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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 3

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 30 March 2024 20:32] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 30 March 2024 22:41]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 3 – Close Encounters

Life on Apothis was chaotic. Today more than usual.

“I need to know what’s happening, Techno. Is this our jurisdiction or not?” Projecta was itching to investigate the approaching spacecraft, but without the go-ahead, she risked antagonising one of the other hero factions.

“It is… complicated. Technically, intercepting alien attacks will fall to the Watchful Cosmic Heroes.” Techno quickly glanced between her displays. “However, the ship is not attacking, and the Watchers are staying out of this incident until it does.”

“Great!” Ultra-girl exclaimed. “Last one to the ship does my laundry for a week!”

“Hold!” Techno called out, bringing the rapidly departing superheroines to a halt. “The ship is over us, but it is still in the air. The Avian Authority is preparing to scout it out. We cannot intervene until the ship lands.”

“Why do the damn bird-people have authority over an alien ship?” Ultra-girl moaned.

“They’ve been trying to branch out,” Psywave mumbled. “People keep thinking they only deal with problems related to bird-themed villains, so they’re trying to change their name. I think the Angelic Authority is what they’re going for. It isn’t catching on though.”

“How do you know this?” Techno frowned.

Psywave blushed. “Rooster Rogue told me.”

“You know he has a huge crush on you, right?” Ultra-girl sang. “He’s gonna ask you out soon!”

“I think he’s just being friendly…” Psywave protested.

The United League of Heroes had been very cautious for the past few months. After a misunderstanding concerning a simple bank robbery had turned into a clash between three separate heroic outfits, procedures had been put in place to ensure that teams kept to their lane. Tension was running high as a result.

The problem wasn’t currently the rise of new supervillains, it was the lack of new threats that was driving the world stir-crazy. Not even a decade ago, the world had been a constant series of battles between good and evil. Now, villainous intent had been quelled more than a little by the fact that superheroes outnumbered the villains by almost fifty-to-one. And almost every one of those heroes was waiting for any excuse to use the full extent of their powers.

“What happens if the ship lands at sea?” Projecta asked suddenly. “Don’t tell me we lose this one to the Marvelous Mariners?”

“Allow me to…” Techno searched through her info feeds. “Possibly. I shall have to confirm with their liaison. They may be busy already. Pirates, I believe. I am sure that there is a clause concerning simultaneous emergencies…”

“I wanna fight pirates!” Ultra-girl whined.

“We are not allowed to fight pirates,” Techno automatically responded while searching her databanks. “Under any circumstances. We chose to give up sea-based threats when we pushed for more leverage over the land and air.”

Sparks of irritation flickered across Projecta’s face as she leaned into a wall, shoulders merging with the stone. Meanwhile, Ultra-girl excitedly flew circles around the room, causing the building to creak with the force of her motion. After a brief disapproving glance at the hyperactive Ultra-girl, Projecta reinforced the stonework and returned to brooding. Ultra-girl giggled and proceeded to zoom around at an even greater speed. Giving up on restraining the all-too-familiar energy of her teammate, Projecta opted to close her eyes and await Techno’s update.

Standing directly behind Techno’s chair, Psywave was nervously wringing her hands. She was just as eager as her teammates to investigate the unknown object, but far more wary of the repercussions.

“Ha-has anyone seen White Knight?” Psywave mumbled. “I don’t feel him.”

Projecta scoffed. “You’d love to feel him.”

“That’s not what I m-mean!” Psywave was blushing furiously.

“It’s cuuute!” Ultra-girl spun around Psywave, grasping the shy psychic girl by the hands and spinning her too. “All the cute guys looove you, Psy!”

“Ignoring Psywave’s love life, we have a message.” Techno frowned. “The Avian – or Angelic – Authority requests our assistance. They are encountering difficulties.”

“Sounds like an invitation to me.” Projecta perked up, leaning forward and adding a chunk of the wall to her body as she separated from it. “No chance of angering the Mariners? Or the Watchers for that matter, if the ship is attacking.”

“The ship has not yet landed. Nor does it appear to be attacking. It appears to simply be… refusing them. Their scouting team could not approach. We are currently in the clear on all fronts.”

