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Misery's End – Chapter 9

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 25 March 2023 13:10] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 25 March 2023 13:33]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 9: I’ll Make A Mess Out Of You.

“Seriously, eww. I can’t believe I’m even letting you use my spare controller. There’s, like, blood all over your fingernails. Why are you so disgusting? Go, like, wash your hands or something.

Water burst out of the wall as the pipes ruptured, showering Ally and Amy with hot water.

“Oh em ayy! Double you, tee, actual eff is wrong with you?”

“Washing my hands, bitch. What the fuck does OMA mean?”

“Oh my Apex? Get with the times, loser, she’s, like, totally God.”

“Urgh, you are such a fucking dumbass. How do we even do this?”

“Well, first I make you clean up the mess you just made, then I totally trash you at Wicked Racers while millions of people watch.”

Amy’s bedroom was neon pink and covered in posters from video games and anime. Every poster bore the signature of the main voice actors, acquired by Amy over the past few weeks. Currently though, water dripped off half of them and the pipes were in the process of flooding the room.

A thought from Ally corrected that. Following Amy’s instruction, she willed the dampness to leave the walls, posters and carpet, causing it to flow back into the pipes and freeze over, blocking the leaks.

“Isn’t that a sixty-player game? Who are the other fifty-eight players?”

“So, I posted about our little bet and offered a place to anyone who wanted to join in. There were like, thousands of fans who jumped at a chance to play with me.”

“Sure you didn’t, I dunno, mind control them all?”

“En gee el, literally didn’t need to. I kinda think people are scared of what’ll happen if they don’t keep us happy.”

“Good. Because the next time someone makes me unhappy I’m gonna pump water into their nose until their lungs explode.”

“Eww. Bad Ally. Stop being disgusting.”

“Cool, now I know what I’m doing to you when I win.”

“No gross stuff and, like, no murdering each other. Damien told us to play nice.” Amy’s eyes glazed over with thoughts of their master as she mentally booted up the game. “Anyway, when I win, I’m gonna make you, like, recite the entire script of every anime ever. You have to do the voices too.”

“Now that’s gross.”

The game quickly loaded onto the enormous screen taking up one of the walls. A camera flickered to life in the corner as Amy started the stream.

“Heeeeey, all you lovely little minions out there. Goddess Paradigm is bringing, like, an extra special stream today, so make sure you praise me. We even have a special guest! I mean, she’s kind of mid compared to me, but still, like, a bazillion times better than any of you scrubs.”

”Aww, thanks, Amy! For that, I’ll make sure I only burst one of your lungs. Maybe vapourise a kidney instead? You only need one of those, right?”

“So gross. Don’t worry about me, little minions. Ally thinks she’s such hot stuff now because she’s been spending time with Cherie. Real ones know that she’s actually just a hot mess, though.”

“I’m fucking hot and I’ll make a mess out of you if that’s what you mean.”

Ally’s body began to glow, a heat haze wafting off of her, warping the surrounding air and setting the bedsheets aflame.

“Hey! Like, cool it, right now! I need those to sleep in!” Amy pouted. “They’re my cutest ones too.”

With a sigh, Ally extinguished the flames, reducing her body temperature to a chilly degree in the process.

“You know how to play this, right? Like, you’ve played video games before?”

“Who the fuck hasn’t played video games before?” Ally scowled at Amy. “But, err, just for the viewers, maybe explain how the game works?”

“Oh em ayy, you’ve never played Wicked Racers before, have you? This is so cute. She’s like a precious little gamer virgin.”

Now blushing furiously, Ally kept her head down as her cheeks reddened.

“Wait… seriously? You’re actually a virgin!?” Amy stared at Ally, completely aghast. “I mean, I totally was too before I got these powers, but double you tee eff have you been doing with all the groupies I see you with?”

“I, err, get… overexcited…”

“You kill them before you get to the actual sex, you mean?”

“Shut up! It’s not my fault, okay? They just break so easily and I find it really difficult to stop. I was kissing this one girl last night and I closed my eyes, getting into it, you know?” Ally closed her eyes as she reminisced. “When I opened them, I’d collapsed her chest and drank all the fluid out of her body!”

“So gross. I can’t believe that Julie called me the group psycho, like, she obvs hasn’t spent enough time with you.”

“Are you going to tell me how the game works or just keep being a fucking asshole? Or you could try getting any of the other girls to play with you? Good luck with that.”

“Oh em ayy, that’s so mean! You know it’s just because they’re ‘too busy for silly games’.” Amy put on a poor impression of Julie as she mocked her. “Fine. You have a little vehicle, with a cute little racer. You have to collect these, like, power-ups and use them to damage the other players. Get hit three times, you lose. Got it?”

“So it’s Racing Day for tryhards? Got it.”

“Ess em aitch, let’s just start.” Amy perked up again when she remembered her latest addition to her streaming set-up. “Hey, look what I rigged up!”

Around the edge of the screen, sixty little boxes appeared. Each bore a live feed of a current player, Amy and Ally included. They were a predictable bunch, mostly nerdy guys in their early twenties, with a couple of cute girls and the occasional older player. Amy noticed Ally’s eyes being drawn to all the girls on screen.

“Okay minions, choose your racer. We’re starting in, like, one minute!”

Zipping through the menus and choosing her usual pink-haired racer, neon pink bike and top-tier enhancements, Amy finished character selection within a few seconds. Ally, on the other hand, was entirely lost in the interface. There were hundreds of customisation options! She panicked as the seconds ticked away; quite literally as Amy started making a tick-tocking noise.

“Shut, the fuck, up! Let me focus, or I’ll dry up your fucking tongue!”

“Too late, times up!” Amy sang gleefully, as Ally’s subpar selections were locked in. “Newbies be newbing.”

“That’s what I was gonna pick anyway.”

“You’re, like, extra-dumb then.”

“Shut up and start the game.”

“On my mark, get set, go come for me!”

On cue, the race started and fifty-nine of the sixty players were instantly sent into orgasm. Scalding hot fluids jetted out of Ally, burning through her underwear and carving a hole into the floor then dripping into the room below.

Meanwhile, Amy had merrily driven her pink racing bike over to a power-up and activated it. A missile shot out of her bike and blasted the entire right-hand side of the screen where the immobile racers were located. Every player but Amy lost a life within the opening seconds of the round.

“Oh yeah, minions, I made a few tweaks to the game. Obvs, it doesn’t make sense if you can hurt me or Ally, so none of your weapons will do, like, anything to us. Also, my weapons are, like, super big, if you know what I mean.” Amy winked at the camera, jiggling her chest as she did so.

But along with the rippling of her breasts, Amy felt a tornado building in her loins. Nether regions sent into riotous motion, she fell off her chair in forced orgasm as her controller slipped to the floor. The sensation was so intense that Amy could barely open her eyes to see Ally smirking down at her, twirling a finger around in a tight circle.

“Like that, bitch? I’m gonna keep you there while I destroy you in-game, then I’m gonna keep you there while I make you cum all the fluid out of your body.”

