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Power and Obsession – Part 2

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 27 May 2023 13:46] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 28 May 2023 08:32]

Power and Obsession

Girlfriends Sarah and Hayley put themselves in danger in order to get a picture with their latest obsession: the world’s only superhero, J-Girl.

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Part 2

Chapter 4: Browsing for Trouble

The mall was busy. Tens of thousands of people bustled around the shops, some even with an idea of what they intended to buy. It was Sarah’s favourite place on Earth and she was there with her favourite person, so why did she feel so on edge?

Normally, Sarah would be taking pics for her Clix profile, modelling her cute new custom outfits and showing off delicious-looking snacks while posing for the camera. Today she just felt off. And very sore. She had spent over an hour in the bath last night, long after the water was no longer warm. Bathing her aching breasts and lower regions had been painful, and she found herself wishing for Hayley to be there to tend to her more than once.

Sarah had been so happy to see Hayley that morning that perhaps she had been a bit too enthusiastic with her movements. The jostling of her bust had aggravated her sensitive skin and Hayley’s attempt to wrap her girlfriend in her arms had been cut off quickly by Sarah’s winces of pain.

I totally ruined it and now Hales is acting weird around me. She wasn’t trying to hurt me, Hayley would never do that. She just got a bit too into it last night.

The mood had gotten even weirder when they met up with Jaime, who somehow seemed jumpier than usual. She was also, for the first time that Sarah had seen, wearing shoes with an actual heel. They were some kind of ridiculously unfashionable wedge sandals, but possibly an improvement over the worn converses that Jaime normally sported. A baseball cap with some anime logo on her blonde head and a maxi dress completed her jarring outfit.

Did she go shopping for a new outfit before we got here? That isn’t her usual style at all.

For her part, Sarah was also wearing a flowing, summery dress, hoping that it would allow as little fabric to restrict her body as possible. In another first, Sarah had resorted to stuffing her bra. It was purely to provide some extra padding for her bruised and tender nipples but did have the unfortunate side effect of pushing her enormous breasts to create an even deeper line of cleavage than usual.

The fact that Hayley hadn’t even commented on it was the most obvious sign that something was up.

To complete her summer look, Sarah wore gladiator sandals and opted to carry a tote bag with her. She didn’t feel like storing her stuff in her bra today for fear of its destruction due to the additional strain from her padded breasts.

That just left Hayley to buck the dress trend; who instead wore her usual short skirt and tight black t-shirt combo. She had barely said a word to Sarah so far and wasn’t even wearing her platform boots today, meaning she was barely a few inches taller than Jaime currently.

Okay, time for me to make this not the most totally awkward day out ever. Why are neither of them saying anything?

“Hey, you know there’s a new coffee and donut place that opened up like a week ago right? They’ve been totally blowing up all over Clix and it looks sooo good. We should go get some!” Sarah faked overbearing enthusiasm.

“What about shopping? I thought that was what we were doing?” Jaime asked.

“Of course we are. First, we need to go find a snack though. I’m a growing girl after all.” Sarah replied, eliciting a slight smirk from Hayley.

Good, at least she’s finding me a little bit funny. No snarky response though, what’s up with her?

“Right then, you two go and get us something. The place is called “Cheers”. I’ll have an iced caramel mocha and an original glaze. I need to go do something first, but I’ll totally join you in a minute, ‘kaaay?” Sarah spun on her heel, nearly losing her balance. Without calling attention to it or waiting for the others to argue, she diverted left and headed to her new destination: a canvas printing shop.

When she returned, Hayley and Jaime seemed to be in conversation on a bench outside the donut shop, sans donuts, glaring at the trio of girls in cheerleader outfits on the other side of the counter.

“What’s wrong? Did you both forget your cards or something? You should totally set up your phones to pay for stuff, way more convenient.” Sarah sat down next to the glum-looking pair.

“We, er, may have been in a fight with the staff,” Jaime confessed.

“What! I leave for 5 minutes and you guys get into a fight?” Sarah blurted out incredulously.

“Not today! They came into the bar last night. They got a bit confrontational,” Jaime admitted.

“Yeah, until Jaime laid out two of them.” Hayley looked at Jaime with a modicum of awe. “Seriously cool, but I don’t think they’d want to serve us.”

“But I totally have to try this place! It’s been trending on all the socials, it’s like the new up-and-coming go-to chic-chick place.” Sarah was also counting on the power of coffee and donuts to return this trip to a bit of normalcy. “Look, you both just hide around the corner or something, I’ll order to go.”