“Nice. Time to head out, team. Techno, send a message to White Knight. Tell him to get his shiny ass to Waterfront Pier. We’ve got a threat to assess.”

Ultra-girl squealed with joy as Projecta dismantled the ceiling of their base. In turn, each of the girls flew out through the roof as they attempted to keep up with Ultra-girl. Projecta tutted as she watched the over-enthusiastic girl dart off into the distance.

“Some people get all the broken powers.”

Kimberly rested her feet on the flight control panel, an exhausted pilot on either side of her. She had managed to restrain herself from jumping on her boy toys over the course of the week-long flight, but seeing Apothis in the distance had made her inhibitions drop. She wasn’t going to need Pietro or Matteo for a long while anyway, might as well make as much use of them as she dared.

Each of the twins had a vacant expression now, their eyes glazed over after being imprinted permanently with the image of Kimberly’s bare breasts. Every time the pilots closed their eyes, their impressive cocks would stutter back to life at the thought of those otherworldly tits, clenching and jerking in an attempt to evacuate their load. Nothing came out though. Kimberly had thoroughly drained her toys.

Over the past week, Kimberly had attempted to acclimate herself to her new body, allowing herself to reveal more skin gradually and exert a little more of her power every day. She still hadn’t found the limit of her strength, but she did now know that it was more than enough to tear through her ship at a whim. The only thing stopping her from experimenting more vigorously was the fact that fixing everything afterwards proved to be significantly more tedious than the fun of ripping it up. Kimberly liked her ship. She could wait until she found something she cared about less to let loose a little.

As for getting used to the overwhelming sexual appeal of her body, it was a work in progress. Kimberly still couldn’t look into her eyes in the mirror, but she could endure ogling her arms and parts of her legs. She had replaced her entire wardrobe just before leaving, and the bras in particular were proving to be utterly essential. Even the sight of one of Kimberly’s nipples through the fabric of her skintight outfit was enough to cause crippling orgasms, lasting from anywhere in the range of a few seconds for Kimberly to hours for her pilot boys.

And while she hadn’t thrown herself on them, Kimberly had still managed to have fun playing with her toys. At her command, Pietro and Matteo were only permitted to wear skintight briefs, with one of the twins serving permanently at her side while the other dealt with the running of the ship.

With both pilots out of commission, Kimberly idly taunted them as her ship drifted closer to Apothis on autopilot. She ran a gloved finger across Matteo’s sculpted eight-pack while her other palm cupped Pietro’s thigh. Inevitably, both hands veered towards their crotches, awakening their gargantuan cocks once more. Honestly, playing with them like this was even more arousing for Kimberly than the actual sex. Knowing that she could take these hunks for all they had, that she could extract as much pleasure as their minds could possibly handle, and that she could do it to the point of completely exhausting them while feeling no less energetic herself was such a thrill.

Kimberly bit her lower lip, reminiscing about the past few minutes. Her loins stirred uncontrollably as she forced the twins into another impotent erection, forcing them to spend all of their meagre remaining energy reserves on expressing their lust for her rather than recovering from her overpowering touch. A single touch to their shrunken, tender balls incited another spasm of failed orgasm. Kimberly breathed deeply as her ship entered the atmosphere of Apothis, allowing the subtle vibrations of entry to send quivers up from her seat and into her womanhood.

Breathing out, Kimberly almost sent herself into a coma.

Her breath lingered in the air around her briefly, then diffused throughout the ship. The swirling strawberry scent of Kimberly’s most recent drink mixed with another intense floral aroma, fused through the fine wines she had been drinking on her journey. The result was an utterly intoxicating and heady breeze that knocked the twins even deeper into their slumber and made Kimberly question how ready she was to resist herself.

Shallow breaths turned into far more rapid panting before Kimberly caught control of her lust. She teetered on the edge of orgasm, knowing that to embrace it would mean relinquishing conscious control; submitting fully to her desires. It was tempting – oh, so very tempting. Especially when Kimberly could feel those bodies beside her, shrivelling away in her presence as her existence commanded them to experience greater and greater pleasure.

Kimberly wanted that too.

She wanted to explore her new world more though.

