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Jade and Katsuko – Chapter 4

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 13 May 2023 00:11] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 13 May 2023 12:21]

Jade and Katsuko

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Jade and Olivia first appear in the story Tanning for Superhumans

Katsuko is an original character created by a friend

Having destroyed Earth, Jade laments her existence until she meets Katsuko, an incredibly overpowered girl. Her emotions start to get the better of her as more powers develop and she attempts to deal with her lack of control with the aid of her new friend. Meanwhile, a jealously fuming Olivia is forgotten and left behind.

Chapter 4: Mirth, Freedom and Rage

Part 1: Mirth

“Here are the rules. No leaving this universe. Collect as many planets as you can and bring them back here. Winner gets eaten out by the loser.” Katsuko was eager to start her new game. Especially keen given it would be another chance to see what Jade could do with her new powers.

“Why is that always the prize? Not that I’m complaining.”

“What else could you possibly want?”

“Fair enough. But if I win you have to do that super speed tongue thing.”

“Of course. You have to do that suction thing when I win.”


“Set, go!” Katsuko yelled and sped off into the far reaches of the universe.

Jade was fairly certain she was going to lose this one. The hyperactive stunner was a lot faster than her and could be so delicate with her movements. She would probably be carrying thousands of planets around with her even as Jade deliberated her first move. Under the assumption that Kat would simply grow herself big enough to easily carry the planets with her, Jade came up with a plan – one that she believed Kat had no chance of replicating, though slightly more chance of defeating.

So Jade let her mental influence spread out from her, coating the entire universe with her power. She couldn’t feel the presence of any of the planets she sought but knew that her field of influence would currently be exerting crushing pressure on everything in this universe. Provided she didn’t lose focus, she should be able to do this.

There was one object that Jade could sense with her power – Katsuko herself, already at a far beyond planetary size. Just feeling the enormous extent of the other girl’s immense body was a turn-on, but Jade needed to focus for now – she could save the pleasure for later. Using the other girl’s movements as a guide, Jade began to exert her other new power on the surrounding space. Everywhere Katsuko went the universe shrunk. Hopefully, Katsuko wouldn’t notice; Jade was shrinking her as well.

Jade smirked deviously and gave a small chuckle as she mentally continued to follow the path of the rapidly diminishing girl through space. Katsuko’s speed was so great that she covered her half of the universe in seconds, then proceeded to invade Jade’s half. Another few seconds passed, in which Jade took care to stay behind the flight path of her unaware, shrunken friend. When Jade felt Katsuko making a beeline straight back to her, she initiated the final stage of her plan. Baring her dripping pussy to the universe, she spread her legs and telekinetically willed her minuscule friend to accelerate directly into her womanhood. She didn’t even notice the microscopic powerhouse enter her but was aware of her presence nonetheless.

“Looks like I managed to collect every planet in the universe,” Jade announced with a broad grin.

“This is definitely cheating!” Katsuko called from deep inside Jade, her current size not impacting the volume of her normal voice in the slightest.

“Not at all. You made all the rules yourself.”

“Then I rule it as cheating.” Katsuko looked around at the vastness of her surroundings. “Just how small did you make everything!”

“Well, apparently I have this bad habit of eating everything, so I decided to reduce my portion size.” Jade chuckled. “I think I could probably take a few million universes at that size without even needing to inhale.”

“I pity the guy who asks if you swallow.”

Without warning, Katsuko began to stroke her tiny digits across a bundle of Jade’s nerves. Jade’s body seized up from the unexpected tingling and the curling of her toes creased space beneath her feet.

“Feck! Do it again!”

“I guess I could,” Katsuko began, gently stroking Jade’s pleasure centre. “If you admit you cheated.”

“Fine, I fecking cheated. And I don’t feel bad about it at all.”

“That’s the spirit!” Katsuko cheered. “You shouldn’t feel bad for using your powers.”

At superluminal speed, Katsuko stimulated every single nerve inside Jade’s beyond galactic womanhood. She had finished before Jade even began to experience the sensation, so flew out and enlarged herself again to experience the full extent of her actions.

Jade saw Kat smirking in front of her before the feeling hit. There was simply no way of describing the pleasure that Jade felt. Universes, realities, boundless energy. Jade’s voracious pussy had devoured all of them without notice previously. This was on a different level. Jade barely managed to keep her mind intact. The orgasmic pleasure flooding her body sent pulse after superpowered pulse of Jade infused moans into existence. Her pussy gushed and eradicated existence around it. The apocalyptic heat of it rushed across Kat, who continued her manic grin as she luxuriated in the consequences of her actions. Jade’s moans turned to frenzies panting, shredding space-time as she inhaled and exhaled a large enough volume of matter to end and restart the universe instantaneously.

