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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 7

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 25 May 2024 17:25] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 26 May 2024 09:18]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 7 - World Enough and Time

Apothis, some time ago…

“See? Told you I’d be back.”

Molly slowly looked to her left, giving the other giant girl a lingering glance.

“Congratulations,” Molly sighed.

Kimberly smiled as she rested herself on an elbow, bringing her body to loom over the other girl.

“Don’t you want to know what I’m about to do?”

“Will you leave if I say yes?”

Kimberly scoffed. “I’m not leaving for a long time. Or a short time, depending on how you look at it.”

“So why does that involve bothering me?”

“Because,” Kimberly leaned over Molly, biting her lip as she paused, “your power is super hot. I want to thank you for it.”

Molly frowned and looked over Kimberly’s body. The memory of what Kimberly had made her feel was at the forefront of her mind, but the lingering distaste for other people was infecting even those thoughts.

“Yeah, okay, I get it. No one cares about anything other than power, right?” Molly clenched her jaw and turned, putting her face-to-face with Kimberly. “If I had more power, I’d have already eaten you alive.”

“See?” Kimberly smiled. “Hot. A lot of people on this planet don’t get it, you know? There’s a whole planet of powers here, and people decide to use them to rob banks and evade their taxes? And the rest of them spend their time stopping that! How fucking dumb can you be?!”

Molly shrugged. “People are dumb. What else is new?”

“I'm new,” Kimberly declared. “And I’m going to be bringing in a new order here pretty soon.”

“Yay…” Molly exhaled, rolling back onto her back. “I’m super excited to see it.”

“I’m giving you a chance here, honey. This could be an amazing opportunity for you too.”

“An opportunity for what?”


Molly blinked once, slowly.


“Are you not even going to guess what I’m about to do?” Kimberly was looking eagerly down at Molly again. “It’s way more fun if you do.”

“Do I need to?”

“Yes!” Kimberly rolled over, pinning Molly against the surface of the planet. “It’s tricky, but I’ll give you a prize if you get it right.”

“Urgh. Fine.” Molly looked up at Kimberly. “You’re going to grow larger than the planet and eat it.”

“Not bad. I’d considered it. But pretty boring.” Kimberly lowered her face closer to Molly’s. “Try again.”

“You’re going to eat everyone on the planet and consume their powers.”

“Wow, you think with your stomach a lot, don’t you?” Kimberly teased as she moved her lips closer to Molly’s, a gleam of eager expectation in her eyes. “Anyway, I won’t need to kill them at all. They’ll all be dead and powerless eventually. I can wait.”

“That’s your plan? Wait for everyone to die and take the powers?”

Kimberly pushed her chest against Molly’s and locked lips with the gargantuan girl, raising her heart rate to a city-threatening pulsation. Kimberly’s hips straddled her latest, still-living conquest as she ran her hands along Molly’s sides.

“I’m going to do exactly that,” Kimberly declared. “I’m going to wait. I’m going to keep showing this little planet the true meaning of power until everyone here worships me. And I’m going to let them know that their powers will all go to me eventually.”

“And you called my ideas boring…”

“Hey, this is exciting stuff! Everyone on this planet is going to be worshipping me before you know it, including you. I’m going to have an entire population devote itself to me, and rebuild itself in my image. It’s a super cool idea and it will be great training!”

“Training for what?”

“When I’m the Empress of Existence.”

“And no one is going to stop you?”

Kimberly grinned. “No one will even notice before it’s too late.”

Kimberly laid back down, closing her eyes as she concentrated. This was the tricky part.

“It must have sucked, having such a great power and not being able to use it.” Kimberly was deep in thought, eyes closed and brow furrowed. “Almost got it.”

“If you mean my power, I could have used it.” Molly sighed again, scratching a fingernail across a city. “I could have got out at any time. I just didn’t feel like it.”

“Oh, I know. I didn’t mean your power though. I meant Marianna’s.” Kimberly abruptly opened her eyes. “Got it.”

“What do you have?”

“Oh, so now you’re interested?”

“Fine, I won’t ask.”

Kimberly pouted. “I’m just teasing! Do you want to know or not?”

“Fine.” Molly rolled her eyes. “Oh, Great and Overpowered One, what is your Grand Design?”

“So, this Marianna, her power was special. It didn’t work for her though, because it’s like a… meta-power.” Kimberly received a blank stare from Molly. “I can make power smoothies.”

“Can I have one for putting up with this?”

“Shh, you. So, I can mix up the other powers I have. There’s probably a bunch of cool, impossible powers that I can make, given enough time to think about it.” Kimberly grinned widely at Molly as a dome of completely still air spread out from her body. “Like this.”

For a second, everyone on Apothis stopped breathing.

“Your power,” Kimberly whispered, “changes the scale of things. I just changed the scale of Projecta’s air manipulation to cover the entire atmosphere. Then I told the air to stop moving. Everywhere.”

“That’s… okay, that’s pretty cool.”

“That’s just the start.”

Kimberly gestured downwards and reduced her size. Molly reluctantly followed, joining Kimberly in the imprint of her own ass cheeks.

“Why are we small?”

“Just watch.”

Molly watched as Kimberly pointed into the distance. It took her a moment to notice it.

Every mountain range in sight, mostly ones created by the two girls laying down, was being systematically shredded into dust and eroded away.

“What are you doing?” Molly seemed far more intrigued now. “That is you, right?”

Kimberly responded by parting her lips ever so slightly and flicking her tongue across them. Hundreds of miles away, the planet shook and flattened itself.

“Your planet is super weird. She was alive at some point, I’m pretty sure. Now, she just seems to want attention.”

“What are you even doing?”

“I'm using my new powers to kiss her. That’s all.”

“And that’s…”

“Just keep watching.”

Molly didn’t really understand what she was watching. Red light coated the distant skies as smoke slowly bloomed into existence. The ground continued shaking, the rapturous noise becoming so much that Molly could neither stand her ground nor comprehend what was going on.

“Fuck this,” Molly scowled as she shifted her size back to her hundreds of miles height.

Now, she could see what was happening. Plus, she wasn’t being thrown off her feet by the trembling planet.

Across the world, every volcano had spontaneously erupted. The whole planet smelled like Kimberly’s breath, something that Molly had been far too close to even note previously. The invisible motion of Kimberly’s tongue became apparent too, as distant oceans ebbed and swelled with the delicate manoeuvring of Kimberly’s lips.

It was Projecta’s power again, fully amplified to the size of the planet. Apothis wasn’t a small planet, by any means. In fact, it was almost at the limit of the size a rocky body could naturally achieve in space. Kimberly was currently manipulating every element of it at once.

Along with the rippling seas, Kimberly delicately caressed the earthen crust and pressurised the atmosphere in various places to push against the planet’s surface. Clouds lurched suddenly into existence, then were swept away into wisps instants later. The entire landscape of the world was changing, warping and shuddering under the powerful and unsubtle touch of a goddess.

Appearing at Molly’s size, Kimberly pressed her lips against the giant girl’s. This time, Molly could feel exactly what the planet must be experiencing. Her legs shuddered uncontrollably, adding to the earthquakes below. She gasped, trying to find a moment of relief as Kimberly ran her attentive fingers across Molly’s breasts.

“Calm down, honey,” Kimberly whispered between kisses. “We’ve got more than enough time to make this last. I’ve got a lot of toys to play with.”

With that, Kimberly moved her lips down to Molly’s womanhood and kissed her.

Molly climaxed again, furiously resisting the growing urge to shift her size until her body became a new planet, far greater than the one below her. She could imagine it now. Her breasts, though nowhere near as large as Kimberly’s, would still be more than sufficient to house the entire population. Countries would simply disappear, unable to rival the size of her ass cheeks. Oceans would no longer be water, but formed fully of the fluids of her body, spilling out right now as Kimberly gloriously stimulated her newfound libido. Deserts? Those would no longer exist, each climate instead a microcosm of her body, jungles formed from the hairs on her womanhood and rainforests below within the humidity of her exhausted sweat. The landscape would be utterly transformed.

And it was all within her power now. Molly could feel it, just as she always knew her power. She could simply outgrow her home and…

… and it would be less than a snack for her.

Molly gasped once more in shocked ecstasy. People were no longer snack-sized. The entire population of Apothis would hardly even make a dent in her appetite. She could eat planets if she felt like it.

As Molly lay panting and exhausted, Kimberly emerged, glowing more radiantly than before.

“I know that look. No eating any planets yet. We can do that later. A lot later. And only if we need to make an example of them.”

Slowly shrinking back to a more manageable size before the thrill of her new potential consumed her, Molly paid Kimberly’s next words a lot more attention.

“I’m renaming her. Apotheosis is a much more fitting name for this planet,” Kimberly smirked. “Time to make some new gods.”

Apotheosis, Present Day

This world was not as the signals had led them to believe.

Entering the atmosphere of the planet had been disorienting, to say the least. Passing into the shimmering blur that surrounded the planet, none of the Generals could comprehend anything at all until they exited into a gleaming metallic world.

