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Suki Loves Justin – Part 3

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Suki Loves Justin

Written by Wizalex with 10K

Welcome to the slice-of-life style adventures of Suki – a cutesy, excitable goddess – and Justin – her beloved, hardworking boyfriend.

Part 3 – Work and Play

Flight of Fancy

It was early in the morning and, unusually for Suki, she was wide awake.

Suki had been scheming.

Justin lay asleep next to her, while Kiki rested on her other side, both being gently cuddled by Suki’s hair. Justin wasn’t always here with her, he normally stayed at his own apartment, but having Kiki with her every night for the past few weeks had been a lot of fun for Suki. The three of them always slept naked, to allow for more skin-to-skin contact. Kiki had almost broken on the first night after being so close to her Goddess, so Justin requested that Suki help her out a little.

Kiki especially enjoyed the nighttime cuddles now that Suki had granted her a little power.

At this very moment, Kiki was beginning to drift slowly off the bed as she dreamed of flying across the world with her goddess. Suki giggled at her silly little priestess and pulled her back down with her hair. Kiki’s own hair was now a vibrant purple, matching the colour of the bikini that her goddess had adored so much.

Suki had offered to let Kiki alter her appearance, which for the most part had remained unchanged. She was still tall, tanned and toned, still reasonably well-endowed, and still incredibly cute.

The wings were new though.

Initially, Suki hadn’t understood what Kiki had wanted with them. She’d gifted Kiki unaided flight already, so what were the wings for?

Suki understood immediately as soon as she added them though.

They were utterly gorgeous, soft, feathery things that shifted colours depending on Kiki’s mood but normally stayed at a dark purple to match her hair. Suki had been so enamoured with them that she’d immediately made herself some, wrapping Justin into a whole new facet of softness. They were sometimes a pain to deal with, especially because Suki unfurling her wings was literally a religious experience for most people, so she only wore hers when she wanted to use them for cuddles. Her wings were fine with this. They very much enjoyed their new existence.

Kiki, on the other hand, insisted on keeping her wings at all times. She adored them and had been practising with her new powers almost non-stop whenever she wasn't playing with Suki.

In fact, Suki could feel her High Priestess sleepily brushing her feathers against her thigh at this very moment.

“Kiki,” Suki softly whispered. “Time for breakfast.”

The High Priestess was awake in an instant. While Ciara hadn't significantly changed her appearance, she had clearly enhanced it. Her eyes were deep pools of purple that shone with lust and commanded obedience from the mortals around her. Her posture had been perfected and her height had increased slightly as a result, meaning that she could now look down on most people even if she wasn't flying, which she normally was. Her skin shone with a healthy radiance and her cheekbones gave her an air of expectant royalty.

Ciara had been a popular influencer and model before she met Suki. Now, High Priestess Kiki was the most followed person in the world.

As was usual, Kiki immediately took a morning selfie with herself and Suki, Justin brushed aside as mere decoration for Suki’s bedroom, given no more importance than the Goddess’ stuffies that lined the edges of the bed. Within seconds of posting it the image had almost a million likes, and an approximately equal number of people were incapacitated as they masturbated over the image of their perfect prophet of the new world.

While Suki did her morning cuddling, her High Priestess made breakfast. Ciara had sworn by shakes and smoothies as the best breakfast options. That hadn't changed either, but the contents had. No longer did she prepare a nutritionally diverse range of foods to blend, instead she just added as much chocolate, syrup and ice cream as she could to a blender and waited for the ridiculously thick concoction to be drinkable through a straw. Justin took a coffee, of course, though the final component would be added when Kiki got back to the bedroom.

Justin and Suki had already finished their cuddling when Kiki returned, and Justin was getting dressed. The High Priestess unabashedly watched Justin put on his boxer shorts, still awestruck at the size of his mammoth cock. Suki let her play with it sometimes, but there was no way that such a beast could fit inside Kiki. Only her Goddess was able to pull off such a feat. Seeing her Goddess engulf the monster with her perfect pussy for the first time had given Kiki the best orgasm of her life, and the moment played in her mind constantly whenever she became the slightest bit aroused. Kiki casually teased her lower lips beneath the curls of her dark purple pubic hair, using her wings to hold the drinks aloft while she took in Justin’s display. Kiki knew she was allowed to do this, she could see Suki doing exactly the same thing right now. Justin had even become annoyingly accustomed to having two beautiful women masturbate openly over him every morning.