“You know what I love most about you thinking you’ve won though, Jade?” Katsuko continued with a grin.

There was no way Jade was going to be able to respond and Kat knew it. Still, she waited for a suitable pause while Jade’s body continued to enter a higher state of pleasure.

“You seem to forget that I could have won before you ever had a chance to act.” Kat stretched outwards and never stopped, her body growing larger and larger by the millisecond.

“If I wanted, I could have taken the entire universe, with you in it, and claimed it all. Immediately.”

Jade paid no attention to Kat, who at this point had grown beyond the perception of her eyes. Her mental senses would have been able to detect a being that made universes look subatomic in scale though.

“Just remember, Jade. Those rules are there to give you a fighting chance.” Katsuko stuck her tongue out, vapourising celestial spheres like fragile bubbles against the indomitable muscle.

Instantly, Kat’s tongue penetrated Jade’s mouth, dominating the helplessly climaxing beauty. Jade writhed in Kat’s grip but failed to move at all, restrained in place by a forceful tongue, a palm on her back, a crushing pressure against her chest and the insurmountable grip of Katsuko’s legs around hers.

With no way to struggle, no way to cry out, Jade’s pleasure escaped her body as thermal assaults on Kat’s. The taller, athletic girl positioned Jade’s pussy against her own and allowed the heat to flow through, accepting the stimulation greedily. Each of Jade’s tits, capable of outputting more energy than an entire universe of nuclear reactors, unleashed just a fraction of it as they collided with each other. Matter sprang into existence before getting instantly annihilated by the impact of Jade’s tits, causing a spectacular, sparkly display that sent Kat into fits of giggles. She forcefully began to press Jade’s breasts together, forming more energetic sparks that she lapped at with her tongue.

Her mouth now freed from the fiendish torment of Kat’s lips, Jade immediately sought to return it to action. She screamed and cried out, unable to form words. The cataclysmic tremors still wracking her nether regions refused to let her vocalise her pleasure, or do anything but worship the bringer of such sensation with orgasmic moans.

“Let me remind you,” Kat blurted out between furious devotion to Jade’s breasts. “Just how much pleasure I like.”

Katsuko was treating Jade like a toy. And Jade loved it. Severely weakened by her inability to control anything about her body, Jade was a silent witness to Kat’s next actions. Expanding her body, Katsuko first took one, then the other of Jade’s enormous breasts fully into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue viciously attacked Jade’s nipple, sending coursing lava through Jade’s body from a new pleasure centre. Still, the mind-numbing feelings originating in Jade’s pussy hadn’t stopped.

Her mind was fading. There was nothing else that mattered anymore. Jade had no idea how much more of this she could take. Katsuko simply continued her work, knowing what would be hitting Jade in the next few seconds.

When Jade felt it, her body simply exploded. She entirely ceased to exist, fully discorporating as she felt the delayed effects of Katsuko triggering every single pleasure receptor in her body simultaneously.

“Okay, fine. I guess it can be kind of fun to destroy you. But only on special occasions.”

Katsuko came down from her own orgasm - one that was just as great in intensity, but significantly lesser in debilitation - and cradled the reformed body of the exhausted girl in her arms. To her surprise, reality was reforming around them.

“Wow, I think you got a new power!” Katsuko marvelled as the universe restored itself. “Just rest for a bit. Not everyone can keep up with the kind of pleasure I can.”

Jade drifted off to sleep. Her mind would not be returning when she awoke.

This time, the statue was far more to Olivia’s standards. She surveyed it from the air, flying in an ever-descending spiral to the ground. Mostly, this was due to Olivia herself taking control of the construction. It had served as a wonderful test of her matter manipulation ability.

She had discovered that she could manipulate her own body to become that of other matter, and then simply move it at her own will. It worked for the alien residents too, but Olivia had no intention of spending any significant time within their bodies. She did manage to derive a few hours of amusement by experiencing life as one of the males, but decided that she much preferred her own form. Inhabiting the construction materials had been an even more bizarre sensation, though Olivia had gotten used to it. Now that the mile-high statue was complete, Olivia could take the time to appreciate her work. She was immensely proud of it.

It wasn’t purely aesthetic, after all. Although she had instructed that it be built in her exact image, the specification of which had changed after her recent avian upgrade, she had designed within it a device that would allow the user to both search through and break into other realities. The contraption truly was marvellous.

It could have been made significantly smaller, but that would have made far less work for Olivia’s servants. She wasn’t inclined to do that.