Each of the Generals reacted in a similar manner, looking with gobsmacked expressions around the shining, crystalline surface of the planet.

In every direction, the land was tiled flat with enormous planes of precious metals. Titanic walls rose hundreds of miles away and spanned just as far, extending high into the atmosphere of the planet. The walls varied in texture and colour but kept with a common theme — as far as any of the Generals could tell, these walls were one solid structure.

Landing on the surface, the Generals almost lost their footing. Immediately, a surge of power raced into each of their bodies, spreading intimately throughout them then racing back into the pearlescent ground below.

“Stay on your guard,” Stefan warned. “Something is wrong here.”

“We should report back,” Nikolai suggested. “This is completely unknown territory. The Empress should be informed.”

“You heard him, Nikolai.” Lucia ran a foot gently across the shimmering, pearly ground. “We keep on our guard and see what’s going on. We contact Mommy if things are going wrong. More wrong than this.”

The ground rumbled beneath their feet; one long, protracted tremor that seemed to shift the entire world beneath them. Lucia put an arm around Drakos and took a deep breath. Then – supporting herself on her lover – she stomped her foot, expecting the ground to break beneath her and reveal the cause of the tremors.

It did no such thing.

Lucia winced as the pearl refused to budge, her feet not sinking a single nanometre into the material below her feet. Witnessing Lucia’s failure in shock, Stefan began to rapidly pound his heel into the surface of the planet. The ground didn’t give, but the noise was remarkable. It was the intense pounding of mountains colliding with each other, the shifting of tectonic plates sped up millions of times, a seemingly unstoppable force hammering against a resolutely unbreakable object.

The object won out.

The booming rang out for miles, echoing from the distant walls and creating a resounding cacophony of noise. Even when General Stefan stopped, the echoes continued for minutes.

Still, none of the Generals had any further information about their surroundings.

While Stefan attempted to dent the planet’s surface, Nikolai raced to examine the walls. Fearing what he would find, he attempted to score a mark into the surface. It went just as well as Stefan’s attempts against the ground. Soaring through hundreds of miles of space, Nikolai traced the outline of the structure.

It was all connected. One enormous circle.

The walls changed colour throughout, looping through every imaginable shade until they joined back together again after a seemingly impossible distance. All the while, the sound of Stefan’s failed attempt to damage the material rang in Nikolai’s ears.

Where was everyone? Where was everything? This didn’t even seem to be a planet at all. There was no source of water, no real land to see anywhere, no people living here.

Just an endless expanse of pearl.


And the hint of something.

A scent.

A terrifyingly familiar scent.

Nikolai collapsed as the memory of that scent came flooding back.

Back at their landing point, Lucia briefly rejoined Stefan in the attempt to attack the ground beneath them, but neither managed to make any progress. The entire world seemed impossible. How could everything they touched be so much stronger than them?

Beginning to feel a little concerned by their failure, the Generals moved to investigate the walls. Even with the combined might of Stefan, Lucia and Drakos, nothing happened. Scaling them was the only option left.

It wouldn’t take long for the immortal superbeings to reach the top of the hundred-mile cliff, nor would they have to worry about such silly things as breathing. As far as they went though, the eerily blue sky never seemed to get any closer.

They didn’t quite reach the top of the walls.

The Generals noticed the descending figures when they were almost at the top. A man and a woman, each as awe-striking as the other and practically radiating power.

The man wore a gleaming suit of white armour, bathing the world around him in an iridescent glow. The metal walls near him even appeared to be melting from his mere proximity to them, forming a distorted reflection that caused his immense stature to loom further over the Generals below. He was already enormous, larger than any of the Generals in all comparisons, and the self-satisfied smirk on his face showed that he knew it.

The woman was just as imposing. She wore a golden dress that moved with her, perfectly contouring to her skin with every motion. Her long, black hair flowed out behind her, teasing an invisible breeze. Her eyes were a blazing gold and the very air around her was shuddering, quaking at her presence. A light steam arose from her bared skin, adding a hazy, discerning aura to her figure.

“She was right, Ethan,” the woman noted, her words pounding the air into submission as she spoke. “The Generals came after all.”

“When is She ever wrong, Ireshi?” Ethan replied in sonorous tones as the walls continued to melt behind him.

“Never,” Ireshi answered with a smile. “She even said we could test ourselves against them.”

“She’ll be sorely disappointed if the might of Her Titans doesn’t match up to this lot.”

“We won’t disappoint Her then.”

Just the first few words of the two gods had left the Generals disoriented. They both spoke at such immense volume that it made the Generals feel miniscule in comparison. Every word spoken struck itself against reality, delivered as much as an attack as a conversation. The woman’s commanding tones lambasted their heads with waves of oppressive pressure, while the man’s confident vocals seemed to reverberate around them, echoing from every surface in sight.

The two gods were simply conversing, but they may as well have been trading blows. Below them, in so many ways, the Generals did all they could to weather the collateral damage.

The entire world changed with a gesture from the man. The molten walls began to flow, seeking out the Generals.

“Don’t break it,” Ireshi scolded, and the Generals winced as she assaulted the air with her words again.

“I made the thing, didn’t I? I can fix anything I do to it.”

What might be compared to a fight began.

Lucia and Drakos launched themselves at the newcomers as soon as they recovered enough of their senses. With a blur of motion, Ireshi stepped into their path. Without so much as flinching, she allowed the Generals to crash into the incompressible force field around her body, their skin burning as soon as it made contact with the air surrounding her gold-clad form. With a single, self-satisfied inhalation, the shimmering goddess trapped the pair of superbeings against her body, locking them within the intense air currents that raced around her at all times. The air froze against the backs of the Generals, cracking their skin and preventing them from fighting back. Her golden eyes drifted lazily over their bodies, scorching skin where Ireshi’s gaze lingered for too long, tracing a pattern of scarred flesh into skin.

A brand. She was branding them.

“So I can find you again later,” Ireshi smiled, making both of her captives shudder as her words bristled against their skin.

Behind Ireshi and her opponents, the walls of molten metal flowed into three paths. The first dived at the man in the white armour, writhing around his body and adding silver ornamentation to the brilliant armour until it reached his hands. There it reforged itself again, taking the shape of an enormous hammer, the head as large as any of the Generals.

The other streams of metal fanned out and rejoined on the other side of the near-concluded battle, travelling faster than the eyes of the Generals could follow and beginning to encase everyone in a sphere. Stefan, being the only General still able to react, flew at the closing surface, landing a ferocious punch on the metal.

Another resounding clang was the only response from the metal. Stefan clutched his ears as the ringing threatened to deafen him, reacting a moment too late to the swing of a Titan’s hammer.

Stefan’s ribs crunched as the White Knight’s hammer swatted him against the floor of the metal sphere, then completely through it, sending the already-unconscious General to smash into the metallic surface hundreds of miles below.

With that, it was over. Ethan plummeted down after Stefan, gently planting a boot on top of the General with enough force to crush his unbroken ribs. Ireshi flew to join him, holding Lucia in one hand and Drakos in the other, each grasped around the neck and completely deprived of motion by Ireshi’s force fields.

“Well, I suppose it was a bit disappointing, after all. I think one of them broke just from Her presence.” Ireshi gestured at Nikolai, still lying unconscious some distance away.

“We’ll take them to Her and see what She thinks of them.” Ethan looked up, taking in the brilliant blue sky above. “Looks like She was watching.”

“What are you staring at?” Molly asked. “When you went down there I assumed you were… well, going down.”

“Aww, does your hungry little pussy want my attention, honey?” Kimberly smiled up at Molly. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your dose of Goddess soon enough.”

“Urgh. You know I hate that,” Molly huffed. “I hate having to be this small.”

“Hush, you. I’m watching the show.”

Molly raised an eyebrow. “You’re watching my stomach rumble?”

“Of course that’s what you’re thinking.”

“I think about more than my stomach! It’s just difficult to feel full. Especially when I know…”

Molly trailed off, lost in her own thoughts. She’d been feeling especially small recently, knowing how large her true potential had now grown. She spent most of her time staring into space, watching the distant stars and galaxies, fantasising about how each of them might taste. Maybe she couldn’t quite eat a galaxy yet, but she knew she could, one day. That was most of what kept her following Kimberly’s instructions.

Molly’s stomach rumbled at the thought and Kimberly giggled.

“You’re scaring them!” Kimberly admonished.

“Who? Everyone down there is already terrified of me.”

“Our visitors.”

Molly began to sit up, but Kimberly stopped her with a hand on her chest. She moved over Molly’s stomach as she did, causing the vaguest hint of her scent to waft across Molly’s body.

Kimberly cocked her head, focusing her senses and her mind.

“You stay right there. I’m sending Ireshi and Ethan to play first.”

“What did you do to them this time?”

“Nothing! You can’t tell me that Ireshi isn’t loving the power. She’s really taken to the feeling of powerful people kneeling before her.”

“Sounds like someone else I know. Someone who’s currently gazing intently at my navel.”

