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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 4

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 13 April 2024 19:12] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 13 April 2024 23:44]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 4 - Sin and Cinder

After her brief, not-so-private tryst with the Apothian girl, Kimberly could perfectly understand the babbling of the people cautiously gathering around her. She chose to ignore them though. Most were only making stifled sounds of orgasm or attempting to question her anyway, and this was Kimberly’s time. She wasn’t about to bother paying attention to someone else when something so interesting was happening inside of her.

The planet spoke to her. Not in words, but in feeling. Kimberly could trace her thoughts over the powers that the planet offered its inhabitants and feel it shudder in response. The planet liked her – Apothis was keen for Kimberly to accept its gift.

“Hmm…” Kimberly hummed as she felt the tingle pass up her body. “This is… good…”

A spike of power shot through Kimberly’s muscles, causing her whole body to tense. The glass beneath her feet, only just formed, shattered as her toes curled. A rush of highly pressurised air burst out from her in a shockwave, throwing back the surrounding superheroes. Every muscle fibre in Kimberly’s body shrunk and replicated itself, giving her skin-tight suit the brief appearance that something was writhing inside of it. Kimberly’s body hungrily drew from the wellspring of power that the planet offered her, taking ever more as she rapidly processed her increased potential. Very quickly, Kimberly was taking from the planet faster than it could deliver, and a rumbling warning echoed from deep in the core of the planet. Waves rose high in the sea, threatening to crash on the beach within moments as the planet wept, torn between giving Kimberly everything she wanted and its own existence.

“Fuck…” Kimberly moaned. It felt amazing. She could just take it all. Strip this planet bare and claim it as hers.


What would be the point in claiming a planet she had already licked clean? Kimberly had a much better idea. A way to gain a whole lot more power. She’d just have to be a little patient. The planet could recover, given time. Just like her twin boy toys, she could use them much more effectively if she restrained her hunger just a little.

So, despite the surreal pleasure coursing through every inch of her body, Kimberly relaxed her siphonous grasp on Apothis. The world relaxed slightly as the rumbling stilled.

Until Kimberly tapped her foot on the ground expectantly.

As she did so, Kimberly put her new, unrefined power to work. She filtered a portion of the raw power through the knowledge she had gained from Projecta – through the knowledge of how to control the elements of this planet. Mastery of the earth and its bounty, of the seas and skies, of the very air around her. Just a minute fraction of Kimberly’s power connected her to it, and Kimberly’s cells ached to leverage that link and unveil her control over Apothis.

So she did.

From beneath Kimberly’s foot, the ground began to rumble again, the planet feebly protesting against the alien conqueror’s motion. Sand shifted around her, water driven out from between the grains as Kimberly compacted it with a single tap of her foot. Under the pressure exerted by the goddess, the sand cemented itself together, hardening into sandstone. With her foot now placed firmly on the rock, Kimberly began to wiggle her toes. Each tiny motion caused immense currents of air to blast across the beach, spreading outwards from Kimberly, casually crafted streams of air splitting into two as they raced away from their creator. The vacant-eyed superheroes and fleeing beachgoers were lifted into the air on a far gentler breeze as astoundingly high-pressured air tormented the sand below into submission. Soon, the entire beach had been compacted into sandstone for miles around.

Kimberly didn’t stop there.

The sea, having calmed slightly after the tumultuous waves of mere seconds ago, spun into a far more furious frenzy. An enormous whirlpool formed, dozens of miles wide, as Kimberly commanded the ocean to rotate under her gaze. She smiled as she followed the motion of the sea from behind her sunglasses, willing the water to gouge cracks into the seabed. As soon as the magma beneath the planet’s surface was revealed, Kimberly ceased the drilling, much to the planet’s relief.

The whirlpool persisted though, and all around the edges, something peculiar was occurring. The displaced seabed rose, grafted into sloped walls by the pull of the sea and Kimberly’s will. They rose from the ocean, forming a semi-circle around the whirlpool that extended to the beach. Where the walls broke from the surface of the sea, plant life bloomed in a rainbow of spectacular colours, dew drops forming on leaves from the spray of the whirlpool.