Kimberly braced her feet against the floor and curled her toes, scrunching up the body of her ship beneath her and opening up minute cracks across the hull. Even without consciously exerting her strength, Kimberly was tearing her ship apart with the most casual of motions.

Which was when the Avian/Angelic Authority reached the unidentified object.

Three of their league approached the ship, while two waited behind. Rooster Rogue, leading the charge, was the first to be affected. The biology of the Avian Authority was not significantly different to the other humanoid species on Apothis, all of their transformations being a result of their powers. Aside from the wings and a much lighter bone structure, the winged heroes functioned in exactly the same way as any other person would.

Consequently, Rooster Rogue started ejaculating as soon as he was close enough to the ship to smell Kimberly’s breath. The lithe, red-feathered superhero suddenly stopped ascending, his wings standing rigidly at their full breadth as his costume became soaked with cum and perspiration. The muscles in his neck tensed as he fought to regain control of his body but, with each passing moment, his desire to resist dripped out of his body and down his leg, while his body phased violently in and out of his current spatial plane.

Rooster finally lost consciousness just as his teammates caught up to him, each trying to grab his falling body but seizing up at the last second. Lucky Chick managed to curl into a ball, blanketing herself with her white-feathered wings as she fell, howling a delighted, blissful scream that could be heard by her comrades below. Dark Swan raked at her pitch-black outfit, tearing the fabric apart to squeeze at her breasts and dig her fingers as far into her sex as she could reach. Talons extended from her nails, digging deeper inside of her and exciting a painful pleasure in her breasts. She retained just enough self-control from the shock to bring herself into a smooth glide, circling slowly down to the ground.

When the scouting party landed, at various levels of unmistakable arousal, backup was called in.

“Stefan, Mommy is feeling a bit lonely…”

It had been a week since Kimberly left, and Annabelle was feeling her absence in the palace. Yesterday, she had suggested to Stefan that it might be a good idea to check in on some nearby planets, just to get an idea of any potential rebellion, and the still-recovering General had taken the hint. Cutting his recuperation time short, he had prepared a smaller ship to visit Ky’son, a nearby world with the early signs of defiance. A short trip, a little reminder of Mommy’s power, and everything would sort itself out.

“Stefan, Mommy needs to feel those big, strong hands all over her body.”

It was just the two of them in the ship this time. With the journey only being a few hours long, there was no need for a larger crew. Given the looks that Annabelle had been giving him, Stefan knew that she wanted it that way.

The first half of the trip was spent with Stefan massaging Annabelle’s body, digging his incredibly powerful hands as deeply as he could into her flesh. First, she lay on her front, cooing as Stefan worked bottles of oil into her shoulders and strained his muscles to soothe her spine. When Stefan switched to her legs, Annabelle really started to moan. She absolutely adored the sensation of strong fingers pressing into the soft flesh of her thighs, trying with all their might to push against her body. With an occasional giggle, Annabelle would tense her muscles and make it impossible for her body to yield to Stefan. Every time she did that, her womanhood growled in anticipation, slowly drooling as it awaited release.

Rolling onto her back a short while later, Annabelle pulled Stefan on top of her, guiding his hands to her breasts. She had remained nude for the entire trip and had insisted on Stefan doing the same. Now, she could feel his enormous cock pressing against her stomach.

“Time to massage Mommy’s breasts.”

Annabelle gently squeezed Stefan’s ass as he exerted extreme force on her tits. The muscular General would have broken lesser women or goddesses with even a fraction of his strength, but Annabelle welcomed it. His mouth clamped to one nipple, drawing out the delicious, empowering milk that Annabelle happily provided him, making his power soar even further. Every drop of milk that entered Stefan’s body provided him with more vitality, vigour and stamina, just enough to allow him to pleasure his Empress. His body swelled, growing closer to nine feet tall with every moment of frenzied suction. Annabelle giggled again as she felt her favourite lover grow to please her, to meet her astonishing needs. Needs that only seemed to grow with every passing day.

“Mommy wants to suck that big, thick cock now.”