“Remind me, what happened to those twins that came here with me, honey? Did some horny little girl shove them up her pussy and make them her forever sex toys?”

Molly shrugged. “I can’t help that you awakened something in me.”

“I noticed you finally gave Ethan a go last week. Actually, I think the whole planet noticed.” Kimberly looked pointedly at Molly’s navel ring. “This is his work, isn’t it? He’s looking a lot bigger recently.”

“I wanted some jewellery that actually fits. He wanted sex after you’d been occupied all week.” Molly stretched out, sighing as she did so. “I had to give him a size boost though. You know I don’t sleep with people smaller than me. They make me too hungry. I mostly put him back the way he was.”

“I was busy preparing for our guests.” Kimberly glanced into Molly’s navel again. “He’s twice his previous size.”

“Is he?” Molly licked her lips. “So, still tiny then?”

“Ireshi will be mad that you made him bigger than her. She’d been enjoying the size advantage.”

“Oh, is that why my feet were cold yesterday?”

“If you annoy her too much she might brand you. She’s been claiming a lot of her conquests as hers recently.”

“I have been looking for a new tattoo artist.”

Kimberly’s eyes suddenly widened. “That ended quickly.”

“What did?” Molly scowled again. “What are you talking about?”

“You’ll see soon. Ethan and Ireshi are on their way with our guests.”

Kimberly looked down at Molly’s navel piercing again, focusing her sight until she could see the minuscule figures flying out of the hoop of precious metals. Despite the fact that each of them were microscopic at Kimberly’s current size, she had no trouble making them out.

It was exciting to see her Mom’s Generals after all this time, insignificant as they were to her now.

Time to see exactly how much her power had grown.

Ireshi had stopped calling herself Projecta some time ago. It felt wrong to keep living by the name of a superhero when she had ascended so far beyond that, so she simply reverted to her birth name. Spending time with Kimberly had been liberating in a way that her old world had never been.

And the power…

Feeling the growing extent of her power had been utterly intoxicating. So much so that Ireshi had long decided to keep some aspects permanently active around her body. The air currents that moved around her body were driven fast enough to heat her skin to dangerous levels, giving her a permanent glow. Taking command of the air as she spoke had become second nature, and it still sent tingles down her spine every time she refused to allow people to simply ignore her.

Memories of Ultra Girl had long faded, but Ireshi had at one point fantasised about comparing her current powers to those of her former teammate. The girl wouldn’t stand a chance.

Stefan stirred as the Titans continued to ascend. He looked around, bleary-eyed, and struggled to comprehend what he was seeing.

In all directions, the landscape was devoid of life in a completely new way. The metal structure far below revealed itself to be a ringed arena of some kind, set into the pale ground around it but outside of that nothing continued to exist.

There were no signs of civilisation at all inside or outside of the arena, just vast swathes of flat and empty land that curved gradually over the distant horizon.

Another deafening rumble boomed around the world and Stefan fought the urge to shield his ears against the sound.

The landscape below visibly rippled.

Some of the features were becoming familiar now as Stefan’s mind cleared. That tightness to the look of the land, that rounded curvature far in the distance. He had only seen Mommy do something like this a few times, but he knew this sight.

Below him was the nigh-planetary body of a woman.

Moving higher up into the atmosphere, the nature of the arena became clearer. A simple navel piercing. A piercing that could very easily contain cities — if not entire countries — within.

At the edge of his vision, Stefan could now just make out the monumental swell of the woman’s pelvic mound. It rose gradually from the voluminous valley at the edge of the woman’s hungering belly and dominated the skyline, the heat of her womanhood evidently evaporating the surrounding atmosphere as steamy vapours rose from the planet.

Rising not to space, but to the face of another woman.

A familiar, yet distinctly changed woman.

Kimberly’s eyes were just as blue as Stefan remembered, but the fiery aura that blazed around them had made him mistake the sight for the sky itself. His throat tightened and his muscles clenched as he began to take in the power and majesty of Kimberly’s new appearance.

There was so little he could even see on this scale. The vastness of Kimberly’s irises took up most of the heavens above, with her eyelashes extending across the sky. While Stefan watched them, Kimberly’s lashes swept through the air, heading directly towards the Titans and their prisoners. Stefan felt the White Knight tense as Kimberly’s motion swept them up, the tornadoes formed by the blinking of a goddess outmatching his power completely and carrying him away, helpless against the simplest of motions of a being so much greater than him.

Kimberly looked very much like her mother in that moment.

“You always were so obsessed with her, weren’t you, Stefan?”

The change was abrupt and startling. Where Stefan had just been gazing into Kimberly’s eye, he now found himself staring directly at a bikini top that barely covered her breasts.

Kimberly had bloomed in the past weeks. Even beyond anything that Stefan would expect of Annabelle. The Empress’ daughter floated in the air directly in front of him, lounging with no heed to the constraints of gravity.

“What do you think, General?” Kimberly floated closer. “Am I enough to tempt you away from her?”

A metallic groaning came from the White Knight.

“Not now, Ethan.” Kimberly smirked as she looked down to Ethan’s growing bulge. “I know you can’t resist me.”

“In fact,” Kimberly looked to the titanic woman still laying beneath them, “why don’t you go play with Molly? Take Ireshi with you too, so that she doesn’t feel left out this time. Molly, make yourself a bit more manageable so that I can have a little chat with our guests.”

The landscape below disappeared and another woman appeared, lounging sleepily next to Kimberly. Tousled hair lay across half of her face and cut off near her shoulders. She yawned, opening her mouth wide, and Stefan’s heart began to pound rapidly. She smiled at him and a primal terror gripped his being.

“You know I’m not manageable at any size.” Molly patted her stomach, sending a booming thunderclap around the world. “Gotta keep the little guys anxious. They worship better when they know I’m hungry.”

The navel piercing was there, as clear as anything else about her. In fact, Molly just appeared far more clearly than anything else around her. Looking more closely, Stefan could see a subtle shimmer just over the surface of the petite woman’s body. The taut skin of her stomach in particular practically gleamed in the light that Kimberly cast around her. An immense rumbling shook the world once more and Molly’s stomach rippled with the sound. Even more than the rest of her, Molly’s stomach spoke of hunger on a grander scale than Stefan could comprehend. He shuddered as Molly’s presence surrounded him.

“Mmm, he looks very snackable,” Molly considered as she licked her lips and ran her fingers across her stomach. “Did you enjoy being so close to my belly?”

“Stop terrifying my visitors,” Kimberly admonished Molly with a faux frown.

“Hmm,” Molly considered as she reached a hand out towards Stefan, “just one more thing…”

The space around the other Titans and their prisoners changed in an instant. Instead of Molly simply reaching out to them, her hand was now looming above, blotting out the sky. Her fingers closed, encasing all six within her palm. She brought them up to her chest, then plucked out the Generals and dropped them into Kimberly’s cleavage.

Molly's lips descended to Kimberly’s breasts, planting a kiss on the top of each marvellous expanse of flesh while she slowly breathed out onto the Generals, the hungry purr in her throat echoing around the planet again. The other Generals had regained consciousness now, shuddering under the power of Molly’s will, diminishing in spurts as she let the vision of her pursed lips consume their world.

The piercing on Molly’s lower lip became much clearer.

It was a structure much like the arena below, but this one was far from barren. Cities, perhaps entire countries, coated the metallic band. Potentially millions of people lived their lives in the shadow of Molly’s lips.

“They worship me,” Molly whispered. “They chose this life themselves. Does it make you feel big or small looking at them?”

“If you ‘accidentally’ inhale them, I’ll be very annoyed.”

“You should make a cage for them,” Molly suggested. “I like seeing them there, nestled between those outrageous tits.”

“Maybe later,” Kimberly acquiesced. “For now, you go play with your little toys, I’ll go play with mine.”

“See you later, snacks.” Molly bit her lower lip gently as she flew away. “Be good for Little Miss OP.”

With a thought from Kimberly, the scenery changed. No longer were they in the flattened half of the planet that Molly used as an occasional bed, but in the atrium of a glorious white-gold palace.

The Generals — still at microscopic size — floated out of Kimberly’s cleavage, suspended by Kimberly’s will directly in front of her.

“Maybe she has a point,” Kimberly wondered aloud. “Wouldn’t you all look so cute as tiny little charms on a necklace?”

Even at such minute sizes, Kimberly was able to easy make out the features of her captives. Nikolai and Drakos had already succumbed to Kimberly’s body it seemed. Being in such close proximity to her perfect skin, her divine breasts and the overwhelming scent of the goddess had been stripping away their rationality. For a moment of reprieve, Kimberly moved them away from her body, shifting their size back to their usual height as she did so.

Kimberly smirked as she glanced over the branding on Drakos’ chest.

“Ireshi is getting presumptuous, assuming I’d let her keep you.” Kimberly bit her lower lip as she considered the idea. “I’ll let her off this once. I think everyone is excited that we’re finally getting visitors.”

Kimberly shuddered as she slowly breathed out.

“I know I’m certainly excited.”

