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Diosa – Chapter 5: Endearment, Part 3

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Chapter Five: “Endearment” (Part 3)

The two friends continue flying through the air as their divine forms slice through the clouds. With Priscilla’s tutelage on proper techniques to improve on how she was utilizing this ability previously, Diosa took to the technique swimmingly like a fish to water in terms of improvement in no time at all. While she didn’t have Oya’s natural affinity and attunement to the elements of nature like Priscilla, but she was able to wrap her head around the concept of controlling this ability as if she was flexing and relaxing a muscle. The amount of exertion she applies to this muscle, the faster she would go. Reigning it in a bit would slow her down or even stop her completely.

At that very moment Diosa was testing the limits of that speed. She was using it as a diversion to get her mind off what Priscilla did and almost did to those criminals - even if she was merely trying to convey a message. Diosa couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do other than taking the opportunity to hone her abilities. Who knows when or where that mastery of this ability would come in handy in the future.

The only thing I can do is just keep following Pris’ lead for now and if that day comes, I’m going to have to bite that bullet and reign her in. I just pray that it never comes to that. Until then, I have to keep pushing myself. As long as I have these powers, I need to learn how to wield them not just properly but effectively unless I’m not going to be able to protect anyone, let alone myself.”

She pushed herself to Mach-1 with an accompanying boom echoing throughout the nighttime sky as she shattered the sound barrier. Her body continued to accelerate towards Mach-2 until she saw Priscilla stopping mid-air ahead of her. Diosa instantly hit the brakes midair to avoid collision with her friend.

“I know you’re having fun, but I don’t want us to overshoot our destination. C’mon, Xi. It’s not far now.”

Diosa then took stock of their surroundings. They were on the outskirts of another metropolitan city, but much bigger and busier than the one they called their hometown.

“Where are we, Pris? I don’t even recognize this city. We’re obviously a very long way from home.”

“Don’t be a wet blanket, Xi. You said that you would keep an open mind when we started our little vacation at the start of Spring Break. Just consider this a little extension of that. Maybe we can have a little time for sight-seeing after the party we’re going to attend tonight.”

Diosa shuddered nervously as she thought about being seen in public in her new and improved, divine state, “A party!? Y’know that’s not my kinda scene, Pris. Why can’t we meet your friend somewhere quiet and a little more private?”

“It’s definitely private. We’re the only ones on the guest list tonight since she rented out the entire nightclub for the evening.”

“Enough secrets, Pris. Your new friend is obviously pretty loaded to be able to rent out an entire nightclub for us to meet. Exactly who is she?”

Priscilla shook her head from to and fro in a playful manner.

“I’m not going to ruin the surprise. Follow me and you’ll get the answers to all of your questions, Xi.”

Diosa sighed loudly in defeat, knowing that her best friend wasn’t going to allow her to talk her way out of this. Priscilla landed in the alleyway behind a nightclub. Diosa lands cautiously behind Priscilla as she approaches the back entrance door and gives a soft knock. A bodyguard slides open the peep hole and states firmly, “State your business. The venue isn’t open to the public tonight.”

Priscilla smiled, “Hey Muscles, cut the crap and tell Ms. Ocean that I brought the guest of honor.”

He was suddenly snapped out of his stupor at her words and sprung into action after staring dreamily at both Priscilla and Diosa standing outside.

“I didn’t recognize that it was you, ma’am. Come right in. She’s been expecting you for quite some time now.”

The bouncer held open the door for the two women, making sure to hide the sizeable bulge in his pants as he stood behind the door. Priscilla could only smile with pride, knowing full well how powerful her current form had on arousing those who laid eyes on it.

Priscilla flagged Diosa over. “Come on. Follow me.” She then lowered her voice in a whisper, “That guy is practically drooling all over us. You could at least try to flaunt those knockout looks of yours, Xi. It’s only going to get worse from here on out.”

Diosa took a deep breath and steeled herself before walking through the door. “What’s this talk about the guest of honor? And what about… Oh my God…

Diosa lost her train of thought as she was taken back by the interior of the nightclub still in a state of disarray. Numerous couples were still openly making out in the hallways as Priscilla confidently maneuvers around them. She didn’t hesitate to take a moment to caress an exposed limb or squeeze an ample bust or posterior. Diosa did her best to follow her friend’s lead as her awkwardness and flushed face did nothing to hide her anxiety and nervousness to the public display of affections surrounding her.

The acts of hedonism weren’t limited to the confined hallways and corridors as open bathroom doors, dressing rooms, and even the not-so-private VIP rooms were filled with cries and moans of passion. A wide-eyed Diosa caught an eye-full of several stripteases and lapdances in progress - from males and females, either giving or receiving with the evening clearly not ending there in terms of physical contact. It shouldn’t be overlooked that there were a few individuals playing out their bondage fantasies on display as well. Diosa got a quick glimpse of a busty blonde wearing a patriotic-theme patterned micro bikini while she was in the process of being ball-gagged and restrained with her arms being bound behind her at the wrist with a pair of handcuffs. Diosa could only imagine what would follow afterwards.