Her servants had been constrained to two villages. One contained only her workers, who were all too eager to keep their goddess in good spirits. Primarily because the second village held everyone they held dear.

Each day, Olivia would approach the worker village and select a random victim, whom she would claim had been slacking in their work. She would then mentally compel them to visit the other village and bring to her palace the person they loved most in the world.

And then Olivia would give that person a choice. Sitting naked on a high throne, she would ask if they would prefer to live a peaceful life in the second village with their loved one – no strings attached, no further interaction with her – or instead, have sex with Olivia.

Each day, the population of the second village decreased, one person at a time.

Knowing that she could just compel these people to have sex with her but that she never even needed to was one of the greatest turn-ons that Olivia could have imagined. Not once had someone chosen the reward of a life uninterrupted when they could instead come into contact with her divine body. Not even that – they could pleasure her imperial majesty. That was worth any price.

Olivia made them pay as much as they were willing. This current one was especially fun. She was a tall and muscular alien woman, whom Olivia had been relishing the chance to put underneath her since she first invaded her planet.

“You have a choice, servant. You can continue to lick me out, but for every second I’ll remove a year of your memories.”

Feeling the continued lapping of the alien girl’s tongue at her divine nectar, Olivia began to prune away at the girl’s personality. First, she removed knowledge of language from the girl. She wouldn’t be needing that anymore. The athletic girl’s intelligence plummeted as Olivia stripped away all knowledge and ability to reason. Half a minute later, the only things left in the girl’s mind were her complete, unwavering devotion to Olivia and an extensive knowledge of how to pleasure a vastly superior woman.

“I’m going to keep you, like a little pet. It’s a very high honour, so show your appreciation.”

The alien girl was still showing it when Olivia sensed the next wave of power approach.

Her chamber had been reinforced since last time and was now designed to directly funnel the power into Olivia's seat. She shoved her pet out of the way and planted herself atop the metallic dildo fitted to her throne. The device would act as a lightning rod, delivering all that delicious power directly into her body.

When it finally arrived, Olivia knew that this was the one.

The power coursing into her body felt better than anything she had ever imagined. Her beauty soared, escalating by orders of magnitude as her already flawless skin took on a radiant sheen. Her hair developed a new lustre that outshone any surface known to exist, reflecting Olivia’s divine glow. Every muscle in her body tensed as they strengthened beyond the might of the entire population of her planet. The arms of her chair crumbled beneath her grip as Olivia experimentally pushed her fingers into the marble. She pushed her hips up and down on the masturbatory power siphon, careful not to exert so much force with her ass as to break her seat.

Keeping to her steady rhythm, Olivia mentally commanded her pet to approach again. She placed a single, delicate foot under her servant’s chin and lifted the girl into the air. Then, with a rapid jerk of her foot, she sent the mindless peon flying into the atmosphere, snapping her neck from the incredible force.

With the orgasm that ensued, Olivia crushed the siphon inside her and floated into the air. This was it. The power she needed. Unaided flight. Plus a few bonuses.

Her plan was almost complete, but there was time for a little play first.

Retracting her wings, the divine empress flew at supersonic speed to the air above the town of workers. Then, she casually exhaled over the village.

The scent of her heavenly breath sent every one of the aliens living there into a catatonic state of arousal. Olivia examined their minds as her power took effect. It wasn’t even a form of mind control - they were just so intensely aroused by her that they could no longer function in any meaningful way. She smiled sadistically and inhaled.

Immediately, the villagers began to panic. Having been deprived of the presence of their goddess, they took to the streets to catch a glimpse of her majestic body, to hear her resplendent tones, to be in the vicinity of her greatness. Olivia watched from above as her servants prostrated themselves below her in unquestioning worship.

At superspeed, she approached each of them, offering an embrace from behind and pushing a finger from each of her hands onto their ribcage. When she finished, every alien worker had been left with a pair of broken ribs. The cracking sound of thousands of bones breaking simultaneously was almost drowned out by the sonic boom of Olivia’s motion, but she could still hear it. Her legs quivered in elation at the power she could so casually hold over these inferior creatures. Her fingers produced another sonic boom as they rapidly tantalised her indescribably excited pussy.

When the workers went to take a breath to experience the otherworldly scent of Olivia’s perpetual arousal, they winced in abject pain as their lungs failed to fully inflate. Pain that was forever seared into their minds as being a requirement of worshipping their goddess, just as Olivia intended.

With another casual inhalation, Olivia dragged a nearby alien man helplessly towards her. She joined his lips with hers and kissed him, simultaneously erasing his willpower, his mind and his life. His body crumpled under her superior lungs as she stole his breath away from him. His mind was wiped of all thoughts of any moments before this one. And any new thoughts that arose were only to serve this absolute goddess in front of him.