The world rumbled as a spark of Kimberly’s exhilaration manifested itself in reality. Excess desire dissipated itself from Kimberly’s body and shudder ran through every person on the planet, a gift from their goddess of the slightest hint of her imminent pleasure. Molly’s moans in response could be heard across every continent as she began to play with the other Titans. The Generals quivered, held at the edge of climax by Kimberly’s power over them.

“Molly likes her playthings to be handheld,” Kimberly explained. “Ireshi and Ethan are probably the size of cities right now, but I doubt she’ll make them as big as her. She wants toys right now, not sexual partners.”

“Personally,” Kimberly continued, “I’ve found that it’s a lot more fun to play with toys that are the same size as me. Being huge has its own benefits, but I don’t have to be bigger than you to be better in every single way.”

Kimberly swayed back and forth as she approached, allowing the Generals to take in the full sight of her. The seductive rocking of Kimberly’s hips accelerated their heart rates and their heightened their already astronomical lidibo. Every exaggerated motion was calculated, drawing their attention to every curve and each ripple of her perfect flesh. Her vibrant red hair floated behind her, brilliant fire lighting up their world more than any star ever could.

“What are you thinking about, boys? Is it my tits? Is it my legs? Maybe my lips? Or my hair?”

With a wave of Kimberly’s hand, a necklace appeared. On the end of a fine platinum chain was a small crystal sphere, glittering beautifully with an otherworldly light.

“You probably didn’t look up to notice Deity when I brought you here. She’s very sweet really, a wonderful house guest. It took her a while, but she’s learned all the prettiest colours that compliment my wardrobe.”

Inside the sphere was a tiny, glowing woman. The former superhero pulsed through a sequence of colours that cast Kimberly in a divine glow, highlighting the perfect contours of her body and driving everything else in the room into shadow.

“What would you be willing to give up to live like this forever, boys?” Kimberly asked as she leaned forward, running a finger delicately over the biceps of her captivated toys. “You could be a decoration to compliment my wondrous curves. A pitiful adornment to my perfect breasts.”

Smiling, Kimberly ran a single across Nikolai’s bottom lip.

“Do you really think you deserve that? What would you do to serve me as your Eternal Empress instead of Mom?”

Kimberly looked into Nikolai’s eyes and delved straight into his mind.

For the poor, defenceless General, his desires were laid bare. From the moment he had attempted to refuse Kimberly access to the records room, his mind had been enthralled by her. Kimberly saw herself reflected throughout Nikolai’s fantasies, a powerful man made submissive and forced to serve an even more powerful woman. A man kneeling between her thighs, eating her out until he could work no more. A man sentenced to live his life carrying her divine tits, until he broke under the weight of her presence.

“Are you asking to be my pet, sweetie?” Kimberly’s sultry tones invaded Nikolai’s mind. “Would you like to live a life devoted only to me?”

There was no opposition. Blind to the physical world, Nikolai couldn’t see Kimberly as she floated closer to him, resting his head between her breasts. He felt the effect though. Every moment that he spent near her, or simply thinking of her, was making him more vulnerable to her charm. His mind was running out of space for the innumerable thoughts of devotion to Kimberly.

When that space ran out, they began to overwrite all other thoughts.

Distant memories were no longer necessary. Thoughts of Mega Mommy were swiftly erased and replaced. The names of objects were rejected, with only the thought of how those objects might please Kimberly remaining. The idea of food, of wine, of jewels and presents. Other labels were simply discarded in favour of the category of “Things that make Kimberly happy”.

Kimberly kissed Nikolai as her fingertips lifted from his arm. As her lips left his body, Nikolai felt an aching need. Her lips. A primal pain replaced Nikolai’s eroded wilpower, refusing to let go until he experienced that pleasure again. To be near her lips. That was all he needed. His name disappeared. His previous status was irrelevant. He just needed to feel the touch of Kimberly’s lips again.

“Sweetie,” Kimberly whispered, “I’ll kiss you again, but I want you to do something for me.”

Nikolai returned to the world, his mind filled with nothing but the need to please Kimberly, to be with her, to appease her in any way he could, for eternity.

“I want to try a new shade of lipstick.” Kimberly let her breath wash over Nikolai’s face. “You’ll do that for me, won’t you?”

Without hesitation, Nikolai leaned in.

The mind-broken General melted as his lips touched Kimberly’s. His balls ached as he came explosively, in fact every part of him burst with elation as he fulfilled such an important request from his goddess. There was no room left in Nikolai’s mind to deny his Goddess. No time taken to consider anything else. She had given him the option of touching Her lips again. He could never have refused.

And when their lips touched, Kimberly simply gave Nikolai complete control of his body.

He smeared himself across her lips.

The blue balm that Nikolai became perfectly matched Kimberly’s eyes. She pursed her lips and carefully spread the colour across them.

Then she turned to Drakos and blew him a kiss.

The General’s body trembled as Kimberly’s breath washed over him. In that heavily scented rush of air, he felt the slightest extent of the power that Kimberly now held, along with the level of restraint she used to ensure that he didn’t meet one of thousands of horrendous fates.

Kimberly was kind enough to treat him to a vision of those fates while he succumbed to the effects of her breath.

Drakos’ mind was overwhelmed by the potential of every one of Kimberly’s nigh-infinite powers. Possibilities rattled his psyche, immobilising him far more effectively than any physical hold. In an instant, Drakos lived through every one of his future lives and lost himself entirely.

In one world, Drakos saw Kimberly’s breath freeze his body, cracking open every cell as crystals formed inside him and converted his living flesh into a perfect statue. In another, he felt the brief and wildly painful sensation of every single iota of his being dispel into nothingness, eradicated by a stream of antimatter breath that annihilated everything in Kimberly’s path. In the next world, he melted, but not like Nikolai. His body was left intact but his mind would be made mush, his body left purely as a tool for Kimberly, a living sex toy that only found joy when his owner did.

Kimberly gave him every option, and presented a choice. She was letting him pick his own fate.

The brand on Drakos’ chest flared as he experienced a lifetime of servitude to Ireshi. The elemental goddess used him relentlessly and ruthlessly, draining his body of vigour over years of orgasmic and torturous service. He died as Ireshi used him up completely, her golden eyes blazing the last thoughts from his skull as he expired.

Not all ends were unpleasant though, and the knowledge that he was spending his life for Kimberly made every ending a happy one.

Somewhere along the way though, Drakos’ saw his perfect future. The way he knew he wished to exist forever after. His cock spurted out the last of his load as Kimberly’s power resonated through his body and unlocked the seal on his orgasm.

He knew how to make it happen.

He knew how to make Kimberly happy.

His physiology shifted, removing the brand from his skin. The overwhelming urge to meet Kimberly’s desires rang through every synapse and his every action aided his holy quest.

First, his arms drooped, his hands hitting the floor with a clang. His legs locked together, tying themselves into knots and reshaping themselves. His torso shrank, collapsing and condensing while his skin changed into a silver shade. Having already completely lost motor function, Drakos fell forward, his face impacting the marble floor. The General’s entire body compacted downwards, his consciousness fading away as he willingly transformed himself for his goddess. He shrank into himself, dwindling as his body scrapped across the floor.

A mere instant after Kimberly’s breath reached him, Drakos had remade himself just for her.

“Ooh,” Kimberly smiled as she picked up the transformed General. “A new chain for my necklace.”

Increasing her body temperature slightly, Kimberly melted the current chain away from her neck, causing Deity to fall into her cleavage as molten platinum dripped down Kimberly’s skin. While Kimberly’s hands jostled her breasts and sent the tiny superhero flying around her cage, the goddess mentally attached her new chain and fixed it in place around her neck.

“Hmm, it feels good. It’s nice to have people so willing to serve me.”

Suddenly, Lucia and Stefan were standing in front of Kimberly.

“Both of you reek of my Mom,” Kimberly’s lip curled as she examined the Generals. “Are you being replaced as her favourite, Stefan?”

The General wanted to respond, to say that his Empress would never replace him. Before he could though, Kimberly’s eyes shifted. The blue fires morphed to scorching white and lanced out at him, blinding him to the real world and giving his deeper fears an opportunity to emerge.

In the recesses of Stefan’s mind, he stood helpless between Lucia and Annabelle, each goddess significantly larger than him and trapping his body between their thighs. They ran their hands over each other above him, and each time their bodies battered against him he shrunk away, forgotten. The sounds of two divinities fighting for dominance above became the only sound in Stefan’s universe, until eventually Lucia’s toes shifted and crushed his pathetic body beneath them.

“Poor little Stefan,” Kimberly mocked. “Is that what you think is going to happen?”

Kimberly grinned at Lucia with a devious smile as she reached for her hand.

“Well, you’re almost right.”

Pulling Lucia towards her and grasping both hands, Kimberly trapped Stefan between the two women. The touch of Kimberly’s breasts against his chest and Lucia’s against his back made Stefan cry out in pain. His entire torso was being compressed!

