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Jade and Katsuko – Chapter 1

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 22 April 2023 01:36] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 22 April 2023 09:45]

Jade and Katsuko

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Jade and Olivia first appear in the story Tanning for Superhumans

Katsuko is an original character created by a friend

Having destroyed Earth, Jade laments her existence until she meets Katsuko, an incredibly overpowered girl. Her emotions start to get the better of her as more powers develop and she attempts to deal with her lack of control with the aid of her new friend. Meanwhile, a jealously fuming Olivia is forgotten and left behind.

Chapter 1: Jealousy, Loneliness and Confusion

Part 1: Jealousy

After the fact, Olivia realised what a fucking stupid idea it was to give Jade alcohol.

To be fair, Olivia had only once seen Jade drunk. With her perfect memory, Olivia remembered her first meeting with Jade all too well. The overly-busty Irish lass had introduced herself by accidentally grinding a guy, along with the wall he was pressed against, to dust with her tits. She’d then vapourised the guy that Olivia had been trying to hook up with, along with half a city block, with a resigned sigh. Fortunately for Olivia, that had also been the day she discovered that her superpowers extended as far as total invulnerability.

It wasn’t that Jade’s absurd strength didn’t affect her, but Olivia just couldn’t be harmed. In the preceding months, the former cheerleader had discovered to her great pleasure that she could no longer feel pain at all, but could still feel all the far more enjoyable sensations. Nothing was able to penetrate her impervious skin. Nothing could mar her utterly astounding looks. Even her long platinum blonde hair, though perfectly malleable when styled by her own hands, refused to be sullied by anyone else who may be enamoured enough with her beauty to become brave enough to touch it.

Thinking back, Olivia could remember how her already tall and toned body had improved overnight until she was in absolute peak physical and mental condition for a human. The tall, slender girl had shot up from 6’1 to 6’6 and her long, platinum-blonde hair had grown out to twice its previous length. Olivia’s lithely muscled figure and utterly flawless body made supermodels look cheap. In a matter of minutes, she had become not just the strongest, but also the most intelligent person on Earth. Honestly, she had very little to complain about; her life was perfect.

Until she met Jade.

Olivia had always had a jealous streak. Seeing another girl who wasn’t just also invulnerable, but seemed to be able to use her body to dominate literally everything else in existence was a confusing scenario for her. What if this new girl sought to take her place as the Alpha-Girl of the planet? Olivia had barely even started on her lifelong mission for utter domination and this girl was already threatening it? Did she love the girl or hate her for it?

Plus, Jade could fly. And she had those fucking enormous tits. Those were certainly valid points for envy.

Which meant that Olivia reverted to treating Jade in the same way as she had treated her fellow cheerleaders in high school. She vented out at Jade in the best way she knew, resorting to backhanded compliments, judgemental looks and her well-honed tactics of belittlement and mockery, seeking to claim a psychological high ground against her greatest friend/foe.

Jade was short – the fact of which Olivia repeatedly reminded her. The girl seemed to have a complex about her height too, so that made it all the sweeter and easier to put her in her place. But for such a short girl, Jade was terrifying in a way that defied all logic. Normally, Olivia had strict standards for only fucking people taller than her. But for Jade, Olivia ended up making an exception.

She didn’t regret lowering her standards one bit. Jade was completely overwhelming. Her body was utterly unassailable by any of Olivia’s assaults and never once did Olivia manage to impact Jade’s body in the slightest. But while Jade never climaxed from their encounters, Olivia always left exhausted and spent - much like she imagined her conquests felt after a night with her.

Not that Jade wasn’t immensely infuriating to Olivia during their version of ‘sex’ – which mostly consisted of Olivia riding Jade’s face as she lapped at her salivating pussy. One time, the indolent girl had fallen asleep during their play. She was incredibly apologetic when she woke up but insisted that it had been a really good nap. Olivia hadn’t been as pleased to hear that as Jade seemed to think she might be.

Olivia wanted to be her, to be with her and occasionally to strangle her. That immense power and detachment from the world was so fucking hot.

The knowledge that Jade had absolutely no control over her ‘curse’, as she called it, was a little bit of comfort. The girl had no way of varying the level of power she exerted on the Universe, so ended up cutting herself off from it.

Again, Olivia used that against her.

Jade had no way of changing or improving her body, so Olivia flaunted her abs, her biceps and her quads. Rarely was Olivia seen wearing anything more modest than a crop top and tight shorts. Finally, Olivia felt her jealous thoughts being reciprocated by her target. She celebrated by bedding as many studs as she could seduce to please her, which proved to be a large number. All of them Olivia left bruised and tender, but pleasured beyond compare and ruined for sex by anyone other than her. All the while Jade lamented her inability to partake in anything matching that kind of intimacy with anyone but Olivia.

