something for you if you want it.”

“What did you do to Australia?” Amelie needed to know, there was no good answer, but she still needed one.

“Me? Absolutely nothing. All I did was give Majestic a little power boost and let her do what she wanted to do all her life. Hurt men for hurting her.”

“She fucking killed millions of people.”

“Ants, Amelie. She killed ants. And it doesn’t count as killing them really. She was so quick, I’ll bet their hearts gave out before they even realised what was happening to them. You should have seen her face when she got back though. She was so happy.”

“What is wrong with you, Mary?”

“What’s wrong with me? I don’t think you’re seeing this properly, Amelie. The Universe decided to give me the power to do whatever I want with it. Anything I do is just the Universe thanking me for existing.”

Demon ex Machina had been silent since Mary’s arrival, recovering from her entrance, but now Mary’s attention turned to him.

“Take your friend here, for example. Remember how I could have killed him when we first met? How I could have saved all those people? Maybe the Universe wanted me to do both, but you stopped me. And provided a bit of inspiration for something at the same time.”

Holding out the amulet and levitating it towards Mary and Demon, the pair of mages almost fainted from the magical power being exuded by the thing. Both understood immediately what this was. Souls. Thousands, millions, Amelie couldn’t tell, but the energy contained in that gem was enough to make anyone the greatest mage in reality. Someone could conquer a universe with that kind of power.

“I’ve been collecting them for a few years now, I didn’t really know what to do with them. I thought you might like them. I don’t think the power increase would even be noticeable to me, but it might make you an even more powerful mage than Majestic is a supe.”

“Get, your fucking graveyard, away from my face.”

“Aww, you don’t want it? But Amelie, they would look so good on you! Just think about it for a bit. All those souls, going to help you become the second most powerful person in the Universe? Sure you don’t want it?”

Amelie took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she opened them again and turned to look at Demon.

“You wouldn’t want it. I know you, Omen, that’s not a life you’d want.”

“How are you the fucking voice of reason here?”

Demon ex Machina tilted his head.

“Perhaps I’ve lost my way a bit over the years. I blame the company I’ve been keeping.”

Amelie wrapped her arms around the formerly villainous demonologist, taking a series of deep, staggered breaths between stifled sobs. She muffled her emotions into his chest, as Demon tenderly held her.

“I’m not interested, Mary.” Amelie wiped her face on the sleeve of her coat. “If you say the world is yours, I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. But I’m not joining you. I’m not benefiting from the deaths of millions.”

“Always the hero, Amelie.” Mary smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. “You saved Melanie, you know. Your spell worked.”

“I knew we didn’t make a mistake,” Demon whispered to Amelie.

“Well, guess I have no use for these souls now.” Mary brought the gemstone back to her hand, then lifted it to her lips. “Except as a snack maybe.”

With the lightest of inhalations from Mary, a thick, silvery stream of mist vacated the gemstone and disappeared into her mouth. Within a second, the gem was empty and Mary licked her lips, gulped loudly and shuddered as she wiggled her body seductively on Damien’s lap.

“Hmm, that was sooo good.” Mary looked intensely into Damien’s eyes. “We’re going to go try sex while flying in a minute, but first I have someone else to visit.”

“Oh, and I’ll put you two cuties somewhere safe. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt while the girls are having their fun, would we?”

The office disappeared around the shell-shocked mages, fading out of existence as a hotel suite halfway across the world faded into view. Still clutching Demon close, Amelie sobbed as she questioned her decision.

The medical bay was quiet. The only occupant was currently staring at the ceiling with his foot in a cast. Occasionally his eyes drifted shut, but a swift jerking motion of his body quickly brought him back to alert wakefulness.

Francis had no wish to fall asleep. He imagined that tonight’s nightmares would feature a new face: a haughty, modelesque blonde with no sympathy to give. His foot twinged at the thought.

When Mary and Damien appeared in front of Francis, the top half of his body lurched sideways, dragging him from the bed.

“Oh dear, those reflexes really are getting the better of you, aren’t they?” Mary tutted as she grabbed Francis by his injured foot and swung him bodily back onto the bed. “Now, you know what happens when you try to run away, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to break the other one as well, you understand?”

Placing her index finger and thumb on either side of Francis’ intact foot, Mary applied the slightest pressure and the bone shattered into fragments. His screams of pain were fantastically arousing to Mary, who simply continued to speak over the agonised caterwauling.

“Wasn’t it nice of Majestic to administer your punishment for you? I’m sure that you’ll act like a brave little ant one day, you fucking coward. Don’t worry, I’ve given her full permission to punish you in any way she sees fit, whenever she likes. Won’t that be nice?”

Speech was utterly impossible for Francis. His mind was unfocused and it was all because of her. She had ruined everything. She had ruined his life. She had taken Kevin away.

And for what fucking point?

“I have a present. You’ll like this one.” Mary took a scrap of fabric from her cleavage, laying it on the bed next to Francis. Fearless Guardian’s emblem. The one he had been wearing when she killed him.

“Return, you life-destroying piece of shit.”

The lights in the room went out. A smell of brimstone and perfume filled the air. A glowing stream of vibrant silver flowed from Mary’s mouth and into the fabric, incinerating it. The silvery mist spread out, filling the bed and taking shape, forming a torso, arms, legs, a head. It was Kevin. She was bringing Kevin back to him. All that suffering would be worth it.

As the last of the silver mist flowed into the almost resurrected body, Mary grabbed the final strand and yanked it back, breaking it apart between her fingers.

“You won’t be needing those anymore.” Mary smiled as she ground the supe’s powers into dust.

For a tense moment, Kevin lay perfectly still. Then the sound of quiet breathing began. He seemed to be peacefully asleep. Mary floated herself into the air, hovering directly over his body. With a malicious grin, she prodded Kevin’s stomach, forcing him to gasp and awaken to her looming form. He may have tried to scream but his renewed lungs didn’t allow him enough air, especially given that Mary’s hanging breasts were currently preventing them from inflating. Instead, he let out a rasping yelp as he struggled against his killer and fell to the floor.

“Aww, he’s disoriented. I suppose he has been dead for a few years now. Must be unpleasant to see the world has moved on without him.” Mary righted herself and pulled Kevin to his unsteady feet. “What do you think, Damien? Do you like your present?”

Wordlessly and seething with visible rage, Damien strode up to Kevin and punched him in the jaw. The shock of the pain brought Kevin to focus, head jerking one way, then back to lock eyes with Damien. He tried to move, but Mary was still gently holding him in place.

Instead, Kevin swung his own fist out, but suddenly Mary’s palm was in the way to catch it.

“Don’t you think you’ve hurt us both enough?” Mary hissed into Kevin’s ear as blood ran from his eyes. “You were always a selfish fucking ant, always trying to make yourself look better. How many action figures did you sell to naive kids, making them think you were going to change their lives? You fucking ruined ours!”

Kevin’s head exploded as Mary yelled into his ear. Francis’ scream of horror was cut off by a guilty little giggle from Mary.

“Oops… but we’re not done with you yet.

The spell thrummed through the air once more, picking up the pieces of flesh, fragments of skull and the liquid mush of what remained of Kevin’s brain. They soared back into place and once more, Damien’s former idol locked eyes with him.

“P-please, Damien. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please don’t let her hurt me.”

“Okay, Kevin. I won’t let my baby girl hurt you.” Damien placed a hand on Kevin’s shoulder and presented a friendly smile. “After all, I’ve been hoping to kill you myself for years now.”

Removing the hand from Kevin’s shoulder and giving him a gentle pat on the cheek, Damien’s other arm swung around as a fist into Kevin’s stomach. Mary backed away, standing next to Francis’ bed.

“Do you know what the worst thing was, Kevin?” Damien slammed Kevin’s face down as he brought up his knee, breaking Kevin’s nose with a snap. “That you did a fucking terrible job of guiding the world’s most powerful supe.”

Kevin blindly flailed a hand towards Damien, but it bounced off Mary’s chest as she appeared midair between them. Mary tutted down at Kevin as she disappeared again.

“You could have made Mary into the world’s greatest hero, Kevin.” Damien kicked at Kevin’s legs, sweeping his feet out from under him. “Instead, you failed her and hid her away, because you were too fucking scared she was going to upstage you.”

Kicking a leg out at Damien, Kevin instead connected with Mary’s foot just as Damien stomped down on an ankle. When the bones didn’t break immediately, he stomped another four times, finally giving up and giving a foot down on Kevin’s rib cage. Satisfied with the result as Kevin screamed in pain, Damien snorted between heavy breaths.

