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A Second Chance

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 02 September 2023 09:03] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 02 September 2023 18:55]

Art by Warman

Proofread by Delta7447

“Ahhhhhhhh! I hate it! How can you humans even orient yourselves when you are so disgustingly small? Your buildings tower you…I used to be able to see the curvature of planets, this is a total disgrace!” The adorable, doll-like girl with symmetrical black and white hair was truly pissed, about to bust a vein.

“Come on, Apep.” Super Goddess Shizuka giggled deliciously. “It’s not that bad. Besides, your old body was too large and cumbersome. You couldn’t have lived between us if you were still a giant doggie!”

“You harlot! Who the hell said I wanted to live between tiny humans?! Don’t you see I’m a superior life form engineered for conquest and domination? You should all be kneeling for me!”

“So you mean you’d like to go back to Dia’s mind? I thought you didn’t like it there.” Apep’s cheeks became all flushed, something he wasn’t able to do with his previous body. These new human emotions were a hindrance to him and his feelings of embarrassment being so evident and overt made him feel shameful for having hit rock bottom like that. He recalled how he practically had to beg the Neo Kemetian Super Goddess on his bare knees to spare him, to let him out.

Dia’s mind, as expected of a near omniscient being, was a bit too frantic and busy for someone as limited as Apep. And the constant moralizing and prolonged isolation where any random thought could overpower him with ease quickly became abrasive. For him, her mind was like a prison and her style of therapy wasn’t working since his mind had been designed in a laboratory to be only focused on death and destruction.

Fortunately–or unfortunately, as he was currently perceiving the deal–Dia realized he was suffering and her attempts were going nowhere, so she asked for help. “I think you look cute.” Humor was uncharacteristic of the 2 meter tall Egyptian amazon. The now much smaller bioweapon next to her did look adorable, and she was just stating it to cheer him up.

However, Apep wasn’t amused. He grinded his teeth in sheer rage, since he didn’t wish to be perceived as anything but terrifying and majestic, let alone cute. “Foul wench. You condemned me to this frail and pathetic body. You couldn’t have thought of a worse punishment. Seems you are not as virtuous as you claim to be.”

“I never claimed anything.”

“Hey, relax…” The Japanese empress got between them, trying to reign the situation in. “Dia was doing what she hoped would be best for you and everyone else. She thought it was not fair that your destiny was stolen from you by your creators, that you deserved to finally be free…Now that you have this new body and brain you can at least speak to us like this.”

“Oh yeah I’m charmed with this runty body and brain that will constantly put weird thoughts into my mind. You are totally not robbing my destiny from me too!”

Shizuka pouted, her ego a little bit bruised by his comments. “Hey! Your body is a clone of mine, if you must know! And I’m not runty, I’m perfectly healthy, thank you very much!”

When Dia asked Shizuka for help, the all-powerful idol came up with a solution fast. She pulled a few hair strands from her unlimited, lustrous dark twintail and blew life into them. Just like in Journey to the West, her hair poofed into a cloud and revealed a perfect clone of her. However it lacked a mind and a soul. An immobile facsimile resembling her big boobed original.

Dia used her divine magic to perform the next step and plucked Apep’s soul right out of his former crocodilian body with her long, gloved fingers. He was never supposed to learn about this but she took great care in not hurting it and soothed it by carefully caressing it as the shriveled soul traveled between bodies. Despite Apep’s prodigious body and destructive power, Dia could tell that he had not received enough care and love in his life due to the rather unimpressive size and strength of the soul. He desperately needed to be cultivated before he could improve for the better.

The changes were immediate once Apep’s soul entered Shizuka’s clone. For starters, the clone’s physique morphed into a different shape seamlessly in a matter of seconds. No one was sure why, if it was because Shizuka’s shortstackedness was embedded in her very soul or something wrong with Apep’s but he grew a few inches in height and lost most of his colossal tit-mass, leaving behind a more slender and lanky looking version of the Empress of Japan. Right away the hair transformed too, shortening while still being tied into two obnoxiously long twintails, one white and the other black which coalesced into a perfectly divided middle tuff.

Shizuka had thought that her traditional ensemble didn’t quite fit their born again friend so she thought of Apep wearing a beautiful set of gothic lolita clothes, with dark colors and spiked accessories, and, naturally, black lipstick and nails. Manifesting it in her mind was enough for it to also materialize in real life, fitting her perfectly. In fact, the beloved idol and manga artist was fond of this method for helping the maids at Nagusa try new, creative outfits with the tiniest hassle possible.

Apep opened his eyes, became self-aware of his current predicament and let out a shriek that was heard in the entire eastern Asia region. And the rest was history.

“If by healthy you mean you have an excess of adipose tissue around your chest area, then yes. I’m still grateful that I was spared the humiliation of parading those shameful udders around.” 

Shizuka chose to ignore her rude clone’s insults and turned to the much taller Egyptian. “Dia. Are you sure you can handle this by yourself? Apep seems like a handful.”

Dia nodded, barely changing her expression. “I know exactly where to take him.”

“Then, if you don’t need me anymore. I’ll be back to my imperial matters~” She giggled and teleported back to Japan, leaving behind a sparkly, red chrysanthemum.

Apep grumbled. “How theatrical.”

“She is busy because people need her, just like they need me but I will be spending time with you. I hope you appreciate it.” In truth Dia knew that Shizuka had gone back to her quarters at the imperial palace to have a hot and steamy session of self-sex.

She would unconsciously tune in and observe how the gorgeous twintailed beauty would dress into a very strange kimono, sporting patterns of many manga-styled ahegao faces. Quite the strange fashion. She would goon for hours, so much that the magical, sexy miasma that her body had conjured up in that time had the entire palace in a sexual frenzy.

Not only that but somehow her bizarre act of masturbation while wearing those strange clothes managed to breathe life into the dozens of orgasmic faces in the pattern. Soon enough, Shizuka was surrounded by a myriad of people brought into the real world by the incidental usage of her omnipotent powers and having sex with them all, not even bothering to take turns due to her own clones. They were rendered in 2D and black & white but somehow she was perfectly capable to interact with them and fuck them. Her power kept them in tune with the laws of physics and able to exist. Although the moaning coming from her room would make anyone think there was something wrong with them.

Knowing her, she would probably ease the ahegao people into regular citizens of Japan and help them get lives and jobs while controlling her horniness. Dia and Shizuka were very much alike, though Dia was definitely the most interested in helping human society directly. Still, for a Super Goddess, Shizuka enacted creation rather often and took responsibility for it, even when it was accidental.

“What are you staring at?!” Apep barked at an absent-minded Dia.

“Don’t worry about that. We will begin our voyage to the stars soon.”

“Ah, indeed. You wanted to show me all the marvelous cultures in your stupid space empire. Nice, more ants that should have been enslaved by me millennia ago.”

“I promise you won’t think of them like that by the end.” She knew Apep was trying her but they had been playing that game for years by now and wasn’t fazed by it. She had inherited her saintly patience from the two of the most level-headed Super Goddesses out there.

“But YOU think of them like that, you just don’t like when others like me think it in the wrong way.”

Dia silently scoffed at his provocations and clapped her hands–despite the fact they were constantly gloved, just like her mother’s–and instantly the universe answered her all-powerful call.

A crystalline, almost transparent amethyst colored staircase slowly popped into existence, gaining more and more steps with each passing second until it reached the clouds and went even beyond, surpassing all layers of Earth’s atmosphere until it reached whatever distant galaxy the rest of Neo Kemet was located in.

Dia stepped up and grabbed Apep’s body. His much smaller frame was easily pulled up by the stronger, bigger goddess. “H-Hey!” The former monster let out an admittedly adorable yelp of surprise when the steps below them proved to be, in fact, part of an escalator, rather than a stairway.

It went so fast that Apep didn’t even register the ascent, only Dia’s tight grasp prevented him from slipping. The purple escalator catapulted both towards open space, the domain of Neo Kemet. The twintailed menace saw the space routes filled with spaceships, some reminding him of the civilization he extinguished thousands of years ago.

Soon enough, Dia and Apep found themselves floating in front of a large, green and blue planet, similar to Earth though a little smaller. Since both were superhuman, they could survive in space without an air bubble. “Where are we?” He barked.

“This is Sethan III. Not long ago it was inhabited due to the poisonous atmosphere.”

“Let me guess, you made it habitable and the settlers are really thankful to you.”