“G-g-gross,” Amy whimpered, her body still refusing to respond as the storm in her pussy refused to relent.

Collecting a power-up and acquiring a lightning bolt, Ally took careful aim across the screen and fired, hitting Amy’s stationary racer along with half of the audience. As the weapon bounced from Amy and across the screen though, the lightning shifted, scrawling letters onto the map: kiss my tits.

The words dove into Ally’s mind and rewrote her internal programming, overriding any existing thought processes. The other players had approached their screens and were frantically smooching the position of Amy’s live feed, where she lay with her tits bared for all to see.

They nearly managed to stop as Ally started to show her devotion to her goddess, but their view of Amy’s tits couldn’t be obscured by something as small as Ally’s head. Lacing her goddess’ breasts with loving kisses, Ally worshipped her as only a supe could, leaving rapidly reddening love bites from the extreme pressure. Even then, a regular supe would have no chance of leaving such a mark behind, only an Apex-enhanced one.

Ally was snapped out of her Paradigm-induced stupor by the sound of an enormous hammer pulverising half the map. She had lost her second life, but for a large number of racers that had been their third strike. She watched the screen, utterly captivated by what was happening. The losing players seemed to be collapsing in upon themselves, the cameras following their decay into a puddle of steaming plasma. An electrical crackle soon followed as electrons raced into Amy from all corners of the world, diving into her drenched, still twitching lower lips, devoured with a crackle and a spark.

“And that’s not gross, you fucking hypocrite? How are you doing that?”

“Duh, I control electrons. I can do it however I like, but telling people what to do is, like, way more fun. But, hey, I’ll let you do whatever you like with the ones you kill!”

“The ones I kill?”

“Oopsie! Forgot to say,” Amy smiled as wide as her mouth would allow. “You die in the game, you die in real life! For them of course, not us. We have to, like, ‘play nice’ with each other.”

“That’s literally the best idea you’ve ever had. How am I supposed to kill them though?”

“Eye dee kay, like, work it out?”

Ally’s thoughts were racing. If she got the next hit on a load of the players, she got to kill them, in whatever way she wanted. Pulse now racing too, Ally tried to work it out. Why did Amy get to be so overpowered? Control of electrons? What kind of fucking OP shit was that!

She thought for a moment though. She knew what her powers had been - control of the elements. She had something to test out and it relied on her winning the next point before Amy knocked her out of the game. As Ally’s racer dodged to the side, Amy unleashed a water pistol that became a tidal wave, taking out half of the remaining players. Skirting carefully around the edge of the danger zone, Ally grabbed a newly spawned power-up. Amy’s most recent victims met an unfortunate, but thankfully swift, end as electrons raced into their bodies and fried their brains. At the same moment, Ally activated her weapon.

Vines sprang from the map, wrapping around every other racer and eliminating all but one. As the vehicles exploded on screen, Ally forced her power to its limits, focusing on all the living players and their atoms. Instantly, the carbon in their bodies combined with oxygen and hydrogen in a new configuration. Highly flammable alcohols wafted from the transmuted skin of the losers, setting their bodies aflame in every single cell.

Ally climaxed as she incinerated two dozen people from half the world away. She didn’t even care as Amy’s racer drove through her own in a flash of light, taking away her last life.

“Woohoo! Goddess Paradigm wins! Who even doubted me though? Kinda sus if you ask me.” Amy smiled at the camera. “Pretty short stream today minions, but I’ve got a busy schedule ahead. Tune in next time ‘cos we’re having an endurance stream! Ally is gonna act out, like, literally every anime ever!”

Ally lay spent on the floor in unceasing orgasm. So what if Amy got to mess with her a bit? She couldn’t deny how hot the sight of those massive fucking titties made her feel. Her life was basically perfect.

Amy tutted as she turned off the stream.

“Come on, coffee girl, come to Goddess Paradigm. We’re gonna, like, pop your cherry. Then you get to watch anime with me. En gee el, you are, like, so blessed right now.”

Ally just softly moaned in response. Yeah, this life was pretty perfect.

“This is a rather fine abode. Quite an upgrade from your previous base of operations, I believe?” Demon ex Machina took in the view of the city from the penthouse apartment.

“Well, when the most powerful woman in the world offers you your pick of the city, why not go for the nicest-looking one?” Damien handed the former villain a glass and stood next to him.

Gaze drawn to the waterfall cascading from the floor below, Damien raised an eyebrow at Cherie.

“The inseparable brats are experimenting again,” Cherie noted. “It is somewhat sweet, but also somewhat repulsive, even to me.”

“And this experiment of theirs…”

“It is a form of drinking game. It will involve the distillation and imbibing of alcohol, transmuted from the bodies of their viewers.”

“How terribly fiendish of them. This new generation is giving us a run for our money.”

Biocide scoffed at Demon’s comment while downing a shot of absinthe.

“The last time at which you did anything villainous, the young ones had not discovered their first hairs.”

“Age and wisdom curse us all eventually.”

The group was a rather odd one but had managed to bond in recent weeks over their shared pasts. While Biocide had avoided working near Seven Dogs’ territory, she was aware of their reputation and often encountered people who worked with the same ethos - unrepentant supe-killers. Although, when it came to Biocide, they had normally come out of the encounter significantly worse off, while the superpowered mistress of biology walked away with a new item of fashionable clothing.

Demon ex Machina had always managed to blur the lines between the factions of supervillains and supe-killer gangs with his use of magic. Having the ability to carry out that level of crime meant that he inevitably had to go to one of those factions to acquire the necessary resources and occasional minion. Sometimes a supervillain was a better ally, sometimes you just needed the people with a lot of hate and a lot more bullets.

And, for all their differences, each had been at the top of their respective fields in the old world. Biocide’s power and skills had made her one of the few supes who could reliably kill even other supe targets, Demon ex Machina had taken the magical world by storm for years with his schemes, and Mad Dog had run the country’s, if not the world’s, most successful anti-supe hit squad, with tailor-made tech to kill each target.

“Omen is having some difficulties adapting to the new regime.” Demon spoke casually, but both of his companions were able to tell that he was concerned for her.

“It has not escaped our notice,” the assassin coolly replied. “Mary has requested that she be given the space to let out her frustrations.”

“If I might ask, who do you have monitoring her? She is rather paranoid about that. Her wards have been going crazy.”

“That would be another one of me. Your little cottage is quite adorable. I upgraded her senses to allow for closer monitoring of it.” Cherie winked at Demon. “She has marvellously good ears.”

“Nothing you haven’t heard many times before, I’m sure,” Demon responded smoothly, but once again both of his acquaintances saw through him and caught the brief flush to his cheeks.

With a protracted sigh, Cherie stepped forward, leaving a copy of her body behind her.

Her previous body turned the sigh into a groan and looked accusingly at the new one, having been left with the after-effects of the alcohol but none of the pleasures of the intoxication itself. The new body rolled her eyes at the clone, whose own widened in shock as she failed to remove the alcohol from her bloodstream.