Handing Suki her milkshake, which she accepted in a strand of her hair, Kiki placed Justin’s coffee underneath Boobae’s nipple. The High Priestess had been inoculated, like Justin, to most of the effects of Suki’s breasts, but their sheer magnificence always left her a little light-headed.

“Do you need my help, Goddess?” Kiki asked.

“I don't knoooow,” Suki beamed. “Do you want to help, Kiki?”

“Yes, please.”

Holding the cup in her wings, Kiki grasped Suki’s breast in her hands and began to massage it, drawing her Goddess’ nectar to the teat and allowing it to slowly drip into the coffee. Suki continued to stroke herself, sipping at her sickening-sweet drink while she drank in Justin’s body and quivered in pleasure at Kiki’s touch.

Justin watched the two lust-filled women with an exasperated smile, walking back to the bed with a confident stroll. He leaned down to Suki’s face and kissed her on the cheek, but suddenly his lips were on hers. She kissed back with a playful smile and expertly slid her hair into his jeans while her hand stroked his cock from the outside.

Within a second, Justin’s jeans were straining against his erection. In the next, he was fiercely ejaculating as he fell back to the bed.

Without a word and with Kiki still sprawled across her chest, Suki tore off Justin’s trousers and boxers, then slammed his cock into her pussy. Her Goddesshood greedily drank up his cum, then messily coated Justin’s cock in her juices as she came all over him.

Then, Suki wound back time with a giggle, restoring Justin’s trousers but leaving them all with the memory of the experience. She cheekily grinned up at Justin before returning the kiss on the cheek he had just given her.

“Have a nice day at work, honey!” Suki smiled as Kiki passed over Justin’s coffee. “Make sure you think about me lots and lots!”

Suki waved as Justin left, then pouted at Kiki.

“Why do you think Justin still wants to work? He doesn’t need a job anymore.”

Kiki frowned in bemusement. “You’ve never had a job, have you?”

“Why would I need one?”

“Goddess, some people actually like their jobs.”

“Do you think Justin likes his job more than me?”

“I don’t think that’s possible. He probably just wants some part of his life that he can pretend to have control over.”

Suki perked up. “He can have control over me if he wants! We could try it right now! Wanna tell me what to do?”

“It’s not really the same.” Kiki audibly swallowed as she considered the potential of having such power. “He’d know that you gave him that power. There’s a difference between doing something yourself to affect the world and someone else letting you do it.”

“That’s silly,” Suki giggled. “Justin isn’t powerful enough to change the world on his own.”

“Not in the way you can, Suki. But people have been changing the world for centuries.”

“People are just slow then.” Suki hummed as she considered what Kiki was telling her. “Time for your breakfast now!”

Eagerly, and without even trying to hide her anticipation, Kiki laid her head on Suki’s lap and put her lips to Suki’s nipple. Suki had been right when she claimed she could have fed her entire universe with her breasts. Instead, she was supplying Kiki with what felt like a limitless degree of nourishment and power.

All it had cost was Kiki never wanting to consume anything else again.

Kiki’s feathers fluttered and tickled Suki’s shins as she lapped up her breakfast. The High Priestess ascended in power with every moan of pleasure as she drew a portion of her Goddess inside of her. It was a pleasantly bizarre feeling, to know that she was so far above the mortals in this world, but even further below the power of her Goddess. It was comforting, in a way. A sense of belonging and an absolute knowledge of her place in the world. It was a thoroughly fulfilling feeling, which gave Kiki some insight into why Suki was puzzled about the mortals in her world. Suki very much knew her place in this world and rarely had to consider any other perspectives.

Suki pushed her High Priestess’ lips away when Boobee tried drinking from Kiki’s soul, letting the winged girl recover for a moment.

“Are you doing more of your videos again this morning?” Suki asked.

“Those are my Divine Duties,” Kiki insisted. “I must ensure that the world worships their Goddess.”

“Let’s go then!”

When Suki and Kiki left the apartment they were both wearing matching swimsuits, each carefully designed to allow their wings to spread. The girls flew at supersonic speed across the country, rapidly passing the coastline and finally arriving at a tiny island out in the middle of the ocean.

