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Birth of the Undead – Multiple Identities 12

Written by kshoo :: [Saturday, 07 October 2023 09:25] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 October 2023 12:49]

The first thing that came to Kara Zor-El’s mind was the incredible sense of pleasant horniness washing and permeating across her powerful body. Seemingly coming out of a weird daze her mind was still in a flux, confused as to what was happening and where the fuck was she.

And then her eyes focused on the male who was literally just inches in front of her, playing with her own female body.

His eyes closed seemingly in a trance, he was mumbling something incorherently while groping her budding chest pleasantly, gently caressing her globes while pinching her nips alternatively. Even though she has no idea nor recollection about what transpired, the entire action was very pleasant, arousing, and the way her body was being so open to this ministrations indicated she welcomed this.

That, and a very interesting and familiar object that was oh so deliciously close to her pussy, making her feeling oh so very aroused in between her legs. Already touching and even pressing at her gates but not quite able to push through, the man seemed contented enough to rub and grind his firmness persistently so that it rubbed against her very excited clit and slit underneath her bright red skirt which had partially flipped upwards on her thighs, the copious amount of cum confirming that it was not an entirely unpleasant experience.

Yes, her maturing body is really primed for some true lovemaking. Desiring the opportunity to make love to someone that she wants. Someone that she trusts. Someone that she truly desires.

But this...this is all wrong.

Her supermind quickly picked up the fragments of where she saw the man before, given that as far as she could recall they have never been introduced in person, much less getting intimate. She definitely doesn’t remember approving or allowing him to make love to her. Or at least trying to, given that he was definitely not making much headway anyway. Despite her entire body's continued pleasant tingling, and she could feel the slight jolts of pleasures that expanded and seemingly flowing out from where his touches lay, on her chest and southern lips.

”WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??” Gaius was forcibly awaken from his trance with that shout, and he shuddered involuntarily when he saw the enraged look on Supergirl’s face mere inches away from him. In reflex he tried to pull back his manmeat when he winced in pain, his lower body now trapped by a pair of feminine thighs whose grip reminded him of heavy industrial machinery that was more than capable of ripping off his male pride from its roots if need be.

“Not so fast, you bastard. I want an answer NOW, and if I’m not happy with it, well, I can’t guarantee the safety of you little one down there. Oh yes.” She smiled menacingly as the pain was transmitted plainly on Gaius Marcus’ face. “and I don’t like waiting.”   

Thinking fast, Gaius used that precious few seconds to quickly evaluate his options. For whatever reason his mental link has broken, which meant that the spell must have been compromised somehow. But then, that doesn’t mean all was lost. It’s different between a mental hold versus mental conditioning, where the latter aims to build habits that lasts longer. Which means he still has a chance...

Speaking as calm a voice as he could muster, Gaius tried to control the conversation. “Now now, Supergirl. Please be careful with my sausage. After all, you were the one who came to seek out my help, remember? We’re both in this together...”

“Me? I came to... ANSWER ME FIRST, YOU FUCK!! Who the hell are you??”

“Gaius Marcus at your service. But for friends and lovers, you can call me Buzz.” Despite his supposedly calm demeanour he was sweating bullets. Though whether it was due to the summer heat, the grinding actions of partial sex from earlier, or from the current fear of potential things to come, he couldn’t really be sure.

He quickly continued, trying to control the conversation. “You see, we are in a sort of roleplay, the practice of the intimate kind that you so desired. You needed help, to try and learn to be gentle with lovers during sexual intercourse. YOU approached me for help, and I agreed to be a willing partner for this entire program. You seemed to agree with our arrangement amicably enough earlier, hence there’s really nothing to worry about.”

“Sexual intercourse with a human? Being gentle at lovemaking? What the fuck are you talking about? How come I don’t remember any of this? And what’s with all the din?” It was at that precise moment that suddenly the contents on the shelf on the far wall collapsed onto the floor, some of the decorative porcelain miniatures crashing and breaking all over the floor. In reflect her supersensitive hearing detected the source of all the commotion, and a quick glance of her xray vision followed suit, allowing her to see two familiar young ladies going up against each other in the other room.

Upon seeing where Supergirl’s gaze was focused on, Buzz had no doubt that the game was up. The only question was whether he could still get out from this particular predicament alive. There was still one hope left though, and he hoped that the initial conditioning had had enough time to take root.

Now is as good a time as any to try it out.