Then the temperature began to rise.

Kimberly’s body glowed with energy, her blue costume becoming translucent as her skin shone with radiant light. No one was left close enough to her to feel the heat, having been tossed away from the breeze. That proved to be for the best. The sandstone beneath Kimberly’s feet was now melting, and any people in the vicinity would likely have perished.

Kimberly walked forward, moving towards the whirlpool. Each footprint left behind a layer of quartzite formed from the sandstone. Each footstep sent a ripple of heat and pressure through the ground, slowly converting the entire beach into the far more attractive rock. By the time Kimberly reached the sea, she had almost completely reshaped the landscape around her.

Here was the truly risky part.

Kimberly focused the remainder of the undistilled power she had gained from Apothis, using it to strengthen her willpower against the effects of her intoxicating beauty. She imagined herself as not just someone who defined the standard of true beauty, but also someone who defied it, allowing it to wash over her just as the water did to her costumed feet.

Once she was confident in her grasp on her own mind, Kimberly allowed her suit to melt, ever so slowly, from her body. It had originally been designed as a wetsuit, so was perfectly suitable to wear into the water, but she wanted to feel the sunlight on her bare skin and the touch of the sea on her limbs. It melted away, leaving behind only a tiny bikini to cover Kimberly’s body.

The planet rocked again as it experienced the touch of Kimberly’s exposed skin.

The transformation of the region finished as the planet itself heated up. Steam rose from the whirlpool, or – as Kimberly saw it – Kimberly’s new hot tub. Without the protection of her suit, she entered the water at such a temperature that it began boiling around her, producing a steamy haze that soon covered the raging whirlpool and quartzite beach for miles around.

When she had finally sculpted her perfect vacation spot, Kimberly lay back in the water and closed her eyes, letting the violent rapids gently massage her body. She deserved a break before moving on to the next stage of her plan.

Techno winced as her internal body clock woke her up. The gadgets covering her body were largely scrap metal at this point, but the ones grafted into her were still, thankfully, functioning. For the most part. It would have been… a problem… if her internal organs had ceased operating due to some form of meltdown.

The tech-enhanced hero allowed her sensors to scan her teammates while she slowly removed her non-functional power-suit. Ultra-girl was unconscious and very much not okay. Her body was convulsing and losing far too much fluid. In fact… those were not just convulsions. Techno quickly switched her scanner to the next target – she would deal with Ultra-girl later.

Psywave was more dazed than anything. Her mind had shut off, isolating her thoughts inside a protective bubble. There was no way that Techno was penetrating that, so the psychic would have to make her own way back to the land of the alert. White Knight was similarly affected. His power had steeled him against the attack, and now he was slowly recovering.

Techno also noted the worrying lack of fluids within both of their bodies. The presence of excessive stains on Psywave’s crotch and the broken crotch of White Knight’s armour plating through which his… member protruded gave away where those fluids had gone.

Techno would also be ignoring that for the time being.

Including White Knight’s enormous… throbbing… erection…

Tearing her scanners, and eyes, away from her sole male teammate, Techno took in Projecta’s condition.


Something was wrong.

Projecta’s dark skin had been covered in a fine layer of soot when her costume burnt away, while her hair had been scorched by her own flames to the blackest shade of pitch.

Now though, that had changed again.

Projecta sparkled as she lay on the quartzite beach, casting glimmers of light around her. She glowed a deep, crimson red that would have made it difficult to discern the exact state of her injuries if Techno had been using her eyes. Fortunately, her scanners were able to pick it up.

Her teammate’s skin had been reforged with a mixture of carbonitrides.

The readings were astounding. Projecta had been reasonably tough before, based on her body’s ability to meld with rock and resist extreme temperatures, but these readings had the highest impact resistance that Techno had ever seen. Projecta was essentially impenetrable.

