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Birth of the Undead – Movements, Chapter 3, Discoveries

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It was a literal blizzard out there around the Northern hemisphere, as the weather system took a turn for the worst today. With climate change, the number of extreme weather days seem to be increasing, winter days seemed to last longer and colder, and the amount of snow dumped on multiple cities just hit record thickness today.

But even as the strong wind and snow pounded the entire area, it was no impediment for those with amazing powers in their progress. Case in point happens to be one person called Kara Zor-El, the one endowed with amazing powers on Earth and is currently living up to her moniker “Supergirl” as she made her way towards her cousin’s Fortress of Solitude on one of the most remote location at the North Pole. Like hot knife cutting through butter, the Maid of Might flew through the snowstorm with ease, the snow dissipating when it hits her body as her Kryptonian body generated enough heat while cutting through air friction, keeping the young woman cozy and dry. The cold did not affect her one bit despite her skimpy two-piece clothing of a costume which still revealed acres of her tanned skintone, as she headed for a special destination up in the North – The Fortress of Solitude.


The Fortress that is the large sprawling structure that grew from programmable crystals that Jor-El had placed within Superman’s rocketship, seemingly a part of the whiteout landscape. While it looks majestic to others, the design reminded Kara of a weird blend of a Kryptonian science lab and a temple, which somehow is an apt representation of a now perished civilization that had some of the most advanced technology but still retained their religious belief in their god Rao. For the Last Daughter of Krypton however, it is merely a replica that could never replace what was lost despite the best of intentions.

Perhaps that’s why she would prefer to be actually be elsewhere, rather than to come to a place that reminded her so much of her descimated home planet. What with all the changes that had happened recently, it’s been a while since she dropped by, though there is one particular reason Kara is more anxious to come by today.

Kal had mentioned a while ago that he recently came into possession a rare Kryptonian artifact. Based on the photo that she was sent, it looked like a miniature rocket that is similar to their own, the prolate spheroid with the four separate mouting brackets on one end connecting to the tail fin section of equal length. He had mentioned that it turned on for awhile when he touched it, and from all the inscriptions that appeared they were written in old Kryptonese, far beyond what he knew. It would be an interesting discovery session for her too, to see and hold such a unique item in her hands.

Like its namesake, the Fortress has a predesigned security system to ensure that only either its true owners or actual guests are welcomed. Which meant that it was only can only be seen and accessed by a very select few, the few that would have amazing powers derived from the yellow sun’s radiation. For Kara, with her remarkable supervision, it was easy to find and head towards the well-hidden structure embedded within the icy mountain landscape despite the dark winter afternoon, her telescopic vision keeping track of the outlines of the imposing crystalline structure miles away.

As she sped towards the Fortress, the advanced sensors have already detected her presence from fifty miles away. When she touched-down gently on the thick snow outside of the huge double-doors, Kara placed her deceptively dainty hands against two hand-holds, which confirmed her biometric details. Then with a flex of her body in a surge of superstrength, she pushed the doors each side, and then entered into the sprawling complex. Her preferred way of entering rather than using that stupid oversized key on the side.

The item could be seen easily enough, given it’s odd shaped protruding from the smooth, horizontal panel that it laid on, which forms the control panel of the Fortress. As Kal mentioned that he had placed it near to the computers which incidentally where he had his research workbench, Kara thought nothing of it as she observed the inscriptions surrounding it. As Kara looked closely at the item, she noted how smooth the entire thing looked, reminiscent of the items that a Kryptonian fabricator could manufacture. Running her fingers around the structure that looke very much like a oversized football, the entire structure glowed blue wherever she touched the entire thing. She was so fascinated by the entire item that she almost missed the hum of the Fortress computers coming alive, which suddenly culminated in the loud blaring of alarm and the regular pulsing of red glow all over the cystalline structure, surprising the Girl of Steel.