Reluctantly, both got up and moved away, leaving it up to Sarah to face the girls.

The shop smelled delicious, a combination of freshly brewed coffee and sweet cinnamon scents. The place was already packed with customers, so Sarah joined at the back of the queue, realising too late that she should have asked Hayley to take the long, rolled-up package from the printing shop.

The queue moved at a snail’s pace, the girls eager to strike up conversations with each customer. Everyone seemed happy with the service, though whether that was due to the quality of the donuts or the excessive flirting was still up for debate.

Finally, as Sarah reached the counter, one of the girls gasped before all three erupted into conversation.

“No way. It’s the girl who posts from that skeevy dive bar. She totally lied to us about that place. Worst bar I’ve been to, like, ever.”

“I know, right? Hey, did you know you can be banned from Clix for deceiving your followers? I unfollowed and reported her as soon as we left.”

“OMG, so did I! She really needs to have her socials locked down until she can find some better taste, you know? That kind of person just shouldn’t be trusted with an opinion.”

“But, I've been totally stoked to try your stuff…” Sarah was astonished and thrown off by the lack of tack of these girls.

“Listen to her, trying to act, like, all cool in front of us now. The dense little airhead doesn’t understand. We’re really just watching out for your weight because you aren't doing it.”

“Yeah, no, right? We’re not serving you here. Take your short-ass back to that hole in the ground, you little hobbit.”

“Just make sure you don’t knock anything over with your absurd implants when you walk out. There is such a thing as too big, you know?”

Exiting the shop was a bit of a blur. If any of the other customers had tried to stand up for her Sarah didn’t notice, but she did collide with at least three people on the way out. Her first attempt to open the door failed, which drew forth a burst of laughter from at least one of the cheerleaders. When she finally got away, she rounded the corner and almost fell over herself to sit on the nearest bench.

I hate them. I hate that I ever followed them on Clix. I hate that people think they can totally tread all over me. I hate that my girlfriend won’t fucking listen to anything I tell her.

When Hayley and Jaime rushed over to Sarah, she was deep in sobs once again.

The fucking bitches had made Sarah cry.

Hayley knew it had been a bad idea; she had told Jaime as much as soon as Sarah left, but Hayley hadn’t wanted to tell her girlfriend not to do it. Not after the pain she had already caused. Turns out I'm no better than those fucking cheerleaders.

Not knowing what to do, Hayley sat on the bench next to Sarah and hovered her arm over Sarah’s back. The soul-wrenching look that the sobbing redhead gave her as Sarah threw herself into Hayley’s arms made her throat ache from holding back her own pain. Her pure, precious girlfriend was still looking to her for comfort, despite what she had put her through.

“I-I just wanted a donut,” Sarah whispered to Hayley. “I don’t want to go shopping anymore.”

“I’ve got you, babe.” Hayley stroked Sarah’s vibrant red hair back out of her face. “It’s okay, I’m here.”

The canvas print had fallen out of Sarah’s hand, rolling across the tiled floor to rest by Jaime’s sandals. She picked it up, accidentally unfurling it in the process and causing her eyes to go wide at what she saw.

“Nooo, don’t unwrap it! It’s a surprise!” Sarah cried out, but it was too late.

Following Sarah’s gaze, Hayley’s jaw dropped. It was the picture, blown up to the size of a movie poster and printed in stunning detail. Her hair flew out behind her, swept in the turbulence caused by J-Girl’s flight. Somehow, Sarah had edited the image so that the stoic, blonde hero was no longer the focal point of the scene, everything pointed to Hayley.

Jaime was making some confused apologetic noises in the background as Hayley cradled Sarah’s head.

“You really are the best girlfriend, you know that right?” Hayley wiped Sarah’s tears away as she kissed her forehead.

“I can’t be babe, that’s totally you,” Sarah quietly murmured as she moved her head back and forth to rub her cheeks on Hayley’s palms.

“You know what, fuck shopping. We should go check out that abandoned wreck and work out how to get you a photo with J-Girl,” Hayley asserted. “It isn’t even far from here. Plus, we know she’s fireproof after the other day, so I was thinking…”

“The lens flare would be horrendous,” Sarah quickly pointed out.

Regardless, the loving look and tiny smile Sarah gave her made Hayley realise that maybe her heart hadn’t been destroyed, just frozen, waiting for that perfect face to thaw it again.

