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Jade and Katsuko – Chapter 3

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 06 May 2023 00:30] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 06 May 2023 14:22]

Jade and Katsuko

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Jade and Olivia first appear in the story Tanning for Superhumans

Katsuko is an original character created by a friend

Having destroyed Earth, Jade laments her existence until she meets Katsuko, an incredibly overpowered girl. Her emotions start to get the better of her as more powers develop and she attempts to deal with her lack of control with the aid of her new friend. Meanwhile, a jealously fuming Olivia is forgotten and left behind.

Chapter 3: Joy, Tranquillity and Pain

Part 1: Joy

Another day, another universe.

Actually, Jade had no idea how long had passed. It was incredibly difficult for her to keep track of time with everything that was going on. No doubt Katsuko would have been able to tell her the precise number of seconds that had passed since their first meeting, but there was no way that Jade was going to ask and let the overpowered hussy show off any more than she was already.

“Whatcha thinking?” Katsuko floated upside down in the air next to Jade. “Wanna go explore yet? You’re being pretty boring, you know.”

The girls had arrived at this planet a few minutes ago and Katsuko had been insistent on ‘playing’ with the residents for that entire time. Jade, on the other hand, was trying to work out what that meant for her own future.

“What’s a day in your life like?” Jade asked. “Where are you heading?”

“Nowhere in particular. I just wanna explore all the ways I can have fun.”

That was the entire issue it seemed. Katsuko had no real direction. She didn’t want to attempt to live an ordinary life, like Jade did—she wanted the universe to experience just how extraordinary she was. Presumably destroying it in the process, intentionally or not; Jade honestly had no idea.

“Well,” Jade hesitantly began. “You could try-”

“Jade, if you’re about to suggest the whole ‘please destroy me’ thing again, it's getting a bit tiresome.” Katsuko gave Jade an uncharacteristically stern look. “You need to find other things you can have fun doing, that aren’t so… self-destructive.”

But what else can I do?

“Hey, cheer up. It’ll be super easy to have fun with me!” Katsuko smiled broadly at Jade. “Wanna get something to eat? Eating is fun.”

“I still haven’t found something spicy enough to taste yet…”

“Perfect! Let’s find you the hottest thing on this planet. Other than me, of course.”

The beachside sushi bar started out pretty empty. When Katsuko landed on the sand, she caused quite a stir, both in the sand and the people. Anyone not already seated fell to the sand in a heap, unable to stand while the ground trembled under Katsuko’s feet. Every head on the beach turned in her direction as the populace ogled the tall, spectacular beauty.

“Fecking show off.” Jade floated alongside Kat, receiving almost as much attention in her matching green bikini.

“They’re so funny. They always do this. Can you smell their arousal? They start out wanting to have sex with me, but when I actually want to play, they can’t even keep up.”

“Do you expect them to?”


“And that makes it fun for you?”


Jade rolled her eyes as the two girls entered the sushi bar. Kat had been careful to control her footfalls, ensuring that the terrifying quaking was enough to cow everyone into subservience, but not to cause any damage. Yet.

The girls were led to a table by a waiter who couldn’t decide which of the two to stare at. His gaze drifted back and forth between Kat’s legs and Jade’s breasts, before firmly locking onto the shorter girl’s tits. Jade gave Katsuko a devious smirk when she realised that the server hadn’t taken his eyes off her cleavage for the entire time he waited for her to sit down.

“We’ll make it simple for you. We’re gonna eat everything here, so just keep bringing it.” Katsuko demanded.

“And all the wasabi. The hottest stuff you have.”

The waiter nodded and backed away while Jade watched. He almost fell over a chair, his eyes being preoccupied with the girls.

“Did you hypnotise him?” Jade was curious about any other powers that Katsuko may have ready to surprise her.

“I think your tits did that.” Kat looked at Jade more closely and giggled. “Knew it.”

“What do you know?”

“Basically everything. It gets boring after a while.” Kat grinned. “At the moment though, I know you have it bad for that waiter.”

“What the feck, Kat? Do you really have to out me like that?” Jade surreptitiously stole a final glance at the waiter’s backside as he entered the kitchens. “He’s pretty cute, though, right?”

“Eh, he’s not my type. I prefer my guys to be tall and muscular. Makes it more fun when I tower over them and hold them down with a single finger.”

“He’s pretty tall.” Jade saw Kat’s unconvinced look as she started to open her mouth. “Yes, I know. Everyone is tall from my perspective.”

“I guess he is ‘cute’. In a non-threatening, nerdy kind of way. Is that your type, Tiny Terror with Titanic Tits?”

“Yeah, I guess so…” Jade blushed. “After I got my powers the hot guys were always interested in Olivia, not me. Before that the guys were mostly interested in my tits, which I don’t blame them for; they’re pretty fecking fantastic. But the hot guys didn’t approach me, so I got used to seeking out the nerds.”

“Just to be clear on this, we’re both fine with playing with other people? I’m not really a ‘girlfriend’ type.”

“Bollocks, I had a bet on you wanting to settle down here.” Jade looked longingly in the direction of the kitchens. “How did you know I had a thing for him?”

“Jade, your pussy is soaking wet. I can smell how aroused you are and I’d honestly be surprised if he couldn’t too. Plus, when you were trying your weird ‘sitting above a chair’ positioning, some microscopic droplets of precum leaked out. They’re carving a path through to the core of the planet right now.”