“What in...ARRGGGHHHH!!....” Suddenly, multi-coloured beams shot out from all sides of the Fortress converged on the Last Daughter of Krypton, and as she was not expecting such an attack, all the beams hitting her simultaneously. The blasts would have totally destroyed a lesser being with its force, but then Kara Zor-El is no such being. Crying out loudly in pain, it was probably her fully-charged Kryptonian body’s invulnerability that managed to help her to withstand such a powerful attack, but even then, that the entire ordeal had felt like she had been sent to hell, as she felt her body being electrocuted, burnt, frozen, compressed and torn apart, all at the same time. Worse still, the computer actually increased the power of the beams seemingly to try and tear her apart when it realised that she was still able to withstand the onslaught, causing the Maid of Might to cry out even louder with pain and frustration.

It was all Kara could do to try and stay alive.

Despite it being only five minutes it had literally felt like hours when suddenly the beams shutdown by itself, and its opponent called Supergirl collapsed onto the crystal floor, her indestructible body cracking the smooth surface, her powerful legs turning to jelly as it was all she could do prop herself back onto her legs and knees, huffing and panting from the initial ordeal, sweating bullets as she tried to figure out what had happened. Steam actually rose from all around her, and she could actually feel some of her golden tresses having been burnt.


“What...what was that all about? Com..COMPUTER. I am Kara Zor-El of the House of El, and I command you to STOP!! SHUTDOWN NOW!” With wobbly legs, Kara managed to pull herself to a standing position as she attempted to move towards the console to override the programs.

“You are not Kara Zor-El.” The computer replied in cold fashion, and the tone cast a chill down Kara’s spine. “Kara Zor-El is a Kryptonian, and you are not.”

“Of course I am, you stupid machine. I am KYYAAAHHHHH!H!!!!!!” Another wave of relentless powerful blasts converged on Kara’s young feminine body, but this time they seem to have different intentions. A number of energy bands appeared to bind her torso like a lasso, and a number of beam blasts seemed to hit her on the back and on her chest to control her movements, keeping her rigid in her current stance and position. It was as if the computer was trying ways to torture her until she relents, or maybe that it was trying to test and gauge her physical limits; for Kara Zor El it felt as if her entire body was a ragdoll being manipulated by the machine with all its abilities at its disposal. Crying out continously in pain, the Maid of Might started fearing for her life.

But the Girl of Steel is nothing but persistent, for she did not survive the destruction of her planet to be trapped and slowly being killed by a rouge computer on a different planet. Applying the teachings and trainings at the Batcave, Supergirl fought through the pain and pleasure to stay calm enough to consider her options in mind, for she still has a wide range of powers beyond her invulnerability on Earth. Taking a deep breath amidst the emotional turmoil, the Last Daughter of Krypton slowly flexed and tensed her body as she piled on her fabled strength to counter the energy bind. Her powerful physique started to reveal itself as she gritted her teeth to try and stretch the binds by trying to lift her arms, and despite her initial reservations her hopes slowly lifted as she felt the binds slowly but surely loosening millimeter by millimeter, as they struggled to contain her bulging muscular physique. Muscles that would be more at home on a Mr Olympia contestant than on a slim, young female. Muscles that continue to grow in line with Kara’s focus and intent as she pumped more and more strength across her body. Just like a few months ago, the continuous ringing of taunts and encouragement to do “One More” is bearing fruit.

“Impossible. Force and strength generated is much more than previously recorded by Kara Zor-El, after reasonable extrapolation. Confirms that you are not Kara Zor-El.”

“Just...Shut....Up...ALREADY!!!!” With a shout of finality leading to a loud bang and sizzling of burning air, the constrictive power bands broke apart and dissipated into the air, unable to contain and constrict the fully flexed muscular-sexual form of the one they call Girl of Steel at full flex. While her emotions soared as she felt her upper body freed from its binds, she didn’t even have time to savour her small win when again another new set of beams hit her now muscular body.

