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Jade and Katsuko – Chapter 2

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 29 April 2023 01:35] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 April 2023 21:20]

Jade and Katsuko

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Jade and Olivia first appear in the story Tanning for Superhumans

Katsuko is an original character created by a friend

Having destroyed Earth, Jade laments her existence until she meets Katsuko, an incredibly overpowered girl. Her emotions start to get the better of her as more powers develop and she attempts to deal with her lack of control with the aid of her new friend. Meanwhile, a jealously fuming Olivia is forgotten and left behind.

Chapter 2: Elation, Embarrassment and Anger

Part 1: Elation

“You wanna see some lasers? Fine, just don’t look too close.” Jade gazed off into space and her eyes glowed a brilliant green. The light that left them bathed the remains of the solar system, proving to be a more than adequate replacement for the exhausted Sun. The Sun which had succumbed to Jade’s earlier displays of power, its now unconstrained plasma simply drifting off into space, casting a dying light onto a new age.

As the beams of intense radiation fired from Jade’s eyes, Saturn began to tremble in its orbit despite being nowhere near the devastating trajectory of the vibrant light show. Jade allowed the limitless energy to pour forth before noticing another glow originating from her left.

“Wanna see how many stars you can hit with a single beam? You know I’ll hit more.” Katsuko boasted, laying a hand on Jade’s arm.

At which Jade practically exploded. The energy pouring from her eyes ceased as she stilled in shock. She could feel her! She could feel Katsuko’s touch on her arm! The world around her felt it too, or at least the repercussions. The shudder that ran through Jade’s body at the long-awaited sensation sent quakes through the universe, as a monumental climax built within Jade.

“Woah, someone’s on a hair trigger! Not got off recently? That’s bad for you, at least in my opinion. I try to orgasm at least whenever I want to. Actually, make that multiple times.”

But Jade wasn’t listening. Her body was in ecstasy from Kat’s mere touch. Another person’s touch. Jade’s conflicted conscience spiralled, questioning whether it could be right to potentially destroy this girl, just for a chance to finally get off.

I need this too much. I’m already a monster, might as well go that step further. Jade turned to Katsuko, her mind now firmly set on a devious path. As the two devastating girls faced each other, Kat giggled. Jade glared.

“How do you manage to have such huge tits on such a tiny body? They’re like the biggest I’ve ever seen, but you’re like 3ft tall.” Kat smirked at Jade. Jade continued glaring.

“Maybe they need to be so big to shut up loudmouthed nuisances like you.” Jade was both intensely aroused and annoyed by the carefree picture of beauty ahead of her. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to be a little bit rough with her.

“Are you threatening me with a good time Jade? Because if you want me to suck your tits, all you have to do is ask nicely.” Kat coquettishly smiled, licking her lips and bringing one hand to play with her nipple as she slipped off her silver bikini. The other wandered down to her panties, drawing them down her legs, then reached out towards Jade.

“You’re gonna need both hands, Devil Girl. I’m pretty big everywhere that matters.” Jade winced at her failure to come up with a suitable nickname for her opponent.

“Aw, Little Miss Mega Tits thinks she’s too much for me. You really are the cutest. Come at me with your weapons of mass destruction. I bet they won’t even leave a mark.” Kat pouted her lips. “I’ll leave a few on them though.”

“Fine! Just remember that you asked for this Kat!” Jade pressed her enormous chest forward into Kat’s significantly smaller but no less impressive boobs.

When their breasts met, Saturn succumbed to the ripples of pleasure sent out from Jade’s body. It was torn apart in an instant, the enormous celestial body obliterated by the simple act of two pairs of planet-pulverising tits colliding.

Shock was soon going to be a permanent fixture on Jade’s face. She gaped in awe as she witnessed, for the first time, her immense boobs compress under the power of another unyielding chest. After a moment, Kat’s breasts moved too, though significantly less than hers.

Well, her tits are much smaller than mine, there’s just less to move about. Jade thought, slightly perturbed by the thought that there could be tits stronger than her own in the universe.

“So, are you just going to lightly press your tits against me, or are we having fun here?” Kat looked down at Jade. “Actually, hey! I beat you to Saturn, that means you have to go down on me. Get to it, Jugular Juggernaut!”

“I don’t think that means -“ Jade began before Kat cut her off by grabbing her shoulders and placing her head firmly between her legs.

Jade wriggled between Kat’s thighs but quickly realised she was encountering resistance. While Kat’s toned and supple flesh moved according to her motion, her legs remained in place.