“Shite. Is it gonna break something?”

“Nah, we’ve got ages. The planet won’t survive ‘til morning though.”

“Feck!” Jade exclaimed.

The table between the girls shrunk away to nothing, as did a number of the beachgoers outside.

“Oh, fecking shite.” Jade just about managed to refrain from taking a calming breath and closed her eyes in an attempt to centre herself.

“It’s so tempting to startle you right now.”

“Feck off. I’m trying not to destroy another planet.”

“Sushi’s coming. Your new boyfriend is bringing it.”

When Jade opened her eyes the cute waiter was indeed returning laden with trays. He went to place them down and did a double take upon realising that there wasn’t a table.

“She got hungry,” Katsuko remarked while gesturing at Jade. “Her appetites would honestly astound you.”

The flustered server found another table to deposit the trays on then dragged it across the floor, with some effort. Katsuko watched the feeble display with amusement, imagining how easily she could lift not only the table but also the entire restaurant. Jade looked on in lust and envy, wishing she could struggle to move a table again.

Katsuko picked up a piece of sushi and popped it into her mouth before the table was fully in place. With a devious grin, she placed a finger on the table just before the exhausted waiter finished adjusting the position. On his next attempt to move it, the table refused to budge. He lowered his centre of mass and pushed harder, but to no avail. He looked around sheepishly, worried that he might be embarrassing himself in front of these stunning customers.

Both were as unmoved as the table. Jade rolled her eyes while Katsuko removed her finger and used it to move a strand of hair behind her ear. As a result, the server’s next go at moving the table was far more successful. He staggered forward as the table flew out in front of him, sending the platters flying into the air. Before the sushi had a chance to hit the ground Kat had plucked each piece out of the air and devoured it in a whirlwind of fish and rice.

The entirely insatiable girl loudly swallowed and held out a hand to catch the falling waiter. He hung in the air, half a foot above the floor, his collar suspended on one of Kat’s fingers. Katsuko stood to her full, imposing height; keeping the server under her control for far longer than was necessary. When she finally deposited him on the ground she held out the stack of empty trays for him to take.

“Next, please!” Kat chirped happily. “And bring the really good stuff this time.”

“Guess you didn’t leave any for me?” Jade remarked while watching the kinda cute and very flustered waiter leave again.

“I barely even had a mouthful!” Kat protested. “Plus, you wouldn’t have noticed any of it.”

Another few minutes passed. During that time a bored Katsuko decided to start flicking grains of sand at orbiting satellites. She started by gently blowing the roof off the restaurant, giving her a clear shot into space - which also happened to be where the upper section of the building ended up. Soon, communication networks across the world were rendered completely unusable. Near-speed-light grains rocketed through the protective heat-proof plating of the satellites and left only microscopic fragments of debris behind. Katsuko didn’t stop until every last one had been completely destroyed.

She was still happily admiring her handiwork when the next course arrived, along with four waiting staff. Between them, they wheeled out two trollies and an enormous platter. This time Kat couldn’t hold back her laughter at how much they were struggling. One of the servers looked up, as though to glare at the girl mocking their efforts, then very quickly thought better of it.

“Hey, you realise that guy never offered us any drinks?” Katsuko vanished from the table just before the trollies arrived, reappearing next to the bar. “What do you want?”

“Just get me something strong.”

“Cool, they have sake, want that?”

“Sure, anything.”

In an instant, Kat was sitting back at the table again. All of the wasabi had been laid in front of Jade, along with an entire pitcher of rice wine. The rest of the food, as well as the trollies and platters, had simply disappeared.

“No…” Jade stared at Kat. “You didn’t…”

Katsuko stuck out her tongue to reveal a tiny, scrunched-up ball of metal. She grinned, then projected the ball directly towards the planet’s star with a puff of air from her pursed lips. The bead of metal accelerated rapidly and cast a bright glow as it burned through the atmosphere and left the gravitational pull of the planet behind.

“There. Now we have a time limit. And you don’t have to feel bad about breaking anything, because it’ll all be gone in like twenty minutes.”

Jade blinked. She stared at Katsuko with an open mouth before slowly and carefully lifting the pitcher of sake and practically inhaling the whole thing. The pitcher itself broke apart into fragments of glass upon touching her lips.

“That’s the spirit!” Katsuko looked around. “But I could still eat more. And there’s nothing left here. Well, except for your wasabi, but I’ll let you have that.”

“I’ll be back in a few seconds, okay?” Katsuko disappeared, flying into the sky, then rapidly plummeting down again.

She landed deep in the middle of the ocean, shuddering in pleasure as the insignificantly enormous pressure attempted to press against her body. With an infinitesimally small burst of her laser vision, Katsuko carved a hole through the seabed and exposed the magma below, setting the water around her to boiling. She dived deeper down, twisting and bathing in the superheated fluid.

Then she turned her face upwards, opened her mouth, and inhaled.

Not even milliseconds passed before the entire water supply of the planet had been funnelled into Katsuko’s all-devouring maw. Every drop of water, every creature swimming in the seas, every boat floating upon it. None of it escaped from the infinite abyss of the raging vortex formed by Katsuko’s lips. Then, with expert precision, she cut off the force of her suction before she consumed the rest of the planet.

Katsuko lay in the lava on the barren seabed for a few more seconds. She frowned in the middle of licking her lips.

“Too salty,” she complained. “Why can I never find a freshwater ocean?”