Pulling Stefan from her breasts, Annabelle lifted him into the air and brought his manhood to her lips. She bit her lip in anticipation, savouring the sight of such a delicious-looking treat. Her tongue lapped out, tasting Stefan’s precum – already a tastier dish than she could imagine being served anywhere else in her Empire. Mouth agape, she slowly lowered Stefan in her mouth, brushing her lips against his shaft and twirling her tongue around the engorged head of his cock.

Annabelle dined on Stefan’s cock like a rapidly melting ice cream on a hot summer day.

She moved the entire monstrous length in and out of her mouth voraciously, unwilling to let her lips away from any part of it for even a second. Her head remained motionless, but Stefan’s body moved at supersonic speed as Annabelle thrust him back and forth in the air. When Annabelle decided that she needed more, she simply allowed the motion to be continued by the suction of her mouth, holding Stefan’s body entirely through the suction of her lips while her hands went to explore her own body.

She shoved one hand into her crotch, moving multiple digits at speeds close to light speed as her clit vibrated furiously. Her pussy seized her fingers, along with the air around him, compressing it into Annabelle’s body and lowering the pressure of the entire ship. Stefan kept as much air as possible within his lungs, but the supreme joy of having Mommy service his cock was draining his power to do so with every thrust.

Annabelle’s other hand went to her breasts, pinching her nipples with far more force than Stefan had been able to muster. She roughly pawed at the expansive flesh, squeezing and lifting her hefty Mommy Milkers and letting them fall back to her chest with a calamitous boom. Warning alarms sounded across the ship as it depressurised, and the walls buckled as the vibrations of Mommy’s pendulous tits sent shockwaves through the insufficiently durable material.

As Annabelle greedily devoured Stefan’s cock, her throat bulged suddenly. Knowing her General, she prepared to swallow, holding Stefan’s entire manhood in her mouth and throat, creating a perfect vacuum seal. Stefan would have to wait just a little bit longer. Mommy always came first.

“P-please, M-Mommy,” Stefan whispered. “M-must please Mommy.”

Holding Stefan just where she wanted him, Annabelle used his whimpering pleas to drive herself to climax.

The ship collapsed around her, torn apart with Annabelle’s first orgasm. The pressurised air inside of her pussy was forced out with her superheated cum, blasting a hole through the ship. Her second orgasm rocked the hull, compacting metres of the reinforced materials down to a scant few millimetres as her ass came into contact with it. Her sexual fluids burned through the weakened layer, melting and then vapourising the metals.

In the midst of her orgasm, Annabelle finally allowed Stefan to cum.

Annabelle inhaled just as Stefan came, drawing a continuous stream of cum out of him through his cock. She shook her head from side to side, gulping down the enormous load into her stomach and treating Stefan’s body as a chew toy. Stefan’s arms swung out like a ragdoll as Annabelle drained him, flinging away the last remnants of the ship. Despite being completely drained, Stefan’s cock refused to deflate while still inside of Mega Mommy.

“Good boy,” Annabelle whispered. “Such a good boy.”

Cradling Stefan in her arms, Annabelle floated in space, slowly drifting towards another naughty planet.

Ultra-girl was flying too fast. Her speed was frequently useful, but the fact that she often got to fights or crime scenes before the rest of the United League of Heroes was becoming infuriating. Especially as she was the least adept member at surveilling an area.

Sure, the girl had super-hearing, super-sight, and could hold her own against practically every villain out there, but she was too unfocused. Too eager to get something done. She didn’t take the time to think anything through before doing it.

Projecta felt that she could have been a lot more justified in her irritation if Ultra-girl didn’t consistently win those fights regardless.

As it happened, Ultra-girl had managed to deal with their last four emergencies single-handedly. All four had been natural disasters, presumably Projecta’s speciality. Regardless, all four had been dealt with by Ultra-girl.

So, seeing Ultra-girl falling out of the sky as she approached the mysterious ship awoke both a sense of vindictive glee and uncertain terror in Projecta.

“Techno, scan the ship!” Projecta called out as she swooped to catch her falling teammate. “I want to know what just did that.”

“I am analysing as we speak.” Techno stalled in the air, hovering with the use of her jetpack as she focused her energies on interpreting the machinery above her.

“T-there are people on the ship.” Psywave closed her eyes, floating next to Techno. “I can feel something powerful.”

