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The New, Improved MJ

Written by runes :: [Thursday, 03 March 2005 15:27] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 21 June 2016 23:53]

Mary Jane felt light headed all of a sudden. the world around her seemed to warp, parts pushing forwards and parts pushing backwards. Shortly she passed out, after which her body went through a number of convulsions as her eyes fluttered beneath her eyelids. Mary Jane woke up minutes later slightly disoriented. Looking around the laboratory with new eyes, Mary Jane tried to make sense of her situation. She felt more aware of the world around her, and attributed it to the liquid which had smashed against her legs while Peter and Doctor Octopus battled it out with each other. She had heard Peter talk about nanotechnology, but until she heard Doctor Octopus scheming to destroy Spiderman's power, she had no idea how complex it had become.

Mary Jane's mind went busily to work figuring a way out of her bonds. They worked on a complex series of locks. MJ privately smirked that Doctor Octopus would worry enough about her ability to escape to bother making such a complex mechanism. But the more she studied them, the more she realized they were actually designed for a person with larger forearms. MJ managed to get a fair bit of leverage with her wrists, and began to probe the circuitry. Success! MJ smiled as she heard one of the locking mechanisms in the electronic bonds click free. As soon as that thought had registered, a shooting pain travelled through her arms as the bonds began to unleash debilitating wattage into her system. Mary Jane began to scream at the intensity of the pain, but found it slowly wearing off.

No, That wasn't right, the pain wasn't wearing off, but rather becoming more bearable. All of a sudden, MJ's clothing began to feel snug around her chest and hips. Nothing constrictive, but noticeable as her skin began to feel extra sensitive. MJ gasped as a warm flush spread through her body. The bonds seemed to have rapidly decayed in the last few minutes, and fell away surprisingly weakly. MJ gasped again as she felt the charge of energy running through her body. She felt powerful and just slightly horny. MJ had often felt helpless and violated when taken hostage on account of Peter's alter-ego, and was pleased to be able to make her way safely out to the street.

After quickly considering the safety of returning to their apartment, Mary Jane hurried home. There she turned on the television to see any news regarding Peter. No sooner had she turned on the television than Peter dropped in through the skylight.

"Peter!" MJ squealed. She ran over to him and hugged him.

"Oof" Peter grunted. He had a few bruised ribs from his earlier encounter.

"Are you okay MJ?" Peter knew how much MJ hated being taken hostage.

"You bet tiger. I managed to escape all on mylonesome! What happened to Doctor Octopus?"

"He managed to get away... he just disappeared" Peter was troubled... why was MJ being so blasé about the situation? All of a sudden Peter felt exhausted. His day had caught up to him.

"Are you feeling alright? Peter?" MJ saw Peter's eyes glaze over, and she caught him just before he fell to the floor. It struck MJ as strange the ease with which she was able to drag Peter to their bed, but she was more interested in his vital signs than her burst of strength.

Peter awoke the next day to the sounds of MJ working out. A quick glance at the clock told him he was going to be late at the Bugle. "Shit!" Peter gasped, shaking himself out of sleep. He'd have to web it over to make up the lost time. Stumbling into the next room still dressed in his spidey costume, he was taken aback by the sight of Mary Jane hoisting a barbell with one hand. the weights were noticeably bending the bar as Mary Jane fairly effortlessly held it up.

"MJ?" Peter stuttered, confused. Mary Jane's face clouded with a look of concentration as she placed both hands on the bar, and the sound of groaning metal filled the room. With a grunt MJ bend the bar in a full pretzel.

"How do you like the new improved MJ, tiger?" Mary Jane glowed with pleasure. She would never have to be a hostage again.

"But- How?" "I don't know myself. as near as i can tell it has to do with what Doctor Octopus had in development at his hideout"

Peter frowned thinking back to the fight, remembering the liquid in the recombination chamber that Doc Ock had been desperately eager to salvage. Mary Jane had something else on her mind as she put the barbell down and walked towards Peter, her hands roaming all over her tight body.

Across town, below the Brooklyn bridge, Doc Ock sat at a table. his face welted with bruises. A campy looking fellow in a yellow and green costume walked in: Electro.

"Octavius you fool! You've cost us precious time and energy!"