This time however, the attack was different, as if focused instead on her erogenous areas with the relentless blasts on her mammeries and crotch. The beams were regulated and seemed to be wider, gentler, alternatively pulsing and caressing a wider area around her sensitive places causing her arousal to increase a few notches. “Ooooohhh.....AAAAAhhhhhh.....” The repeated gentler assault coupled by her seemingly insatiable body that seemed to react positively to the stimulation, the young Kryptonian female couldn’t help but move her left hand to grope and squeeze her right breast while her right moved low to flick her skirt upwards and rub her pussy underneath her drenched undies. Soon her entire body began to writhe and shudder, her hips gyrating slightly even as she whimpered with her and the beams’ ministrations, her eyes fluttered with the sexual attack that was causing her a different sexual turmoil.

Amidst the conflicting signals her body and mind is trying to process, Kara struggled to stay above this current weird predicament, but it’s getting so hard to control her runaway urges. Recalling the techniques that Vampirella taught her on managing her blood urges and need to feed, she turned it to focus beyond the sexual pleasures that she is feeling now, fighting hard to keep a pocket of sanity within her mind. With considerable effort, Supergirl managed to find quick openings, and she quickly used her xray vision to determine the locations of the beams amidst her repeated pleasureable moans. As her body continued to betray her and persisted in its intent to climb towards her sexual peak, she still managed fire off a number of heatvision blasts. Most missed, but luckily two of them managed to hit the one instrument that was hell-bent on trying to drill through her invulnerable fabric to get at her nether lips. With that one major beam taken out, the rest proved easier as Kara collected enough of her wits to destroy the rest.

Quickly seizing the temporary opening afforded, Kara fought through her arousal and cocked her fist backwards, and in a flash of superspeed aimed it at the computer’s console.

“COMPUTER SHUTDOWN!!!!” followed by an “OOOMMFFFF!!” as Kara was sent cannoning to the side, crashing against the thick Fortress wall before collapsing onto the ground. Heaving and gasping, she looked up just in time to see the computers and security systems powering down in response to the latest command issued by its owner. The one and only Superman. The entire ordeal however had taken a lot out of the Girl of Steel, for she practically just had to lay on her back, her blonde hair splayed on the crystal ice floor as Kara tried to get her mind and body to some semblence of control. Sometimes superstamina and invulnerability also needs a bit of time before it could help one recover.

“Sorry about that body-check.” Kal said apologetically after both supercousins took their seats near the console later. Part of the security system had led to it automatically sending out an ultrasonic burst of warning that was only detectable by the Kryptonians’ superhearings, and Kal upon hearing the supposed breach had come out to check. Replaying the recorded feed, Superman was also puzzled with the entire debacle. After all, Kara was explicitly given access to the entire facility with no caveats. Given her knowledge of everything Kryptonian tech, this shouldn’t even happen. “What happened in there Kara?”

“I’m not sure. For some reason, the computer said that I am not, well, me.” Kara was rubbing her neck absentmindedly, still feeling some soreness all over her back and torso. Notwithstanding how wet her lower garments remained. Luckily she still had an additional skirt that covered up that damp patch between her legs.

“Computer. Please explain what you do mean by that?”

“Biometric scan revealed person entering the Fortress is not 100% Kryptonian. Based on records, Kara Zor-El, daughter of Zor-El and Alura In-Zee both Kryptonians. Hence occupant should be a full-blooded Kryptonian female. Current person in vicinity have only partial Kryptonian DNA, remainder genetics undefined.”

Both cousins looked at each other at that remark as realisation finally set in. With Kara’s genetics now a blend of Kryptonian and Vampirella’s Drakulon DNA, it stands to reason that the computer had automatically determined that she was not whom she was originally.

“But I don’t remember the computer being programmed to check our DNA during the entry scanning process, especially given that your full biodata and genetics information is stored here. Why was this done, and who did it?” Kal-El asked after Kara had resubmitted herself to a thorough biometric scan from top to toe, ensuring that her latest details were updated correctly.

“Sensors and details have been upgraded by latest input.”

“Latest log.” Both of them looked at the numerous records that scrolled through the screen. It was then both of them noticed the Kryptonian artifact pulsing blue in line with the records access, seemingly working in tandem with the Fortress computer. Working on a hunch, Kara moved her hand over the sphere, and then with a few well-placed touches, spoke to the computer. “Computer, is the sphere also relaying commands to you?”


