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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 2

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 02 March 2024 19:59] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 03 March 2024 23:14]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 2 – Mommy Knows Best

Selosis had come to be known as the World of Sky. It hadn't been known by that name when Annabelle first arrived there many years ago, but that visit had altered many things about the planet – including eventually resulting in its unusual geography.

The floating islands had been constructed from the broken chunks of the land below, supported through a mixture of the marvels of magical propulsion systems and sheer force of will from the god-like beings that inhabited them. The ground below was far too hot for water to condense, and far too unstable for any structures to be built upon; hence the need for the islands. People had tried to live on the surface, the greatest of mages attempting to reshape the lands into something inhabitable again, but that turned out to be far beyond their power. At least up here the land was far enough away from the rivers of molten rock to support life.

Selosans, like most other life, required water. They were a tall and thin humanoid species, their main distinguishing feature being the eight fingers they possessed on each hand and their four lungs. Years of adaptation on Selosis had produced a species more capable of implementing magic than most, able to weave intricate spells with their additional digits and continue to breathe while they vocalised their incantations.

Mega Mommy’s ship landed on the largest of the many sky islands after drifting carefully down through the dense, foggy clouds that covered the upper sections of the planet. The ship had already deflected multiple magical assaults, bearing the marks of numerous scorches and dents from several missile impacts. The ship hadn't faltered though, and now the fearful rebels waited with bated breath.

Annabelle strolled down the walkway alone. She wore a pure white latex suit, stretched tight over her curves and perfectly shaped by the contours of her body. On each breast, she wore a capital ‘M’. Her long blonde hair floated serenely behind her, vibrantly reflecting the little light that made it through the fog and seeming to intensify it. White thigh-high boots covered her calves, but her thighs themselves lay bare in their plush and deceptive softness. Given the unnecessary extra height that the boots gave her, each of Annabelle’s legs was about the size of a Selosan.

“How very rude,” Annabelle tutted. “So much lovely potential wasted trying to break my poor little ship. Just imagine what else you could have done. You could have put on a delightful little fireworks display for Mommy.”

The attacks began before Annabelle finished speaking. Unimpeded by the assault, she carried on her walk until her feet were about to reach the island, then paused for a moment. As the magical attacks intensified and threatened to drown out her speech she simply increased her volume to match them, projecting her voice to ensure that everyone currently attempting to kill her was perfectly able to hear every word.

Selosian magic worked primarily on the basis of magnification and diminishment. Small sparks around Mega Mommy rapidly burst into fireballs, pockets of air compressed and expanded, producing sonic blasts that could tear apart most eardrums. Many of the mages had attempted to target Mega Mommy herself with their attacks, but magnification seemed like a terrible idea and diminishment proved utterly impossible. Annabelle’s body refused to be belittled in any way.

“Do any of you naughty little wizards want to have a chat with Mommy? Do you have an archmage hiding somewhere back there?”

Annabelle stood now at the very edge of her ship. She paused again, during which time the attacks didn’t abate in the slightest. With a sigh somewhere between resignation and contentment, Mega Mommy planted her foot on the island.

The shockwave that followed spread across the island in an instant, tossing every inhabitant to the ground and halting the assault. As Annabelle’s other foot stepped onto the island cracks appeared on the surface and dived deep through the landmass, disrupting the potent magics keeping the island floating and intact.

“Let me know if anyone changes their mind and wants to talk!” Annabelle giggled as she continued her walk with a smile.

Annabelle was careful not to step on anyone as she strode towards the temple at the centre of the city. Selosians cried out for her to stop, but none offered a convincing argument – mostly some rude suggestions about where she could go or idle threats. Evidently, she had left this planet alone for too long.

The edges of the island were already falling when Mega Mommy arrived at the offending building. The temple door was a mere ten feet tall, meaning that Annabelle carved out a larger entryway with her body when she entered.

Everything about this place of worship was wrong.

Firstly, Mega Mommy was not dedicated here in any manner. Not in her image, not in the far-too-small scale of the place, not in the method of worship, or even in the worshippers. A small group of a dozen robed Selosians were huddled at the far end of the temple, kneeling before an utterly hideous statue of a hooded figure wielding a staff. The fact that they were so heavily garbed made it obvious that they were no loyal devotees of the Empress, but what was that strange statue about?

“I take it that’s your new ruler then, hmm?” Annabelle asked. “You’ve abandoned Mommy and fled to the arms of this little rapscallion?”