The island was entirely empty aside from a small beach and a few trees. Suki had torn it off of a larger island to be their secret retreat and she loved it. On more than one occasion she’d mentioned how it reminded her of home.

Kiki and Suki flew above the island, each flap of their wings sending intense currents of air to batter the trees and stir the seas below. Taking her phone out of her cleavage, Kiki place it in the air and used her powers to fix it in place.

“Hello, my lovely disciples! Are you ready to worship your Goddess?”

Across the world, phones, computers and televisions broadcast the High Priestess’ livestream.

“It’s not quite hot enough here though. Our little paradise is too cold for my Goddess.” Kiki beamed broadly at the camera. “So I’m going to move it for her!”

With a repeated flutter of her wings, Kiki pulled up the air below, quickly forming a furious cyclone around her body. The sea itself was soon drawn in, a raging typhoon centred around the High Priestess from the simple motion of her feathers. Another few seconds and gravity gave up its claim on the island, allowing it to slip from the grasp of the ocean and drift upwards towards Kiki. Suki smiled and clapped as her High Priestess carried the entire landmass further south, towards the equator.

Kiki posed for the camera as she flew, lounging in the air and wrapping her wings around Suki. The two girls giggled as they embraced, their wings playing with each other, Suki’s feathers happy to be free and excitedly tickling Kiki’s. For the most part, Kiki was ignoring the comments on the stream, but she took note of a few specific remarks. Primarily the ones insulting her Goddess or calling out the livestream as a blatant fraud. Those she would deal with later.

“Ooh, there’s a boat!” Suki eagerly pointed. “Let’s give them a hug!”

Leaving her typhoon behind, Kiki soared towards the boat, announcing her arrival with a pair of sonic booms that rattled the deck. Suki teleported in immediately after on the other side of the ship. It was apparently a cruise ship, the top deck full of wide-eyed tourists and holidaymakers, many wearing even less than the divine beings above them.

“Huuug!” Suki cried out as her wings expanded to cover the sky.

Mirroring Suki, Kiki’s wings grew as well. Feathers multiplied and with that, the softness of her wings increased exponentially. Three heartbeats later, the Sun had been eclipsed by the shroud of Suki and Kiki’s enormous wings forming an impenetrable cover blocking out the outside world. The only light cast came from Kiki herself as the radiance of her body dimmed the artificial light of any of the electronic devices on the boat.

Cast into Kiki’s brilliance, half of the occupants of the ship took a knee, bowing to the majesty of this iridescent being. The ones still standing fell to the deck in orgasmic ecstasy as ultra-fine feathers touched their bare skin. Suki and Kiki laid their wings across the boat, blanketing the passengers, then moved their bodies towards the hull. With a gentle breath, Kiki lifted the boat into the air, allowing the water to drip from the bottom before both girls completely surrounded the boat with their feathers.

And then the girls pressed their boobs into the boat.

Simultaneously, Kiki, Suki, and all of the passengers moaned in pleasure. The hull of the boat creaked and groaned as soft, powerful breasts deformed the heavy steel panels. Each person on the boat experienced a sympathetic tightness in their chest as the swell of godly breasts pressed in on their very souls.

Kiki winked at the camera, not leaving out her audience from the display. A twinge of pleasure, the glory of finally being recognised by their High Priestess, coursed through their bodies.

“You know what to do if you want more of that,” Kiki whispered to the camera.

Millions of retweets to Kiki’s stream went out as the cruise ship was lowered back into the ocean alongside the island. The ship moored at the inexplicably present dock and passengers began to depart, raring to set up a shrine to their Goddess.

“Okay, that’s all for today, acolytes! Make sure you tune in again tomorrow!” Kiki drifted over the Suki, pulling her into a winged embrace as the stream ended.

Suki gave Kiki a peck on the cheek and her hair tousled Kiki’s hair as she pulled away.

“I’m going to visit Justin now.” Suki bobbed up and down in the air. “He must be done with work, right?”

“I’m certain he’ll be happy to see you.” Kiki hid the disappointment of her Goddess leaving her so soon.

“I’m going to tell people that I work there too.” Suki giggled at her devious scheme.

“Will that work?” Kiki wondered aloud.