“You know how to do this right? Less wiggle, more tongue,” Kat directed from above. “If you’re a good girl, I’ll play with your tits like you want. It’ll be a treat for us both.”

Coming around to the idea that she might have finally found someone her tits wouldn’t break, and keen to get her long-awaited enjoyment, Jade stuck out her tongue and parted Kat’s lower lips. Her own lips latched onto the smooth and already wet slit, then began to gently suck, cautious as to the effects she would have on the other girl’s body. Quiet moans started from above, indicating that she was at least doing something right.

Running her tongue along Kat’s slick pussy, Jade guided it to Kat’s clitoris with a flicking motion. The first touch brought a shudder through both of the super girls as Jade revelled in the simple sensation of touching another person again so intimately, while Katsuko experienced the world-shaking power of Jade’s tongue.

“Jade, you’re being too gentle. You can go harder than that right?” Katsuko moaned. “You can do it, I believe in you, Titan Tits.”

She’s really not stopping with those nicknames, Jade thought, pursing her lips around Kat’s nub and increasing the suction power. Though cautious not to damage her new lover, Jade was far less aware of the surroundings.

The world around the girls experienced Jade’s powerful suction just as Kat did, with a slight difference. For Kat, it was an indescribably pleasurable sensation, bringing her body closer to what promised to be a very dramatic climax. For the universe, it was also the beginning of an unstoppable moment of completion, though one that would leave it in a state far worse than the one Kat would be in. The edge of the universe crinkled and began to rush inwards towards the pair.

Heedless to this, Jade continued her ministrations. She gradually increased the frequency and ferocity at which her tongue moved about Kat’s nether lips, while her mouth continued its unyielding hold on both Kat’s pussy and the universe at large.

“Okay, okay, enough Jade. Time to play with your tits. I want us to climax together. It’ll be fun.”

Releasing Jade from the inescapable thigh hold, Kat pulled Jade up her body, sliding Jade’s gargantuan boobs first over her toned stomach, then across her own magnificent tits. As Jade looked into Katsuko’s eyes, she felt a new wave of pleasure as Kat ogled her.

“You like big things then?” Jade said, placing her boobs on top of Kat’s and hiding them from sight. “I’ve never met anyone with bigger tits than mine.”

“You have no idea just how big I like it.” Kat grinned. “Shame about how short you are though.”

Without a word, Jade shoved her enormous left tit into Kat’s face. It was at least twice as large as Kat’s head and the sight made Jade laugh. She hadn’t done either of those things in a while. She missed it.

As the laughter spread across the galaxy, Kat got to work. She firmly grasped Jade’s boob, pressing with incredible force from her fingers into the silky smooth skin. She lapped at Jade’s nipple while her mouth sucked with enough force to accelerate the collapsing universe inwards. Time was fast running out for reality and only decreasing more rapidly with each delighted nuzzle Kat made at Jade’s tit.

Then Kat used her teeth and Jade screamed. The fabric of space rattled and fractured around her as she reached levels of pleasure not yet explored by anyone else in the universe. Her body arched back and she quivered in delight as Kat held her tightly in place.

“Wow, you actually made me put in a little effort there,” Kat said as she moved her attention to the so-far-neglected boob. “People don’t know what they’re missing out on not being able to play with these.”

While focusing her mouth on Jade’s bosom, Kat’s right hand snaked down Jade’s belly and approached the glistening folds of her pussy. Jade’s violent shuddering continued as something finally managed to enter her, and with such ease too. Jade had tried manual stimulation before, using a variety of increasingly sturdier objects. Nothing, from a plastic dildo to a metallic glass one, had managed to penetrate her. Even the digits of the self-proclaimed Alpha-Girl Olivia encountered an impassable passage unless Jade helped. Fortunately for Olivia at least, she had the benefit of not being broken apart immediately by the impossibly destructive pussy.

Kat manipulated Jade’s motion expertly by holding Jade’s breast tightly with her mouth and firmly securing one hand around her back. The other delved into the spectacular redhead’s pussy. The raven-haired girl guided one of the Irish gal’s legs to rub against her nether regions, humming quietly in appreciation as the level of carnal stimulation increased. The reverberations shook the universe around them.

After another blissful moment, Kat removed Jade’s nipple from her mouth with a graze of her teeth and a loud popping noise. Hundreds of stars in their vicinity simultaneously exploded at the action.