Overall, Olivia’s plan to mentally dominate Jade when she couldn’t do it physically was going exactly to plan. She had brought forth Jade’s submissive nature and worked her until she was little more than a pet - an accessory for Olivia to take out with her. The plan had worked incredibly well.

Far too well.

Despite getting a kick out of making the other girl feel inferior, Olivia knew that she was playing a dangerous game. Jade’s ‘accidents’ were catastrophic. The redhead didn’t breathe, she didn’t walk - instead, she weirdly floated just above the ground and pretended to walk. The girl didn’t even need to eat or drink either, not that Olivia hadn’t caught her devouring the spiciest foods she could find to try to get a taste of them.

Jade just didn’t seem to belong in this world and Olivia was doing an excellent job of convincing her of that. All it had taken was a little drink to end everything.

So now that the atomic bombshell had finally gone off, Olivia felt a modicum of regret. Not for the destruction of the Earth especially, though there were a few hot guys and girls she had been intending on breaking to her whim. No, Olivia felt bad that she wasn’t the one with the power to do it. That she couldn’t consume a planet’s atmosphere with a simple breath or tear a world in two with a displeased utterance.

As it was, Olivia was floating in space, uncharacteristically sulking and more characteristically naked, waiting to see what would happen next.

Part 2: Loneliness

Idly drifting through the vast, blank expanse between Venus and Mars, Jade was contemplating her life. Her mind had wandered over the last few days, occupied by self-destructive thoughts of guilt and a far more dangerous state of apathy for the Universe at large. Consistently though, the short and incredibly busty redhead was feeling bereft of purpose. Olivia was refusing to talk to her following the destruction of their home planet and, being the only two known survivors, that made it difficult not to feel horribly alone.

Well, maybe it wasn't fair to Olivia to say that she was refusing to speak to Jade. It was partially that and partially the inability of the indestructible, athletic blonde girl to speak in the near vacuum of space that surrounded them. While Jade had more than enough air stored in her lungs from her inhalation of most of the Earth's atmosphere, Olivia didn’t seem to have the same capacity and certainly didn’t have the supply.

In all honesty, Jade had no idea of the specific volume of gas she had taken into herself during the Earth’s destruction; the simple inhalation that had compressed the entire atmosphere into her lungs had been barely noticeable to her. Although she had refrained from breathing for the past few years for fear of something just like that happening, now that the moment had passed, Jade barely remembered it.

So Jade tried a goodwill gesture to assist Olivia with her ability to communicate. But when she had tried to supply Olivia with some of her excess air to make talking easier, the tall, tanned superhuman had recoiled, blurted out a few choice expletives and accusations – using the air freshly supplied to her by Jade – and then tried to punch her short, redhead frenemy in her enormous tits.

Unfortunately for Olivia, all this did was send her spiralling off into space. Jade thought she might go and fetch her again at some point, but she really didn't feel like dealing with that hassle at the moment.

That was probably a few days ago now. It was difficult keeping track of Earth time with no Earth anymore. A few days of living purely in an echo chamber of her thoughts. Having ceased needing to eat, sleep or breathe years ago, Jade could continue this pseudo-life of solitude for eternity as far as she knew. She certainly couldn’t be damaged by anything she had encountered in the Universe; feck, she could barely even interact with most of it. At least Olivia didn’t immediately break as soon as Jade touched her, like literally everything else in existence.

There lay the crux of the problem though. Jade had no idea about the extent of her powers. Shite, she'd only found out she had laser eyes after she destroyed everything she ever knew. What if she had some other, as yet unknown destructive power?

Jade had no idea how her powers worked, but she had come up with an analogy when talking to Olivia back when they first met. It was like she was an intense light source, living in a world formed from the figures cast in a shadowplay. She couldn’t interact with the world, but she could erase it completely with her mere presence.

Playing most heavily on Jade's mind, however, was the question of her power versus her invulnerability. She knew that she could affect her own body with her powers. She was able to manipulate her skin with just the lightest of touches from her fingers, while solid steel and the heat of the Sun had no effect. She could lift her pendulous breasts when no one else she ever knew could even get them to jiggle a little. Was she powerful enough to destroy herself? Would the Universe be better, nay grateful, for it? Could she bring herself to do it?

Feck it. I have nothing left. The only person who could even survive me now hates me beyond anything else. What's left? An empty Universe of perpetual isolation and self-loathing. I could try sleeping through it. Bollocks, it's like high school all over again.