“You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you? We could have had years together, making our lives.” Damien lifted Kevin from the floor and slammed his body against the wall. “You caused all this, you know? This is all your fucking fault!”

Grabbing Kevin’s head, Damien repeatedly bashed it against the bricks, staring into the face of his long-dead idol. Blood ran from Kevin’s face and Mary licked her lips as one hand drifted across her breasts and the other grazed her inner thigh. She watched intently, gaze switching between the look of intensity on Damien’s face and the fading life in Kevin’s eyes.

And while the noises coming from her boyfriend were enticingly evocative, the sounds coming from behind her were even better.

Francis was attempting to leave his bed, feet broken, spirit almost there too. The whimpers and whines were one thing, and those little winces drew electric tingles through her body, but the main pleasure came from the thought of how much fun she was going to have with Francis after this. She would definitely be thanking Amelie and Desmond for the resurrection spell again later.

It took several minutes for Damien to be satisfied that he had sufficiently broken Kevin’s body. When he had, he immediately embraced Mary.

“Thank you, baby. I really needed that.”

“I know you did, puppy. So did I.”

“You’re psychotic, both of you. Why? Why are you doing this?” Francis had fallen out of the bed and was lying beneath Mary’s foot. She gently curled her toes, snapping a rib with each one.

“Because, Francis, I really like it. Do you not feel good every time you save someone? Or every time you right a wrong in the world? That’s what I’m doing. I’m saving myself from having to deal with the bad memories of being apart from Damien. We’re killing those bad memories, along with anyone who causes them.”

Shifting her foot on top of Francis’ body as she prevented a single sound from leaving him, Mary pressed down, caving in a lung entirely.

“Now, I find you very fun, Francis. You are one of the most amusing toys I’ve ever played with. I mean, I never got a chance to try any sex toys, so I can’t say for certain, but I don’t think any of them could ever match up to what it feels like to have you fully under my thumb, or foot in this case.” Mary lifted her foot and Francis’ body completely healed, the ribs, the lung, both feet.

“See, I want you to stick around, Francis.” Mary lifted him into the air telekinetically and dragged him between her and Damien, into an aura of such intense comfort that Francis almost fainted from the abrupt shock of it. “Hey, what do you know, you do get to feel this good again.”

“We’re going to be leaving now. Damien and I have a lot of sex to catch up on. Plus, you won’t want to be around for the next bit. The girls play very rough.”

And Francis was in an icy tundra once more, the very place he had run to after Charlotte’s death. The guilt rushed over him as he recalled the sensation he had felt here and the longing to return to it. To return to the last place he had felt as good as he just had. To return to the arms of his best friend’s murderer.

The IHF was being invaded. Alarms had been ringing for hours now, emergencies arising both near and far, but the most recent issue was standing right in the doorway.

In fact, Georgia’s head was taller than the doorway, so she had simply broken it apart as she walked in. Her toned, ebony skin was displayed under a tight black and silver costume, over seven and a half feet of power dominating the ground she walked on as her footsteps dug several inches into the floor.

Casually stretching out her arms, Georgia surveyed the D-list heroes gathered in the lobby. There were about a dozen of them, each wearing a ridiculous outfit and posing in a manner they probably considered to be imposing.

She corrected that by tapping one of her enormous sneakers against the tiles, cracking the floor apart and forcing the little heroes to adjust their footing or fall comically on their asses.

“You won’t get away with this, you villain!”

One of the measly little do-gooders had decided to draw Georgia’s attention and she was more than eager to provide it. Tossing her hair back and thrusting her chest out, Georgia shrugged off a bolt of lightning as it struck her breasts. She advanced slowly as flames and random objects joined the assault. Georgia frowned as a collection of stationary lodged itself into her cleavage, pausing for a moment to press her boobs together and reduce the pens to dust.

The heroes were backing away for the most part, but a couple of them were holding the line. The flame-throwing girl and the guy who had called out. He was making some strange motions with his hands but seemed to only be occasionally ruffling Georgia’s hair for his efforts.

“What are you planning on stopping, little guy?” Georgia stood directly in front of him now, her breasts level with his head. “Are you going to stop me from rubbing my big, firm tits in your face?”

Placing her hands on the back of the guy’s head, Georgia swung her tits back and forth, getting closer and closer to his distressed and immensely aroused face. Georgia’s nipples were clearly visible as dents in the fabric of her costume. When her left nipple grazed the nose of her victim, it cracked and bent sideways, spraying blood across her chest. The next pass broke his jaw, the enormous mounds almost tearing the joints apart. Finally, the side of his head caved in, skull broken as the unstoppable motion of Georgia’s tits demolished his face.

“I think you did pretty badly at stopping me, little buddy. Didn’t even put up a fight, did ya?” Georgia tossed his spent body aside and grabbed the flame girl by the arm. “Did you want to try too, pipsqueak?”

The girl’s arm tore off when Georgia failed to pull her in. Shock and horror passed across the girl’s face before she collapsed to the ground in a dead faint, blood spewing from her shoulder.

Georgia glanced curiously at the severed arm, then stood over its former body. Grasping the limb by the hand, she swung at the head, removing it from the body and sending it flying through the nearest wall.

“Still don’t get what people see in golf. What’s the point of a sport where you don’t get to physically tackle your opponent? Here, let me demonstrate.”

Charging forward in a sudden burst of speed, Georgia ran straight towards the lightning thrower, gathering him in her arms as she did so. Flipping his body upside down, she lifted him above her head and drove him head-first into the ground. His body crumpled. His neck disappeared as his spine entered his brain before his skull filled his chest cavity. His entire torso was compressed into itself as his body above the waist ceased to exist. Georgia let go of his legs, which briefly remained upright before joining the limp, pulverised corpse plastered to the tiles.

“Touchdown! Still fucking amateur hour here though, I’m looking for a higher class of competition, lads and ladies! Isn’t this where the world’s greatest heroes live?”

The other heroes were, in fact, panicking. The telekinetic was still throwing pens at Georgia though, having improved his aim and bouncing them off her eyeballs.

“Wow, that is ridiculously annoying.” Georgia walked up to the scrawny telekinetic and shoved his shoulder, dislocating it instantly and sending him reeling to the floor.

“Pile on!” Georgia yelled as she dived on top of her frail, downed victim. His body crunched as her weight ended his existence.

Now, someone was rooting around in her mind. It took a moment for Georgia to realise it, but there was definitely someone trying to encourage her to flee. The obvious culprit was the girl with a bleeding nose and hands clutched to her temples, standing on the verge of collapse.

“Bad choice, squirt. Really bad choice. I’ve had some bad experiences with a certain little brat recently, so I think I’ll just take it out on you.”

With an impressive leap and arc of her leg, Georgia’s foot connected with the chest of the telepath and continued going. Guiding it upwards into an impossibly high arc, Georgia’s long, muscular leg split the girl’s body in two from the stomach upwards, as thighs thicker than the girl’s torso tore her ribs and shoulders apart from each other. The mutilated body splattered onto the ceiling as it flew, splashing blood and chunks of flesh onto the remaining, cowering heroes.

Two of the remaining heroes were wearing matching costumes. Twins by the look of them. They each held one hand of the other and were intensely focusing, their other hand extended outwards at Georgia. In the air between the twins and Georgia, a shimmering dome began to form.

“Are you trying to keep me away from you? Worried that if I get a hold of you, I might break you?” Georgia snorted as she stepped through space and appeared behind the twins. “My power isn’t something as dumb as superstrength, idiots.”

Around Georgia, the rest of the heroes collapsed to the floor, bones cracking in their legs. Forcibly pressed down by intense pressure, their bodies squelched entirely flat, leaving only gruesome imprints. The twins ceased their attempts at a force field when Georgia forced their bodies into each other, reducing their mass to a single point in space and tossing the resulting singularity far into space. Jupiter was consumed as the newly born black hole continued its passage out of the Solar System.

“So fucking mediocre.”

The dungeon was a nice reprieve from the constant whining and bickering of the brats up above. Cherie had encountered a lot of annoying and entitled people in her line of work, but Amy was something else. Her constant demands were infuriating to an unbelievable level. And her voice! That alone was enough to drive anyone to despair with her ridiculous words.

