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Help! My Mom Wants to Take Over the World! – Chapter 5

Written by Glaazius :: [Friday, 06 October 2023 18:45] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 October 2023 08:58]

Clara's deadline has passed.

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Dressed in a bathrobe after a nice long shower, Clara shut her laptop as she went through her emails and spread her arms while yawning loudly. She reclined in her chair, poured herself another glass of red wine and took a sip while contemplating her following steps.

A look at the wall clock showed her that it was a few minutes after midnight. Clara's deadline to the world had already passed. As anticipated, the world had not willingly prostrated to Clara.

Only Mexico had - its capital was now named Clara's Place - along with a few minor countries she had never heard of, such as Gambia and Djibouti. The Netherlands had made it known that they were willing to talk to Clara about potential treaties. Clara merely chuckled that mail away while reading it.

What impertinence to think that such a puny nation was in a condition to negotiate. Clara found that she had been relatively unambiguous with the requests she expressed on television the day prior.

Clara was determined to be in control of everything and everyone, with no exceptions.

The Dutch people were prepared to extend a warm welcome to her, which was more than the rest of the world did; many neglected her, and some even made fun of her through personalized letters, televised programs and online platforms.

She listed down each and every country that ridiculed her, vowing to visit them first when the time was right.

For the time being, though, she was going to enjoy the anticipation of this new era – Clara's era.

The game has begun. With on one side of the field little old Clara, who has to face off against the rest of the world.

Conquering the world was like the ultimate sex for Clara. It was a beast that needed to be tamed. She would devote her body and mind to it, but she would give it three days, no more or less.

By the end of the third day, Clara was determined that everyone on the planet would revere her as the Goddess she believed herself to be.

During this new period, every individual's only objective would be to ensure that the Goddess was content.

Or at least prevent that she sinks away into boredom. If not, Clara might find her own ways to amuse herself – which would unavoidably lead to the demise and anguish of millions.

A crafty smile spread across Clara's attractive lips as she glanced out the window into the night sky, surveying the destruction she had caused the day before.

Minute flashes of red and blue light revealed that the emergency responders were working hard to extinguish the fire and save the people from underneath the wreckage.

A gentle tap on the door broke Clara's stare from her handiwork. She looked over her shoulder and noticed a timid pair of eyes looking at her through the crack of the opened door.

Clara snickered. "You never asked for my permission to come into my room before, so don't start doing it now either. Go on, Terry. Step inside. Show yourself. I'm not going to bite or something." Clara prodded her dispirited son to enter her room.

Like a meek ferret, with his head slightly hunched and hands rubbing together, Terry crept a few steps into the room, scarcely having the courage to look his mom in the eye.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, Terry! Come, give me a hug!" Clara marched up to Terry with her arms open in a welcoming way.

"I-I'm sorry!" Terry dropped to the ground, his forehead touching the floor in front of his mother's feet.

"I'm that frightening, huh?" Clara placed her hands on her hips, gazing down at her son, her head shaking. Clara turned her gaze up with a scowl when she saw someone else entering her room.

A fair-haired girl with sky-colored eyes smiled bashfully before copying Terry's action, dropping to her knees and bowing before Clara. The girl started uttering lines that sounded like praying’s.

"You're Stephanie, correct? You two are in the same course, are you not?" Clara asked.

Stephanie raised her head but kept her eyes glued to the floor. "C-can I?..."

"Yes, dear girl, you may look me in the eyes. Please, stand up." Clara said.

Before Stephanie could, she experienced an imperceptible power taking control of her body, making her stand up. "Rest assured, dear. I won't hurt you." Clara said as she saw the fear in the girl's eyes.

"Why is this girl here, Terry? In the middle of the night. Are you two a couple? Come on, talk." Clara pushed impatiently when Terry stayed mute.

She used her mental powers to hoist her son like a stringed puppet. She stared at the quivering teens in front of her with a severe look.

"S-she helps me, mother," Terry said.

"With what, son? To bust your nuts? Speak clearly!"

"S-she worships you, mother. Even before you demanded the world to do so." Terry said.

Clara intently studied the girl standing next to her son, her curiosity piqued. Yes, she could see it now.

That posture with the bowed shoulders told a story of humbleness and the way she was so desperately attempting to avoid Clara's gaze, as if she was scared to be dazzled the moment their eyes locked.

At first, Clara mistook the girl's demeanor for embarrassment for barging in on her in the middle of the night, but now she recognized the deep awe the girl's eyes were radiating in those fleeting moments she dared to lay eyes on her.

Stephanie's emerald eyes locked with Clara's. "I-I stand with everything you said on television, my Goddess. It's a shame that the world needs to be reminded of its place beneath you. We ought to be expressing gratitude for being allowed to exist in your presence instead of displaying such a wave of rebellion.

"Your intervention yesterday,” Stephanie continued. “whereby you laid waste to a good portion of the city's downtown area, was more than deserved. We should be punished. All of us. But please, my Goddess. Let me save us." Stephanie stepped forward and humbly kneeled in front of a flabbergasted Clara. "Allow me to atone for the wrongs of my human companions by becoming a martyr."

Clara examined her son with a dubious look. "You've certainly found someone with a strong will, my son."

She looked down at Stephanie, who was there on her knees, obediently awaiting whatever punishment the Goddess had in store for her. "Get up, my dear. The world does not merit your - "

At that moment, the trio's heads turned as a tremendous explosion blew up a nearby liquor store and lit up their faces in a bright orange hue. Another blast followed, destroying a neighbor's garage across the street.

"Get down!" Terry dragged Stephanie to the ground when he spotted a flying object flying in their direction.

"W-what is happening?!" Stephanie whimpered, trembling as she lay on the floor with Terry's arm around her. He screamed and clapped her hands over her ears as a loud explosion lit up the sky, making the whole house shake.

"They're here, mum!" Terry shouted, looking up at his unperturbed mother.

Clara stood there, wearing her bathrobe, observing the scene outside the window while a fiery calamity occurred in the street, with a barrage of projectiles smashing everything and setting it aflame.

"I know," Clara answered coolly but looking vexed nonetheless. She knew they would come. She looked forward to it. But their timing vexed Clara. "Stay here, you two. You'll be safe. I've put a protective ward around the house. No one can harm you."

"Mom!" Terry stretched his arm out as he watched his mother take off into the air, shooting through the ceiling, wreaking it – while at the same time, fixing it after exiting the house.

Rivulets of raindrops ran down Clara's face as she rose higher to get a clearer look at the growing uproar below her, where the thunder of weapons grew louder. "Ah, there you are," Clara smirked as she spotted a mass of tanks, artillery, and infantry with their heavy arms near the edge of a forest, giving her house the full brunt of their firepower. It gratified Clara to see that nothing could breach her shield. Her son and his friend are safe—time to deal with this nuisance.

Clara flew over to the small army and stopped, hovering in the air with her hands on her hips and looking down on everyone. "Alright, give me your best shot."

Hundreds of heads were facing up. Weapons were being reloaded and pointed at the woman in the sky wearing nothing but a fluttering bathrobe draped around her stunning figure. "Fire!!!" it bellowed out of the throat of its commander.

Clara shut her eyes tight and flung out her arms in anticipation of the onslaught of hostility that was headed her way. She was looking forward to this.

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