When Kat returned to the restaurant, ignoring the screaming people panicking on the beach, Jade was looking glumly at a splattered mess on the wall. The wasabi had been discarded after Jade had been unable to taste it, so she had briefly turned her attention to the cute waiter. Unfortunately for him, a now-drunk Jade had misjudged both her speed and angle of flight when approaching him. The remains of his lower body littered the floor around the restaurant and the stains on the far wall were all that was left after Jade’s tits had collided with his upper half.

“Wow, you really know how to break a guy’s heart.” Kat landed next to her moping friend and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s go someplace else.”

“I wan’ another drink,” Jade slurred.

“I saw just the place.” Katsuko grabbed Jade by the hand and guided her towards a distillery at the edge of the town.

“So, you can get drunk?” Kat looked over Jade with a furrowed brow. “Kinda weird, don’t you think?”


“Oh, no reason. Here we are.”

The building was an enormous distillery. Katsuko had noticed the distinctive smell of the whiskey in the barrels from their table at the restaurant. She quickly flew in, retrieved them all, and laid them out in front of the girls in two towering stacks. With a flick of her finger at the top of each stack, Kat pierced a hole through the entire stack.

“Okay, just put your lips on the hole at the top of your stack and suck.” Katsuko demonstrated by placing her mouth atop her own drink.

Jade slowly ascended to the top of her pile and put her puckered lips just above the hole.

“On the count of three, we’re gonna down it.” Kat declared. “One, two, three!”

Katsuko instantly drained her barrels but felt a peculiar sensation when she turned to declare her victory.

Jade had missed.

The entirety of all matter in the universe had been pulled into Jade’s mouth. The whiskey, the barrels, the distillery, the planet, the entire star system, the galaxy, and now the very fabric of space itself. The last vestiges of the universe whipped past Kat’s legs like a feather boa dragged along her thigh.

The tantalising sensation of the universe sliding over Kat’s body had raised her sex drive even higher, and now she had an idea for some devious fun. Jade, eyes closed, hadn’t noticed what had happened yet, so Kat quickly slid her bikini bottoms off and placed her legs on either side of Jade’s head, slipping the girl’s mouth onto her dripping pussy.

The sensation was incredible. Kat’s body bucked in repeated orgasm at the pressure Jade was creating inside of her, something that she herself found almost impossible to achieve. Playing with herself was a lot of fun, but it couldn’t match up to the feeling of having another person service her body with all of their power, just to allow Kat to achieve her climax.

When Jade realised what was happening and went to move away, Kat placed a hand on the back of her head and held her in place. Taking the hint, Jade upped the ferocity of her mouth, adding the motion of her tongue to the suction and grazing her teeth along Kat’s clit. Another explosion of ecstasy radiated out from Kat.

It was indescribably pleasurable but felt familiar to Katsuko. She started to grow, determined to make this encounter more exciting than the last.

Now facing a pussy that was large enough to swallow her entire head, Jade’s mouth latched onto Kat’s nub and bit down. Kat’s moans spread out across the empty void the girls floated in, pressing onto other realities and collapsing them upon themselves. The ever-growing girl took her minuscule friend’s body and forced Jade fully inside of her, using the busty girl’s breasts to provide herself additional stimulation.

Aware of how much pressure Jade could take now, Kat carefully extracted her from the irrepressible force of her omnivorous intimacy just before she would have been chewed up by the beyond-apocalyptic power of Kat’s final orgasm.

With a smile on her face, Kat returned to her original size, hugging the drenched redhead to her chest. Jade’s expression was somewhere between pleasure and pouting - and Kat knew exactly why.

“You aren’t allowed to be upset that I didn’t destroy you. You still haven’t let me put a universe in my pussy, so this was the closest I could get.” Katsuko felt a brushing on her right nipple and realised that Jade had started playing with it using her own left nipple.

“Hah! You still want more? Okay, but we need a new universe. It’s boring if there’s nothing to show off my power to.”

Jade sleepily mumbled something back that even Kat couldn’t comprehend. Kat shrugged, repositioned Jade and kicked open a tear into another reality.

“Okay, now it’s definitely my turn to break this one.”

Part 2: Tranquillity

“I wanna sing, an’ dance, an’ get cute guys to buy ma drinks.”

“Just don’t slurp them this time.”

“I’ll make ‘em pour ‘em in ma mouth.”

Kat had been holding Jade close to her since they first arrived in this universe. Not out of particular concern for the safety of her friend or the universe as a whole, but more because she wanted to make sure that the intoxicated girl didn’t end this universe prematurely.

“Pub?” Jade asked with a starry-eyed expression.

“Let’s find a bar. Bars are nicer.”

“Bleedin’ posh brat.”

“Hey! Just because I have standards.”

The bar was definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, not that either of the girls were intending on paying. For a moment, Kat considered once more going through the charade of acting like she wasn’t an unstoppable force of nature, but decided that that part of the night had come to an end. Instead, she smiled at the awestruck doorman and blew him a kiss that knocked him out of the way with a gust of air.

It was dimly lit inside, but Kat had no trouble navigating both Jade and herself through the crowds to the front of the bar. She continued walking forward, breaking through the countertop with her hips and reaching out for the bottles on the top shelves. The bartender was warily approaching, so she fluttered her eyelashes at him and sent him flying backwards from the force.

Picking up a cocktail glass, she thrust it into the hands of the sprawled-out bartender.