Diosa thought to herself, “What in the world did Pris drag me into here…”

One VIP room in particular saw a caramel-skinned latina sandwiched between a fit male and female in the middle of a loveseat. The latina’s face was decorated with a black domino mask which didn’t do much to conceal her identity (not that Diosa recognized her anyway) but it went along with the rest of her mock superheroine ensemble. She wore long, knee-high leather boots that matched the same purple and black color scheme of her leather one-piece swimsuit that barely covered enough to preserve her modesty while simultaneously displaying and amplifying her lustrous Hispanic curves - from her ample cleavage that is almost bursting at the seams on display stuffed in the top of her one-piece swimsuit to her child-bearing hips and heart-shaped, thicc posterior that gave her a lot of cushion to sit on the couch.

Her female companion to the right was a Caucasian redhead, wearing nothing but a rebel flag patterned bikini top, daisy duke cutoff shorts, with a cowboy hat crowned on her head. She snuggled up against the masked latina. Her cowboy boots lay scattered aimlessly on the floor with the picture clearly painted that those garments would not be alone on the floor before the night was over.

To the left of the sultry latina, was a statuesque black man that Diosa could best describe as the epitome of masculinity with a body that looked like it was chiseled out of granite. He wore nothing but a small pair of speedo shorts that did not do much to hide his sizable equipment in his nether regions. Diosa quickly deduced that this man had to be one of this venue’s renown exotic dancers. This figure of living divine perfection towered over the latina still sitting down while he massaged her shoulders. She writhed into his touch, closing her eyes dreamily as she bit down on her bottom lip. The redhead then whispered something into the latina’s ear that made her slowly open her eyes in response and look directly at Diosa watching from the door. She gave Diosa a “come hither” gesture with her hand, silently welcoming her to join their festivities. Her partners both nod in agreement hoping that their voyeur will accept their invitation.

Diosa stepped forward, feeling that once she walked through the door frame completely that she would break out into a sprint to graciously accept to partake in this unique form of social interaction. Diosa found herself snapped back to reality once Priscilla grabbed her by the arm and tugged her away, teasing her as disappointment set in the young woman’s body.

“Don’t fret. There will be plenty of time for hanging out with a beefcake like that once our business is done…”

Diosa chided herself internally for that moment of weakness and continued following her friend.

After what felt like an eternity navigating through the crowded hallways and twisting corridors of the night club, Priscilla leads Diosa to the open dance floor where she could see a woman sitting on a throne of sorts. Your typical VIP lounge had nothing on the presentation in front of them. The night club was already trendy, but the decor had an extra flair to it as it was stylized in the theme of a Greek party of sorts. There were statues erected in several deities’ honor, with Diosa noticing that the majority of the statues shared the same likeness. Diosa wanted to study these well crafted works of art further, but she was distracted once she and Priscilla proceeded further onto the dance floor. The music in the venue stopped right on cue to their arrival as all eyes were on Priscilla and Diosa walking in. Diosa stopped like a deer in headlights and looked towards Priscilla, silently pleading for any clue of what to do next.

Diosa immediately took note of Priscilla’s demeanor and posture changing as she continued walking towards the center of the dance floor. It was as if she was putting on a performance for the woman sitting in the throne across the room in front of her. The auburn haired woman sipped from her glass of red wine as she gazed at them from across the room with her shining blue eyes. Priscilla stopped in the middle of the room and bowed out of respect.

“As formally requested, I have brought the one known as Diosa to meet you in person."

Priscilla stood back up and then glanced back at Diosa and said, "I want you to meet Cynthia Ocean. She is the one who released me from the Nemesis’ curse."

After a closer inspection of the woman that Priscilla was bowing to, a realization quickly dawned onto Diosa. The statues were depicted in this woman’s likeness. Diosa blinks after the sudden realization. "Wait, 'Sinful' Cynthia Ocean? The movie star!!??"

Cynthia stood up from her throne with her drink in hand wearing a red cocktail dress. Her throne wasn't even really a throne at all, merely the backs of many male (and female) suitors that she was casually lounging on the backs of. The sound of her matching red stiletto heels clicking on the floor echoes throughout the room as she greets both Priscilla and Diosa with a warm smile.

"All of that formality isn't necessary, Priscilla. We're all friends here. And yes, you're in the presence of the 'Sinful' one herself, hence why I arranged to have this venue to myself tonight. A girl has to have some free time to herself after all of the craziness juggling both my filming of Sinful Summer III and my training for the next season of Dancing With The Celestials."

Diosa blurts out, “OH MY GOD! You’re going to be in the next season of Dancing With The Celestials!!??”

Diosa took Cynthia's hand and shook it with both hands as she started rambling on nervously.

"I’m sure all of that is going to be great, but it’s besides the point and not why I’m here. I don't know how you did it, but I wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done for my friend. Are you some sort of wildcard with a latent ability that you want to keep hidden? Is that why you wanted all of this privacy?"

"Don’t be silly. I’m not one of those metahumans… or rather wildcards as you put it. You have your secrets and I have mine… Am I right, Ximena Vega?" whispered Cynthia after she retrieved her appendage from Diosa’s grasp.

"But how??" exclaimed a surprised Diosa.

