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Birth of the Undead – Multiple Identities 14

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<Midvale Mortuary>

“I’m sorry for your loss, miss.” The medical examiner said. “I know this must be hard for you.”

The red-haired woman didn’t say a word. Despite the words, it rang hollow. Her head bowed, she only gazed at the cold body in front of her. She had turned up unannounced, surprising the assistant outside saying that she had a feeling that she might know a John Doe that was brought in a few days ago.

Turns out it wasn’t really a John Doe, but rather the notorious serial rapist that had gone around the past few weeks. As it were, the police wanted to have a word with her about the man, but she insisted that she pay her last respects before she went with them for a couple of cups of coffee.

“Can you please leave me… leave us for a while?” The balding man nodded, and in moments left Dana Dearden alone with the deceased male witch Gaius Marcus.

“You’re so stupid, Buzz. You just can’t keep your stupid dick in your pants, can you? I knew that this was going to be the death of you… ” But the fact that it came so soon, and in such a manner just made it worse.

Sighing slightly, she gently run her fingers over his left hand, feeling the chill of the skin of his unmoving body. She wasn’t sure how they would eventually take care of the body had she not turn up today to try and settle his affairs. But even now, she wasn’t sure how she was going to resolve this entire business without attracting more unwanted attention.

Creatures like them have learned to stay under the radar for good reasons.

She sighed again as she walked around the body. But as she walked past the top part of the body she noticed something odd. Pushing his hair to the side she noticed two minor holes at the back of his neck.

Her hair stood on end when she saw the marks.

“Could it be…?” A closer glance wasn’t of much help. There was no way for her to make conclusions.

It’s a suspicion, but nonetheless…

Given the unique situation, she could highlight this amongst the community and even ask for the local coven’s help. If need be, if her suspicions were proven, then there is definitely grounds to bring it up to the Congregation’s review. To find out the truth.

But then… she paused, remembering Gaius’ own reputation and questionable Witches’ ethics. How sure was she that even their own kind would side a witch who has brought nothing but unnecessary attention and even trouble to themselves? The truth can be a double-edged sword some times. Will whatever that is revealed ultimately cause more problems and shame, rather than bring real justice and closure?

And who was she, Dana Dearden to demand justice? Unlike the witch who had some how managed to seduce and wed the De Claremonts, she was a nobody. Similar to the regular humans, when you’re just another person on the street, many things do not work the same way for you.

It was an answer that she didn’t have at the moment, and as she pushed through the swing-doors she steeled herself, knowing full-well the barrage that would be expected at the local police station.

<Gotham City, night>

Bruce doesn’t like to wait. As a CEO, he demands action, responses, immediately from himself and subordinates. In order to continue navigating the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of business. While he doesn’t always come out on top through his actions, he was at least comforted that he had been at the top of his game, adapting always to the changes, course-correcting whenever required.

It is that same attitude that he takes to his vigilante work, but given that the stakes are much greater, it was also his nature to overthink and overprepare for any and every possibility that might happen. It was also why he never relies on anyone else.

But in this case, he found himself needing help from a person with a particular set of skills. A set of skills that he knows is in extremely high demand, and would command the highest price available. In this case, it would most probably require the highest price of all.


The clock had just struck three when he heard the familiar steps walking on the rooftop of Gotham City Hall. The clicking of those high-heeled boots gave away the guest. He turned around as the leather clad beauty came closer, her trademark goggles pushed onto the top of her head just covering the front of her short black hari. He leaned over and was about give her a welcome peck when she placed her finger on his mouth.

“My my. A kiss immediately upon seeing me? You are getting very fond of me these days.”


“It was just a welcome gesture. Thought you’d like that.” It brought a wry smile to both of them.

It literally took more than a decade before they could stand being in the same vicinity together, let alone in a room. While both continue to have their own perspective of various topics, at least both of them could at least remain amicable when in conversation. And more, when it just involved a kind of activity that doesn’t need conversation.

“Later. It’s been a while, and I prefer more than just a simple kiss this time. Someplace nice, comfortable, warm with a lilttle something… ” her left hand moved daringly across the bat symbol on his chest, past his abs and further downward. “… harder. God I’ve missed you tremendously.”

He brought them back to the topic on hand. “I was worried. Any problems?” Technically Selina Kyle liked to be fashionably late. Being in costume was no different.

Selina stretched her arms a little bit as she strutted over to the ledge and leaned against it. “Nothing that I couldn’t handle. Had to take my time to find the right place for your little surveillance device. Don’t want to go back in there within a week just to replace that damn thing. ”

“Didn’t know that would delay anything.”

“Well, it was WORK trying to place it someplace strategic enough to do what it was built for. Plus, I had to contend with Michael Falcone’s continous advances throughout. Not easy to slip away long enough to not arouse suspicion.” Despite only in his mid-30s, Mario Falcone is heir apparent to the Falcone empire these days, despite most in the know understands that the final decisions still have to run all the way Carmine Falcone, Head of the Falcone family. Knowing how the Family operates, nothing much slips past ‘The Roman’ when it comes to the empire’s business.