Neither of the girls noticed that the frequent blush of Jaime’s cheeks was ripening to an almost incandescent hue.

“You set m- you set this up?” Jaime said finally.

“Hales! You were worried about me giving the game away and you totally just did!” Sarah scolded, her playfully stern look returning. “Good thing it’s just Jaime.”

“Hey, if you want to try to get one too I’m sure we can help,” Hayley acquiesced. “Sarah is next in line though; I kinda messed up her first go.”

“You - you realise you could have died? Storms, what in the Hells were you thinking?” Jaime yelled out, getting louder with every word.

“Shush Jaime, it’s fine. We knew J-Girl would be there to save us. No worries.” Hayley shrugged off Jamie’s concerns.

“I - I’m not worried about you. I mean, what if there was a real emergency?” Jaime continued, speaking faster and trying not to trip over her words. “What if J-Girl couldn’t be where she needed to be because you two were messing around, not even in danger?”

“Have you seen how fast she is? She could totally be in two places at once for all we know.”

“J-Girl cannot be in two places at once! Every disaster is a choice for her! Is she needed? Will she be able to save people? Will it make her late for some other important business?” Jaime was fuming, neither of the other girls had seen her this irate before.

“Jaime? It’s okay. Just sit with us, cuddle. We can go back to Hayley’s place after, she has a really cool outfit that will totally suit you.”

“You are despicable, both of you! I’m leaving. Don’t even think about going to Wizzen Chemicals.” Jaime stormed off, leaving the canvas on the floor behind her.

“How does she know the name of the place?”

“She’s totally a fan too. Hey, stroke my cheeks again, please. You stopped.”

“Should we go after her?”

“Normally, I would say yes, but I don’t think either of us would help right now. I’ll talk to her tomorrow babe.”

Neither of the girls noticed the building subtly shaking as Jaime left the mall.

Chapter 5: Chemistry and Psychology

They are irresponsible brats and there’s no need for you to feel bad about not saving them.

Jaime had been trying to convince herself of that for the past three days. When Sarah had tried to talk to her at the bar, Jaime had shut down, not knowing how to respond. The motor-mouthed redhead had taken her silence for an implicit apology and dropped the subject, but Jaime knew she was going to go through with it.

Jamie’s passion was fading though.

Is this really how people view superheroes, as a brag and a set-piece? What’s the point of heroics if people are just going to put themselves in more danger? Are you doing more harm than good, Jaime? It wouldn’t be the first time.

So now Jaime had taken to obsessing over all of her rescues to work out how many might have been staged. Maybe an arsonist hadn’t started that fire and it was merely a fan willing to sacrifice lives to witness her power in action? What if that mugger had been working with their victim, eager for her intervention and maybe even to be thrown around a little?

Which meant that Jaime frequently lost focus at work. Glasses were breaking with alarming regularity and the floor was cracking from careless footsteps. A distracted super was dangerous, so Jaime was better off keeping herself away from others.

But she did miss them. She missed Hayley’s smug smirk, looking down at her and working out whether she was worthy of her presence. Even Sarah’s ridiculous hugs would have been a comfort - the girl was very soft after all.

You don’t get to think fondly of the sociopaths, Jaime. They’re bad people. That’s it.

But they were her friends. The first ones she’d had in a long time. And Jaime was a superhero.

Which was ultimately why she was always going to save them.

“How on Earth did you get explosives?”

“They’re just fireworks, but amped up.” Hayley put the large duffel bag down on the floor. “You know how they say not to light them inside? That’s how we’ll set your scene.”

“I can add a sparkler effect in the edit. This is gonna be sooo cool, Hales! My Clix totally needs a boost after the hate brigade I’ve been getting.”

Sarah’s follower numbers had plummeted over the past few days. She had locked down her comments after Hayley insisted on it, following the third time one made her cry. The usual compliments on her outfits had all mutated into vicious comments on her body and Hayley wasn’t going to let anyone mar Sarah’s beautiful face with tears.

“Fuck the cheerleaders and their fucking sycophants. When this goes out, you’ll have the most clicked photo on the whole site.”

“Aww, thaaanks babe.”

Tonight was the night. Well, technically it would be evening; the shots would look so much better in sunset apparently. But the point was, this was it. Hayley would finally get to make it up to her girlfriend, and then they could both try to reconcile with Jaime.

