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Dark Desires

Written by Rjjt456 :: [Friday, 31 March 2023 08:53] Last updated by :: [Monday, 17 April 2023 07:54]

I want to start by saying thanks to Woodclaw for providing help, suggestions, and ideas. I also want to extend a thanks to some of my friends who want to go uncredited.

This story wouldn’t have been ready (enough) in time without any of them.


High above the streets of Metropolis, a fight was going on.

On this day, The Man of Steel was fighting one of the most powerful foes he had ever faced: The villainous Superwoman!

Coming from another world, this dark vixen of might had somehow found herself on this Earth, and soon wreaked chaos. Her dark skin-tight costume, and long raven locks that tumbled down her bare shoulders was a sight to behold for anyone unlucky enough to cross her path.

It’s over, Superwoman!” the Man of Tomorrow boomed as he flew to the scene, the devious Superwoman having just finished robbing a bank!

Oh, my dear Superman, I haven’t even started yet!” she replied with a confident smirk.

She threw her ill-gotten gains to the ground and the two titans of might soon found themselves locked in battle, one which would leave much of the street in a mess as they soon found themselves interloc-

“MR. JAMESON!” a high-pitched voice ripped Roby out of the thrall of his comic. Groaning, he wondered why he even bothered going to the library, before slowly turning to face the music.

Walking at a brisk pace toward him was the head librarian: Mrs.Rebecca Wood.

She was an aging woman by all accounts. Roby would guess she was around 50 years old but, frankly, it was hard to say because despite her age and her oppressive demeanor, she looked surprisingly good. Streaks of ebony still wound through her graying hair, and the shapely lines of her conservative outfit suggested that she once had been a good-looking woman.

Those thoughts were not on Roby’s mind as the furious woman reached the end of the aisle he had strewn with books and comics alike.

“Mr.Jameson, how many times do I have to tell you that this isn’t your personal playground?! This is a public library, not somewhere for a young man in his twenties to leave a mess! I don’t care how much money your father donates to the city. It doesn’t put you above common decency…”

Roby began to filter out her yammering. He really didn’t care about her or his father for that matter. He just wanted a place to read his comics in peace.


“Don’t turn your back on me, young man!” Mrs.Wood said as she took the final steps between them. As she did, she noticed the cover of a comic lying on the floor. She scoffed to herself as she saw the raven-haired woman in a scant leather top on the cover. Probably one of those so-called “Superheroines” that boys like Roby seem drool over she thought as she picked it up.

Intending to hand it to Roby before teaching him a lesson by kicking him out, she looked closer at the cover. As she did, she felt a strange feeling tingling the depths of her stomach. She couldn’t quite describe it, though longing was probably the closest she could come. It was as if the artwork had unlocked some sort of desire buried deep within her. That was absurd, however. Why in the world would the sexualized image of a woman on a comic book speak to her at all? For reasons that she couldn’t begin to understand, however, it simply did.

As she continued to stare in rapt fascination at the image, strange thoughts began to enter her mind.

I wish to be powerful.To be respected. To be desired again.

These thoughts felt like her own, but at the same time, they were also foreign, almost alien.

But it is true, is it not?

Who would she want to be desired by? She had been married for several years, and…

Suddenly, Rebecca knew what the voice meant.

He is a fit young man, willing and ready.

I… No, you can’t seriously mean… I’m old and gray, he would never—

Be with you now? Perhaps not. But if you were to change, become better. Become me….

As the voice spoke, the comic in Rebecca’s hand began to glow so bright that the librarian gasped, attempting to shield her eyes.

The sound caught Roby’s attention. He turned around just in time to witness Rebecca’s transformation.

The light enveloped Rebecca in its warmth, the feeling intensely pleasurable. Ecstasy surged through her with breathtaking speed, a moan escaping her parted lips. As her clothes burned away, the sensation only grew stronger. Now bare to the world, she tried to cover herself up, mostly out of instinct, but her limbs wouldn’t respond.

Scorching heat began to emanate from deep within her veins. Her blood felt as if it were boiling, the pain of it strong enough that Rebecca nearly threw back her head to scream! But as quickly as the pain had appeared, It was replaced by soothing pleasure. Rapture slithered through her aching muscles, quelling the searing pain as it went. She could feel her muscles swelling, years of neglect burning away in moments to leave a physique far beyond what she’d possessed even in her prime.

Her waist, which had seen its fair share of overindulgences in the last ten years, narrowed, eliciting a gasp from Rebecca. Her hips widened as her thighs smoothed out. Her already impressive legs lengthened, the transformative energy perfecting even her best features.