“How are your flock doing?” An unfamiliar voice asked from behind Techno. “Lucky Chick is conscious, of course. Bit shaken, but good overall. Rooster’ll be out for a lark, but he’ll recover. Swan just about managed to bring herself back, but she’s cut up pretty bad. She’s a tough egg though. Take a lot more to crack that one.”

“My teammates will be functional after a brief recovery period,” Techno responded. “I believe that they will appreciate your concern, Phoenix.”

Techno was unfamiliar with Phoenix’s current body, but her manner of speaking was unmistakable. The leader of the Avian/Angelic Authority had probably needed to resurrect herself as a result of the “fight”. She currently had tawny feathers and dark brown hair, and was much shorter than Techno remembered her being.

“Great. That’s, er, great.” Download nervously ruffled his feathers as he took in the transformed world around them. “You should both probably check your comms from Central Operations.”

“I am unfortunately operating at a reduced capacity currently. Is there something I should know?”

Phoenix paled as she read the report. “Shit.”

“What is happening, please?” Techno asked.

“Our, er, resources are being pooled.” Download squirmed under Techno’s unfaltering gaze. “Just for now.”

Techno glanced at Phoenix, who was still reading the message, then went back to closely studying Download’s face. “What does this mean?”

“It means,” Phoenix bent down to check on Rooster, “that we’re being banded together. ‘Cept Lucky Chick of course. She applied for a transfer last week and it got approved seconds before the decision came in. She’s joining the Winged Crusaders, lucky bitch.”

“Our teams are to be combined?” Techno had an idea of where this might be going, but needed to ask the question anyway. “For what purpose?”

“We’re now officially the Apothian Ambassadors. First line of “liaison” to any alien visitors.”

“Fuck me…” Projecta groaned from the floor.

An hour later, Kimberly swam back to the beachfront. Her ship had landed in the meantime, but her pilots were evidently still too exhausted to depart. Instead, Kimberly blew against the hull of the ship, buffing out the dents she had created and transforming the surface into a perfect mirror.

Her body was awesome. What’s more, she could now appreciate herself in her full resplendance.

The additional muscle mass had helped define Kimberly’s toned abs beyond their previous level. She gave them an experimental flick with a finger, causing an astounding boom to rock the ship. She smiled at the result as the approaching superheroes were tossed backwards, then went back to ignoring them in favour of examining herself.

The red hair was actually doing something for her too. The deepness of the scarlet locks complemented Kimberly’s tanned skin nicely, and her blue eyes and bikini set off the entire look. It was missing a little extra flare though.

With a thought, Kimberly’s hair became a raging inferno. She bit her lip while observing the flickering flames, resisting the urge to begin masturbating from the thrill of using her new powers.

The rest of Kimberly’s body was as flawless as it had been when she arrived. There appeared to be little that the planet could do to improve her, so it hadn’t even tried. Kimberly still stood at 6’11, her breasts already far exceeding the realm of marvels and showcasing just a hint of her divinity.

Kimberly removed her sunglasses.

Her eyes were still as hypnotic as she remembered but, with a tremendous force of will, she resisted the pull. With another thought, Kimberly’s irises began to blaze, a terrifyingly, all-consuming hunger brought to life in the form of those ravenous flames in her eyes. Hopefully, that would slightly diminish the issue of people falling into uncontrollable orgasms when she locked eyes with them.

Finally, Kimberly turned to her greeting party.

“We welcome you to Apothis,” Phoenix began. “Is there-”

“Kneel before your goddess,” Kimberly interrupted.

Download, Psywave and Rooster took a knee instantly. After a heartbeat, the others followed, with the exception of Techno. The technologically augmented girl seemed to be frozen in place.

Kimberly smiled maliciously.

“I expect my orders to be followed. I know that you understand me. I can hear that mechanical thing you call a heart speeding up right now, too. Are you nervous?” Kimberly barely moved, but suddenly she was in front of Techno. “Or did you want me to force you to kneel?”

Techno’s skin sizzled as Kimberly laid a hand on her shoulder, exposing the metal plates beneath. Trapped inside of her body with no way of making it move, Techno shut out the pain as best she could.