So, Jade set out to test the limits of her laser eyes. She would focus on her hand, the searing heat centred in the palm. Then she'd slowly bring it towards her face until the intensity blew her fecking head off.

It started well. Jade could feel the soothing radiation on her hand. It was nice; the blazing heat of the Sun didn't do anything for her, so it was good to embrace this super-solar warmth. She had a problem though. As much as she intensified her gaze, channelling her anger at her existence into her indestructible flesh, it did exactly that. Not destruct. It wasn't even uncomfortable in the slightest, just really… pleasant.

Really, really pleasant actually.

With a new idea in mind, Jade put her self-annihilation temporarily on hold. She guided the beam of crimson light to her breasts and placed both hands under one of them. Her clothing had been destroyed days ago and her pendulous tits hung low on her torso without a bra, but their sheer volume projected them far outwards, along with creating a crevasse of cleavage that could not be plunged into by anything that had existed on Earth. Her laser beam finally found the nipple of her left breast and Jade's life had a purpose once more.

The Universe itself shook as Jade's whole body began to vibrate with pleasure. The heat and pressure exerted on her nipple felt like a mouth tightly clenched around it, sucking and caressing as hard as it could. Most importantly, it felt like someone else was doing it. Jade had loved how sensitive her breasts were before her ascension into the world-breaking monster she had become, but she had almost forgotten just how much she used to crave this kind of intimacy.

If there was one thing about her body with which Jade could be confident, it was her breasts. She loved them, guys loved them, girls loved them. Or more accurately perhaps, they had loved them. At this point, everyone she knew who existed in the Universe loved them. Olivia and Jade had fooled around a bit, but that had been mostly to Olivia’s benefit - Jade had never been able to feel anything that Olivia tried with her, though seeing the other girl frustrated by her inability to move Jade’s tits in the slightest had somewhat amused her.

Feeling a long-awaited climax finally approaching but seeking to prolong her pleasure, Jade moved her orgasmic laser light over to her right nipple, forcing additional wracks of reality-shattering, hedonistic intensity throughout the Universe.

If Jade had been paying attention to her surroundings, she may have noticed Olivia attempting to make her way back towards her. It had taken days, but by bouncing herself off of asteroids and tossing meteoroids behind her, she had built up sufficient momentum to travel towards Jade at beyond Mach speeds, hoping to somewhat reconcile with her friend - it was getting pretty boring out here after all. As it was, Olivia went unnoticed. As Jade let out a deep and lustful moan, exhaling a tenth of the atmosphere of the Earth at once, Olivia was once again thrown helplessly into space, her momentum overcome by the incalculable force of Jade’s orgasmic heave.

The zone of destruction expanded around Jade as her incomparably large and potentially universe-ending bosoms heaved on her chest while she exhaled a second pressurised wave of Jade-level pleasure. Travelling irrepressibly towards every other object in the Solar System, her involuntary sweet exhale had just set a deadline for the eradication of more planets under Jade's careless power. The temperature around Jade's body now far exceeded that of the surface of the Sun, causing comets to become uncharacteristically incandescent in their orbits.

The shining atmosphere of Venus dulled as the first wave reached the planet named for an evidently false goddess. Regardless, no mere goddess would be able to withstand the power radiating from Jade’s bucking body at this point, evidenced as the planet’s once bright presence in the sky was extinguished. Its shiny, reflective atmosphere completely failed to push back the waves of power cascading onto it as Jade unknowingly ripped the dense atmosphere from Earth’s twin planet. The surface of the planet caved inwards, as though a cosmic hammer wielded by the gods themselves pounded upon it. But those ancient gods were being usurped effortlessly by a much more worthy contender.

A contender who continued to ignore everything happening around her. The internal structure of Venus collapsed entirely, leaving nothing but dust to be carried away in the wake of Jade’s motion. There simply was no contest to Jade’s power, even when she wasn’t aware she was competing against anything. With no idea that reality was fighting against her every action and losing horrendously, Jade’s mind was wholly preoccupied that she hadn’t been able to reach completion since gaining her powers—and her superpowered heart was thumping violently enough in her chest in anticipation that the fabric of space itself was weakening around her. Motivated to finally correct that, she considered how to accelerate towards her approaching orgasm. She quickly alternated the attention of her laser between each nipple but realised that she would need more than that to properly climax. She would need to stimulate both at once.

You've got two eyes, ya eejit. Use them.

With a frown of concentration, Jade began to cross her eyes, trying to focus her vision so that one laser was pointed at each nipple. That was when everything went wrong.

