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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 1

Written by Wizalex :: [Sunday, 14 January 2024 15:19] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 24 February 2024 18:06]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 1 – Almost 19, Still Living with Mommy

Kimberly was the unluckiest girl in the Universe. She idly pondered her epic misfortune as she lounged idly in the air, watching some terrible lovey drama on the wall-sized TV. She picked up a chocolate from the tray next to her and flicked it into her mouth with practised precision. Biting into it, she quickly realised that she had picked up a coffee-flavoured one. Kimberly spat the offending treat out of her mouth and into the bin below. Mom was the worst.

It was Mom’s fault that the only programs that played on TV were trashy romances. It was Mom’s fault that half of the chocolates on the planet were coffee-flavoured. Admittedly, the other half were filled with alcohol – Kimberly didn’t mind that in the slightest – but still, why was she forced to live by the whims of her Mom?

Turning off the TV, Kimberley stretched out her body. Maybe she could get one of Mom’s Generals to give her a massage. Righting herself in the air, Kimberly’s feet touched the ground and she stood to her 5’11” height, fully nude, in the middle of her room.

Looking in her full-length mirror, Kimberly sighed as she examined her slightly less-than-perfect body. Her skin was flawless, possessing a golden sheen that made her appear radiant to anyone who even glanced in her general direction. Many a blade had perished in an attempt to pierce it, to no avail. Her legs were long and toned, making up about half of her height. Her strides made short work of any journey; if she ever chose not to fly somewhere, and her thighs made short work of any lover; when she was given the rare chance of claiming one.

Her toenails have been painted a deep blue to match her fingernails and eyes. Kimberly knew full well that any of the three was likely able to dominate the wet dreams of most people, if not for a certain someone getting there first. She sighed again as she turned to check out her sculpted ass. The perky cheeks were one of her favourite features, especially when she got to hear the sound of them connecting with a guy’s pelvis. Just thinking about the thunderous slapping of flesh and grinding of bone was making her wet. Unfortunately, Mom made it very difficult for her to bring any boys home.

Turning back around, Kimberly could see the now moist and glistening folds of her smooth pussy. Her lower lips begged invitingly towards the world, luring in potential company and pleading for her pussy to be filled up. She shuddered as a minor orgasm more powerful than most in the world rocked through her body at the thought. Her TV shook on the wall from the vibration, though it would be fine. It had put up with significantly worse before now.

The steamy romance drama had gotten Kimberly far more wound up than she had initially thought. Probably because it had been a while since she had a boy to use for her pleasure. With no further thought, Kimberly sought to relieve her building desire.

Using a finger to delicately tease her clitoris, Kimberly watched as her other hand ran its way up her unblemished stomach, feeling the muscles coiled beneath the smooth surface of her skin. She cupped one of her large breasts, unable to completely enclose it in one hand. Their natural perkiness prevented her from needing a bra, but she often liked to wear one anyway. Otherwise, her almost hypnotic chest tended to reduce mortal minds to mush with devastating ease.

Kimberly continued to tease herself as her eyes met those of the reflection. She felt herself being pulled in by the vast and serene pools, which positively brimmed with overpowering might. Her breath caught as she dragged her vision away reluctantly. This was a quick pleasure release, she didn’t intend on getting lost in her usual excessive hour-long climaxes. Even she wasn’t immune to the effects of her own beauty, after all.

She focused her vision on her lips instead, pursing them and blowing a little kiss from the ends of her fingernails. She used her tongue to moisten her fingertips, then her body clenched as she abused her nipples. This felt good. This felt so good. Kimberly was getting close…

The walls around Kimberly were now rumbling violently. She lifted off the ground again, but the rumbling continued. Not only that but it got significantly more violent. Then the earthshaking moans started.

The golden sheen of Kimberly’s skin paled as her arousal instantly faded and she realised what was happening. Her Mom was masturbating again, most likely with the assistance of one of her toys. Kimberly flew to steady her TV but it was too late. The screen shattered in her hands as she grabbed it during its fall. Her ceiling bore cracks as the entirety of the enormous hundreds of acres of the palace shuddered.