"Priscilla told me so much about her best friend, so it didn't take much for me to deduce that her best friend and Diosa were one in the same. There’s no need to fear, your secret is safe with me."

"I thank you but I have to know, what exactly did you do to Priscilla?"

Priscilla then spoke up. "Diosa, don't you think you're being a little disrespectful to Miss Ocean after she's invited us here to enjoy her company? There will be plenty of time for all of your questions later. How about we just take a load off and enjoy ourselves tonight?"

Diosa shook her head, "In all due respect, I appreciate Miss Ocean’s hospitality, but Pris, I already told you that this isn’t my type of scene. There's more than enough loads being unloaded around here that I could painfully see on our way in here. You know that I’ve never judged you for the “unique” company that you’ve taken a liking to over the years, but the sooner I get out of this potential cesspool of STDs the better. I just want some answers. Is that too much to ask?"

Priscilla calmly states, “That’s no reason to be rude to our gracious host…”

Diosa perks an eyebrow, puzzled at Priscilla’s lack of a reaction, especially knowing how Priscilla would habitually give her a hard time about not being outgoing and more social.

“Seriously, what is wrong with you, Priscilla? It’s like you’re a completely different person from the moment we walked in here.”

Cynthia then downed the remainder of her wine and tossed the glass aside.

"The hell with it… I was getting bored with keeping up this facade for so long anyway."

Her eyes then flashed with an ethereal pink glow as she spoke calmly, soothingly towards Priscilla.

“Restrain her.”

Before she could even react, Diosa found her arms pinned behind her in a vise as Priscilla held her from behind.

Cynthia walks around Diosa and eyes her from head to toe while she struggles to break free from Priscilla’s grip.

Cynthia comments, “My, my, my. So you’re the one who bested the Child of Venus and subdued Zeus’ lapdog, Nemesis… I can’t really say that I was expecting that you would be the one who would complete that spectacular feat.”


Diosa blinks after a realization. “I’m confused here… So you’re not the movie star, ‘Sinful’ Cynthia Ocean??”

She shakes her head, “My reputation precedes me in my human guise, but you’re half right…”

Diosa’s eyes narrow, “Wait a minute…So YOU’RE the Venus that the Child was referring to.”

“Once again… only half right. I have been called many names over the years by my parthenon and the world of man… Venus… Aphrodite… or most suitably, the Goddess of Love, but you may call me, Cytherea.”

Cytherea’s eyes flashed pink again, but this time they remained in this hue as her dress morphed into a one-piece red leather swimsuit with gold and silver trim. Her arms were then decorated with a pair of matching armbands and her legs were covered mostly with a pair of knee-high stiletto boots that were connected to her swimsuit by garners in a similar style. Her new attire was complete with a matching red cape flowing from her shoulders down to the floor trailing behind her.

Diosa instantly went on the defensive at the sight of Cytherea’s “true” self, steeling herself for the pending battle. Unfortunately, Priscilla wasn’t showing any signs of releasing Diosa from her grip.

“Cytherea, Venus, or whoever you are, it doesn’t matter! I’m going to stop you from trying to harm my best friend!”

Cytherea immediately busts out laughing at Diosa’s threat. Diosa is suddenly taken back by Cytherea’s eruption of laughter at her words.

Cytherea remarked, “Truth be told, I have no interest in harming a hair on your friend’s pretty little head there. She was the one who barged in here on the warpath, looking for a fight with me. If Nemesis wasn’t such a rank amateur with her spellbinding, then she wouldn’t have had to resort to a petty curse like a sore loser. And for the record, you have me confused with some other Venus. I don’t have any Children of Venus under my employ. I don’t need any cheap jewelry to force my will onto my servants. Everyone has love in their hearts. My powers merely bend that to my will. My followers are soldiers of love after all…”

Diosa looks confused, “Love? Priscilla doesn’t love you! She’s my best friend!”

“But that’s the thing, my dear Ximena Vega… Both of those souls within her mortal shell have so much platonic love for their best friends that it makes her an easy puppet at my disposal. Love and affection are my lifeblood. My powers make those emotions so easy to manipulate and bend to my every beck and calling. Love can make anyone do the darndest things. Your precious Priscilla is my loyal servant - just like everyone in this entire building.”

Cytherea waves off the servants that comprised her throne only for them to bring out a genuine one for her liking. Her servants brought her another cup of wine as she sat down regally on her new throne.

Diosa pleads as Priscilla forces her down to her knees, “Please, you don’t have to do this. Take me instead and release her and all of these people under your control.”

Cytherea shook her head, “You’re the one who isn't fully grasping the gravity of this situation. Controlling you like everyone else here would be child’s play, but there’s no fun in that - unlike the fun that I’m having with your friend. If I were to release your friend, she would revert right back to the berserk state that Nemesis left her in. She would be right back to roaming around the world aimlessly following any random deity’s trail until she would get snuffed out when she would eventually poke the wrong bear. In that berserk state, she’s never going to be completely in control of Oya’s powers. At least when she’s under my control, her aggressive behavior is properly directed at Nemesis’ intended target - YOU.”

Diosa gasps.