The pounding of Annabelle’s footsteps continued to destroy the island as the worshippers tried to organise themselves. Occasionally, one managed to complete a flight spell, levitating themselves from the ground and away from the impact of Annabelle’s earthquake-inducing feet. By the time Annabelle reached the statue, all twelve of the worshippers were hovering around it, preparing their attacks.

Annabelle grabbed the statue in one hand, bringing it up to eye level to peek under the hood. She sighed and tutted once more at what she saw.

“Oh, you silly little Selosians,” Annabelle muttered at the statue’s blank face. “You don’t even know who you’re worshipping, do you?”

In an instant, her smile reappeared.

“Let me fix that for you.”

Bringing the statue closer to her chest, Annabelle crumbled it against her body. With a much heavier stomp than her previous careful footsteps, she broke apart the island completely, sending the surrounding worshippers – along with every fractured fragment of the world’s capital city – to plummet down to the scorched surface below. As the temple collapsed around her, Annabelle inhaled and drew in the obscuring fog – along with most of the breathable air – surrounding the nearby islands. Her two lungs, far more capable of holding air than the Selosian’s four, greedily sucked it up and revealed the fate of the island to the rest of the planet.

With her impeccable vision, Mega Mommy saw the shock and terror arise on the faces of the inhabitants of the other islands. Mages who had been preparing spells for her arrival were forced to release them as they gasped for breath, the air being stolen from their lungs by Mega Mommy. Selosians tried to cry out but failed to produce enough air to even make a sound.

Wordlessly, the rest of the world watched as Mega Mommy floated over the falling remains of their greatest city.

“Take a good look, little ones,” Annabelle instructed, “and make sure to get my good side when you make your new statues. I’ll be coming back soon to check you’re all worshipping Mommy properly.”

Annabelle waved at her ship, instructing Drakos and Lucia to emerge.

“I’m leaving you in the fine hands of these two lovebirds. Make sure you devote yourselves to their pleasure.” Annabelle gave a coy smile. “Lucia has quite the appetite.”

With one general at each side, Mega Mommy gave the planet one last look as she began to return their air.

“And if you’re blasphemous little heretics again, Mommy will break your entire planet.”

“Exactly why am I not allowed to see the records?” Kimberly scowled at General Nikolai.

With Mega Mommy off-world currently, her palace was under the command of her most powerful general. Normally that would be Stefan, but Annabelle had taken her favourite boy toy with her for the journey. As a result, the title of “most powerful person on the planet” had fallen to Nikolai. When Mommy left, he was even more powerful than Kimberly.

Kimberly wasn’t sure that was the case any more.

She had updated her look after her changes the previous day. Taking after her mother, Kimberly was trying out a new costume. One that was significantly more concealing currently. The body of the piece was blue, to match her eyes, while the boots were white. She had decided to wear white gloves as well, for… practical reasons.

Since her changes, Kimberly had been finding it difficult to gauge her new power level, especially when it came to the effects of her beauty. The dark sunglasses were currently a must at all times unless she was prepared to put up with people constantly orgasming when they looked at her. The gloves served the same purpose, allowing her to touch other people – and more importantly herself – without them collapsing in climax.

“I’m sorry, Kimberly,” Nikolai seemed genuinely apologetic at having to refuse her, “the records are off-limits to everyone but Mommy. Her orders.”

Kimberly raised a hand to her sunglasses. “Are you sure I can’t have a peek? My birthday is tomorrow, you know. It can be an early present.”

Nikolai had noticed the changes. It was hard not to. Though no one knew the reason, Kimberly’s growth was the talk of the palace. And seeing her up close right now was mesmerising. Nikolai was still almost half a foot taller than Kimberly, but there was something about her that made her presence larger. Where Mega Mommy could walk into a room and bring anyone present to their knees in servitude, Kimberly was developing her own aura. There was that same lingering compulsion to satisfy her needs. That same dominating urge to ensure that Kimberly was kept happy at all times. But more than that, there was a reminder. Not, as with Mega Mommy, a reminder that Mommy always came first. But a reminder that Kimberly’s needs were above yours. That Kimberly’s desires would overwhelm and overpower yours, and were right to do so.

“Mommy’s word is final,” Nikolai finally responded.

In a light daze, Nikolai glanced away from Kimberly, but she had already caught on. She was going to be able to do this.

The sunglasses moved down Kimberly’s nose as she peeked over the top. Nikolai was looking the wrong way now, so Kimberly gently brushed his arm as she bit her lip.

