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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 5

Written by Wizalex :: [Sunday, 05 May 2024 21:39] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 May 2024 14:43]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 5 - The Perks and Price of Rulership

Psionic, legendary superhero and leader of Central Operations, could see only doom in his planet’s future.

As much as he peered into the possibilities ahead of him, everything pointed to destruction.

Sometimes the damage was complete and irreparable. Sometimes it appeared to merely be massive and epoch-ending. In any case, if they were going to survive as a civilisation, the citizens of Apothis would have to treat their new arrival as nothing less than a welcome goddess.

There may still be a way through this though, and Psionic held out some hope that a path would be revealed to him. Despite that potential glimmer of a salvageable future, it was difficult for the precognisant superhero to focus. Knowing that he had just sacrificed his daughter to give his people even the slightest chance of saving their planet was taking a toll.

The screen blinked in front of him, a line of text appearing.

[I still exist, father. In some limited capacity at least.]

Techno had been in the habit of backing up her memories ever since the Electromancer incident, but it was a poor substitute for the real thing. Her body had been a marvellous feat of engineering – one that she had been incredibly proud of – and Psionic had guided her to destroying it. What was especially damning was that Psionic saw no current viable future in which his daughter recovered any sort of comparable body before things really went tits up.

So, Techno currently existed as a file on his computer. Even in that state, she insisted on being a hero, working tirelessly to help solve their problem. She had even commented that it made certain aspects a lot easier. The lack of a need to sleep for one made her Techno utterly invaluable.

Just as Psionic had seen in his visions.

So, life on Apothis continued for now, at the discretion of the girl who seemed destined to bring ruin to the planet.

Immediately after Kimberly had made her demand to have her every desire met, she had taken White Knight and Projecta off alone for a little test run.

Neither disappointed her.

Beneath the hero’s bulky armour, White Knight – or Ethan – proved to be just as enhanced as Kimberly hoped. He towered over the rest of his team at 6’10, almost matching Kimberly in height. While his strength wasn’t the main focus of his power, he could still be counted among the most physically powerful people on Apothis, and his physique showed that off very nicely. Kimberly had run her fingers across every inch of his steel-hard abs and stroked every last one of his well-defined, corded muscles. Her tongue had played over his quads in particular, teasing the highly-aroused superhero as the fiery goddess approached his shaft.

Kimberly had kept the fire aesthetic. She liked the look for one thing, and it was proving incredibly useful in toying with Ethan. Converting some of her irresistible hotness into actual heat was a brilliant and necessary step in ensuring that the White Knight didn’t stain himself too white before Kimberly had her fun.

“Hmm,” Kimberly cooed as her red lips brushed against Ethan’s throbbing rod. “You’re a big boy, aren’t you? A big, strong super-man with a massive, tasty treat for me.”

Kimberly’s scent had stripped away most of Ethan’s inhibitions very quickly. Any reluctance due to the fact that she had killed several of his fellow superheroes was rendered obsolete. After all, she had barely even done anything. Who was he to blame a goddess for merely existing?

Ethan’s cock disappeared into Kimberly’s mouth as both parties smiled. While Kimberly looked up at him with lustful eyes, Ethan resisted the urge to immediately ejaculate into her mouth. Pleased with her toy’s restraint, Kimberly took in more of his manhood, swallowing the girthy head into her throat with a delicate gulp that would have demolished a steel girder. Ethan shuddered at the pressure his cock was under, abusing his powers to their limit to reinforce his body. That wasn’t going to be enough to handle Kimberly’s needs though.

With another greedy gulp, Kimberly constricted Ethan’s cock within her mouth, squeezing the shaft with her lips and running her tongue along the length of it. Completely helpless to resist the goddess manipulating his body and sexual urges, Ethan came in a great torrent, unloading himself directly down her throat.

Fortunately, before his body was mangled by Kimberly, an exchange of power occurred.

Kimberly felt the ability rush into her, accepting White Knight’s dual-power of Metallurgy. She let some of the aspects of metal flow into her muscles, but mostly focused outwards and downwards, on the abundant metal ores deep beneath the surface of Apothis.

Meanwhile, Ethan felt his strength grow, enhanced in exchange for allowing Kimberly access to his power. His muscles, already impressive, bulged further. Within seconds, he had risen up the ranks and claimed the position of strongest man on the planet, just enough to survive the constricting vice of Kimberly’s lips around his cock.

All around Kimberly, on the transformed beachfront beside her enormous spa, a palace began to grow from the ground. Columns of marble rose from beneath the quartzite, interlaced with veins of gold and platinum. Enormous ceilings formed as sand melted on gusts of superheated air then reformed into perfect panes of glass.