“You chose to remove my powers this time? You are truly a petty bitch.” Cherie’s clone was fuming. “Shall I toss myself from the balcony for your amusement again?”

“You are aware that is not my intent for you; I merely wish for you to perform a task. Though, you shall die painfully if you do not complete it within the hour, as you also know.”

The clone promptly left, resigned to fulfilling her task or suffering the same fate as when she last refused an order. The memory of her organs dissolving was painfully fresh in her mind.

“And what task might you have given your unfortunate self? Demon asked.

“Nothing that she is not capable of completing. Majestic asked me to produce a more casual set of clothing for her. The other me shall deliver them.” Cherie waved off the question and returned to staring out of the window.

“Are you scared of Majestic, Cherie?” Damien was curious as to the dynamics of the Squad, especially between the girls and their unopposed leader. “She’s quite a reasonable person, at least until provoked.”

“Fear is not an unreasonable response though,” Demon added. “Aside from your lovely Apex, Majestic is likely the most powerful person on the planet.”

“You two have no idea of what you are talking about,” Cherie dismissed their queries.

“Though, I do wonder what will happen when your unpowered clone meets with her,” Damien pondered. “If she mistakes her for you and doesn’t suppress her power, I don’t think your clone will survive long. Most regular people die in orgasm, I’m told.”

Both men noticed the slight shudder that travelled through Cherie’s body.

“Ah, Cherie. I imagine you’ve been playing with your new powers.” Demon smirked a little as he put the pieces together. “When your clones cease to exist, their memories come back to you?”

Now it was Cherie’s turn to blush. Or it would have been, had she not been in total control of her bodily functions. Instead, she stoically turned to stare down the demonologist from her lofty height advantage.

“Damien, I believe I need a new pair of shoes. You are not using this one, non?”

“Let’s treat our guest with the respect of not turning him into footwear.” Damian patted Demon on the back. “I think he’s onto something here.”

Putain de merde! Oui, I would like very much to experience the pleasure that Majestic has to offer. Non, I am not prepared to ask for this directly.” Cherie glared at her companions. In a quieter voice, Cherie continued. “I have assessed her bodily responses. She does not show signs of arousal around any of us. She does show some signs of elevated pleasure around your Apex, but I believe that to be adoration, not lust.”

“Well, that sounds about right,” Damien conceded. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I am not going to do a thing about it,” Cherie somewhat guiltily continued. “Except perhaps experience that pleasure secondhand.”

Cherie’s gaze turned from thoughtful to lustful and both men looked away as her body started to ripple with pleasure. Fortunately, both were protected from the pheromones Biocide was emitting, otherwise, the likelihood of the pair leaving the room as themselves would have been close to zero.

“You do seem to be going awfully harshly on your clones. Teething problems?” Demon queried, seeking to change the subject.

Momentarily snapping out of her self-induced stupor, Cherie once more shrugged off a question.

“They know what their purpose is to be. They do not require anything else from me.”

“Ah, but treating your own self that way is not a healthy attitude. Even if it is a somewhat more disposable version.”

“From when did you become a psychologist, Demon?”

“You know very well that my doctorate is in philosophy. I’m merely questioning the wisdom of treating an extension of yourself as disposable. There’s a reason I use demonic minions and not simulacra, after all.”

Damien raised an eyebrow at that. Although of all the odd things to learn about the demonologist, this was one of the milder reveals.

“He has a point, you know. Perhaps start with expressing some affection towards yourself. Then direct it outwards. You could be surprised by the outcome. And I’m sure Majestic would be more than happy to fulfil some of your needs if you continue to meet hers.”

“I will be taking your kind advice in mind. Now, I shall need to depart. I believe that Majestic is about to receive her gift.”

Cherie left the apartment, retreating back to her own. It wasn’t long before the sounds of her animalistic pleasure started, competing with the roar of the waterfall outside.

“This is a bizarre new world order your Apex has created,” Demon commented as he watched the skyline.

“Can’t be any worse than the old one.”

“Cheers to that,” Demon raised his glass and clinked it against Damien’s. “Let’s make the most of it.”

“This thing live?” Georgia poked at the camera following Julie around.

“It’s been live this whole time, did you really not realise?” Julie was astonished by the Jamaican heavyweight’s lack of attention, though it shouldn’t have surprised her. Georgia only ever seemed to focus on one thing for more than a few seconds if she thought it might be fun to wrestle with it, or some other equally barbarous thing.

“Stop messing around with it, you’re distracting my poor cameraman! Look, the camera is shaking! He’s so worried you might just throw him through a wall, he’s not even thinking about what I might do to him if he ends up broadcasting a less-than-perfect image of me.” Julie tutted, watching closely as the man’s shaking slowly came under control. “Good hired help is becoming incredibly hard to come by, you know?”

“So is that what we’re doing now? Some kind of collab stream? Brat duo giving you too much competition, so you needed to rope in the big guns?” Georgia ignored Julie’s instructions and began to flex her biceps in view of the camera, blocking out the image of the Latina model entirely.

“As if.” Julie mentally shifted the live stream to the backup camera and allowed Georgia to continue to posture at a non-existent audience. “We have a mission. Apex wants us to help her make an example of some people. She said to take our time.”

“The fuck does she need us to make an example of people?”

“Maybe she was busy?”

Julie and Georgia were walking to a nearby warehouse. While Georgia could have gotten them there instantly, they had decided that a walk through the city first would be a nice way to spend some time.

Nice was a relative term here.

Julie had casually taken what now amounted to an entire catalogue’s worth of designer clothing and had it carted back to her room by her loyal followers. An attendant in the first store, baring more than a fleeting resemblance to Ally, had foolishly tried to stop her. That was when Georgia had stepped in to have some fun, laughing as she crushed the attendant in a fatal bear hug.

In fairness, the size difference between the tiny clerk and the immense athlete had been hilarious. When Georgia had picked her up, the attendant’s heels had slipped off and her feet had dangled helplessly, frantically kicking out against the massive girl’s crotch in a futile attempt to eke out a few more precious seconds of life. It worked, but only because Georgia loved to savour the feeling of her victims struggling to do a single thing to her muscle-bound body.

The attendant’s body had been crushed into a sphere the size of a tennis ball eventually, then broken and splattered on the store floor on the fifth bounce that Georgia attempted with it. Georgia’s toys never lasted long.

Julie had recorded the whole encounter to show the other girls later. Even now, the bloodstains still covered the towering, muscular athlete’s ample chest and stood out starkly on her pale blue track shirt.

Fully content that nobody was going to be able to cause them any trouble, the pair now happily sauntered down the street. Their strides were evenly matched despite Georgia’s natural height advantage, though Julie’s signature heels made up the difference, as most of the model’s height came from her legs. This meant that the film crew following them not only had to furtively scurry alongside them to keep up but were also constantly at breast height to the Amazons. A worrying thought for most of them, considering what they had seen Georgia’s enormous tits do to the poor shop assistant.

“All I know is that she wanted the two of us and a camera crew,” Julie continued.