He died worshipping Olivia with all of his being. Olivia relished every moment of it.

Scanning the crowd, Olivia knew her work was done. She had made the man someone to envy. Every single one of those creatures looked at her and wished that they had been in his place.

“Worship me. Each and every moment of your pathetic lives. Maybe I’ll come back. Pray for it.” Olivia took off with one last task to complete.

The other village was significantly smaller. Many of the inhabitants had already been used up by Olivia, so she had slim pickings here. There was one morsel who took her particular fancy though and it would be a great shame to leave without playing with her a little bit. It was all good practice after all.

The short, redhead alien with the huge tits was easy to locate. Every day Olivia passed she made certain to cast a glance in the busty girl’s direction, keeping high hopes in the girl’s empty head that Olivia would come to pay her special attention today. Today was her unlucky day.

Olivia landed directly in front of the girl, grasped her under the arms and flew upwards. On her way, she made sure to inhale a large portion of the planet’s atmosphere, leaving just enough for the inhabitants to remain conscious, but not enough for them to be able to perform any kind of physical activity without a risk of fainting. The alien girl was getting light-headed, so Olivia took a moment to breathe air into her lungs.

Finally, when Olivia had left the gravitational pull of the planet, she held the girl out at arm’s length, then let go. Eyes wide in panic, the girl tried futilely to return to Olivia’s side. Her body was freezing and her arms struggled to move as she became more and more lethargic.

“Like I said last time,” Olivia spat at the helpless girl. “Fuck you, you overpowered, big-tittied bitch.”

A single flick from Olivia’s finger on the girl’s frozen nipple shattered her into thousands of pieces and sent them careening off into the far reaches of space. Satisfied with her work, Olivia returned to the asphyxiated planet and powered up her device.

“I’m going to fucking love this next bit.”

Part 2: Freedom

When the busty redhead regained consciousness, she was being cradled in Katsuko’s arms. Before doing anything else, she mentally examined the universe around her while physically taking in the details of Katsuko’s body.

The girl was just as annoyingly stunning as she remembered.

It took an utterly incalculable force to move Jade’s body around, but she managed it with ease. Suppressing the emotions roiling behind her eyes, she prevented an unwanted outburst of heat vision and calmed the urge to crush the entirety of reality in her telekinetic grip. Jade had developed quite a few new toys to play with by this point, it seemed.

The towering girl with those irritatingly perfect legs was watching her.

“No morning kiss?” Katsuko pulled a face. “Probably for the best. You have terrible morning breath.”

“I fucking don’t,” Jade replied. “Where even are we?”

“The universe came back! I guess you fixed it somehow. Don’t ask me how; they’re your powers.”

They certainly are.

“Time for morning sex!” Katsuko spun the two girls around to take in the nearby sights. “Let’s go to a star first though. I wanna float in the middle of it while you eat me out. You owe me after yesterday.”

What had happened yesterday? Oh, right. Fucking amazing orgasm. Of course, the bitch.

“Sure. That one?” Jade gestured to a distant star, having already mapped the entire layout of this universe and committed it to memory.

Katsuko frowned at Jade, then perked up again.

“Sure! First one there gets to choose what we do today!”

Annoyingly, the black-haired Asian girl got to the star first. It wouldn’t matter for much longer though; she was almost finished assessing the girl’s capabilities. Some time to take in each other’s bodies would be useful in working out how to break her.

Before she had a chance to do anything, Katsuko grabbed Jade’s head and forced it between her legs, diving backwards into the star as she did so with a squeal of joy. The sensation of the star was a bit of a shock. The pleasant warmth was heavenly and she was lost for a moment, relaxing in the soothing heat. She had bigger things to consider first though - time to get this long-legged slut’s thighs off her neck.

Jade’s head wouldn’t move.

What the fuck was this girl made of?

She struggled in the grip of Katsuko’s legs for a moment before resigning herself to the demeaning task of pleasuring the other girl. She furiously attacked the petulant girl’s engorged clit with her teeth, seeking to bring the girl a painful realisation about the way the universe was going to work, but was shocked to hear the moans of pleasure that caused the superheated plasma to ripple around Jade.

“Ooh, you remembered how much I like that! Keep doing it! Harder!”

Jade’s teeth continued to graze against Katsuko’s clitoris while her mouth applied intense vacuum pressure to the rest of Katsuko’s womanhood. The bucking motion of Katsuko’s hips caused Jade’s breasts to move in wild concert until Katsuko grabbed the areola of each with a hand. Then she pinched the nipples between her fingers and Jade’s body was filled with conflicting signals.