Amazingly, the coffee girl was not nearly as bad in comparison. Ally had somehow become the focal point of Amy’s antagonism though, which meant that any chance of a quiet, thoughtful moment was gone.

Between having to rework her own brain to remove Amy’s influence and remould her body to remove Ally’s scorch marks, Cherie was wondering if she had been given a poor deal with her own recent upgrades. Fortunately, she had a plan.

Only three cells were still occupied in the dungeon. Many villains had been released into plea bargains, much the same as Cherie. Two, however, had been deemed unfit to serve, and one had outright refused. That was who Cherie was here to see.

The end of the corridor was illuminated by one of the occupants. Nightlight was an exhibitionistic pervert, who had taken to lurking outside women’s houses and masturbating. Apparently, he got off on the thrill of almost getting caught. Mary had swapped his powers of invisibility for the ability to glow in the dark, which had somewhat neutered his criminal career.

Opening the cell, Cherie disdainfully took in the unkempt man, wearing rags around every part of his body. It still wasn’t enough to dull the perpetual aura of sickly green light.

“It is a poor situation in which you find yourself here.” Cherie considered pausing to allow the man to speak, but reconsidered. It wouldn’t be anything worth hearing.

“I will require your body. I shall make this quick.”

Digging a long fingernail into Nightlight’s neck, a vine sprouted from the tip and writhed its way into the captive body. Biocide let her mind explore his physiology, taking his body apart piece by piece, looking for the parts altered by Mary. Noting how his internal structures had been modified to produce the glow, Cherie caught the hint of Mary’s intervention. It wasn't a subtle change to his body, but a brute force rewrite that had exerted her will over his bodily functions. Having found what she needed from him, Cherie let Nightlight’s body dissolve.

The next cell contained Shockwave, a former blackmailer, who frequently threatened to collapse buildings on top of her victims if they failed to pay up. After Mary had gotten to her, she had lost control of her powers. Now, she vibrated in her cell, bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep, body almost skeletal from the constant shaking.

“It is time for you to be put to rest, mon amie.” Cherie entered the cell and sat next to her former acquaintance. They hadn’t tended to run in the same circles, but professionals in their line of work often knew each other, at least in passing.

“S-s-stop i-i-it B-B-Biocide.” The pitiful, shaking mess of a person looked at Cherie with pleading eyes.

Once more sliding her nails into someone’s neck, Cherie analysed Shockwave’s body. The changes were everywhere. They overrode all other aspects of the girl’s physical form, prioritising the permanent shaking.

Flowers sprouted from her skin, petals cascading to the floor. The tortured girl looked at Cherie in relief, falling apart until just a single rose remained.

Now ready to put her new knowledge into practice, Cherie approached the last cell.

“Hello there, my darling Marco. Have you reconsidered your cheating on me now?” Cherie smiled at her ex-boyfriend, carefully considering just how to ruin the rest of his life.

“You’re a bitch and a whore, Cherie. You’re worse than me.”

Non, non, non. I think you will find that I am not a two-timing dirtbag, with a rancid personality and a complete failure of a manhood. But do not worry, for I have the solution.”

Vines sprouted from the bed and held Marco in place. Tendrils dug under this skin, surprised cries of pain mixing with further curses against Cherie.

The change was starting.

Marco’s body contorted as Cherie used his own power against him, destroying his clothes as he thrashed against the vines. His ability to redistribute his body was expertly manipulated by Cherie as his manhood swelled, while the rest of him dwindled away. With a further thought from Cherie, his engorged member began to glow, the cells altered using the same process as Mary had with Nightlight.

Now for the hard part: incorporating the changes made by Mary to Shockwave.

The rose was dropped onto his chest, which was now small enough for the petals to cover it completely. They merged with him, dyeing his skin a bright pinkish-red and allowing a new colour to be produced by the glow.

Then Marco began to vibrate.

Eager to test it out, Cherie collected her new, fleshy, pink, glowing vibrator, as the last piece of the rest of Marco’s body sunk into it.

Now she should be able to sufficiently distract herself from those irritating brats.

“The first thing I always do when visiting the lair of an enemy is to investigate their kitchen. It’s a serious focal point for gossip, as well as finding out whether they have good taste or not.”

With the HQ now bereft of supes, Golden Goddess was using her time to give a tour of the facility to her followers. Julie, as she was once known, had already garnered a wide social media following before she even gained her signature sparkle, and had cultivated them greatly over the years.

The model had been attempting to build some controversy recently by dating a gang leader, but when that unmissable offer came from Majestic, she immediately incinerated him and headed for a greater purpose. After all, Majestic looked every bit the part of a superhuman supermodel, everything she aspired to be.

Mary had come as a bit of a surprise. Sure, some people would consider her attractive, but she was too short, too busty and too pale. And her hair was black? Common knowledge dictated that supermodels were blonde, slim, tall and tanned.

Her doubts were quickly gone when Mary took her to a whole new level of power and beauty. Now, she really could call herself a supermodel.

“Also, I hope you all like the surprise. I was astonished, really. Just look at how silky my hair is. I think it really brings out my eyes. Just wait until you all see it in the starlight.” Golden Goddess adjusted her broadcast to include a song she was now humming in her head, floating lightly just above the steps as she glided her way up the stairs.

The boost to Julie’s power was substantial. Before, she had been able to control radiation within a short range of herself. Now, her reach was global, allowing her to directly transmit her thoughts into her livestreams.

It also allowed her to broadcast on every existing frequency, which was what she was currently doing.

“I have to talk about my nails now. They are, dare I say, brilliant. Just look at them. It’s like I’ve had a French manicure, permanently. They’re shiny, sparkly and absolutely perfect for a goddess like me.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Julie noticed a terrified person about to run into the shot. With barely a thought, his body vapourised, high-intensity gamma radiation causing his flesh to slough off his bones, leaving the bleached white skeleton behind, out of the way of Julie’s camera angle.

“Here we go! The kitchen. Wow, this looks bad already. No bottled water in the fridge, which you all know is a big warning sign. A company that doesn’t provide water for their workers doesn’t care about them. Hydration is the key to perfect skin, after all.”

Another running employee was about to round the corner, Julie noted with her X-ray vision. Another blast of her gamma rays through the wall solved that issue. Heavens forbid that a common worker made their way onto her livestream.

“It looks like the IHF fails on the kitchen front. No conversation, no preparation, no care for their employees. Time to check out the facilities.” Julie sauntered from the kitchen, feet now touching the ground in a pair of black stiletto heels.

The heels were a last-minute addition, but Julie knew that a model had to be tall. There was little chance of her reaching Majestic’s towering eight-foot height without stilts, but Julie was proud to stand a couple of inches taller than Georgia in them, given that the other girl insisted on wearing those ghastly sneakers.

Julie was also far more considerate of the architecture.

“I know, it’s a bit weird that I want to check the bathrooms, but honestly, you learn a lot about a person, or a company, from that. And don’t any of you pretend that you haven’t spent time in the bathroom mirror, checking yourselves out. I know I do.” Julie gave a wink to the camera, adding a little flash of dazzling light to the action.

Another runner? Why were they so insistent on getting in her way? Julie melted the door that would lead him to her into the frame, then did the same with all the exits from that corridor. After that, it was just a case of heating up the air inside and the employee collapsed from the shock of it, fated to burn from the inside out as the scorched air entered his lungs.

“Okay, not to alarm you lovelies, but I’ve just seen something utterly horrendous.” Julie turned the camera around the bathroom. “Not a single mirror. Not one. Can you believe it?”

With a raising of her eyebrows and a seductively provocative shrug of her shoulders, Julie left the bathroom.

“No point going any further here, the IHF is not a place any sane person would want to work.”

Tutting aloud as she realised the staircase was packed with fleeing people, Julie removed all infrared radiation from their bodies, cooling and rapidly freezing them in place. Now they wouldn’t be bumping into each other and getting in the way as she ascended the stairwell.

“A couple more surprises for you all, then we’re moving to a private stream. Make sure to get your credit cards ready if you want to join me there!”

On the rooftop now, Golden Goddess flew smoothly into the late evening sky. Her long and luminous hair stood out against the black suit she wore, while her ever-changing eyes aggressively projected their brilliance at the wider world.

“Do you think the stars are too dim today? I think we need better lighting.”

At Julie’s words, the night sky lit up, stars previously barely visible to the naked eye now starkly shining. Millions of stars, all shining for the Golden Goddess.