“Must be bringing in the star power with experience,” Georgia snorted. “Maybe she’s fed up with the brats being the face of her new world.”

The warehouse was actually one that Julie was familiar with – a base of operations for the gang leader she had briefly dated. That was before she melted his brain and ditched him. Now, it appeared that Apex had laid claim to this property like so many others.

Inside, familiar faces greeted Julie. Every single member of her former gang was gathered around a large roundtable. At the opposite end of the room to the doorway, Damien sat with Apex curled up snuggly in his lap, her head resting on his shoulder.

“Well, now that everyone is here, I think it’s about time for us to start.” Damien pointed to the large screen television playing Julie’s stream on the wall. “I’ve been entertaining our guests with your most recent antics. Hector here very much enjoyed watching you show off, Georgia. Didn’t you, Hector?”

Hector was the type of beefy, confident hunk that Julie viewed as perfect eye candy. Her affair with him had been strictly behind closed doors. As far as she knew, his former boss and her former lover had no idea that she had been unfaithful before she murdered him.

But what was Julie supposed to do? Not fuck the tall, ruggedly handsome guy who constantly projected that dominant masculine energy? Julie almost laughed at the concept of a guy managing to belittle a man like Hector, but that was exactly what Damien was doing. Julie cast a longing look at her master before catching the eye of his grinning girlfriend watching her.

No, some guys were just too much trouble.

Apex's smile widened as Julie thought that.

Hector, on the other hand, had been totally worth it. But if it turned out that Hector preferred his girls a little more muscular, fuck him. Or, well, Georgia probably would.

Currently, he was looking rather pathetic as he frantically tried to avoid the leering look he was getting from Georgia.

“Yeah? Does lil’ man wanna go a few rounds with me? See if he’s up to this much woman?”

Georgia didn’t walk towards Hector’s chair. She simply appeared standing directly behind him. The mistress of gravity occasionally did that, compressing the space between her and whether she wanted to be, but it was a trick she tended to reserve until she wished to truly terrify her toys.

And now she was absolutely looming over the terrified gangster, dominating him under her shadow.

“I dunno… looks a lil’ measly. Wanna try out for my squad, tiny? You’d be the first member if you pass.” Georgia rolled her shoulders in preparation, causing muscles across her chest to swell and tearing the seams of her track shirt. “I got a few requirements though.”

Simply placing her hand on Hector’s shoulder had the man writhing in pain. Fearing for his life, he kicked the chair out from under him, ducked beneath Georgia’s fingers and leapt onto the table.

Georgia was already in front of him.

The table collapsed as the weight of the sportswear-clad athlete rested on it. Hector bounced off of Georgia’s chest and landed flat on his back.

“Quick learner. Knows my favourite position already.” Georgia strode forward, placing a foot on either side of Hector’s chest.

With a slow bending of her legs and a casual flick of a finger, Georgia tore Hector’s clothes from his body. She whistled as she admired his physique and nodded with a grin of approval when she got to assessing his manhood.

“Maybe you’re not such a lil’ guy. Guess you pass the first round.”

Without warning, Georgia’s enormous ass descended onto Hector’s crotch, covering most of his stomach and thighs in the process too.

“Gotta give you the physical now.”

Georgia wrapped her arms around Hector’s torso, locking her elbows under his arms. She pressed her chest against his and simultaneously stretched out her upper body while squatting down onto the rigid rod that her body had coaxed out of the terrified gangster. The seams of her track shorts split just before Hector’s bulbous cock head reached her eager womanhood.

“Nice ‘n’ thick. You really know what I like.”

Hector whimpered in agony. Outwardly, Georgia didn’t appear to be moving a muscle. Her hips remained locked in place, hovering just high enough above Hector’s crotch to keep him in place without crushing him. Internally though, Georgia’s pussy grasped Hector’s cock with a force that made him want to cry. Her expert control of her internal muscles had completely restricted his blood flow. Even if the pain would have lost his erection, Georgia had already claimed ownership of it.

Not only was his manhood being held at the point of exploding, but Hector’s chest was also slowly constricting. Flexing her pectoral muscles, Georgia was gradually expanding her chest outwards and forcing a pair of tits already larger than Hector’s torso to take up more and more of the space between them. Her arms held Hector in place firmly, meaning that the only thing with any give in this one-sided competition was Hector’s feeble, muscular body. His chest collapsed, one rib at a time, as with each passing second Georgia lifted her tits up higher and higher on her chest.

Nipple harder than diamonds cut into flesh softer than butter, shearing away the muscles from Hector’s bones. The only two fatty regions of Georgia’s beyond-toned physique were demolishing the street-tough gangster with barely a flex.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s pussy continued to toy with its new treat. A rippling upward tensing of muscles simulated licking as she lapped at the impressive girth of her conquest. Sharp and brutal flexes created suction, forming a vacuum that caused Hector to swell. Using a modicum of her power, Georgia increased the gravitational field strength within her body. Hector’s ass lifted off the table as the combination of muscle strength and raw dominance over the rules of physics pulled his cock deeper into Georgia’s pussy, with him helplessly attached to it. He almost bottomed out inside the enormous powerhouse, but he just wasn’t big enough to completely fill the gargantuan juggernaut above him.

With a deep, lustful groan from Georgia, Hector died a failure.

His dick was ripped from his body as Georgia’s sex clenched in orgasm. The repeated constriction of her unopposable vaginal muscles reduced it to a single point of mass that joined the immensity of Georgia’s overwhelming body. Her ass descended to the floor with enough force to rattle the warehouse, passing through Hector’s lower body as though it simply didn’t exist. His hips were compacted into the wood of the table, which in turn was compacted into the concrete below. The bottom of Hector’s legs were cut off, rolling over as his feet hit the ground.

On the top half of his body, Hector’s torso had been torn in two. With Georgia’s final flex of her pectoral muscles, she had broken through most of his organs. Her tits filled his chest cavity, stealing the space required by the fundamental parts of his bodily systems without care. That alone hadn’t torn him in two. But when Georgia arched her back in climax, she had carried the top half of his body with her, ripping the remains of his muscles and spine apart. His head now lay, vacant-eyed and wide-mouthed, on the cusp of her cleavage.

So Singularity simply did what she did to all her failed sexual partners. The rest of Hector’s remains were swallowed up into the infinite gravitational abyss of her cleavage. His lifeless body stretched and warped into a spaghetti-thin strand as her breasts drank up the man as easily as her pussy had swallowed up his manhood.

“Heh, maybe the next try-out will make it.” Georgia grinned as she stood up and planted her dripping pussy directly in the face of another gang member. “Wanna go, pipsqueak?”

“Enough, Georgia,” Damien began. “Luis actually said that he preferred Julie. I believe he’s a big fan of hers. Terribly jealous of his former boss, and Hector too for some reason.”

Julie looked at Luis with disgust. “He’s a low-life lech who needs to keep his mouth shut.”

Luis’ head exploded.

Georgia’s crotch was coated with the bloody splatter of Luis’ brain.“More lube? I’ll take it.”