Fuck! What is this? This is pain, I know it is. Why is this body making it feel like that, the fucking masochist. Nope, this is it. I’m out.

A white-silver sheen arose from Jade’s lips and streamed into Katsuko’s body, then just as quickly returned.

Okay, fine. I’ll make do with this for now. But I think it’s time for an upgrade.

Dropping the pretence of wanting to pleasure Katsuko, or even of being Jade, Olivia morphed her new body into her own more resplendent form. She didn’t wait for Katsuko to react, using the transition time while she polymorphed to escape from the other girl’s hold. When her body settled, she faced off against her first worthy foe.

“You’re a terrible lover, you know that, right?” Katsuko chided while trying to finger herself to completion. “Leaving a girl to finish on her own is very rude.”

“And the pair of tits that barely passed for a person was better?” Olivia scoffed. “I’m so much more than she ever was.”

“Jade is fun. And she mostly makes sure that we both get off. At least she appreciates that other people have needs too.” Katsuko made a satisfied face as the star burst apart around them. “Okay, all good. You were saying?”

“Jade was a fucking moron. Do you know why she could never control her powers?” Olivia mocked. “Because she was too fucking stupid. She couldn’t process all the information she needed to understand them, so her brain just shut it all out.”

“I know. I’m trying to help her practice using them.”

“Then you’re a fucking idiot too. If you’d kept her around as a little sex pet, I could understand that. She was good for that at least.”

“Jade is good at lots of things. Probably not singing though. I might have to break that to her at some point.”

“What, you mean she isn’t as good as this?”

Recalling her favourite song, Olivia began to belt out the opening lines perfectly. Her voice, infused with Jade’s power and controlled with the aid of Olivia’s superintelligence, tore a perfect series of openings into a dozen other universes. Where Olivia’s voice spread in those universes, the inhabitants fell under the spell of the most beautiful siren song they had ever heard. All of those realities were hers for the taking. She would get to those later though.

Directing her power in another direction, Olivia tore apart strands of space-time and tied them together, using them to latch onto another adjacent universe and shrink it to the size of a diamond. The resultant ring travelled towards Olivia’s finger and proposed itself to her when it learned of her divine radiance. Olivia slipped the ring on and smirked at Katsuko, who was making faux retching noises.

“Are you quite done?” Olivia snapped at Katsuko.

“Sorry, I’m just allergic to megalomania,” Katsuko smirked at Olivia and blew at the universe ring, disintegrating it.

“Very fucking funny.” Olivia glared at her finger. “How are you any different to me?”

“Well, you’re boring, for one.” Katsuko held up her middle finger at Olivia, then reversed it. “Oh, that’s the main thing actually.”

“Did the redhead’s manners rub off on you?” Olivia scowled. “You should treat your betters with respect.”

“We did lots of rubbing off on each other.” Katsuko began to trace her fingers around her nipples. “Oh, and sure. If I ever find anyone better than me. You’ve noticed this body, right? Pretty awesome.”

Deciding to ignore the irritating, mouthy brat, Olivia refocused on accessing Jade’s powers. With a thought, she restored her universe ring to her finger and smirked. That would make things a lot more fun. She could break someone completely and then simply return them. The possibilities became literally endless.

Olivia’s smile grew as she realised how uncomfortable her thoughts were making Jade’s consciousness, trapped deep within her psyche. It seemed about time for her to get a little revenge on the girl who had been showing her up and usurping her rightful place as divine goddess. She blew a kiss to reality, tearing open another rift in the process and sailing into this new universe. Locating a planet and hovering in the upper atmosphere, Olivia lightly inhaled. The atmosphere thinned with each passing second.

“Do you want to see how well I can control this, Jade?” Olivia puffed out her cheeks slightly. “Just watch, and more importantly, listen.”

On her exhalation, Olivia directed the currents of air to fill only the lungs of the planet’s inhabitants. Her mind was present in every being on the planet and she let every single one of them know what she was about to do. Each of them panicked. They begged her, pleaded with her, and prayed to her not to do it. It felt fucking fantastic.

Her fragrant breath instantly overpowered their limited, mortal capacity, causing their chest cavities to burst outwards. The sound of their bodies popping joined with the blood-curdling cries for mercy to produce a gruesome new art form.

“Or do you prefer to do it the other way, Little Miss Dumb Bitch?”

With carefree exertion of her power, Olivia restored the planet to its previous state. The billions of dead experienced every raw nerve knitting itself back together. Olivia returned their vocal cords first. She wanted to hear them beg again. Their screams were exhilarating too.