“This is nice,” Kimberly commented, casually removing her mouth from White Knight’s cock and allowing the superhero to slump to the ground, “but I think we can go bigger than this.”

The walls soared upwards and, in the centre of the newly constructed palace, a statue began to form. Braziers arose around the edges, coals already aflame in their hearts. The statue took shape, an enormous monolith to the woman casually crafting it with her new powers. While White Knight lay exhausted on the palace floor and Projecta gaped in awe, Kimberly finished her statue of herself.

“Oh fuck! Ethan, that cock is so good!”

It had been several days since Kimberly’s arrival, and a protective perimeter had been set up around her landing site. The sounds of planet-shaking pounding could be heard from miles away, as could the moans and frequent exclamations of the girl causing them. Kimberly had taken to using Ethan regularly and Projecta more sporadically when the fancy for female company took her. For the moment though, the overpowered goddess craved a man’s touch.

As much as Projecta loathed to admit it, time spent with the goddess was exhilarating, consisting almost entirely of sex unlike any she had experienced before. Each time, she thought it couldn’t possibly be better than the last. Each time, she was newly amazed. Not only was Kimberly the most magnificently, erotically beautiful woman that Projecta had ever seen, the goddess seemed to develop new methods of bringing herself and her toys pleasure every time she chose to play with them.

Aside from the mind-blowing sex, Projecta had also taken a more reluctant role along with her substantial power boost – that of preventing other heroes from attempting to fight the goddess in her palace.

It had been hard at first, facing off against teams she had fought alongside on more than one occasion. It had only been difficult morally though. For Projecta, it had suddenly become worryingly easy for her to take on even the most powerful of heroes single-handedly.

Entire groups of heroes had been held captive within tornadoes that ripped the air from their lungs until they begged for mercy. Heroes with far greater strength than Projecta had pleaded for her to stop as she held them helplessly in place with just her breath. Projecta had even become concerned about the growing extent of her power when she completely vapourised the costumes of one of the groups attempting to take on Kimberly.

Putting her concerns aside for the time being, Projecta decided to embrace her role as enforcer of peace, however ludicrous the current state of affairs was. Central Operations had commanded that the heroes welcome the overpowered goddess as a guest, and Projecta had witnessed the girl’s destructive capabilities first-hand. Just imagine the havoc the girl would wreak if people decided to fight her instead of simply pampering her!

But, against the judgement of the fucking prescient leader of Central Operations, idiots were still choosing to try to fight a goddess.

“She’s a murderer!” Deity cried out. “Lucky Chick told us what she did!”

“As a fucking goddess, she has diplomatic immunity,” Projecta explained again through clenched teeth.

The beams of light were getting harder to dodge, but Deity had finally made a mistake. When the glowing girl passed near the cliff face, Projecta simply reached out a fist and a sympathetic motion occurred within the rock, clutching the light-blasting hero inside a granite tomb.

“I’ll let you out later,” Projecta sighed. “After you agree to leave our guest be.”

The rest of the Ambassadors were currently stationed around the palace, running errands for Kimberly or running damage control to the media. The general public feared for their lives on a day-to-day basis, but this was something new. Vigilantes like Deity were popping out of the woodwork all over the place to take on a new threat, spurred on by the testimony of heroes defecting from Central Operations.

[Psionic needs to see you.]

It still felt odd to get messages from her former teammate. Techno had been reassigned to Central Operations, but Projecta had been assured that her tech-wiz would be able to restore her body – and place in the team – eventually. For now though, it was purely text-based communications from Psionic’s own servers.

With another sigh, Projecta lifted the winds around her and blasted into supersonic speeds, eager to get this over with.

Central Operations itself was more of a governing body than a hero team. They’d started out as one, years ago, which had given them the prestige needed to take over from the old government. The entire thing had been built on legislation, but one man stood firmly at the centre of it all – the fabled Hero of Prescience.

It was rumoured that Psionic had never lost a fight, and none of the records disagreed. In fact, for as long as Central Operations had been in control of life on Apothis, casualties from fight had been reduced by over half. A lot of faith had been placed in the organisation, which made it all the more worrying that teams were starting to defect from the leadership.

The man himself stood on the balcony at the top of Central Tower, waiting for Projecta.

“Did you know that no new powers have been recorded in the past week?” Psionic began without introduction. “No one is reporting on it yet, given recent events, but they’ll realise soon.”

“That’s…” Projecta hesisted in mid air before alighting next to the silver-haired superhero, “…worrying.”

“And you’ve noticed the tremors, presumably?” Psionic continued. “Your powers give you more insight into Apothis than most of us.”