“What type of commands?”

“To retain and maintain the purity of the Kryptonian bloodline. To protect Kryptonians using any means necessary.”

“Wow” Kara remarked to Kal, who continues to sport a puzzled face. “What the heck did you manage salvage, Kal? This is like a purity device for anything and everything Kryptonian.”

“I don’t know. I was given this as memento. But what exactly is this thing, and how can it be so powerful as to be able to manipulate and control Kryptonian tech?”

Suddenly, a mixture of coloured lights danced about the sphere, and a hologram projection revealed a middle-aged man dressed in all white garb appeared in life-size in front of the stunnned Kryptonian cousins.

“I am KorUr-JaKon. I am the keeper of the device. You may call me the Cleric” The person bowed slightly before continuing in Kryptonese. “What knowledge are you seeking?”

Kal turned towards Kara, who asked the computer do a translation on the screen as well into English. “Does the house ring any bells?” Kara merely shooked her head, and said “Not that I can remember. To be frank, there are many other smaller houses on different parts of the planet, in Argo City, Krakonian and the like, but no...”

“Unfortunately, I am the last member of my house, the House of JaKon, and after dedicating my life towards keeping this device, my house has ceased to exist. What knowledge are you seeking?” The device is indeed remarkable, for it was able to quickly accept Earth languages and process the comments, despite still replying in Kryptonese by default.

“Well, are you a record-keeper?” Superman asked.

“Yes, and no. I do have all the records of all the information partaining to all the houses of Krypton, but I am also called the Eradicator.” That information brought a chill to both Superman and Supergirl. Tentatively Kara asked on behalf.

“What exactly do you keep?”

History of the planet Krypton, including all the important events that happened between our civilization and others. Kryptonian technology details and information. Genetic samples of all major houses including the latest family tree, information about other civilisations...”

“So, the latest members for the House of El would be...”

Kal-El, born in the year 4022 to Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. The youngest son of the House of El. And Kara Zor-El, born in the year 4008 to Zor-El and Alura In-Zee. The youngest daughter of the House of El.”

“Were you there too? When Krypton was destroyed.” Kara mused, and she also noticed the slight drop of the Cleric’s head upon hearing the event.

“Yes. The Cleric placed his imprint on the device to activate its automatic programming in order for this device to continue its work, despite not knowing how it may do so eventually. My last record was about the destruction of the planet. To where I was sent to, or whether it will survive the destruction of the planet I have no idea nor do i have control over it. I can only be activated by a Kryptonian or a Krypton-related device, hence my record-keeping instruction recommenced after Kal-El found me.”

“Hang on. So the artifact has automatically integrated with the Fortress computer?” Kara looked at Kal in mix of shock and anger? “Kal, I mean, how dumb can you be? Even Earth computers have viruses and such. Didn’t you even consider quarantine?”

Superman quickly raised both his hands. “Stop, Kara. All I did was to put it on the workbench; how would I know that it will do an integration upload? Besides I don’t even KNOW that it’s active.”

“Kal, you mentioned that it came with a pod, right?” Superman nodded at that. “One of the larger pods that had also arrive on Earth but crashed somewhere else. It was only recently discovered from a dig nearer to the south of the country. Though based on what the researchers told me, they only found this item on its own...”

“Negative. This device can confirm that there was another being in the pod.”

Both Supergirl and Superman were stunned at that comment. It also meant that not everything was forthcoming from the military. Then again, that's not entirely surprising.


“Do you know who was in there?”


“Is the being alive?”


“You know, given the size of the thing, I would venture that it might be a sarcophagus?” That was a strong possiblity. For years since he had gotten his powers, Kal had ventured across vast areas of space, and had come across numerous pods of different sizes though of different alien origins. But this. This could be the first that was from his own dead planet.

“But why are you called the 'Eradicator'?”