Landing on the surface of the planet, Olivia mentally charted the exact locations of every person on it. She puckered her lips and prepared for a kiss, then moved to bring her mouth into contact with every single person on the planet. It took a fraction of a second for her to finish her tiny inhalation, and with it, she had removed all air from the bodies of the planet’s residents.

“So glad I practised that one earlier,” Olivia commented as the entire population died. “Hmm, do you think they know I’m their Goddess yet?”

“Oh, I know! I need to show a few of them the benefits of worshipping me.” Olivia clicked her fingers and restored the planet once more. “What was your type again, slut? Was it pathetic guys who couldn’t find anyone better?”

Those were easy enough to locate. Even if Olivia couldn’t simply delve into their minds, she could smell the desperation of the kind of guy who lusted after Jade. She transformed Jade’s body back into her original shape, enormous tits and all, then approached one with malice. She flew with her chest at his eye level, looming over them and licking her lips in anticipation.

“Want to fuck your Goddess?” Olivia asked. “Only I’m a little clumsy and I might break you.”

Olivia could feel the unbridled lust emanating from the scrawny nerd’s mind.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Make sure you tell me to stop before my ridiculous fucking tits end your existence.”

Olivia cackled in glee as the cute nerd’s body broke under the weight of Jade’s tits while he encouraged her to continue. She forced Jade to watch her body destroy one cute guy after another, none of whom would deny Olivia. By the end of it, Jade’s mind was sobbing and Olivia was feeling more satisfied than she ever had from mere orgasms.

“Get over it, you fucking pussy. As if your dumb ass didn’t break half of my boyfriends with your fucking carelessness.” Olivia paused. “I fucking hated it when you broke them before I could.”

“Now, I’m going to show you something really pathetic, you spotlight-stealing bitch.” Olivia located the hunkiest guy on the planet and got to her knees in front of him.

“I’m going to do something you never could,” Olivia began as she stroked the shaft of the impressively hung guy. “I’m going to actually pleasure a guy with your body.”

She swiftly took the guy to the edge, then kept going. She wrapped Jade’s humongous tits around his shaft and quickly lost his cock within her cleavage. Minute jiggles of her body resulted in mind-numbing vibrations of pleasure across the guy’s manhood. Extracting the huge package, her fingers moved at superspeed along his cock as her lips caressed the head, lapping and sucking with enough force to draw all of the seed from his overworked balls. Her other hand cradled each in alternating motions, assisting them in providing a welcome reward for Olivia’s hard work.

Just as quickly as she had started, Olivia had entirely drained the guy. He collapsed in the midst of the greatest orgasm of his existence. Holding his delicious contribution to his goddess in her mouth, Olivia allowed Jade to taste it, then swallowed with a greedy gulp.

“I know how much you love swallowing, whore.” Olivia cradled the back of the hunk’s head and forced it against her pussy. “Oops, looks like I missed a spot.”

The guy shrunk instantly and Olivia gently pushed him into her pussy with a slurp.

“I’ll keep him there until he asks to come out. Or dies.”

Jade’s mind was starting to unravel, so Olivia decided to reveal her final torment.

“This is a little taste of things to come.”

Olivia opened her mouth as the planet shrunk in front of her. She gave it a lick with her enormous tongue and telekinetically lowered it to her nether lips. The iron core of the planet extruded from the pole as she delicately wrapped it around her clit, securing the tiny sphere in place beneath her labia. The atmosphere of the planet became Olivia’s musk, burning away at the eyes and lungs of the people still living there. And every time someone succumbed to the pain of the heat of Olivia’s throbbing pussy, she simply returned them to life to experience it all over again.

“Now they know their place.”

All that was left for her to do was to erase the last traces of Jade’s mind.

“Stop. Right now.” Katsuko’s voice had become a lot sterner, surprising Olivia into pausing. “Thank you very much.”

“The fucking song?”

“Well, it seemed appropriate.” Katsuko advanced towards Olivia. “I’m not letting you erase her.”

“You can do a lot, but I doubt you can stop me from doing that.”

“Oh no, this body is built to rule. I’m basically a living doomsday weapon, but for entire realities. I could end your existence in so many ways, I don’t think numbers exist that high.”

“I don’t believe you,” Olivia goaded. “I think I’ll start by removing her memories of you.”

As Katsuko prepared to intervene, Olivia struck. The moment when their bodies came into contact with each other, she slipped inside Katsuko’s distracted mind.

The abyss of power that Olivia witnessed within Katsuko almost drove her insane instantly. The only thing that kept her mind intact was the combination of her insatiable greed for such power and the superiority of her mind to even comprehend it. It was everything she had ever desired, laid out in front of her.