Julie blanched at the imagery, but given that she had been the one to irradiate Luis’ head, forcing the water content of his body to instantly boil, she didn’t feel like she had a leg to stand on.

“Well then everyone. I think that should be sufficient as a demonstration.” Damien announced. “Now, make your choice.”

One of the goons stood up immediately. He had a crazed look in his eyes and thrust his hand into the air.

“I’ll do it! I volunteer!”

“Excellent. Babe, would you please do me the honour?”

Apex looked across at the first volunteer. “Done, puppy.”

The terror on the gangster’s face vanished. His eyes focused and his jaw unclenched, mouth drooping slightly.

With a single motion, he stuck out his tongue and grasped it between his fingers. His other hand flashed a knife across his face. Blood spurted from his mouth and dripped onto the table. The tongue was thrown into the middle.

“Oh, they won’t need to talk, so I thought I’d make it easier for him,” Apex explained with a smile.

“Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Cut out your tongues and join us, or deliver your resignation to the girls here.” Damien turned to his Amazons. “Make sure that one of the two things happens before any of them leave. Handle their resignations as you see fit.”

Apex and Damien vanished.

“Which of you lucky punks feels like handing me a resignation?” Georgia called out, then gestured towards her blood-soaked pussy. “You can post it right here!”

“Of course, if you’d prefer, I’m sure that many of you would like to see me.” Julie fixed her gaze on Mattie, another tall, toned bodyguard. One who had remained so loyal to his former boss previously that he had rejected her advances. “I’m sure we can work something out…”

It was with deep sadness that Georgia and Julie watched four more of the gangsters cut out their tongues, this time without the benefit of a mind-dulling compulsion from Apex.

The rest they deemed too slow to volunteer their service.

Georgia started with one of the two women left at the table and one of the several guys. The towering, dark-skinned woman reversed the direction of gravity around both of her chosen toys, sending them up to the rafters high above. She didn’t apply the effect to their clothes though. Those were shredded from their bodies as their owners rose naked into the air.

“Here’s the game, squirts. Dodge!”

When they reached the ceiling, both of the nude gangsters tried to run – either through terror or willingness to oblige Georgia’s instruction. From the floor, the athlete jumped high into the air with her mouth directed at the gravitationally-confused goons. Her tongue lashed out as she approached the woman. Georgia’s rough, wet muscle ran across the woman’s left breast, braising the soft flesh like sandpaper on a peach and leaving behind a painful yet erotic tingling sensation. The girl screeched as Georgia fell back to the ground with a grin.

“Strike one!”

Seemingly using the concrete floor as a trampoline, Georgia bounded back up forty feet to the roof. This time her lips latched around the cock of the guy. With a brief and forceful suck, she pulled out every single drop of cum, collapsing his balls as her mouth wrung them dry. He screamed in a falsetto pitch while Georgia swallowed the entire product of his manhood with a smug smirk.

“One strike each!”

On the next bounce, Georgia pursed her lips. The instant she came into contact with the girl’s nether lips, she delivered a kiss that had previously caused even Cherie to lose control of her body. This girl was going to fare far worse than the enhanced hitwoman.

Georgia’s mouth acted as a black hole, sucking at the girl’s clitoris and drawing the ability to function from her body. Her bud engorged with blood and swelled to triple its size, only for Georgia to flick it with her tongue on the descent. The girl had lost all motor function now, her body pushed far past the point of sexual arousal. She lay prone on the ceiling and awaited her fate.

“Two-one! Let’s see what you’ve got, little man!”

Switching tactics, Georgia somersaulted in the air on her next jump. Her own pussy rushed towards the guy’s head, colliding with his face and latching onto his mouth. Georgia’s ass covered his forehead, cracking his skull on impact. With a minuscule squeeze from her thunderous thighs Georgia broke his jaw. With the way clear, a thrust of her hips sent her vulva with his mouth, breaking through every one of his teeth until Georgia could tickle her clit with the back of his throat.

The final arc of Georgia’s motion pressed the guy’s head into the ceiling-turned-floor. The blood that dripped from his head fell upwards, staining the underside of the roof tiles. He wouldn’t be of his own accord anytime soon either.

“Two strikes apiece! Match point, squirts!”

As she launched herself upwards one last time, Georgia pirouetted. The people below were lifted from the floor by the strength of the cyclone she created with her body, but they weren’t the intended targets, just unfortunate collateral. The two helpless contenders experienced a much greater force. Their bodies were ripped from the ceiling as gravity changed direction for them again, the centre of their world now being located on Georgia’s breasts. Falling and accelerating towards the massive, rapidly-rotating woman, both choose to close their eyes.

They didn’t see Georgia’s tits collide with the sides of their heads, severing them at the neck and demolishing their skulls in the process. The rest of their bodies continued to fall inwards, blended by repeated hammering against the dark breasts of the spinning, inescapable supe.

When she returned to the broken, rubble-strewn floor, Georgia’s skin was completely clean, and devoid of her clothes.

“Fuck yeah, guess I win again!” The Jamaican supe grinned and shoved a guy between her thighs. “You get to give me my prize.”

Julie rolled her eyes. The distracted idiot has chosen one of her film crew to put between her legs. Looks like he wouldn’t be surviving to continue working for her. She had more important things to consider though. Time to teach Mattie a lesson.

“Now that the sports segment is over, time for some drama, my lovelies.” Julie guided the cameraman to follow her across the room. She floated over the rubble, of course, while he struggled on shaky legs.

“Could any of you believe that Mattie-boy here once rejected my advances? Unbelievable, right?” Julie saw the cameraman nodding his head, and the camera with it, and rolled her eyes again.

Julie switched to the backup camera once more while she slowly incinerated her former cameraman’s body from the inside out. He screamed the entire time.

“Sorry, lovelies! Like I said before, good help is hard to come by, and he had already been warned.”

Julie closed her eyes and took a calming breath. She was going to enjoy this.

“So, Mattie. How do I look?”

Stimulating the photons around her, the goddess bathed herself in her signature golden glow. The light streaming from her body had an added effect on the Golden Goddess’ prey. His vision dimmed to everything else around him as he was blinded to the rest of the world. Darkness swarmed his vision as all wavelengths of light were blocked from sight to him, except those emitted by the Goddess herself.

The ungrateful idiot tried to run.

Blind and terrified, Mattie fled with a stumbling gait across the rubble floor, scrambling from his knees when he inevitably fell. Other than away, he had no idea of where he was going. But at least the delighted chuckling from behind him gave the direction to run from.

While he stumbled across the warehouse, Georgia finished using her current toy. The cameraman’s lifeless body contracted into the foreboding abyss of her pussy with a nerve-wrenching slurp and a squelch. She left the other Amazon to stalk her prey and settled her eyes on the only gangster who was still strangely seated.

Georgia let out a booming roar of laughter when she realised that he was trying to cover up an attempt at frantic masturbation in what would certainly be his final moments.

“Dirty little man! Let’s get you out of here.”

Georgia clapped her hands and the roof blew off.