Dia graced Apep with a playful smile and framed the entire planet between her hands, forming a square-like shape. She invited Apep to take a look and curiosity got the best of him. Another tiny shriek was the only thing he could conjure up when he looked into Dia’s hands and found that the rather normal chunk of planet seen from afar that was contained inside suddenly zoomed in at outrageous speed. He fell on his butt, quickly noticing he wasn’t standing in outer space anymore but on grass, surrounded by trees and a beautiful night sky filled with stars. “Hm. Parlor tricks.”

“You are correct. I don’t need to do that but flair is the spice of life. Anyway, want to meet the locals?”

“As long as you let me destroy them~” Apep hadn’t really noticed until now but despite his decrease in size his powers seemed to have multiplied. It seemed like the big boobed Japanese bimbo was correct in that the new body was better built, even if it pained him to no end to admit it. He could feel the enhanced well of power within him, waiting for its release.

The red eyes of the twintailed menace twinkled with bloodthirst as he turned around and assumed a bestial pose similar to that of a bear about to pounce on its two legs and his plump, black lipsticked mouth curved into a sinister grin, showing his unnaturally long teeth.

“Hm.” Dia muttered to herself, knowing what was about to happen as a monstrous torrent of green-colored flame came out of the little girl’s mouth and turned the alien forest at their side into an inferno. The organic flamethrower covered thousands of acres of land in seconds, burning down everything in its path with ease.

Apep would stop for a second to observe his handiwork, laugh like a maniac and then he would resume, slowly turning the face of the planet into a wasteland devoid of plant life. Finally he let out a deadly flare in the shape of an X that nuked an entire section of the continent they were in. “I haven’t lost my touch. Wonder how many I have killed like that.”

“Uh…none?” Dia yawned, treating the flaming apocalypse in front of her with a nonchalant attitude.

“What do you mean? I-WHAT?!” He had indeed burned the entire forest down but he quickly found that the plants were magically growing at an alarming rate. The whole thing repopulated in mere minutes. 

Not only that, there seemed to be houses, little wood cottages around that seemed to not have been affected at all by his onslaught. And there were people living in them. Humanoids! “You have killed no one today, Apep.”

“Damn you Dia..Who are these people? And how the hell didn’t I kill them? They should be dead!” She spat another powerful flame over the nearest village but it was to no avail. The inhabitants were unaffected as well as their houses, like they had some kind of invisible shield coating them and they didn’t pay Apep any attention. Like he was a non-issue to them.

Soon enough the secret villages were once again hidden away by the ever growing foliage. “I’m afraid these guys might be a little too much for you. Dare I remind you I gave them a planet? Of course they have my blessing too.”


“Why don’t we pay them a visit? It will do you well to meet new people. Besides…Sethans can be…uh…Playful~” The sheer hate on Apep’s face was visible. The first time in ages–for him—that he had been allowed to do what he was supposed to do (destroy and genocide) and no damage to others had come from it. What use was this powerful new body if he wasn’t supposed to abuse it for evil purposes? 

Dia ignored Apep and swayed her wide hips towards the colorful jungle. The monster woman couldn’t help but to be mesmerized by the hypnotic movement of her fat asscheeks slapping against each other, bare pussy in plain sight. He had been created to be unable to feel any kind of sexual compulsion but was this new burgeoning feeling horniness? All he knew was his cheeks were going red, surely another product of his new human vessel. “Hey, don’t leave me hanging like that!” He protested.

But he followed her anyway. Like a good doggie.

There was a mixture of houses carved from the trees themselves and simple mudhuts. These people didn’t seem to have an advanced level of technology and yet Dia was not introducing them to greater heights–that was strange to say the least, though it wasn’t like the environment was extremely hostile and there didn’t seem to be predators around.

They stopped next to a milky, white lagoon in the middle of the jungle after hearing cries of joy and desperate panting. Dia was completely unfazed by what she discovered behind the bushes, although Apep was clearly far more flustered, showing in his red cheeks. “What is going on here?!”

The two lovers didn’t stop having steamy, sweaty sex but they were alerted by the sudden visitors and looked at them from afar, knowing they were exposed but not caring. 

Both of them were naked. A gigantic woman below, receiving the pounding of a monstrously sized cock, even taller than Dia and twice as wide with tits the size of beachballs and a level of roundness that would grant her the title of heavy object, with broad shoulders and hips. In a way, she reminded Apep of those fertility goddess statues humanity used to make and she made even Dia look slim in comparison. Her hair was overgrown–and not only on top of her head–and spread all over the place. It was a shade of purple a bit darker than her skin.

She cooed with each following pounding of her wet, flesh pit of a pussy as the much smaller…male?--or whatever this green, androgynous humanoid was–didn’t seem to get tired at all, letting out tiny I love yous and You are so fucking hots with a cute, girly voice at the larger woman and slapping her enormous ass with their equally prodigious balls. The cum being produced inside them was of such industrial quantities that it could be heard from their position, hundreds and hundreds of liters waiting to be churned out at any moment.

Apep was used to the harem orgies of Dia’s pyramid, since, despite living inside her mind for years, he was still given a window to the world through the goddess’s eyes. This level of debauchery was similar but way beyond the usual in terms of raw, animalistic physicality. These two were not just fucking for pleasure, they were breeding as if the survival of their species depended on it. “Aren’t these humans? Why do they look like this?” Apep asked.

“They used to be but life finds a way and can produce very volatile results in short order.”

“Are you telling me you didn’t turn these humans into sex abominations with your magic? It fits you. After all, you are more trigger happy with your powers than the others.”

“I haven’t visited this planet in a while and the only prayer I answered was the time the settlers wished for it to be habitable. Haven’t you heard of rapid evolution?”

Apep crossed his arms. “Yeah, rapid evolution definitely works like this. Ugh, ages ago I would have just cleansed this stupid world.”

Dia tried to contain a smirk. “Greetings citizens of Sethan. Your goddess is back with great news!” She announced. Immediately a divine light appeared below her, illuminating her perfect chocolate body and creating the proper vibe of a divine intervention, including a heavenly choir.

It took them after the tiny guy nutted inside the woman, filling her enormous womb with an unreal amount of cum until it looked thrice as bloated as before for them to finally turn around and acknowledge Dia’s presence. Somehow, it wasn’t as anticlimactic as it sounds.

“Goddess Dia!” Said the green boy with a wide grin on his little face. Apep could clearly tell he was a guy now that he was facing them. Despite the girly body and voice, his oversized genitals and masculine body language were a dead giveaway. He must have been at most 140 cm tall compared to the four meter tall human fortress next to him. Each of her steps made the ground shake and her purple body jiggle like jello.

“You finally came! We are so happy that you are answering our prayers again~” She slapped the boy’s ass. “Genkel, go pay your respects.”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” He obeyed and kneeled in front of the Super Goddesses, promptly kissing her feet. Apep was disgusted by this display of submissiveness. Why was it ok when she made mortals her bitches but he couldn’t? He considered her a hypocrite.

Dia helped him back on his feet and caressed his chin, causing him to involuntarily cum an entire poodle on the floor again. “Ara~” Exclaimed the purple one, bringing her hand to her cheek. “Genkel, do you perhaps prefer our goddess to me?”

The answer was obvious but the boy lied because he really loved her giant girlfriend. “Well, our goddess is very beautiful but I only have eyes for you, Marish!”

“Awwww, you are so cute!” The Venusian began smothering her smaller partner while coating him with kisses, leaving large marks of purple lipstick on his skin.

“Who is your friend, Goddess Dia?” Genkel asked, referring to Apep. “She is very cute~” For the first time in his life, Apep had been eyed with lust. The knee jerk reaction was pure disgust followed by a death glare towards the boy, who yelped in fear and hid behind his much bigger life partner.

“I’m not cute. And I’m not a she, regardless of how I may look.” He corrected dryly, wondering why he was even justifying himself to these weaklings. Why did that fat dicked goblin’s comment even affect him that hard? His body was boiling, surely it was the rage for that insulting attitude.

“Apep. He is actually going to help me solve your newest problem. I brought him here for that reason.”

Apep wanted to correct her that instant. What? What the hell are you saying, you harlot? You forced me to come here and now you want me to do your dirty work? No way!

“Good heavens. He does look powerful so maybe we are in good hands.” Marish commented. “Come on, let’s get back to the village and we will explain it to you in detail, my Goddess.”