As the Girl of Steel stood up from the bed, she relinquished her leghold on the man as she quickly adjusted her top and skirt to be decent within a couple of heartbeats. Buzz quickly took advantage by scooting backwards and got dressed as well. Even though she hadn’t reacted, Supergirl felt rage rising within her as she continued observing the man, the man who was supposedly trying to make love to her but was in actual fact trying to violate her. She pulled her right arm backward and made a fist, barely holding back on the power that she knew if she were to unleash within her punch, the magnitude would actually level a mountain range.

But for some reason, Buzz just stood up and look back at her confidently. In fact, he daringly took two steps towards her even as he held her gaze, smiling all the way.

“I’m speaking the truth, Supergirl. You can’t hurt me, Supergirl. None of your superpowers will work on me. That’s your promise to me, and as a Kryptonian, you never renege on that promise.”


And he was right! Buzz’ grin grew wider when he saw Kara, despite all her anger, struggling and ultimately unable to bring her cocked, right arm forward. As if her body was unable to complete the action so desired by her mind despite wanting to send him splattering across the wall. She looked confused, frustrated and became even angrier, gritting her teeth slightly as she attempted again and again to throw her punch, but somehow her own powerful physique was not obeying her intentions somehow.

“What...How is that possible?? WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?”

“Me? But how could I? After all, you are a Kryptonian goddess on Earth, the most powerful superheroine! There is nothing that a frail human who can make you do things against your will.” He snickered mockingly, relaxing slightly as he watched her actions.

There must be something that this bastard did to me, forcing me to comply, thought the Girl of Steel. Grabbing the shoulders of the person in front of her, she wanted to push the guy down onto the ground and stomp on him, to show him that it’s not a wise to try to go up against an all-powerful Kryptonian female. But it was as if he was the one who was made of stone, for no matter how hard she tried she can’t seem to muster any of her phenomenal strength to do it.

But he’s only a Terran! Under usual circumstances, a flick of her finger would have sent him flying, much less using her arms and hands.And as far she could tell, she felt as empowered as ever with no Kryptonite within range to render her helpless.

Channeling the boiling anger within her to feed her intent, she grabbed hold of his shoulders and channeled her frustration through her eyes. But even as she felt the energies of the sun gathering behind her eyes, the heat reddening her face for a brief moment, she was unable to push it out against the man in front.

So too did her supposed superbreath, where no matter how she pursed her lips, nothing beyond a flicker of a gentle breeze came out from her mouth. She had created hurricane level superbreaths and even ice-breaths with less effort than now.


That only served to enboldened the male witch who proceeded to taunt her further.

“You know, we were really having a good time just now. If you really don’t want to do it, you could have easily said no. No one can have their way with someone as powerful as you, so you can’t blame me for this. But now you have to be all difficult. Just as well that your Kryptonian powers don’t work on me now.”

Wait, what? Don’t work on him NOW? What does he mean? Amidst the sudden rising fear from her gut, Kara finally remembered that she was still able to look through the wall and hear anything and everything without any problems. Logic meant that all her powers remained available intact, that she was not depowered in anyway.

So that only meant that her powers doesn’t work on Gaius, for some reason.

Magic? And he specifically referred to my Kryptonian powers... her thought process was interrupted by Gaius mistook her non-reply as being confused.

“You know...” he chuckled as he just continued speaking his mind “Given that I didn’t get a rise out of our sexual coupling, maybe we can come to an...alternative arrangement so to speak?”

Supergirl’s eyes narrowed at that question. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Maybe you can be my ‘playmate’ for awhile. You know, come by to service me sexually whenever I need it. You see, while I’ve always enjoyed a tryst now and then, and nothing beats having a real go with a true superheroine! Oh, all those cosplayers are all just part of the enticer to whet I desires, but you will also agree that no amount of copies can beat the original, no? There are so many other positions that I am dying to try out, and given your amazing flexibility and powers, I am sure we can find various use of it to keep things hot and steamy. Oh, I’m sure that you are pretty busy with all that’s happening in the world, rescuing cats from trees or pulling people out from house fires. But wherever you may be at any time, I am sure you will be able to hear my voice and come to me, wherever I am.”

“Or else?” Kara clenched her fist as she realised the situation she is in.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too convenient for me to select such a place for our little tête-à-tête? I purposedly chose this place. After the Foundation acquired the grounds, the one common thing available throughout the building was surveillance. Abundace of it, in each of the rooms. Which meant that everything that we had been doing have all been captured on video. Ah, the wonders of modern technology, where everything is automatically backed-up and stored on the cloud, all safe and sound. Now, given your particularly squeaky clean reputation as a superheroine, we wouldn’t want this video to leak out and affect that image in anyway, do we?”

