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Raven & Josie – Chapter 5

Written by Glaazius :: [Saturday, 14 October 2023 15:21] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 14 October 2023 16:13]

Josie and Cedric are off to CJ's party where things do not go as planned.

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Dressed to kill, combed, and appropriately scented for a party, Cedric looked from left to right. He crossed the street to continue his journey towards a majestic mansion – well illuminated in the night – perched atop a hill a few blocks away.

CJ's place. A location that served – at least, for the upcoming night – as a place where youngsters could meet up with each other to have fun, party, and get drunk. For some, it was the perfect environment – if lucky – to get laid and lose their virginity.

Dressed again in her rich-girl attire, Josie walked beside him, admiring the mansion peeping above a row of houses. "Who is this CJ? Does he own that house?"

The rhythmic bass of a deep beat rolled over the neighborhood, growing louder as they neared CJ's place.

Cedric let out a chuckle. "He wished! It belongs to his stepdad – some business magnate."

"Is CJ a friend of yours?" Josie asked.

Cedric nodded with a smile on his face. "Since we were in 6th grade. Filthy horn dog, that one. Even at that age." He chuckled. "Anyway, we're about to become brothers in arms."

Josie glanced up at Cedric, puzzled. "You guys are joining the army?"

Cedric smiled proudly. "The green berets! At least, that's the plan eventually. We have to finish basic training first. But that should be a breeze for us. Hey, listen," He angled his head. "there's still something unclear to me. I know you're superpowered and all, but I assume that even you have to learn things. So where does your fighting prowess come from?"

Josie smiled. "My family lineage, the people of my mother, accounts for my innate fighting abilities. My mom told me they are a warrior race. Everyone can fight, even the ones who do not like it, like my sister."

"And you like it?" Cedric asked.

"I love it!" Josie beamed, her voice pitching louder from enthusiasm. "Because you see. Even though the fundamentals are there from the start, a Sethion can still spark the skill brighter through practice. And you have the element of 'talent' which differentiates fighters from each other. Some of them are true masters, like my mom. She even told me about grand tournaments being held in majestic arenas where warriors from different clans faced one another for prestigious prizes and glory. Can you believe it?!" She looked at him wide-eyed with wonderment.

"Is it something you crave?" Cedric said, sensing Josie's longing.

Josie's eyes dimmed. "Too bad a thing like that will never happen. Those tournaments are up there, and I'm stuck down here. All my mom worries about is making sure we live a boring life."

"But your mom ain't here now, is she?" Cedric said with a wink.

Josie gave him a coy smile.

Then a voice cut through the night as it called for Cedric. He waved at some of his friends waiting for him at the gate of CJ's mansion. The whole pack looked liquored up, but they were all friendly to Josie and made funny jokes. It was a stark contrast to Kim and her posse. Josie considered hanging out with these guys instead of reuniting with Raven, Queen Bitch, and her shallow-minded minions.

After a flamboyant meeting whereby, Cedric remained a gentleman and one after the other of his friends kept boasting about the number of girls they would score this night, they ambled down a long path that led to the main entrance. The door swung open, and the pulsing beat of an underground house song whipped in their faces.

"I've already located my target!" One of Cedric's friends screamed above the music while leering at a blond fox guffawing at the bar with her friends with a glass of liquor in


"I'll be your wingman and go for the brunette with the leather pants standing left of her!" Another one of Cedric's friends screamed. Both boys bumped fists, scrounged up a cup of beer from a table and dashed off.

Cedric chuckled and shook his head.

Josie poked her elbow in Cedric's side. "See someone of your liking yet?" she smiled mischievously, batting her eyelashes teasingly at him.

"I definitely do," Cedric stared intensely into Josie's eyes.

Josie rolled her eyes. "Idiot!" she chuckled, turning her head away to hide the blush on her cheeks.

"Incoming! Make way! Make way!" a girl screeched behind them while barging brazenly through Cedric and his friends. It was a girl that Josie recognized from Kim's posse. So, it wasn't a surprise that the Queen Bee herself made her dramatic entrance a moment later. A stream of well-disciplined gals followed her. Raven was also among them.

"You can go with them if you like," Cedric said while looking at Kim's posse, scaring away some nerds to take over a luxurious corner sofa in the living room next to a table filled with booze. "We can meet up later."

Josie scowled while looking after them and snorted. "I'd rather not."

Cedric smiled, seemingly glad about her decision. "In that case," his arm reached out to grab a drink. "Some alcohol?"

Josie shrugged, took over the cup, and downed it in one go.

Cedric gazed at her with widened eyes. "Okay, you just chugged a cup of pure whiskey while looking like someone who just drained a bottle of root beer."

Josie shrugged, wiping her mouth clean. "It's no big deal."

"But your throat? Isn't it burning like hell right now?"

"I'm superpowered, remember?" Josie smiled. "Nothing on earth can give me a feeling equivalent to pain."

"That may be true. But that booze will strike you like a bomb in a few moments from now, mark my words."

Josie shook her head, placing the empty glass on a table. "No, it isn’t. My metabolism works quite differently than yours."

Cedric arched a brow. "So, you can't get drunk?"

"Nope," Josie grabbed a cup of water to wash out the foul taste in her mouth.

"Oh my, that must like… really suck!"

"That's not how I feel," Josie said. "I've seen my dad drunk on a few

accessions and all he does is talk gibberish and make himself look like a fool."

Two hammered boys waddled past them. One of them supported the other with his arm.

Then they stumbled over a stool and fell to the floor, draped on one another.

At first, they began blaming each other in incoherent sentences, then they

burst into loud hyena-like guffaws, and finally, they embraced each other as if

they had been long-lost lovers.