They had already checked out the building. Most of the structure seemed generally solid, but there were a few places where floorboards had collapsed, seemingly from the passage of an object through the building from ceiling to basement. Sarah had taken the opportunity to hide some battery-operated lighting in discreet locations around an upper gantry, then worked out a hiding spot for Hayley to take the photo on the other side of the building.

Several tedious hours had then been spent with Sarah meticulously teaching Hayley how to photograph her properly. It’ll be worth it if I can make it up to her.

“How are we doing this again? What did you call the clippy thing?” Sarah fiddled with the device attached to her waist.

“It's called a carabiner. You hook it onto the harness, then you won't actually fall, just kind of hang there.” Hayley adjusted Sarah’s straps, indicating a lever on the side of the device. “It's a quick release, so when J-Girl arrives, just flick the lever and it'll come right off. Then she can fly you away.”

“And I get my cool photo!”

“And you get your cool photo.”

“Just don't mess it up.”

“I won't mess it up.”


“Everything will be perfect. We only have half an hour before J-Girl goes past on patrol, we should check everything one last time.”

“Ooh! Can you check my outfit? I want to make sure that my boobs really pop in the photo.”

“You sure you don't mean pop out?”

“Nuh-uh, someone is just totally jealous.”

Sarah gave a twirl, showing off her outfit. She had gone all out for this and ordered a custom costume. Taking inspiration from J-Girl, Sarah was dressed as a wannabe superhero. Her costume was sleek and form-fitting, hugging tightly against her excessive curves. Her breasts were barely contained, with a plunging neckline displaying over a dozen inches of soft cleavage. She wore a skirt under which the harness had been hidden and just about covered her expansive rear.

The entire outfit was largely pink, with white accents to draw attention to her favoured features. As a result, there was no way that anyone looking at Sarah wouldn't be ogling her tits for most of their viewing time. I know that's what I've been doing at least.

“Yes, babe, your outfit looks awesome. It was a great idea.”

To complete the outfit, Sarah wore a stylised tiara with the letters OMG at the front. It was a cheap one from a costume shop, but Sarah had the sudden realisation that it would work for the symbol of Omega-Girl.

“You know, I think you need to check under my skirt again. Just to make sure that the harness is on properly? Oh, and you should totally check with your mouth.”

“Are you seriously asking me to go down on you right now? What happened to not messing this up?”

“Pwease, Haywey…” Sarah pouted as she looked far up into Hayley’s eyes. “It'll be really quick. I’m totally soaked with excitement.”

“Just hang on for a little while. We don't want anything to risk your photo. But I promise, as soon as we're done here I'll treat you like the slutty little princess you are.”

The practically glowing redhead used her arms to push her breasts together and create an even more astounding display of her cleavage. She beamed far up at her towering girlfriend, her head level with the much smaller pair of enormous tits.

“If I'm a princess, that means you totally have to do everything I say, right?”

“Sure, babe. We can do anything you want.”

“My pussy is totally giving you a makeover later.”

“Urgh, you aren’t going to give up with that, are you?”

“Nope! Not until I can pin you down and ride your face.”

Sarah looked so happy as she lovingly gazed up at Hayley. She leaned in close and snuggled her head between Hayley’s boobs, who began to stroke Sarah’s hair; eliciting a series of soft cooing noises of appreciation. I’ll let her win tonight. Anything to make her happy.

At exactly 6 p.m. Sarah was dangling over the side of an observation gantry; her hands wrapped around the unstable handrail and her harness connected to the more stable walkway.

For reasons unknown, J-Girl had a very predictable patrol route and schedule. Hayley had even joked about clever criminals abusing that fact to allow them to get away with their nefarious antics, but Sarah didn’t see how that would work. Obviously, J-Girl would hear them and respond immediately anyway; her hearing was reported to be able to discern a pin dropping half a mile away!

Obviously, Hales is just underestimating her. J-Girl is sooo cool!

Lo and behold, as soon as Sarah cried out for help, the iconic rose-gold costume appeared in outline outside the window of the warehouse. The figure was starkly cast by the sunset, her shapely silhouette catching the imaginations of whoever looked upon it. Her bust projected to either side of her torso and her ass was clearly visible from the front, belying the presence of a prominent bubble butt. She turned slightly in the air, evidently assessing the situation, and her blonde locks fell into a side profile.

Sarah’s grip tightened on the railing. Her heart was racing. This is it! She’s totally going to rescue me again! And this time I’ll get a pic!