“Not more than you. What’s going on, Psionic?”

“You already know what it is.” Psionic looked out over the city. Though Kimberly’s palace was obscured at this distance, Projecta knew where he was looking.

“She’s taking the powers?” Projecta was incredulous. “She’s stealing all of our powers before people even get them?”

“Apothis chose to give our people powers because she considered us worthy.” Psionic sighed morosely. “It appears that we no longer hold favour with her. Not when a living goddess is prepared to grant her the slightest attention.”

“What happens if she keeps doing it?”

“Trouble is brewing,” Psionic ignored Projecta’s question, adjusting his suit and tie before turning to her. “You’ll need to take me directly to her.”

“This is our best option?” Projecta knew better than to question the man, but even she was reluctant to take him directly to Kimberly. “She’s a stubborn, overpowered brat who doesn’t care that she’s draining our planet dry! I don’t think you’re convincing her of anything.”

“She’ll listen to me,” Psionic explained. “And our only remaining hopes lie after a meeting with her. Beyond that, the future is unclear.”

Projecta sighed. “Hold steady then, Psionic. You’re in for a rough ride.”

Annabelle stood at the bridge of her ship, watching the final embers of Vita Emil crumble into dust. The distress call had gone out, but by the time it had been received, it was too late.

“Who did it?” she asked in a restrained whisper. “Who sent the missiles, General?”

“We’ve tracked the attack down to the Halayan System. Sources are still verifying the exact planet, but we’ve confirmed that much.” The General checked his monitor. “Halayan Plasmolysis was used, and we suspect that Alpha has been testing out new weaponry.”

Annabelle and Stefan observed the remnants of the arboreal planet.

“It was likely a test of a large-scale weapon. Larger than anything they’ve ever used before. Large enough that they managed to target the whole world with it. Whatever it was, it was effective. It tore apart the cells of every living thing on the planet and ignited the vapours that came out.” Stefan paused as he watched Annabelle’s face fall. “It would have been quick, my Empress.”

“The Emilans didn’t stand a chance,” Annabelle lamented. “They were always so peaceful, so loyal. And they sent the loveliest gifts.”

Far in the distance, the former planet of plant-based lifeforms finally succumbed to the damage. The fires finished burning through the volatile atmosphere and the blazing wreckage disintegrated, leaving behind a smoking void that dispersed before the eyes of the watching Empress.

“They sent Kimberly gifts for her birthday too. Entire crates of that wonderful lotion they made. What did the Halayans send?”

“Nothing, Empress. They refuse to acknowledge your daughter’s birthday as a day of celebration.”

“That settles it then.” Annabelle clenched her jaw in rage and the ship shook. “Take the ship home, Stefan. I’m going to pay the Halayans a personal visit.”

It was rare that Annabelle lost her temper. She’d had millennia to learn how to deal with her emotions and impulses as she grew in power, resulting in a relatively minor number of accidents on a large scale.

Of course, Annabelle occasionally forgot to restrain herself as much as she really should. That tended not to be a problem though – just another few planets to add a new tale to the terrifying power of Mega Mommy. Adding fuel to the legends and rumours regarding her reputation over the years certainly hadn’t hurt Annabelle in any way.

So when Annabelle chose to make an example, it was witnessed.

The Empress had left her ship and flown directly to the Halayan System, where it became apparent that the innermost planet was responsible for the attack. An armada of ships surrounded Halayan Alpha, missiles already armed, weapons directed out of their System and towards any incoming assaults.

They thought they were prepared for Mega Mommy’s wrath.

Annabelle remained at light speed while she processed the information. In her anger, she had grown to the point where her tits each rivalled the size of planets. She didn’t bother to slow her growth, nor pause to reinstate her usual height, even as she passed Halayan Gamma, the outermost of the planets in the System.

As her breasts passed into the atmosphere of Halayan Gamma, the entire planet experienced the pull of Annabelle’s body.

In many respects, nothing really happened. Annabelle’s enormous body continued unabated through space, ignoring everything in her path. One moment, the planet existed. The next, it did not. Looking at events on a smaller time scale was necessary to understand the extent of the destruction her motions caused.

The planet had bulged at the equator as the swell of Annabelle’s breasts enclosed it on both sides. Each hemisphere had tried to move outwards towards the enormous gravitational pull of Mega Mommy’s planetary mammaries and, unfortunately, both had succeeded. The stretching had only lasted until the entire planet had been engulfed by Annabelle’s cleavage, but the result was akin to a giant hand pulling the planet apart like taffy, the rocky terrain acting more like a fluid than the hardened stone it was.