“This device was initially created as a unit to protect the purity of all Kryptonians' genetics, to ensure that the essence and our core of our civilisation remain intact and pure. It is meant to eradicate any inpurities and undesireables that might arise and taint the Kryptonian race from its own origins and foundational beliefs.” That brought a frown to both surviving Kryptonians, who with their current circumstances and upbringing, have found this new information hard to believe, notwithstanding that both were taught and brought up with the supposedly idea that Krypton being a more advanced society have a much more liberal and all-encompassing. mindset socially.

“That’s not the Krypton that I know and love. It doesn’t make sense.” Kara spoke up, challenging the comment while Kal continued observing the entire interaction, his mind in a whirl.

“Krypton’s advancement in technology was such that it we have conducted space travel since many years before, leading to inevitable contact with multiple alien civilisations. While interaction with all other races have led to unprecendented growth of the Kryptonian civilisation through trade and sharing of knowledge, it had also resulted in many more conflicts and unrest on our planet among our own people and beyond. Despite our people’s loving nature in general and aspiration to always be kind and supportive, such interactions with other alien races have swayed many's perspective, leading to their participation in various interplanet conflicts and wars, which indirectly led to the so-called War of Cleansing, the Dark Years of Krypton towards the end of the 30th century. After the conclusion of those Dark Times, the decision was taken to remove Krypton’s role intergalactically, and instead focusing inwards to build and nurture our own society instead. And this has been so for the past ten centuries.”

“So what does this have to do with this being an ‘eradication’?”

“As the leaders of that time regarded intergalactic travel to be the cause of the downfall, hence decision was taken that all Kryptonians are disallowed for undertaking such pursuits, with force if necessary, even though there was no stopping the pursuit of the science and technology that allowed insight into other faraway civilizations. In addition, newborns are automatically imprinted within a genetic defect which will automatically kill them when they leave the home planet beyond a certain amount of time and distance. This was done artificially within the birthing matrix as part of programming. This decision was voted on and accepted easily by absolute majority due to the lethargy caused by the past conflict of previous years.”

That was a stunning revelation for both cousins. “But...but both of us survived?”

“Both latest members of the House of El were born of natural birth, of which the genetic imprint does not apply. Though the entire ordeal was of great distress to both mothers, eventually it lead to great joy by your families.”

“But...but there must be others who were born naturally?” Kal ventured, but when he saw the sadness in Kara’s eyes he knew.

“Both of you were the only ones among the Houses on record conceived and born in this manner. No one else had taken the path given the extreme pain and high risk.”

“Oh Rao. That means...even if Krypton might have the means, the technology to give its population a lifeline, it was all for naught anyway because of this stupid genetic imprint? Oh rao...” Looking at Kara, Kal asked “Did you know?”

Kara shooked her head. “The birthing matrix had always been regarded to be the perfect invention for our society, aiding the mothers during childbirth and reduces distress. To that point, I am actually surprised to hear that I was naturally born, because this was never mentioned by anyone hence I assumed that would be the case, naturally. But why would both our mothers do that?”


And with only both of them left, there would be no new answers forthcoming on that track.

“What else are you programmed to do?”

“The Eradicator being part of the interconnectivity between the major guilds through the BRAINIAC program, also functions as a record-keeper of all Kryptonians’ genome. This enables tracability of the lineage, and to ensure the continuity and sanctity of the genetics that are part of the Kryptonian race. The genome history is also used in the birthing matrix for lineage continuity and to correct flaws of the fetus as it grows.”

“That I know about. I remember that if people are hurt back then, the genome knowledge can help the Medical Guild diagnose and treat patients much faster and more effective. Given that most gave birth using the matrix, it is also usual for many to ensure that there are no abnormality with the babies that will be born. But it still didn’t answer why I was attacked. Because you regarded me to be non-pure? What does that even mean?” Kara’s tone indicated a rising anger at the device.

“Records indicate Kara Zor-El to be of the Kryptonian race due to both parents are of Kryptonian race; however records kept do not fully match with full biometric scan of said person entering the Fortress. This included comparison of physical stature and abilities last recorded and extrapolated based on Kryptonian growth rates. Hence security measures taken to protect Kryptonian facility, in line with logic of the Eradicator.” This time it was the computer which responded.