Katsuko’s body defined perfection. Whatever it was, Olivia knew that the universe would always view it as the baseline for excess and excellence. The long, toned legs that had previously rivalled Olivia’s own. The pert and firm breasts, now unable to yield to any force in the universe. The perkiest ass checks in existence. All of it belonged to Olivia now.

No longer feeling restricted by the limitations of such silly notions as ‘size’ and ‘power’ Olivia instantly took on a scale that made not only one universe but all of them, the infinite possibilities of reality, look insignificant in comparison to her. She could sense and control all aspects of creation. She could manipulate people, places, and space itself. She could have all of existence worship her eternally with a single thought.

That would be far less fun though. Olivia had a far more personal touch in mind.

Instead, Olivia simply made all of creation aware of her existence. Every creature, every facet of reality, every fundamental particle that made up the material world. All were aware of Olivia. All awaited her arrival.

She would need a fitting outfit for that. Drawing the infinite multiverse into threads, Olivia used it to create a stunning dress for herself, gloriously fashionable, but salaciously revealing. The worlds contained within would continue as they were, heedless of whether Olivia wore it to visit them. But they would all be aware of their purpose. That their reality was only fit to clothe and provide amusement for their goddess. The reality-spun silk was smooth against Olivia’s skin and the overpowering scent of her body soon permeated every essence of the universe.

Dressed in her divine regality, Olivia addressed reality. She directed their minds to comprehend a fraction of the power that lay in her grasp. She allowed them to witness their own place in the universe and just how incomparable she was to them.

“You, are all nothing. Let me show you why.”

All of reality honed in on an arbitrary planet in an arbitrary universe. The only thing that made it special was that Goddess Olivia waited impatiently for her worshippers to take in her majesty. She loomed ominously in front of the planet, at a scale large enough for her pupil to dwarf the celestial body. Reducing her size when she knew that the minds of the multiverse were latched onto her every motion, she casually skipped through the air, producing sonic booms with each impact of her toes. The blasts of air tore apart the planet’s surface while she dove lower and lower. Finally reaching the ground, she posed with one hand on her hip and her head cocked to the side, resting on the palm of the other.

“Oh, was my arrival not loud enough? Were you not ready for me?” Olivia giggled and impetuously tapped her toes against the ground.

The planet cracked apart further. Olivia had precisely timed her tremors to meet the ones she had previously set into motion. The devastating earthquakes culminated in the most populated regions of the planet, maximising the damage.

“How very rude! Your Goddess arrives and not a single person is here to greet her.”

Moving away from tapping, Olivia’s toes curled into the ground. It furrowed up beneath her feet as she continued to do it, using the planet’s crust to tickle her toes. The surface of the planet was swiftly swept up beneath her feet, like a tablecloth whipped out from under a table of fragile glasses. The fragile glasses left behind in this case fell screaming into the exposed mantle of the planet.

“Oh dear, I think I broke your welcome mat! Now I’ll have to find something equally worthless to wipe my feet on.” Olivia pushed her toes further into the planet and left it behind in an apocalyptic explosion.

She exited that universe, giving it a smirk and a wink on her way out. Everything within it crumpled under the force of the motion of her eyelid.

“Time for a more personal touch.”

This time, Olivia didn’t immediately break the planet she landed on. Instead, she lightly skipped across the entire surface, giving each person a warm hug. When she finished, she waited in the sky. It took a second for the people to realise that they had received the blessing of touching the body of the Goddess and another to realise that she was no longer with them. Their bodies were bruised from her lightest touch, but it was all that remained of their experience with her. They all keeled over, their minds entirely shut down by the knowledge that they had briefly known eternal bliss, then lost it.

The entire planet had been lobotomised.

Olivia giggled and flew to another planet.

This one was uninhabited but enormous. It was the largest rocky planet that Olivia could locate and she planned to use that for her amusement. She carefully positioned a finger on the surface and knocked it from its orbit with a chuckle. Then, taking care not to break it under her grip, she pinched the surface with her finger and thumb. Now that she had the planet firmly in her control, she shot across the galaxy with it, to the smallest populated planet in that universe. A planet that was thousands of times smaller than the one she currently held in her fingers.

She grinned a sadistic smile as she brought the massive planet closer and closer to the surface.

“I am also a kind and giving Goddess. I’ve decided to bring you all a much larger home, given how puny and pathetic your own planet is.”

The alien civilisation could do nothing but watch in horror as their planet was torn apart by the gravitational pull of the much more massive planet headed directly toward them. When it came close enough to the surface, the direction of up and down flipped for the terrified lifeforms. Their bodies were no longer under their control as they were pulled from the ground and thrown into what used to be their sky, only to land in a broken heap on the land of a new world.