Kimberly threw herself onto her bed and screamed into her pillow; tearing it apart. Her mattress split as she tore it open and the floor buckled beneath her. Weakened by the moans of her mother, Kimberly’s bedframe broke, depositing her unceremoniously on the plush carpet.

Another orgasm ruined by fucking Mega Mommy.

Annabelle was the luckiest woman in the Universe. After her husband had cheated on her, many years ago, she had ended up fucking her way through countless better guys, eventually ending up with a flesh and blood god. In a moment of total domination over her immortal lover, she had stripped him of his powers and made them hers. After that, the next few gods had been much easier to bed.

Admittedly, the story was lost to legend and myth, but rumours still persisted. Only the more pleasant ones, of course. People who spread nasty little rumours about Annabelle deserved the punishment they got.

Annabelle, or Mega Mommy, as she was known to most of her Empire, was currently lounging on her satin bedsheets, eating coffee chocolates while Sionis and Dimitri massaged her feet. Her favourite program was currently showing and the hunky Cristoff was about to make a move on the gorgeous Sharlene.

“Make sure you use the coconut oil boys, Mommy needs her feet to be their best for later.” Mega Mommy curled her toes at the sensations her loyal servants were bringing to her.

Turning her attention back to the screen, Annabelle felt her temperature rising. The moment was here, Cristoff was about to ask Sharlene to go to the beach to watch his surfing competition. She leaned forward in anticipation, her enormous breasts spilling out of her negligee and sending her lucky, faithful servants into constant, crippling orgasms at the mere sight.

Then, plot twist! Sharlene grabbed Cristoff and forced him against the wall, holding him in place while she ravaged his body with fierce kisses. Her nails tore through the fabric of his t-shirt, exposing his yummy 6-pack. Then, she used her teeth to rip his shorts apart, taking his underwear with them. An enormous and throbbing erection was displayed to Sharlene, a delicious gift-wrapped treat for her efforts, which she began to greedily devour as the helpless surfer was held captive by her mouth.

Not even noticing that her massage had prematurely ended, Mommy breathed lustily at the screen.

“These writers,” she gasped out as her hand dived into her soaking womanhood, “I’m promoting them immediately. Best show I’ve seen in years.”

Noticing that her servants were no longer doing their job, Annabelle grinned.

“Oh, boys. Someone seems to be neglecting their duty.” Mommy said, easily lifting the squirming men into the air as she stood up to her ten-foot height. Her pussy dripped onto the floor, rapidly leaking fluid as she held Sionis upside down and place his mouth onto it, trapping the rest of his body between her enormous breasts.

“We’re going to do a little role play,” Mommy continued. “You can be the naughty masseuse, I’ll be the powerful Mommy who isn’t pleased with your services.”

With Sionis still helplessly locked in place by her immovable breasts and holding his face tightly against her lower lips with her legs, Mommy turned her attention to Dimitri, lifting him into the air and completely engulfing his cock in her mouth. Her lips were puffy and formed a perfect pout whenever necessary, while her tongue was just as powerful as any other muscle in her body. Immediately she put them to work and started sucking, humming against Dimitri’s crotch and bringing him to the brink of the greatest orgasm he would ever experience. He didn’t get to climax though, not yet. Not until Mommy had her fill.

Annabelle threw her backside down on the bed, an incredibly dangerous move in any other environment. Despite everything in the room being scaled to her enormous size and reinforced as much as possible to withstand her body, Mega Mommy’s ass still caused ominous creaking noises to emanate from the structure, as well as muffled moans to slowly leak from Sionis.