“Much better! I actually had to tell the light to get here faster. It would have taken hundreds of years for us to notice I’d changed them normally, but the light was very happy to please me.” Julie winked at the camera. “I guess it knows I’m its goddess.”

The stars twinkled, flickering brighter and dimmer in time with Julie’s words. When she stopped talking, the brightness varied in a cascade across the sky, laying praise on its mistress. In one final display of love, they all went supernova simultaneously, filling the sky with blinding light and radiation that Julie carefully guided around the planet. Any life on Mars was significantly less lucky though.

“Last thing before we go private everyone! I just wanted to thank my Mami and Papi, for never believing in my modelling career. Now that I’m a supermodel, I’d like to share a little bit of my star power with you.”

The Sun, low in the west and almost set, suddenly blazed in intensity. Beams of light shot towards the Earth, reaching the planet sixty times faster than they should have. The rays converged, forming one intense and deadly laser over a city in Mexico. Before the beam impacted, Julie energised the photons, allowing antimatter to be created and directed at the landscape.

There was nothing left after the annihilation, only a gaping hole lay in the surface of the Earth where a city once stood. A complete eradication of life and matter, broadcast by Julie to the rest of the world at her slightest whim.

“Thank you all for watching! Make sure you join in for the paid portion of the show now!”

The writing on the wall read ‘LOL’, so people did.

The letters had been gouged into the brickwork with a finger, an instruction for anyone who saw it. Currently, 13 people lay dead while 5 more desperately gasped for air, their strained laughter more important to them than their own survival.

Down the corridor, a new message had been scrawled. This one was red, painted using the blood of a man who had quite literally given his heart to Amy. It read ‘ROFL’.

As a result, the carpet nearby was littered with bodies, victim to both breathlessness and abrasions, eagerly scrubbing the skin from their bodies after their clothing was torn away by the friction burns. Most of these were still barely alive, but only just; their tormented laughter echoed feebly off the deadly wall.

“Oh em gee, you guys! I, like, can’t believe you found me that funny!” Paradigm had accessorised her black and silver outfit, adding a load of anime stickers while keeping her cat-eared, neon-pink headphones.

“Apex, that’s Armageddon’s new name now, bee tee dubs, is, like, such an icon. I knew I was gonna love her. We’re so alike, so we’re, like, bee eff effs now.”

As another one of her victims died on the floor, Amy placed another sticker on her enormous left tit, next to her nipple. She smiled coyly, allowing her fingers to play over the nipple and send a jolt of sexual pleasure through her. Realising that she should share the pleasure, she bent down to rest her gargantuan chest on the head of an almost-dead woman.

Come for me until you, like, die screaming or something, okay?

The woman came, screamed and died.

Amy reached down to the woman’s pocket while applying another sticker to her tits. She extracted a phone and held it with a look of disgust.

“Eww, someone didn’t upgrade. Unlock for me.”

A smiley face, followed by a thumbs up appeared on the screen. Amy scrolled through the icons, opening all the social media apps. Then she took a picture of the woman’s look of post-mortem elation and captioned it, sending the post out to all of the dead woman’s friends and followers.

‘OMG, literally just died from pleasure after meeting Paradigm. LOL. Such a mess right now. You should all totally try it too.’

Across the world, thousands of people received a notification and died from an overdose of pleasure, their brains melting inside their skulls as their entire being was overridden by Amy’s instructions.

“Kewl. Hey, why did you guys all stop laughing?” Amy looked at the dead bodies around her. “Noooo, I missed it? You’re such sillies for dying when I wasn’t looking.”

Quickly counting up the recently deceased, Amy took another 5 stickers and started applying them to her costume. The idea had come from Armageddon’s suit. Her trophies were totally amazing, but Paradigm’s were going to be better. The stickers were cuter, after all. As she applied the fourth one, Amy realised her mistake.

“Uh, how am I supposed to know how many people I just killed? I need it for like, costume stuff.” Amy looked around for a response from the dead, but none was forthcoming.

With a huff, Amy left the corpses and headed to the stairs. Maybe someone could tell her how many people had just died. She needed to know, or her really cool idea would be pointless.

Ooh, she had a great idea. When she took control, she’d force all the anime studios to make a show about her. They had to get her figure right though, all those anime girls were way too unrealistic. Most of them had such tiny boobs, like, not even G cups. She chuckled as she thought back to Ally and Julie with their tiny F cups. Those girls were basically flat-chested, poor little minions.

What was she even doing? Ooh, she had a better idea. Music. She needed music. Amy took her phone out of her J-cup cleavage and scrolled through her songs for a moment. Inspiration struck, as she selected to play the only song she ever played: her own brand-new, completely epic, totally awesome song.

Oh em gee, like

Worship me, like

Get on your knees, like

Worship me, like.

Oh em eff gee,

You should totally worship me,

I am totally awesome, totally cute,

An absolute goddess, an absolute beaut.

Look at my tiddies, look at my butt,

Like what you see? I know what you want.

You wanna worship me.

You wanna worship me.

It was literally the greatest song in the world. The world was going to worship her.

Ooh, better idea.

Amy tapped her phone. Billions of tiny beams appeared for a moment at the tip of her index finger and connected with the screen. On the other side of every other phone on the planet, a tiny beam began to wiggle its way across the display as it wrote a message.

‘Hey, it’s Paradigm! New goddess intro vid incoming right now! Ur gonna watch it. Btw, if someone just died next 2 u, lol, it might have been me. Text me if someone, like, died from pleasure next 2 u. K, c u soon!!!!’

Hundreds of texts started flooding into Amy’s phone and she groaned in annoyance. Someone hadn’t given her enough stickers and now her entirely brilliant plan was falling apart.

But Amy was absolutely brilliant in her thinking. Instead of adding more stickers to her costume, she stripped entirely naked. Her exposed boobs bounced playfully against her ribcage as she continued strolling up the stairs. Peeling off more stickers, Amy started applying them directly to her body, covering her nipples first, then requiring another ten to completely conceal each areola. She covered her pretty little pussy with stickers too, using all the cute anime guys for that job.

Modesty now restored completely, the knockout girl with the world’s best ideas and looks was about to reach the rooftop.

“Yay! Intro time!” Paradigm forced all devices in the world capable of doing so to show her stream, as the people of the world were glued to their screens.

“Hey, minions! I’m your super sexy new mistress! Wanna see my tiddies? All you gotta do is vote. Just type the name of your favourite streamer! Everyone who gets it right gets to live to see a titty!”

Votes came in, but some of them were obviously wrong. The correct answer was Paradigm, as any reasonable person would tell you, but some people seemed to think it might be Golden Goddess. Like that wannabe was ever going to show her goods. Real ones knew that Paradigm was the only correct answer.

“Oopsie, looks like some of you sillies are real dumb-dumbs. If you didn’t vote for Paradigm, lie on the floor outside. If you voted for Paradigm, get on, like, a chair or something.”

Feeling out the world, Paradigm closed her eyes and inhaled. As one, every electron within the bodies of the incorrect voters flowed into the Earth at great speed, leaving a fully ionised plasma behind where an idiot once existed. They deserved the incredible pain they felt as their bodies were torn apart for disobeying the obviously correct path to take in life: worship of our true goddess.

The charges travelled across the surface of the planet at superluminal speed, blazing blue light and crackling lightning in their wake. When the beam of particles reached the IHF building, they travelled through the wires, bursting up through the elevator shaft and into the blessed pussy of the divine goddess waiting at the top of it.

Our goddess allowed us to witness the majestic spectacle of her climax, for which all shall be eternally grateful. The sticker around her glorious goddesshood incinerated, showing the true path to enlightenment as all witnessed the perfect pussy of the divine.

The charge would have been sufficient to kill entire planets, had our goddess not greedily lapped it up with her magnificent, perfect, awe-inspiring, like, totally, really awesomely amazing pussy.

She saved us all and we should worship her for eternity.

“Ready for some tiddies?”

Truly, we are, like, blessed.

The executive board room had become a sauna. Ally lay in a hot spring of her own making, sipping on a fruity cocktail and fingering herself slowly. She used both her actual fingers and the water around her, sending little jets deep inside herself and squirming with occasional fits of giggles.

For their part, two executives were currently massaging Ally’s feet, one was keeping her supplied with drinks, another was preparing a bowl of fruit, and the last was giving her a scalp massage.

It was perfect. A nice, relaxing day. The only thing that would have made it better was the presence of her beautiful goddess.