Kimberly pouted her lips and shifted her size, matching Lucia’s impressive height. The sudden shift forced Kimberly’s tits heavily against Stefan, cracking ribs as his body was caught in the vice of these two goddesses.

Stefan would have to shrink if he didn’t want to be crushed. He could feel the power to do so being offered to him by Kimberly. All he had to do was choose it.

Memories of Annabelle kept Stefan holding out for longer than expected. Her scent still lingered, both on himself and Lucia, but Kimberly was slowly eradicating that too. As the goddess leaned forward and planted her lips on Lucia’s, the heat surrounding Stefan rose. Their bodies burned to the touch now, and both pairs of hardening nipples were attempting to break skin on the lesser General.

Stefan wheezed as his body continued to collapse and Kimberly’s tits demolished his chest. Why wasn’t this already killing him?

“Silly boy,” Kimberly moaned as she thrust her hips to meet Lucia’s, crushing Stefan’s pelvis in the process. “I don’t want to kill you. I want you to worship me.”

Kimberly broke her kiss with Lucia and moved her mouth to Stefan’s ear.

“Around here, I get what I want.”

Slowly but surely, the physical presence of Annabelle was being erased from the Generals. Kimberly’s outfit had disappeared at some point — or maybe she’d never been wearing one, Stefan couldn’t remember — and now her sex laid its claim to everything it touched. Stefan’s thighs were broken and deformed, slick with Kimberly’s fluids, while the strawberry scent of her breath pervaded his senses and shut out the rest of reality around him. Lucia’s lips had been smeared with Kimberly’s new lipgloss, and the rest of her body was being methodically tainted by Kimberly’s fingertips. Every touch of Kimberly’s carefully guided hands replaced a sensation or a pleasure that Annabelle had gifted to Lucia.

When the last trace of Annabelle was erased, Stefan succumbed to his deepest fear.

Taking greedily from Kimberly’s power, he diminished himself between the entwined goddesses, reducing his stature and power in spurts whenever he had the presence of mind to do so. It became more difficult with each progressive submission as Stefan’s muddled thoughts tried to comprehend his purpose.

On one such occasion he became stuck, his body now nestled between the crotches of the divine beings above. Mere inches tall, he was supported entirely by the pressure of the divinities pressing their goddesshoods against each other.

Kimberly’s hand slipped down to enter Lucia’s pussy while running along Stefan’s back.

You could stay there forever instead, Kimberly’s voice echoed in Stefan’s mind.

Feeling the invasive touch of the goddess inside his head broke the last remaining resistance Stefan had. He was being offered a way out. A way to not be tossed aside and forgotten, an insignificant speck beneath the heel of his replacement. A way to serve his Empress, in an unexpected but satisfying way. Serving her daughter, in whatever way she suggested.

Stefan’s minuscule load dripped from Kimberly’s pussy, lost in the far more voluminous fluids that she was coating him with every second.

That decided it. The Goddess had suggested it, so it must be correct.

Stretching himself out, Stefan accepted more of Kimberly’s power, thinning out his body and extending his arms to reach around Kimberly’s hips. His hands touched as his legs weaved together between Kimberly’s legs, gliding along the pussy that had already soaked him in its juices. When he had finished, Stefan’s body — battered and bruised as it was — took on a dark blue gleam and his mind faded away into the fabric.

Kimberly snapped her new bikini bottoms against her thigh and grinned at Lucia.

“I really need the top to complete the look, don’t you think?”

A few flicks of Kimberly’s tongue later and Lucia was literal putty in her hands. Kimberly swallowed the General’s superheated orgasm but didn’t stop eating out the last of her new worshippers. As Kimberly ferociously drained her, Lucia squirmed and begged, sometimes for the goddess to stop and sometimes for her to keep going. Whatever Lucia begged for, Kimberly obliged.

So when Lucia finally begged to join the other Generals serving Kimberly, the Goddess granted her wish then too.

Kimberly returned to Molly with an entirely new outfit.

“How long until your Mom comes to check up on them?” Molly asked.

“I’d say another 30 years or so. Our time, of course.” Kimberly shifted back up to country-sized and laid her head on Molly’s stomach.

“Plenty of time then.”

“Yep,” Kimberly sighed, “plenty of time.”

Annabelle was getting bored.

It hadn’t even been a day since her Generals had left, but none of them had even called to ask how she was in that time, or to update her on her daughter’s mission. Not that she usually expected that, but she generally didn’t stay behind in the ship on diplomatic missions.

She was getting restless.

The blurred planet in the distance also wasn’t helping her relax. Nikolai was right, Kimberly couldn’t keep a planet spinning like that for this long. She was only 19! Her little girl still had so much growing to do!

Despite using her favourite — and now permanently out of stock — lotions, Annabelle was too worried to appreciate her bath. Perhaps she should have taken some additional servants with her, just to make sure her needs were met.

Annabelle soaked in her bath for most of the day. After a brief and troubled nap, she tried contacting her Generals. With no response, her concern only grew. What if her baby girl was in trouble and now her Generals had walked into a trap? There were other powerful people out there, many of them were her close friends.

But there were beings beyond that too.

Annabelle knew that much, even if she rarely thought about it. She shuddered, remembering the presence of Olivia. Little was known about the self-proclaimed Goddess, but everyone knew of her now. After the upstart brat had introduced herself to reality, the only evidence of her existence appeared to be the matching memories of the entirety of existence and the destruction of a number of worlds.

Could there be someone else out there endangering her daughter?

Maybe it was time to properly meet some of these other powers.

That was it. Annabelle couldn’t wait any longer. She was going down there to see what was happening. Kimberly couldn’t blame her for being concerned, after all.

“She’s coming,” Kimberly declared.

“She’s early…” Molly moaned. “I’ve not even had breakfast yet.”

“We’ve had almost a century, sweetie.” Kimberly kissed her most powerful ally on the cheek. “And you’ve been complaining about feeling cramped for the last 60 years of it.”

“It’s not my fault that planets are so small.”

Apotheosis didn’t physically resemble the planet she once was, and in many other ways the planet had changed. A century of worship for Kimberly and her Titans had led to a much more concentrated distribution of powers, namely within the Goddess herself and her few chosen. For a large portion of the population, that made little difference to their day-to-day lives.

What made more of a difference was that most of the population now lived on Molly’s body somewhere. The rest of them lived on Kimberly.

It had taken some practice, but eventually Kimberly had worked her magic to ensure that the gravitational pull of their bodies was just as large as the planet itself, provided the mortal in question was standing on their skin. They had matching piercings now too, constructed by Ethan in the likeness of former cities on the planet. A stud in Kimberly’s nose hosted the former world capital, while Molly’s previously empty navel piercing now held a replica of her own home country. A replica, of course. The real thing had long since been wiped from the planet under Molly’s ass.

As drastic as some of those changes were, the common people had come to worship their new rulers. With most of those who once held major power long dead, some of natural – and other of gigantic – causes, for many on Apotheosis it had simply been a case of a change of management. Better to be worshipping a goddess than crushed beneath one, as the saying now went.

The changing geography was just something that the new generations got used to after a while.

“You’re nervous,” Molly said suddenly. “You’re making that face again.”

“I'm going to show her that I’m better than her.” Kimberly grit her teeth. “And that I’m going to be Empress from now on.”

“I’m sure she’ll like retirement.”

“Get up, you. I’m taking down the time bubble. It’s time to meet my Mom.”

The blurriness vanished as Annabelle approached.

The first thing that she saw was the giant girls. They were hard to miss, lounging about on a planet that barely fit them. Annabelle breathed a sigh of relief as she took in her daughter, a smile spreading across her face as she was reminded of her own youth. These girls evidently hadn’t learned what a suitable size for lounging on planets was yet.

Both looked different to how Annabelle remembered from the pictures though. Those had shown a little slip of a young girl blown up to massive proportions and her own daughter, albeit a daughter who had dyed her hair. Annabelle had been meaning to ask about that. The flames were a rather risque look that she quite envied.

The difference, as it appeared, was that these girls were considerably more mature and curvaceous.

These girls were evidently women.

Her little girl was growing up so fast!

The second peculiar thing was only clear when Annabelle focused a little. The planet below was almost barren, stripped bare of any mortals and picked clean of everything useful. Annabelle grew as she approached the women, curiously taking in their features. Her little girl had piercings now! Piercings that held the entire population of the planet. Annabelle smiled, remembering the days when she had tried to play host to all of her worshippers. Too many boob-related natural disasters had rapidly made her reconsider that idea.

“Baby, what have you been up to? Why didn’t you call me?” Annabelle spread her arms out for a hug as she reached Kimberly’s size. “And who is your new friend?”

The corner of Kimberly’s mouth twitched as her mother addressed her.

“I was busy taking over a planet, Mom,” Kimberly declared, folding her arms across her chest. “I feel like I’ve proved myself at this point. Maybe it’s my turn to be Empress now.”

Annabelle chuckled. “Don’t be silly, baby. Mommy will take care of all the boring Empress duties and you can be my little ambassador. You’ll get to go to lots more fun worlds like this one and make a lot more friends.”

