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Irresistible, Chapter 6: New Clothes and New Friends

Written by phantomrenegade :: [Friday, 01 December 2023 03:59] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 02 December 2023 21:50]

A few days later, I got a phone call from Astrid. Ren's new clothes were ready for her to try on. I thanked Astrid and told her we'd be there later that day. As I hung up the call, Ren seemed lost in thought.

"Ren, honey, are you okay?"

"I am conflicted."

"Why's that?"

"I wish to thank Astrid properly for her assistance, but I worry about how that will affect you."

"Okay… how do you want to thank Astrid?"

"I wish to kiss her and… potentially more. I am concerned about how you will feel about this."

"Well, I mean… how about this: I'll go out and let you two have your private times, and Astrid can call me when you all are done."

"No. I wish for you to be present and, if possible, participate."

"You mean… you want a threesome?

"If that is the term for having two sexual partners at the same time, then yes."

"With me?"

"Yes. You are irresistible to me."

"And Astrid?"

"Yes. She is… attractive, and I wish to thank her properly."

"Wow… oh, but we don't know if Astrid will be interested."

"She has made those water flicking sounds and repeated the phrase 'oh goddess' a total of fourteen times since we visited the clothing store."

"Yeah, but… she might not be in on me being part of it."

"I do not understand how she would not want you to be a part. Your penis is so large and delicious."

"Ren, honey, she might not like boys."

"I see."

"We'll just have to figure it out as we go, okay?"

"If you insist."

With that, we headed out to Night of the Living Threads to see what Astrid's mother had created for Ren. After we parked and walked down to the store, I noticed that Erika's Jeep was no longer in the parking spot where Ren had thoroughly mangled it, and that a metal plate had been placed over the hole where the engine once was wedged into the pavement. Thankfully, the police had never contacted us, so I tentatively assumed we were in the clear.

As Ren ducked to get through the door, Astrid came running up to us.

"Oh my goddess, you really are real! I kept thinking you might have been from some dream I had or something like that."

"I know the feeling, Astrid, but either she's real or were both having this dream."

"I mean, it's not impossible. I know a spell that should cause shared dreaming, although I've never tried it- anyway, you're here for clothes! Mom has been working on your order like a woman possessed. I can't wait to see the fashion show!"

Agatha must have heard us, because she came running out of the back, took Ren's hand, and began leading her to the back, happily chattering away about how inspired she'd felt lately.

Good, that means I won't have to explain the purpose of changing rooms. That would get awkward really fast.

Astrid and I didn't have long to wait. Ren emerged from the back room wearing a new halter top and skirt combo, along with a long black trenchcoat. The combination was very flattering to Ren's ample bust, chiseled abs, and meaty thighs.

After several more variations on the top/skirt combination, all of which were equally stunning, the next outfit was a sleeveless black turtleneck mini dress with a sizable cleavage window. Astrid was clearly very interested in how this one looked, judging by her stare and slack jaw. I had to agree: it was quite sexy.

The next outfit was considerably more revealing: a custom bikini. The cups of the top were made of a sheer material with black spiderwebs sewn over them, and the bottoms were practically a black thong with a small red hourglass over the crotch. My pants situation became more uncomfortable, although I'm sure Ren was the only one that noticed. Astrid was too in awe of Ren to pay attention to much of anything.

The final item of the fashion show was certainly a case of the best being last: a classic "little black dress". The black material was stretched tight over Ren's body, allowing her abs and other muscles to be visible in the right light, assuming you could draw your attention away from the acres of cleavage Ren was sporting. That dress was easily the sexiest piece of clothing I had ever seen, and my opinion on it was clearly on full display. Astrid's opinion consisted of a low moan and shaking. She was clearly losing control of herself. I couldn't blame her.

After changing back and paying for the clothes (I recommended to Ren to pay extra because of the quality of the clothes and how quickly Agatha had worked), Astrid finally spoke up again.

"I-is there anything else I can help you with?"

Ren walked slowly around the counter.

"Yes. Your goddess wishes to thank you."

With that, Ren lifted Astrid up by her chin, pinned her against the wall, and gave her a deep, lust-filled kiss which lasted for almost five minutes. I had experienced this several times before, but to watch it happening to another person was incredible. I could tell Astrid was enjoying it based on her small moans and shudders. I have to admit, I was becoming concerned about my pants and the swelling that was occurring within. I wasn't yet used to my new size, and I was worried about how it would look. As Ren lowered Astrid back to the ground, I could see that Astrid was very stunned and giddy about what had occurred. As Astrid's senses returned to her, she looked over at me, then at my crotch, her eyes growing wide.

I guess she doesn't mind boys after all.

