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Birth of the Undead – Movements, Chapter 2

Written by kshoo :: [Saturday, 18 March 2023 04:39] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 March 2023 12:20]

<Outer Space >

It’s been a while since she last came out here. In the vast open area that is the darkness and space, there’s always the peace and quiet that came with being out here alone. While Kal might have offered his Fortress of Solitude to her, it really wasn’t quite the same, chief of which it is a shared space and not really belonging to her as it belongs to him, a legacy Jor-El left to his only child.

Having grown up in a now defunct alien civilisation, she came up here with her own powers sometimes to reminisce about her time back when she would just look up to the night sky in Kryptopolis. Back in the day, she would look at the stars in the sky with her parents and friends, discussing and imagining all about the exotic planets that she would be able to visit should she join the Space Corp one day when she grew up, space exploration technology of Krypton being as advanced as it could be. Even at the relatively young age, a few of those sessions had also led to the initial exploration of her own budding sexuality, and would have progressed from hand-holding and cheek-kissing, maybe even to something more serious and definitely more x-rated.

As fate would have it, the planet blew up along with everything and everyone else; Now, she’s the only female member left of her long dead race, not counting those that are still being held in the Phantom Zone. But thanks to the energizing yellow sun’s radiation powering her Kryptonian body, she is able to now floating in the wide expanse of outer space surrounded by a wholly different set of stars all around under her own power. If she wished to, with her current amazing abilities she could actually fly and visit any those places, her flight and superspeed a very practical means of traveling vast expanse of space within a short space of time.

Floating out here today however she was just trying to gather her thoughts and think things through. True to the current personal preference, Supergirl is wearing her latest two-piece red-and-blues long-sleeved powertop, paired with a similar-coloured short-skirt with matching undies beneath, leaving her toned midriff bare. After what happened barely two weeks ago, there is now a bigger reason to keep them revealed. Or rather, six reasons, as Kara chuckled to herself even as she tensed her abs to produce the washboard again, before relaxing and letting them melt away again beneath her soft and supple skin. The top is now tighter than before, the exotic fabric stretching more to contain the swell of her now larger busoms which stretched the <S> sign even wider, while her skirt is now only able to extend partly down her thighs given the slight growth spurt her body went through, making her hips and butt larger while also pushing her height up a few more inches touching 5”10, resulting a few unhappy remarks from Alex who is now clearly the shorter sibling.


While the fabric is still functioning as it should, there were the few times where she had experimentally flexed to her max physique when Kara thought she might have pushed the Kryptonian fabric beyond its limits, though ultimately they held. In space, with the solar rays shining directly on her well-endowed and athletic body, she could actually feel her feminine bulges on her arms, legs and her curvaceous mammaries expanding ever so slightly as she thrust them out in delightful youthful fashion in response to the influx of energy.

All said and done, things still turned out alright even though there were bumps along the way. Now that her ‘elder sister’ is now a keeper of her secret identity, there’s definitely something there with regards to having stronger relationship with humans, especially the Earth family that took her in.

Alex had however erred on the side of caution, actually asking her to hold on about telling her adopted parents about her true lineage. “Don’t want to shock them”; “Too much to take in” and on and on went the lecture. Though Kara knows in her heart that Fred and Eliza Danvers are built of sturdier stuff, she eventually gave in more due to Kal’s own advice to her previously, about how it could potentially put the people that she cared about in more danger should her secret identity is widely known. Most certainly is that with all the latest social media shares on the Internet and the advancement of phone cameras and what not, one accidental well-positioned photo or video could easily bring enemies to the Danvers’ doorstep.

Nevertheless, she still took upon herself to now protect her new family members, just like she would protect Kal-El and even Lois despite them being able to take care of themselves. Kara had tuned her superhearing and other senses so as to memorize the heartbeats and smell of their blood and bodyscent of Fred, Eliza and Alex. That way, if they were in any danger at any time, she will be there to help. After all, that’s what family are for.

Which then brought her mind back to events a day ago when they were all preparing for dinner.

Always keeping abreast of things, Kara’s sensitive hearing had picked up the frantic broadcast police chatter about a standoff at the National City civic hall, where despite the cold during the upcoming holiday season, there was still a sizeable crowd braving the weather protesting the latest policies by the city mayor on rezoning a major part of the city’s green lung to make way for new construction and development. The relatively peaceful protest led by environmentalists and student activists had some clouds coming towards them when the chatter from local police force from other parts of the city reported seeing another group of people congregating and then marching towards the city hall from a totally different location, all looking burly and seemingly having ill-intent carved on their facial expression. Upon request, Fred Danvers together with thirty men from the Midvale-Leesville area had gone over to support the policing effort.

Making quick eye contact with Alex and then excusing herself to work on a last-minute assignment, Kara moved upstairs and did a quick change into her skin-tight costume before exiting from the bedroom window. Flying out to the city took only a minute. Touching down on the roof of office tower overlooking the Civic Hall building, she had a bird’s eye view of the entire scene.

Not a moment too soon, for the two groups of people have actually started to shout and jostle against each other despite the setting up of a no-mans-land between the two; the police force standing in between with the police cordons. While the environmental protestors seemed to have the upper hand in terms of people, the other unknown group looked more aggressive and intimidating. Judging from their attire they look like consutrction workers with their underlying overalls and blue-collar attire beneath their jackets. With her vampiric senses, Kara could actually smell the mix of adrenaline together with not a little alcohol going among the more aggressive pack, which seemed to be raring to have a go at their opponents should any opportunity presented itself.