“I really want to see those records, Nikolai.” Kimberly’s voice was drenched in her desires and her eyes conveyed her wants all too well.

The General felt his mind corroding as his thoughts dissolved into the deep blue of Kimberly’s eyes. His legs refused to move him away from her, and his neck refused to turn away from the overpowering beauty before him. As he continued to watch Kimberly, more details became apparent. How her arms rippled with her new and barely-contained power. How her lips were within touching distance of his own if only he could lean down to kiss her. How his body had completely been overridden by Kimberly’s, with motion only able to occur in his manhood.

Kimberly breathed in and Nikolai watched her chest heave against her costume.

Her breasts. Those had changed too. Significantly changed. They had more than doubled in size, in fact.

“They’re K-cups now, Nikolai,” Kimberly breathed out into Nikolai’s ear, floating to put her head level with his. “I’m a big, growing girl.”

Kimberly’s breasts touched Nikolai’s chest and she couldn’t resist. With barely any effort, Kimberly floated forward, slowly pushing the muscular General backwards until he was pressed against the wall. When he was, Kimberly leaned in again, removing her sunglasses completely and putting the two most powerful beings on the planet nose-to-nose.

“Feel them, General. Put your hands on my tits and see how firm they are.”

With the force of Kimberly’s will behind him, Nikolai lifted his hands to her breasts. He hesitated, not due to reluctance but due to another involuntary loss of bodily function as Kimberly smiled in encouragement. Another shuffle forward and Nikolai could feel like chest caving to Kimberly’s superior body.

“I’m stronger than you, aren’t I, Nikolai?” Kimberly whispered into his ear. “I could just give you another little push and put you into a week of recovery.”

Nikolai’s hands still hadn’t reached Kimberly’s breasts, but his cock had reached her thigh, splitting his uniform at the seam as it hardened beyond the constraints of his trousers. His cockhead squeaked against the smooth latex of Kimberly’s costume. Thankfully, it hadn’t touched her bare flesh yet.

Putting her gloved hands on Nikolai’s, Kimberly placed the tips of his fingers against the edge of her breasts. She gently pushed inwards, but her breasts simply refused to yield to the touch.

“They’re so firm, Nikolai. I could break you apart by squeezing you into them.”

Nikolai would have nodded if he could. He would have willingly agreed to be broken against Kimberly’s tits. All thoughts of his Empress were gone from his head. Right now, all he cared about was the girl overpowering him.

Kimberly breathed in again, ever so slowly. Nikolai felt his ribs creak as Kimberly carefully tested the extent of her power. The resistance was there, it was just insignificant. It was no more difficult for Kimberly to overpower Nikolai than it was for her to breathe. As she breathed out, she put her lips to Nikolai’s ear again.

“I really want to see the records, Nikolai.”

That was it. That was all it took. Seconds later, Kimberly was sorting through the catalogue of every nearby world, searching for her birthday present and long-awaited holiday, while Nikolai lay unconscious in his bed, recovering from the effect of proximity to Kimberly.

“Did my precious little girl miss me while I was gone?” Annabelle cooed as she hugged her daughter. “Someone’s been doing a little bit of growing, hasn’t she?”

“Mom!” Kimberly’s voice was muffled against Annabelle’s chest and her sunglasses were digging awkwardly into her face. “Stop it!”

She should have expected it, but Kimberly was frustrated to still be so massively outclassed by her mother, especially given how much more powerful she had felt in Mega Mommy’s absence. The ship had returned at dawn on Kimberly’s 19th birthday, as expected. General Stefan was still out for the count, which was also as expected.

“Where has that troublesome Nikolai got to? Mommy has some big needs.”

“He’s… indisposed,” Kimberly mumbled.

“Oh! My naughty little girl!” Annabelle giggled. “Well, like mother like daughter, I suppose.”

“I didn’t use one of your hand-me-downs Mom!” Kimberly exclaimed when Annabelle finally let her go. “He just couldn’t handle being near me.”

“Hmm. Best get a good grip on your potential, baby. Don’t want to cause unwanted damage. Especially not to the good-looking ones.”

“I’m working on it, Mom.”

“In any case, I need to prepare for your celebration. We’ll have breakfast as soon as I’ve settled back in, then we can take a look at your present.”

“I can’t wait, Mom.”

With that, Annabelle retreated to her chambers and Kimberly suppressed her devious smile.

Breakfast proved to be… eventful.

With Annabelle worried about her daughter leaving soon, she decided to make the event a little bit of a learning exercise. Breakfast was therefore being served on the Royal Balcony, overlooking the front gardens of the palace. Gathered below were thousands of subjects, simply watching mother and daughter eat, high above them.