Genkel and Marish guided the two powerful beings through the trees. Apep elbowed Dia’s ribs while they were walking and whispered. “What was that from before about? I’m not going to help these pitiful wretches!”

“I want you to do it because it will be good for you. Besides, someone with your talents will come in handy for them.”

“I’m telling you I don’t want to! These disgusting freaks can have sex until this sun burns out for all I care…”

“But you haven’t even heard what they want.”

“No, I’m out. You cannot force me to be here. You cannot force me to do your bidding. You won’t dare acting like that in front of your stupid followers.”

The green boy’s eyes sparkled, almost tearing up. “What? Does that mean our prayers have been in vain?” He hugged his partner, tears starting to form on his eyes.

For no reason at all–in his mind, probably because of that stupid brain of his tampering with his good judgment–he suddenly felt pressed. How could such an obvious trick to make him feel bad have such an emotional effect on him? Since when did things have an emotional effect AT ALL on him? He was a killing machine, an agent of destruction, not some cosmic babysitter. “Ugh! Yeah whatever! As long as I’m done with it fast so this omnipotent harlot stops pestering me. Hmpf!”

“Yay!” Both lovers cheered, as if they had never been sad and hopeless to begin with. Dia let out a hearty chuckle, angering Apep further. She wanted this to happen.

At the end of the trail they found the main settlement in Sethan. A rather humble village, though larger than the others in which, lo and behold, every single inhabitant was either a stupidly fertile-looking woman or a tiny fuckboy. All of them in different technicolor hues with mostly human features with the exception of their oversized sexual characteristics.

Naturally, many of them were liberally having sex in public and nudity was as common as it was on Dia’s pyramid. “I wonder what kind of evolutionary process selects for this but I would have been happy to wipe out the one that started this lineage.”

Marish interjected. “It isn’t that special. Venusians settled on Earth ages ago and we are their direct descendants. Dia gave us the opportunity to meet again and go back to our roots.”

“I gave this planet to their diaspora and their ancient genes have expressed themselves again after a few generations. This explains the extreme sexual dimorphism.”

“Venusians?” Apep didn’t really care about the details of the species he destroyed. He was pointed at them by his creators and he destroyed. That was his job.

Dia projected her voice through a special frequency that she knew only Apep could hear. “When the Dog People, like we call them now, tried to conquer their galaxy, they stepped over a lot of other cultures. One of them were the Ymer, colloquially known as Venusians. It’s strange you don’t know about them since you destroyed their planet in one of your experimental escapades.”

“It was long ago. I don’t remember. I doubt I’d remember in any case. Do you stop to learn about the ants you step on?” He was just being honest now. His scale of destruction was such that he could condemn entire species without really interacting with them at all. “Anyhow. How come they aren’t angry at me?”

“They don’t know you were the one that genocided their ancestors. And I don’t plan on telling them. Instead, I expect you to apologize by helping them.”

“Me?! Apologize, for what?! This is preposterous!” The two Sethans turned around, wondering why Apep had become so agitated.

Genkel spoke. “You can meet our leader in that large treehouse over there. He will inform you of our little problem.”

The simple but rather large and majestic, wooden-crafted hall decorated with expensive carpets and ceramic vessels with engraved artistic depictions of the many sex positions of the Sethans was open wide for them. Right in the middle there was Insly, King of Venus. Despite their society being clearly matriarchal for the most part and the women being taller, stronger, more assertive and more willing to take part in traditionally masculine–for humans, that is—roles, their ruler was one of the runtiest femboys on the planet.

Insly had a very attractive shade of pale pink to him and beautiful, purple eyes coupled with a long, girly, blonde mane. He was surrounded by a permanent entourage of concubines. The largest and bustiest of the village, servicing his cock and massaging him like some kind of primal god.

To be fair, his member was rather godlike. Much longer than any of the already hung boys that Apep had seen, coiling around their entire ensemble like some kind of meaty python–a semen hose with balls the size of watermelons. Dia herself struggled keeping her composure in front of that mammoth cock. Her womb trembled with anticipation as her pussy dripped a little bit. She had to contain herself, she was here for a reason. “King Insly! It’s wonderful to see you. Your people have prayed to me, so I must know, what is the issue?”

“Goddess Dia! What a wonderful…” He paused and moaned since one of his women was dutifully sucking on his monster glans. He probably was thinking about Dia’s exposed body when he let out a large discharge of pre-cum all over her face right after. She drank it with love and obedience. “Surprise…That you have come to visit us! Yes, we have a problem and I’m afraid not even my cum cannon here can fix it this time. We need some real firepower to deal with the situation.”

“That’s magnificent to hear because that’s what my friend over here is plenty ready for.” She said confidently, pointing at Apep, who got flustered.

Insly looked at him from head to toes and whistled. “What a pretty young lady your friend is. I wouldn’t mind showing her a good time.” He winked.

Between the terrible pick-up line and his own nature, Apep didn’t expect he would get all flushed and nervous. But he did. His heart was beating fast in the presence of this neotenous god. There was something about his confidence, his spark…the way he handled his harem and ruled over people much bigger than him that was…somehow fascinating. He also was quite easy to look at. “And what is her name?” He inquired, causing Apep to go back to the real world, though still quite fixated in the hung femboy.

“She is Priscilla. An assistant of mine.”

Priscilla? Apep was offended to be considered a woman and be spoken to like that. But it was hard to refuse in front of Insly. He felt like he had to live up to those new standards, if anything just for him. He really wanted to say something now and deny their request for help but he felt compelled to help Insly. That new idiotic body was at the helm again, making him think strange stuff.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” Apep’s body turned into a furnace. His brain was struggling to work now. He wanted praise from this boy, but why? Why did he suddenly care so much? He would have murdered him with ease just a year ago. “I need you to go to Mt. Balug. The largest volcano on the planet, 6.200 miles to the east of here. There, you will quickly realize our problem. Please deal with it, our continued existence is in your hands.”

“It will be done, Your Majesty.” Dia said with a bow and a smile. 

“I hope for your safe return.” Since Apep was too lost in his own mind to do so, Dia helped him with telekinesis. He just nodded and left the hall with the Super Goddess.

After they left, Apep still remained silent. He didn’t know what to say now but Insly’s voice and look were still plaguing his mind minutes later. How could such a cute boy like that own a whole planet and have a legion of women at his feet? It was…really attractive? CUTE? ATTRACTIVE? Since when did he care about that? Was he himself anymore? In the past, Apep would have never cared about trivialities like being praised or someone’s physical appearance.

“Something wrong?” Dia interjected, realizing Apep’s deal right away thanks to her Super Empathy.

“Hm. Shut up. I will do it, alright? Just don’t pester me any longer.” He had to do it. But he didn’t know why he felt like that. “And I hope you keep your word and leave me be after this!”

“Heh. Do you perhaps have something in mind to do after I leave you be?” Before Apep could respond, Dia took the smaller ex-monster and lifted him on her shoulders. The Super Goddess blasted into the air, flying faster than a spaceship to travel the distance of thousands of miles in mere minutes. And that was a cruising pace. Even a being as powerful as Apep was taken aback a little, and naturally complained when they landed in the deserted island in the middle of the milk ocean–seemed like it had completely replaced water on this planet somehow–-with the towering, active volcano in its center.

Immediately, both could tell something about it was wrong and unnatural. The dark peak fluctuated like some kind of living being, like it was breathing. Somehow, Apep felt a primal connection to this new nemesis. He didn’t know why but it was creeping him out. What did he have in common with this volcanic creature? Where had he seen him before? “Is that thing alive?”

“Alive and breathing, yes.” Apep was shaking, like he had come to some sudden, terrible realization. “I think you know better than me. What this is.”

“This thing is just like me.” He said this with extreme conviction, despite the fact that this volcano monster didn’t look like his original crocodilian form at all. But he could just tell, somehow.

“Thing? I thought you were the superior life form. Why are you so scared of this little guy now? Shouldn’t you two be friendly to each other?”

“Cut the crap. I feel extreme hostility coming from it. It might not be moving but it will attack us at any moment.” Apep grinded his teeth and stared daggers at the goddess. “You knew this. You knew that these people had run into this problem and brought me here because of that.”

“Maybe~ I had to see it in person with you at my side to make a proper comparison. But I can just tell now. Both of you were created by the same civilization, with very similar methods. The reason you can feel his presence is because your power has the same energy source.”