“You bastard!!!”


“Language, language. Like all other males on this planet, I too desire a good female companion whom we can love and trust for the rest of our lives. If not, well, at least I want someone who can at least be a good fuck. To be frank I thought we actually had a good thing going. But given your earlier demeanour to me, I suppose you were more than ready to leave me, using all your powers at your disposal to get rid of me. Just like used tissue paper, thrown away into the rubbish bin after wiping off all your female cunt juices with it. Well, you will find that I’m not that easy to get rid of. Consider this as my insurance package.”

Closing her eyes for awhile to gather her faculties, she was so upset that she could just fly him away and toss him out into outer space immediately. If she could, that is. Being manipulated against her wishes in this way, and then trying to take advantage of her even. Her mind raced at a speed even faster than the speed of light, and she finally came to a conclusion.

Boy was she going to make him pay.

Gaius looked on nonchalantly as the Girl of Steel reopened her eyes. Those piercingly blue diamonds stared daggers at him, and finally she replied slowly. “Fine. You win.”

Gaius’ grin widened at that remark when he suddenly felt Kara grabbing hold of his right shoulder, bringing him closer as they stared at each other. Seemingly simultaneously generating and yet holding back her vaunted heat vision, he could actually feel the heat spreading around her face to his, seeing how the Girl of Steel’s eyes went from those amazing azure blue to ruby red before returning to its initial blue. Confident in having reigned in all of the vaunted Supergirl’s powers, he just looked on with interest as Supergirl spoke to him in a relatively calm manner.

“First, tell me what you did to me. And how.”


“Well, that’s easy.” Given that Superman’s promises are regarded to be as good as gold, he automatically assumed the same applies for the Kryptonian woman standing in front of him. “You see, you were being mentally conditioned by me, so that we can a build a bond. And what better bond than a relationship built on love and sex.”

“So you cast a spell on me. To manipulate me.” She continued staring intently at him, and while it was getting a little hotter with the heat radiating all around her face, still he continued.

“Not exactly. I cast a spell in order for me to get into your mind. I needed to be in there, in order to seed those thoughts within you. It was not that easy to sway or influence one’s mind, unless one can make that thought seem to be their own to start off with. That’s not enough though. To truly have it take hold, I also need to build a habit by repeating the same again and again and again so that it becomes even more natural.” Hang on, why am I telling her all this? Even though those were his plans exactly, he was starting to feel curious why he was divulging so much information out to Supergirl. But those beautiful eyes of hers...that bright red glow on top of the azure blue was so enticing and mesmerizing that he just couldn’t help himself.

Her controlled tone persisted. “I see. But how did you even get into my mind in the first place? I have no recollection of having met you prior to this.”

“When you first came upon the Manor a few weeks ago, you touched the protective barrier that I’ve set up midflight. It was setup so that an underlying spell was interwoven with the main protective version, acting somewhat like an annoying trojan horse. I counted on it that you would be curious, and to my delight, it really succeeded in making your mind more open and susceptible. The spell was to latch onto what your body and mind desired, using that as the catalyst to allow the castor, me, to probe into your mind. And joy of joy that all you were thinking since was desiring sexual pleasure at that time. The spell just fed into that direction, and made your mind more susceptible whenever you are having sex either with someone else or even alone. Mind you, you WERE really doing it very very frequently of late.” Sweating slightly now, a weird sense of panic started to rise from his gut even though he continued explaining calmly to Supergirl. Why was he saying so much? This wasn’t part of his plan, was it?

“So it was you who entered my dreams. You were using my own frustrations and arousal against me?” That tone is starting to take a dangerous turn.

“Oh, it’s not so much of a frustration but more a pent-up demand. You DEMANDED the sort of powerful lovemaking that would shatter mountains and break planets, to truly let go and enjoy the entire sexual experience and afterglow. Here on earth though, that would literally mean death and destructionm, which is why only in your dreams where it was the only truly safe place for you to really ‘do it’ safely. Of course, you had to be fantasizing about that one and only capable man on this planet who is truly SUPER in each and everyway, who is capable to take you to heaven and beyond. I just gave it a little push in the right way, guiding you to consider the possibility of ‘doing it safely’ with other regular human beings like me. Finally I positioned myself as the right man for the job, the only person for the job, to be able to harness your powers and abilities in the right way sexually.”

“Yes,’s all clearer now. So why can’t I use my powers?”

Alarm bells were now ringing in his mind already. It wasn’t even a disguised question. Gaius Marcus just couldn’t help himself though. Despite his hesitance it only took two seconds for him to continue replying.