A new world with conditions that their feeble bodies had no chance of surviving. Olivia used the larger planet like a vacuum cleaner, picking up all the loose material from the lesser planet and transferring it to her recently collected one. Soon, the landscape was smeared with the pulverised bodies of the flattened aliens.

“How disrespectful! I can’t believe you’ve all made such a mess on your new planet.” Olivia snapped her fingers and the titanic planet powdered away to nothing. “Fortunately, as your Goddess, it is very, very easy for me to eliminate things that displease me.”

“There is one more thing your Goddess needs to perfect her look though.” Olivia increased her size again until her fingernails were at the scale of universes.

She dipped each of her nails into a separate universe, swirling them around to get the colour and consistency just right. When she was pleased with the dazzling effect she had created, she found a new, as-yet-untouched planet to relax on.

Perching on the top of the tallest skyscraper on the planet, Olivia giggled as she admired her nails. She could feel the inhabitants of each of them, many of them praying for their release and just as many, often the same ones, praising her limitless power.

One last thing was left. Olivia delved into Katsuko’s mind, eager to find the source of that pow-

“Aaaand that’s strike three. You’re out.”

Olivia reeled backwards, clutching onto ribbons of torn reality. Katsuko stood imposingly before her, while Jade was nowhere to be seen.

“First, you threaten to erase my friend’s mind. Then, you dare to do something as boring as ruling the multiverse, while covering up my perfect body with that multiverse.” Katsuko rolled her eyes. “And you don’t get to know my past, Indestructibrat.”

“You can’t stop me. I’m a Goddess.”

“Yeah, I know, it’ll be great fun pushing you around next time too!” Katsuko threw her arms around Olivia’s indestructible body. “Here, let me give you a goodbye hug.”

Terror struck Olivia as for the second time in many years she experienced pain again. Unlike Jade’s body, her own made no attempt to convert the feeling into any kind of pleasure. Katsuko’s arms wrapped around her ribcage, viscerally reminding Olivia of the alien ribs she had broken earlier that day. Her own bones creaked under the pressure that Katsuko was able to exert on her, bringing her invulnerable body to the brink of its capabilities. She attempted to morph out of the way, but Katsuko was gripping her on an atomic level. Not a single atom of Olivia’s body could reposition itself against the will of the overpowered girl. Olivia was utterly powerless.

“Just imagine if I squeezed a little harder,” Katsuko whispered into Olivia’s ear. “It would be so easy for me to just break you apart. Didn’t I already warn you?”

“Guess you’re just not a very good listener!” Katsuko released Olivia from her hold but maintained contact with a pinched finger and thumb. “Time for you to go now!”

With a flick of her wrist, Katsuko sent Olivia flying through a multitude of universes.

“See you later, Alpha-Bitch!”

Part 3: Rage

“My head fecking hurts.”

“Too much thinking. Literally, Olivia was putting it into overdrive.”

“How the feck am I too dumb to use my powers?”

“I kinda didn’t want to say it, but I thought it was kinda obvious really.”

“Really? Shite, I’m a fecking eejit.”

“You know that’s why you can get drunk too, right? It’s your brain assuming it’s getting more time off.”

“No, I fecking didn't know that.”

Jade and Katsuko were lying on a beach on a non-descript planet. It was somewhat boring from Kat’s perspective, but Jade probably needed a bit of time off.

“Thanks for the save. I didn’t think she would actually try to do something like that.”

“Didn’t you say she was exactly like that?”

“Well, yeah, but you look past the flaws of your friends.” Jade pointedly looked at Katsuko. “Especially when they’re the only friend you have.”

“Hey, I’m flawless!” Katsuko retorted. “Also, you need more friends, Spicy Tits.”

“Where am I gonna find them, Oh Wise and Leggy One?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I have some ideas…”

Jade groaned and finished her drink. She gave a fleeting smile to her best friend before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“I would say you did quite well, but I honestly cannot throw too much praise at one who would take on the Doomsday Girl herself.”

Olivia lay in a crumpled heap on a marble floor, having finally impacted something that she couldn’t pass through. In this case, the something was a tall, immaculately dressed woman. She wore a flowing dress and her long black hair lay starkly against her pale skin. Her chest was put on refined display by her outfit and a crimson tiara adorned her head.

“Let us see if we can get you into a better mindset for taking on foes such as those.”

Olivia looked around the palace at the servants, before stretching out a hand and devouring this new woman’s existence.

Standing proudly in her new body, Olivia erased the memories of every servant in the room and sent them on their way. She had a lot of new information to process and a new empire to run.

Scarlet sat on her throne and planned an invasion.

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