"So, Astrid, um… would you like to come to our place and… hang out?"

"YES! Er, I mean… yeah, I'd like that a lot. Just… let me tell Mom to watch the store."

Astrid practically ran to the back of the store and through the curtain that led to the back room. Ren looked down at my bulging cock and licked her lips.

"This will be most enjoyable, would you not agree?"

"Oh, I definitely agree."

Astrid suddenly reappeared, still flustered, wearing a black trench coat over her outfit.

"Alright, I'm good to go."

"Okay, then let's head to my car, and we'll go from there. Are you sure you're up for this?"

Astrid looked at Ren, then at me, then at Ren again.

"I'd never fucking forgive myself if I didn't do this."

"Alright then. Follow me."

As we walked the short distance to the car, Astrid looked at the spot where Erika's Jeep had been.

"Hey, so, did you guys see the Jeep that had been parked here? It looked like something tore the engine out of it and embedded it in the asphalt. Freakin' weird, right?"

Ren spoke up.


"I'm sorry?"

"The engine was kicked out of the vehicle."

"How could you possibly- ohhhhhhhh goddesssssss…"

Now she gets it.

If Astrid was stunned before, she was positively starstruck now. As Ren and I continued walking, Astrid simply stood where she was, mouth agape. Ren walked slowly back, took Astrid's hand, and smiled. That seemed to snap Astrid out of it, and she and Ren continued to the car. Astrid was silent the entire car ride back to the apartment, probably trying to process everything that has happened to her today. When we pulled up at the apartment complex, I turned around to where Astrid was sitting.

"Everything okay back there?"

"Y-yeah, just… wow. Today has been a lot, y'know?"

"I completely understand. I felt the same way when I first met Ren. I still feel that way sometimes. You'll get used to it, I think. For now, come on inside. It's too cold to be sitting out here."

"Yeah, you're right. Sorry."

Astrid followed us up to the apartment. She seemed to be a bit more calm now, at least as far as I could tell.

"Well, here we are. It's not much, but it's home."

"I kinda dig it. It's cozy. Does… does Ren live here too?"

"Yeah, she does now. She just moved in a few days ago."

"Oh, okay. So, um… what do we want to do?"

It was at this point that Ren turned to us.

"I wish to do sexual activities with both of you."

In a split-second, Ren was naked. Even having seen Ren naked before, it was still quite a thrill. Astrid was not nearly as prepared as I was, and nearly fell to the floor. Ren suddenly moved to catch Astrid, cradling the smaller Goth in her muscular arms.

"H-h-how did you d-d-do that, goddess?"

"You will find that there is much about me that you are not expecting."

At this point, I piped up.

"You sort of get used to it, but not really. Now, Astrid, we don't have to do this. I want to make sure we're not doing anything you aren't okay with."

"J-just don't put that p-python of yours in my ass, and we're fine."

"I have no intention of that, don't worry. Now, if you want to stop, just say so, okay?"

"Got it. Y'know, most guys aren't so concerned about consent. It's why I mostly do stuff with girls. I appreciate it, believe me."

"Okay. Ren, I guess we're ready."

Ren smiled down at both of us.

"Then let us proceed."

Ren set Astrid down for a brief moment, picked her up under one arm and me under the other, then carried us into the bedroom, tossing us both onto the bed. Ren then went into her power pose, hands on hips.

"Now, undress and please your goddess."

I'm fairly certain Astrid came right then and there, given her small squeaks at Ren's words. We looked at each other and immediately began frantically stripping. Astrid was on the shorter side, maybe 5'4" without her boots, with smaller breasts and a well-developed butt. Her jet-black hair was in pigtails, and her bush was nearly trimmed into a broken heart (yes, the carpet matched the drapes).

Once we were undressed, we started planning our first move. After a brief huddle, Astrid stood up on the bed and began worshipping Ren's upper body, while I sat on the floor and worked on the lower body. Astrid, for her part, began by revering Ren's breasts, alternating nipples as she sucked and teased them with her tongue and hands. My first move was to attempt to dig my fingers into Ren's thighs, knowing that she enjoyed feeling how futile my attempts were. Ren's moans reverberated through our bodies as we worked her over. A slight trickle of fluid from her snatch said that she was thoroughly enjoying this.

Astrid then moved to Ren's arms, feeling the steel-hard muscles that lurked just below impossibly soft skin. This elicited a greater moan from Ren, as I expected it would. I began trying to knead Ren's calves, the forceful movements doing nothing but causing a further trickle of juices. Astrid finally moved to Ren's lips, kissing her passionately. As Astrid and Ren's tongues explored each other's mouths, I began rubbing my cock between Ren and Astrid's legs, yielding surprised gasps and moans from both of them. I could feel Ren's crotch spurting juices steadily now, drenching my cock.