Cytherea adds, “I honestly don’t have any hard feelings against you, but I’m not going to have your bestie running amok trying to come after me at every opportunity without any rhyme or reason. I have a life after all - parties to attend, modeling runways to strut across, and plenty of television and movies to film just to name a few of many things on my itinerary. I’m not going to waste production costs just to entertain your friend with a fight she cannot possibly win. You should be on your knees, groveling and worshiping the ground I walk on for sparing her pathetic life when any other deity would have killed her on the spot. I allowed your best friend to reunite with you, have some fun, and this is how you show your gratitude? Not even a simple thank you to the Goddess of Love. But no… You come into my place of worship - my personal feeding grounds or rather my own nirvana for these mortals - and talk to me like I owe you anything. Get with the program, girl. Those days of begging and whining at my shrines and altars are long gone. You insects serve ME… not the other way around.”

Diosa lowers her head.

“Cytherea…I am deeply sorry. I never meant to disrespect you. What I said earlier was true. I merely wanted answers. If you can read hearts like you say you can, then you know mine and know that my best friend means everything to me. While I’m thankful for what you have done and have spared her life, I cannot condone you robbing her of her free will. You may have freed her from the control of Nemesis’ curse, but I’m not thanking you for removing one set of shackles, only to attach her to a pair of your own design.”

Cytherea’s eyes narrow.

“Such blatant disrespect and the sheer lack of gratitude… That’s one thing that never changes about you mortals is that you will never truly respect my kind until you want something else in return. I should kill you both where you stand… But where is the fun in that? Now on the other hand, seeing you two fight each other to the death? That would make for some grand entertainment. Best friends always make for the best enemies. I wonder who would win though? Priscilla darling… I want you to give your friend a hard lesson in manners. Show her what it means to cross Cytherea.”

Priscilla releases Diosa and tosses her down to the floor.

Diosa pleaded, “Pris, I know you’re in there. It’s me, Xi. Let me help you. We can take on this lady together. I just need you to come to your senses. I’m not going to fight you just for her sick idea of entertainment.”

Priscilla kicked Diosa in the ribs with a blow that sent Diosa flying across the dance floor and into the adjacent wall.

Cytherea sipped from her glass of wine.

“Now that’s what I would like to call a bodyguard… Much better than these other pathetic meatsacks around here.”

Oshun materializes in front of Cytherea and slaps the glass from hand.

“Enough of these games, Cytherea. You have no quarrel with these mortals. Cease this nonsense and leave these mortals out of this. I’m the one that I’m sure Zeus would reward you handsomely for bringing in.”

Cytherea bursts out laughing hysterically, “I was beginning to wonder how long you were going to continue to hide before revealing yourself. You really believe that I am doing all of this for Zeus’ affections or to curry a favor? My dear Oshun… I have no interest in Nemesis’ quarries and diversions that Zeus assigns her to do under his employ. I left Olympus to satisfy my hunger and I found the means to quench my thirst within this realm of mortals. So many of these peasants worship me, looking for me to fill the void within their hearts. Well what about my needs? What about what I want and desire? I desire to be entertained and seeing these mortals squirm is merely the first step in that.”

Oshun looked at her with disgust, “I don’t understand. Why have so many of Zeus’ children fallen from the wayside? I thought you all wanted to protect the world of man?”

Cytherea spat back, “It’s not my problem that your parthenon has grown so foolish over the centuries while you and Oya have been on your extended vacation then you would have seen firsthand how humanity has turned their backs on all of us!”

Oshun fired back, “We had no choice. We were forced into hiding, no thanks to Nemesis hunting us like dogs!”

Cytherea shrugged, “Calm down. I don’t necessarily agree with all of Daddy’s decisions either since he has a knack for overreacting and not practicing what he preaches, but at least you put the bitch down from what I’ve heard…”

“It wasn’t me. It was the girl there without my help.”

Cytherea’s eyes lit up with genuine interest, “Oh, really now? Her friend told me that this Diosa was able to defeat one of those pretenders but I had no idea that you and Oya didn’t help her in any way against Nemesis, despite having your handiwork all over her. I was thinking it was a group effort, given the infancy of her aegis. Now I really have to see what she’s made of myself.”

She snapped her fingers.

Priscilla dropped to her knees holding her head, crying out in pain as a blanket of dark energy enveloped her like a cocoon. Diosa lunged towards the cocoon, looking to stop whatever was transpiring. Diosa found herself instantly thrown back from the force of the chaotic torrent of dark energy that surrounded her friend.

Diosa grits her teeth as she wraps her head around the situation internally.

I can’t punch my way through whatever that is and I can’t blast it either. I can’t risk hurting Pris in either case. A purification is completely out of the question since I can’t even get close enough to even attempt it. Think, Xi. You’re quickly running out of options.”

Diosa looked back at Cytherea and demanded answers, “What are you doing to her??”

Cytherea smiled, “I’m making this much, much more fun! Oshun knows that my powers can easily manipulate and compel the hearts of mortals to do my bidding, but over the past millennia, I’ve had a lot of time to experiment with that even further. I could easily bend and twist their hearts to act on their dark impulses as well, molding their outer selves to match the darkness that I brought out to the surface. That way there’s none of those messy emotions, like a conscience, to get in the way of trying to break my mental bonds of control to my mind slaves. For example, I can read the heart of your best friend like an open book and she lusts for power. I’m merely giving her what her heart desires the most.”