“I want whatever the speciality is - the most expensive one.” Kat then gestured at Jade. “And she wants someone to hold her drink for her.”

The bartender didn’t respond immediately, so Katsuko sighed and began to tap her foot on the floor impatiently. Glasses rattled on the shelves and the bottles clinked together, but that wasn’t where the damage was focused. From outside the bar came a grinding of steel and stone, followed by a tremendous crash. Another tap of Katsuko’s foot heralded the arrival of another unseen catastrophe.

“For every second that you don’t answer me, I’m going to knock down another building,” Katsuko coldly stated. “I don’t like being kept waiting.”

Another tap, another part of the city broken. The bartender was still frozen in shock on the floor.

“It’s no fun when you don’t react to anything.” Katsuko plucked the glass from the bartender’s shaking hands and placed it on the bar top. “I’ll find someone else to serve us.”

Katsuko turned to the rest of the room. Her voice boomed out over the music.

“Anyone who wants a chance with either of us tonight had better be ready to keep us happy.” Katsuko declared. “Start by bringing us drinks.”

A couple of less terrified patrons complied with Katsuko’s command, either for want of a chance with the goddess in their midst or for fear of her divine wrath. One quickly poured spirits into glasses while the other decorated them with an array of fruits and sugar syrup. He held out a glass, one each for Katsuko and Jade.

“Pour it in her mouth. You get to be her personal waiter.” Katsuko took her proffered glass and downed the mixture. “Hmm, not the worst. Has a kick to it.”

Another idea entered Kat’s mind. She rapidly compressed the alcoholic fumes with the muscles of her throat, then exhaled. The pressure ignited the gas and Katsuko breathed fire across the room, setting the dance floor ablaze.

“Now that’s a dance floor! Come on, Jade.”

Jade was trying to catch the poured cocktail in her mouth, but her cupbearer had been distracted by Katsuko’s fire trick. As a result, most of it ended up on her face instead. Annoyed at the loss of her drink, Jade glared at her incompetent assistant. The heat of her eyes caused the fumes to burst into flames that spread across her face. Katsuko burst out laughing when she saw that the girl’s fiery hair was now matched by the rest of her flaming head.

“For feck’s sake!”

Before Jade could do something too destructive, Katsuko locked lips with her and inhaled the flames. The body of the guy who had just failed to pour Jade a drink was crushed between the two unyielding pairs of tits, but he was soon forgotten.

“Maybe that’s enough drinks for you. Wanna dance?”

“Can’t dance. Tits too big. Break sumin’.”

“That’s fine, I’ll just have to hold them!”

Grabbing Jade by the waist, Katsuko pressed their breasts more firmly together to ensure that the bustier girl’s tits wouldn’t jiggle and cause another cataclysm. One hand wandered further back and down, grasping Jade’s ass. Then she began to lead a sensual, superpowered waltz.

Their bodies spun around each other, immediately clearing the dance floor of the flames. The remaining people in the room were forced to the edges, pressed tight against the walls by the hurricane masquerading as a dance routine. Katsuko was no expert at dancing, but she had a general idea that art was about expressing yourself. And in her mind, there was no better expression of herself than sheer overwhelming power.

So the speed of the cyclone increased, whipping the winds of the room into a frenzy, and elevating the people higher and higher until they were firmly pressed to the ceiling. Their screams of terror never made it past their lips, the winds quickly ferrying away any air that might have found its way into their lungs. The patrons were breathless, unable to expand their chests, failing to pant for air.

Jade’s head snuggled against Kat’s shoulder, and she planted a kiss on the nape of her neck. Her hands traced the taut muscles of her Amazonian friend’s back, stroking her fingers up and down Katsuko’s spine. Strokes quickly became clawing as Jade applied greater and greater force, her superhuman fingernails leaving brief indentations in Kat’s skin. Katsuko liked where this was going, but wasn’t quite prepared to let their foreplay end so quickly. She moved Jade’s body away from her own, teasing the shorter girl by holding her at arm’s length from the object of her desire.

The needy little redhead made a noise of displeasure and folded her arms under her now mobile chest. Jade pouted at Katsuko, then with a sly and drunken grin, she let her breasts fall a fraction of an inch onto her body.

The sonic boom blasted the venue to pieces. The helplessly trapped patrons were crushed flat onto walls that ceased to exist moments later. The already wrecked city was briefly revealed, the toppled skyscrapers from Kat’s earlier antics showing up starkly on the skyline, before being swept away by the wave of pressure.

Unwilling to let Jade have the fun of destroying yet another planet though, Kat sped off and overtook the destructive thunderclap of Jade’s tits. Reaching the edge of the swiftly spreading circle she rapidly clicked her fingers. Now rounding the circumference of the apocalyptic spread of Jade’s slightest of boob drops, Katsuko completely countered its advance, nullifying it out of existence.

The devastation was still immense but now contained within a radius of a few hundred miles. Jade had also managed to suffuse the air with the imposing scent of her underboob, so Kat eradicated that too with a cooling exhale, filling the atmosphere instead with the lingering smell of her minty breath.

“You,” Katsuko sternly addressed Jade when she returned, “are not allowed to break another universe today. You’ve had your fun.”

“Wanna sing?” Jade smiled dopily up at Kat, who softened her expression.

“You know what? That sounds like fun. Let’s go!”