Bursting through the window in a shower of glass, J-Girl entered the warehouse, fuming with rage.

“What the Hells do you think you’re doing!” J-Girl’s voice was almost deafening, the volume rattling the walls around her.


“I don’t believe it. Really? You think your stupid games are more important than people who are actually in danger?”

The gantry swayed as J-Girl’s rant boomed throughout the warehouse. Sarah’s ears rang, but she dared not let go of the handrail to cover them.

“Are you even in danger? Are you really about to fall to your death? Do you really expect me to save you? Do you even deserve it?”

She’s mad at me… Hales was right, she worked it out.

“Do you know why I’m going to save you? Because that’s what decent people do!

With J-Girl’s last sentence came a concussive blast that shook the world around Sarah. Her hands slipped from the guardrail, but that was the least devastating effect of J-Girl’s shout. The entire opposing wall of the building was collapsing. As Sarah’s fall was halted by the harness, only one thought came to her mind.


J-Girl’s head snapped around to the falling wall, mouth hanging open in shock and eyes going wide in horror.

“Storms and wildfire! What have I done?”

I know that phrase…

Finally, it clicked.

“Jaime? Is that – are you J-Girl?” Sarah dangled from the strained harness, rocking back and forth from her drop. “You have to save Hales, she was taking my photo over there!”

Frozen in panic, suspended in the air by her own power, Jaime glanced at the swinging redhead then shot away towards the other side of the warehouse.

A portion of the wall had already fallen, destroying the groundwork and revealing the basement level to Wizzen Chemicals. Hanging to the edge of the precipice, grasping onto torn wire mesh with bloodied hands, Hayley fought for her life against the consequences of J-Girl’s verbal rage.

Hayley was utterly furious with herself.

When the concussive blast had knocked down the wall, her explosives had been crushed under the rubble, falling with the floor into the basement. As Hayley had dived out of the way, her clothes had been torn and the camera now lay smashed some distance away. I’ve let Sarah down again!

Fortunately, help was nearby. As J-Girl flew to her side, Hayley’s face lit up.

“J-Girl, help me!” Hayley’s grip slipped as blood dripped from the shredded skin of her palms. “Quick, I can’t hold on!”

J-Girl once more scooped Hayley into her arms and easily lifted the essentially weightless, almost seven-foot goth into the air. They flew past the collapsing wall, J-Girl shielding Hayley’s body with her own. Hayley was so wrapped up in the moment that she momentarily forgot the reason for her initial fury. When she did remember the loss of the camera, she also realised something far more relevant.

“The explosives!” Hayley struggled in futility in J-Girl’s grip while trying to turn herself around.

“Er, that was actually me, not explosives.” J-Girl cautiously placed Hayley on the ground before she ended up injuring her from gripping too hard.

“No, my explosives! They’re still-” Hayley was cut off by a second huge shockwave, followed by a scream.

Another wall of the building began to crumble and a plume of silvery green smoke billowed out from the ruined warehouse.

“Sarah!” Hayley’s rage returned in full as she rounded on J-Girl. “Why the fuck didn’t you get her out?”

“She was safe! She was wearing that stupid harness! She told me to save you.”

As J-Girl prepared to fly back to the rescue, she missed seeing Hayley’s hand grabbing for her arm. Her body turned and Hayley’s arm twisted with it at super-speed. The rapid upwards motion of her arm crushed Hayley’s fingers in the crook of her elbow with a series of sickening pops.


With a gasp of pain that choked off any attempts at words, Hayley tried to draw her arm back. Her vision blurred and her entire body shook as she failed to withstand the excruciating pain. None of her efforts would be able to resist J-Girl’s casual motion. With the dawning realisation that she was about to lose her hand, Hayley did the only thing she could.

Hayley fell to her knees and screamed at J-Girl.

J-Girl turned and Hayley’s hand was destroyed.

From this angle, the blonde superhero was imposing and terrifying, a goddess of righteous wrath and unflinching destruction. Her suit was stained with brick dust and blood, leaving deep crimson smears on the pale pink fabric. Finally freed, Hayley witlessly raised her hand to grab for her once more, to plead for help, but her broken fingers simply drew a bloody, jagged line across the empty white chest piece of J-Girl’s costume.

Save… Sarah…

Instead of offering help, the hero just turned away, leaving Hayley to collapse to her knees.