“Okay, foreplay is over. Time for us to come, Mega Mams.” Kat placed both hands on Jade’s plump ass, one cupping each cheek. “Wow, you have curves all over don’t you short stack?”

“Less talk, more sex,” Jade moaned.

“Fine by me! Prepare to have your world destroyed.”

Kat grasped Jade’s butt tightly, allowing her long and incredibly powerful fingers to slip back towards Jade’s drenched slit. She forcefully rubbed Jade’s body up and down her own, increasing the pace and interlocking her svelte legs with Jade’s plump thighs. With furious passion, the girls began aggressively grinding their pussies against each other’s thighs, leaving trails of boiling lubrication on both of them.

The heat generated from their sex dismantled matter around them as turbulence formed across the universe. Swirling, inescapable vortices of matter sprang into existence and were just as quickly torn apart by the rippling pleasure.

The erratic gyrations of the bodies of the two superpowered girls soon led to them spinning around, locked in an embrace powerful enough to crush galaxies out of existence. The rapid motion distorted the space around them, drawing the fabric of reality tighter and tighter together.

Neither cared at this point though. This was the most erotic experience either had been part of in quite a while. A very long while for Jade.

Reality squealed in torment as it was compressed to a smaller and smaller point. Olivia, forgotten by Jade and cast away in favour of her new friend, orbited the sexual hurricane with no control whatsoever. She hated every moment of it. Olivia had only caught glimpses of this newcomer and it was already enough to make her loathe everything about her. The height, the body, the fucking obscene power!

And she was sure that the girl had just winked at her.

Filled with burning jealousy, Olivia missed the exact moment when she disappeared from her reality. Her indestructible body was unknowingly flung through Jade’s rift in reality, after which it disappeared behind her almost immediately.

In space above a desolate-looking planet, Olivia screamed in envious rage.

Back in Jade’s universe, stars and galaxies collided and formed singularities at an astounding rate. The energy sent out served to increase the overall temperature of the universe, but it was nowhere near matching the current body heat of the entangled girls. The light faded across the universe as every star blinked out of existence.

As the now darkened celestial sphere dimmed to black completely around the climactic girls, it collapsed to one single point. The bodies of the girls broke through the edges of the universe. Now turning in the endless blank expanse of a featureless universal canvas, Kat decided to end things properly.

Kat guided the collapsing universal singularity between their pussies as the girls rotated around it.

“Well, we’ve just had the Big Bang,” Kat announced, pushing the bead that was the universe towards Jade’s drooling pussy. “Time for the Big Crunch.”

Kat’s fingers deftly and easily parted Jade’s lips, sliding the bead inside. As her fingers withdrew, however, the bead could put up no resistance against Jade’s vaginal spasms.

Without even exerting any conscious effort, Jade crushed the universe within her tight, churning coils, swallowing it entirely inside of her.

Forcing their bodies together, hands groping at any available flesh, lips locked and pussies sliding against each other, both girls climaxed simultaneously.

If there had been a universe left, it would have been destroyed by that alone.

As it was, the only things that experienced the orgasms were the girls themselves. They remained in a close embrace as they began to come down from their experience.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t feel that?” Kat asked. “Your pussy just crushed a universe. That must have given you something.”

“Fecking what? You put the universe in my pussy?” Jade exclaimed.

“A universe. There’s plenty of them, don’t worry.” Kat breathed in slowly and gave a contented sigh. “You couldn’t feel it then? I feel bad for you Jade, this must be why you’re so pent up. All that sexy power in that tiny body.”

“Back at it again I see. And no, Kat, your body is literally the only thing I’ve been able to feel since I got this curse.”

“Okay, enough moping now.” Kat chided, pursed her lips and blew.

The region in front of the girls rippled and changed, revealing a new universe beyond.

“Come on Jade, I’m going to show you how to have fun.” Kat smiled and dragged Jade through the portal into a new reality.

Part 2: Embarrassment

“Where are we?” Jade asked while looking around. She could see stars dotting the sky again. There was one basically right next to them, in fact. And a relatively nearby planet if she wasn’t mistaken.

“New universe. Couldn’t stay in the old one could we?” Kat winked with a glance at Jade’s exposed womanhood. “Someone got so horny she managed to devour it without realising.”

“Hey, you were the one who shoved it inside me! You knew exactly what would happen to it,” Jade exclaimed.