“I...It’s because of your vaunted abilities obviously. To be able to make love to you, I have to try to influence your mind to maintain control over your physical body, so that you don’t unknowingly crush me into a pulp. To strengthen the conditioning, I also pushed the idea of being your lover, for leveraging on love definitely beats creating fear. That made you hone your actions further, to be more gentle with and around me, to not harm me with your Kryptonian abilities in any way even when we tried to do it. Again, it needed multiple rounds of practices, and as you can see, it has taken hold very well.”

“Well now. It does sound so simple now that you’ve explained it all to me. That wasn’t so hard was it Buzz?” With that, Gaius seemingly came to his wits again, suddenly. His face contorted slightly and he took two steps back, as he saw Kara Zor-El smiling at him, her eyes flashing in-between red and blue.

The kind of smile that a predator would give a cornered prey.

“No, wait. That wasn’t..shit...what did you do to me?” It was obvious Gaius was not anticipating this latest twist in the tale. The script is going off from its intended track suddenly.  

“Oh, but I didn’t do anything to you, Buzz. Like you said, you’ve succeeded in conditioning me to not use any of my KRYPTONIAN powers on you right?” The Maid of Might smiled wider as within moments she had backed him up against the wall, her smile never wavered even as she pressed her chest gently against his torso. Despite them looking soft and bouncing they now felt like two wrecking balls pinning him against the wall.

“Like what you said, I can’t use them to hurt you. Knowing that however gave me a different perspective of trying something different...” She then pressed her dainty hands onto the wall on both sides of Gaius. A gentle application of her strength, and Gaius’ sweat poured down even more as he heard the cracking of the walls. “ allow me to have a little bit of fun. This time, I am going to let you experience it together with me. After all, that’s what you’ve always wanted all along, no? To have a amazing fuck with the most desireable superheroine on Earth. To make love to the one and only Supergirl.”

Sweat started pouring down his forehead. “What...what do you mean? What do you want to do?”

Kara leaned closer towards Gaius and cooed out slowly “Why, you read my mind all along. Turns out I, too, need a mindblowing, super-powerful unrestained orgasm, of course! Since you’re so enraptured with me, and basically couldn’t help but feel SOOOO intensely turned on with me in costume, I’ll thought I’ll let you have a real go at me, here and now.”

That was such an obvious and ominous threat that even the blind could see that. But it wasn’t something that was up for debate. Before he could even protest he already found his pants shredded apart, Supergirl easily tearing them with a gentle tug with her left hand. He groaned in partial pain/pleasure when her right hand, hands that could crush steel into liquid, grabbed and held his manhood and balls tight.

“Come on, Buzz. Where’s that hard, organic steel that you know I’ve been craving for? It takes a real MAN to get anything out of me. Since you’re obsessed with fucking me, I’m going to give you the chance of a lifetime now to prove your worth. Don’t you want to take me, Buzz?? Show me what I’m missing? This is your chance to make me a woman!” With that Kara’s eyes again shifted from her Kryptonian azure blue eyes back to bright red.

The response was immediate, and seemingly on his own accord Gaius Marcus found himself grabbing his tool with his left hand and started jerking himself off quickly, with Kara’s unique mind powers egged him on. As he hardened and approached what he thought was his maximum size of 6-inches, in a quick “whoosh” he found himself laying on top of the Maid of Might again on the bed.

Or rather, being held by the powerful superheroine above her, her arms and legs easily balancing his larger body above hers like a gentle piece of paper.

Looking downwards at her, he saw her licking her lips seductively at him seemingly in anticipation, and then seeing those super-nipples that he had played with earlier slowly tenting up noticeably from the <S> crest again. Even her skirt has been hiked up, revealing her all-so-ready flower that was waiting eagerly for him to do the impossible. The additional addictive smell of honey and wildflowers filled  the air once more, making his body and mind filled with uncontrollable lust, making him even harder, if that was possible.

“Now, fuck me, Buzz. Take me, and don’t stop until you’ve penetrated me!”

If one were to hear the resultant cry of pain that reverberated across the Manor, they would be forgiven to think that for whatever curious reason that there was a pig being slaughtered at the moment. Such was the moment of pain and anguish Buzz felt when he slammed his lower body with all his strength against Supergirl’s invulnerable womanhood. He could have crumpled onto the floor in a heap if not for Kara still holding onto to him, though his penis had retarded immediately with agony as it failed in its impossible quest to penetrate the strongest and invulnerable pussy on Earth.