Then Annabelle started riding Sionis’ face. Her motion was calculated, positioning her body to extract as much pleasure as possible from her toy, forcing his face into her womanhood and using his teeth to scratch at her impervious clit. Her moans grew in intensity as she also drew tantric delight from the act of giving the greatest blowjob in the Universe. Dimitri was already spent, just from having witnessed the earlier nip slip, but Mommy was insatiable. Building him up with each suck of her lips and flick of her tongue, Annabelle held a dominating vice over Dimitri’s ability to orgasm again. She forcibly dragged with climax closer, her lips quirking into a smile as she tortured the poor servant with an imminent, mind-blowing ejaculation that she refused to release.

Finally, when she desired the taste of a submissive little man’s cum almost as much as Dimitri desired to release it, Mommy removed the block on his orgasm, eager to slurp up every drop of delicious man-juice that Dimitri could provide. Annabelle continued sucking, extracting all traces of cum from Dimitri’s balls, but that was absolutely nothing to her. Still ravenous, she began drawing his life force instead, causing him to dwindle in stature and diminish in vitality before her eyes.

Sionis was, somehow, faring far worse. While Dimitri was wracked in the agony of true bliss, Sionis’ whole world had become Mommy’s hungry pussy. Many legends were told about Mega Mommy’s insatiable womanhood. A devourer of worlds, a conqueror of empires. Some stories said that there were more civilisations had ended within Mommy’s pussy than still existed. Unable to do anything but attempt to withstand its monstrous greed, Sionis’ fight was always going to be a losing one.

As Mommy finished playing with Dimitri and tossed him aside, her moans grew much louder and clearer to all who were subjected to listening. The palace was shaking around her already, but the moaning amplified the intensity significantly. Flipping Sionis around, she freed his face and impaled herself on his rod.

“Ooh, Cristoff, I’m going to break you apart with my pussy,” Mommy purred. “She’s going to eat up your little dick Cristoff. Then Mommy is going to need to bang all of your little surfer friends because Mommy has such big needs.”

While Mommy was lost in her fantasy, Sionis’ ejaculation was held back, his huge cock forced into submission by the expert grip of the most experienced pussy in the universe. With phenomenal control, Mommy used Sionis to the point of breaking, never quite crossing the threshold. When Mommy finally came, almost a minute later, Sionis’ body had been entirely spent by the world-eating pussy.

Annabelle collapsed back onto her bed, showing little concern for the welfare of her toys. They would be fine, after a few months off to recover. She had plenty of others willing to be used for her pleasure in any case – an entire empire of them in fact. Instead, she massaged her breasts gently, using the coconut oil left so far untouched on the table next to her.

The door to Kimberly’s room opened an hour later. As she looked up from her distressed pillow, Kimberly was greeted by the sight of her Mom’s bare pussy.

“What the fuck, Mom! Why aren’t you wearing clothes around the house again?” Kimberly yelled.

Lowering her upper body, Mega Mommy struggled to fit herself through the doorway into Kimberly’s comparatively tiny room. Forgetting to hold her breasts in, they simply demolished the doorway on their way through.

“Oh, hush baby. You know clothes don’t last on Mommy for very long. Besides, I see you there in the nude too.” Annabelle cocked her head with a sly smile. “Have you been playing with yourself again?”

“Mom, you need to stop being so fucking weird! Normal people don’t talk like that!” Kimberly shouted, enraged at her Mother for so casually destroying her life. “And stop breaking my fucking door!”

“Did you break your TV again?” Annabelle ignored her daughter’s outburst, instead looking around at the chaotic mess that the room had become. “You need to make sure you secure it properly if you’re going to masturbate, baby.”

“This was you!” Kimberly continued to yell, on the verge of tears. “You wrecked my room with your fucking ‘big needs’. Again!” Everything was so unfair!

“You need to watch your language, little lady.” Mommy finally turned to face Kimberly with a stern look. “Don’t forget who runs this empire.”

“Like I could forget it, with you ruining my life every second,” Kimberly whined, planting her body back onto the bed, face down.