Kimberly looked down at the much shorter woman, then pinched Techno’s shoulder between her index finger and thumb, lifting the mechanical girl into the air.

“Did you see what I did to the other girl? Were you jealous?” Kimberly was face-to-face with Techno at this point. “Did you want a kiss too?”

Techno’s circuits fried as Kimberly kissed her. Her convoluted thought processes were reduced back to those of a mere human, then forced back into far more primitive, animalistic urges. Her lips moved freely, returning the kiss with as much passion as she could muster. Her tongue fought to taste the strawberry flavour of Kimberly’s lips. She almost choked as Kimberly pushed her forward again, dominating Techno’s mouth with her own.

Kimberly moved Techno’s head to the side, putting lips to ear.

“Keep using that tongue…” Kimberly whispered.

Then, Kimberly forced Techno to her knees, slipped aside her bikini bottoms and placed the infatuated girl’s mouth on her pussy.

Techno got to work immediately. With mechanical precision, she licked at Kimberly’s pussy, adding to the juices already leaking from her goddess. Kimberly tasted like the sea. She tasted like summer and berries and, most of all, she tasted like power.

The rest of the heroes watched, barely able to contain their lust and jealousy, as Techno pleasured their alien invader.

Annabelle had been a little rough with Stefan recently, so she would be finding other delightful little treats to pleasure herself today. It had been rather naughty of her to bring him out of recovery so early really, but he was a good boy and had been handsomely rewarded for it. When he did finally recover, his first task would be to get all of his clothing and lodgings rescaled to his new power. Mommy did love giving her favourites a little extra oomph when they pleased her.

Today, Annabelle was going to visit the Pantheon of Sin.

Parados had been a remarkably prosperous world many years ago. So prosperous and confident that Mega Mommy had actually been invited by the gods that resided there to visit them and test her strength. So, Annabelle had visited.

After fucking the power out of every one of the gods, she had slept as Exiria, Parados’ nearest planet and eternal rival, invaded and conquered the planet.

The lover-gods of Exiria had praised Mega Mommy when she awoke, offering her both planets as part of her galactic empire in exchange for them handling the everyday affairs of worship. She had agreed, being in a good mood, and named the naughty invaders the “Pantheon of Sin”. Del’Temi and Fer’Reka had liked the name, so it stuck.

Annabelle didn’t take the ship this time. Parados and Exiria were a long way, and she was focused on the destination this time. Moving at superluminal speed, she spent a mere few minutes in transit before she slowed as she approached the twin planets.

She would, of course, need to make some changes to her appearance before she arrived.

Both planets were utterly enormous. Under the conventional laws of physics, neither should have existed. Millions of times more massive than Mega Mommy’s Palace, each planet should have been a star. It was only the power of the gods that resided there that kept each one stable.

In fact, Annabelle could see each of the gods from here, lounging on their planets.

As Mega Mommy approached, neither the planets nor the gods resting on them appeared to get any larger. Her own body expanded, swelling from her usual towering stature to truly gigantic proportions. Annabelle rarely kept track of her size except in reference to her Palace, but she did know that the one time she had returned from some fun with the Pantheon and hadn’t shrunk down, her entire home planet had almost been crushed by her nipple.

Del’Temi and Fer’Reka liked being big, and Annabelle couldn’t fault them one bit for that.

“Reka!” Annabelle boomed out as she landed on Parados next to the gargantuan goddess. “Are you pleased to see me, or has Temi just been teasing you with his massive cock again?”

Reka smirked at her old friend, briefly looking down to see the cities beneath her sex flooding with her juices.

“I felt you coming, Em’Em. Been watching you all the way here.” Reka patted her pussy, causing a cascade of her sexual fluids to spill over the residents of her world. “Got me a little worked up.”

Mega Mommy smiled and bit her lower lip. “How very sinful, thinking about me that way.”

“Mmm,” Reka moaned as she grew a little bigger. “You showing up has made them a little fighty. You know what happens when they try to fight me.”