Startled by Hayley’s uncharacteristic screech, Jaime turned back around and finally noticed the issue. She rapidly turned away again though after witnessing the mess she had just made of Hayley’s hand.

Oh Hells, oh blazing Hells. You were doing so well and you did it again. You don’t know what you’re doing, idiot. You’re going to get them both killed.

With sickening horror, Jaime realised that Hayley had gone quiet. The dark-haired titan’s hand had been mangled completely, her fingers a single mess of bone and blood. Her dark skin had lost colour, blood now pouring from her body. She had collapsed to her knees, finally leaving her to look up at Jaime.

“Storms, Hayley! We - we need to get you to a hospital. Right now. Maybe they can save your hand? Hells, this is bad.”

Hayley glanced between the superhero and her deformed hand, then burst into demented laughter. “Fucking Jaime?

You are a failure of a superhero. If people can see through your disguise this easily, what’s even the point?

“Hayley, we need to go, now!” Jaime looked with trepidation at the encroaching smoke.

You know what that stuff does. No telling what it will do to her. It killed everyone but you last time.

An enormous booming crash sounded from deep in the bowels of the collapsing construction.

Oh storms, Sarah!

Jaime had hesitated for too long though. The greenish-silver smoke had reached the pair. Jaime felt unsteady on her feet - even more than she already did from putting Hayley’s body so close to her own. A fine rain had started to fall at some point and the ground was slippery.

“Go back and fucking save her,” Hayley choked out as she inhaled the noxious gas. “Or I swear I’ll find a way to kill you, whatever it takes.”

More hesitation.

Was there even a good outcome there? Sarah was probably already dead…

“Fuck you, you fucking worthless hero,” Hayley coughed as she crawled back towards the warehouse. “I’ll do it.”

Something was happening to Hayley. Colour was fading from her hair; the black turning to pale grey then silvery white.

Just like it happened with them, right before they died.

That made the decision a lot easier. There was no way that Jaime could let Hayley go back into that death trap, or stay anywhere near it.

“I’m so sorry,” Jaime pleaded for forgiveness as she carried Hayley away from the hazardous wreck.

Jaime rushed to get a barely conscious Hayley to a hospital as her hair shifted to a reflective silver that caught the light of the setting Sun. The rain intensified and a storm now raged around Jaime on her journey to deliver Hayley to safety.

Events conspired against her to make the journey take far longer than it should have, both due to Jaime not wishing to harm Hayley at higher speeds and the transformation happening to her crush. Jaime struggled to keep hold of the body morphing in her arms. Hayley’s already ripped clothing practically fell off of flesh that rapidly expanded beneath it. Her breasts had swollen through several sizes, putting her firmly larger than Jaime, though nowhere near Sarah’s size. Her legs elongated and bulged with taut muscle, while her arms and torso followed suit. When Jaime finally laid the comatose girl into a bed, her limbs extended from all sides of it to the floor.

Only then did she return to see what was left of the blasted chemicals warehouse.

No, no, no. This can’t be it…

There was absolutely nothing left.

The only evidence that a structure had ever existed here were the crumpled pieces of sundered steel and broken brickwork spread far from the site.

Focus, Jaime. Listen with that superhearing of yours. What can you hear?

It was with a sigh of relief that Jaime heard the sound of a heartbeat and light breathing from Sarah’s body. She lay prone in an immense crater, entirely flattened rubble everywhere around her.

Like Hayley and even Jaime before then, Sarah’s hair had been bleached to a lighter shade. The vibrant red hair was now an almost luminescent pink - one that matched her utterly ruined costume. Bizarrely, the silly tiara had also been affected, now sporting an even more lurid magenta hue. The girl’s body had bloated, but not lengthened. As a result, the harness around her waist must have ripped off as her hips widened. Most notably though, Sarah’s breasts had become even larger. The pale flesh was on full display, making a mockery of lingerie stores everywhere.

Jaime gulped. If Sarah was somehow still alive, she had no idea how the short girl would be able to deal with having breasts that each rivalled the size of the rest of her torso.

With incredible difficulty, Jaime lifted the astoundingly heavy body out of the crater and carried Sarah back towards Hayley. The weight became easier to handle as Jaime flew back to the hospital.

You’re a bad friend. You could have just let them have a photo, maybe let them know who you really are. Storms know you need more friends. But, as usual, you ruin everything, idiot.

Jaime didn’t visit Hayley and Sarah in the hospital after she left. She made the mistake of not visiting the next day either.

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