“I didn’t know exactly what would happen, I just thought it might be fun! I get to pussy crush the next one though. That looked like a hell of an orgasm.” Kat took a brief look around her and shrugged, rippling the sexy flesh of her exposed chest and stomach. “Looks basically the same as all of the others. Most of them are actually pretty similar. You get used to it pretty quickly.”

“How similar?” Jade asked warily, eyes locked midway up Katsuko’s indomitable form as her thoughts suddenly raced at the idea that she might encounter familiar faces.

“Well, I’ve never encountered another me, if that’s what’s got your face all frowny like that,” Kat replied. “Maybe that’s just because I’m unique though. Can you imagine someone else matching this?”

Stretching out her body with a little sigh of pleasure, Katsuko twisted her torso back and forth to set her perky breasts into motion. She stretched her feet out, emphasising the length and tone of her legs while making another unbelievable show of her firm, pert butt cheeks. Katsuko controlled her body with such ease, belying the fact that it would be utterly immovable for any other creature in the universe.

Jade had already been ogling Kat’s body, but now her lecherous stare was rewarded with an even greater prize. Kat was putting herself on display without a care as to who was watching. Perhaps, in fact, she was putting on a show precisely because of who was watching?

Jade was familiar with the subtle art of flirting through body language. Except in Jade’s case, she was well aware that it was less about subtlety and more about brazenly flaunting your best assets. Jade stretched her arms out in front of her and brought them closer together, creating a not-so-subtle line of cleavage - that continued to expand to excessive proportions - and failed to interlock her hands together in front of her due to the sheer size of her tits. She gave an apologetic pout at Kat, as though to be sorry for having boobs that were so much larger than her new friend’s, then lifted her arms upwards raising her enormous chest slightly and exposing her underboob to the universe.

The only other person in the universe who would be capable of lifting those breasts was now ogling them lustfully, her own stretching exercises temporarily concluded due to the tantalising distraction. Kat gently bit her lip with more than enough force to cut through a diamond as she witnessed Jade’s arms move apart again. She carefully lowered her breasts back to her chest, only allowing them to drop when they came within millimetres of touching the soft flesh of her stomach. They bounced lightly before coming to a stop.

The star next to them rippled briefly, its brightness varying erratically as the shock wave from Jade’s minuscule boob drop disrupted activity in its convective region. Then it went out.

“You cannot claim that wasn’t you showing off,” Katsuko scoffed. “Absolutely hot, sure. But that was definitely you showing off.”

“Maybe a little.” Jade shrugged. “I like my tits.”

“Hey, that makes two of us!” Kat smiled. “Wanna try something out with these planets before the light goes out, Chesty Champion?”

Jade paled, even more than her usual complexion, as she realised what she had done.

“Oh shite.” Jade blushed. “Do you think there might be… people down there?”

“Hmm, maybe? I tend not to think about it too much, there are literally infinite universes out there. We can find another one in a minute if we break this one too.” Katsuko started flying towards the nearest planet before calling back. “But I get to use this one, remember!”

With no further warning, Katsuko disappeared from sight. Jade carefully held back a sigh while attempting to follow the hyperactive supergirl. For a moment she was puzzled; Kat had definitely flown towards the planet, but Jade couldn’t see her anywhere. Did she vanish? Was it all a dream?

A brief giggle came from behind Jade just before she was wrapped in the embrace of her dream girl. The forceful hug, or perhaps grapple, was more powerful than Jade could have imagined. Her breasts were compacted against her chest. Her face was caught between Kat’s own mounds. And both girls fell faster and faster towards the surface of the planet. Just before impact, Katsuko freed Jade from her grip and landed relatively lightly on the ground. Even then, such a landing from Katsuko would likely have broken apart a large chunk of the planet, if not for Jade.

Unfortunately for the planet, Jade didn’t stop moving.

Just for a moment, Jade closed her eyes as she blinked in shock at Katsuko’s antics. During the twentieth of a second that it took before she opened them again, Jade’s lightspeed body had already passed from one side of the planet to the other. Jade spun in place as she braced herself for another affectionate assault, but was surprised to find Katsuko apparently absent again.

Then causality caught up to Jade’s actions and the planet exploded behind her.

“Really, you Tit-tacular Terror?” Katsuko pouted as she flew through the wreckage of the planet. “I thought we could play with that one for a bit…”

“Are you really sulking because you used me to destroy a planet?”

“Not my fault you’re a klutz. Why didn’t you stop earlier?”

“My face was preoccupied with your tits. Then I blinked.”