Simultaneously, Halayan Gamma’s entire atmosphere was swept away between Annabelle’s tits in the wake of her flight. The air simply burnt up in the heat of Annabelle’s body, incinerated by the close contact with her tits and the speed of her unstoppable passage towards her target.

The rocky planet ended its existence as a two-dimensional disc. It broke into two pieces, neither of which would have been large enough to cover Annabelle’s areola. Each half smeared across the side of a divine breast on the white fabric of Annabelle’s outfit, a stain of a planet that had failed to withstand the tidal forces of Mega Mommy’s tits.

Annabelle hadn’t even noticed it. A rare accident that would go unrecorded in the legends.

Perhaps that was why there were so few accounts of them.

As Annabelle flew closer to Halayan Alpha she reduced her size back to a mere Amazonian stature and slowed down to a complete halt. She glared at the planet and its arrayed armada, her heavy breathing loud enough to be audible across the entire world. The seas far below rocked with tides driven by Annabelle’s breath, waves crashing around the planet in time with the beating of her heart and the anger pulsating from every pore of her body. Her brilliant white suit shone brighter than Halaya itself, the star for which the System was named, and the entire planet looked up in fear, just as Annabelle wanted.

The Empress was here. And she was furious.

After almost a full minute of delay, the armada opened fire. Annabelle gladly waited as laser cannons unloaded, a stoic expression plastered on her face as the highly destructive missiles flew towards her.

Annabelle allowed the first few shots to bounce from her body. Most of them hit her breasts, by far the most prominent target, but even then, hundreds of attacks landed on her face every second. Annabelle didn’t even blink. For minutes on end, the ships landed direct hits on Mega Mommy, to absolutely no effect. Annabelle simply floated in space, tanking every single laser blast.

“Aim carefully, murderers,” Annabelle growled, powerfully enough for the entire planet before her to hear. “You wouldn’t want to hit your own ships.”

When the next barrage of attacks came, Annabelle disappeared. In her place was one of the ships, stolen and moved there by Mega Mommy faster than could be registered. The blast took effect this time, vapourising the ship as enough firepower to destroy a planet rained down on it.

A temporary ceasefire began as the armada tried to parse what had just happened. Captains conferred with each other across ships, confirming what they had just seen. Had it been a trick? Some kind of illusion? How could one of their own ships have been there?

Inevitably, the ships eventually fired again. A cautious dozen took aim at Annabelle, double-checked their weapons and guidance systems, then found themselves looking into their own blast an instant after it was fired.

In the instant after their attacks fired, Annabelle moved directly in front of each blast and sunk her fingers into the region of space that it existed in. With a firm grasp, she gripped the fabric of space-time around the laser, clenching her teeth as she channeled her anger into the very essence of reality. With no more effort than picking up a dropped bikini, but with the anger of a favourite garment having been soiled by the very space in front of her, Annabelle ripped out a segment of existence. She held it in her hands and toyed with it, watching the laser move through it slowly as she reshaped the broken tile of space with her will and her power, finally spinning it around and placing it back right where it had been, rotated through half a turn. Reality groaned under the enormous strength that Annabelle exerted on it, sending ripples across the Halayan System from the temporary tear in space that were felt by every living thing nearby. A wave of contorted space-time knocked people to the ground and shook buildings, as well as causing Halaya itself to pulse in rhythm to Annabelle’s power.

A dozen times she did it and, an instant later, a dozen ships exploded to their own attacks.

The rest of the armada went silent again.

Seeing that the ships didn’t seem to be attacking anymore, Annabelle decided to give them something to think about.

Flying directly forward, Annabelle aligned her body with the side of a ship. The entire vessel was almost a thousand feet long, each ship likely crewed by hundreds of Halayans. The terrified passengers who dared look out of the windows soon backed away when they caught sight of the goddess outside.

Pursing her lips, Annabelle began to gently blow.

With no other resistance, the ship drifted – guided by Annabelle’s breath – straight towards the adjacent vessel. By the time the captains had ordered their ships to try to escape, they had already collided. Each ship in the ring surrounding the planet realised what Annabelle intended at the same time, all attempting to leave the circle of death.

It didn’t stop Annabelle from crashing her amalgamated pair of broken ships into the next one.

The ships spread out, but Mega Mommy redirected her collected wreckage with a casual gust of air, forced out of her lungs with such power that the crashed ships began to melt, melding together into one ever-growing, red-hot-glowing clump of metal. Annabelle took her time, slowly crashing her molten ball of the former armada into each still-functional ship, using her breath with expert precision.