“So given that you now have my most updated profile then, am I free now to roam this place , you piece of stupid AI? Or are you going to attack me again?”

Detail profile updated for Kara Zor-El, Daughter of the House of El. Kryptonian female with unknown or unrelated 23.0258% DNA. Physical attributes and abilities refreshed. Access requirements approved.”

What followed was even more surprising. “Detail profile and family tree of House of El updated. Lois Lane Kent, mate of Kal-El, 100% Terran. Born...” Looks like the device hadn’t been slacking.

Kal chuckled at that final remark even though Kara continued scowling. “I guess all computers are the same to a certain extent. No many how good they are, there is still to have regular updates to factor and ringfence those outliers that might cause malfunctions. Since I’m here, I wanted to bring you up to speed about the latest with our friends in Gotham.”

That took a little longer than expected, given the latest development.

“Wow. So we now actually have a face to go with that name?” Both of the supercousins are now looking at the enlarged and enhanced photo being projected on the Fortress monitor. “She looks...well, menacing. And in an all-black getup to, so femme fatale kind of cliche.” Even with her at full powers, Kara’s mind had quickly conjectured that the woman must be powerful enough to even allow her features be captured clearly. Villains tend to operate in the shadows for a reason, but she seems more than confident enough in her own abilities to not require any elements of surprise.

“Supposedly. She’s an...Aryan? I think Vampirella mentioned something about that. Though we have no idea who that is, or what they are. While Bruce might have the right idea about doing more research, we can’t very well go and ask her personally.”

“I though “Aryans” are supposedly light-haired, light eyes, fair skin. Her hair doesn’t look the part.“ Kara racked her brain on what she read about Earth’s history. A not very happy piece of timeline to be sure.

“If you paused to consider the irony Kara, your physical appearance actually fits the bill, or at least according to the definition used by some extreme groups on racial profiling and racial extremism.” Kal chided. “Supposedly a higher race compared to everyone else. Basis on your superpowers on Earth, it's hard to disagree either.”

“Well, I do protest. Deep down I am just like everyone else. I’m a survivor of a long deceased planet, the last female of our decimated race. If we’re so superior how come there’s only both of us left in the entire galaxy? Tell them that for starters. I, for one, will give them a kick up their ass so hard they won’t know what’s coming if I ever find any of them. There’s enough issues on Earth for everyone, and I don’t want to be a poster child to the start of another war.” That brought another chuckle from Kal.

“Have you searched the Fortress’ archives though for more details about this other race? Maybe we might get lucky.”

“I was about to, but we needed to free you from your predicament first, remember? Computer, can you search...”

And then the Cleric’s hologram spoke.

“Arions. One of two legendary races that are supposedly the most powerful ever to appear in the universe. Called so due to their supposed base on the planet Aria, some have suggested that the entire civilisation and its people acted like a single military organisation, seemingly with a solitary goal of conquering other planets and expanding their empire and civilisation across the galaxy. Based on verbal tales brought by travelers who were fortunate enough to escape from their clutches or dominance, those were brutal tales of conquest, enslavement and destruction wherever their names were mentioned. Supposedly humanoid in appearance, both Male and Female Arions were said to be tall, fair-skinned, dark-haired and muscular, with an unending thirst and lust for conquest and war. Survivors and travellers have remarked about Arions seemingly being indestructible, relying little more than a handful of a small core group to be able to wage war and effect wanton destruction.”

Kal looked at Kara, whose eyes conveyed the same worry.

“What powers do they have?”

“Based on verbal tales but unable to be corroborated, their abilities are similar to those of Kryptonians under the yellow sun. But unlike Kryptonians, their so-called abilities seemed to be linked to their genetic-makeup and not environment, for they were mentioned to have displayed the same abilities irrespective of the colour of the sun. No perceived weaknesses mentioned.”

“Great. Wonderful. All our powers and none of the weaknesses. And to think that we are already virtually indestructible unless a certain green rock comes into play.” Kara groaned in frustration.