“I’m serious, Mom. I’ve had time to think about it. It’s my turn to play now. Let me show you.”

The landscape changed.

Annabelle was no longer planet-sized, and neither were the girls. All three of them were in a marble palace that bore more than a passing resemblance to Annabelle’s one back at home.

“Oh, is this where you’ve been living, baby?” Annabelle took in the sculptures of Kimberly filling the alcoves of the atrium. “Are you sure you aren’t going a little over the top on the statues though?”

Seeing Ethan standing at the base of Kimberly’s throne, clad in his full regalia, Annabelle perked up immediately.

“Well, hasn’t someone been a naughty little girl?” Annabelle purred in a husky voice that echoed loudly throughout the palace. “You’ve been keeping a delicious little toy like this all for yourself!”

“I could be persuaded to share him,” Kimberly suggested. “He’s very good.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Annabelle hummed in glee as her fingers ran across Ethan’s torso and down to his crotch. The floor cracked beneath Annabelle’s feet as her toes curled into it, while violent tremors began to shake the whole palace.

“He does look delicious.” Annabelle conceded. “My baby girl has such good taste in men.”

Kimberly frowned. “Stop treating me like a child or I won’t let you play with him.”

“But you’re my little girl, baby.” Annabelle scoffed as she ran an appreciative hand across Ethan’s chest. “How else should I treat you?”

Kimberly grit her teeth and held her tongue as her mother continued to casually brush her off. The plan relied on coddling her mother a little. Annoyingly, Annabelle was already throwing it off, though not through the actions she was taking. Everything that Annabelle was doing, Kimberly had accounted for.

No, it was the fact that Mega Mommy’s body was already overpowering the world around her, shaking the entire palace apart as she moved to stroke Ethan’s exposed forearms. Kimberly knew that she was meddling with powers far beyond anything she’d dominated before, but she hadn’t expected Mega Mommy’s arousal to escalate quite this quickly, or have quite as dramatic an effect on Apotheosis.

Ah, that was the problem.

The needy planet had found a fun new powerful goddess and was keen to show off.

Kimberly could feel Ireshi struggle to move as the elements of the planet succumbed to the will of a new mistress. A mistress who barely even considered them as she dominated everything nearby. Even Annabelle’s lackadaisical humming as she tested the strength of Ethan’s muscles was enough to make both Ethan and the planet her servant.

Mega Mommy was just so much more than Kimberly’s Titans.

For a moment, Kimberly hesitated.

“Hmm, has my baby girl been practising with you,” Annabelle teased at Ethan. “Has she been preparing you to experience a real goddess?”

Her hesitation rapidly faded as Kimberly was reminded of why she longed to put her mother in her place.

Ireshi was still struggling to make her move. Kimberly has determined that Ireshi needed to surprise her mother from beneath the surface of the planet, but now she was just stuck until she managed to reassert control. Looking to the potential futures, Kimberly winced as she saw her good endings drift away. Her mother wasn’t even consciously doing anything to disrupt the flow of events. She was acting exactly in character.

But it seemed that Kimberly’s future sight just couldn’t account for the sheer magnitude of the ambient power level of her mother’s body.

Fine. Ireshi’s part would be delayed. Ethan would need to make his move now. Kimberly sent out a mental nudge to prod him in the right direction.

Ethan, unfortunately, did not seem to be following the plan either.

For his part, Ethan was being less than useless. He had been hardening visibly as Mega Mommy lavished him with attention, but hadn’t been returning any of it. Now, he stood in front of her, painfully erect, allowing her to pet his body all over without so much as returning the gesture.

This was not the plan.

Ethan was supposed to be using his incredible power to dominate Annabelle, not submitting to her slightest touch.

Infuriated by her White Knight, Kimberly delved into his mind, breaking his failing willpower and taking control of his bodily functions. She’d just have to reset him and start again.

Nothing happened.

Kimberly tried to move Ethan, puppeting his body to move him away from her mother, hoping to give him some time to recover from her presence and Ireshi time to arrive, but his body wasn’t being controlled by his will at the moment. It was purely operating on lust. Switching tactics, Kimberly flooded Ethan’s mind with memories of her, drawing the attention of his lust back to her own body.

With Mega Mommy so close to him though, she had no chance.

Huffing in frustration, Kimberly gave up on her attempts to reclaim Ethan from her mother’s curious teasing. She had other concerns.

The palace itself wasn’t holding up very well. Ireshi was still focusing intently on moving the earth around her, but it appeared that Annabelle had compacted it beyond her power to control. The gentle movement of Mega Mommy’s feet had pressed the planet’s crust into a hyper-dense barrier, and purr of her voice bombarded the world with disruptive vibrations. Vibrations that constantly opposed Ireshi whenever she tried to use her power.

Time for a different approach.

“Mom, you’re wrecking my palace!” Kimberly wailed as she stomped her foot on the ground. The impact broke the hardened crust and dislodged the rocks below enough to free Ireshi.

Annabelle briefly looked away from the muscular, white-armour-clad god, intending to tell her daughter to stop interrupting her. Instead, she caught sight of Ireshi, emerging from the broken marble floor. Annabelle’s eyes widened in renewed interested as she took in the elemental goddess’ golden dress, her stylish and intricate tattoos, and the elegant braids that fell carefully down her back. When Ireshi opened her golden eyes to check on the state of her surroundings, Annabelle blew her a happy kiss that sent Ireshi stumbling through one of Kimberly’s statues.

“Oh, this one is precious! I could just eat you up, you little cutie.” Annabelle licked her lips as her fingers absent-mindedly trailed down to her womanhood, filling the air with a musky aroma and the slick sound of Annabelle’s pussy eagerly readying itself for her treat.

A new rumbling shook the planet. Molly was trying to play her part, but it was too early. Her size shifted, making her large enough to fill the throne room. The throne itself disappeared beneath Molly’s body, but her growth did nothing to Annabelle. Unlike the residents of Apotheosis, Molly couldn’t simply shift to a size where she automatically flattened Annabelle.

Annabelle finally turned to Kimberly and smiled.

“See, I’m not the only one causing a little havoc around here. Is your new friend hungry, baby?”

“Stop calling me baby!” Kimberly fumed at her mother. The good endings were disappearing faster than Kimberly could count. Her chances of defeating her mother were dropping to nothing. The chances of Ethan or Ireshi fucking Mega Mommy into submission were plummeting to zero. The likelihood of Molly demolishing or devouring Annabelle were now non-existent too.

“Careful, baby,” Annabelle teased with a smile. “Don’t do anything silly now.”

That might be the only option left to Kimberly though.

Preparing for the worst, Kimberly inhaled deeply.

“Fuck you! I’m fucking fed up of it!” Kimberly screamed, her voice disintegrating the remaining palace walls and breaking chunks from the planet around her. “I conquered a world! On my own! And it didn’t even take any effort! Stop treating me like a baby!”

Annabelle glared at her daughter. “Are you done, Kimberly?”

Panting and fuming, Kimberly looked to her Titans. Now was the last chance to act. Her future sight was telling her that much. It had taken her to this point, the only chance she had to usurp her mother. Now, if they all attacked at once–


Oh, fuck.

The last good ending disappeared.

She had always been doomed.

“You know what I think about whiny little bitches, Kimberly,” Annabelle said with an ice-cold voice. “Look at what you did to your toys.”

Ethan was paralysed with fear now. Kimberly had finally broken through the mental lust barrier and replaced it with a primal terror. The overpowering essence of Kimberly’s rage had frozen his body completely, locking his limbs as he steeled himself both mentally and physically.

Ireshi was leaking fire while her dress created one tornado after another around her. Flames poured from her eyes. Not only had she lost her grip over the tremors she had been fighting against, but she had lost control of her powers entirely. The ground beneath her oscillated violently, grinding stone to sand in a spreading sea of tortured stone.

Molly lay on the floor, returned to her petite stature. She groaned as she held back her size, afraid that growing even a little might result in her turning the planet into a smudge on her lip. She hadn’t eaten in days, and now – holding back as much as she hold – she fought the urge to finally shift her size and devour the entire galaxy.

“Did my nasty little girl hurt you, my hunky chunk of a man?” Annabelle asked softly as she grabbed Ethan by the chest and laid him on the ground. “You found some lovely little worshippers here, Kimberly. Why are you so mad?”

This was all very exciting for Annabelle. She didn’t know what she had expected, coming to see her daughter, but it definitely wasn’t an offering of two stunningly desirable godlings. Maybe she was being a little mean to Kimberly, but her daughter needed to be taught a lesson about looking after her toys. And probably sharing too.

This would be fun!

Annabelle strode forward, planting one foot on either side of Ethan’s legs. Reaching down to the marble floor, she grabbed the entire continental plate beneath her and lifted, sliding Molly across the ground and into her waiting arms. Then, with a pout of her lips and a protracted kiss, she drew Ireshi towards her as well, supporting both girls easily against her body.