When the wreckage had claimed dozens of ships, the fight became even more decidedly unfair. Annabelle switched from a gentle gust of air to a breathy exhalation, entirely melting the scrap together into an enormous sphere. The screams from inside the broken ships were inaudible, and the Halayans died without fanfare. Annabelle, pleased with her new orbital weapon, gave it one last calculated blow and sent it into orbit around the planet.

The huge, molten mess of metal collided with every ship in its path. Collecting them like a snowball rolling downhill, it grew with every subsequent ship. Annabelle followed, preventing the ship from exiting the orbit of the planet by keeping her body pressed up against the side of the conglomerated wreckage. The warmth of the molten slag felt pleasant against her side, but Annabelle wasn’t in a mood to appreciate it. Only destruction would sate her desires right now.

Eventually, the entire armada was compacted into the sphere as it circled back around to its original position. Annabelle paused it in front of her with a light tap and stepped back in space to watch it fall.

As the defeated armies of Halayan Alpha dropped to the surface of the planet, Annabelle followed in their wake.

Annabelle landed directly on top of the wreckage of the armada.

By the time the ball of scrap hit the surface of Halayan Alpha, most of it had already been stripped away. The journey through the planet’s atmosphere had torn off chunks and scattered them through the skies, following their own trajectories to land far and wide across the continent below. All that remained of a once thousand-foot-diameter sphere was a worn-down remnant that could have been packed into a football stadium with room to spare. The crater made in the world was impressive, but nothing unexpected.

Unlike when Annabelle landed on top of it.

The red-hot metal ball, already partially submerged into the planet’s crust, was driven miles deep as Annabelle impacted the surface. It liquified an instant later. Tidal waves of molten metal cascaded out of the voided land and seared the landscape before them, driven by the thunderous boom of Annabelle’s feet touching the planet’s mantle. For miles around the site of impact, magma splashed out from far below. All around the goddess, superheated, viscous fluids mixed with the remains of the Halayan ships and subsumed the world around her. The resulting earthquake that followed her landing chased the molten disaster across the landscape, a rapidly cooling tsunami of alloyed metal that eradicated everything in its path.

Despite having landed the wreckage largely in the middle of a barren desert, the nearest cities soon felt the effect of the impact. Buildings collapsed as cracks spread through the planet, structures cascading into the mantle as fissures opened in the planet larger than the greatest existing ravines. Entire towns simply disappeared as the ground beneath them vanished. Halayan Alpha split apart as Annabelle began to move her toes.

Then, rising from abyss she had gouged out of the planet and ignoring the disastrous consequences of her impact, Mega Mommy slowly flew back up to the surface, dragging a continental plate with her.

The planet shook as Annabelle’s toes curled into the rock, dislodging the buildup of millennia of stratified stone. Her feet remained firmly planted into the planet as her body ascended, and so – with the pull of Annabelle’s body so much greater than the forces holding it down – the planetary crust broke at the seams. Thousands of cities, tens of thousands of miles apart, each experienced the end of their world.

First, the sky had fallen. Now, millions of the residents of Halayan Alpha rose to meet it.

Annabelle didn’t slow her motion or change her course of action in any way. She simply rose further into the sky, hundreds and then thousands of feet, bringing the world itself higher than its own mountain peaks. Amidst the grinding of stones and shuddering of the planet’s crust, Annabelle listened to the frenzied panic of a population driven to the realisation that their fate was truly no longer in their hands.

Their leaders had given up those rights when they annihilated a peaceful planet expecting no retaliation.

Annabelle’s breath was becoming even heavier now, not from exertion, but from rage. Rage that had been building, simmering within Annabelle’s chest and feeding on the goddess’ righteous anger. It had been a long time since she’d truly wanted to destroy something this badly.

So Annabelle simply closed her eyes, tapped her foot and exhaled.

The continental plate fell, accelerating away from Annabelle’s body as it rapidly crashed back down to the planet thousands of feet below. The millions of residents who had been lifted with it took a moment longer to fall as the ground flew out from underneath them. They screamed with the last of their fleeting oxygen as the planetary surface sped away from them, down, down and further down until it smashed into enormous chunks of planetary rubble.

While their cities had been demolished thousands of feet below them, the denizens of Halayan Alpha had barely even started falling. In fact, they wouldn’t be reaching the surface again. Annabelle’s breath was about to catch up to them.

The gust encapsulated them all, millions of people, tossed around within the vaguely floral scent of Annabelle’s breath. Their lungs had screamed for air, and that wish had been granted. More air than had previously existed in the planet’s atmosphere buffeted their beings, casting them away on a breeze of astonishingly devastating proportions. The heat of Annabelle’s breath almost scalded an uncomfortable warmth into the skin, but was not enough to be anywhere near lethal, merely bringing tremendous discomfort for now.