Katsuko’s eyes widened and for once she hesitated before speaking.

“…You really can’t feel anything, can you?”

“Nope.” Jade noticed Katsuko’s expression of pity. “Don’t you dare give me that fecking look. Do you know how many people have died because of me?”

“All of them?” Katsuko shrugged. “Honestly, you shouldn’t worry about it. What else are we meant to do? Especially if you can’t even control yourself.”

“I’m not sure if you’re trying to make me feel better or worse.”

“I know what will help!” Katsuko grabbed Jade around the waist and grinned. “See if you can stop before you hit this one!”

Before Jade had time to react, Katsuko had thrown her directly at the next closest planet. This time Jade had an incredibly brief view of the surface before the collision. When she finally recovered from her shock and stopped her motion, the planet had been left long behind her.

“Wow, do you not have super reactions?”

“No, Kat. I don’t have fecking ‘super reactions’.” Jade was fuming. “So stop throwing me into planets!”

The volume of Jade’s exclamation sent a ripple through the space in front of her, fluttering Katsuko’s hair and meeting the incoming debris from the most recently annihilated planet. Jade’s voice travelled as a region of extreme pressure formed from the air residing in her lungs. When the pressure wave met the remnants of the planet the dust began to vibrate so rapidly that it left a briefly luminous glow. Kat watched the entire spectacle with unsuppressed glee.

“So pretty. Isn’t it cool?” Kat was surprised to see that Jade didn’t look happy or pleased in the slightest.

“I’ve had enough of this. Can you just fecking end me or something?”

“What’s wrong? This is a good thing, Jade!” Katsuko went to reach for Jade’s hand, but Jade shrugged her off and turned away.

“How is any of this good?” Jade’s voice was quiet and resigned. “What am I meant to do, just move to a new universe every time I break everything?”

“You didn’t kill anyone on those planets if it makes you feel better. Totally uninhabitable. Well, for normal people. I bet we could’ve set up a great little hot spring on that first one.”

“How could you even know that?”

“I looked at all the planets when we first arrived here. There’s only one that’s inhabited.” Katsuko gestured towards the next planet. “That one there.”

“Supersight too?”

“You don’t have it?”

“Kat, I’m not even wearing my glasses.” Jade snorted. “I can barely make you out when you move too far away.”

“Wow, you really lost the power lottery.”


“Yeah, I mean, I have supersenses all over. I tend to leave them off though, it’s really distracting to hear every person in the universe simultaneously, or watch every molecule inside a person wiggle around.”

“Have you ever interacted with another actual person before, Kat?”

“Most people are pretty boring.” Kat had started to circle around Jade, shamelessly checking out the exasperated redhead’s body. “Your body is kind of weird, now that I look at it.”

“So that’s a no, then.”

“I don’t think this is even your body. It’s more like a tiny bit of the real ‘you’.” Kat grinned. “Hey, maybe that’s why you’re so short!”

“Okay, go back to throwing me through planets. It’s easier to put up with.”

“Don’t be silly. We just have to help you understand your powers. Then maybe you can control them.”

Jade perked up at that.

“Really? You think it’s possible?”

“Sure. Probably. Who really knows though, so might as well give it a go.” Kat patted Jade on the shoulder. “Let’s start by landing. Maybe try that moon first? I swear there’s no one on it.”

With a guiding hand as opposed to a playful shove, Jade and Katsuko arrived at the surface of the planet’s moon. While Jade hovered above the surface, Kat gently landed. The black-haired bombshell’s bare feet caused only minor tremors across the crust of the celestial body.

“Just like that. Give it a go.”

Cautiously, Jade descended. After a few seconds, she noticed as a mountain range in the distance trembled and then collapsed. Kat stood with a straight face, suppressing giggles.

“You can’t see over your tits, can you?”

“No…” Jade flew back upwards.

Jade ignored the gravity of the moon and turned her body upside down, grimacing upon seeing the pools of molten rock created by her thighs brushing through the material. The cracks that spread from the miniature craters lead directly to the former mountains.

“It could have been worse,” Kat offered in reassurance.

“In the sense that only part of it is broken, sure.”

“Let’s go to the other side and try again. I’m sure you’ll get it this time!”

Immediately, Kat was gone and Jade was left with her thoughts. This is all good craic for her, isn’t it?

On the far side of the moon, Kat impatiently waited for Jade. She was itching to visit the populated planet below and introduce herself to the people. She hadn’t looked too closely yet - it was always more fun in her experience when she didn’t know what the residents would use to greet her. Usually missiles of some kind.