Ally frowned. What had that just been? Shrugging off any other concerns as unimportant, she increased the temperature in the room again. Opening her pores would be good for her skin. She needed to look beautiful for her goddess after all.

There it was again. She dipped her feet back into the boiling water, dragging the hands of her servants with her. They screamed before yanking their hands away. That was quite funny actually, Amy would like that.

Now believing that something was truly wrong, Nature’s Wrath ascended from her hot tub. She allowed magma to drop from her pussy as she walked to the fruit servant.

“Why are you peeling bananas? Bananas are so mid. Why can’t you even get a simple order right? I asked for grapes. Peeled grapes, obvs, the skin is disgusting.” Ally picked up a banana and felt the strong urge to suck on it.

Ally inserted the banana fully down her throat and finally realised what was happening.

“Amy, you fucking goddess. I’m going to find you and bestow you with gifts. Bet.” Nature’s Wrath frowned once more. It really was such an ugly look for her. “You needy little goddess, what the fuck have you done to me!?”

A cocktail. That was what she needed. Clear her head, try to get a bit drunk, let loose a bit more. Ally downed the newly prepared drink in one gulp, swallowed seductively, and gave her servant a suggestive wink.

“Pwease sir, I need to dwink some more of your yummy, tasty juice.” Ally mentally recoiled at the words, as well as the tone, coming from her mouth. “Wittle miss Pawadigm has gone too fwucking fwar.”

A chorus of notifications rang out from every phone nearby. Unable to stop herself, Ally saw exactly what she was dreading. But why would she dread it? Paradigm, the true goddess of this world, was introducing herself. And she had been invited.

It was such an honour, really. Ally made sure to read Paradigm’s introductory message at least 7 times. People had already apparently died from experiencing her brilliance. That made her so mad. So jealous. The phone melted in Ally’s hand as her body heat overwhelmed the device.

A fog within Ally’s mind briefly cleared. Amy was doing something to her and she needed to stop. Right now.

The coffee girl didn’t know what she was thinking though. Just looking around the room would confirm it for her. Those meanie executives who had made her sign her life away, on her birthday of all times, were totally besotted. Not to Ally, that was a ridiculous idea. The coffee girl was only fit for serving the true ruler of reality, Paradigm.

But the dumb, spiteful, vindictively vengeful, flat-chested, poorly dressed, lacklustre girl decided to be even more of an epic fail and take away the toys of her cute, gorgeous, skilled, pro-gamer, vivacious, voluptuous, fashion icon, shining goddess.

Ally was being extra fucking extra here. She boiled all water within the cells of one of the guys, causing them to burst all over the room. Another she filled with as much air as their body could handle until they too exploded, showering the room with yet more splatters of human remains.

Removing all heat from one of the women and placing it into another, the former fell to the floor and shattered like a hard candy facing off against Ally’s teeth, while the latter had their brain fried, melting out their ears as their head exploded.

So many explosions. Maybe try something original next time, you blasphemous wannabe.

Eew, no not that. What are you doing to him? That’s, like, so disgusting. Why would you open up the ground like that and make it chew the guy? You’ve messed up his body completely. This is why you aren’t a goddess.

The ground finished pulverising the final executive and spat him back out because apparently, Ally was a weird, unworthy, angry freak. Probably just annoyed she wasn’t a goddess, really. Doing stuff like that is so extra.

Then the coffee girl went to go find her goddess and give her cute stuff, probably. That’s what any sensible person would do.

So, like, coffee girl was in the air when that super-cool, omega-awesome electron beam went past underneath her. Obvs, she realised that it could only be because of her super-cool, omega-awesome goddess, and decided to follow it.

She rudely burst through the doors at the top of the staircase. Goddess Paradigm was having a super-duper orgasm that made Ally sooo jealous. She had to hide it by pretending to be mad at her rightful mistress.

“I wonder if your powers still work if, I dunno, I take away all the heat, water and air from a mile radius of you? Including from inside your body?”

In an instant, the jealous, rude coffee girl stole all the air within a mile. Such a horrible thing to do, killing thousands of people just because she wasn’t as amazing as Paradigm.

“Mad ‘cos bad? What’s up, coffee girl? It’s, like, so rude to interrupt a goddess in the middle of greeting her world. You should, like, be really sorry right now.”

The words weren’t even spoken. They just appeared inside the dumb, silly coffee girl’s head. Neurones triggered and rearranged Ally’s mind into completely new thoughts by the undeniable, unspoken whim of the undisputed best girl.

Also, like, give it back. En gee el, that’s so petty of you.”

“I’m sowwy, Goddess Pawadigm. I won’t be a silly, naughty girl again.” Ally exhaled, releasing all the air she had just stolen.

Another false goddess had arrived now though. The so-called ‘Golden Goddess’ that some of the world had assumed might actually be the best streamer.

“Amy, you are seriously ruining my day. First, you take over my stream. Then, you kill all of my fans? Do you know how much they were paying me?”

“Maybe they just, like, realised that they could actually see some titties and a prettier pussy if they worshipped me instead? They probably just don’t like you that much, tee bee aitch.”

“Wanna fuck her up together, Julie?”

“It would be a pleasure.”

“Eep! Both of you do a cute little dance or something!

The evil usurpers did a special little dance for the cute, pouty goddess as they advanced menacingly towards her.

“I think I’ll ask Biocide to turn you into some heels. Heels are always a good look.” The self-centred ‘super’ model couldn’t resist flaunting her svelte legs with the rhythmic motion of her hips while approaching. Such a show-off.

“I’m scooping out her brains and decorating a wall with them.” The coffee girl earned a side eye from literally everyone at that, and rightfully so; the girl was extreme to the max.

Both pretender-goddesses realised their mistake when they reached the truly divine and saw the words written on her tits.

Show the world your boobs.

For the lazy coffee girl, that was easy. She hadn't dressed after her dip in the hot spring, so she positioned herself in front of Goddess Paradigm’s phone and posed, bringing her arms inwards to create a cleavage line with her tiny, insignificant titties.

Goddess Paradigm giggled and refocused the camera on herself. The world swooned as attention was brought back to the actually important things here: boobs that were worthy of the world’s attention. Her magnificence overfilled the screens, helping people to recover from having to view the subpar, super-small F-cups of the coffee girl.

Now it was time for the model to put on a show. She never did full-frontal and had excessive experience with the art of teasing, but not revealing. That was going to change now though. She slowly lowered her neckline and grew her cleavage to a still inadequate standard. It was difficult to compete with a goddess, after all. She couldn’t be blamed too much.

As the outfit came off entirely, the viewers got to witness some mediocre tits. Still more brilliant than most others in the Universe, but lacklustre when compared to those of Goddess Paradigm.

Then the air on the rooftop became superheated, reaching a point of incandescence. The glowing air rushed at our ultimate goddess, assailing her with wind and fire, while the blazing light assaulted her eyes and attempted to tear her body apart.

She was unharmed though. Instead, a shimmering, crackling layer surrounded her body, absorbing the stream of photons and stealing the fuel from the fire and air. With expert manipulation of the electrons, Amy reduced the attacks to nothing.

“Ooh, nice try. Not that good though, actually. Can you, like, try getting good?”

To mere mortals, unworthy to directly witness the goddess at work, the entire IHF HQ just seemed to explode. For those who knew and could watch out for it, they saw the electrons break from their bonds in every water molecule nearby, then shift to form diatomic hydrogen and oxygen. After that, a simple spark was enough to blow the entire building away.

With twin looks of annoyance, the coffee girl and the model descended to the ruined remains of the building, hundreds of feet below.

“Why is she allowed to not follow the fucking rules?” Ally whined. “We said we’d blow it up together! And she’s been messing with my thoughts, like, all day because I’m such a pathetic, whiny scrub.”

“Hah! Maybe you just can’t help but admit that I’m, like, actually a goddess and you’re just, like, so mid.”

The Earth rumbled from the coffee girl’s fury. Buildings all around were abruptly pulled underground and viciously torn apart by the savage girl’s unrestrained wrath. The coffee girl looked like she was about to go the way of one of her earlier victims and just explode right there.

“Girls, girls. It’s all okay. Come here, group hug time.” Damien brought an aura of calm with him as he walked through the chaos.

“Eep! Me first!”

The super-cute, superhuman, super-stylish, fantastic, amazing, brilliant, exceptional, wonderful, splendorous, exuberant-

“I think that’s enough of that.” Mary floated in the air above the chaos, watching her equally cute little amazons cuddle around Damien.