The cocoon began to show cracks on its surface before erupting into a blinding explosion of black flames. Diosa shielded her eyes as she tried to make out Priscilla’s whereabouts within the center of the crescendo of destructive energy. A massive, towering amazonian hulk of a woman walked through the flames, clad in darkened armor complete with a helmet to cover her face. Whereas her previous state had a lithe form much like Diosa’s own, this one was broader and more sizable in mass - both in musculature and in bulk, while simultaneously maintaining a form that embodied the epitome of female fitness and bodybuilding. Not even the most dedicated of fitness fanatics and professional bodybuilders could attain a form like the one standing in front of Diosa without some sort of divine intervention. One could only see her eyes from behind the helmet, completely devoid of the life and vibrance that Diosa had come to associate with her best friend, only to be replaced with rage and hatred. Her heavy breathing underneath sounded like a feral beast panting in preparation for its next meal. Her soulless eyes scanned her surroundings, watching the humans flee the scene until Diosa spoke up to break the silence between them.

“Hey, Pris… Are you still you in there?”

The towering amazon formerly known as Priscilla Lennox stood in silence in front of Diosa while Cytherea beamed at her handiwork on her newest creation. She stood up from her throne to issue her first command for this new amalgamation of Priscilla, Oya, and their berserk states to carry out with extreme prejudice, “Destroy her, my ‘Wild One’. Show no mercy!”

The berserk warrior punched Diosa with a blow that shook the foundation of the building with the force of a hurricane behind it. If there were any humans left in the venue, then they were either forced out or sent to an early grave by the hurricane-strength gusts accompanying that attack. Diosa managed somehow to block the blow from where she stood with the arms crossed in front of her head and face. That didn’t stop her high heeled feet dug several inches into the floor from the sheer impact as she held her ground firmly in place.

Diosa winced with one eye open while she assessed the situation internally. “With the amount of heat she’s packing in one blow like that, this isn’t going to last for long…”

Oshun had seen enough. She motions to come to Diosa’s aid, but finds herself bound in place within a cage of light. She tried to touch it only to be shocked with a violent feedback of energy.

Cytherea sipped from her cup again, “This is a one-on-one match, Oshun. Don’t be a party pooper. I encourage you to have a seat and enjoy the show because you’re not going anywhere as long as you’re bound by my proximity enchantment. It won’t kill you, but you will feel the repercussions of trying to break it though. You were stuck within my web the moment you came in here. Consider this one of my safeguards that I have in place for any of our kind trying to sneak up on me.”

Cytherea addressed Diosa as she continued to merely defend herself, “If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about any property damage. We’re in a confined space of my own design. The mortals nearby won’t be privy to a thing that is going on here, unlike your battles that instantly made those sticks in the mud over in the Sentry Corps come investigate.”

Diosa looked surprised, “A confined space? So that means I don’t have to hold anything back…”

She turned to the trapped Oshun, “Really, Oshun. What ARE you teaching this girl when she doesn’t know how to limit her power within a confined space? The first lesson of all should be teaching her how to avoid detection from Daddy…”

Oshun looked away awkwardly, “We haven’t gotten to that lesson yet, actually…”

Diosa continues to hold her arms up to block another incoming haymaker, but the Wild One relentlessly continues to rain down onto her with blow after blow. Diosa could nothing more but remain on the defensive as she withdrew into her own thoughts.

Pris seems to be even stronger than the Child of Venus while under the control of Cytherea, but I refuse to believe that she legitimately wants to hurt me. She knows this is me - more or less.

At the same time, I can’t stand here forever with my back against the wall. One of the first lessons she taught me in self-defense class was to look for an opening and to capitalize on it. Once I throw her off-balance, I could turn this fight into my favor - hopefully without causing her any harm.”

Sounds like a good plan. Hope it works out…” said another voice in her head.

She looked to Oshun and she was still speaking with Cytherea, so it could not have been her. This left Diosa confused, which left her own defenses wavering and not as poised as they could be.

“DIDN’T TEACH… COWARD… TO FIGHT!!!” shouts the Wild One.

The Wild One saw the opening she needed to punch right through Diosa’s arms and completely knock her golden, jewel-studded tiara from her head.

She completely caught me napping on that one. Another one of those punches with enough force behind it and I could be taking a dirt nap - for good. C’mon, Xi. Keep your head in the game.”

Why don’t you just give up this farce and admit that you can’t save your friend or anyone… let alone yourself? You’re clearly in way over your head.”

No, that’s just my anxiety talking… If I start listening to that, I’ve already lost this battle well before I even tried to fight back.”

Think about it… Am I wrong though? You couldn’t save those people that monster slaughtered before the Child of Venus showed up. What’s stopping Hanney from crawling back to her Venus at her first beck and calling? She would be another pawn as easily manipulated as Pris right now. Cytherea is pulling all of the strings. She has all of the aces in her hand. Face it, Ximena… it’s time to fold.”