Katsuko located a karaoke bar in a relatively nearby city - the terrible singing was clearly audible to the super-powered girl from any distance and served as a nice reminder of why she didn't normally bother to use her super hearing. By the time they had settled into a booth, Jade had slightly sobered up and was browsing through the list of songs.

“Hey, I recognise this one!” Jade exclaimed. “What’s the story with these songs being the same in other universes?”

“You know how people talk about universal constants and stuff? Well, they’re kind of right and kind of wrong. It isn’t stuff like gravity and the speed of light, it’s stuff like songs and TV shows. Basically every universe has the same tune for ‘Happy Birthday’. No idea why.”

“Are you having me on?”

“A little.”

“C’mon, this one is top craic. You need to sing it with me.”

Katsuko looked at the song. “Wow, you are corny.”


“Okay, but I can get pretty loud, Atomic Titan.”

“You bet? You’re on, Doomsday Girl.”

Katsuko selected the song and started the backing track. Both girls ignored the microphones, knowing that the fragile electronics had no chance of withstanding the power of their voices.

With a nod from Jade, Katsuko began to sing.

The first line only produced tremors in the nearby surroundings. Kat carefully focused where the power of her voice was directed, eager not to destroy the sound system before they both had a chance to get into the rhythm of the tune.

But while the effects on this side of the planet were minor, the vibrations travelled directly through the ground, carrying a minuscule fraction of Katsuko’s power with them. The molten mantle was forced out through any available space in the planet’s crust, causing the spontaneous eruption of every volcano on that side of the planet. The lava didn't just spill out of the gaping mountains, it was projected directly out with such excessive force that it spurted directly into the atmosphere.

Great gouts of ash coated the skies and blotted out all starlight. Fires raged in woodlands across half of the planet’s continents as cracks formed in the crust to allow the excess magma to escape. The surface of the sphere began to peel off, Katsuko’s voice fracturing it more easily than any other person would remove the shell from a hardboiled egg.

The second line went to Jade.

With no such control over the power of her earth-shattering vocals, the sound system blew out immediately. It mattered little though, as both girls were into the swing of the song at this point. The intense vibrations created by the sound waves spread into every atom of the environment, violently shaking matter apart into dust. The ground broke apart beneath them but both girls remained in place, demonstrating their dominance over gravity.

The atmosphere surrounding the pair was instantly dispersed. Jade continued to belt out the words, expelling a tiny portion of the air supply currently contained in her gloriously immense chest. The volume of gas released in a single one of Jade’s syllables easily surpassed that of the former atmosphere, ladening the globe with a new one created purely from the contents of Jade’s body. Her warm, incredibly alcoholic breath coated this side of the planet and forced itself into the lungs of every living being there, driving them instantly to a state of heavy intoxication. Each new utterance forced more of the highly pressurised air across the planet and thickened the atmosphere to the point of being entirely unbreathable. The cloying cloud of vapour burned at the eyes and lungs of an entire civilisation before the air itself began to burn up around them.

Kat continued with the third line before Jade had the chance to destroy more than just the city. She once again directed the power of her body into the ground, but this time directed it along the faltering surface of the planet. Ripples spread across the now exposed magma and allowed it to burst forth and make contact with Jade’s violently spreading breath. When the molten rock touched the inflammable gas, an explosion started across the entire world.

The flames raced to catch up with the spreading vapour, which ignited as soon as it reached the wildfires on the opposite side of the planet. From each end of the globe, the blazing flames converged until the entire ball was coated in insuppressible fire. All the while, the planet continued to shatter, sending flaming fragments into space and creating a spectacular show for the girls. Pulses of energy far greater than the content of a single universe shook space itself as the planet vibrated apart to the bass notes of Katsuko’s voice and trembled in fear at her unstoppable might.

When the fourth line went back to Jade, her every utterance spewed the plasma content of a galaxy’s worth of stars across the remnants of a broken world. Both girls were now bathed in flames and floating in the wreckage of a burning planet, unaffected by the destruction of the simple act of them singing. Their bikinis were not so fortunate. The flames tickled against Katsuko’s nipples and nether regions as she giggled in pleasure at the gently warm sensation of the hottest temperatures in the universe playing around her body. Jade didn’t even notice as her breasts were uncovered and her steaming womanhood was exposed to the universe.

Moving her hand faster than physically possible, Katsuko thrust two fingers into Jade’s pussy as she finished her line. Jade’s voice cracked at the sudden, unexpected sensation, causing stars across the sky to explode. The high pitch squeal of surprised pleasure threatened to destroy yet another universe, but Katsuko was having none of it.

The chorus began and both girls competed to sing it.

Katsuko’s voice overwhelmed Jade’s exalted crescendo, momentarily drowning out the sound coming from the chesty girl’s lungs. Realising what her friend was doing, Jade briefly recovered her wits and gave up on the pretence of singing. Being so close to this infinitely overpowered being, she could no longer contain her lust and felt no need to anymore. She screamed out the lyrics, daring the lithe-legged, towering titan to exceed her volume.

Which, of course, Katsuko did.

She screamed the final lines of the chorus and every infinitesimal occurrence of the universe tore itself apart. Strands of woven space ripped into frayed, broken threads, then incandesced as they removed themselves from reality. Reaching the edge of the universe, Katsuko’s power continued, popping hundreds upon thousands of adjacent universes like fragile soap bubbles.