Tears streamed down his face even as he heard Kara’s voice again, this time even more dangerous than before.

“Why did you stop, Buzz? I thought you’ve been waiting for this moment for the longest time? To fuck me, to fuck SUPERGIRL?”

Seeing him only managing to whimper in response, Kara smirked before continuing.

“Oh, am I too tight for you? Maybe if I open myself up for you that would make things easier, wouldn’t it?” She smiled as Buzz just shook his head from side to side. “But you’re still not ready for the moment yet. Here, let me.”

With that, Buzz now found himself being held by his throat in front of the young superheroine with her left hand, as her right grabbed hold of his currently shriveled manhood to gently stroke him. Despite the agonising pain that he had felt not moments earlier, incredibly he found himself getting hard against his will. Unknowingly, the copious amount of pheremones hanging in the air seemed to be working its magic, and his body could only but react positively to all the help it obtained.

Once he had more or less regained his initial length, he took in a gulp of breath when he felt Supergirl gripping his erection with a sliver of her true strength. Seeing his fear on the face and hearing that muffled cry of alarm, Kara just gave him an angry glance of “Don’t be a pussy”, before releasing her chocking hold on him. With just two of her fingers she easily pryed her Kryptonian flower open, its pinkness and glisten of wetness around the inner parts visible to all.

“Since we’ve practiced so much, I think it’s time we put me to the REAL test. Shall we?” Ignoring the vigourous shake of his head in opposition to that, she plunged Buzz’ Terran firmness into her own cunny, moaning at that minor penetration into herself.

Buzz would have savoured that feeling of having his fully-erect penis entering into the only Kryptonian snatch in the world, but any minute hint of pleasure soon quickly gave way to indescribable pain as Kara removed her fingers to allow her labia lips and cunt engulf him, trapping him within herself. The pain increased further as Kara’s muscular control over her vagina allowed her to tighten her inner folds gradually like a machine press. Even if she was still very gentle by her own standards, in moments however the male witch was shouting and howling for her to stop, his arms repeatedly hitting her to no avail even as he felt his erection being painfully and methodically crushed within the most powerful vagina on Earth.

Just as he thought he was about to pass out from the horrible experience, he felt himself being released from her intimate hold, before being dumped unceremoniously onto the ground. The excruciating pain was such that it was all he could do to cup and grab his groin in a futile effort to try and ease the pain and soreness. He didn’t dare to even look down for fear of only finding an empty stub that used to be his penis.

“Whoops. Looks like I failed that test. So did you, I’m afraid. And here I thought that you were so confident with your work. Guess I still need more practice, though given the circumstances...” Supergirl squatted down and spoke softly. “I think I’ll need to find someone else more adequate to task, don’t you think?”

“” By now Gaius Marcus was barely coherent.

“Either you’ve grossly overestimated your own witchy abilities, or that you’ve underestimated me thoroughly. Or perhaps...” she then leaned over and smiled widely, purposedly revealing her tell-tale sharp incisors to Gaius “a bit of both?”

That stunning revelation that the young woman in front of her could possibly be one of the other creature sent Gaius Marcus into a tailspin. While the initial progress of her falling under his spell was entirely in line with the rumour that Kryptonians are susceptible to supernatural things, the fact that she was able to recover and turn the tables on him so thoroughly, influencing and controlling him in return lent credence to that strong possibility that she could very well be a vampire.

A Vampire of Steel, in Supergirl’s case.

“Now then. What should I do with you now?” The inscissors by itself are already a very ominous threat.

“No...NO please....let me live...I...I....I can surrender myself at the station. Confess to all the crimes...”

“Oh? That will save time. But I’ve also revealed a bit more than I wanted...” she then seemingly placed her left elbow on her knee and her hand under her chin seeemingly considering alternatives.

“We...I...The Congregation have always wanted all of us to be discreet. Not a word and me...and anything else. If I had known...”

“Oh I’m sure. However, I have a predicament. You see...” Leaning closer, she continued. “what you did just now? That pathetic effort? It barely got anything out of me. It’s all your fault that I’m still feeling all tingly and horny all over. And I oh so want to have my happy ending.”

Then turning over and speaking directly into his ear. “I want my orgasm. The super-exposive kind. The earth-shattering kind. And I want it. Now. And I shall not be denied by ultimate release.”


“Oh, don’t worry. After that loser of an attempt, it’s not going to work for you. Instead, let me show you how a proper Supergirl does it. Buckle up Buzz, for you’re in for a hell of a show.” Gaius could only whimper as he looked at the blonde superheroine giving him her trademark million watt smile.

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