Projecta began to choke as she approached Ultra-girl’s descending body. Her power over the air around her was filtering out something, but it was difficult, as though the air had been replaced with honey. Projecta’s motion slowed as her nether regions throbbed. She resisted the urge to play with herself right there and then, whipping up a tornado in the miasma of whatever this toxin was to dispel it while she dived back down to Ultra-girl.

Ultra-girl had not resisted the urge to begin masturbating.

When Projecta reached her, she saw that the brunette girl was babbling incoherently as she tore her costume apart. Projecta looked for long enough to ensure that Ultra-girl wasn’t physically harmed, then flew back up to her tornado.

“Ultra-girl is fine. I’m going to let her land down there. Looks like she’ll hit the beach.”

“Don’t worry, Projecta,” a calm male voice responded, “I’ve got her.”

Projecta’s eyes widened as she saw a shiny, white streak fly at Ultra-girl.

“Wait, White Knight! Just let her fall.”

It was too late though. The chivalrous hero had caught up to Ultra-girl, catching her in his arms and immediately blushing as she continued to orgasm.

“Oh. Er. I see.” White Knight was at a loss for words. “I’ll just put her down and join you.”

Projecta sighed. “There’s some kind of toxin up here, coming from the ship. I’m going to investigate. Psywave, get up here.”

Telekinetically controlling her own body, Psywave launched herself up into Projecta’s tornado. An aura of calm settled over the two superheroines within their safety bubble of filtered air.

“Okay, here’s the plan. I focus on shielding the two of us from the toxin. You guide us towards the aliens and if things start turning hostile, crumple the ship onto them.”

“Really!?” Psywave’s exclaimed in a whisper. “Do you really think I’ll need to do that?”

“Best to be prepared.” Projecta stilled her breathing, calming taking a breath to guide the airflow around them. “You’re up, Psywave.”

On the ship, Kimberly was preparing to land. There was more turbulence than she had expected, but simply floating around was easier anyway, so it made no real difference.

Making sure that her blue latex costume was completely covering her body, Kimberly had to do a double take as she caught a glimpse of her hair.

“No. Fucking. Way.”

Dashing to her changing room, she stared, gobsmacked, at her reflection.

Her hair was bright red.

Not ginger. Not strawberry blonde. Bright, fucking rose red.

Kimberly growled in frustration and the ship began to shake. The sound of creaking metal and popping joints brought her back to her senses. Calming down, she took another look. It wasn’t that bad. Honestly, it looked amazing. She just hadn’t been expecting it.

Plus, it distinguished her quite nicely from her Mom.

Suddenly pleased with her new look, Kimberly moved her thoughts to question why her hair had changed. Was it something she had done? Was the planet affecting her?

She couldn’t wait to arrive at the surface.

In fact, Kimberly thought, she could just head down there now. The autopilot was atrociously slow for landing, and the twins wouldn’t be doing it any time soon.

Mind now set, Kimberly opened the doors and took a breath of air from the atmosphere of Apothis.

Annabelle pouted as she approached Ky’son.

“I thought you said there would be naughty little rebels here, Stefan.”

Stefan mumbled something back in the affirmative.

“Well, I don’t think they look very rebellious.”

Twenty minutes ago, Stefan would have been right. A rebellion had been brewing for over a decade on Ky’son, with the leaders reaching out to the furthest corners of the galaxy to find fellow dissenters to Mega Mommy’s unopposed rule. Twenty minutes ago though, the planet had experienced Mega Mommy’s “wrath” first-hand.

The entire southern hemisphere of the planet had been stripped clean of its atmosphere as a typhoon more powerful than anything the planet had ever experienced swept across the world. Trees had been made bare of leaves, or simply torn out of the ground. Houses lay as rubble, while cities were still being evacuated. The polar ice caps had melted, and now waves crashed against the land while tsunamis ravaged the rest of the planet.

All because Ky’son had been unfortunate enough to be in the path of Mega Mommy’s orgasm.

Perhaps more devastating was the path that Annabelle’s superheated ejaculation had carved through the planet. Volcanoes across the world were only just starting to erupt as the temperature of the planetary core climbed. The seas flooded into the path carved out by Moomy’s cum, then promptly evaporated, filling the skies with vapour and the scent of Annabelle’s climax.