Jade felt her body collapse again, the vibrations spreading everywhere at once, setting her heart aflutter just as her womanhood pulsed with the timbre of Kat’s power. Her loins thrummed in pleasure, eagerly trying to consume everything that Katsuko could provide and failing to do so. Jade’s universe-consuming pussy had found something it couldn’t simply devour, and it relished the challenge. Wave upon wave of debilitating pleasure swept through Jade’s body, breaking her apart from the inside out.

With furious passion and abandonment of all other thoughts, Jade dove at Katsuko’s body. She latched her mouth onto Kat’s left nipple and bit down while squeezing the girl’s other nipple with her fingers.

Kat screamed once more, completely out of key, and Jade’s body finally reached nirvana as it was once again destroyed by the simultaneous orgasm of the pair.

When Jade’s body reformed, the power that came with it had nothing left to impact. It was merely siphoned back into her body in a series of orgasmic aftershocks.

Katsuko cradled Jade’s head on her chest.

“Shoot, I forgot to put this one in my pussy again. Remind me next time.”

Jade sighed in contentment as she fell asleep in Kat’s arms.

Now, this is power.

Olivia had quickly released the planet’s inhabitants from the all-consuming effects of her mental domination. The ease of being able to control the entire planet had been fun for a few moments, but the novelty had quickly passed when she didn’t have anyone around to belittle into despair.

The moments she had spent inside the minds of the alien species were very informative though. She had instantaneously learned their language and every single piece of information they ever knew. All of their memories were safely stored in her beyond-genius mind, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

“Did I hear you say that the monument is only 500 feet tall? I surely can’t be hearing that right because I’m absolutely certain I asked for 5000.” Olivia’s glare pierced through the mind of the alien woman in front of her.

The short, demure alien scientist was sheepishly avoiding Olivia’s gaze, but her thoughts were as clear as her expression to the nascent goddess. This one was certain to be one of Olivia’s favourite types to torment.

“Well, that’s fine then.” Olivia smiled with callous sweetness and stood to her full height, carelessly pushing her grovelling lackey to the floor in the process.

She snapped her fingers and a group of servants entered her audience chamber, carrying an unconscious body.

“This is your husband, I believe? He’s quite the catch,” Olivia stated. “I fucked him earlier, but I don’t think I did it well enough. He cried out for you at the end of it. Don’t worry, I’ll correct his mistake now.”

Olivia carefully entered the alien man’s mind. She surgically removed all memories of his wife, relishing the look of heartbreak on the alien girl’s face as she realised what was happening.

She desperately wished to cry out for Olivia to stop. Which is exactly what Olivia wanted.

“You know the punishment for talking without my permission,” Olivia smirked as she rewrote the male alien’s mind. “At that point, there’s only one thing you little insects are good for. You please me until you break.”

Olivia ran a finger up the arm of the alien hunk, settling it on his lips. She hadn’t changed anything about his mind other than removing any knowledge of the existence of his former beloved. It was far more fun to do this bit manually. She leaned in close, pressing her firm breasts against his chest.

“Hey, handsome. Want a go with a girl like me?”

The alien took in Olivia’s flawless body, seduction made manifest. The stunning curves, the strength in those legs, the swell of her chest massaging his own.

They locked lips and Olivia started to tear his clothes off as the alien girl bawled her eyes out behind her.

“I’m going to ride you until you’re broken for anyone other than me, are you okay with that? Do you want me to ruin you for other girls?”

The alien nodded furiously as Olivia mounted him. She slipped his hard and throbbing cock deep inside her, clutching it firmly within the perfect, ruinous folds of her mind-breaking pussy.

“Such a big boy. Aren’t you glad you meet my standards? Can you imagine living without your cock in my pussy?”

Olivia laid her hands on the hunk’s chest, caressing his muscles and deftly deforming them with her powerful hands. She rocked back and forth for a moment, knowing just how easy it was for her to bring her victim to the brink of orgasm, then began to pound on his pelvis with bone-breaking force.

“Make sure you let me know if I’m too rough. If you want me to stop, just say the word.”

Of course, he wouldn’t tell her to stop. Sometimes they cried. Sometimes they called out for their loved ones. But they never asked Olivia to stop.

Olivia continued to bring her ass down onto the guy beneath her, rejoicing in the pleasure of breaking his man entirely while his former wife watched helplessly behind her. Occasionally they would try to stop her or beg. Olivia’s favourites were always the ones who simply broke, becoming useless crying wrecks on the floor as she knew this one would.

Her pussy’s vice-like grip on the stud’s cock was making it impossible for him to orgasm, while Olivia was achieving climax after climax. Her moans only aroused the alien further, preventing him from calling out for her to stop, despite the fact that his body was breaking under her unrelenting thrusts.

Finally, after half an hour of enjoyment, Olivia stopped. She never allowed the guys she fucked to actually cum and this time was no exception. With a final thrust, she shattered his pelvis completely, severing the nerves to the lower parts of his body. He would never be able to fuck anyone else again. Or walk.

Lazily throwing her leg over the chest of her most recently broken lover, Olivia returned to her throne, gesturing for her servants to take his prone body out of her chambers.

“Are you still here?” Olivia scoffed at the silent alien girl. “You still have work to do on my statue.”

The alien girl didn’t respond, so Olivia grinned.

“How is your brother, by the way?”

Colour faded entirely from the girl’s body and she clumsily fled the room.

She died in the wave of destructive power that bathed the planet seconds later.