“Is everything a race to you?” Jade moaned as she arrived next to Kat.

“Sure! And I always win!” Kat thought for a moment. “Okay, I have an idea. Just listen really carefully. When you hear the sound of your feet breaking through the surface, stop going down. Then just walk forward and repeat.”

“That’s a shite idea.”

“No it isn’t!” Katsuko protested. “Even without superhearing, your footsteps are basically impossible not to hear.”

“Okay, fine. But keep quiet so I can concentrate.”

“I’ll be super quiet!”

“That’s definitely not one of your powers.”

To her surprise, Jade could hear the impact of her foot the moment she touched the surface. She carefully placed her other foot forward and listened for the now familiar sound. Then again; one foot in front of the other. For the first time since arriving in that universe, Jade smiled.

“You might need to stop now, Jade.” Katsuko called from a distance. “I don’t think it can take much more.”

Jade took her feet off the ground, turned in the air and immediately exhaled a sigh of exasperation. The scene behind her was absolute carnage. Each time her heel had lifted from the ground she had compacted the rock behind her with her toes. Two parallel divots in the landscape marked the trail of her ‘walk’. Spreading from those, cracks ran across the surface of the moon, splitting it into distinct plateaus divided by enormous ravines.

None of that mattered anymore though. Jade had just breathed out again.

The storm that formed in front of her ripped up the broken segments of the moon and tore them apart. Jade’s shoulders sagged while watching the dust-filled tornado drift into space.

“So, it kind of worked…” Kat floated next to Jade. “I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it at some point.”

“Yep. I’ll get the hang of ‘walking on a fecking planet without breaking it’. Guess I’m floating again.”

“Hey, this one was a moon, not a planet.” Katsuko stuck a tongue out as Jade rolled her eyes. “C’mon, it’s not that bad. There’s a nice populated planet for us to visit down there. I’ll even let you choose what we do first.”

“Shopping. We’re both naked.”

“Urgh, that is so boring.” Katsuko frowned. “I hate clothes.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.”

“Okay, fine. We do the boring shopping stuff first, then I want to test their weaponry.”

“Could I stop you?”


Katsuko zipped happily towards the planet while once again Jade trailed behind her.

Olivia couldn’t quite make out the details from orbit, but the planet below her appeared to be having difficulties. As far as she could see, there were at least four separate sites where an enormous weapon had carved holes into the surface. Smoke billowed into the atmosphere from another dozen locations, and bright streaks across the entire globe indicated the presence of uncontained fires.

It was a world in chaos, but it was Olivia’s only choice at this point.

She had already perfected her strategy of building up momentum using rocks and space debris. All she needed now was to wait and collect some, then project herself slightly towards the surface and let gravity do the rest of the work.

It might be some time until she landed, but that would just give her time to plan. To work out exactly how she was going to get back to her universe and eliminate those overpowered bitches who thought they could steal her place.

Part 3: Anger

“Do you think they’re staring at us because we’re naked?”

“Why the feck else would they be staring at us?”

“Because your tits are practically blimps and I’m like the hottest person on this planet?”

“Well, sure. But mainly because we’re naked.” Jade turned to Katsuko. “You realise that isn’t normal, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. But wearing clothes is pretty pointless. I mean, what are they going to do, ask us to cover up?”

“They could arrest us.” Jade snorted and Katsuko giggled. “Okay, fine. Maybe you have a point about not needing to wear clothes. But I want to wear them.”

“So where are we going?”

“Dunno. Anywhere with shops, I guess.”

“Oh, there’s a mall like 0.837 miles east.”

“How do you know that?”

“I went there a second ago to get this.” Katsuko held up a plate of sushi.”It’s not great though. Want some?”

“Why did you… Nevermind.” Jade looked longingly at the food. “Did you get wasabi?”

“Hmm, nope! Doesn’t look like it.”

“Great. Well, show me where this mall is then.”

The mall was nothing special, which in itself astounded Jade. The fact that this world was so similar to the one she had destroyed dulled the guilt she was feeling. Maybe Kat was right. Maybe the things they did actually didn’t matter too much. When she broke out of her thoughts, Jade noticed the mediocre food court filling the middle of the ring of shops and was immediately drawn to the stall selling the spiciest food.

“Didn’t you want to find clothes first?”

“Oh,” Jade murmured while looking down at her bare chest. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“So, you’re hungry?”