Now when she reversed the gravitational pull on the whimpering mess of a man, there was nothing to stop his ascent. Georgia found the mouth of another reluctant gang member to shove her pussy onto while she watched him rise higher into the atmosphere.

“Bet you can’t hit him from here, Jules!” Georgia called out.

Julie briefly looked over, rolled her eyes, and pointed her index finger lazily at the receding shape of the man. A golden laser beam threw the rest of the warehouse into stark shadow as Julie called attention to her display. She was allowing some of the photons to spill from the intense and concentrated beam to make it obviously visible to both the people in the room and her audience. The brilliant, radiant light was about to hit her target directly in the sternum when Julie saw it curve past him.

“Really, Georgia? Is that how we’re playing this now?”

“C’mon girl, we both know there’d be no fun otherwise! Gotta add a challenge somehow!”

With a dismissive flick of her hair towards Georgia’s ‘game’, Julie turned her attention back to Mattie and waved her fingers in his general direction. Eight beams of light burst forth from the golden polish on her nails and raced at the dazed man. The lasers swiftly created an interlocking grid around him, searing his flesh as they came into contact with his skin. Julie positioned herself at the end of the rapidly constructed twisting maze of burning light and waited.

For his part, Mattie had no option but to advance towards the goddess he had rejected. The sound and smell of sizzling skin surrounded him as soon as he stepped aside or even simply stalled for too long. His clothes were burning away from the heat as he approached an incandescent goddess and failed to meet her expectations of subservience, failed to withstand her iridescent power, failed to form words to beg for his life and, most importantly, failed to apologise for his shortcomings, namely his continued existence.

He was sobbing when he fell to his knees in front of Julie. The laser grid had burned away his looks and the malevolent aura of the goddess just as surely scoured away his psyche. Now, his ruined eyes no longer even allowed him to witness her glory.

Julie sneered down at Mattie in contempt as her eyes blazed. She directed a slow bombardment of infrared radiation at his lower chin, forcing his head to lift away from the discomfort before his reddened skin suffered further.

Now their eyes met. Mattie’s were clouded, glassy spheres, with only a pinprick of vision left to allow the goddess to subject him to one last torment. Lasers burst from her golden eyes and met his, travelling with delicate precision down his optic nerve and into his brain. One blink later and Julie’s work was done.

Georgia watched the moaning, scarred gangster in confusion.

“D’you forget to finish him off?”

“Oh, he’s finished. I lobotomised him. His personality was always so irritating, so I burned it out.”

“Wanna do us all a favour and do that to the brat duo?”

“Already tried. No luck.”

Having lost interest in the conversation, Georgia turned back to her toy with a new game in mind. His ascent halted and his body rotated as Georgia manipulated gravity around him, with the most intense region centred on his cock. With his manhood acting as ballast, the gangster began to descend.

Then Georgia took a running leap into the air.

She thrust her crotch into the sky, aiming it at her thug while she rapidly accelerated him downwards. In an outrageous spectacle of physical performance, Georgia’s bare, soaked pussy met the man’s groin at the apex of her jump. It was almost perfect.

“Dammit! Your limp-ass dick cost me the win!”

Instead of the man’s cock neatly slipping instead of Georgia’s slick, iron womanhood, it had failed to penetrate her lips. The impact on the thug’s manhood was more than devastating. His dick wasn’t just broken, it was compacted and completely wrecked, now nestled between their bodies, both completely under Georgia’s control. His whimpering brought Georgia a little comfort. At least he was suffering for his failure.

Seconds later the man’s body burst into flames as an enormous spotlight of solar radiation bathed the agonised man and riled-up woman.

“Did I hit him that time?” The smug, radiant goddess circled the warehouse, burning away the last vestiges of the members of her former gang.

“So are we gonna fuck or what?” Georgia was openly ogling Julie’s flawless curves. “Bet I can snap you in half.”

“Now that sounds like something to discuss in a private stream.” Julie winked at the camera. “Credit cards at the ready, my lovelies, you won’t want to miss this one.”

The cameras switched and suddenly Georgia couldn’t see anything.

“Hey! What gives!”

“You didn’t think you’d get to watch for free, did you? Just because you’re here?”

“You want me to pay you to fuck you? What are you, a cheap whore?”

“Much more than that, babe.” Julie had drifted over to Georgia’s ear. “I’m the most expensive lay on this entire planet. You’ll have to match whatever they pay, got it?”

The next day, Georgia stole the national bank, leaving a crater of rubble where the building once stood. It still wasn’t enough to pay for her time with the new richest woman in the world.

Amelie was still wearing her costume.

She had put it on three days ago intending to leave the cottage. When Demon had returned with news of Mary’s ‘request’, she had been dead-set against it. She had no intention of entertaining the whims of that psychopath.

So, Amelie had put on her coat, filled her pockets with every single reagent she could imagine might be useful – and that Demon could get a hold of – then attempted to leave and confront the new world order.

She hadn’t slept since.

Her surveillance spells had caught the spy immediately. Cherie’s clone loitered at the edge of the forests surrounding Omen’s cottage, simply observing. Her level of panic increased when Demon informed her that their watchdog could hear everything she said. Catching a glimpse of the clone in a scrying bowl, the slight smirk confirmed it.

To her knowledge, that was the first time Amelie killed someone.

There was certainly a debate to be had over the nature of ‘person’ that made up Cherie’s clones. That was likely part of what prompted her to take extreme action. Killing demons and constructs had never been an issue for her before, maybe a clone was no different?

The memory of its screams as it melted in Hellfire was part of what had been keeping Amelie awake.

She hadn’t meant to pull through that much power from the Demon Realm – just enough to scare the clone away. Something must be even more majorly messed-up there than the last time she checked. The flames had eagerly leapt from the realm when called, racing to escape the horrors of whatever was going on in there. They blasted through the inadequately prepared copy, consuming its body with voracious fire. Fire that could even burn through souls.

Demon came back each day with news of the outside world. Most of it was probably heavily filtered, but that was likely what Amelie needed. Knowing that she likely could have prevented all of this, had she been willing to sacrifice a few million souls, weighed heavily on her conscience.

Mary was going to do something big. Bigger than anything the other girls had been doing for the past few weeks. Omen had no idea what it was though.

That was what made the decision for her. If Amelie could get through to Mary, maybe she still had a chance to save what was left of the world.

“I do think she likes you. Quite honestly, I don’t think either of us would still be alive if she didn’t.” Demon paused to think for a moment. “Well, actually we probably still would be, but in a far less pleasant scenario.”

Demon and Amelie had arrived in Japan earlier that day. The location was an enormous lake, surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and an enormous single mountain on the fourth. Demon had proposed that it might be a metaphor.

“We’re only here to persuade her not to go through with whatever she’s planning. She’s not ‘friends’ with us, Demon. I don’t think she even considers anyone on that level anymore.”

That was the crux of the issue. If Mary truly wanted to do something, there would be no stopping her. But maybe Amelie could leverage some of that recent gratitude into a way to save the world from whatever she planned to do with it.