As the two beams came into contact with each other, there was a rending sensation and a brilliant light. The heat created in that instant forced atoms to ionise and removed any chance of molecular structures existing in such energy states. Her blast left behind pure plasma as the radiation wave spread outward.

Venus having already been obliterated, Mercury was next. The planet didn’t live up to its namesake, moving at a lethargic pace away from the inevitable apocalypse heading towards it. With no atmosphere to dismiss first, the entire rocky body was caught in the intense heat wave. Cracks spread across the surface of the planet, giving it the brief appearance of clay left for too long in a kiln. Then, the so-called fleetest of planets simply crumbled away, unable to escape the destructive power Jade had unleashed upon the Universe so thoughtlessly.

In the other direction, a god of war lost his last battle. The mere presence of Jade was causing Mars to quake violently, its far superior foe easily eradicating any form of defence the atmosphere may have put up against the power radiating from her body. What was the concept of war to a girl who wouldn’t notice if the entire universe decided to rally against her while she annihilated them all in her sleep?

The one-sided conflict came to a head as the intense, reality-shaping waves roiling off of her lusciously curvaceous body pounded into the planet’s surface. They immediately tore it in two, but the unrelenting blows simply kept coming, refusing to abate just because their opponent had been so thoroughly defeated. The bisected chunks were once again divided, again and again, ad infinitum. The ever-dwindling segments of the red planet were reduced finally to a fine cloud of red dust, then atoms, and then those too were torn apart. The fabric of space shuddered as the planetary matter lay in its most fundamental state, then was simply dismissed from existence.

Meanwhile Jade blinked in shock, looking at what she had just created.

In front of her, in the weakened region of space between her breasts, was a tear in the Universe. Stuff seemed to be leaking through as well. Climax now completely ruined, Jade's thoughts soured and returned to their prior state.

It's probably air. I've probably just killed another few billion people on an alternate reality Earth. You’re a real tool, Jade.

Moving to peer through the expanding hole, Jade was suddenly thrown back as a fast-moving shape sped through the gap.

What the feck was that! It moved me!

A voice called out from behind her.

"Hey! First time?"

Part 3: Confusion

It was difficult to believe. No, it was impossible to believe. Jade must surely be hallucinating. Her power had finally broken her, and her mind had been the first thing to go. Perhaps she'd even succeeded in ending her existence—that would explain quite nicely the sight before her.

Because floating in front of her was what could only have been described as a Goddess. Capital G.

She was tall. Statuesque even. Feck, she was almost half again taller than Jade. Taller than Olivia even. She must have been over 7 feet. Her skin was pale, and her features appeared to be Asian. Japanese perhaps. Had another person survived her destruction of the Earth?

That body though. She was hot. Very hot. If Jade hadn’t already been on the verge of orgasm, just looking at this girl would have taken her there. Supermodels would have to spend the currency of an entire country just to look a tenth as good as her. And she made it look effortless. Jade noted her toned stomach with envy, the slightest hint of abs playing underneath this idyllic girl’s flawless skin. Those tautly muscled, powerful legs stretched out further than any she’d seen before.

Taking stock of this strange girl’s chest, Jade was pleased to see a sizeable, perky pair of boobs that were far outmatched by her own. She was internally thankful that at least she had this vision of perfection beat in some aspect. The girl was wearing a shimmering silver bikini, reflecting the light of a dying Sun as it put up its last attempt at a fight against Jade.

By the time Jade looked back up to her face, the girl was suppressing giggles.

“People normally say it’s rude to stare, but I don’t mind – especially when I get to stare back.” The girl winked at Jade. “I’m Katsuko. You can call me Kat though if you like.”

Staring dumbly back at Katsuko, Jade was speechless. This girl was talking to her like there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I’m either dead or doolally. None of this can be real. No one can be that casual in this situation. Or just look like that in general.

Continuing to gawk at Katsuko, Jade finally took in the features of her face. Black hair, long and silky, floating perfectly down her back. A mouth that was constantly on the verge of a playful grin, with the cutest cheeks and most dazzling eyes she’d ever seen.

She was the most beautiful thing in all of creation and there was absolutely no way that Jade was going to let herself go near her.

“So…” Katsuko began, “Your name is…”

“Jade. Now go away, you can’t be near me. Can’t you see what I do to stuff around me?”

“Yeah, looks like a lot of fun actually. Were you just about to finish with this reality and move on to another one? Don’t go with that one though, I’ve pretty much used it up.” Katsuko gestured to the rift in space.

As Katsuko moved closer to Jade, Jade warily backed away.

“I’ll break you if you get too close. It happens to everything I touch. Just, stay away, for your own good.” Jade continued to distance herself from the stunning beauty. “I don’t want to hurt anyone else.”