“You are a liar! I’m unique, I’m…I was created to be the ultimate life form…The destroyer…This must be a failed prototype of mine or something. Yes, that’s it! I’m the success, he is the failure!”

Mt. Balug, as our friends the Sethans call him now, was not always like this. When he crashed on this planet thousands of years ago after being sacrificed by his creators in battle, he lost his consciousness and slowly fossilized away. Becoming the non-sentient monstrosity that you are seeing now.” She side-eyed the beast. “He doesn’t think. He doesn’t feel. He doesn’t do anything, really, except painfully wait for the moment he erupts and turns this world and himself into space dust.”

“Oh and you are implying that I will become something similar if I follow that path, right? Ow, I’m being manipulated and have no free will at all. Poor me! I should listen to the enlightened like you and never hurt a fly again…”

“You can cope any way you want but my theory is that they didn’t have that much faith in you. They created another in case you failed. Here is the proof.” Dia was a Super Empath, but she wasn’t afraid of laying down the harsh truths once in a while in a very cold way. “Apep. No one is so special that they are more important than everyone else. Not even you. As a matter of fact, not even me.”

“What did you say?!” Somehow, for Apep, this was so far the worst thing the Super Goddess had said to him. “Don’t compare me to you omnipotent harlots! There are many of you and you are all the same! There is only one Apep, the Great Apep!”

“What really makes us different from others is the decisions we make. You could keep being like that creature over there–a mindless engine of destruction–and disappoint the Sethans that have placed their faith in you. Or you could choose to finally use your amazing powers for something worthwhile. To protect the weak. THAT would make you special in my eyes.”

“Stop moralizing! What do I owe those idiots, anyway?!” Apep stomped the ground. Despite his currently tiny, Chinese empress-sized feet, the ground of the entire planet shook in the wake of his tantrum. People in the village skipped a beat after they saw their bodies leave the ground for a second. “I didn’t ask to be turned into a human! I didn’t ask to be here! And I sure didn’t accept helping the Sethans. This is all a setup to make me fight another one of my kind! If you are so great, why don’t you do it yourself?”

As the two got into an argument, the creature noticed their presence and let out an imperceptible low grunt as he broke his fossilized shackles and his rocky body started moving slowly but steadily, as quiet as a mouse. 

“I will prove my point. I know you don’t want to disappoint Insly. Do you?” Low blow. But she wasn’t wrong. Apep had grown strangely infatuated with that boy in mere seconds and the memory of his perfect features and brilliant smile put into perspective the real subconscious reason as to why he was still suffering Dia’s plans. “The Sethans are aware of the danger this monster poses. The same danger you used to pose. They want him gone before he can destroy their world. Will you be able to forgive yourself after letting them perish?”

“I-I…” He was about to say something. Red on his cheeks, when suddenly, a gigantic rocky palm slapped the beach and cut it in half, separating Dia and Apep. Dia performed astral ascension, and ceased to exist in the physical plane so she could have a privileged view without bothering the two creatures.

Another building-sized hand fell on top of Apep and he caught it, quite impressively, without showing physical stress or concern. He seemed betrayed and angry but he didn’t have any other choice but to deal with the monster. He repositioned his much tinier body and used his brutal strength to grab the hand and shift its weight with ease. Now he could really understand how truly monstrous the strength of his new body was. If Apep could lift the entire mountain-size abomination and flip it into the sea like he had just done, that meant he wasn’t even in the power realm of his previous self.

It felt good. All that power and adrenaline after surprising the towering giant. But it was short lived, as the creature grumbled and slowly stood up on its fifty meter tall legs, trails of lava falling from his sides and cooling into rock with the milk’s contact. 

Apep was sprayed with a blast of molten rock as hot as the planet’s core, yet his nimble and graceful body was unharmed. He knew right away this was not a real fight and his opponent was nowhere near his current ballpark. A couple of concentrated laser beams shot from his red eyes were enough to make the god of destruction superheat and explode into tiny bits of rocks that scattered over the milky ocean. “That was such a short and boring fight. I shouldn’t feel…so good about it.”

Dia, arms crossed, appeared behind him and observed Apep’s handiwork. “Shizuka’s physique is incredible, isn’t it? How was it? Putting your power to the service of worthwhile purposes? Doing a good deed?”

“Hm. Doesn’t feel too bad but your smug face is going to drive me mad. Let’s go back.”

“You desperately want to see Insly again and tell him you beat the big bad volcano guy, don’t you? You probably also think he will reward you~” Dia teased.

“Shut up, woman.” This time it didn’t take Dia suddenly transporting them like the previous times. Apep, out of his sheer will and in a complete admission of his proclivities chose to ignite his body and fly straight like a rocket back to the Sethan village to tell Insly of his exploits.

Dia sighed and smiled. “Being allowed to feel emotions for the first time like that…Must be wonderful.” She observed the remains of Balug getting back together. Just like Apep, he was built of tougher stuff than regular beings and was notoriously hard to kill. He let out long, anguished wails of pain and wrath. A creature tired of living in such a pitiful form but bound by its own destructive nature to always harm others.

Deep inside, Dia’s Super Empathy told her that his suffering was not deserved. He was not at fault for being like he was and he needed someone to act on his wish. To die, or to outright be free of the nightmare that was existence as he had been created. “If Apep only knew that he was mere days away from becoming like you if he remained in that body…”

Dia raised her gloved hand and the sea of milk around the monster became a maelstrom that sucked him in as the clouds in the sky were torn apart by divine beams of light coming from seemingly nowhere and illuminating the act of heavenly purification that the Super Goddess was performing. 

Balug was confused but didn’t resist, seemingly understanding what was happening on an instinctual and spiritual level. When he noticed that his body was slowly disintegrating into the air in the form of beautiful, golden particles, he directed a last glance towards the Super Goddess, thanking her in the best way he could. “I hope you come back as someone happy and fulfilled.” She gently whispered, implying at his future reincarnation. Without the memories of pain, destruction and servitude. He was far beyond salvation in his current state, but as a new person, he would be free from all that.

When he was entirely gone, Dia wasn’t distressed about her decision. She knew sometimes gods had to intervene to stop suffering and unfairness and no one would change her mind about that.

After that, it was time to check on Apep’s exploits. She knew that deep inside he was already changing for the better. She was grateful he wasn’t so far gone he couldn’t be helped.

And good heavens, did she miss a lot of action in that minute that she was gone. Dia couldn’t help chuckling as she found herself in the middle of Insly’s throne room, surrounded by piling bodies of Sethans having a celebratory orgy after hearing Apep’s good news.

Speaking of the devil. It seemed like change wasn’t the only thing that was deep inside Apep at that point in time. No, the monstrous fairy pink anaconda dick of the ruler of the Sethans was penetrating Apep’s virginal pussy at the moment.

Pussy? Yes, since Apep’s body had been based off one of Shizuka’s clones everything expected from the hyper-sexual empress was in place. Including a godlike quality pussy ready to be drilled and a fully functional reproductive system designed to be bred a billion times over.

And that was what was happening. Apep probably accepted Isnly’s advances, since it was clear he liked him and now he was getting a little more than he bargained for. The sexual stench had created a miasma in the room and the participants of the orgy struggled to see each other but the bulge in Apep’s tummy was visible from afar. His pussy was stretched beyond belief by Insly’s monster dick, who would be rearranging his organs if it wasn’t for the fact he was made of sturdier stuff than normal humans.

“Damn, girl. You are killing me down there~” The king said, sweaty and bothered, surprised that his tiny body was taking so much cock and still not breaking in half. The Super Goddess noticed Apep was so into that he didn’t even bother correcting him about his gender.

“I-I’m not full yet, keep up!” Apep barked between profuse moaning and panting, something totally unbecoming of him. But there he was, naked and stuck to the floor, belly up with a seven meter penis pushing the limits of his biology as Insily held his wrists for leverage. Each pistoning delivered a new dimension of pleasure to him and caused him to foam at the mouth while letting out distressing gurgling sounds. Still, Dia knew he was going to be fine.

She oversaw the orgy for a bit and decided to participate, growing an enormous dick and riding the largest woman available in the room. Her lovely queen Amantis understood that she had to relieve herself in these situations, and so they had a liberal relationship regarding sex and shared their harem. She wouldn’t mind this either.