“No, I don’t get hungry. I just miss food. Tasting it, I mean.” Jade floated closer to Kat and leaned in conspiratorially. “I’ve been trying to find the hottest food in existence.”

“Cool! Let me know when you find it. I wanna try too.”

Clothing stores proved simple enough to locate. Clothing for Kat and Jade specifically proved significantly more difficult.

“This is why I hate shopping. Since when does an extra-large look like this?” Katsuko was modelling the remains of a pair of ripped jeans.

“Were they ripped before you put them on?”

“No. But I make it look good, don’t I?”

Reluctantly, Jade had to agree.

Her own attempts at putting on clothing had not been going well. The store assistants had stopped bothering them fairly quickly after Kat blew them a kiss - both were now out cold in the employee-only area. Changing the sign on the door to ‘closed’ had been enough to deter any other potential shoppers. So now Jade was slowly working her way through piles of cute tops, short skirts, and tights.

None had survived her attempting to walk out of the changing room wearing them.

“What about this?” Kat was modelling a bright green bikini top and holding up another in a larger size. “It might be too small for you though. Hey, I think I saw a camping store over there, do you think a tent would be a better option? One for each tit?”

“You are hilarious. Let me try it.” Jade did a double take - was Kat taller or just floating?

“One person tent or two?” Kat smirked as she saw Jade eyeing her up.

Jade allowed Katsuko to place the strappy bikini on her outstretched hand while the scantily clad Asian bombshell chuckled at her own joke. The bikini came nowhere near covering Jade’s entire bosom, but it did appear that each patch of fabric would nicely cover one of her nipples.

“Okay, this might actually work. Can you do me up?”

“I can do you anywhere, my busty little Fabric Terroriser.”

When Kat approached, Jade noticed with a start that her eyes were now level with her friend’s toned stomach. As the much taller girl bent down to fix the strap on Jade’s top, Kat’s breasts rested on top of her head. Jade couldn’t tell if there was a difference in their weight, but she was certain that Kat’s tits were bigger than they had been when she had her head between them earlier.

“There’s a matching bikini bottom too if you want.”

“Er, yeah, sure.” Jade was confused. What’s going on with her?

Katsuko went to fetch the bikini bottoms. When she reappeared, her head was carving a path through the ceiling.

“Wow, did you get even shorter, Jade?”

“What the feck are you on about? Obviously it’s you growing!”

“No, I don’t think so. I think you’re just really short and I only just noticed.”

“Give me those!” Jade jumped up and attempted to grab the green fabric from Katsuko, but the titanic girl raised her hand swiftly out of the way.

“Uh-uh. If you do that you’ll break them. Let me help you put them on.”

“So growing is another one of your powers then?”

“Who said that? I certainly never said that. But I suppose that for such a short girl everyone must look enormous.”

Katsuko lined up Jade’s legs with the bikini bottoms and carefully moved them upwards, paying close attention to the inner thighs of the enraged girl. The bikini bottoms looked tiny compared to Jade’s ass, but even tinier compared to Kat’s now enormous hands.

“Aww, it’s like dressing a doll, you’re so small.” Kat cocked her head to the side. “Hey, I think my boobs are bigger than yours now.”

“That’s it!” Jade yelled.

And the entire world vanished.

From Jade’s perspective, everything had just disappeared. No Kat, no store, no mall. The entire planet had just vanished. The universe still existed. Jade could still see stars in the distance and the light of the dying central star still had some time before its demise caught up to her.

What did I do?

The residents of the planet, aside from Katsuko, were blissfully unaware of exactly what Jade had just done. They were, however, fully aware that the sky had been replaced by a pale pink canvas. Kat, with her far superior vision and intellect, was aware of far more. She was able to perceive the fact that the planet was now hundreds of times smaller than Jade’s nipple and floating precariously in the cavern of Jade’s cleavage.

Not just floating, in fact, but being pulled further and further in by the gravitational pull of Jade’s astoundingly immense mass. Katsuko watched in excited glee as the planet she was standing on moved closer and closer to complete destruction.

“Jade, I think your tits got a bit bigger. Comparatively at least.” Katsuko, even at an atomic scale, easily projected her voice up to Jade’s ear, even managing not to damage the planet around her in the process.

This only served to confuse Jade even more. With a sudden motion of her bust, her colossal breasts collided with each other and erased the planet from existence. After a brief tickling sensation, Katsuko emerged from Jade’s cleavage at the size of an action figure.