Annabelle knew well what happened. She knew that whenever the inhabitants of Parados and Exiria tried to fight their gods, Reka would grow. Same as she knew that the same growth would apply to Temi whenever their worshippers lusted after them. Truly, the residents of the twin planets represented the dichotomy of man. Especially since the gods had been merely Amazonian when Annabelle first met them.

“Mortals can be so silly sometimes. You’ll have to add some more planets to the mass soon, otherwise you won’t even be able to use them as footstools!”

“I’d have other ideas of how to use them,” Reka winked at Annabelle as she traced her fingers up her friend’s thigh.

“You’re such a naughty girl!” Annabelle rolled into Reka’s touch, crushing cities as her thigh squished beneath her. “Not even waiting for Temi to join in the fun.”

“Temi’s been saving himself.” Reka rolled her eyes as she continued to explore Annabelle’s body. “Working himself up something fierce since your last visit. He lets me have a taste, course, and sometimes I force myself on top of him, but he’s been getting mighty big.”

Annabelle straddled Reka and grinned down at her. “How big?”


Reka continued to moan as Annabelle’s mouth met hers, lifting her city-eclipsing ass from the surface of the planet to push her gushing sex against Mega Mommy’s dripping womanhood. The dark-skinned goddess of wrath put both of her hands on Annabelle’s backside and began to grind into her, smearing her love juices across the pubic region of her divine companion.

Meanwhile, Annabelle’s hands moved up and down Reka’s torso. She grazed Reka’s comparably unimpressive breasts, each one still currently larger than the star at the centre of Mega Mommy’s home planetary system. The titanic mammaries pounded on Reka’s chest, rocking the minuscule buildings on the planet below.

The twin planets were massive, but the residents for the most part were not. Trillions of people lived on Parados and Exiria, some the original residents and others alien species whose worlds had been captured and added to the mass by the Sins. Some had likely been added since Mega Mommy’s last visit, having no idea of the chaos about to be brought to their world. Not many of them were thinking of fighting these titans. A significant portion, however, were incredibly aroused by the sight.

Behind Annabelle, a gargantuan – and still growing – figure loomed over the goddesses.

“You are looking so small today, Em’Em,” Temi thundered from above in a deeply arousing tone. “I remembered you being much bigger.”

The dark-skinned god of lust dropped to his knees, his cock belittling the two goddesses beneath it. His hand gripped the shaft and began to stroke slowly.

“I had thought you might help, but I suppose I shall make do.”

“Such a cheeky boy,” Annabelle reprimanded as she resumed her growth.

Reka gasped as she felt Mega Mommy’s supple flesh sliding past her, squirting in climax as Annabelle popped one of her breasts into her mouth and roughly sucked on it. As Annabelle grew, she used her tongue to coat ever more of Reka’s body, stimulating her with suction all the while.

When Reka was no bigger than Annabelle’s areola, the Empress rolled over, cracking the planet beneath her.

Temi’s cock had always been larger than average. Now, it was larger than any Annabelle had ever seen. The thought made her blush, and hundreds of cities beneath her sex drowned as she gaped at the monster.

“What a big boy you are,” Mega Mommy praised. “You’re going to get some extra special treatment.”

Reaching between her breasts, Annabelle pulled out Reka and deposited her onto the head of Temi’s cock. Moving her head slowly down, Annabelle looked directly at her friend as she opened her mouth wide and prepared to engulf Temi’s godhood. The exhausted goddess watched for a moment, frozen in terror at the sight of Mega Mommy’s lips advancing towards her. She felt a strong compulsion to leap towards them, to be broken between those ruby-red lips and the cock of her lover-god, but her senses returned just in time. Racing against Mega Mommy’s well-honed cock-suckers, Reka scrambled along the length of Temi’s divine shaft. Each flick of Annabelle’s tongue caused a shudder beneath Reka, and the scrapping of Annabelle’s teeth on Temi’s frenulum brought forth a sudden jerk that almost threw her to the planet, hundreds of body lengths below.