Amy had jumped into Damien’s arms immediately and was excitedly telling him about how inspiring Mary was to her. Meanwhile, Ally and Julie had taken a place on either side of him, each resting their head on a shoulder with only slight glares at Amy. After a few moments to show off her walk, Cherie had also joined them with a sly look on her face, strolling from the wreckage of the IHF HQ and now running a hand through Damien’s hair. To complete the set, Georgia suddenly appeared behind him and lifted the group into the air, causing them to sprawl into a pile of tangled limbs and laughter.

Landing some distance away, so as not to interrupt their play, Mary began repairing the IHF HQ. At an atomic level, the structure reformed to her will, rebuilding itself from the ground up. Her attention was briefly distracted by the appearance of a blue blur on the horizon. Smiling knowingly, Mary watched Francis approach her, then turned the ground slick in front of him just as he tried to stop.

Once more, the speedster collided with a pair of head-crushing breasts, but this time he happily sank into their embrace.

“Aww, does the little baby need a hug from mommy?”

“I need you, Mary. I don’t think I can live if I can’t be near you. Please.”

“You want to be my little pet? I don’t know about that, I’d have to ask Damien.” Mary teleported the two of them next to the ongoing superhuman cuddle.

“Look who I found! Damien, he says he wants me to keep him, what do you think?”

Damien extracted himself from the girls; to their great reluctance. He gave Francis a once over, recognising the look of a desperate man.

“She’s all yours, champ.” Damien clapped Francis on the back of his shoulders. “Just make sure you can keep her happy.”

Running a fingernail up Blue Bolt’s costume and tearing it apart, Mary remoulded the fabric in a collar.

“Home time everyone. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” Mary smiled at her new toys. “Good girls get to play before bed.”

Far away from the IHF HQ, a town was experiencing a peculiar phenomenon. Gale force winds blew intermittently east then west, forcing people to hide inside their houses lest they be blown away. A regular thudding noise could also be heard, that same pounding that beckoned the rise of a headache. The noise was so loud that it would have deafened the whole town by itself if the winds hadn’t already seen to that.

Along with the rushing air currents came a scent and a warmth. Any man who hadn’t made it inside remained trapped in the street as their arousal grew debilitating. Erections hard and legs soft, men littered the streets as a recently-ascended goddess touched down on a nondescript road.

Majestic wore 8-inch, black, platform heels, created for her by Apex. Her smokey black outfit clung tightly around her wide hips and pinched in closely at the waist. The plunging neckline allowed almost a full foot of cleavage to show off her K-cup breasts, and she was very obviously not wearing a bra underneath her costume. Currently standing at 8’9” in her heels, Majestic would be able to stand behind most people on Earth and put them in the shadow of her tits.

Assuming that any mortal could have remained standing when they were that close to her.

The collapsed men could see clearly now the source of the hurricane: Majestic was breathing. Each exhalation sent a super-powered gust of air across the world, laced with the scent of her breath. Each inhalation was significant enough to reduce the atmospheric pressure of the surrounding region noticeably. The men were becoming more lightheaded the longer she spent nearby.

The source of the pounding took a little longer to figure out, but the source was far more terrifying. Majestic’s heartbeat was powerful enough to nearly defeat an entire city of people without her exerting any effort at all. Her heart rate increased in excitement as she landed, bursting the eardrums of every resident within several hundred feet of her.

The landing itself was disastrous. The ground shook, and a blast of air spread from her point of contact. Those in their homes who had managed to remain standing fell to their knees, just in time to dodge the laceration of their shattering windows. Roofs were torn from houses and the men left on the streets were tossed into the air. Most died on impact with more solid objects but some were sent far into the distance, disappearing into the atmosphere. Many would asphyxiate before they ever landed.

Each step that Majestic took sent an earthquake through the city. Buildings started to collapse from this additional, persistent pounding. Shockwaves travelled deep through the crust of the Earth and into the mantle. Hundreds of miles away, a volcano erupted as the ripples spread out from Majestic’s boots.

Looking with complete disdain at the town around her, Majestic flicked back her long, blonde hair, creating a sonic boom that destroyed all matter within a three-mile-long cone behind her.

“Fuck. I didn’t mean to do that one.” Majestic was unfazed though, and immensely happy with her new power level.

Looking back at the ravaged landscape she witnessed the ground catch up to the effects of her hair toss as it writhed upwards and buckled into the sky. The area of the disaster was cleanly cut, with buildings along the edges of the cone having been perfectly bisected, along with the people inside.

“Oh well, sucks to be them I guess.” Majestic was on a mission and she wasn’t going to worry about a little bit of collateral damage.

Although, maybe her definition of ‘a little bit’ of damage had changed recently.

After she had let off some steam in Australia, Majestic had been refraining from using her speed. Venting out some of her frustration quickly had been a blessing, but this was more personal. Majestic planned to draw out the fun that she could have here for a whole lot longer.

It was difficult though. She was currently demonstrating an astonishing level of self-control to use this little of her new power. Honestly, she had no idea how Apex had managed to hold herself back for so long. The temptation to just fuck every guy on the planet to death was permanently at the forefront of her mind. It would have taken seconds, if not less. If he had a girlfriend, too bad, she’d better get out of the way quickly or end up between the two of them. That had happened a few times in Australia and it had not ended well for the girls.

But for now, Majestic had come home. And she was incredibly eager to reconnect with all of her old conquests.

There were a lot of them. Majestic had never really been able to fully satisfy herself, so took to finding casual partners. It gave her a bit of a reputation but still got her nowhere: none of the guys were good enough to get her to climax. With her powers, everything changed. She had been able to force guys to let her be on top, to control the pace, to make the event about both participants, not just the guy.

Apparently, that had been too much for them though. Too many guys who loved to whine, with too soft an ego. Now she was really going to show them what dominance meant.

Majestic paused for a moment and closed her eyes. Her womanhood was heating up, adding her perfumed musk to the scents being exuded by her body. She had no doubt that the aroma of her pussy alone was enough to cripple a man, if not outright kill him. Pathetic human hearts just couldn’t keep up with girls like her.

Though, Majestic did find herself wondering what Apex would do in this situation. Her idol had never really been a sexual person, at least not in an obvious way. Majestic had still happily masturbated to the antics of Armageddon, tripping on the power fantasy and wishing for the chance to be a supe like her. It all made sense now though. Mary was devoted to Damien, so wouldn’t display that side of herself to the wider world.

Majestic had no such qualms.

She casually picked up a car as she walked past it and began compressing the metal between her fingers. With each pinch, another section of the car turned to liquid and dripped to the ground. Using her other hand, Majestic opened the lower half of her costume. With her pussy now exposed to the world, she hoisted the exposed engine above her head and allowed the oil and molten metal to spill over her. Majestic guided the slick fluids over her body, making it glisten and shine.

When the rest of the car had been compressed to a cylinder with a length of about two-foot and a four-inch diameter, Majestic placed the oiled tip to the slick folds of her lower lips. She expertly controlled her vaginal muscles, drawing the car inside her, compressing it with more force every second, deforming the metal further and causing jagged, torn edges to lovingly caress the most sensitive region of her body.

One final crunch sounded as the metal was compacted to a below-microscopic size and lost inside Majestic’s pussy. It hadn’t been nearly enough to satisfy her.

The timing was spot on though. Majestic had arrived at her first destination. As she strolled around the house, Majestic’s heels carved into the ground. The cracks connected underneath the foundations and allowed her to place the tip of her boot under them. Then, with a casual flick of her foot, she kicked the building into the air. The house, along with the pavement below it, sailed into the sky, having weighed nothing to the super girl. Majestic followed it, rising from the Earth with a light tap of her boots.

The force of Majestic taking flight sent further waves of pressure through the air and ground, causing the air-bound house to soar further upwards and blasting open the walls of the adjacent houses on the street. Bodies inside were thrown into the opposite wall and crushed under Majestic’s pressure or the weight of a collapsing ceiling.

Easily catching up to the flying house, Majestic ploughed her body through the underside, appearing in a living room. She took one glance at Johnnie’s mother and father, unleashing brilliant white beams of light from her eyes and incinerating them.

“Nice day isn’t it, Johnnie? Still think I’m too loud and assertive?” Majestic’s voice shook the house with its volume, sending the walls crumbling apart around her. Her head drove through the already inadequate ceiling as it began to cave in.