After a whole night of sex and debauchery everyone was sleeping, including an Insly whose cock and balls had become fully deflated and spent for the first time in years thanks to Apep’s incredible sexual skills. Everyone except Apep, who carried around a monstrously enlarged belly, full of Insly’s thick and creamy baby cutter which kept slipping as the former god of destruction walked around looking for Dia. Dia dismounted her unconscious fuckhole with a triumphant smirk. “Well? How was it? Losing your virginity~”

“It was…uh…Fun.” He admitted while stroking his arm. His makeup and hair were all messed up and filled with fluids.

“Yes. Life can be pretty fun like this. Loving, not hurting.” For the first time ever, she showed physical affection for Apep, head-patting him gently. He was too tired to fight back the omnipotent woman.

“It felt good but what made me feel a little strange earlier was when everyone congratulated me for dealing with Balug. They were all so happy and grateful that they would get to live another day…It’s a bit silly, eventually they will disappear like everything. So why do they hold so much to that optimism? Nothing lasts forever. More often than not, it gets destroyed before its due time.”

“You are beginning to comprehend what I’m trying to teach you.” She looked at the firmament and selected the next destination in her mind. “Are you more curious about our trip now, then?”

Apep looked back at Insly. “Do we have to go now?”

“He will always be here for you. As long as nothing happens to him.”

“Hm. I’ll make sure nothing happens to him.”

“That’s the spirit. Let’s go.” Dia snapped her almighty gloved fingers and Apep’s was fixed and felt perfectly rested with his belly as flat as a board again. “Our next stop is not as lewd as this one but it will be formative regardless.”

Dia traced a circle with her finger and it formed an interdimensional portal. The skyline on the other side was recognizable to him as somewhere in the outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy. The rocky soil devoid of life was new to him. It looked like how planets used to look when he genocided them.

The portal closed right behind them as they entered, exposing Apep to the whole picture. This wasn’t really an asteroid in outer space but rather an interconnected assortment of aged up planetoids that had seen better days. Though, even with their dried up and rugged exterior, the belt seemed to be bursting with life.

The reason? The precious purple mineral and crystals that grew in the caves deep inside the planetoids were being carried out of it by treadmills operated by the denizens of the colony and processed by large industrial machines into a sparkly dust. 

Apep observed the little creatures. They were humanoid, short and stodgy with stubby proportions and fins on their feet and hands, long nose with whiskers and beady, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. He had seen creatures like that but taller and less mole-like back in his time. They used to be neighbors and allies of the Dog People.

“What you are assuming is on the money.” Dia answered, rattling Apep once again. Was she reading his mind? Not really, but it was funny to leave him hanging like that with wild assumptions and extrapolations of his thoughts. “These are the Toops, descendants of the Saifa tribe from back then.”

“What are they doing here and why is it relevant to me?” Dia could tell Apep was getting impatient and perhaps his newly discovered Epicurean drive was begging him to go back to being stuffed full of cum by Insly but the goddess considered this important to his development.

“They are harvesting and refining the Deosium. This fantastic mineral only grows in Prosperia back on Earth and is one of the best energy sources out there–if you don’t have Super Goddess semen that is.” She let out an elegant chortle. “Without it, they couldn’t have made contact with Neo Kemet and become part of it.”


“You are going to meet them and help them mine it out. The Toops are getting ready for a long intergalactic voyage at the request of ESA and spaceships require fuel. A lot of fuel.” She pointed at a space shipyard stationed right next to the colony of interconnected planetoids. 

“Wait a minute. One thing is to make me save your pet’s asses with my destructive power. But this is another one entirely! Am I supposed to be your slave now? Should I do every little chore for these mole people from now on to keep you happy?”

“Pets? Oh, that’s a very unfortunate way to refer to your lover~” 

“Shut up! Warriors need relief once in a while!” This banter from Dia would have really hurt his pride a day ago but now he kinda felt bad for having thought less of Insly like that. It was a weird feeling and all these new emotions and thoughts coming up so fast just after obtaining a new body were driving him crazy. Was being a human this difficult all the time?

Dia took advantage of Apep’s short moment of introspection and caught him with his guard down as her cushion-like lips landed on his. His knees went weak as he didn’t expect this surprise. He was debating with himself about what to do. Push her away or keep kissing her? He couldn’t deny that he was feeling good but he also somewhat hated Dia. Or did he? It was hard to tell what he felt, after all, he had been spending years inside this woman’s mind and despite everything she still tried.

Before he got the chance to choose, however, Dia executed her plan. Flexing her omnipotent mental muscles once again, the Super Goddess warped reality to add unexpected effect to her breath, insufflating it with incredible power while also changing Apep’s muscle fiber composition.

Apep’s body was quickly inflated like a balloon. He looked around incredulously and a bit terrified of the power of a Super Goddess once again, since he wasn’t able to change form. “Why don’t you go and meet the locals?” She teased, and then tapped his round body.

Apep’s balloon body was catapulted many feet away from that small effort by Dia. He helplessly pivoted between space rocks as he lost air through his mouth, becoming slimmer by the second until he recovered his regular shape.

His initial reaction was hellish wrath against Dia. If he caught her he would destroy her. Though he was somewhere else now. It seemed like he had entered inside one of the cavernous mines through the cracks. The otherwise darkness of the dig site was tenuously illuminated by the purple crystals on the ceilings and the walls.

For a moment, Apep was overcome with emotion and awe due to the unnatural beauty of these geological marvels. Gemstones with the power to improve civilization. They almost made him forget that Dia had just humiliated him but his train of thought was suddenly stopped by a goofy nasal voice coming from the tunnel. “What is a human doing in here? Did Miss Irina send you too?”

The voice had come from one of the Toops. It was a female, wearing mining gear and a beautiful straw hat. Apep stood up and noticed he was easily twice as tall. It felt good being a giant between tinies again. “I’m not a human. I’m a…Well, that’s a long story.”

“Hm. You look like a human to me.” She handed him a bucket and a pike. “I’m Ren. Anyway, come help me on the lower levels. This area doesn’t produce good Deosium for fuel, it’s reserved for jewelry.”

Apep took it and followed the little creature almost on instinct, captivated by its peculiar waddling. In another time her cuteness alone would have been grounds enough to genocide her species but he wasn’t feeling up to that for some reason. “Uh...You talked about Irina right now. Isn’t that a Super Goddess?”

“Yes, our humble exploitation receives the aid of many Super Goddesses. Irina is the biggest benefactor and she helps us in exchange of samples for academic purposes. She likes to study Deosium but she is also interested in anything else that we get to find here. Dunno, it’s weird stuff I don’t understand.” She stopped on her way, pensive and stroking her whiskers. “Wait, shouldn’t you know about this? Hasn’t she sent you?”

“Not really. I’m here because Super Goddess Dia insists I learn something. Whatever that means. Ugh.” He crossed his arms but got confused when the mole person stopped on her tracks and turned with a confused and awed expression on her face.

“Goddess Dia? Our almighty Lady Dia? The one and only? You know her personally?!” She performed some weird sign thing and kneeled with her hands up. What was this all about? Apep was creeped out. After a few seconds she stood up with an expression of pure, religious ecstasy on her face and tears running down her beady eyes. 

“Well, yes. What’s the big deal?”

“You must be joking! Dia is our matron goddess! We put all our faith in her and pray to her everyday. And she answers! Look at you, for example. She has sent you to help us with our efforts in reaching the promised land! A guiding angel, just like we asked!” Apep reminded that Dia believed herself a religious figure and enjoyed being worshiped by weaker beings, specially those in Neo Kemet’s jurisdiction. That idea was a tad disgusting to him but at least she was honest about her superiority. There was nothing else he hated more than fake humility in powerful beings.

“Sure, let’s pretend that’s the case.” He didn’t bother correcting her or downplaying Dia’s awesomeness. She knew there was no point. The Super Goddess must have brainwashed all the way to this point. “What is this promised land you speak about?”

“Our Lady promised us a spot in Neo Kemet as long as we found a suitable planet for us to live on. We found it but we can’t get to it without a large enough ship to transport our entire population. And that’s why we are mining, to prepare for the long voyage!”

“Tsk. You do know that she can warp reality and save you all of this work and suffering. How can you worship someone so negligent?”

“Oh, I believe you are mistaken Ms. Angel…”

“Apep.” He corrected, angered due to Ren's unearned casualness with him.

“Apep. She offered us the planet on a silver platter at first but we rejected that.”

“Why would you reject a new, instant home like that?”