“She does make a good point though, with her talk of ants. Have you ever wondered how she must see the world, Omen?”

“Dammit, Demon. Of course, you would fall for that diatribe of hers.”

“I must admit, we do share some opinions on the IHF. I wasn’t their biggest fan either.”

“You know I helped found the place, right?”

“I do, and I don’t hold it against you.”

“We wanted to save the world. That’s all.”

“Do you know what?” Demon chuckled “I think that might be what she wants too. Albeit through somewhat different means and with a bloodier outcome.”

“That’s what I’m hoping to-” Amelie cut off as she saw the approaching object.

“Fuck! Demon, prepare a barrier!”

Both mages hastily threw bundles of herbs from their coats. Amelie fumbled her gestures, but Demon corrected her when he noticed. The shaking of her hands continued as she stared in terror at the island falling onto their heads.

The thing was a mile across and water dripped from the jagged base where it had been torn from the ocean. Drops and debris rained down around the mages as their barrier spell completed, shielding them from the plummeting rocks.

The entire island was still descending towards them though.

This was it. Amelie collapsed to the ground, curling into a fetal ball as tears streamed down her cheeks. She had failed.

With one hand raised to maintain the shield, Demon knelt to the ground and wrapped an arm around Omen, cradling her head to his shoulder. The barrier would fail at any moment. Huge chunks of rock still fell, each larger than their heads but thankfully bouncing off the protective dome. The constant bombardment was weakening it though. This hastily prepared spell wasn’t up to much, especially now that Omen’s energy had left it. She always was the more powerful of the two.

No other option then. Demon took a dagger from his coat and plunged it into his arm. He screamed as the blood flowed down to the sand, each birthing a mote of red light that expanded into an imp as it rose. Their power reinforced the barrier, bathing the two mages in a red hue as the protective construct pulsed with infernal light around them.

The island stopped descending a mere few metres above their heads. It shattered the barrier, along with the last of Demon’s magical energy.

And then Mary appeared, dragging Damien along behind her and grinning widely.

“Isn’t that so cool? I took a whole island!”

Demon took a moment to look between the smiling embodiment of the end-times and the sobbing, terrorised bundle that lay in his arms. Then he lost his cool.

“You are a blasted disgrace, Mary! You invite Amelie here to talk to you, knowing full well how she must be feeling, and then you pull a stunt like that! Look at her! Fucking look at her!” Demon spat furiously as he glared into Mary’s mismatched eyes, challenging her to take responsibility for her actions.

The world changed around Demon. The island, the sand, everything was gone. All that was left was a presence. A vast and overwhelming embrace of perpetually growing power smothering his attempt at doing anything. Everything was magnified and becoming ever more so by the second, leaving him a tiny speck in an ocean of infinite power. He knew instinctively what had happened, even if he had no way of knowing how.

Mary had just ripped his soul from his body.

Aren’t you brave, little Demon?

It wasn’t a voice that Demon heard. Instead, the words were simply inscribed into his soul, his whole self captured and swept aside to force those words to be the only thing he knew.

Did you think you could get away with talking to me like that?

Trying to speak was pointless. Demon didn’t have a body, let alone a mouth. His mind was Mary’s – he couldn’t even think of his own accord, merely feel her will pressing into his soul.

Once, little Demon. I’ll let you do that once.

Suddenly, Demon was gasping for air and howling in pain. The cut on his arm was deep and throbbing, and having Amelie lying against it wasn’t helping.

Mary rushed over, tears fogging her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Amelie! I thought it would be fun to show off a bit. You didn’t really think I would hurt you, did you?”

Demon winced as he held tighter to Amelie when Mary laid a hand on her shoulder. Amelie flinched away and Mary gave Demon a meaningful glare. With slow hesitation, he acquiesced control of his love over to Mary.

“There, there. I’ll make it better.” Mary sat down in the sand with Amelie now wrapped in her arms. A wave of comfort extended across the shoreline as Mary wrapped the entire place in a metaphysical hug.

Damien took a seat on the sand next to Mary and laid a hand on her thigh. She looked over to him with a serene smile, still completely failing to comprehend the magnitude of the horror she had unleashed on Amelie.

Suddenly, it clicked for Demon.

“You never grew past that point, did you? You put your entire life on hold for six years until you found him again.”

“Desmond, I don’t like that look in your eyes.” Mary’s eyes widened ominously. “I thought we established the rules.”

“Oh, I’m all too clear that you wouldn’t have to put in any effort to wipe me out in any number of ways. But all I’m here to do today is to help her.” Demon gestured at Omen, who had fallen asleep in Mary’s lap. “And she wants to save the world from whatever you plan to do with it.”

Mary sighed, and with it, the island rose into the air again. It shifted across the sky before reaching the centre of the lake and falling down into it. The tidal wave that swept towards them was dismissed with a careless wave of Mary’s hand, the excess water boiling away into steaming clouds across the surface of the lake.

“Do you realise how many times I’ve decided not to just end the world, Demon? Can you even comprehend what it felt like?” The tears were freely flowing down Mary’s cheeks now. One fell to Amelie’s forehead, rousing her from her Mary-induced slumber.

“I was going to do it. Every day, I woke up and spent two hours thinking up reasons not to just tear the planet in two. Then I’d spend another five hours that evening wondering whether I’d made the right decision. Whether I’d change my mind tomorrow.”

The mountain ranges were rising, shaking themselves apart in their ascent as avalanches were triggered across three shores of the lake. The largest mountain itself remained stoically still. Damien had moved closer to Mary, allowing her to rest her head against his chest. She made a soft whimpering sound and the steam rose from the lake, forming a swirling, scalding cyclone that raced across the water, removing any contaminants and leaving behind crystal-clear depths.

“I didn’t want to be a hero, not after I saw what it was. I just wanted to be…” Mary faltered as her gaze swept over the mountain ranges. The formerly distinct peaks had merged into one amorphous stone structure entirely closing the lake off from the outside world. Mary batted her eyelashes and entirely new summits were formed as the displaced air from Mary’s motion cut through the rock.

“I just want to be happy.”

A brief sob from Mary finally broke the enormous lone mountain into two. It cracked down the centre, opening up a shielded passageway into the enclosed lake region. The only passage now, in fact.

Damien stroked Mary’s hair gently while she let Amelie crawl her way back towards Demon. To his surprise, the wound in his arm had been sealed, but a vicious scar remained in its place.

“She wanted to show you this place,” Damien took over for his emotionally distressed partner. “We wanted to invite you both to live here with us.”

Mary nodded from Damien’s lap while Demon took Amelie’s hand.

“Where’s the catch, Mary?” Amelie choked out. “Are we your pets? Your servants?”

“I…” Mary whispered. “I thought you were my friends…”

“Is that what you told Melanie?” Amelie had recovered to the point of standing now, looking down at the evidently malevolent supe. “I bet you have her shoved between your tits right now, don’t you?”