Olivia responded quickly, having planned for another power spike since she felt the first one. She opened the roof of her opulent tower and allowed the power to flood through her, showering her body in the warm, intoxicating flow of energy. The casualties would be high, likely setting her plans back significantly, but she would gladly make the sacrifice if it came with another delicious power-up for her.

Olivia licked her lips and laid back, running one hand through her flowing blonde locks while the other traced the outskirts of her womanhood. Expanding her mental control outwards, she casually took in the extent of the damage. Her servants across the entire planet were being obliterated - along with the planet itself. Olivia strengthened her resolve and greedily drank in the power, willing it inside her body before her entire empire was destroyed.

Finally, the power waned and abated entirely. A small colony of several thousand aliens still lived on the far side of the planet. It would have to do.

Laying a hand on the ground next to her, Olivia activated her new power. Her body dissolved and she slipped into the stones, reforming them anew and rebuilding her palace from the inside. Returning her body into existence, Olivia experimented with some simple changes. She shot up in height, lengthening her legs and torso to show off her muscle tone. Her brilliant blonde hair swept further down her back to touch the floor. Her breasts swelled on her chest to the size of her head.

Satisfied that her new 8-foot stature was befitting of a Goddess like herself, Olivia rolled her shoulders. White-feathered wings sprouted from her upper back.

Not quite the flight I wanted, but they’ll do for now.

The winged goddess took to the skies to locate the last of her worshippers and continue with her plan.

Part 3: Pain

“So, I just realised something fun!”

“Is this your version of fun or mine?”

“Both. Kinda.” Katsuko zipped around behind Jade, cupping her slight belly with one hand and her left breast with the other.

“You realise that you've now technically eaten multiple universes, right?”

“I don't like where this is going…”

“How much do you think you weigh?”

“I fecking knew it.”

“Because, as we've established multiple times now, you still haven't let me crush a universe in my pussy. Which means that you probably outweigh me by at least a few universes.”

“That last one was entirely your fault. You could’ve easily masturbated with that universe instead of singing it to destruction.”

“You know you swallowed another one in your sleep last night?”

“Fecking what!? No, Kat, I fecking didn't!”

“Yeah, you were doing this cute little yawning stretch thing, then you kinda just breathed it all in. It was super hot, but I didn't want to wake you, so I just went to play in another universe.”

“You left me sleeping while you went to play?”

“Yeah, you do that way too often.”

“Sleep? I like sleeping. It's like the only normal thing I can still do.”

“Seems pretty boring to me. Except when you make it fun by swallowing more universes. Hey, maybe I should try it!”

“You actually wanna sleep with me? Like actually sleep, not have sex until we decide to do something else?”

“Sure! I can partake in your interests.”

“Kat, sleep isn't one of my…” Jade faltered. “Okay, fine. I guess sleeping is now one of my hobbies, alongside universe destroying.”

“Cool! Let's do it now!”

“You realise I just woke up, right?”

“That's fine. I'll sleep, you just watch me.”


“Ooh, feel free to play with me if I start doing anything sexy. I wanna see if I can still overpower you in my sleep.”

“I’ll make sure I cop a feel.”

Katsuko clicked her fingers and tore an opening into a new universe. Once inside she stretched out and folded her body back in slowly, adopting a floating fetal position. Seconds after the girls entered the universe, Katsuko was asleep.

Which left Jade’s mind to wander without the almost constant input of her energetic friend.

The carefree ubergirl had gotten to her. She felt significantly less bad about her own existence now and the plethora of other universes available to the two of them was helping her to see Kat’s viewpoint. Did it really matter if things broke at her mere presence when she could just leave and go elsewhere?

Plus, there were definitely other ‘benefits’ to being by Kat’s side. Jade’s sexual urges had been repressed for years, and the freedom she had experienced over her time with Kat was dangerously addictive.

Then there was Jade’s newfound favourite experience. Her own destruction.

Whenever Jade had tried to bring it up in conversation or directly asked Kat to destroy her, the other girl had swiftly moved on or directly refused to do it. Given that Katsuko was generally all too happy to demonstrate her limitless destructive potential, Jade was having difficulty grasping what the issue was.

It just felt so good. The sensation was presumably pain, but Jade had long forgotten what that was meant to feel like.

Turns out you’re reality’s unluckiest fecking masochist.

Goading Katsuko into destroying her had worked before, but Jade had little hope that the other girl would let her do something like that a second time. And any nuanced plan that Jade could come up with was likely to be seen through immediately by the irritating intelligent hypergirl.

I’ll just have to play into her desires.

Even asleep, Katsuko’s beauty was undeniable. Jade floated slowly around her and took in the familiar swell of her chest as it rose and fell in subtle rhythm. A brief wave of envy passed over Jade as she watched Katsuko breathing without eradicating existence around her. Moving behind Kat, Jade pressed her body close and positioned her ear to the firm muscles on the back of the serene goddess. She felt the beating heart of the girl, compared to her own entirely still one.

Jade ran a hand across Katsuko’s perky buttocks, giving a firm squeeze and slipping her fingers further forward into Kat’s receptive womanhood. A soft exhale of subconscious pleasure from Katsuko encouraged Jade to continue. She probed her middle and ring fingers deeper into the nectar-filled cavern of the dozing girl and, with familiar precision, Jade’s index finger located Kat’s clitoris. She gently stroked back and forth, hoping to entice a positive response from the splendorous, slumbering body.

She didn’t expect to have two of her fingers broken by the clenching of Kat’s pussy.