By the time she arrived, there was nothing else that needed to be done. Ky’son had been reprimanded before Annabelle’s toes even touched the ground.

Annabelle did touch down though, with a smile on he face as she observed the chaos around her.

“What an exciting little planet!” Annabelle gently placed Stefan on the planet’s surface. “So many interesting features.”

Annabelle dug her toes into the earth. “Hmm. I know what will make it more interesting though.”

Curling her toes, Mega Mommy locked her position in space. The planet screamed. The ground split as Annabelle tore the crust from the planet with its own inertia as it continued to move around its star. Ky’son quaked as billions of people found themselves moving at planetary speeds, caught in a monstrous medley of new natural disasters. After a mere nanosecond of stillness, Annabelle allowed herself to be carried by the planet again, now severely deformed around her location.

Ky’son was now a lopsided planet. At the point where Mega Mommy stood was the pinnacle of the world, with everything else below her. Continents had been reshaped in less than the blink of an eye by the power of Mega Mommy’s toes and a flight of fancy. Annabelle whistled for Stefan, who crawled across the ground on his hands and knees, providing her with a suitable seat.

“There now! Much nicer. I'm quite the expert terraformer aren’t I?” Mommy congratulated herself as she rested her backside on Stefan. “I’m going to collect a few tributes, then we’ll head back, darling. It has been a wonderful day. Mommy is very proud of you.”

Stefan, though exhausted, glowed with pride. It was always a good day when Mommy was happy.

“We’re under attack!” Projecta yelled as her tornado was ripped apart. “Dive, now!”

Psywave heeded the warning, immediately catapulting herself to the beach below. Unfortunately, Projecta could no longer control the winds around her. She fell at a snail’s pace compared to her teammate, and as a result, managed to spot the alien invader first.

The woman was Beauty. She was the Sky and Stars incarnate. A red and blue angel of untold magnificence. A girl who bore such an overpowering aura of wonder that Projecta couldn’t even bear to think of looking away. A devastating alien conqueror who wore skin-tight latex, showing off every excessive curve and superior feature of her divine body. Projecta’s eyes frantically darted between her blazing hair, her large and perky breasts, her toned, powerful legs. The exaggerated contours of the alien’s hips drove Projecta’s thoughts to her own inadequacies and awakened an overwhelming desire to ensure that this woman was satisfied. The obvious swell of her ass made Projecta have to resist offering herself as a seat. Finally, Projecta’s gaze found the face of the goddess again.

Kimberly gave Projecta a coy smile and the superheroine exploded into flames. Flames hot enough to ionise the air around her. Hot enough to burn through Projecta’s flame-resistant outfit. Hot enough to ignite her dark brown hair, burning it into a charcoal black. Projecta felt her clothes disintegrate around her as this goddess approached her. Kimberly entirely ignored the flames, bringing her body close to Projecta’s.

Starting at Projecta’s face, Kimberly’s lips met those of the nude superheroine. Projecta gasped, so Kimberly claimed the air from her lungs. Projecta gave it willingly. Moving her mouth down Projecta’s body, Kimberly inhaled the flames, rolling the fires across her tongue and letting the smoke curl out of her nose. When the blaze was extinguished, Kimberly moved to Projecta’s bare nipples, caressing each delicately with her lips and using her fingers to stimulate the other. Vines and rose buds sprouted from Projecta’s body as Kimberly’s tongue passed over her skin, the petals falling off to be devoured by the alien goddess.

Finally, Kimberly moved her head down to Projecta’s dripping pussy. She lapped up the leaking fluids, poking her tongue deep inside of the superheroine until she felt Projecta’s body vibrate. The breathless superheroine climaxed as Kimberly guided her body down to the beach, a layer of glass forming where she landed.

Having finished her arrival ritual, Kimberly quickly assimilated Projecta’s language knowledge and smiled at the awestruck superheroes gathering around her.

Kimberly could feel it. Power was rushing into her body. It was happening. The planet was granting her power. More power.

Your big girl is about to get a whole lot bigger, Mom.

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