“We Toops pride ourselves as engineers and master artisans. Accepting something so easily would feel bad. We want to save our species by ourselves! Prove we deserve to be amongst the best in the galaxy, hum!”

You can’t even imagine how stubborn they were about it. Dia’s telepathic voice announced in Apep’s mind.

You have the most naive and convenient worshipers, Dia.

Aren’t they the best? They are hard-working and constructive, unlike others… Apep was about to bark back at that implication but Ren brought him back to reality.

“We do accept her generous help in small doses to make the mining here faster but you should know all this, considering you work for her?”

I have to insist every single day. Dia interjected again.

“I mean, of course.” He lied as naturally as he breathed.

They descended to a much larger cavern through an escalator. Ren handed Apep a helmet with a light on it so he could see in the dark. Little did she know that his alpha predator vision allowed him to see in every part of the spectrum, even total darkness. “We have been extremely lucky today since you are not the only one that has come to our help.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“Lady Irina has sent us another Super Goddess in her stead. She can be quite a handful but her powers are incredibly useful!”

“Another Super Goddess?! Here?” He already struggled with a single one around.

They had reached an area where about a hundred Toops workers were passionately mining the Deosium with high tech tools, organized almost instinctively to perform tasks ad hoc when they were needed. Workers, engineers, geologists. Everyone was working towards the same goal of taking their species to a new, safe place to live.

“Is that a new girl?! Heyyyyy!” Apep felt it. The overwhelming stench of Super Pheromones coupled with the immense amount of power that only an also powerful being like him could acknowledge and understand filled the room as the former destroyer cringed.

He stood in awe as a large blob of light green colored goo skipped on its own through the caverns at staggering speeds, making a cartoonish boing sound just to stop right in front of him. Ren seemed unfazed, like this was not unusual at all for her. “Good to see you again, Princess.” She waved at the gelatinous cluster of goo sitting in front of them.

“P-Princess?” Suddenly it clicked. Apep had heard about this person from Dia when he lived in her mind.

“Good morning, Ren! Have you found anything strange lately?” The blob answered with a lovely voice unbecoming of a creature such as her. In fact it probably was the most beautiful one he had ever heard. It kept echoing, ringing for seconds after hearing it, like an ethereal choir.

“No such luck. But at least Lady Dia has sent us some help.”

The mass of green gel–or was it blue?--on the floor began amassing by itself, forming new layers on top of each other and seemingly molding into more complex shapes, defying physics in ways only an omnipotent being could.

In a few seconds, a humanoid shape was distinguishable, even if it looked disfigured and molten. It kept gaining and gaining solidity without somehow losing its unnatural luster–Apep could see himself reflected on the surface–and slimy look. 

By the end of the transformation the skin of the blob had gained a seamless appearance, like that of a balloon that was seconds away from bursting. However, this person? projected an entirely different vibe as a whole.

She was shorter than even Shizuka but her proportions were as erotic and voluptuous. A giant ahoge presided over her long, sparkly hair and crowned her angelic image, competing only with her never ending green-ness and her vibrant, purple eyes, which in combo with her darkened pupils gave them the vibe of two absorbent black holes waiting to suck everything into them.

They definitely sucked Apep’s attention for a short while, making him so entranced in her gorgeous looks that he didn’t notice the princess-like clothes and accessories, or the saucer-shaped golden earrings appearing on her, surging from her gooey biomass just like the rest and acquiring their color and texture by the power of her own, magical will. “Coming to help too? That’s so nice of you! My name is a bit complicated but you can call me Princess! I’m a Super Goddess!” The self proclaimed deity reached for Apep and hugged him tightly with the energy of a thousand suns.

In any other situation he would have broken their hug forcefully but this one felt nice, and warm, and…soft, and despite being made from biogel, she didn’t leave any trace on him. Very different feeling from Dia and not what Apep was accustomed to regarding Super Goddesses. “I-I’m Apep.” He stuttered, nervous and blushing. She was so cute! And he damned himself for thinking in terms of cuteness, something he would have never been caught doing years ago.

“That’s a super cute name!” She giggled.

“Are you sure you are a Super Goddess? You like…well, alien, like me.”

“What? But you look human…” Her ahoge twitched in confusion with a hint of curiosity. “I guess I still have a lot to learn about humans but I’m pretty sure most of them look like you.”

“Uh…It’s a long story.”

“Well, my deal is pretty simple. I’m an AnGel but also a Super Goddess. Turns out you don’t need to be human to be one. Cool, huh?” She enthusiastically hopped, making her large gelatine boobs bounce all around and producing sloshy sounds. 

“Princess is a great help for everyone here. Irina sends her here often to see if we have found something new.” Ren clarified.

“At your orders!” Princess jokingly made a military salute with her little tongue out. “About that, Apep. I heard Dia sent you.”

“Kinda, kinda not. It’s a long story.”

“Well then! Since you are a newbie…” Apep had the feeling that she had been waiting eons to call someone that. “...then I will have to instruct you on how to do it!” Before Ren or Apep could react she was already changing form again.

“She’s always like this.” Ren smiled knowingly and twisted her whiskers. “But she keeps our spirits up during the long days of work. Also take a look at what she can do.”

The green goo twisted and shifted into the shape of a long tube with one extra hardened end with the etchings of a drill. It suddenly grew limbs that it used to wrap itself around a rock and then pulled on itself, stretching further and further until her goo was perfectly transparent.

When she felt the tension was enough, she let go, propelling herself at absurd speeds. While in the air, she activated her makeshift drill, which started spinning seemingly defying logic. The rock wall was penetrated in contact by the deceptively powerful sentient slime tool.

Apep was mesmerized by the ease with which she ate up entire tunnels worth metric tons of rock in second while somehow remaining stretchy enough to fit through the tiny corridors and also disposing of the debris. Her powerful goddess vision illuminated the caverns with the same potent purple light as her beautiful eyes as her body grew larger by absorbing all the minerals it found.

She was back short after, but not in the shape they expected. The adorable goo serpent came from many different holes, having cloned herself and quickly swole in size. All the incredible, high quality Deosium was trapped inside her gelatinous body, suspended and preserved alongside other large fragments of rock and precious stones that looked invaluable.

Ren interjected. “And now comes the good part.” 

The chunks of goo went through what seemed to be a fusion process, slowly but steadily merging into a much bigger body until the result was a giant, bloated ball with Princess’s cute head on top of it. “Sorry for the wait! Look guys, I found a lot of cool stuff!”

She sang to herself happily as she secreted a very special kind of acid that she had designed with the Deosium in mind–as an omnipotent she could secrete anything that she imagined–and it began mixing with her slime. She quickly acquired the same purplish color as the liquid.

It didn’t take long for the useless fragments of rock inside her immobile body to disintegrate to the point of conceptually ceasing to exist, some of them revealing the gems that would further help finance the dig site. She expelled them like rockets into the nearby trams, which were immediately teleported to Cairo’s market, where the Toop merchants would sell them.

As for the Deosium, Princess didn’t even wait for the refinement of the mineral. Her magical body could do it on its own.The pulverized and chemically transformed substance was led to an extraction system that teleported it directly to the fuel units in the Toop spaceship. 

Everyone applauded as she recovered her regular size, turning to Apep by reversing all the texture and shapes on her body so she would be looking at her, not even needing to turn. This would have been terrifying if it wasn’t for Princess’s endless cuteness and charm. “Pretty cool, huh?”

“How come you guys haven’t finished if you are that fast?”

“We are actually pretty close to departure! Just need a few more days~ And now that you are here. It’s going to be sooner!”

Apep couldn’t bear lying to Princess with that adorable smile turned on at all times. He wanted to tell her the truth. That Dia had abandoned him and he wasn’t actually there to help, nor did he really want to or cared about the plight of the Toops.

However, before he could explain his situation to everyone present, someone screamed at the other end of the cavern. 

When they got there, a powerful sink effect was dragging Toop workers towards a seemingly invisible vortex as they tried their best to hang on to something, to no avail. “A miniature black hole?” Apep proposed, having seen the effect of one in the past. A very advanced species had used it against him but unfortunately he was unaffected by it and destroyed them anyway.

“Not quite.” Princess seemed a bit more unnerved than him, which in turn terrified him since he knew that Super Goddesses were so powerful any event enough to rattle them was probably not good news. “The fabric of reality is unfolding itself before our eyes. Something is happening. Non-existence is winning over existence…”

“What?!” Apep couldn’t even conceive it but Princess seemed so sure of it and deadly serious.