“Yep! It’s a brilliant plan!” Suki squealed with delight as she spun in the air and vanished, leaving Kiki with her island of freshly-converted devotees.

Kiki smiled sadly as Suki left, ruffling the trees with a sigh and turning to her new worshippers.

“Rejoice,” Kiki’s voice rang clear across the island as the winds propagated her words, “for we are about to create Paradise.”

Can you keep a Secret(ary)?

Suki’s boobs were complaining about her new outfit.

She had opted for a classic secretary look: white blouse, black suit, short skirt and black leggings. She’d completed the look with some dark makeup, a set of black-framed glasses and a ponytail.

Her hair was not happy with the ponytail.

In fact, most of Suki’s body seemed to be protesting at her clothing. Her breasts had been surreptitiously expanding her bra, and several buttons had popped open to reveal some excessively tantalising cleavage. Suki’s eyes had immediately burnt out the lenses of the glasses she had tried to cover them with, leaving the red irises on clear display through the empty frames.

On the plus side, no one had made the slightest objection when she strolled into the university labs and insisted that she was the personal assistant to Justin Davis.

The bubbly goddess made her way through the building, occasionally peeking into the rooms to get an idea of what Justin actually did for a living. As far as she could tell, it was something to do with working out how the world worked. Which was silly, really. Justin should have known that it worked however Suki wanted it to work. She just hadn’t changed the default settings recently.

Justin’s office lab was in one of the basement levels, which Suki found both exciting and curious. Was he conducting secret experiments down here? Were there secrets that he had to keep hidden from the other people in the building? Maybe he would need her to act as a bodyguard, keeping all of the rival researchers away while he discovered how her universe worked.

When Suki arrived at Justin’s lab though, having met multiple people who didn’t even try to stop her on the way, she was slightly disappointed. He was just looking at some boring numbers and letters on a computer.

Ooh, this could be fun though…

Suki let her body act out a little, watching as her blouse rapidly lost another two buttons and her skirt lifted under her growing butt. The numbers and letters on Justin’s screen changed, now giving an excellent description of Suki’s current measurements.

The universe rattled on its hinges as reality warped to allow it.

For a moment, it seemed that nothing had changed. That, however, was merely the result of reality, memory and perception racing to catch up with each other. In the next few heartbeats, space-time shifted. The entire universe was cast into a reddish hue, all matter attempting to move apart to accommodate the sudden change in existence. Time slowed, warped into an hourglass and caught in the region where events fell from present to past, the future still lingering elsewhere to work out what was going on. Gravity temporarily left, then returned twice the person it was, happily clutching a friend in tow, borrowed from another timeline and wed in the intervening moments.

Suki smiled in glee as Justin’s body swelled, biceps bulking his casual shirt and thighs tearing at his jeans. She giggled as she looked out the doorway and saw similar effects occurring all the way down the corridor. Her memories of her walk into the lab were replaced, every person she met being remembered with a much more toned physique and a much heavier stride.

This was fun! No wonder Justin liked his job so much.

What else could she do…

The obvious thing was to start pairing up some of the numbers and letters. Lots of them looked lonely on their own, so Suki thought about which ones would like each other and started matching them up. The room suddenly became a lot darker and causality slowed to a near standstill as Suki introduced gravitation to exponentials and celerity to two.

Just two. No units.

The universe shifted again a little.

Suki stared wide-eyed as Justin grew in size. The whole world around her grew. The doorway that she had slipped through now extended hundreds of feet above her, and the chair Justin sat in had a seat much larger than her bed apartment. Her memory of infiltrating the building was now significantly more exciting. Suki recalled happily jumping over the shoes of the giant mortals, flying through enormous doors just as they closed, and getting caught in at least one gravitational well of an enormous pair of boobs.

Letting her wings out, Suki covertly darted into the room proper. They immediately delighted at the freedom and whipped up a little tornado to ruffle the pages left strewn on Justin’s desk. With another quiet giggle, Suki flew beneath Justin’s desk and came eye to eye with Justin’s crotch.

And his utterly monstrous cock.

Suki could see it clearly through the fabric of Justin’s jeans and, at this new size, it was multiple times the length of Suki’s body.

Was that good or bad?

Suki, not knowing what caution was, leapt at Justin’s lap and removed denim from existence.