Annabelle was wearing very little, not even a bra. She wore a nightgown that tied at the waist and wore underwear at Kimberly’s insistence but was otherwise exposed. Kimberly on the other hand was still wearing her costume, remaining completely covered for now. She had picked out a new pair of sunglasses after the previous pair had been mangled, these ones with a dark blue tint to their lenses.

“I don’t like being watched while I eat. It’s weird.” Kimberly complained as she carefully sliced apart her pancakes. “What if I drop something?”

“Then you’ll have some very syrupy tits.” Annabelle smiled. “And the world below will love you for it.”


“Here, baby.” Annabelle slowly lifted her coffee to her lips. “Just watch.”

The cream at the top of Annabelle’s coffee dripped onto her skin and the world below audibly gasped. Annabelle ran a finger up her skin, collecting the cream on her finger and bringing it to her lips. As her finger entered her mouth, the crowd below groaned, and when she pulled it out – licked clean – with a gratuitous sigh, every person in the audience burst into spontaneous climax.

Kimberly recoiled from the power of her mother’s actions.

“Now, they all love me a little more. All of those people down there have been very loyal to Mommy and they deserve a little present every once in a while.” Annabelle looked at the recovering crowd below and smiled. “Speaking of which, I have another surprise for you. I’ll be right back.”

Leaving her breakfast where it was, Annabelle ascended into the air. Glasses rattled on the table and in the window frames of the palace as she accelerated past the sound barrier. Seconds later, she reappeared above the crowd, holding a compact spaceship on one palm.

“Your very own ship!” Mega Mommy called out.

The design was much sleeker than Annabelle’s own, with far less room inside for servants. What Kimberly could see at the front of the ship was an absolute hunk of a pilot, eagerly waving at her.

“You got me a boy toy too?” Kimberly was confused. It wasn’t like her mother to give up her toys.

“Oh, you mean Pietro? He’s a lovely boy. You couldn’t imagine how hard it has been not to just use up his cute little body. He was the gardener a week ago, only just started.”

That was… actually very touching from her Mom. Kimberly flew up to Annabelle, gave her a warm embrace and took the spaceship.

“I’ll park it in the bay, okay?”

“Sure, honey. You do that, then come find me for your main present.”

“Will do, Mom!”

It took Kimberly thirty minutes to return from parking her spaceship. Her mother gave her a knowing smirk as she sat down and Kimberly blushed.

“I might need a new pilot for my trip, Mom,” Kimberly asked sheepishly.

“Good thing Pietro has a twin brother,” Annabelle grinned.

“How about this one, sweetie? It has a nice blue star and the local population is famed for their fish cuisine. You love fish.”

“Mom, it means food for fish. It’s a water world. All the inhabitants are fish people. No way.”

“What’s wrong with fish people? I had a very good time with a sea-god years ago.”

“Mom! I don’t want to know.”

“How about this one then? A cute little white dwarf star, with only one captured planet in the system. Hmm, very low population.”

“Gross. That’s a planet of undead, Mom.”

“Oh. Maybe not then.”

The back and forth had been going on for almost two hours now, with both women failing to agree on a suitable planet for Kimberly’s first mission. Each one of them seemed to have some problem, either the population, the location or the “general vibe” of the place, as Kimberly put it. The pile of potential planets was becoming slim, and Mommy was becoming bored.

All according to Kimberly’s plan.

“Oh, how about this one, baby? Yellow star, terrestrial planet, lots of water – not a water world though – and it even has a humanoid population famed for their architecture. You can do some sightseeing! Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Kimberly hid her smile and growing excitement until she took the file from her mother. The file that she had carefully placed towards the bottom of the pile after removing a significant chunk of the relevant documentation about the planet.

“Hmm. Looks okay. Population looks pretty short.”

Annabelle chuckled. “Believe it or not, baby, those are actually average heights.”

“This one looks okay to me. It’ll be nice to interact with a civilised humanoid species at least.”

“Exactly! I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Kimberly looked at the meagre documents describing Apothis. A perfectly regular planet, by all accounts. Boring, even. A dull, everyday people, living their dull, everyday lives.

With superpowers.

Annabelle pulled Kimberly into a hug. “Be safe out there, baby. Let them know that you’re in charge.”

Kimberly could grin broadly now. She was going to a planet of superheroes. Not just that, but a planet that created superheroes.

And she was going to take everything that it had to offer.

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