“We still don’t really know that, Kara. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, no matter how powerful one is or thinks so, there is bound to be a soft spot or underbelly somewhere. Only for the Arion’s case, that has yet to be discovered. After all, both of us are a walking sample case, no?” While that might be true, it still wasn’t lost on the Last Son of Krypton that until they find out the true weakness of the Arion woman, Earth would still be under the mercy of an group of supermen and women hell-bent on conquest.

And he used to think that Lex Luthor is bad enough...

“Wait. The Cleric mentioned that it’s one of two legendary races...”

“Some survivors have mentioned about the presence of another comparable race from the planet Velor, who have helped others in the fight against the Arions. Seemingly thier natural enemy, and because of their similar abilities combat-wise, some mentioned that Velorians were based on planets acting as deterrant against the conquest-hungry Arions, and are hence called “Protectors”. These so-called Velorian Protectors are equally powerful, if not more, than the so-called Arions with similar powers and appearances as them. The main difference between the two races are that Velorian Protectors are blondes and female, whilst Arions are dark-haired.”

“Talk about asking the women to do all the dirty jobs.” Kara pouted as Kal looked on in amusement.

“Based on verbal tales, like their Arion counterparts, Velorian females are much more muscular, more well-endowed and much more powerful than their male counterparts. Despite their role as Protectors of the planets, in many cases these women normally avoid local interference of any kind, even during local disasters and such, appearing only when the local civilization is truly threatened by Arions. As such that were also many who had opposed the placement of such powerful women among their people in the little that they contribute to their society, but also making the planet as an unnecessary target, attracting attentions from the war-hungry Arions.”

“If these two races are supposedly known widely across the galaxy, how come we Kryptonians haven’t seen them as yet?”

“Unknown. Many records are based on verbal records by space travellers and visitors in passing. Post the implementation of the Eradicator program, contact with the outer planets diminished dramatically, and as such no new information was forthcoming on both races.”

While there are still gaps, what they have heard so far is definitely more than what the Supercousins were initially hoping to find out, and then some.

Upon the latest revelation that she heard about the alien races, a cheeky thought crossed Kara’s mind. Since they are both here at the Fortress now, why not have a little fun?

“Hey, Kal. You think that with the right makeup and dress-up, I might be able to pass for this so-called ‘Velorian’?” With that remark, Supergirl stood up started and proceeded to do a generic twirl of her cape around, as she modeled herself in front of her cousin. “Who knows, maybe they also wear a similar red and blue garb that’s not so different from our House.”

That’s when he really noticed the changes that had happened to his cousin.


“You look beautiful Kara. Taller since I last saw you. Looks like you’ve matured quite a bit.” It was a diplomatic compliment, given the curves she sported.

Smiling appreciatively, Kara asked pointedly. “It is true that I’ve had a little growth spurt recently, but as a young woman, we like to be specific. How beautiful do you think I am Kal now? Do you think my more matured body can be compared favourably with Lois now?” With that Supergirl proceeded to slowly move her arms upwards and performed a twin-bicep curl in front of the Man of Steel, turning over slightly to allow him a full view of her new, renewed body. “...or do you think that I should benchmark against Vampirella? Or even Diana?”

The various bulges and valleys that suddenly appeared all about the Girl of Steel’s body was not lost on Superman, whose eyes opened wide in amazement at her physique. The explosion of the large biceps on her arms coupled with the prominent sixpack on her exposed abdomen all available for show with her skintight costume. As his eyes travelled up and down appreciatively over Kara’s body, it seems that the size of those bulges on her arms could even rival his own, despite him being a male and have had more years of exposure to the same invigorating sun rays of Sol. Kara’s moving her right hand over to gently massage that great mass of melon on top of her left arm reaffirmed his suspicions that she is as big as him in terms of muscle-mass.

The way she tensed and flexed her body gently, how her twin bulletproof mounds of steel lifted up with the push of the underlying pectoral muscles, stretching her thin, blue top; her seemingly larger mammaries (larger than what he remembered them to be) pushing up and out to distort that large <S> insignia erotically wider, making her look so powerful and not a little intimidating.