Diosa’s arms dropped to her sides after she regained her footing after reeling back a few feet from the Wild One’s ferocious blow as she dwelled on the words simmering in her heart.

The Wild One unleashed another mighty right hook, connecting firmly on Diosa’s jaw. The blow rattled the building like an earthquake once more with the sound of thunder behind it, but Diosa held her ground as she planted her foot back to absorb most of the impact. The Wild One connected with another; this time from the left. Diosa stood her ground again. She was holding her ground but the damage was still being inflicted as evidenced by the blood dripping from her mouth and bruises decorating her beautiful face. Annoyed that her foe would not falter, the Wild One lunged at her with a haymaker. Diosa closed her eyes, seemingly accepting her fate to fall at the hands of her friend. A mighty explosion of power is unleashed as the blow connects, but Cytherea is instantly knocked out of her seat as the Wild One is launched across the room like a shot out of a cannon and right into her new “master”.

Oshun merely looked back at Diosa standing with her arm outstretched in a mock “One Inch Punch” stance.

Diosa beamed at Oshun, “I saw it on TV once and thought it would be cool to try out! Besides, I know Pris can take it as well as dish it out no problem.”

Cytherea floated back to her feet and stepped over and on top of the Wild One’ fallen body. She smiled big and wide towards Diosa as she got a sinister idea to entertain herself even further.

“I see now that this ordeal isn’t challenging enough for you. I can easily see that deep down that your best friend’s heart won’t compel herself to kill you, despite my commands. Now if I were to remove that love from her heart… it would make for quite the spectacle, wouldn’t it?”

The Wild One sat up on her knees and groaned in pain as she held her head in pain. Diosa immediately walked forward, looking to aid and console her friend, but Priscilla batted her hand away. Her irises glow a fiery red as she stood up with a feral snarl painted on her face. Her already amazonian form grew larger as it added more mass and muscle before Priscilla and Oya’s hybrid form towers over Diosa.

Cytherea smirked, “Meet my newest creation, Diosa. She’s no longer Oya nor Priscillia Lennox… She is my Heartless Brute!”

This Brute used her large hand to engulf Diosa’s entire skull like a basketball as she raised her body off of the ground with ease. In one swift motion, she chokeslammed her back into the ground and through the floorboards and through the foundation of the building into a sizable crater.

Cytherea shrugged, “Don’t give me that look, Oshun. Confined space, remember? All of the damages to this space are nonexistent to the mortal plane but feel as real as if they were to your apprentice there.”

The Brute continued to repeatedly slam Diosa’s skull into the ground, harder and harder. Diosa tried to forcefully remove her grasp but to no avail. This Brute was too strong and her grip was locked within a firm vise. Diosa knew she couldn’t give up trying. She kicked the Brute in the ribs, but that didn’t even register a flinch from this hulking Brute. Diosa kept trying - focusing what strength she had left into these repeated body blows, hoping to make some headway. Eventually, the Brute grew annoyed and released her grip only to bring down a double axe handle over Diosa’s torso. Her armor began to show stress in the form of several hairline cracks that began to appear after enduring another one of these mighty blows. The Brute motioned for another, but Diosa pushed herself off the ground and propelled herself firmly into the Brute’s torso with a missile dropkick. It was a direct hit with the Brute left visibly shaken by the blow, but she’s not knocked off her feet. It was too soon to be celebrating as the Brute grabbed Diosa by her legs and powerbombed her right at the foot of what was left of Cytherea’s throne, leaving Diosa laying in another sizable crater.

Diosa attempted to sit up but found the Brute’s fist reintroducing itself to Diosa’s face as she was knocked through the floor again.

The Brute raised Diosa's body from the sizable hole in the floor with one hand. Diosa's legs dangled in the air as the Brute presented her like a trophy to Cytherea. Cytherea nodded in approval as the Brute planted the palm of her hand onto Diosa's spine. In an instant, Diosa's body was reduced to a fit of spasms and thrashing as raw, unfiltered electricity was forcefully driving throughout her body from the Brute. Under control by Oya, this orisha is considered a force of nature and able to command the elements to her every whim. Unfortunately, Nemesis' curse, combined with Cytherea's influence, has removed her levels of restraint on these abilities. Oya and Priscilla's berserk state had been only using her godly super-strength up to this point, thanks to their combined efforts to reign in a degree of control over the curse to not go all out against their friends. Cytherea has broken the dam and all of that unhinged power is being experienced by Diosa firsthand.

Diosa's cries of pain echo throughout the makeshift arena with Cytherea smiling and grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

Oshun turned to Cytherea and shouted, "Enough of this! You're killing her!"

Cytherea snapped, "What does it matter to you? Your apprentice wasn't born of our kind. It shouldn't matter to you that they destroy each other as long as Oya returns to you in some capacity. Don't tell me that you've become attached to these mortals?"

Diosa's body is thrown at the feet of Cytherea's throne like yesterday's garbage. Parts of her golden armor have melted over her flesh; others have burnt away. Diosa crawls on all-fours as a combination of steam and smoke perspire from her skin and wardrobe.

Oshun moves towards Diosa but she's stopped by a binding circle, securing her in place.