“I knew you’d like this planet. Plenty of superfriends for you to play with, lots of opportunities for fun and games.” Annabelle breathed in heavily, taking in the scent of the power around her. “I haven’t smelled something this yummy in a long time.”

It felt like one of her shows. Annabelle closed her eyes, imagining herself in the leading role. The salacious dommy mommy, claiming her belligerent daughter’s boyfriend after she dared to disrespect her. Annabelle could just see the ratings soar.

Annabelle’s clothes fell from her body as she swelled just enough to rip them apart. Her sex continuously dripped her juices onto Ethan’s armour as she advanced, the metal boiling around each drop. Latching Molly’s mouth around one nipple and Ireshi’s around the other, she sighed as she soothed the trembling goddesses with her milk. They quickly wrapped their arms around her tits and eagerly began to drain her.

“You know that Mommy has such big needs, Kimberly. Did you really think it would be a good idea to tempt me with all of these tasty little morsels around?”

Mega Mommy breathed out lustily as her fingers pried open her pussy lips and the entire planet was rendered paralysed. Her womanly musk pervaded the minds of all creatures, utterly shutting down their functions. Every being currently adorning Molly and Kimberly’s bodies, previously devoted to their host goddesses, had their allegiance shift in an instant.

Including the ones who had been part of Kimberly’s wardrobe for the past decades.

“It looks like my little girl found herself a nice big boy toy to play with,” Annabelle taunted as she lowered her soaked pussy onto Ethan’s cock. “But naughty girls who don’t play nicely with their toys get them taken away.”

“Hmm, you don’t mind if I try him out, do you baby?” Annabelle winked at her daughter. “I need to make sure he’s good enough for you, after all.”

Annabelle took Ethan’s cock into her through the armour. His plate acted as a pathetically crude condom, melting away as soon as it hit the heat of Annabelle’s pussy. Molten metal dripped from his dick and pooled between his legs, mixing with the pool of Annabelle’s sexual fluids.

And then Annabelle’s pussy tightened around his godhood.

Ethan screamed both in pain and ecstasy as the goddess edged him repeatedly, bouncing up and down on his cock and shaking the planet apart while she refused to let him orgasm. Unlike her daughter, Mommy always came first. And Ethan’s body, enhanced as it was by Kimberly and Apotheosis, was no match for the crushing grip of the pussy consuming him.

Annabelle’s pussy had millennia of experience defeating gods.

Mommy didn’t hold back – she was having far too much fun. Kimberly’s boy toy was a lot more durable than she expected, even more powerful than her own dear Stefan. She pumped her body up and down, gently tossing Molly and Ireshi away when her breasts were thrown into catastrophic motion. The clapping of her tits and ass cheeks began to tear apart the world around her with cacophonous booms. Her rapid, eager panting was even more devastating as she repeatedly inhaled and exhaled the entire atmosphere of the planet. Had the world not already been depopulated and spread about the body of her daughter, those winds would have continued to toss around the remaining residents until they broke apart.

Kimberly looked on helplessly as her mother effortlessly claimed Ethan as her own.

She could see the magnitude of her error now.

“Mom, he’s mine!” Kimberly wailed, no acting required this time. “This isn’t fair!”

“No, it isn’t.” Annabelle’s eyes were fixed on her daughter as she continued to ride Ethan. “But you were being a little bitch, and now your boy toy is going to be a tasty snack for Mommy’s hungry pussy.”

Annabelle bit her lower lip in excited glee as she glared daggers at her petulant daughter, imagining an invisible audience watching her performance. She was having such fun! She definitely needed to send Kimberly out to find more worshippers soon.

Continuing to slam her enormous ass into Ethan and the planet below, Mega Mommy timed her thrusts to direct the damage away from her. The planet was empty of people, Annabelle knew that much, so she could let loose a little. Cracks spread instantly from beneath her enormous backside, lacing their way through the planet as though it were glass. Far, far away, the other side of the planet slowly began to disintegrate.

“Are you having a good time, my steely little stud?” Annabelle moaned as she locked her legs around Ethan and began to use his body as a pile driver. “Ooh, you can really take a pounding from Mommy, can’t you? You won’t want to go back to my baby girl now, will you? Is Mommy’s big, hungry pussy ruining you for everyone else?”

Filling with his unreleased ejaculate, Ethan’s member swelled inside of Mommy’s pussy, making her moan ever louder as her goddesshood voraciously lapped at the growing cock, ever hungry for more.

Leaning forward suddenly, Mega Mommy placed her astonishing tits onto Ethan’s chest. The resulting pressure was unbearable – far greater than anything Kimberly had ever done to him. The remnants of his armour dripped molten down his sides as the chest cavity melted away under Annabelle’s chest.

“Should I wear you on my tits for a bit, big boy? Would that teach my little bitch of a daughter some manners?” Annabelle sang. “My little girl is a lot smaller than me though. Do you think you’d be able to handle them?”

Amazingly, Ethan’s motor function had returned. It didn’t help. Placing his hands firmly on Annabelle’s enormous tits, Ethan could only feel the futility of the task before him. She was playing with him. As much as he tried, Ethan couldn’t move her tits. He couldn’t even compress them. No amount of force he could apply would even make the slightest dent in the mega tits of Mega Mommy.

And she was loving it.

Annabelle hadn’t felt so alive in years.

“Aww, is the poor little boy too weak to move Mommy’s massive tits? I suppose my little girl is a lot smaller than me. It must be a lot easier pleasing her.” Annabelle grinned maliciously at Kimberly. “Time for Mommy to steal your boyfriend, baby.”

“He’s not my boyfriend, you bitch! He’s…” Kimberly hesitated. “They’re my Titans…”

Annabelle chuckled as her pussy greedily slurped at Ethan’s cock with deafening suction. Kimberly tried covering her ears, but to no avail. She faltered through her available powers, trying everything she could to halt her mother. Slowing time only prolonged the inevitable. Teleporting herself only took her closer to her doom. Most terrifying of all, whenever Kimberly activated her future sight, all she saw was her own submission.

Kimberly threw everything she had at her mother. She melted the world around her, turned her brain into a malleable puppet, made her body into glass, then into water, then into as many substances as she could imagine. None of them took. Her powers simply weren’t enough to even be noticed by Mega Mommy.

Instead, Mega Mommy’s body was growing more radiantly beautiful as she approached her climax, bathed in the glow of a goddess’ pleasure. Her breasts expanded to cover most of her torso, her entire body stretching out and enhancing her imposing size advantage over the White Knight. When she finally had enough of punishing her daughter, Mega Mommy came. Her guttural moans broke apart the remains of the planet, along with the rest of the planetary system, evaporating its star and wrapping the world in momentary darkness, lit only by the light of Annabelle’s body and Kimberly’s hair.

“Now, bring me the other two.”

With a cautious and reluctant wave of her wave, Kimberly levitated Molly and Ireshi back to her mother. It was… surprisingly difficult. Both of the women felt heavier than they ever had before.

Apotheosis was gone, Kimberly realised. She hadn’t done enough to acquire its powers before her mother had destroyed it.

“So you can do what you’re told. Good girl.” Annabelle lifted herself from Ethan’s still painfully erect cock and deposited Ireshi in her place. Ireshi gasped as she felt the massively increased size of Ethan’s cock enter her tight pussy.

“He’s very good, your boy toy. Mommy approves.” Annabelle watched with glee as Ireshi and Ethan writhed about in space, frantically fucking each other. “Very enthusiastic.”

Kimberly frowned. “What did you do to them?”

“They’re just a little pent up, baby. They’ll work it off.”

“Please—” Kimberly began.

“Please? This universe exists to please me, Kimberly, you should know that.” Annabelle sighed in pleasure. “Just a yummy little treat for my hungry pussy. She’s a real man eater.”

Kimberly flinched at hearing Molly’s old moniker. That, combined with her mother’s approach, was enough to disrupt the stability of her captive worshippers.

Annabelle’s smile slowly faded as she witnessed her Generals spill from Kimberly’s body and return to their regular forms.

Kimberly’s bikini fell from her breasts, exposing her perfect tits to a world that didn’t care about them. Her bikini bottoms dribbled down her legs alongside the sweetest nectar of ambrosia on the planet. Nectar that no-one was currently in the right mind to taste. Kimberly’s necklace fell into her cleavage, the silver chain dripping from her tits and forming beads on the marble floor. Finally, her lipgloss faded, leaving her lips just as irresistably kissable and just as vacant.

The Generals returned to existence as a motionless heap, sprawled on the floor of the broken palace.

“Oh, you little bitch,” Annabelle gasped. “And I was going easy on you. If there’s anything wrong with them, there'll be consequences, missy.”

Annabelle looked back at Ethan curiously as she examined her Generals.

“I’m surprised that your new friends were this powerful, baby. I wasn’t sure that your boy toy was going to last long enough for me.”

Kimberly scowled and didn’t respond.

Holding her swollen breasts out to her Generals, Annabelle placed her nipple at Stefan’s lips and waited for him to awaken and recuperate.

There was no response.