Majestic dropped to all fours, slowly crawling across the room and towards her ex-boyfriend. Her breasts swung back and forth with every shuffle forward as she wiggled her ass in the air behind her.

“Want me to be a submissive little kitten again, Johnnie? Or are you going to fucking complain that I like to play too much?”

Entirely unable to speak, Johnnie’s body seized up as he came in his pants, jerking violently.

“You fucking asshole!” Majestic yelled, finishing tearing apart the house with her exclamation. “You already fucking came! What the fuck is wrong with you!”

The heat created by Majestic’s shout vapourised the air in front of her, boiling Johnnie’s skin from his body as he began to scream.

“Fuck, I love that sound! Don’t worry Johnnie, there was never any way I was going to fuck you again after you complained so much the last time.” Majestic grinned and leaned over Johnnie, breasts hanging dangerously close to his crotch. “I’m going to give you a blow job instead.”

A simple sigh of sexual pleasure from Majestic tore Johnnie’s body apart.

“He always was a lousy fuck.”

Descending back to Earth with a new skip in her step, Majestic flew from one foot to the other, now leaving impact craters behind with each footfall. Johnnie was a fun starter, but she needed some action, fast.

And talking of fast, Adam was the next stop.

His house had already started to fall apart, so Majestic leapt up to the roof in an arc, crashing down through the ceiling and killing Adam’s deadbeat older brother as her heel split his body in two.

“Hey, Adam! I'm in the neighbourhood for a quick fuck and obviously that made me think of you. Still being a prick about girls not needing to orgasm?”

Shaking the bloody remains of his brother off her boots, Majestic approached Adam and tilted his head up to meet her eyes over the incredible swell of her tits.

“Here’s the deal, quickshot. If you manage to get me off, I’ll give you the world’s greatest orgasm. It’ll kill you, but you’ll die happy. Really happy.” Majestic began to stroke herself with her spare hand. “Fail and I’m gonna use you until you break, and make you experience hell in the process. You’ve got thirty seconds. I know you won’t last any longer anyway.”

Adam tried to scramble away, but Majestic stuck a foot out behind him. He collapsed to the floor, pedalling backwards as Majestic kept pace, looming over him. Her boot came down on his crotch, trapping the fabric and ripping through his jeans. A beam of white light set the rest of his clothes ablaze and he screamed as he tried to remove them.

“Ooh, not too bad so far. Time is running out, but this is getting me soaked. Much better than you ever did as a boyfriend.”

At least Majestic didn’t have a ceiling to worry about this time. She could instead stand patiently waiting, smirk on her face and hands on her hips as she proudly presented her soaked sex to Adam. She pursed her lips and blew very lightly, just enough to smother the flames and reduce Adam’s body temperature to an uncomfortable, but not just lethal, degree.

The shivering mess of a man spent his last few seconds feebly attempting to reach up to Majestic. His eyelids blearily opened against the cold, giving a pleading look through semi-solid tears.

“Time’s up, Adam. My turn.”

A flick of her swollen bud sent a droplet of Majestic’s fluid at Adam’s mouth. The taste forced his body into convulsions and his cock stiffened even further, becoming rock hard erection that would never fade. His balls churned as he started cumming, but before he could manage to experience the world’s greatest orgasm Majestic’s pussy descended onto him. Her vaginal muscles prevented his release, tensing firmly around his inadequate size. Climax prevented, Adam’s manhood swelled with his unexpelled seed, guided to a much more suitable size by the actions of the goddess riding him.

“Apex gave me a little present. She saw how much I love dominating guys, so she thought I could make use of a power she wasn’t interested in.”

Majestic leaned forward. Her breasts caved in Adam’s chest, snapping every rib and putting an end to his continued flailing. She put her mouth against Adam’s ear and whispered in tones oozing salacious sex appeal.

“When a guy is inside me, I can do whatever I fucking want with them.”

Adam’s body warped, bulging biceps appearing on his arms, a six-pack forming, thighs becoming thick as his leg muscles swelled.

“If only any guy I’d ever had sex with was actually decent enough to deserve that.”

Within the next fraction of a second, Majestic pounded Adam’s body hundreds of thousands of times, forcing her insatiable pussy to slurp up his cock while reality caught up to her actions. Adam remained rigid while Majestic used him, not even comprehending what was happening to him. As causality reasserted itself, the universe noticed the immensely pressurised vacuum created by Majestic’s cock-devouring pussy. Adam’s body practically flew dick first into her. His hips cracked as they passed her vaginal canal and his upper body burst in torrents of visceral gore as he was entirely drawn into Majestic. The material that had previously made up a living person was compressed to thousands of times its natural density as Adam disappeared from existence and into the body of the undeniable goddess.

And Adam experienced every moment of the pain. Majestic wanted him to.

With her body now covered in blood, Majestic rose from the floor and shook herself dry. The effect was akin to a grenade going off. Droplets of blood flew like bullets across the landscape, piercing through everything they touched. The walls now joined the upper floors in collapse around her, perforated by tiny holes.

She still hasn’t orgasmed yet though. Maybe being a bit less forceful with Adam would have accomplished it, but there was no way that Majestic was going to lower her standards. If a guy couldn’t make her climax, she’d just keep going through them until one did.

The next house was nearby, so Majestic decided to walk to this one. While her steps now appeared far more gentle, carefully placed pressure on her heels sent spikes of pressure into the Earth, quickly creating a new fault line deep in the crust on the Earth. Magma slowly rose through the cracks, beginning to heat up the entire town.

This time, the door of the house opened before Majestic reached it. Kyle stood clutching the door frame with blood dripping from a cut to his face. Behind him was a body lying partially under a collapsed ceiling.

“Jennif—” Kyle started to yell out at Majestic but was prevented from finishing his cry as her fist took his head clean from his body.

“I fucking hate that name and you fucking know it.” Majestic was literally glowing with rage now, the air temperature rising to the thousands of degrees around her and igniting.

Her hand had immediately been cleaned of any blood by the intense heat, but Majestic stared at it in annoyance for a moment. She’d chosen a new name. Literally the entire world knew it. Why did the idiot insist on calling her by the name of a pathetic nobody?

Now in a particularly foul mood, Majestic stomped a foot barely into the ground, then again and again. She repeated the motion, getting faster and slightly deeper with each stomp, slowly pounding the concrete into dust. Microscopically fine, incredibly lethal shards of dust. Her motion kicked the powder cloud up her legs and into a vortex around her lower body. The speed of the swirling shards picked up further as the vortex rose higher. Pleased with the appearance of the tornado around her lower body but still fuming with barely contained rage at her previous life, Majestic continued her walk through the town.

Majestic’s anger was still building. She needed to let some of it out before she did something she might regret. Like destroying one of her ex-boyfriends too quickly. Enormously wide beams erupted from Majestic’s eyes. The white-hot lasers tore through a swath of houses, forming a more direct path for her. The more fortunate residents were immediately incinerated by the intensity of Majestic’s power.

Those unfortunate enough to survive the instant death delivered by a glance from the wrathful goddess were subjected to her presence close-up as she walked through the burning wreckage she had made of their homes. The vacuum created by Majestic’s personal hurricane pulled in the awestruck, terrified survivors as the concrete shrapnel eviscerated their bodies. Skin was eroded and muscle was stripped from bones until they were scoured entirely clean, as though sandpaper had been rapidly applied to the victims. Then those too broke apart. The tornado was now accompanied by a much whiter powder as the pulverised bones were added to the mix.

Lifting herself into the air and blowing lightly, Majestic further intensified the rushing winds around her. Body heating up once more, she created a funnel of air rising from the ground and towards her boots. Then, she positioned herself over the start of a new street of houses and moved forwards. Roofs were ripped off and violently thrown at her body by the winds, to no effect on Majestic. People were helplessly lifted into the air, colliding with Majestic’s heels and thighs, splattering their bodies against hers as they tumbled through the tumultuous torrents of air.

Breathing a sigh of relief at the end of the street, the winds instantly dissipated. Looking back, Majestic smiled, feeling significantly calmer. She hadn’t really wanted to fuck any of those guys again, so no real loss there. The feeling of them breaking against her boots and thighs had been amazing though, like a sensual massage. Majestic’s frown returned when she realised that nobody had ever actually offered her that kind of sensual massage before. Time to rectify that.