Cytherea smirked, "Don't forget that we play under MY set of rules in my domain. Besides, Oshun… We don't want you burning the few flames of yourself out do we? You wouldn't be much help to your pet then, would you?"

Diosa coughed up a combination of soot and her own blood on the floor in front of her before she taunted Cytherea.

"Cytherea, you act all high and mighty. Can't you see that I'm still standing? Why don't you come down here and fight me yourself instead of relying on your hired muscle to do all of your dirty work?"

Cytherea rolled her eyes in response.

"Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash, girl. I’m in a different league altogether than your playmate over there.”

Diosa spat out some more blood as she grinned, "Then what are you afraid of then? I'm nothing more than a mere mortal after all…"

Oshun pleads, "Ximena, you have no idea what you are asking. Please think this through!"

Diosa stood up on shaky legs with her back to The Brute and faced Cytherea, "Oshun, aren't you and everyone else always saying that I should have more confidence in myself? Well, call me nuts, but I think I can wipe that smug look off of her pompous, pampered, entitled ass… I'm giving you an open invitation to put your money where your mouth is, Your Majesty."

The Heartless Brute wasn't having any of this provado from Diosa and closed in with another element-infused punch.

Cytherea simply stated, "Stop."

The Brute froze in motion with her fist mere centimeters away from making contact with Diosa as Cytherea tapped her fingers over her chin in thought briefly.

"I will take you on but know my terms for this challenge… If you win, then I shall free your friend and everyone here… No strings attached. Now when I win, you shall join her as my pawn."

Diosa swallowed hard as the grim reality of this situation was settling in.

“I think you’ve had enough of the appetizers. I think it’s time for the main course. Let’s see if you can kill my boredom and keep me entertained… That is if you live that long.”

Diosa scoffed at her boast, “The mighty Aphrodite getting her hands dirty? I should be honored, but don’tcha think you’re going to be out of practice after all of these years with your servants tending to your every need?”

“Joke all you want, girl, but even the mighty Athena grew to respect my power.”

Diosa took a moment to catch her breath, “Wait, I don’t want to fight you if I don’t have to. The only thing I want is for you to release the spell you have on my best friend and all of these people here. Please, I beg of you! Just let them go and let’s avoid any unnecessary violence. I could always recommend some good video games and anime if you’re looking to cure your boredom…”

Cytherea looks appalled, “I don’t want anything to do with your trash TV and archaic games… I value the finer things in life - not that you have experienced any in your feeble mortal lifetime. My dear Diosa, you were the one who poked the bear and now you have to live with the consequences.”

Cytherea stood up from her throne and casually stepped forward to face Diosa. She raised a single finger and held her other arm behind her back.

Cytherea spoke confidently, "Fortunate for you, I'm in a giving mood today. This is all that I shall require to beat you in your current state. Feel free to make the first move. That way you can't say I didn't give you a fair chance when this is all over."

Diosa didn't need another invitation. She channeled the reserves of strength she had into a concentrated blast of energy towards Cytherea.

She thought, "I'm running on fumes at this point, but I have to pull out the big guns. At this range, that has to do some major damage after seeing what it did to that monster the Child of Venus and I fought."

There was a direct impact with the blast hitting Cytherea right on target. Cytherea stepped forward, completely unfettered by the blow.

She laughed, "Is that all?"

Diosa rushed forward with a punch to the jaw. Cytherea blocks it with one finger before it could make contact. Diosa doubles her efforts, looking to make use of her godlike speed and agility, but it is useless. Cytherea met her move for move, blocking each punch and kick in succession with a mere finger. Diosa backed off, her mind racing a mile a minute as she pondered some sort of strategy.

Cytherea confidently approached as Diosa's muscles tensed up as she prepared to defend herself.

"My turn."

Cytherea pokes the space between them with a single finger and shoots a powerful, concentrated shockwave towards Diosa like a bullet. The force is so strong that the invisible force instantly destroys the portions of her armor that was barely covering her shoulder. Diosa immediately fell to one knee, clutching her shoulder in pain.

Cytherea asked, "Where did all of that confidence go? Do you now see how hopeless this situation is? You lost this battle the moment you chose to pick a fight with a true goddess. Try as you might, Diosa… but you will always be nothing more than a cheap imitation of the real deal.

Such a pity and here I thought you were going to keep me entertained…"

Diosa stood back up with her left arm hanging useless. Her right fist clenched as she stood ever defiant. She propelled herself forward with enough force and speed to break the sound barrier and struck Cytherea square in the jaw. The blow was enough to draw blood from the corner of her mouth.

Cytherea's playful smile was gone.

"Cute, but clearly not good enough."

In a blink of an eye, she fired a hundred more of her "finger pistols" into Diosa's body, instantly shattering the majority of the remainder of her armor. Diosa's vision blurred from the pain racking through her entire body from head to toe. She stumbled forward, but Cytherea caught her with one finger placed on her chin to hold her up.

Cytherea spoke once more, "Game over."