Finally, Ren began to float off the ground, moving herself parallel to the bed. Astrid was shocked by this, but I shook her out of it and told her to stick to the plan. Astrid then positioned herself on the bed between Ren's legs, and I climbed on top of Ren. While I gently worked Ren's clit with my hand, Astrid went to work with her tongue in Ren's vagina. Ren was positively gushing now, and I worried for Astrid's ability to breathe, but Astrid was like a woman possessed. Ren was in a state of constant rapid orgasm now, and the addition of Astrid's skilled tongue seemed to exponentially heighten Ren's pleasure. Ren began to vibrate at high speeds as her legs went into a full split, just like the first time we'd had sex. The difference, however, is that now Astrid was eating Ren out while I worked on her clit. When I couldn't hold on any longer, I signaled to Astrid and bit down on Ren's clit. I'm not entirely sure what Astrid did, but Ren's moans shook the whole apartment. Ren's whole body flexed even larger than ever before, and Astrid was hit with a flood of juices so large, it sounded like a fire hose.

I was tossed off of Ren hard, hitting the bed and bouncing onto the now-damp floor. I got to my feet as quickly as I could and grabbed the stack of new towels I had bought for just such an occurrence. I spread them over the floor so that the liquid hopefully wouldn't drip down into the unit below mine. By that point, Astrid was attempting to get up after being blasted off the bed. She was completely coated in Ren's juices, and she looked like she had swallowed quite a bit as well. As I looked over at her, she gave a double thumbs-up and looked at Ren, who was slowly spinning in midair, still moaning and twitching. I threw Astrid a towel and began to make my way over to her to help her up.

"You okay, Astrid?"

"Yeah, I'm great. Fuck, that was hot as hell."

"I know, right? That's the biggest reaction I've seen out of Ren. Whatever you were doing down there really amped things up."

"Why, thank you. I always enjoy my awesome skills being appreciated."

At that point, Ren started to come down from our handiwork, both literally and figuratively. She landed on the towel-covered floor and shuddered one last time.

"So, Ren, what's the total orgasm count?"

"F-f-four hundred n-n-ninety-s-s-seven."

"Fuck, really? Wow, we make a good team."

"It sure seems that way, Astrid."

Ren then reached to both of our chins and turned our gazes towards her.

"Your goddess is pleased by your efforts. Now, let me reward you."

Ren then lifted Astrid off the ground with one finger on her left hand and pressed her against the wall. Ren's right hand snaked down to Astrid's slit, where Ren inserted two fingers. Her thumb was positioned over Astrid's clit. She then began to bounce Astrid up and down on her right hand, her thumb a blur as she stimulated Astrid. Ren was using her hand like a sex machine, only far more powerful.

"Do you see how strong your goddess is? How powerful I am? How I reward those who worship me? I will give you the best sex you have ever experienced."

Astrid began to whimper and moan as Ren pumped her up and down, clearly in the throes of an orgasm. Still, Ren kept pounding away at Astrid's snatch. Astrid was beginning to leak now, so I grabbed another towel and put it beneath Astrid, just in case. Astrid's whimpers soon became frantic chatter as Ren continued her "wild ride".

"Oh fuck please don't stop this is so good oh goddess fuck me harder I just keep cumming oh fuuuuuuck"

Ren leaned in and began kissing Astrid, muffling her speech as Ren's tongue swirled through Astrid's mouth. Astrid's speech turned to loud moans as Ren continued pumping her up and down, up and down, her bicep bulging from her flex more than from effort. Finally, after fifteen minutes of this, Astrid let out an ear-piercing shriek and passed out. Ren tenderly lowered her onto the bed and turned to me.

"Did I do too much? She does not seem to be broken in any way."

"I… wow, that was hot… I think she's going to be fine. She would have stopped you if it had hurt. She… might need a bit to be able to walk again, though."

Astrid sat up slowly.

"No, no, I'm okay… holy fuck, that was amazing. Those were the biggest fucking orgasms of my life!"

"I am glad you are unharmed."

"Yeah, me too. I figured I'd be down for the count for the rest of the day after that, but I feel fucking amazing! Like… I've never felt this good before."

At this point, Astrid and Ren both turned to look at me.


"Well, goddess, what shall we do with him?"

"I have an idea. You will suck on his penis while I describe how powerful I am."

"Mmmmmm, I've been wanting to get a taste of his massive man meat ever since I saw his bulge at the shop. This is gonna be good."