As horrendous as the ordeal seemed, Annabelle had no intention of wiping out the population yet. She was far from finished.

Descending to the planet again, Annabelle gave Halayan Alpha a casual flick with her toe. Immediately the planet began to spin faster, as-yet untouched continents racing towards her body. Standing her ground, Annabelle allowed the landscape to collide with her body, ploughing her way through mountains, skyscrapers and marvels of Halayan engineering with impunity, all of them smashed to dust against her impervious tits. Every so often she would reach out a hand, grabbing individual people to launch into the sky or entire buildings to crumble into powder and extract their occupants. All were carefully thrown into the sky to join the millions of people being blown out of the atmosphere by Annabelle’s receding exhalation.

Still floating in place, Annabelle used her toes to direct the rotation of the planet. One rotation after another, she stripped the planet bare, scouring the land of any definable features and removing every single inhabitant. After the population had been dealt with, Annabelle continued, her body blasting trees and forests apart, her breasts making molehills out of mountains and her toes demolishing every single structure that the Halayans had ever built on their planet.

A minute later, Halayan Alpha was a barren wasteland, a waterlogged ball of rock and mud floating aimlessly in space, its former population slowly drifting away in the relative safety of Annabelle’s breath.

Focusing her gaze on the moon of the planet, Annabelle reached out a hand.

With a light tug on the fabric of space itself, Annabelle violently creased reality as she bunched up the distance between herself and the planet’s moon into the palm of her hand. Scale and distance warped as Annabelle temporarily erased the length of space between her immensely power fingers and her target, forces beyond mortal comprehensible altering the laws of physics to allow the goddess to violate reality however she wished. Reality buckled and briefly screeched as it failed to hold up any resistance to Annabelle’s demands, giving up the unwinnable fight before it could even be called that. Creation simply surrended to Annabelle, with only the feeblest protest for her to be gentle with it.

Now, holding hundreds of kilometres of creation with no discernable effort, the moon was directly before Annabelle’s fingertip. She reached out her index finger into the moon’s surface, curling her nail to dig into the surface of the celestial body and establish a grip. Using more than a single fingertip to move something as insignificant as a moon would be gauche overkill.

Opening her palm slowly, Mega Mommy let her captured space escape back out, allowing it to slowly stretch to its usual size. While space returned to its former place, the moon was coming closer to Annabelle – and even closer to the Halayan population – with every inch she permitted to re-enter reality.

Creation was quietly screaming again, agonising under the world-rending pressure that Annabelle’s fingers still placed on it. Though delighted to be free of the goddess’ grasp, reality lamented as it escaped the firm and comforting warmth of Annabelle’s palm. Ripples across the cosmos disrupted Halaya once again as space spooled out, causing the star to flicker and fade worryingly.

The former residents of Halayan Alpha watched in abject terror from the bubble of Annabelle’s breath as their moon closed the distance towards them. The enormous, cratered sphere loomed ever larger into their field of view, every second bringing more detail to their eyes.

Just before the moon collided with her air bubble, Annabelle pulled her finger from the surface. Her hand opened and space snapped back all at once, the jerk of the motion tossing the bubble of air to coat the moon. The population tumbled over each over as they drifted down to the surface, landing in sprawled heaps across the rocky terrain.

While the Halayans watched on from afar, Annabelle took another breath and completely stripped their planet of it’s atmosphere.

As atmospheric pressure on the planet decreased to nothing and Annabelle’s barely restrained rage continued to increase her body temperature, the waters of Halayan Alpha began to evaporate. Steamy vapours coated the planet in the place of breathable air. On the exhalation of her next breath, Annabelle cast every molecule of vapourised water from the planet and deep into space.

An unimpressive, bone-dry rock was all that remained of the planet now. Aside from its size, Halayan Alpha was indistinguishable from an asteroid. Annabelle was about to fix that too.

With an abrupt and cataclysmic crash, Mega Mommy flattened the land beneath her as she landed on her enormous asscheeks. Placing her lands on either side of her, she pulled the planet inwards, gripping the collapsing planet with her tremendous thighs. There was no sound as the world ended beneath Annabelle’s body, and the heat that radiated out was already negligible compared to Annabelle’s own body heat.

Halayan Alpha ended without fanfare, lodged between Mega Mommy’s thighs.

Plucking the orb from its resting place beneath her pussy, Annabelle considered it disdainfully. Denser than a neutron star, it was only Annabelle’s presence that was preventing the mass from collapsing into a singularity.

“Now, who would want such a pathetic thing as this?” Annabelle curled her lip in disgust as her voice projected to the Halayans. “This planet isn’t even fit for microbes.”