Her boobs lurked forth from her blouse, tearing away the final few buttons as they burst from a bra that was far too small. They attempted to smother Justin’s cock, but failed to fit around the gargantuan member. Suki’s wings came to the rescue, embracing the uncovered sections with a warm, feathery hug as Suki planted her pussy onto Justin’s shaft and rapidly rubbed herself along his length.

Justin lurched back in his seat, surprised to see his girlfriend clinging onto the section of his cock that poked through the end of his boxer shorts. He sighed and chuckled, wrapping his hand gently around the palm-sized Suki and slowly lifting her up to his face.

“Now what are you doing here?” Justin boomed from above.

“Helping,” Suki happily asserted with a nod.

Justin kissed Suki’s entire body at once and she began to melt, becoming rubbery putty in her boyfriend’s hand.

“Okay, you can stay,” Justin relented, placing Suki back on his lap.

The world outside, meanwhile, had gone a bit weird. With millions of people suddenly half-naked, the status quo of the world shifted a little more than it already had. Going pantless was now a relatively common occurrence, and the fashion faux pas of double denim no longer existed. As fun as this world was though, Suki was a little saddened by the fact that Justin’s cock was so close to her but not inside of her.

So, sitting on Justin’s lap, Suki grew to match her old size, proportionally.

Which put her boobs directly in Justin’s face.

And her eager pussy on top of Justin’s cock.

“Suki!” Justin exclaimed, nervously looking around the room. “We can’t do this here!”

“But I really want to, Justin.” Suki wrapped her wings around her boyfriend and nuzzled at his neck. “I want attention.”

“Okay, well,” Justin glanced at the time, “I suppose I can take my lunch break. Then I can work from home for the rest of the day. My apartment, not yours.”

“Yay!” Suki shouted, teleporting both of them into the sky.

Kiki was busy. She had been gathering materials for her followers to construct a shrine, but it wasn’t going well.

“I am not the Goddess’ girlfriend!” Kiki explained for the fourth time to another confused worshipper. “Stop making our statues kiss!”

“I didn’t do it, High Priestess!” A bikini-clad follower protested. “They did it themselves!”

“Really?” The High Priestess watched the statues as they slowly inched towards each other, ending in a tentative kiss before breaking apart under the watchful eyes of Kiki.

“They’ve all been doing it.”

“Then it must be a sign from our Goddess,” Kiki asserted. “Just, let me know if they start going any further…”

“We shall do, your Divineness.”

“I’ll be back soon.”

Kiki had some non-believers to visit.

It had been easy to track down the people insulting Suki on the livestream. Once Kiki had their address, she simply flew to their hometown and waited, patiently hovering in the sky until crowds began to form below her. The scent of adoration drifted up to her on the air currents. Now, all Kiki had to do was wait for the unpleasant aroma of disbelief to mar her nostrils. It didn’t take long. As a crowd of people exited an office building for the lunch rush, they stared up at the Goddess’ chosen messenger and radiated scorn through the skies, making Kiki’s face clench in furious rage. How dare they refuse to believe in Suki! She’d show them an act of the Goddess!

Kiki swooped low, clutching the gaggle of blasphemers in her feathers, dragging them high into the atmosphere. They screamed as they pounded at Kiki’s body, but the pathetic blows of ten mortals were nothing to the High Priestess. When they reached an altitude of several thousand feet, Kiki granted their wish.

She let them fall.

As the terrified heretics fell, Kiki dived back to the ground and whipped out her wings to whisk up the winds into a raucous riot. The gawking onlookers below were caught in the cyclone, then carefully deposited into the eye of the tumultuous air currents. The building the non-believers came out of, however…

It was ripped from the Earth and dragged straight up into the sky, rubble falling and quickly ground to dust.

As Kiki’s wings buffeted the skies themselves, the falling non-converts watched in disbelief. Kiki was tearing the building apart, brick by brick, obliterating every inch of their workplace. People inside were carefully extracted and dropped into the crowd below, who waited to catch them, while the structure itself was irrevocably destroyed by Kiki’s wrath.

With a final, minty-fresh gust of her breath, Kiki blew the rest of the building apart.

The god-fearing descenders fell directly into the embrace of Kiki’s wings.

They got the message.

The High Priestess shone brightly as she returned to her island, comforted by the pleasant tingle of a job well done.