Jade cried out in ecstasy. Even as her fingers instantly healed themselves, she attempted to recreate the sensation. Her index finger toyed with Kat’s lovebud and the girl’s nether lips gifted Jade’s other fingers with a bone-breaking kiss. Electrical jolts of pleasure shot up Jade’s arm. She wrapped herself around Katsuko’s leg to steady herself as her fluids spilled down her friend’s toned thigh.

“Jade, what are you…” Katsuko was immediately awake. “Are you okay?”

“Go back to sleep. It’s all good.”

Katsuko removed Jade’s hands from her body and watched as the crushed digits miraculously reformed themselves.

“No, put them back! I want to feel them break again!” Jade whined.

“Okay, we need to talk about this.” Katsuko’s stern demeanour had returned. “Jade, I know you like it, but it’s dangerous. I don’t want to get used to destroying you. Then you’d be no different to me than to all those other universes.”

Jade stared open-mouthed at Katsuko.

“You think I’d become a boring toy, don’t you?”

“I mean, if breaking you is as easy for me as breaking anything else, what makes you special?”

As if to demonstrate, Katsuko flicked her hair back, sending out a bladed shockwave that broke through everything it contacted. The universe behind her lay in ruins seconds later. Kat didn’t even bat an eye.

“My personality?”

“Personal-i-titties maybe.”

Cupping her own breasts, Katsuko pressed them together and forced her bustier friend backwards from the impact.

“I thought you were being serious?” Jade angrily replied after correcting her orientation.

“I am, Jade.” Katsuko rubbed two fingers together and crumpled up a section of the universe, moving closer to Jade through the deleted space. “Don’t make me view you as just another toy to play with.”

An intense rage burned within Jade. Green flames played around her eyes and reality scorched itself on contact with her. The universe shied away from the angered, incandescent girl.

Katsuko merely smiled back at Jade with a giggle. Then her face broke into an undeniable pout.

“Because it would make me feel really bad if I didn’t see you as a friend anymore.”

Jade was about to throw herself at Katsuko, whether in rage or lust she wasn’t quite sure yet, when she heard the end of Katsuko’s argument. A wave of unfamiliar emotions washed over her, leaving the stunned girl to mindlessly watch as Katsuko began to press their breasts together.

Suddenly, Jade felt Katsuko’s body with her mind. Focusing on the mental grip, she squeezed her closer and Kat gasped in surprise.

“Was that you?”

Jade tried it again and the space around Kat ripped apart leaving a backdrop of utter nothingness. Kat moaned gently in response.

“Oh, wow.” Kat dreamily looked down into Jade’s eyes. “How are you giving me a full body massage? You’re tiny!”

Mentally applying pressure again, Jade’s newfound power went awry. She could feel a grip on her own arm like a phantom limb was holding it tight. In their immediate vicinity, planets and asteroids collapsed from the telekinetic power now grasping them.

Ignoring every object she couldn’t feel with her telekinesis, Jade tried focusing her mind on certain parts of the girls’ bodies. The easiest and most obvious targets were their breasts. Willing it so, Jade pulled Katsuko away from her, controlling the motion of the lightly tanned Asian girl as she floated around in space. Katsuko made a noise of excitement.

“Is this what rollercoasters are like?”

“Shh, I’m concentrating,” Jade snorted while intensely focusing on restraining her new power.

“Jade, just let it out.”


An oppressive weight fell over Katsuko. She experimentally tried moving and found that it was still possible, but she now needed to exert some effort to do so.

“This… this is weird. I can feel all of you at once.” Jade moved her hands around and Katsuko felt the pressure shift across her body.

The fabric of space around Katsuko’s breasts tore apart and lovingly caressed her underboob. At the same time, distant galaxies folded in on themselves, drawn to a single point by Jade’s distracted mind and apocalyptic grip. The immense pressure on Kat’s nipples caused them to rapidly harden from Jade’s unleashed psychic presence. In the midst of the syrupy miasma, Kat felt the lightest of squeezes on her indomitable nipples - an entirely new sensation. No one other than herself had ever managed to deform her hardened nipples before. Katsuko panted gleefully at the novelty of it.

Deciding to try using gestures for greater control, Jade pointed a finger at Katsuko and twirled it. Mirroring her actions the giggling girl spun around on the spot.

“Faster, faster!”

Jade obliged, increasing the speed of Katsuko’s rotation.

Other objects in the universe were caught in the collateral of Jade’s thoughts. Stars nearby rapidly span on their axis and dispersed themselves within the first dozen rotations. Galaxies began to unravel as their direction of motion was reversed in an instant. Space twisted itself into knots in an attempt to flee from the infinite influence of Jade’s new power. Inevitably, it too was caught by the careless pull of the godlike girls, drawn back in towards Katsuko’s blurred form.

The spinning, cheering girl was acting as a blender. The matter that tore loose from Jade’s power and was allowed to follow its own motion in what was left of space was irrevocably pulled closer and closer to the annihilating tornado. Kat slowly lifted her arms upwards like a ballerina and her nails cut through the approaching material. When her fingers finally met high above her head and her body formed a reality-breaking point at both ends her motion drilled through the remnants of space-time and tangled the remaining strands around her arms and legs.

A simple ripple of Kat’s muscles tore space apart completely.

Finally noticing the lack of anything left around them, Jade slowed Katsuko’s motion.

“Hey,” Katsuko grinned. “Are you going on a diet? You didn’t eat that one.”

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