Glaring directly at the lone moon and the population on it, Annabelle flew to adjust her point of view. The Halayans continued to scream out for mercy as the goddess moved to line up their moon with their star.

“Are you upset because I broke your little planet?” Annabelle spat. “Are you feeling sorry for yourselves, you horrible little warmongering fuckers?”

Annabelle was glowing now, far brighter than a star. Her anger was coming out.

“You don’t deserve a planet. You don’t get another chance. You’ve had your warnings and now Mommy is going to punish you.” Annabelle scowled at the filthy rock in her fingers. “You can have it back, actually.”

With a flick of her finger, Annabelle shot the collapsed planet straight through the moon. As it left her grip, it collapse entirely, a rogue singularity travelling at light speed through space. The moon, and all the people on it, collapsed into nothingness in an instant, devoured by their own planet.

In a way, it was far more merciful than what the Emilans had experienced.

Annabelle watched as the pinpoint of pure destructive potential continued through the System, eventually swallowing Halaya entirely. Once the star was gone and the System had no hope of continuing to exist, Annabelle collected the singularity and popped it into her mouth, swallowing immediately.

Patting her stomach mindlessly as her body expanded to fill the space that was once the Halayan System, Annabelle finally allowed herself to cry.

“Fuck!” Kimberly screamed, shaking her palace around her. “You’re getting better every time we do this.”

Coming down from her climax, she curled her fingers into Ethan’s hair with a smile. The muscled superhero was growing on her a lot – almost as much as he was growing himself. The boost to his powers had led to such a substantial increase in strength that his body had responded physically and wholeheartedly, filling every inch of his flesh with rippling, bulging muscle that Kimberly just couldn’t get enough of. His strength was still nowhere near a match for Kimberly’s, but White Knight had now significantly broadened the gap between himself and the rest of the Apothians.

Apothis itself trembled too as Kimberly toyed with the rocks beneath her, massaging the planet with Projecta’s powers. Having done literally nothing but arrive and fuck the inhabitants, Kimberly had managed to conquered the planet.

This whole “ruling a universe” gig was going to be so easy when she claimed the rest of the powers here.

“Wanna go again?” Kimberly idly asked.

“Need, to recover, first…” Ethan gasped. His cock was still hard, but it had been since he first saw Kimberly, so that was no true indication of his exhaustion.

“Fine,” Kimberly replied, idly stroking Ethan’s erection as she considered her next move. Taking the powers so far was effective, but incredibly slow. She probably needed to go out and fuck a whole lot more people to speed up the process.

“Goddess,” Projecta called out, “someone is here to see you.”

“Hold that cock,” Kimberly quipped as she floated into the air. “I’ll be back for it soon.”

Projecta was awaiting Kimberly in the entry hall, mouth agape and eyes wide as she watched a bliss-struck Deity squirm within a crystal cage on the palace ceiling. The brilliant superhero was coating the marble below with her cum as she frantically pleasured herself, creating a spectacular light show that glittered off the precious metals and gems inlaid in the walls.

“Pretty cool decor, right?” Kimberly smirked as she descended the stairs to meet Projecta. “Guess what I did to her.”

“I don’t know,” Projecta murmured as she fought to resist looking at Kimberly’s body. Just feeling the heat of those flames against her skin was making her wet and her power ached to toy with them, a siren call that promised passion and always delivered.

“Go on, guess.” Kimberly frowned. “It’s no fun if you don’t.”

Projecta risked a glance at Kimberly to gauge her mood. It was a mistake. The goddess had chosen to arrive entirely naked. Seeing Kimberly’s body in the flesh caused Projecta’s knees to give out. The floor beneath her melted away as molten fluids spilled from her soaked pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she climaxed, one hand instinctively going to desperately rip the fabric from her tits and the other tearing through her costume at the crotch. The sound of Kimberly’s footsteps echoed through the palace as she took one careful step after another, closing the distance between herself and her toy enforcer.

The sound of Kimberly’s bare feet hitting the marble sent spikes of adrenaline through Projecta’s body, bypassing the fight or flight instinct and leaving her utterly frozen, incapable of opposing her goddess. As Kimberly reached Projecta, she bent down, leaning into the elemental superhero so that their breasts barely touched.

In full meltdown, Projecta barely heard Kimberly’s next words.

“I spoke to her like this,” Kimberly whispered breathily into Projecta’s ear, “and it broke her mind.”

It was too much for Projecta too. As Kimberly moved her lips to brush across the superhero’s cheeks and lock onto hers, Projecta lost all other sense of purpose. The touch of those impossibly soft, red, fiery lips against hers. The feeling of being able to merge elements, as Kimberly was doing with the flames of her hair and the stones at her feet. It was too much for Projecta to refuse. It had taken this long, but Projecta’s inhibitions entirely shattered.