On to the next guy. Seth had always been a layabout waste of space. He’d been reaching way above his level by getting with Majestic, but she had never been especially picky with her standards. One cock was much like another in her experience. But this one hadn’t appreciated her at all. At least a few of them realised how lucky they had been to have a chance with a bombshell like her. Seth had been far more focused on his own shortcomings, directing his impotent rage at Majestic. A short guy with an inferiority complex, he’d actually refused to go out with her in public because she was so much taller than him in her heels. The memory of his malicious comments and jibes at her body stoked Majestic’s ire to boiling point.

Using some even larger heels than the ones Seth had hated, Majestic kicked down his house.

She darted to each corner, knocking out a supporting wall, then leapt into the air and punted the upper floors into the stratosphere. The building disintegrated along with Seth’s family.

Seth himself lay naked in his basement room, masturbating on his bed.

“I’m destroying the town and you’re jacking off down here? What the actual fuck!?”

Seth didn’t reply, but Majestic could see the issue. He had already cum, probably multiple times, to a video of her from his doorbell camera.

“You are a fucking disappointment, Seth.”

Raising her crotch over his masturbating figure, Majestic descended onto Seth’s cock, taking him inside her. She removed his hand from his dick and decided to break his fingers in the process for good measure. Pinning his arms above his head, Majestic put her lips against Seth’s ear.

“I’m an even bigger girl now, Seth. I know you always hated my height, and that was back when I was only a few inches taller than you. Imagine though, what if I was a hundred times bigger than you?”

Seth shrunk into Majestic’s pussy, his whole body suddenly as big as her clit. The aroma, humidity and heat should have killed him outright at his new size, but Majestic kept him alive, using a finger significantly larger than him to slip the ex-boyfriend deep inside her, squirming as he went.

“Oh, Apex, this is fucking incredible! I’m almost there, I’m almost there!” Majestic thrust an additional finger in, using her other hand to knead ferociously against her clit.

As small as he had been before, Seth was minuscule now. He just wasn’t going to be enough for her. Majestic needed more.

The next fifteen guys Majestic found were in similar states to Seth: almost catatonic, masturbating themselves to death from her presence. She eagerly devoured them into her pussy, creating a living vibrator for herself, the tiny squirming men bringing her more pleasure than she’d ever experienced before. She was so close.

One last guy might do it and she knew just who to pick. Honestly, Majestic was surprised that he hadn’t shown up yet – Justin was supposed to be the local hero of the town.

The reason was obvious in hindsight. No one was immune to Majestic’s completely overwhelming presence. Justin was also masturbating in his room when Majestic found him. He looked a whole lot more impressive doing so than the rest of the town though. Almost 7’ tall, with a dick that exceeded a foot in length and so thick that Justin couldn’t wrap his hand around it, Majestic almost began to drool at the sight of him. The memory of that immense dick completely filling her made Majestic pant a little, blowing away all surrounding houses. Her pussy churned through her tiny captive lovers in anticipation.

Justin, the lucky guy who had acquired the body and skills of a sex god for his 18th birthday, was the last person Majestic had fucked before leaving for the IHF. He also held the title of being the closest person to ever get her off. Time for Majestic to use him to achieve that.

When Majestic entered Justin’s vision, he came explosively and sprayed the air with his potent, voluminous ejaculation. Majestic quickly slurped the entire excessive load from the sky with an inhalation and a lick of her lips. Not only was Justin’s cum an aphrodisiac – it was also delicious. Though, if Majestic had been anyone else, it would have turned her into a submissive slut for him to command.

The premature climax didn’t bother Majestic this time. She knew that Justin could go for hours, regardless of how many times he orgasmed.

“Do you think you can handle me, Justin? I know you like to be the big man, riding on top, but I don’t think you’re in any state for that.” Majestic mounted Justin’s cock, easily swallowing the entire length. “I’m gonna need to make you a bigger man to satisfy a woman like me though.”

Majestic took control of Justin’s body, causing his enormous manhood to swell ever larger inside her. She started riding, manipulating her internal muscles to reposition her sixteen tiny captives. As Justin grew inside her, the other guys were forced against his bulk, pressed firmly against the flesh of an overwhelming monster while inside of an even greater one. Men began popping inside of Majestic. Her climax was approaching, she could feel it. She was so close…

Justin evaporated from ecstasy beneath her.

“You stole it! You fucking stole my orgasm, you selfish fucker!” Majestic screamed as his body dissolved into the air. “And you couldn’t fucking handle it, could you? You pathetic, worthless fuckers! This whole town is worthless!”

Majestic had reached her limit now. No more playing nice with the townspeople. No more holding back and hoping a guy could please her. No more sleazy guys or super-perverts stealing her pleasure away from her.

She flew to the end of the town, digging her feet deep into the Earth when she reached it. Now submerged in the rock, Majestic began to push her feet towards the centre of the town, while she flew at beyond light speed around the outskirts. With each circuit, she got faster, covering a shorter distance as she reduced her radius, using her body to force the landscape inwards, ever further inwards, the majesty of nature succumbing to her motion. The entire town was being compressed inwards, the landscape itself, the crust of the Earth being annihilated as she drove the material closer together. Magma spilt out from below, coating Majestic and slowly trickling into the gap left in her wake.

People occasionally appeared in Majestic’s vision before being instantly forced to merge with solid rock. The density of the material continued to grow as the town itself was demolished.

One single house remained now. Right at the centre of Majestic’s rampage. A house she’d spent a lot of time in and wished she hadn’t. Her childhood home was crushed by the wall of advancing rock and fury produced by Majestic until she could grab the billions of tons of rock and squeeze it into a cylindrical shape.

With no further hesitation, Majestic forced the town-turned-dildo deep inside her, the dense, rigid structure handled like modelling clay by her pussy. There was a grinding, crunching sound, and then just a single drop of magma remained. The superdense remnant of Majestic’s latest conquest dripped to join the molten rock below. The Earth shook from the impact force, but those vibrations paled by orders of magnitude compared to the quakes emanating from Majestic’s body as she moaned in long-awaited orgasm.

The surrounding atmosphere disappeared, sent into space and forever lost. The molten landscape below flattened, forced downwards by the pressure radiating from Majestic’s womanhood. Her fluids shot out, carving a path directly through the planet and carrying the immensely dense drop of magma with them, bursting out the other side of the planet and scattering the entire European continent apart.

Eyes rolling, body shuddering, the world around Majestic changed. For hundreds of miles, men died in droves, their bodies overwhelmed by their own inadequacy as they forcibly drained their life energy out through their permanent erections in worship of their new goddess. The air was thick with the scent of Majestic, winds sweeping out from her body and soon covering the entire planet.

But Majestic wasn’t aware of any of this. Her own pleasure had proved even better than she imagined, wiping her out completely. The snoozing goddess sank into the ruptured mantle as gentle arms picked her up and carried her away.

“I think she’s waking up. Did you mean to give her that much power?”

“I wanted to see what she would do with it. I definitely wasn’t disappointed.”

Majestic felt good. She was comfy, cosy and above all else, satisfied. Damien and Apex were on the sofa at the other end of her room.

“I feel so good,” Majestic floated out of her bed and towards the couple. “Seriously good.”

“Come down here, you silly thing.” Mary looked up at Majestic and smiled, making space for Majestic to lie on the sofa.

“I killed them all. Every single one of those dumb fucks who screwed me over.” Majestic turned to Mary. “And you let me do it.”

“Mary is the kindest person I’ve ever met. She’ll move the world to help a friend; possibly literally now.” Damien indicated for Majestic to place her head on his lap. “Here, let me help.”

With a firm hand and a precise touch, Damien massaged Majestic’s head, putting pressure on just the right places to make her sigh gently in pleasure. After a few minutes, he gestured for Mary and Majestic to switch positions, doing the same for Mary.

“Worked out all your anger now?” Mary asked, head in Damien’s lap.

“If I say yes, does that mean I have to stop destroying things?”

“Nope. It means I promote you. Have a think about it, Majestic. Even with as much power as I’ve added to you, your body could handle a whole lot more.” Mary turned her head and pouted her lips upwards, indicating for Damien to kiss her.

“We should leave her be for a while.” Damien planted a kiss on Mary’s lips, who floated back up alongside him as his head rose again. “Just let Mary know what you want for yourself, Majestic. I know she’ll be happy to help you if you need it.”

They left, and as the door closed behind them, Majestic whispered under her breath.

“You know, I think I get what you see in him now.”

Mary smiled as she picked up Damien and teleported away.

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