“Aw, it’s cute that you think I’m fragile! Don’t worry about me though, I can take literally anything.” Kat inched ever closer to Jade and leaned forward with a conspiratorial smile. “People like us can’t help but break things sometimes. It’s just the way the universe is. Sometimes a little pleasure comes at the cost of a few civilisations. I’m sure they’re happy to pay it though.”

“Right. Well, I’m off to find the end of the Universe and toss myself off it now.”

“Cool! I’ll come with you, I haven’t tried that before.”

Eager to get away from her new companion, Jade flew through the remnants of where the asteroid belt once existed and overtook her waves of world-ending power to arrive at Jupiter. Thinking to evade her pursuer, she dove through the swirling atmosphere and towards the core of the gas giant. Her passing form threw the beautiful and turbulent stratified layers of the planet into utter chaos, starting storms that would rage until the planet’s demise.

Despite her efforts, Jade heard a familiar giggle as she approached the core. Katsuko had followed her and was currently streaming through the gases with splayed-out hands and hair that whipped the atmosphere into a frenzy behind her.

“I love the feeling of gas giants. Such a nice tickling sensation.” She sped up to level her body with Jade’s. “What type of planets do you prefer diving through?”

“None? Probably all feels the same to me,” Jade replied as she accelerated away into the core of the planet.

As she made her way to the very centre, Katsuko joined her in a blink.

“You can’t be serious? Planets feel totally different to each other. You must like the pressure from this one, that sensual tingle? Feels pretty good, right? Is that why you chose it?” Katsuko asked, body shuddering slightly from pleasure as she looked at Jade with bright and playful eyes.

“I can’t feel anything Katsuko. I’ve probably been cursed or something, who fecking knows. All I know is that shite can’t withstand me touching it and I’m not going to keep trying until reality collapses around me.” Jade gave a baleful glance, blasting out of the core of Jupiter and heading to the next nearest distraction.

Maybe a bit too fast though. It took a second for her to see it, but Jupiter had burst into fragments, eerily reminiscent of a bullet travelling through an apple. Then the shockwave caught up and the planet just detonated, matter blasted out from the centre and wore anyway swiftly to nothing as it encountered other rogue particles. Bright streaks of light appeared in the distance as matter blazed its way to annihilation.

“Wow, you really like to put on a show, you little Busty Obliterator.” Kat was suddenly behind Jade again. “I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve had to move this fast. It’s actually a pretty big turn-on for me.”

“Do you have a fecking death wish? Why are you still following me?” Jade continued flying at beyond light speed towards Saturn. “Also, yes my tits are fecking massive. Can’t feel anything other than me though, so forget about it. There’s not a single thing in the universe that wouldn’t be obliterated if I put it between them.”

“Ouch, must be pretty rough on the guys then. I bet they’d love to get between those, I know that’s all I’ve been thinking about since I first saw you.” Katsuko smirked. “Bet I could survive them.”

“You really do have a death wish, you horny, leggy minx. Do you just permanently think about getting off?”

“Kind of. Is there something else I should be thinking about? It’s difficult when I have Miss Overpowered Hottie showing off in front of me every few seconds.”

“Showing off? What the feck do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to get away from you so I don’t break you. I haven’t even tried using my powers yet. This is just me existing!”

“Really? Me neither! Wanna ramp it up a notch? Last girl to get to the one with the ring has to go down on the other?” Katsuko finished speaking and blasted off into space, tearing towards Saturn.

Eyes wide in shock and bewilderment, Jade followed against her own better judgement. She managed to match Kat’s speed, but with the surprise lead she had, Kat was already at the planet.

This was most obvious by the fact that Saturn no longer had any rings. Instead, it had a light-speed girl zipping around it. Kat slowed down as Jade approached, holding out a small rock.

“I collected all that dust around the outside. Look what I’m gonna do with it,” Katsuko said while sticking her tongue out slightly to focus.

A powerful beam of white-pink laser light shot from Kat’s eyes and bore through the rock, leaving a hole in the middle the size of a finger.

“Phew, using so little power requires way more concentration. Those babies usually just blast straight through planets.” Kat turned the compacted ring of rock in her hands, then slipped it onto a finger.

“Ta-da! Now Saturn’s rings are a cute little pinky ring for me. I don’t usually take souvenirs, but I feel like this is a special occasion. It’s not often I find someone who might be close to me in power.” Katsuko approached Jade, holding out her new jewellery and showing it off.

Jade sighed and looked around. There was no escaping this girl.

Feck it. Might as well see if she really can survive being near me.

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