The god of lust himself was doing his utmost to hold back his climax. Having refrained from unloading as much as he could since Mega Mommy’s last visit, he was fit to burst. His swollen balls held enough seed to impregnate both planets hundreds of times over. Annabelle’s hands reached up to cup them, squeezing and caressing as her mouth advanced along the god’s cock.

The most worrying aspect of Reka’s escape from Mega Mommy’s encroaching lips was that the other two gods were still growing. The population – far, far below – witnessed the immensely powerful cock finally meet its match and were overcome with arousal. Cities that hadn’t yet been flooded in oceans of godly sexual fluids were left to experience their lingering effects as the air became heavy, polluted with their scent. Increasingly unable to stop themselves, the trillions of inhabitants of Parados entered into a vicious feedback loop, more people becoming stricken by irrefutable lust with every growth, and every one of those emotions only going to empower the debauched proclivities of the gods above.

The head of Temi’s cock entered Annabelle’s throat and she moaned with a rumble that levelled mountains. The vibrations travelled up the shaft, both forcing Temi to cling to Annabelle’s shoulders as his body trembled and throwing Reka to her knees, stumbling into prayer on the member of her lover-god.

With slow, methodical gulps, Mega Mommy continued to devour Temi’s godhood. Her lips finally brushed against Reka, encasing the goddess of wrath in a glossy vanilla sheen. She need not worry about being broken between the lips and the shaft now – she was far too small for that. Instead, Reka disappeared into the cease of Annabelle’s upper lip.

With one last enormous gulp, Annabelle shoved the remainder of Temi’s cock into her mouth, clenching her throat muscles as she shoved the monster down. When her lips met the base of Temi’s shaft she gulped repeatedly and reinforced her grip on his balls, milking the god of lust for every tonne of cum he could provide. His pent-up load shot down Annabelle’s throat, only briefly allowing her to taste the delectable juices before they entered her stomach. For the next shot, Annabelle drew her mouth back, placing only the cockhead inside her mouth and collecting the cum in her mouth before swallowing with thunderous gulps. Storms raged in the musk under Annabelle’s pussy as the air reached saturation point and rains of Annabelle’s own ejaculate formed, spreading out across the planet.

After what seemed like an eternity of neverending spurts, Annabelle finally finished. She advanced up Temi’s body, planting a kiss on his lips and transferring his lover-god back to him in the process. Reka was already beginning to grow again as the fury of the population towards their hedonistic gods grew.

“It’s always such fun coming here,” Annabelle whispered coyly. “The options for satisfactory lovers are growing thinner by the day.”

“How many other god-level lovers do you have?” Temi asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, big boy?” Annabelle wriggled her shoulders into Temi’s arm. “There’s one girl I’ve been meaning to visit. Lovely long black hair. Haven’t seen her for aeons, but she was an absolute riot.”

Annabelle wrapped an arm around her enormous lover, shuffling her ass to create a more comfortable resting spot and pulverising thousands of cities in the process.

“Don’t worry, lover boy. I know how much you like your cuddles. Mommy will stay for a while, then she has to head back to her palace. I’m a busy woman, you know.”

Very casually, Annabelle moved one hand to Temi’s crotch, stroking his cock slowly.

“Although, Mommy could be persuaded to stay a little longer if someone still has a bit of energy left…”

Kimberly wasn’t watching Techno as the superhero devoted herself to the goddess’ pussy. She was finally scouting out the rest of the group for potential.

The girl she had kissed before looked promising. Incredibly dark skin and hair, an utterly furious look and a pained expression as she forced herself not to openly masturbate in front of her teammates. The dude in the armour also looked tempting but for a completely different reason. Most of his body was concealed, but his cock was very clearly currently tearing through the metal of his costume, and it was a fucking big one. Kimberly licked her lips, causing White Knight’s erection to burst through his armour, giving Kimberly a very pleasing view.