She lifted Diosa up slightly with her finger still placed underneath her chin, only to pluck her in the forehead with the sheer force of the blow taking out the entire wall behind her. Diosa's eyes rolled back into the back of her skull as she fell to her knees and out of consciousness. Sparks of light escaped from her body as her body shrank down to Ximena's average build and lack of curves - the complete opposite of Diosa's own. Her heaving bosom shrank down with each bated breath from Diosa's large cup size to Ximena's own. Her long, wavy black hair rescinded back into her scalp into Ximena's short haircut.

Cytherea brought Ximena up to eye level with a single hand wrapped around her throat with a sinister smile curling onto her lips.

"You and your friend will be serving me for a very long time…"

Cytherea's eyes glowed as she attacked Ximena's mind to enslave her just like all of her other pawns scattered throughout this night club.

"Grrahhhh!!!" shouted Cytherea as she winced in pain between beated breaths. "Why won't it work!!!???"

The sound of high-heeled boots click clacking on the floors could be heard as another player entered the arena, shaking her head. A latina stepped out of the shadows, wearing a purple and black leather unitard that hugged and complimented her exaggerated curves nicely - exaggerated on anyone else's body but here, it was a natural fit to her physique - and black domino mask to conceal her identity. If Ximena was still conscious to make note, she would have deduced that it was the same woman who was in one of the VIP rooms earlier.

Cytherea looked at her guest and remarked, "Don't you think the costume is a little much… even for you?"

Her guest merely shrugged and spoke aloud, "Not when I'm working. By the way, you know that's not going to work right?"

Cytherea glared at her as she darted her eyes back to Ximena quizzically.

"Don't play with me. What do you mean that it won't work?"

"She's a VIRGIN, Cytherea…"

Cytherea immediately drops Ximena as she's completely disgusted with her.

"How could this child know that my powers won't work on anyone who hasn't experienced any carnal pleasures?" she spat back.

Oshun spoke up, "By the rules of your own game, you lose, Cytherea. You know what that means - all of these people go free, including the hold that you have on Oya and Priscilla."

Cytherea rubbed her temple and waved a hand, "FINE. Your precious student wins this round. She won her own freedom and the freedom of everyone here… But don't get it misconstrued. I didn't free Oya and Priscilla from their curse… I said it earlier that I don't mix magics out of principle, despite that rank amateur job that Nemesis did to her…"

The guest interrupted, "The girl may have won her freedom from YOU, Cytherea, but I have a contract to fulfill. I'll be taking her with me."

Oshun gasps, "And who the hell are you supposed to be?"

The Latina smiled, "I'm an asset… or rather The Asset - in more ways than one for whoever is able to afford my unique services, but you may call me Majestuosa, Oshun."

Cytherea continued rubbing her temple out of frustration, "She's a telepath… one of the ones that dear ol' dad is so afraid of rising in numbers someday. Majestuosa thinks she's hot shit since she's one of the few people who can actually challenge and resist me."

Majestuosa smiled, "Don't be a sore loser, Cytherea. Give the other one her heart back too, but keep Oshun in that binding circle. I’m sure my employer would want to speak with her as well.”

Cytherea scoffed, “Do whatever you want. I was bored with this place anyway.” Her attire blurred and restructured itself as a short red dress and matching stiletto heels. “Whenever you decide to stop taking jobs for Miss Money Bucks, hit me up. I could line up a few jobs that would cure both of our boredom, if you catch my drift.”

Majestuosa shrugged her shoulders, “Sure, I’ll keep you in mind. For now, I’m enjoying the ample pay for my services. I’ll definitely get a bonus for these three - thanks to you. I’ll send you your usual cut for bringing this situation to my attention.”

She took three silver cards from being tucked between her cleavage and threw them to the ground alongside the fallen bodies of Oshun, Pris/Oya, and Ximena Vega. Within seconds, their bodies were sucked within the cards.

Cytherea perked an eyebrow. “That’s rather convenient. Where did you come across that type of technology? Was it a gift from your client?”

Majestuosa shook her head, “No, just something I convinced some of the Sentry Corps boys making a routine shipment to give me out of the kindness in his heart.”

Cytherea rolls her eyes, “And you call me devilish in the manner that I use my powers. At least my toys actually love me…”

Majestuosa smirks, “That’s where we differ. He wanted me - in more ways than one. I merely gave him the push in the right direction. I didn’t need to completely strip him of his free will to give me what I wanted. Besides, I can’t fault the Sentry Corps for having so many fascinating toys.”

She picked up the three cards from the floor and tucked them in-between her cleavage.

“The only difference is their criminal apprehension technology will be put to use making my assignments easier.”

Cytherea merely shrugged, “Touche.” She waved a hand into the air and seamlessly restored the venue back to normal as if nothing had transpired here tonight.

Majestuosa wasn’t impressed in the least as she pulled out her phone to reach out to her employer.

“I have your precious targets. I want my payment in full - WITH interest since I had some unexpected nuisances to navigate through to get it - not to mention that I did you this favor on my day off. I’m expecting extra for the hassle.”

“Don’t worry, Majestuosa. You’ll be paid handsomely for taking care of this matter for me. How does triple what we agreed on to fit the bill for this assignment?”

Majestuosa smirks, “I knew there was a reason I liked working for you. I’ll see you in a few hours with your bounty.”

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