Once, Rebecca had been proud of her chest, but as with the rest of her body, the years had taken their toll, and they had started to sag. As the heat reached her chest, she couldn’t hold back the groan that escaped her plumping lips. Now able to move once again, Rebecca’s fingers flew to her chest. She could feel her breasts as they first rose, then began to expand, splaying her fingers apart. As her fingertips brushed her nipples, Rebecca gasped, momentarily shocked by their newfound sensitivity.

As her brain recovered from the ripple of sensation at the crown of her breasts, she finally registered just how far away her hands, still cupping her breasts, had been pushed.

My breasts! They’re… huge?!?

She didn’t have long to savor the feeling, however, as the tingling reached her scalp. An explosion of light emanating from the top of her head blinded her anew. In seconds, all of Rebecca’s gray hairs were gone, transformed into a lush mane of raven-black silk. Its length swiftly descended past her shoulders until it curled at her lower back.

Mmmhhh, this feels so… nice Rebecca thought, caught as she was in the moment.

Oh, trust me, it gets even better.

Though her body had by now become a walking wet dream, it wasn’t done yet. The heat spread across her entire form before it burrowed deep within her, merging with her perfected physique. With a sudden jerk, Rebecca’s feet left the ground, and as she looked around, she found that she was floating above the floor.

Chest heaving, Rebecca panted. Her body seemed to have been supercharged with desire by the light. But as distracting as that was, the thrill that crashed through her as she realized she was floating in midair quickly made it an afterthought. She twirled in place, overcome by the sudden sense of freedom that only shrugging off gravity could provide.

More. I. Want. MORE! Rebecca demanded. The feeling of freedom, of power, was so intoxicating that she couldn’t think of a time without them.

Good, Rebecca. Give into me. Into us!

Power beyond her wildest fantasy poured into her, increasing her already earth shattering strength even further as her transformation neared its ends.

With what felt like unlimited power at her fingertips, Rebecca, Somehow, found herself with a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. One that told her that something was still missing.

Indeed, there is.

Dark spandex materialized over her chest, flowing over her body until it formed a complete, skin-tight suit. It showed off all of her amazing curves, leaving her flawlessly sculpted shoulders bare to the world. As she marveled at the latest change in her appearance, a cape wound itself around the top of her costume, falling lightly over the upper slopes of her luscious ass, and reaching all down to her knees. Tall, stiletto-heeled boots ascended her calves, and silken gloves formed over her hands.

It is done.

Yes. We are complete.

Then, as suddenly as it started, the light faded away.


Roby couldn’t believe his eyes. One moment he had seen Mrs. Wood bathed in blinding light, and now, floating in front of him, was the spitting image of Superwoman from his favorite comics.

“Mrs.Wood?” he probed in a shaky voice.

The woman purred as her gloved hands slid over her magnificent curves before coming to rest at her ample bosom. “Mmmh?” She looked dazed, evidently still caught up in the afterglow of her transformation.

“Are you… Are you…?” Roby struggled for words.

“...Superwoman? Indeed, I am,” she answered, her voice as sultry as Roby had always fantasized Superwoman’s would be. Lips curling into a smirk, she performed a swift pirouette that lifted her cape just enough to give Roby a glimpse of her awe-inspiring backside.

“Like what you see?” She asked, eyes dancing with amusement as she floated toward him.

Roby tried to back away, but the backs of his legs clunked into the table he had been reading at. The sight made Rebecca chuckle.

“Don’t worry, dear,” she said as she positioned herself above him, lining herself up to be parallel. “I don’t wish to hurt you. However…”

Roby gulped as he saw her pull out a length of familiar golden rope. The Lasso of Submission. Roby was more than passingly familiar with its capabilities, and he was beginning to fear whatever the librarian-turned-supervillain might have in mind.

“...I have this deep, burning desire within me, and she wants you soooo badly,” she said, floating so close that he could feel the heat of her body. She moved forward again, her full breasts gently pinning him in place, giving him a view of her expansive cleavage.

“Still,” she added as her irises took on a scarlet tint. Roby could feel waves of heat rippling the air between them, making him sweat. “I can’t let you go without teaching you a lesson.”

“But nothing says that I can’t do both at the same time,” she whispered sensually into his ear. She then grabbed Roby’s shirt in an iron grip and pulled him toward her. His lips slammed into hers. Before he knew what was happening, he felt her tongue part her lips, her mouth devouring his with shocking enthusiasm.

Awestruck at the turn of events, Roby couldn’t help but return the kiss. His hands took hold of the goddess in front of him, roaming her breathtaking curves as she purred with delight from his touch. Even as he touched her, her could tell that her silky smooth skin didn’t give in the slightest

Without sparing another moment, Rebecca lifted both of them with ease, streaking upward. She used her body to shield Roby from the rubble as she blasted through the ceiling, then swooped through the city to take him somewhere private where she could administer the requisite punishment…

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