The others…


One of the girls was floating midair, shaking as she played with herself at superspeed, fingers moving rapidly between her tits and her pussy underneath her costume. Maybe none of her teammates could tell she was doing it, but Kimberly could. It was pretty funny, but also incredibly pathetic. At least the red-haired guy was using his superspeed to openly jack off to her. That guy was also hot, but Kimberly had never been a fan of speed when it came to her lovers. If he managed to hold out he had a chance. If not, there were plenty more hot guys available.

Next up were the two dorks. One was a dweeby-looking winged guy with glasses and a look that made Kimberly think he might cry at any moment. The other was a short, dark-haired girl with glasses, wringing her hands and trying very hard not to look directly at Kimberly. Neither looked like Kimberly’s type, so she dismissed them, along with the plain-looking tawny-winged woman.

That just left the pale-skinned, dark-haired girl who was currently glaring daggers at Kimberly. Her black costume was in tatters and scars were abundant under the torn fabric, some healing but others freely bleeding.

Actually, that was a pretty killer look. Real “vengeful angel of death” vibes.

Kimberly was pleasantly dragged out of her thoughts by the building sensation in her sex. The machine-girl was doing well. It was- ooh, that was good.

Taking the lead from the two heroes currently masturbating at superspeed, Kimberly vibrated her body, moving her inner folds almost imperceivably against Techno’s tongue. That ought to help the inferior girl in getting her off. Techno’s heartbeat raced, her artificial organs working far harder to keep her body operating while pleasing this goddess than they had ever had to during a fight with a supervillain.

With the exchange of bodily fluids, Kimberly scanned through the knowledge of Techno’s power.

Utter garbage.

Kimberly grimaced, immediately rejecting the idea. Who would want to augment their body with gadgets? It was almost an affront to the blazing-haired girl to even consider using a machine to do something that her body couldn’t. Obviously she used her ship, but Mom used a ship too. That was just for comfort. Royalty travelled in luxury.

The moment of orgasm came as a surprise to Kimberly.

Finally pushed to its limit, Techno’s body attempted one last recourse to fulfil her task. A jolt of electricity shot through Techno’s tongue and directly into Kimberly’s clitoris. Kimberly’s thighs clenched suddenly, an unconscious response to the sudden stimulation. Her pussy contracted rapidly, shooting out her superpowered ejaculate. Her entire body mimicked the vibrations she had been supplying her sex with, shaking the world around her.

And Techno disappeared, vapourised by any one of those events.

It might have been that the tech-hero had been crushed between Kimberly’s thighs and rendered two-dimensional. It might have been that her body had sublimated from the scalding, pressurised cum that Kimberly had just unleashed on the planet and that now carved a hole into Apothis. It might have been that Kimberly’s shaking simply broke Techno’s atoms apart at a fundamental level.

Whatever the case, the effect was the same. One moment, Techno was struggling to make the goddess orgasm. The next, she no longer existed.

That broke the heroes out of their daze.

Ultra-girl, always eager to be the first to fight evil, dived at Kimberly. She aimed a righteous punch directly at Kimberly’s face, aiming to take out the villain in a single blow.

Ultra-girl incinerated when her eyes met Kimberly’s.

The gall! The absolute nerve of this pathetic little hero trying to hit her. Kimberly had never known such intense rage! Fueled by the aftermath of her orgasm, Kimberly swept her gaze over the distant horizon, burning the sky itself as emergency alarms blared to life from every direction.

“On your fucking knees!” Kimberly boomed.

The sound wave rippled the air in front of her and, unfortunately for him, Download had decided to be a hero as well. He had dived forward at the same time as Ultra-girl, intent on avenging the death of Techno with no real plan other than to close the distance between himself and her killer.

Which put him directly in the path of Kimberly’s voice.

Download’s feathers disintegrated as the energy of Kimberly’s shouted command set them aflame. His costume vaporised soon after, and the rest of his body was thrown back slightly as it burnt away. There wasn’t even a puff of smoke left afterwards. Download’s body, like Ultra-girl’s, had been completely dismantled by Kimberly’s power.

Kimberly scowled at the heroes as they kneeled, floating towards them.

“You shall be my servants while I am here. And I expect to receive everything I want.”

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