And it wasn’t just her upper body that had changed, for the short blue skirt now barely covers the upper half of her beautifully toned thighs and legs that looked more at home to a professional dancer. As she turned and twisted slightly, the short and slightly sheer garment gently fluffed upwards, partially revealing the meeting point between her long legs and those succulent lower lips that are so prominently outlined by her undies.

All of whch had the unintended effect of suddenly making Kal feel hot from his neck down, for her alluring yet powerful figure seemed to drag out his own deep, private fantasy of one day dating, nay, making out enthusiastically with a female who would be true partner to himself. Standing at a towering 6”3 and having a heavyweight bodybuilder physique, he knows that his amazing body and abilities caused many a female on Earth to worship and fantasize about him regularly, including Lois. But it also meant that he can never be truly satisfied. While Wonder Woman, Big Barda and the like have made passes at him, they are not the same.

Until recently that is, with the arrival of his older cousin who now appears as a young woman, and that vampire who had gained all the fabled powers of a Kryptonian under the sun.

Gulping unconsciously and gaping at the glorious young woman in front of him, he barely realised that his own sensitive sex organ had started responding positively to the visual stimuli of a maturing female of his own race, its outline starting to show on his own pants as more blood flowed down there making it expand and grow.

Even though Kara avoided having eye-contact with her cousin while purposedfully flexing and posing for him, her sensitive hearing and improved senses easily heard the quickening of his heartbeat, the slight musk and honey mix of arousal and the stretching sound of his own costume. Smiling inwardly with her initial success, another new thought crossed her mind.

“How...Wow Kara. How did you get so...ah, big?” That thought was briefly interrupted by Kal, who she know is trying to contain his arousal and growing erection by keeping his mind to subject.

“Oh, you know. Lots of good food, a little bit of exercise, some sunbathing to go with our good genes. As you mentioned , the yellow sun radiation had been kind to me, and I think I went through a growth spurt lately as well to make up for all that lost time in the pod. like?” Her smile merely widened as she heard another gulp and the slight quickening of his hearbeat; even little Kal-el conveyed the message on behalf of her cousin as it continued to widen and lengthen unimpeded by the ultra-stretchable smooth Kryptonian fabric, and it seems to be very enthusiastic with her development if those small precum blots on Kal’s pants are any indication of his physical reaction.

“You know, it’s been a while since I’ve truly tested myself, and maybe there might have been additional improvements to my entire....physical performance. How about another rematch at the arena? I’m dressed for it anyway, since Vampi is still holding to my previous costume. It’ll be good to let loose for a bit, and let go of some steam. Let’s see how I hold up against you at your most powerful.”

“Re...rematch? At my most...” The sudden thought of Kara fighting Kal in her current tight two-piece made him feel even more aroused, though at the same time his overprotectiveness came back to the fore. “I mean, I know that you’ve become more matured and all, but I AM still much bigger and bulkier, so I think I...”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I know that you are trying to look out for me, but you can’t keep on doing that. Just like when I arrived in my pod, when you told me you don’t need any more protection, you need to let me develop and grow at my own pace. After all, I AM of age, a proper WOMAN now, at least according to Earth customs. But I can understand if you’re feeling a little self-conscious, a little hesitant maybe? Do you find me a little more intimidating or too much to handle...” Kara purposedly left that last taunt hanging in the air, while relaxing her entire stance. All the bulges and ridges that had no reason to be on a young, maturing female such as she just melted away and hid under her wonderful tanned skin yet again, turning her back to her regular toned and well-endowed look.

Turning her face towards the Man of Steel and tossing the tried-and-tested young and innocent pleading look, she placed her hand under her chin while waiting expectantly for an answer.


“How about a sweetener for the deal. Whoever wins our little fight can demand any reward from the loser.”

“Any...any reward?” Alarm bells started ringing in his head, but at the moment he found his cousin to be too intriguing, too aluring...

“Any. Reward.” The final tease of a gentle swirl of her tongue across her lips sealed the deal.

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