Unable to move her body, Projecta reached out with her mind, allowing her own fire to form within Kimberly’s. The redhead grinned, notable by the twitching of her lips against Projecta’s.

“Mmm, I like that. Someone is playful today.”

A rumbling from deep below confirmed that this make out session wasn’t just about Projecta. Kimberly was still toying with the planet, stealing away its power in return for her presence.

And at this point, Projecta couldn’t care less.

A twitch within her pussy caught her off guard, but that gasp of surprise turned into euphoria as Projecta felt her own fluids writhe inside her, stimulating the walls of her womanhood just as expertly as any cock could manage. Powerful buffets of air soon followed, mimicking the appropriate motions as Kimberly fucked Projecta with her own powers.

“It’s good, isn’t it? Giving me more power just makes it better for you, right?” Kimberly sighed in pleasure. “That’s all everyone needs to realise.”

Projecta was meant to be telling Kimberly something. Something to do with that actually.

“Please,” Projecta mumbled through Kimberly’s lips, “let me give you everything.”

That must have been it. Surely that was the most important thing? What else could Projecta need to say to her goddess?

“You will, honey. You and everyone else on this planet is going to give me everything I want.” Kimberly broke her lip-lock with Projecta. “You’ve been rude though, baby! Who is your friend there?”

Psionic stood in the doorway, completely unaware of his surroundings. He had instructed Projecta to sear his nostrils and eradicate his tastebuds with her powers before they arrived. Likewise, she had blasted apart his eardrums, leaving him deafened.

Most brutally of all, in the place of Psionic’s eyes were two glassy spheres.

“My, oh my. What a peculiar man you are.” Kimberly took in Psionic’s debilitated state as she considered his clothing. “Is that all for me? Is my latest guest someone important?”

Peering into the potential futures, Psionic held up a screen with a message.

[We wish to aid your stay on our planet and ask what your wishes are, Goddess.]

“Your planet?” Kimberly tutted. “No, I think this is my planet now.”

Dragging a whimpering Projecta along with her, Kimberly approached Psionic.

[My apologies. I was under the belief that we were to join Her Empire.]

Kimberly froze.

“What?” She hissed, tossing Projecta behind her and closing the distance rapidly. “Who are you talking about?”

[We would like to know if there is anything we can do to improve your stay before Her imminent arrival.]

Kimberly’s nostrils flared as she loomed over Psionic. He was nervous. By the beating of his heart, Kimberly could tell that he knew he was putting his life on the line here. What was his game?

“What do you want?” Kimberly growled, rumbling spreading from her body.

Psionic flinched, imperceivably to mortal eyes, but not to Kimberly.

And Kimberly beamed.

With a callous smirk, Kimberly spat at the tablet in Psionic’s hand, breaking the thing immediately and causing splinters of glass to embed themselves into his gloved hands.

Psionic didn’t react this time.

“Oh dear,” Kimberly taunted. “Someone still has a partially functional nervous system, huh?”

Looking more carefully at Psionic with her powers, Kimberly could feel the cocktail of chemicals racing through his system to numb sensation. Unfortunately, he still needed to be conscious for his plan to work, meaning that he still had to be able to feel some sensation.

“You don’t feel pain, do you? I mean, I don’t really either, but that’s because I’m better than the rest of you.” Kimberly leaned in, reinforcing the vibration of her voice upon Psionic’s body. “You can still feel pressure, though, can’t you? And vibrations?”

A flash of intense heat burned Psionic’s suit from his body.

“I bet you have a super fun power.” Kimberly reached out to Psionic’s manhood. “And I’m totally up for a challenge.”

It didn’t take long. As soon as Kimberly’s fingers touched Psionic’s cock she began to move them at super speed, applying just enough pressure to allow the blood to keep flowing to the organ. Even working against Psionic’s self-inflicted lack of senses, Kimberly was able to coax an erection out of the hero.

“Looks like I’m winning,” Kimberly declared as she took Psionic’s cock into her mouth.

She acknowledged the power seconds later. A Future-Sight power! That was definitely worth having. As the goddess swallowed Psionic’s load, she felt out at the possibilities ahead of her. A plethora of potential powers pervaded her mind, all available from heroes on this very planet. Her mind sifted through potential actions and the paths were laid out ahead of her, a complete itinerary of how to make herself into the perfect goddess.

As Psionic’s cock fell limply from Kimberly’s mouth, he too looked at the futures, his power boosted in exchange for Kimberly’s new gift.

Despite all his work and sacrifice, all he saw was his planet’s doom.

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