Astrid motioned for me to sit down on the edge of the bed, which I did. She then got on her knees in front of me. Ren stood behind her, flexing her incredible biceps. My cock, which had gone down after being worried about Astrid, began to stir again. Astrid began greedily sucking on my cock, taking its current length into her mouth easily. As Ren flexed, she began to float off the ground, making my cock stiffen and bulge. This sudden growth caused Astrid to moan.

"Fffffuck, your cock is amazing. Give me more, baby."

Ren floated over to me, holding her huge bicep in my face.

"Yes, lover. Give her so much more of your cock."

I leaned forward and kissed Ren's bicep, eliciting a loud moan and sending another surge of growth through my shaft. I was probably at about six inches at this point, previously my maximum, but thanks to Ren, I was now just getting started.

"Think of how much power is contained in this sexy mass of muscle. The power to rip mountains from the earth. The power to fling buildings into space. The power to crush anything I want to mere atoms."

"Oh fuck", Astrid and I moaned in unison. My cock shot up to eight inches. Astrid was still hanging on, but she was beginning to have trouble breathing past my cock.

"You are irresistible to me, lover."

That did it. My cock surged to its full eleven inches. Astrid had to pull me out of her mouth before she choked on my head.

"Fuck, that thing's massive! Goddess, it's so hot."

Ren floated over and lowered herself gently down my shaft. Amazingly, she was able to take the whole thing. Her snatch was so hot and tight. It felt absolutely divine.

"I will ride him until he is ready to cum. At that point, Astrid, you will swallow his seed. Until then, I wish to watch you two kiss."

Astrid sat up with a cheeky smile.

"Yes, goddess!"

Astrid began probing my mouth with her tongue as Ren rode my shaft. Each time I got close to release, Ren would clamp down on my head, increasing the pressure and stopping my orgasm. Astrid continued kissing me and moaning encouragement to me.

"Fuck, baby, I love your massive cock."

"This is the best sex I've ever had, you two."

"Goddess, I can't think straight around you two."

It was her last statement that sent me over the edge.

"Goddamn, you're irresistible, stud."

Suddenly, Ren was kissing me as I came harder than ever before, while Astrid attempted to swallow what felt like the entire contents of my body. After I finally finished releasing my absolute torrent of cum, Astrid plopped back onto the floor, looking like the proverbial cat that ate the canary.

"Damn, your cum is delicious! I can't wait to get more… of… that… ohhhhhhhh…"

Ren and I turned as Astrid's body began to shift and grow. Her limbs lengthened as she shot up at least eight inches. Her entire body became more toned, a layer of lean muscle appearing all over her. Finally, her chest ballooned outwards, sending her cup size at least five letters further down the alphabet. Astrid's entire body seemed to flex in unison as she let out a low moan, spurting juices onto the floor. Finally, her… "grow-gasm" ended, and she stood up to her new six-foot height.

"Whoa… everything feels weird… am I taller? Are those my tits!? Oh my goddess…"

Ren and I looked at each other.

"So… remember how my cock grew the other day? I think the same thing happened to Astrid… kind of…"

"Astrid looks even more desirable now. I wonder what else has changed about her."

Astrid was stretching and twirling around in front of my mirror, trying to get a look at every inch of her new body. She raised one foot above her head in a standing split, causing my cock to stir again.

"I feel so fucking light on my feet now… I wonder…"

Astrid walked over to me and placed her hands under my arms.

"Let's see if I can… alley-oop!"

Astrid lifted me cleanly off the bed with little effort.

"Holy shit! I'm strong! How much do you weigh?"

"Um… about three twenty."

"Whoa! You feel like about five pounds to me."

"So, you're… approximately sixty-four times stronger than before. Wow. Um… could you set me down? I need to get a notebook."

"Oh, right, sorry. I probably could have held you there all damn day."

I grabbed a notebook and began jotting down some notes.

"We need to figure out exactly how much your physical abilities have changed… if you don't mind me running some simple tests, that is."

"Are you kidding? I can't wait to find out how super I am!"

"Well, then, let's go to the campus gym and find out, then. Ren, would you like to go with us and show off?"

"I would enjoy that greatly."

"Oh, before we go, Astrid, we should probably stop by your shop and get you some clothes that will fit your… new assets."

"Oh, fuck, right. This tiny bra isn't going to do anything to hold these new super-tits of mine."

We showered and got dressed to head to the clothing shop and campus. As we walked to the car, Ren stopped for a moment.

"Astrid, does this mean we are friends now?"

Astrid turned and looked at Ren.

"I… what? Are you serious?"

I put a hand on Astrid's shoulder.

"Astrid, honey, Ren isn't from around here. I'll… explain in the car."

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