“Apep. You have some power yourself, don’t you? I think I’m going to have to ask you to help the miners while I try to stop that thing.”

Try? Dia had been drilling the mantra that they were omnipotent in his mind during his captivity. There was no try, they just did things and the universe had to comply. Apep didn’t know why but this new revelation put him between a rock and a hard place as he legitimately couldn’t give a single shit about the Toops–as per his nature–but somehow he felt pressured to do the right thing and save them. Why was he even thinking it was the right thing? He was sure it was all because of that stupid physical contact back on the other planet. The mortals must have infected him with the virus of stupid moralism!

But if a Super Goddess had asked for help that meant they were in real danger, and Apep’s newborn feelings wouldn’t allow him to stand and watch how those poor souls, yelling for help at their sure demise, died because of his ambivalence.

As he was experiencing this internal crisis, Princess rushed to the breach in existence. Non-existence absorbed her right away, trying desperately to undo the existence of the omnipotent alien. She used the full extent of her elastic powers as her body stretched beyond physics, beyond logic itself, thinning its biogel matter to the point where it was pretty much a transparent coat over the invisible surface of the anomaly, though still more durable than any other substance in the multiverse.

The initial reaction to Princess’s heroic stall was that the Toops were not being pulled into the anomaly with the same intensity. “Now!” She yelled with a high pitched voice. 

That was enough to wake the daydreaming Apep up, who surveyed the situation in seconds and rushed with his blinding super speed to catch every mole person he could in his thin yet powerful arms, mounting them on a perfectly balanced stack as if they were blocks. He heard a muddled Get them into the ship! by the slimy omnipotent as he saw how she conjured more and more of her gelatinous body with magic just to stall non-existence’s gluttonous absorption.

Apep obeyed and flew as fast as he could, casting a protective energy barrier around him and the Toops to allow them to survive in space as he broke through the solid rock and escaped into the vacuum. Dammit, why the hell am I doing this?! And why do I want to come back and save her too?!”

When he was far enough to telekinetically throw the Toops towards the ship and be done with, he was stopped by Dia. She teleported in front of them, with her usual unamused expression, arms crossed and her eyes hidden by her bangs.

She got an initial frightened reaction out of the much smaller moles since she looked like a giant next to them and she was as intimidating and imposing as her mother. However, they quickly realized that it was their one and true goddess and their devotion and love for her overtook any sense of dread they had. “We are saved!” One of them said.

“Our Goddess Dia has come to our aid in our time of need once again! Praise Dia!” Ren reaffirmed with conviction.

All of a sudden it seemed like the entire universe was rumbling and trembling. Apep turned, afraid for the first time in his life as the usually dark background with stars began to crack, giving way to a strange pattern similar to that of TV static. What if Princess had failed?

“I’m afraid it’s not going to be that easy this time.” Dia sentenced. “As you can see non-existence is leaking into existence, canceling it and in turn threatening our very being.” She looked down at Apep, her intense pink gaze glowing behind a dark curtain of luscious hair. A subtle smile appeared. “It looks like you are going to ask me a favor.”

Apep hated everything about this. How could she be so calm in a situation like this? She was a Super Goddess! And one that actually acted like a goddess to the Toops. How could she act like that, like she didn’t care about them and the well-being of the universe? “You think yourself very smart for setting this up, don’t you?” He hissed.

“I didn’t set up anything.” She glanced at the poor Toops, they were dead scared of the fabric of existence crumbling around them. “I can teleport them into the ship and warp them light years away from here with such an ease that you couldn’t even imagine. If you really want that. Though I was under the impression that you couldn’t care less about the fates of mortals.”

The former monster of pure destruction looked back and noticed the asteroid belt imploding on itself, being consumed by the breach created by the anomaly. Was Princess alright? They didn’t have much time. And…if a Super Goddess was unable to fix this situation, who could? Wasn’t existence doomed anyway? Why was Dia so calm and secure? All those questions without answer were eating at Apep’s insides and, in the end, his newfound moral fiber won. “CUT THE CRAP! I need to get back there and check if Princess is alive!”

“Oh well~ If you beg with such a cute voice I can’t refuse.” She snapped her omnipotent fingers and the Toops, including Ren, were all accommodated into the spaceship. Close to a million people seated into a machine that seemingly moved by itself and magically had the necessary fuel all of a sudden.

Dia’s prodigious mind set the coordinates to their promised land and she approached the hull. The engine was already roaring as the Super Goddess floated towards the giant exhaust ports. The world burning flames didn’t seem to damage the little clothes she wore, let alone her body as she placed her gloved fingers on the metal surface and lightly pushed it.

Right away, propelled by the FTL drive itself alongside Dia’s ridiculous strength, the spaceship pivoted out of their sight and abandoned the system, leaving blue trails behind. “Will they be safe?” Apep wondered with a softer voice.

“The anomaly hasn’t reached that part of the universe yet but it needs to be stopped quickly.” Dia chuckled. “Princess too, huh? I didn’t expect that.”

“I’ll go back.” It wasn’t a great day for Apep. He felt like he was being beelined into saving the world just to prove a point but Princess was a good person and he didn’t want to sacrifice her. 

Dia saw the heroic actions of her tiny companion and let out a tender smile. “Good grief, this guy.”

When Apep reached the epicenter of the anomaly he yelled for Princess. He knew she would be able to hear him in the vacuum of space just like Dia since both were Super Goddesses.

But he heard nothing back.

Apep knew well going in further was suicide, specially if Princess’s body wasn’t there to protect him from the anomaly but he had promised himself he wouldn’t lose her. Inside, he instantly felt the pull of non-existence, as the anomaly filled the space around him. He maneuvered around the gaining patches of static, knowing full well he would disappear if he ever touched them. He wasn’t precisely comfortable with his new body but it was preferable to becoming nothing.

As he suspected, the Super Goddess wasn’t there. He began to internally panic, not just because of her safety but because of his and everyone else’s. If an omnipotent being couldn’t contain non-existence from breaking in, no one could. Not even Dia.

But it was too late to turn back. The suction was so powerful that he couldn’t really escape, only use all his magical power to resist in place. Dia watched from afar and awaited Apep’s final moment of resolve as he realized that there was no way out, and with so little knowledge inaction was the only accountable mistake in this situation.

With fear in his heart and the conviction to do the right thing at the selfless expense of his own life, Apep let himself go and was immediately sucked by the growing invisible vortex. 

Once Dia saw him disappear, she acted. The 2 meter tall goddess teleported towards the spot and, taking advantage that it was currently absorbing two beings of extreme power like Princess and Apep, she held the anomaly open by the sides with her hands. “Come on. I know you guys have this.”

Something changed when she mentioned that name. The suction got weaker…and a strange, grating sound started echoing in the background. “What is happening?” Dia felt puzzled and directionless for the first time in her life as the sound increased in intensity and consistency. She willed her hearing to be infinitely acute. “Ducks?”

She noticed that something was helping her push the invisible core away. Existence itself was almost about to crack at once and for all when suddenly…


An explosion of feathery green, brown and gray caught the Neo Kemetian hierophant by surprise as she had to stand there watching her body be surrounded by what seemed to be billions and billions of adorable little ducks coming out of nowhere. Soon enough the mass of aquatic birds overtook the entire area where the asteroid used to be, threatening to fill the entire expanse of that solar system. 

Not only that but the ducks were sealing all the static breaches in space, apparently fixing the fabric of existence and preventing apocalypse. Dia couldn’t believe it, but that wasn’t all. Even as more ducks came out with seemingly no end, an arm reached towards Dia, desperately trying to find some leverage. She recognized it instantly with that pale skin and spiked armbands. It was Apep.

Trying to apply as much strength as possible without hurting him, Dia pulled from the hand and quickly found she was pulling much more than she had thought at first. A total of four people landed on top of the Super Goddess as well as the ridiculous number of ducks that kept spawning and repairing the anomaly around the galaxy before it could do more damage.

On top of her large body there were Apep, two other women and a boy about Apep’s size, all covered in widespread blobs of green goo that she assumed were part of Princess. She instantly recognized the first woman. Her gorgeous body and face, her trademark heart-shaped earrings, her designer clothes and her monocle betrayed her. Dia had never personally met this woman in her life since she disappeared from existence before she was even born but the very power and essence she emanated, plus the fact that she had been described in detail by her fellow Super Goddesses, made it very clear who it was.