“Well, that was pretty awesome. Can you do it again?”

“Do what again? Kat, what happened?”

“You shrunk the planet. Then squished it between your tits.”

“What!” Jade yelled as Kat disappeared again. “Oh, shite.”

“Don’t worry, it’s kind of fun,” Kat chuckled as she returned herself to her usual height. “Just think of all the naughty things you could do to me at that size. I guess you got fed up with being the smallest, huh?”

“I… Guess…” Jade was largely at a loss for words. Did I just kill another civilisation?

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be bigger than you. Check this out!”

Nothing shrunk this time. Instead, Katsuko grew. Her body filled more and more space around her, first trapping Jade between her planetary breasts, then drawing in the entire star system. Her growth didn’t stop there though. Her body expanded beyond the confines of the galaxy she was in, snugly enclosing it between her tits and starting a supernova from every star within it. And she kept growing, faster than anything could even perceive. Galaxy clusters were pulled into Katsuko’s body, then superclusters littered her body like cobwebs. When she reached the size of the universe itself, she kept expanding until the tiny sphere lay helpless in her cleavage.

Katsuko’s hand grasped her nether region and she began to furiously pleasure herself. Completely dominating realities always sent her already astronomical libido into overdrive. She was so incredibly aroused that she climaxed near instantly, causing her body to writhe in heat as universe-flooding torrents gushed from her pussy. At the same time, her other hand pressed firmly into her left breast and sent a little jiggle through her tits.

A little jiggle of Katsuko’s tits that ended the second universe of the day.

Jade felt the crushing pressure on her body. This is it. You’re finally getting what you wanted, you fecking gobshite. You won’t be a problem much longer.

Jade revelled in the moment of her destruction, wishing it to extend forever. Her body was the last thing left in the universe as every iota of matter collapsed onto her by the absolute power of Katsuko’s body. She felt a light, soothing calm as the entire contents of a universe brushed against her enormous tits, swallowed between her cleavage and devoured by her heavy panting. Billions of individual singularities formed and were simultaneously consumed by Jade’s body, their influence entirely negligible to the climaxing girl. The only thing that mattered was the absolute power of Katsuko’s all-encompassing breasts and the unstoppable wall of Jade’s insignificant body.

It was absolute bliss.

Finally, Jade’s body broke. She felt every molecule, every atom, submit itself to the superior body of Katsuko, relinquishing its destructive grip on reality as it finally yielded to a worthy opponent. Her light was finally extinguished.

For an incredibly brief yet exquisite moment.

Then, just as quickly as Jade had left existence, she returned to it, accompanied by a universe-wrecking wave of vessel-less power. Power that Jade’s ravenous pussy immediately consumed, using it to fuel another series of reality-shattering orgasms.

“Jade, I’m so sorry! I thought you could handle it. I didn’t mean to actually crush you too!” Katsuko seemed genuinely concerned for the welfare of her new friend.

“Do it again,” Jade panted in exhilaration.


“Whatever you did. I want you to do it again. Break me again.” Jade grinned manically at Katsuko. “Kat, I don’t know what you did, but that was the best feeling I’ve had in years.”

In concern, Katsuko looked at Jade more closely for signs of damage. All she saw was that Jade’s light had grown just a little brighter.

“Maybe we work out how your powers work first. Then we go back to… whatever it is you want me to do.” Katsuko beamed. “How about more sushi?”

Olivia was about to land. It had taken hours, but she had a plan now. She would rally the planet behind her, rebuild the place with her as ruler, then create a device to open a gateway breach back to her original universe.

She had just finished planning this when the wave of power struck her.

It was a familiar sensation, with a familiar scent to it. Olivia recognised it immediately - she had spent many hours exploring Jade’s body after all.

As the overwhelming energy bombarded Olivia’s body, she eagerly clutched onto strands of it, drawing it back towards her, devouring it in any way she could. She sucked it into her mouth with pouted lips. She willed it into her mind with the strength of her ego. She greedily slurped it into her boy-ruining pussy. It all combined to bring Olivia to an orgasmic crescendo, along with the entirety of the remaining population of the planet.

All of whom Olivia could now sense.

Extending and then tightening her mental grip, Olivia seized control of every living person on the planet. Then she willed them to love her.

So they did. And forever would. Their minds were permanently rewritten to think only about her. Olivia grinned as she finished her fall to the surface of the planet.

This is going to be a lot easier than I thought.

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