“That I’m sure. You always look stunning in a plunging nightgown. The party must have been a blast for you for you to take your own sweet time.” Given the importance of the entire setup he had decided to let her sticky fingers habit slide for the time being, having noticed the slight disfigure of her costume around her cleavage. It’s the big picture that’s important now.

“Oh, by the way, I saw Mercy leaving just as I arrived. Didn’t catch much, but she was in her usual formal getup. Didn’t see her carrying anything beyond her standard tablet though.”

“Hmmm.” That was indeed a concern. The most trusted lieutanent of Lex Luthor, spotted in Gotham City at that particular home. If Luthor and the Falcones have started talking to each other, who knows what else can it lead to? After all, one does not become the greatest crime lord in Gotham City by being timid and lacking ambition. There must be something bigger at play, something large brewing.

“Huh. I guess that managed to catch your tongue. And your thoughts. Now, I AM still looking for that little dilly someplace nice and comfortable. How about we drop by my place? Despite the urge for something thick and hard deep in me I’m not really in a mood to do it on the roof tonight.”

She smiled when he gave his usual grunt, acknowledging the invitation. He too moved his hands to cup her rump, feeling up her tight bottom beneath the all the black leather. It was no secret that both of them enjoyed running their hands all over each other’s atlethic frame, with or without clothing. She clicked her tongue before moaning in appreciation when the man in the cowl leaned down to kiss her neck, and then further downwards to suck on her excited nipples that had been standing up from her tightly-wrapped c-cups.

<Metropolis, night>

“Clark? You back?” No sooner had the Man of Steel stepped through the balcony when he heard his wife calling out to him. He quickly walked in still clad in his usual red and blues, and with his x-ray vision quickly spotting his wife waiting for him sitting on the large workdesk. Given that it’s almost end to summer, the change of seasons meant that some days will be very wet, with others hot and humid. Today being the latter, she was dressed in a comfortable, oversized t-shirt with his <S> rune on it, though from the way she was sitting on the desk the shirt had only managed to come down to the top of her crossed-legs.

She seemed to be waiting for him. “Just got in. Anything up?”

While it wasn’t unusual for them to work through the night for the latest news or editorials, he didn’t remember anything newsworthy of note lately that required Lois to burn the midnight oil.

“Maybe. Did you notice anything… odd lately?” That vague question only made him frown, more in puzzlement than in annoyance.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, did anything unusual happen to you?” Given that her husband is the most famous and arguably the most powerful superhero on Earth, mentioning ‘unusual’ in the same breath as one who can leap tall buildings and bend steel bars with his bare hands must mean something extraordinary has happened. Even so, no matter how he racked his brain he couldn’t think of anything. There were the usual robberies, fires that he helped out, that one particular tough fight out West against Solomon Grundy, and then the usual League meetings at the Watchtower…

“Not that I can think of. Why?”

“Well, if it’s not you, then it has to me then.” That made the Man of Steel even more confused. He saw Lois looking back at him with a weird look, before reaching over for a couple of thin steel rods that laid on their worktable. While typical of the usual rods found at multiple construction sites, it wasn’t something that they had readily in their apartment.

“Because I can now do this… ” Grabbing the rod with both hands, Lois furrowed her brow in concentration, slowly bending and twisting the rod. Even though it was three bars and each an inch thick, nothing comparable to the superfeats that he or Kara could do, the fact that she was able to do so was a big enough surprise to the Man of Steel.

Seeing Superman’s eyes widen at her latest action, her mouth curled upwards in a small grin. “Surprised? So am I. For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling more energetic than usual. Remember how you used to comment that I ran only on shots of coffee and energy drinks after giving up smoking? Well, I’ve actually not had more than a cup for the past two weeks, and yet I still feel as fresh as morning despite the late hour these days.” She chuckled seeming how Superman was slightly agape with things.

“So… reaping the rewards from all that gym work?”

“Maybe.” She then leapt down onto the floor and stood with a hand on her hips, and Clark’s eyes opened wider still and his heart started beating faster, for the oversized shirt didn’t even come down that much further past her navel. And she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, her well-trimmed dark bush all gloriously visible.

“Two weeks ago, as I was preparing to leave for the morning, I saw part of the headboard slightly crushed inwards, the place where I had held onto just the night prior when I was riding you. Just a little. I didn’t think much of it then. After that I saw similar hand impressions onto the door handles at work. Initially I thought it was you somehow, but those indentations were much smaller in size. More a woman’s grip.”