It was Désirée Delevigne, the Super Goddess of love, also known as CoCo. Decades ago she had been consumed by non-existence in her attempt to fuck it. She had been waiting all that time to come back, apparently, and she did that in style.

As the ducks took over non-existence, the group finally got some room to breathe and stand–or rather float in space. “You are…” Dia’s words struggled to come out. CoCo was the most gorgeous and elegant woman she had ever seen, and she seemed completely unharmed by her almost century-long stay at non-existence.

“CoCo.” The thick and completely intentional sexy French accent blessed everyone’s ears as she smoked from her golden pipe and puffed out a smoke heart. “Oh darling, I didn’t expect that would work but it did.”

The strange male that possessed the same static pattern as non-existence hugged the Super Goddess with all his strength, alongside a taller female that instead was completely in the dark, like the kind of character in a videogame that is yet to be unlocked. She was shaped similarly to CoCo but neither of them had observable features. “You did it, dear!” The man said with a voice that resembled that of a boy’s but with a thousand different effects applied over it, making it quite difficult to understand.

“Is this how existence feels? It’s great!” The girl, who sounded rather normal, was incredibly happy.

CoCo clacked her heels–despite walking over nothing–as she swayed her hips and fat ass towards the other girls. Apep was completely dumbfounded by this exchange. It was like reality didn’t matter anymore with these people. Anything could happen at any given point.

Her human body was understandably horny. So much in fact that functioning alone was difficult. The overwhelming amount of Super Pheromones around her was driving his blood pressure crazy and making his human heartbeat pump at an unnatural pace. It didn’t help that CoCo was now feeling the mood by getting way too personal and touching his chin, followed by Dia’s and the newly reformed Princess. “You two are Super Goddesses. I don’t know you. How much time has passed since I’ve been gone?”

Dia answered. “96 years. But I’m afraid only us Super Goddesses know that. Every other trace of your existence has vanished and one remembers you. Sorry.” No pictures, no articles in the press, no designer clothes or accessories with her brand on stores, no recollection whatsoever in the minds of even her most ardent fans. She had completely faded out of collective consciousness like she never existed. And in a manner of speaking, it was the truth. Until now.

“That’s not fair at all, is it? Well, if I have to start anew then it’s better I do it as fast as possible. I’ll deploy some clones on Earth and go on a sex rampage. I’m sure then they will remember me~” She let out an adorable fufufu after the lewd statement.

Princess finally managed to reform herself, practically unharmed from being subjected to not existing for half an hour. “Nice to meet you! My real name is a bit complicated so you can call me Princess!”

“Oh wow…an alien Super Goddess? I didn’t think that was possible. You are adorable!” She said while pinching her chubby cheeks, which made the gooey goddess smile and jiggle in delight.

“Mhm! I thought I’d never get to meet you. That would have been a shame considering the others told me about your legendary deeds.”

“Is that so? What about you, big girl? I think I see something familiar in you.”

“Naturally, Miss CoCo. I’m Dia, the daughter of M’Wela and Elza.” She said proudly.

“Those two…? Oh wow, I never predicted it. And I dare deem myself a seasoned matchmaker that never misreads love!” She let out a bittersweet sight. “In any case I’m so happy for them! Of course they would make a lovely looking daughter like you~”

“Thanks…But I must ask. How did you escape non-existence? And why now?”

“Well these two people you see here are non-existence. These are my boyfriend Non and our daughter Connie. She is a hybrid of existence and non-existence.” Apep ignored how ridiculous that sounded because he was fixated on Connie. Yes, she was somehow beautiful. Despite the notorious lack of a look per se she had shapely curves and there was a certain je ne sais quois to her presence. Maybe he found her relatable because they both were inhabiting bodies that were walking contradictions to their origins. “He tried to kill me for a while but we quickly became the perfect roommates when we found there’s literally nothing that can harm a Super Goddess. Not even not existing. Isn’t that right, handsome?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“And as you can see he is very polite. I promise they won’t harm anyone here in existence.”

“What about the ducks?!” Princess interjected.

“Well, it took me all those decades but I finally figured out the only way to escape was ducks! I’m a genius, am I not?! Luckily you guys kept the breach open long enough that I could enact my plan.”

Apep had to react to that silliness. “Ducks. You found the way to cease not existing was ducks.”

“Yes, ducks~” She didn’t owe anyone an explanation, nor would she ever give one.

Dia sighed in relief. “Well, whatever the case I’m glad to have you back and I’m sure the others will be happy to see you too.”

“So much must have changed! I’m positively giddy to learn more, girls~” She finally paid attention to Apep and crouched to look him in the eye. “Hmmmm…You look like Shizuka, but you aren’t Shizuka.”

“My friend is using a copy of her body because his original one wasn't working anymore.”

“Oh, lucky you. Shizuka has a very nice body. Want to test it?~” She licked her lips. Apep went all red all of a sudden. His hormones were driving him crazy. Dia was sexy and liked to tease him but this woman was on a completely different level. It was only now that he was noticing how his new body was fine tuned for fucking and even the slightest insinuation could lead him to a state near orgasm. In fact, at that very moment he was struggling to contain a moan. “He chose to sacrifice himself to save us all today.” Dia said, proud of Apep’s progress. “I’m just happy it didn’t have to come to that.”

“That’s true. Apep came back for me, he was worried about me and entered the anomaly despite knowing he had no chance. Ahhhhh so heroic~” Princess hugged herself thinking about it.

“Is that so? What a cutie~” Before he finished blinking, Apep found himself being sandwiched between Dia’s bare tits to his right and CoCo’s melons to his left. His body was going into overdrive, temperature rising. He could only shake like a leaf and let out tiny, pitiful and girly shrieks as the two goddesses toyed with him, rubbing their breasts on his smaller frame.

    “Me too, me too!” Princess yelled enthusiastically before joining from behind. She even chose to elongate her legs so she could be as tall as the other two and basically drown Apep’s bi-colored head in an ocean of titflesh. Dia had her usual stoic expression while CoCo looked understandably horny and smug and Princess was having the time of her life.

IMG 2773

“Enough, guys! Let me breathe!” Apep somehow managed to slide out of their jiggly lock. His new body was dangerous, and got sexually excited very easily. He prayed none of them paid attention to the fact that his pussy was leaking like a faucet at the moment, straight up dripping wet.

“Ow…Not fair~” CoCo chuckled.

“Let’s not stand around here. We’ll meet at the Toop promised land and get more comfortable.” Dia advised.

Apep and Connie remained on top of a grassy hill while staring at the monumental party that the Toops were throwing next to their new camp. Euphoria, the planet that Dia herself had baptized for her mole people followers, was everything they could hope for and more. Beautiful and full of the necessary resources for any species to thrive. Truly a reward for their years of itinerant hard work and suffering.

Even the ducks that had patched the cracks in existence hours before were content with their new home, basically inhabiting most of the planet by themselves and dwarfing the Toop population. 

The two supernatural beings were the outsiders in this picture, but unlike the Super Goddesses they didn’t have an inherent drive to fuck everything with a pulse–like what was happening at the moment. If only, Apep was getting slowly more used to Shizuka’s bodily functions and how to contain the relentless libido. “I think I've had enough human emotions for the day.”

Connie put her eldritch, darker-than-dark hand on top of his, eliciting a surprised reaction instead of fear. For the first time in his life, he didn’t feel like recoiling at the sight of affection. “But you seemed like quite the hero back there. Look how happy you made these people~”

“Well…After all I can’t say I dislike them. It feels good being…like this, instead of how I used to be.”

“That is good news. What do you say we join them and just…enjoy ourselves for the night? You look like you have gone through a lot and need some fun~”

Apep’s eyes lightened up for a second. The former destroyer, now savior, genuinely smiled.

Down in the field, CoCo and Dia observed their children, so to speak, as they scissored each other. Between the heights of orgasmic pleasure, they had some time to relish in their precious new relationship and how much good it would do for their development as people. “Not even in my wildest dreams I’d have thought Apep would get used to humanity so soon.” The Egyptian omnipotent stated.

“I totally ship those two.” CoCo added, biting her lip. Connie might be her flesh and blood (sort of) but her matchmaking radar never failed and she had to accept the results it gave her.

“If someone can accept Apep in her heart, then Apep will have no choice but to accept it too.”

“Enough talk, new girl. Let’s get back to le sexe~”

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