Focusing her remarkable baby blues on the entire area with her x-ray vision, she quickly saw that a number of them on both sides seemed to have come prepared. This included blunt-weapons and makeshift tools with them, and while she had expected the burly group to be the potential aggressor, that a number of the people among the environmentalists and activists are also armed brought a sense of dread to the Last Daughter of Krypton. It was just as well that Fred Danvers and his team were acting as reserve, awating orders on the sideline, for if her superhearing were any indication, the shouts and taunts were merely precursor for things to come.

While she didn’t catch the initial ignition to the entire fracas, her high vantage point had a clear line of sight of how the vanguards from the burly side slowly pushing the police force, forcing the wall of blue slowly but surely backwards to shrink the buffer zone. Then, all it took were a few tossed placards and stones, and things started to go downhill from there as many of the hidden weapons were quickly revealed from the more aggressive pack, and they started to charging against, and succeeded in pushing the police, forcing them backward.

While the supporting police force from the side responded quickly to try and contain the entire situation, Kara was even faster. Quickly she floated upwards, giving her a birds’ eye view over the entire area. Her baby blues quickly turned red as they powered up with the heat of the sun, and with superspeed, she quickly blasted her multiple heat vision blasts to take out multiple weapons that were brandished, removing them out of play to try an contain the debacle as the police pushed back hard to contain the crowd. Many of those who were disarmed and tried to pick up items on the ground or from discarded items, quickly let go of their weapons as like a mobile disco-lightball in the sky, Supergirl fired pulse bursts of her heat vision across the chilly gey sky, heating all of those weapons out until they became too hot to handle.


But even so, the crowd and the police just seemed to get rowdier, and just before the entire thing went south, a sudden loud “BANG” was heard. Most people took cover and dove onto the ground, more out of bewilderment than in fear initially. Shifting her gaze, Kara saw that it was Fred Danvers who had fired that one shot. The Commisioner of Police for Midvale-Leesburg had ran up the steps and sent a shot straight up into the sky, seizing the initiative to break the chain of chaos first, allowing the men and women in blue time to regain their composure, restore their ground and push both groups futher away from each other. Then, he spoke quickly but calmly into a mike that had been patched into a series of speakers around the plaza, trying to get protestors to disperse immediately from the area.  

It was in the midst of all that when Kara’s remarkable hearing picked up the familiar cocking of guns along the outskirts of the area surrounding the plaza and city hall. In a heartbeat, the Girl of Steel appeared in front of the speaking Commissioner Danvers and not a moment too soon when she felt the familiar taps of small steel hitting different parts of her body as Supergirl took at least six shots aimed at the podium, the bullets bouncing off harmlessly from her deceptively slim and athletic body. Her eyes flutttered slightly as her body felt tingly all over, and it felt good when one bullet actually hit her right nipple while another hit her underboob.


Standing with her trademark superhero pose with both fists on her hips, she widened her stance and thrust out her chest further, hoping to offer herself with that big red <S> as an alternative target.  A few foolish ones took the bait, and as more bullets still came towards her, Kara plucked them out from the air with her hand in a burst of superspeed, before sending them all back with a flick of her fingers, all of them hitting the shooters’ guns and causing them all to clatter to the floor in a midst of cries of surprise and pain. It brought the entire ridiculous saga to an end as the shooters’ position among the crowd were readily exposed from Supergirl’s feat.

“You saved my sorry old butt today Supergirl, no doubt about that.” It was at least thirty minutes later when Fred Danvers spoke to her. Kara had continued to hover about and helping those who were partially trampled or hurt by the initial fracas, even helping to clear a path for emergency services who arrived at the scene later. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure Commissioner Danvers. I’ve heard a lot about your work from my cousin when you were in Metropolis, and I’m glad to be of help.” Kara beamed with pride.

“Really? Now THAT’s an acknowledgement anyone would love to have, being vouched for by Superman. And to be frank, you do look familiar somehow...” Fred squinted his eyes as he looked at Kara’s face harder, as if trying to place her. Kara quickly changed subjects.

“Well, the papers and the internet do have quite a few pictures of me and my cousin, so maybe that’s why. But more importantly I wanted to get your opinion about what happened just now. Something very odd.”

Fred Danvers smiled. “You mean the trajectory of the bullets?” He laughed a little when he saw Kara’s eyes open wide. “I thought so. What can you tell me about them?”

“The initial few shots came in from up high, and I’ve passed on the locations to your team. But more importantly, why were they aiming at you? And actually, you also don’t seem all that surprised to be shot at...”

Commissioner Danvers shrugged. “In my line of work, being targeted is part and parcel of our thing. Thing is, from what you just told me, these guys were positioned there. Waiting. I don’t believe they were aiming for me in particular today; Me running up to the top of the steps was actually a spur of the moment action. It could have been anyone else standing here, and I suspect they would still have taken the shots.”

“But that doesn’t make sense.”

“Sometimes, in order to further an agenda, you just need to start a major problem. It doesn’t matter who the person who stands there, and they chalk it all off to acceptable collateral damage.” He patted her on the shoulder. “In any case, without you today, this entire afternoon would have turned out really different this time, and instead of going home for dinner I would be in the hospital. Or worse. Say, maybe you should come for dinner? I’m sure Eliza, Alex and Linda would be thrilled to have you.” While she had politely declined that nice gesture, that she was included as part of Fred Danvers’ family warmed her heart to no end.

It gave a glimpse of how Fred Danvers approached the entire situation. Calm, composed, willing to be the first mover if necessary. Deep down, Kara felt joy and more than a little proud that she had been there to protect her adoptive father from harm.

With that, she finally smoothen her skirt, and then in a gentle push to flip backwards in the vast outer space, and a burst of speed to take her back towards her adopted blue planet, plummeting through the atmosphere at a speed that would have been ten times the speed of sound.

But not towards her current home to Midvale.

Not yet.

When Supergirl burst through the clouds, she turned instead towards the North, towards the Fortress first.

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