“Kimberly, you’ll be 19 next week. You need to be nice to Mommy. Otherwise, Mommy may have to teach you a lesson like all the other whiny little bitches I’ve met over the years.” Mommy was deadly serious, her voice conveying dread into Kimberly’s soul.

Kimberly knew the stories well.

Colour drained completely from Kimberly’s face as she took in the gravity of her Mom’s words. She knew she had it bad, living with her Mom, but at least everything that had happened to her had only happened incidentally. She’d seen the kind of fates that befell people who crossed Mommy. They still haunted her nightmares.

“Anyway baby, I have a present for you.” Mommy’s persona shifted rapidly, leaving the terrifying goddess of sexual supremacy behind as she took on a smile with a brilliance that outshone a galaxy of stars. “There’s a tiny little rebellion I have to squish on the other side of the galaxy. When I get back though, I want you to choose a new planet to conquer for me!”

“You’re letting me leave the planet? Alone?” Kimberly said in shock. She’d not left the planet on her own, ever. She barely even left the palace!

“I’m proud of my big girl. As much as it pains me, I think it’s time for you to conquer your first world.” Mega Mommy picked up her daughter, squeezing the much smaller woman against her chest in a hug that had obliterated some of the most powerful beings in the universe. “My little girl is growing up so quickly!”

“But first, Mommy needs to deal with some pesky little troublemakers.”

“Your Majesty, we will be arriving shortly. Is there anything you need before we land?” General Stefan asked.

Mega Mommy lay on a chaise longue built to support her enormous body. General Lucia was currently feeding chocolates to her while General Drakos prepared a cocktail. All of her Generals had significantly more training in withstanding the allure of Mommy’s body than regular people, as well as bodies that would be unattainable in most other circumstances. Just one of the benefits of having fed from Mommy’s milk. These two were actually fairly new additions to the ranks, but even this early on, the distinction between these new recruits and ordinary people was astounding.

Mommy herself was entirely nude, sipping a glass of wine while she idly toyed with her dripping sex. She had refrained from intercourse with any of her Generals for the last few days and her appetite was starting to become aggressively obvious.

“Ooh, you naughty boy, Stefan. You know I’ve told you to call me Mommy.” Annabelle smiled, a lusty gleam in her eyes. She licked her lips, visually devouring the deliciously muscled 8’2” physique of her favourite boy toy. She was so lucky he had recovered from their last little playtime in only a week. Otherwise, he might not have been able to join her on the trip.

Mommy’s idle play with her pussy became less casual as she pushed her fingers further into herself. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, awaiting her next chocolate.

“Of course, my Eternal Empress,” Stefan replied, knowing full well what his mistress was after and how this game went.

“Such a naughty little boy. Mommy is going to have to spank that out of you later.” Annabelle opened her eyes again briefly, sparing a moment to glance at Stefan’s tight, firm buttocks. “And only good boys get to enjoy Mommy’s milk, so be on your best behaviour, Stefan.”

Annabelle swallowed her chocolate and planted a kiss on General Lucia.

“Thank you, sweetie. Mommy thinks you did a great job today.”

The Amazonian 7’5” woman took the compliment as dismissal and left the room on legs made as jelly by Mommy’s attention. Her whole body quivered as she grasped the doorframe for support on the way out, leaving her handprint behind in the metal as it shrieked against her grip. She would likely spend the next day masturbating to the memory of Mommy’s approval.

“Now, Drakos, is my Massive Mommy Melon cocktail ready? You know I don’t like to be kept waiting…” Mommy wiggled a disapproving finger back and forth as she pouted at him with her plump, rosy lips.

Barely managing to hold onto the cocktail, Drakos slowly approached as Mommy held out a hand patiently. As she took the drink, her other hand shot out at Drakos, grabbing hold of his thickly muscled arm and pulling him in for a kiss with no apparent effort. Her lips met his, vacating the air from his lungs as she pecked him gently.