Working from Home

Lunchtime had been an experience.

Justin’s lunch had consisted of Suki’s milk, consumed while midair, and in the process of making love to her, nestled within the privacy cocoon of her wings. Of all the things Kiki had introduced to Justin and Suki’s lives, the idea of wings had been the most pleasant.

It had led to Suki trying out some stranger body modifications recently though.

“Babe, my bra’s starting to break again! You know what that means!” Suki shuddered with open-mouthed glee as she propositioned her boyfriend. “Look at how horny I am!”

Justin briefly turned around to see that his Goddess girlfriend was currently sprawled on the floor of his bedroom, pretending that she hadn’t just let her breasts surge forward and expand so dramatically in size that they made her massively deficient bra spring loose. She also seemed to have grown horns.

The horns looked quite cute actually.

“It’s work time, Suki. We agreed on this. Work time is 1 pm to 4 pm. I’ve even agreed to take the morning shifts off. All other time is playtime.” Justin went back to typing on his keyboard.

“But I wanna plaaay!” Suki whined.

“I just need to finish these calculations. Then we can play.”

“I want to play nooow…” Suki’s red eyes glowed ominously and bathed her universe in crimson light.

The hours between 1 pm and 4 pm were erased from Suki’s universe.

“Yaaay! Now all time is playtime!” She rushed towards Justin, scooping him up in her mental grip and burying his head between her ever-swelling breasts.

“Ooh, ooh! You should do me first! That thing where you use your mouth!” Suki mimed a suckling motion with her lips.


“Ooh! Did you have another suggestion? You always have the best ideas, babe!”

Releasing Justin from her inescapable cleavage, Suki waited eagerly.

“Suki…” Justin gasped. “We talked about this. I need to do my work.”

“But I removed work time?” Suki looked crestfallen, battering away at Justin’s defences with those wide, playful eyes.

“That’s not how it works, baby. I need to finish these calculations.”

“Ooh, ooh, I’ve got this!”

Once more, Suki’s blazing, scarlet eyes irradiated her universe with their power.

Creaking sounds could be heard from the fabric of reality.

“Done! Yaaay, no more work today!” Suki thrust Justin’s head between her soft thighs, squirming in delight as she forced his mouth against her equally excitable pussy.

But Justin just wasn’t playing back!

“Justin, you're being so mean to me!” Suki sulked while grinding her steaming lower lips against Justin’s warm, plush ones – he was ruining their special kissing time!

He’s being so unfair! Suki dived into Justin’s mind to find out why he wasn’t paying her any attention. I’ve just done all of his work for him!

She found the problem immediately. Her silly little boyfriend’s mind was focused purely on her boobies! He was completely ignoring her cute little pussy, even though she was crying all over his face from loneliness! Even though her perfect, divine pussy was capable of bringing the entire universe to orgasm simultaneously! And Justin just couldn’t stop thinking about her enormous tits!

Restoring some of his senses, Suki held Justin in front of her and glared at him.

“You are being naughty.” Suki waggled her finger. “Why are you so obsessed with my boobs? More than usual, I mean.”

“Can’t… stop…” Justin murmured breathily. “Boobs… are… all…”

With an exasperated sigh, Suki covered her nipples with her hands and forced Justin’s presence of mind back into place.

“Suki…” Justin blinked rapidly, then focused. “What did you do?”

“I wanted to play! So I did all your work for you!”

“You did it for me? Since when did you care about Grand Unified Theories?”

“Is that what it was? It was full of boring numbers. None of them really wanted to play, so I just replaced them all with a boobillion.”

“A… boobillion?”

“Yeah! It’s my new number. You know how my boobies are really powerful, just like me? Well, I made a number to describe them! It’s, like, so much bigger than infinity!”

“You replaced all my numbers with your boobs?”

“No, duh. I made all the numbers a boobillion. You have to listen, Justin. Then I made it all true because that’s just so much easier than trying to work out what those silly other numbers mean.”

Suki’s universe was rippling wildly now, sections of it collapsing inwards. With a screeching groan that tore reality itself apart, the universe realised its true purpose – to submit to the power of Suki’s boobies.

“Oh wow! Look, Justin, I have a new bra!” Suki casually played with her universe, now fit only to hold her purpose-defining breasts.