Josie gave Cedric a knowing look. "See? I don't miss anything."

"Can't argue with that now, can I?" Cedric replied, chuckling.

"I do wonder though as to why on earth would a gentleman serve a lady something like pure whiskey? You weren't attempting to liquor me up to take advantage of me now, weren't you?" Josie tapped her finger against his chest while scowling at him.

"I, uhm…" Cedric's eyes darted every which way.

"Because if you were, mister," Josie took a step closer to him, staring at him quite intensely. "You should be aware that I can become quite dangerous." Cedric gaped slack-jawed as Josie's alluring blue eyes lit up into two ominous red orbs, burning fiercely.

Cedric gulped, "You're… scary."

"I know!" Josie smiled mischievously as her eyes churned back to normal.

"Come, this is my song!" In her enthusiasm, Josie was unaware that

she nearly pulled Cedric's arm out of its socket with her powers when her petite hand dragged him to the dancefloor. A few bystanders cocked a brow as they saw a burly, muscular guy like Cedric yanked along like a ragdoll by a blond squirt like Josie.

There, they joyfully indulged in the rhythmic beats blasting out of two massive speakers stationed next to the DJ table. Josie even joined some of Cedric's eccentric friends as they executed some crazy dance, whereby they made weird faces and even weirder moves while sticking their tongues out on the rhythm of the beat. Josie had the time of her life.

She then stole the show when she showcased her shuffle skills – a dance she's practiced in her bedroom up until the point of annoyance. A big circle of cheering and whistling peeps gathered around Josie and another girl as they battled it out with each other on the rhythm of some whipped-up hardstyle song.

The event pulled quite the attention. Even Kim and her entourage came schmoozing through the throng to find out what all the fuss was about.

The music went over into a slow song and Josie felt giggling in Cedric's arms.

"May I have this dance of you, sensei?" Josie looked up at him with puppy eyes.

"Sensei?" Cedric chortled, holding Josie's petite figure in his muscular arms.

"Well, you taught me a move, didn't you? A very,verydirty move! So that makes you a sensei."

Cedric laughed. "Very well, but I lead." He took Josie's hands and

positioned them in a dance pose.

"Only this once," Josie smiled playfully as she followed his pace. After a few minutes, the music subsided, and they walked off the dancefloor to score a drink.

They both jerked up when someone started applauding. It was Kim.

"Congratulations, Cedric! You've finally swept your pride aside and gone

for something more… mediocre." Kim stared daggers at Josie as she uttered these last words.

"What the hell are you talking about, Kim!" Cedric snapped with a deep,

demanding voice. His friendly demeanor melted like snow under the glare of the sun.

"Oh, not much. I'm just here to compliment you for lowering your standard while being content about it. I'm proud of you, Cedric. I really am." Kim said with her sweetest voice.

Cedric snorted. "Fine, be proud. Come," He grabbed Josie's hand to continue their journey towards the bar.

But Kim was not done yet. "You may find trouble in satisfying your fleshly

needs, though." Cedric ceased his step. Josie looked puzzled from Cedric to Kim standing there arrogantly at the lead of her posse. Raven, her sister, stood there too, at the back, looking a bit uncomforted. More and more people came gathering, gawking at them, to follow this highly interesting conversation that was taking place.

"What is she talking about?" Josie asked Cedric, but Kim was the one answering it.

"Boobs, runt! The man likes boobs, melons, honkers, funbags, or whatever you want to call them. And he prefers them loaded and juicy, like mine. Don't you, Cedric?" Kim cupped her luscious bosom. "You've spent quite some hours playing sludgy games with these sisters, didn't you?" she leered. "Including those of Denise, Jeanine and Karin," Three of Kim's friends joined her example in cupping their well-endowed rack.

"What do you bring to the table, runt?" Kim asked, looking at Josie with a sardonic grin.

Superpowered or not, these words pierced Josie's heart like a red-glowing knife heated in a forge. She had always been highly insecure about the magnitude of her bosom. Her lavish blond hair and curvy butt were Josie's points of pride, but not her rack. No, those genes had all been passed to her sister, Raven, whose rack could rival Kim's any day.

Josie mustered all of her willpower to stay stone-faced. She didn't want to give Kim the satisfaction of making her see that her words had struck home. Yet Josie's body had other plans, though. Before Josie realized it, salty tears were piling up in the corner of her eyes.

"Oooh, are you going to cry?" Kim said, prompting a wave of laughter from the others.

The floodgate was open now. Josie couldn't stop her tears from slithering along her cheeks. She glared at her sister, hoping for some aid. But all Raven did was looking away to grab a drink.

Cedric reached out his hand, wanting to comfort her. "Josie?"

"Stay away from me!" Josie hissed and shoved Cedric out of the way – knocking the big guy cold as he slammed against a wall roughly six meters away from where he stood – before dashing off towards the exit.

Once outside, Josie did not care anymore who saw her when she blasted off into the sky, shattering several car windows with a sonic boom. Drops of rain slammed against her face, mingling with tears as she flew in the night over the city littered with countless lights. Sadness gave way to anger, deep and raw anger. Josie gritted her teeth, nearly pulverizing them. She needed an outlet and she needed it now. A bridge emerged on the horizon, a long one with several arches that crossed from one shore to the other over a broad swirling river. The bridge was lit up with colorful blue lights, creating a magical reflection on the rippling water below. A handful of cars traversed it in both directions, beaming their yellowish headlights.

Josie zeroed in on the bridge and kicked it up a notch. Hypersonic. High hypersonic. The bridge shot up into Josie's face. Her flashing body smashed through it, tearing it apart like a board of Styrofoam being smashed by a bat.

Josie was long gone before the first car hit the brakes to avoid skidding into the abyss.

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