Pushing Drakos away playfully and sending him crashing through the bar, Mommy let out a laugh. For his part, Drakos was left reeling, gasping for breath. He hadn’t taken as readily to the transformation as Lucia had, presumably by Mommy’s intent. Regardless, he managed a recovery, standing to his 7’2” height and briefly glancing to the doorway.

“Oh, go on. Chase after Lucia. Make sure you show her a good time though Drakos, I don’t allow selfish little boys on my ship.” Mommy’s eyes once again glittered with unconcealed desire. “Do make sure you film it for me though. I can’t wait to find out what Cristoff and Sharlene will get up to next.”

The former actor, now General, quickly left the room, following after his co-star.

“They were an inspired choice, Mommy,” Stefan remarked. “Your wisdom is without fault as always.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my hunky muscle man.” Annabelle reached down to her sex once more, spreading her pussy lips invitingly. “But I think I know exactly where you want to go, you naughty boy.”

“I live to bring you pleasure Mommy.” Stefan slowly began to undress, making a show of it for his Empress.

“No, no. Go back to being defiant, I want to teach you a lesson,” Mommy whispered as Stefan approached her.

“Of course, we should probably get onto the business of dealing with the rebels, Annabelle.” Stefan smiled, slipping his arm back into his shirt.

Eyes widening and breath catching, Annabelle was shocked. None of her Generals had ever dared use her name before. She wasn’t even entirely sure how to feel about it.

One thing was certain though, she thought as her heart raced, Stefan had just requested much more than a week of recovery time.

The palace was always so quiet without Mom around, Kimberly thought as she sipped her porn star martini by the pool. She had considered hosting a party but was wary of enraging her Mom just before her first real taste of emissary work even started.

Not that Mom ever treated these seriously. Whether it involved conquering new planets or going to squash rebellions, it was always the same. Mom would take her ship, her crew of empowered Generals, and have a great time. Sure she often ended up subjugating a new planet at the end of it, but that was just the climax of a wonderful holiday.

Kimberly had never actually been on a mission before – Mom always made her stay behind. Apparently, it was “far too dangerous for little girls”.

Having made up her mind, Kimberly flew into the air and splashed down into the pool. This ‘conquest’ of hers was going to be a vacation, pure and simple. One away from the wants and needs of her Mom. One where Kimberly could explore herself and who she was, without any interference.

Glancing around the pool, Kimberly realised she needed something a little more relaxing. This lava was nice and warm, but it left a terrible flaking coating on her skin that always took the servants ages to clean off. Honestly, lava lakes just didn’t match a nice hot spring with salt crystals and a bath bomb for that bubbly sensation. It was just too dense to have those nice little bubbles.

Glancing at the cooling molten rock that had been spread across the patio by her splash, Kimberly shrugged and left the pool area. Someone else could clean that up later.

Kimberly headed to her own bathroom initially but slowed on the way there. No one would be using Mom’s bathroom at the moment – no one would possibly dare. Maybe though, Kimberly could give it a go just once. She knew that her Mom had a way more luxurious bath than her. In fact, given her Mom’s size, it may well be the size of an entire pool. Decision made, Kimberly smiled as she skipped into the inner sanctum of Mommy’s palace.

There were certain areas of the palace that were technically off-limits to anyone but Mommy and her selected guests. Her bedroom was one of them, but regular visitors understood that more as a standing arrangement – enter Mommy’s room and prepare for an extended stay in the hospital wing and a permanently inflated sense of sexual intensity. The bathrooms were another such area. They were only ever frequented by Mommy and her Generals, primarily because the doors were impossible to open for anyone who couldn’t swing hundreds of tons of marble. They were enormous. Kimberly was hesitant but giggled in glee as she found the doors just as easy to push as her own regular door. Marble slid smoothly across the floor and Kimberly entered paradise.

After a few steps into the room, just as the door closed behind her, Kimberly realised that she might have made a mistake.