“But it’s so small! I think this bra is only one boobillion, and I do have two really big boobies.” Suki smiled with an open mouth as she guided Justin’s face back under her body.

Realising that he would have to fix this all later after getting Suki into a better mood, Justin submitted.

“There you go! Wanna see me outgrow this one too?”

Kiki was having an existential crisis.

One moment, she had known that she was destined to herald the existence of her Goddess. In the next, she had lost all thought, only thinking of her Suki’s boobs.

In fact, the trouble was beyond that. Every statue that she had been perfecting on Paradise Island had changed, now depicting only the skyclad Goddess in her fully boobulant glory. Jubilant? No, boobulant sounded right.

Kiki cocked her head, wondering how to proceed. She could continue to make these boobtastic idols of worship. She could deal with some more of the less faithful population of the world. Or…

It was already the evening!

Kiki started, only having just realised the time. Where had it gone? She should be getting back to her Goddess!

Leaving her islanders to frolic and roam the island, or whatever they desired to do, Kiki flew back to her Goddess’ apartment. To find it empty. Which could only mean that…

Suki was at Justin’s apartment.

Kiki was not a massive fan of Suki spending time away from her loving abode. Especially when Justin’s apartment was significantly smaller, less pleasant smelling and generally lower class. Far too lowly for her Goddess.

Still, Kiki would follow Suki anywhere, so off she went, to the hovel that Justin lived in.

Suki was snoozing on Justin’s bed dreaming about cuddles while Justin attempted to finish his work for the day. Mini Suki was held tightly in her arms, enjoying the warmth of Suki’s body.

It had been a relief when Suki had changed the way the universe worked back to the way it worked before, and Justin was very glad that his purpose for existing was slightly more than comforting Suki’s boobs. Not that it was a bad thing, but when all of the universe also had that purpose, it just made him feel a little less special about it. When he had explained it to Suki that way, she had immediately reversed her little ‘help’. Only Justin was good enough to properly please Boobae and Boobee, after all.

“Why do you still insist on living in this slum?” Kiki greeted Justin as she flew through the window.

“I saw on the news that you had a nice day,” Justin responded.

“Nicer if I got to go back to a nice bed, fit for a Goddess.” Kiki wandered the room, using her wings to clear dust from the shelves and rearrange the furniture.

“Suki likes it here.” Justin continued typing at his computer, ignoring Kiki.

“She only likes it here before you’re here.” The High Priestess scowled. “If you truly loved her, you’d moved into her apartment.”

“You know that’s not true,” Justin stated sternly as he turned to face Kiki. “Suki is happy anywhere. You know that she could change this place if she wanted. This is you being too stuck up to see what makes her truly happy.”

“Stuck up?” Kiki’s feathers ruffled in anger. “Just because I have standards higher than this heap when there’s a literal Goddess willing to do whatever she wants to please you?”

“I’m not going to take advantage of that. Suki is special. She deserves to be loved, not used.”

Kiki’s body flared in rage. “Are you implying that I’m using my Goddess? She deserves to have the whole world worship her! That means having a suitable place to be worshipped.”

A muffled, tearful sob came from the bed.

“I don’t like it when you argue…”

Justin and Kiki both dashed across the room to Suki’s side. Kiki spread her wings to encompass the entire bed, reluctantly bringing Justin into the hug.

“It’s okay, baby,” Justin softly reassured Suki, “we won’t argue.”

“I like your apartment.” Suki smiled. “It smells like you.”

Kiki scoffed but otherwise remained silent.

Justin’s laptop pinged and he raised a curious eyebrow. Moving back to his desk, he saw the result of this calculation. A representation of the conditions at the start of the universe.

It was a picture of Suki waving.

Suki giggled from the bed.

Justin chuckled as he sighed as he went to close his laptop. Work time was over for the day. He would try again tomorrow, perhaps persuade Kiki to take Suki on a longer day out?

Another notification sounded from the browser.

Opening his emails, Justin found a… rather strongly worded email.

Hey, Godfucker.

What’s up with blanking me for months? Especially after you fucked a God?

I get it, divine pussy is keeping you busy.

Anyway, I heard you took her to your lab today. Super dull, obviously.

So, wanna bring her to mine instead? I wanna take a look.

Peace out,


Justin sighed again.

“Suki, there’s someone who wants to meet you…”

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