She then stood up and walked up to her superhero husband. She then held onto to Clark’s waist and leaned her head against his large chest, savouring the large powerful muscles holding her steeady. ”I was confused, but then as I went through the paces in the gym, I also realised that I’m lifting more by the day; I think my latest was 95KG, which was almost double my weight. I can also run faster and longer too. Earlier this evening I just clocked myself over a half-marathon distance, running at a pace just a tad shy of Mo Farrah’s, and I wasn’t that winded in the least. I’ve never done anything more than 5 miles previously.”

“Good exercise regime? I mean, those are still within human standards, Lois… ” But Lois shushed him up. “That’s true, but we know me. I don’t run beyond whatever I could do in the gym, and have enough things to think about then to replace my steak with salad. You have to admit that I’ve improved a bit too dramatically for a normal human being, no?”

Lois left that thought hanging in the air for awhile before she moved her right hand downwards to cup her husband’s enormous manhood. A few strokes and the superhuman cock quickly stood out like a flagpole under her ministrations.

“Do you think that Kryptonians can share their power with others, Clark?”

“I… I don’t know..” It was the truth.

“Somehow, I think I’m changing. Evolving, maybe. Slowly, but definitely. Bit. By. Bit ”

“But… How?”

That stopped her for awhile. Looking upwards at Clark with her beautiful eyes and seemingly thinking for a while, she then looked away again before playing with his bulge.

“That night… Two weeks ago, I think? I was too far gone at that time, but now that I put some effort behind it I could now remember it feeling very different compared to our previous sessions. That night when you were in me, I felt myself having to stretch out even more than usual to accomodate your larger size, as for some reason you had decided to let yourself go a bit more that evening. Me engulfing you more tightly might caused you to unconsciously let go of your own control and inhibitions just a little. I remember feeling your throbbing surges within me, and then an intense feeling of my insides being splattered by a little of your warm, Kryptonian cum I climaxed. I recall feeling my entire lower area becoming all kinds of warm and tingly, which then slowly spread across my body as the initial pain of your tremendous size gave way to something akin to sexual heat. That continued even as I rode you throughout the night, as you took me to my second, third and even my fourth orgasm, while you kept your superstud rigid enough for me to ride.”

Grabbing that large 12-incher under her with all her strength, she looked back up at Clark again and spoke calmly. “I think your Kryptonian cock might have transferred some of your powers into me.”

“Wait… if it really is true, that would mean… ”

“Mm hmm… doesn’t take a superbrain to connect the dots. Especially given the amount of ammunition that you are always packing. But perhaps a more detailed scan will be needed to confirm my hypothesis. But for now, I think we have more pressing matters at hand… ”

That revelation brought everything to a head. For years, Lois and Clark have been talking and discussing the possibilty having children. But his amazing powers, natural superstrength and inhuman Kryptonian size even when flaccid meant that it would be too dangerous for him to truly let go and achieve his full-on superclimax during sexual coupling. As a compromise, he had had to soften himself up so that his wife is able to have hers.

Knowing that Clark had sacrificed for the sake of their marriage, it was also why Lois had been quietly concerned about her husband, the one and only Superman, handling his own sexual release. Mainly through masturbation in private for the longest time, she was also instrumental for trying to push for him to finally take it to the end with his Kara, his one and only Kryptonian cousin who will be able to take him at their full power. While she knows that Clark being the small-town farm boy that he is, always trying his best to be faithful and all, Lois knows deep down that even if he decides otherwise there is no real way for her to change it by force. She rather that she dictates the relationship that might happen, rather than waiting for the sideline not knowing what’s what.

Until now that is, with her increased strength and durability. It’s still miles away from handling a Kryptonian at his peak, but still.

If whatever is happening to her is true, then the possibilities… !

Her insistent rubbing over his erection has practically caused Clark’s manhood grow so much that his thin, invulnerable pants looked grotesque having stretched so much trying desperately to contain his bulging monster.

Becoming bolder, Lois took the initiative and attempted to release his heft from its confines, but despite struggling for a while she wasn’t quite able to pull the material outward and down, even if she did succeed in partially rolling down part of his pants to partially reveal his now enormous cockhead. That initial realisation must have been a real turn-on for Clark, for Lois realised that at the moment he was now even bigger than he had ever shown, to her.

She could practically feel and taste the power within his Kryptonian manhood, waiting to be unleashed. As it were, even with both her hands they were barely able to surround him, as his very excited supercock look ready to explode.

There was only one thing left to do.

Letting go of her prize, Lois Lane Kent walked sultrily away from her superhero husband towards the bedroom, allowing a very aroused Clark Kent who observed his wife’s antics as his erection literally throbbed in anticipation. At the entrance of their still-darkened room, she turned around and leaned against the doorframe, and pulled the oversized t-shirt tight. Clark almost spurted precum there and then when he saw his wife’s flower gradually being revealed.

“So. What do you want me to do? Think Superman can step up and then take us to the next level?”

He didn’t even response, and within a second when Lois felt her back on her bed she giggled and then cried out loudly as her husband plunged his long, hard shaft deep into her with one incredible thrust.


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