Frowning at Kimberly, Annabelle slowly glanced between her Generals and her daughter.

“Kimberly, what did you do to them?”

“Nothing. I let them choose to worship me. They wanted me to wear them.”

“I’ll ask once more, Kimberly. What did you do?”

“That’s all I did!”

“Don’t take that tone with me again, unless you want me to take away your toys permanently. Wearing them for a few hours is nothing.”

“It wasn’t a few hours.” Kimberly smirked smugly at her mother. “It was three decades.”

Annabelle paled.

“Maybe I can’t beat you yet, Mom, but my powers have grown a lot.” Kimberly grinned from ear to ear. “It’s been almost a century for me.”

Annabelle’s world crashed down around her.

Her closest companion, who she had known for decades, had been entirely mind-broken by her daughter’s callousness.

Her daughter, a girl she loved more than anyone else in existence, was indeed no longer a girl. Her earlier thoughts came back. She did look more mature.

Annabelle had missed out on most of the major events in her daughter’s life.

“Hundreds of years…” Annabelle breathed out slowly.

“Not hundreds, just like, one hundred,” Kimberly confirmed.

It made sense now. Why her daughter’s friends were so surprisingly powerful. Why the petite woman looked like she was starving herself. Kimberly had been building up their powers this whole time, ready to make her own empire.

And she’d purposely cut Annabelle out of it.


That wasn’t going to happen.

“What did I do wrong?” Annabelle whispered. “What did I do so wrong for you to do this?”

“You’re the worst! You control my life and tell me what to do. You make me look pathetic whenever you’re around. You just broke my planet and fucked my boyfriend!”


Annabelle’s fingers gripped at reality as her rage built.


“What the fuck? No what?”

“No, you don’t get to go away and live your life in your own little bubble, Kimberly. You don’t get to turn a childish tantrum into such a big decision.”

Annabelle’s nails cut into space-time as her anger rose.

“You don’t get to miss out on the best experiences of our lives because you’re a whiny little bitch!” Annabelle screamed out in fury as she tore into existence.

Her words cut into the fabric of reality just as effectively as her hands tore at it. Incensed by her daughter and fuelled by her rage, Annabelle used her immense strength to rip chunks out of time.

Kimberly flew at her mother as soon as she realised what was happening, but it was too late. Random events flung themselves out of the timeline to escape Annabelle’s attack, but they were quickly caught by her light-speed motion and demolished, regardless of their relevance. In blind fury, Annabelle erased portions of history from everything around her.

A civilisation a few star systems over suddenly digressed hundreds of years as they failed to discover the generator. A minor goddess of a nearby galaxy lost a swathe of her worshippers as she never encountered their species. Events were flung out of history and torn to shreds before anyone could even comprehend their loss.

“Mom, stop it! I worked so hard for this!” Kimberly’s pleas were ignored as Annabelle continued to brutalise space-time.

A nearby star collided with another as Annabelle tore out the section of space between them. Planets ceased to exist as their stars’ winked out before they were even formed. Kimberly’s hair flickered.

Annabelle focused. Kimberly’s hair had flickered.

Noticing it too, Kimberly redoubled her efforts. She landed punches on her mother that would have erased civilisations. She grew out her wings and slashed with bladed feathers and talons. She altered time, hiding the events that her mother was looking to destroy, futilely attempting to protect her efforts.

“Mom, please!” Kimberly cried. “Please don’t ruin this for me too!”

Molly moaned and flickered. “Kim… I’m so hungry…”

“Nooo!” Kimberly screamed. “Don’t take her away from me! Please!”

Kimberly was the unluckiest girl in the world. Her efforts of decades were about to be erased by her bitch of a mother. A woman who lucked out and fucked her way into power, then used it to do more mindless fucking.

Kimberly threw herself on Molly and hugged her as their time spent together was deleted from existence.

Years faded, decades dissolved and memories from countless conversations became mere echoes in the ether of existence.

“He’s special,” Annabelle murmured as she destroyed her daughter’s life. “You’re both precious to me.”

Kimberly’s mind reeled as she tried to process her memories. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she angrily attempted to bat it away.

“I hate you,” Kimberly hissed. “I really liked her and you stole her. Are you happy now?”

Molly was unconscious, cradled in Kimberly’s arms as her mind struggled to adapt to whatever changes Annabelle had made to her past. She moaned softly as her stomach rumbled again.

Annabelle cradled Stefan against her body as her hand hovered over Kimberly’s shoulder. Deciding against it, she moved her hand away and turned away from her daughter.

Annabelle had stopped her attack on existence. Thinking back, Kimberly tried to work out what had changed. The lack of a reference point made it difficult to determine. She knew that her mother had stolen time away from her, but not how much or when. Apotheosis was gone, she knew that. The place where the planet had been – where the entire star system had been – was completely empty.

Kimberly gently put her hand to Molly’s stomach, inspecting the sleeping girl’s navel piercing. At least Ethan had finished building the cities before her mother had arrived.

Molly stirred in her sleep, making that cute little chewing motion she made when she was hungry. She’d be starving when she woke up. They should probably go to a place where Molly could properly stretch out. She’d been complaining about that for the last 30 years.

And it had all been for nothing.

The Generals were waking up now as Annabelle nursed them. Apparently spending a few weeks as Kimberly’s outfit wasn’t enough to completely break them after all.

“I only want the best for you, baby.” Annabelle returned to Kimberly’s side wiping a hand across her face. “I want you to have a good, fun life. And I want to be a part of it.”

“I hate you.” Kimberly said it, but she couldn’t remember if she knew the right reasons why. Presumably because her mother had foiled her plans of taking over as Empress.

“We can work on that, baby.”

“Stop calling me baby.”

“You’ll always be my baby girl.”

“I need some time alone.”

“No. We’re going back to the palace together. Bring your new friends too.”

Kimberly looked over to Ethan and Ireshi, worn out from their obsessed fucking while her mother destroyed her life.

“They aren’t my friends.”

“Your Titans then. Life is a lot more difficult without friends, baby. We’ll bring them with us.” Annabelle gestured at Molly. “Her especially.”


“So that you don’t get lonely while I take a little holiday.”

Mega Mommy’s palace, some time later...

“I’ll be gone for a little while, Kimberly, so make sure you check up on all of the planets.” Annabelle adjusted an enormous hat and slipped her sunglasses on. “If you do a good job, I’ll even throw a little party in your honour when I get back.”

Kimberly was still ostensibly sulking, but she couldn’t deny that at least part of her plan had worked, albeit not in the ways she had hoped or planned. Annabelle had allowed Ethan to construct a glorious throne for Kimberly in her audience chamber, even if it was slightly smaller than her mother’s and set off to the side. It was something at least.

Now, Kimberly would be ruling as Empress-Regent while her mother went to visit an old friend.

“Oh, and take Molly with you to visit Selosis. They’ve decided to start worshipping one of our little competitors this time, and I’ve run out of patience.” Annabelle waved her hat around and gestured to the sky. “Maybe you can let her decide how to punish them.”

Molly had stretched herself out a bit more than usual. She was currently sleeping, not across the surface of the twin planet that Ireshi had created for her, but cradling it against her chest.

Annabelle turned to board her ship, waiting and hoping that Kimberly might wish her a nice journey, or at least say goodbye.

Kimberly did not, but at least she spoke up.

“Where are you even going? Everyone we know lives here.”

Annabelle breathed a sigh of relief. At least it was a start.

“I’m visiting an old friend. I haven’t seen her in a while though, not since my more carefree days. She rules a universe adjacent to this one.”

“Another goddess? What’s so special about her?”

“Oh, Boa doesn’t like that word. She prefers the term God. It’s so easy to tease her about it.” Annabelle smiled. “She’s a bit of a prodigy, I suppose. I thought it might be nice to catch up.”

Kimberly rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

And who knows, Annabelle thought, maybe she knows something about dealing with troublesome daughters.

“Well, have fun while I’m gone. I’m trusting you, my little Overpowered Girl.”

Kimberly cringed at the name. Her mother had been spending too much time with Molly.

Stefan was already waiting for Annabelle at the entrance to her ship. Kimberly heard him make a comment about her mother’s hat, at which point Mega Mommy scooped him into her arms and bounded away with him.

Kimberly watched the mothership leave, waiting at the ship bay long after her mother was out of sight.

She was free to do as she pleased. Free to explore her Empire.

Free to acquire more power.

Kimberly shifted her size, wrapping an arm around her girlfriend’s waist.

“Fancy visiting a planet of blasphemous heretics?” Kimberly asked.

“What’s in it for me?”

Kimberly held out a chain, showing it to Molly before draping it around her ankle. The anklet held dozens of glass spheres, each currently empty.

“New jewellery?” Kimberly suggested.

“Sold. I would have accepted snacks as an answer too.”

“We’ll get to that later.” Kimberly kiss her girlfriend on the cheek. “For now though, I want worshippers.”

Molly smiled as she kissed the top of Kimberly’s breasts. “Whatever you wish, my Interim Empress.”

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