Mommy’s palace, and especially her bedroom, constantly bore the scent of her arousal. It wasn’t that Mommy was always aroused, though she frequently was, it was that the smell penetrated everything around her and refused to leave. Kimberly thought that she had grown accustomed to the heady musk of her Mother’s womanhood, but apparently, she was very much mistaken.

The bathroom reeked of sex. Freshly washed towels hung around the edges of the room, infused with the aroma of Annabelle’s arousal. Water in pools that was changed hourly still remembered the feeling of being inside Mega Mommy, happily polluting the air with the scent as steam wafted languidly from the surface. The whole room itself was hot. Too hot. Hotter even than the lava springs outside, and yet the water refused to leave the pools. The air was saturated with the humidity of Mega Mommy’s nethers to the point where water was utterly unable to evaporate.

Kimberly choked as the overwhelming poison of her Mother’s musk assaulted her senses. Her eyes widened as she considered her options. Did she even have time to turn around? Should she fly straight up, breaking through the ceiling to escape? Was she about to fucking die suffocating on the stench of her Mom’s pussy!

A nanosecond after she realised there was an issue, Kimberly felt the changes begin.

Her body seized up, no longer under her control. Her limbs locked into place, her legs going rigid and her spine arching backwards, presenting her chest to the room. Wearing only her bikini, sweat visibly began to pour from her exposed skin, adding unnecessary moisture to the present vapours.

Then, Kimberly rose gently into the air, a foot above the slick marble floor.

Her body screamed at her, and her brain screamed back at it. She wanted to move. She wanted to escape. Upwards, forwards, even ploughing downwards through the floor and into the dirt below. None of it worked. As Kimberly’s panic soared, she barely noticed the changes to her body.

Her legs ached, but they ached because they stretched. Muscles tore themselves apart as bones broke and reforged, tendons snapping to reconnect an instant later. Kimberly’s firm, perky ass swelled, snapping her g-string bikini bottoms and exposing her pussy to the vapours around her. Kimberly’s abs gained additional contouring, elevating her physical strength and sexual stamina dramatically. Her breasts burst outwards, shredding the bikini top and remaining perfectly perky. Supple to the touch, but more than capable of crushing blocks of marble within. Kimberly’s arms lengthened and swelled, her biceps reaching a defined tone, even when resting. Her hair lengthed, reaching down to the backs of her knees and following its own path through the air, attempting to filter out some of the existing scent and replace Mega Mommy’s essence with Kimberly’s growing, intoxicating smell.

It succeeded, just for a moment and just in the area directly around Kimberly. In that moment of opportunity, Kimberly’s feet touched the floor and she fled the room, moving the doors apart this time with such relative ease that she barely even noticed they had weight.

When she arrived back at her room, Kimberly broke her door from the hinges and demolished the top of the doorframe with her forehead.

She looked in the mirror again.

She had grown.

She must have gained about a foot in height, standing barely able to see her eyes in the mirror. Her body was beyond spectacular. Beyond her wildest imaginings. Not quite beyond her Mom, but startlingly close.

Kimberly did a double take.

It was difficult to imagine. Kimberly had grown up with her mother her whole life, an eclipsing shadow over everything she did. But, if Kimberly had the potential to grow – the potential to exceed her, even – maybe she could be the Empress one day.

She could even start with this mission to a planet of her own.

At that point, Kimberly made the mistake of looking into her own eyes.

Her face; flawless, glorious, and perfect, Refined, regal cheekbones; full, velvety lips. Luscious, enticing eyelashes. And, of course, her eyes. Those infinite pools of true blue. A way to experience blissful detachment from worries as all anxiety melts away into streams of constant pleasure.

Kimberly would wake up eight hours later, driven to the greatest climaxes of her life by her own smoulder. Dozens of servants surrounded her, having fallen victim to her beauty as she lay incapacitated on her bedroom floor. It would be months, maybe years, before they fully recovered.

In the meantime, until she could control her own lusts, Kimberly would be wearing sunglasses.

She should have just enough time to pick out her planet before her Mom got back.

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