“She likes it there…” Mary wiggled her shoulders defensively as she extracted Melanie’s dozing body from her cleavage. “See? She’s always comfy and warm.”

“Fuck, Mary. That’s not a life! She hasn’t had an original thought in years!” Amelie thought for a moment. “Hells, I don’t even remember the last time I spoke to her. And what about Francis?”

“He’s not a friend.” Mary’s face had soured and the air was uncomfortably warm.

“He was my friend.”

“Baby, why don't we give those two a moment to think?” Damien interrupted. “We can go and start planning out what to do with your island.”

Mary nodded, scooped Damien into her arms and carried him away, leaving Demon and Amelie on the shore.

“Thank you.”

“Whatever for?”

“Everything. Not just attempting to sacrifice yourself to save me twice just then. But everything you’ve been for me for the past years.”

“I must say, I was a rather formidable rival.”

Amelie snorted. “I have an idea of what I want to do. It’s pretty insane though.”

“By all means, do tell.”

“I want to fix some of the problems we caused. Or die trying.”

“Rather final of you.”

“This is it, Demon. This is the end. Whatever happens next, we won’t be needed. I want to have one last impact on the world before it’s all over.”

“So, what it is you want to do?”

“The Demon Realm. Something broke there a long time ago and I’ve been putting off dealing with it for years.” Amelie turned to Demon. “I don’t expect you to come with me.”

“Nonsense, my dear Omen. If you want to fight the legions of the hells, you’d best have me at your side. You’d be lost without me.”

Amelie held Demon’s hands in hers while holding back more tears.

“Yes, Desmond. I would be.”

“I know that didn’t go how you wanted…”

“They hate me, puppy! All those nasty things Demon said! And Amelie wants to reject my offer, I know it!”

Mary had been distracted when she landed on the island with Damien and now there was a large crater on the northern beachfront. The same beachfront where she had first made love to Damien.

That had only made her more upset.

And this next bit was only going to make it worse.

“He may have had a point,” Damien began as the nearby trees exploded into sawdust.

“Puppy! He was horrible! You heard what he said!”

“You terrified them, Mary. I think sometimes you forget how intimidatingly powerful you are under that soft exterior.” Damien cautiously approached Mary and hesitated as he saw her body wavering. Her form was rapidly flickering back and forth between her current appearance and the way she had looked six years ago.

“Oh, baby. Come here.” Damien chose to open his arms and allow Mary to fall into them, rather than risking an embrace going poorly.

Pulling him to the sand, Mary clung to Damien’s body as a lifeline. She wrapped her thighs around his legs and stroked her cheek against his chest. After a moment to calm herself through gentle snuggling, Mary raised her head.

“How can they think I would hurt them? They’re my favourite little ants! My little worker bees…”

“It might be things like that, baby. It might make them think that you only view them as toys. And that one day you’ll get bored of them and break them.”

Mary huffed and buried her face against Damien’s torso.

“And Amelie was mean about Melanie too…” Mary muttered into Damien’s chest.

Reaching into her cleavage, Mary extracted the slumbering girl and gave her a gentle squeeze. The tiny, flexible supe squeaked as she woke up and Mary giggled at the sound.

“How can anyone be mean to her? She’s so cute!”

Mary continued to toy with her cute plaything, squishing Melanie’s body between her fingers, kneading at her pliable breasts and pulling on her elastic limbs. Mary kept up the distraction, lost in thought until she realised Damien was trying to get her attention. Refocusing back on reality, she immediately heard the tortured squealing coming from her hand.

The beach was bathed in oppressive comfort as Mary attempted to rectify her mistake. Both Melanie and Damien felt their muscles turn to jelly as their bodies fully relaxed and their nerves dulled, falling into unconsciousness. A stifled cry of rage from Mary caused thunder to boom across the lake, reflecting around the mountain basin, whipping up localised sandstorms and tearing leaves from trees.

When the echoes eventually faded, the soothing aura emanating from Mary had cured all of Melanie’s maladies. Suppressing the healing power before it started to replace all of Damien’s scar tissue with smooth flesh, Mary carefully placed Melanie onto his chest.

“Don’t worry, puppy. I’m going to work out all of my anger soon. Then we can live the life we always wanted.”

Majestic felt wonderful. She stood in Apex’s former penthouse suite and grinned with mocking delight at the girls barely managing to remain standing in her presence. It felt good to not have to hold back occasionally. It felt even better knowing that these were the next most powerful people in the world, and they could only just remain lucid when she was nearby.

Many of the buildings in the city now lay strewn with cum-stained corpses where people had risked ogling Majestic as she walked by.

She was still slightly bemused as to why Cherie kept sending unpowered clones at her to die under the overwhelming effects of her ambient power, but she hadn’t instructed the woman to stop it. It served as a nice reminder of just how fucking powerful she was at this point.

“New instructions from the boss, girls, so listen up.”

Majestic knew they would. She hadn’t bothered to lower her voice, so it was likely that the entire city was hearing her too. At least, those who were far enough away to survive the volume of her speech and maintain their minds as her pheromone-soaked breath dictated utter subservience from everyone around her.

“We’re going to locate every single supe in the world and bring them back to her.”

The increase in the frequency and intensity of the heart rate of the other squad members would have been notable in any other room. In this room though, Majestic’s increased pulse rate had already drowned out their pathetic beating. Her excitement was not just obvious from the thudding in the ears of the other girls, but also from the sense-depriving scent of her arousal that she had been emanating since she received word from Mary of their next mission.

“And there’s going to be a prize for the person who captures the most supes.”

Georgia’s rippling muscles clenched, powerful enough to level a street with a single tap of her foot and crying out for attention. Majestic’s firm thighs bulged in response, the mere act of flexing causing the walls and floor of the building to fall apart around them.

Julie’s golden eyes lit up, laden with near incomparable energy vast enough to erase a town from the planet. Majestic’s blazing irises shone with radiant white light and the exposed skies dimmed comparatively, beacons outshining the Sun itself.

Cherie’s red lips gleamed with desire, provoking any hot-blooded creature to action and inciting lust in their very biology. Majestic’s purple lips twisted into a smug smirk and the other girls climaxed at the motion of her mouth, writhing in silent pleasure as their eyes were firmly locked onto her every word.

Amy’s massive chest heaved with each elated breath, struggling against her costume and revealing the lavishly expansive pale flesh of her breasts. Majestic’s titanic bosom swelled to overfill her costume, exposing the edges of her areolae and heating the air around her in arousal, afire with a deep red flame spreading from her cleavage.

Ally’s vibrant auburn hair fluttered in the winds playing around her body, the fiery scarlet strands moving fluidly through the air as they were highlighted against her freckled cheeks. Majestic’s blonde locks splayed out behind her as her body heat melted away the rest of the upper floors of the building, and the most debilitating wave of Majestic’s power yet spread across the city with the scent of her sex.

“The prize is power. And I want more.” Majestic floated in the ruins of the room, the five other girls cowed before her as her declaration cleared the skies around them and sent pheromone-laced hurricanes racing across the continent.

“May the best woman win.”

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