"You will cease your prattling and sit down Electro. It was all time and energy that I invested. You've done nothing but rob a few low security laboratories. We still have all the theoretical work I've done."

"Maybe we need a new leader, someone who doesn't have the brains of a sea urchin!"

A shadow crossed the room, as Octavius sneered at Electro. "Maybe you need to rethink your position Electro. I have no love for your antics, nor your histrionics. It's quite obvious to me why you've never had real success as a villain."

"Why you eight legged-"

"Stop." a sibilant whisper came from the corner of the room, as a large man in black with a white spider emblem on his chest stepped from the shadows.

"Who the fuck are you? Spiderman's neglected older brother?"

Venom grinned, a row of razor sharp teeth.

Peter had left now a few hours late for work, and Mary Jane felt quite pleased with herself. She noted Peter's extra costumes in the closet, and immediately her curiosity took hold of her. She slipped into the costume quite easily, but was somewhat disappointed that the top could not accommodate her larger breasts. The midriff of the shirt was pulled up past her belly button, which she didn't mind too much; it showed off a perfectly toned set of abs. But the spider was grossly stretched out of proportion. "Oh well" Mary Jane thought to herself as she walked underneath the skylight. She readied her web-shooter equipped arms, and then thought twice about it. She tensed her legs and jumped, and surprised herself when she made it about twelve feet in the air, and stuck to the wall underneath the skylight with nothing but her fingers. "This is the new me" MJ thought to herself, getting excited. She opened up the skylight, and prepared to learn to web-swing.

Electro exited the back of the Gibson Center for Cybernetics with a large sack full of equipment. Success was the last thing from his mind though. He was frustrated with the power struggle he was engaged with Octavius. Electro felt demeaned and insulted, having been relegated to the role of a common thief. After all, hadn't it been he, Electro, and not Doctor Octopus, who had managed to kidnap spiderman's precious girlfriend? Electro grinned. The idea of having power over a person brought all sorts of sadistic schemes to mind. Schemes no doubt Octavius and his grotesque lackey would never appreciate. Electro shuddered at the thought of that hideous toothed villain.
"Villains these days" Electro thought. "No sense of flair."

Just then, a shadow crossed over Electro as he saw spiderman swinging above, moving from building to building. Something seemed a bit off about his movement, but Electro was quickly incited beyond caring by the thought of spiderman's destruction. MJ's arms were getting quite tired from all the swinging, but the exhilaration of moving around above such a dense city was addictive. MJ swung passed a communications building, and decided to stop up on the roof. With uncanny grace, MJ landed on the roof top, breathing heavy.

She found a ledge to sit on and looked over the skyline. New York was a lot more beautiful further away from the ground. MJ took a deep breath and looked herself over. She was quite pleased with the slight changes in her body; she would have no problems with her upcoming castings. MJ smiled to herself as she absent mindedly fondled one of her breasts. Her nipples began to tent out her top. MJ considered masturbating briefly but decided home would be a much more reasonable location. MJ got up to leave, glancing at the nearby buildings to see which direction she'd swing off in.

"Well spider, I didn't know you had such a nice ass. It's quite shocking!"

MJ knew the voice... she had heard it the other day just before being knocked unconscious. The thought had hardly registered before an intense pain racked her body as she was struck from behind by thousands of watts of pure energy. Turning around, MJ again felt the pain of the electricity simply reduce, and she faced some creep in a green and yellow suit, with a star as a mask. "Peter puts up with this?" MJ thought to herself.

"Oh ho, it's not spiderman at all, it's spider-slut! Well, toots, I think you should reconsider your day job!" Electro grabbed a nearby satellite dish and channeled a great deal of the building's power supply into a quick bolt at MJ.

MJ dodged the bolt, and began feeling the strange flush come across her body again. "Not now!" MJ gasped, as her breasts seemed to grow slightly, and her body lengthened just enough for her to notice. MJ quickly considered her options, and shot a stream of web at Electro. Her aim wasn't good enough, and struck the satellite dish next to him. Electro seized the web and laughed maniacally.

"Fool!" Exclaimed Electro, "Now you die!" Electro flooded the web with all the electricity he could draw out of the building's supply, and watched it feedback into MJ's body. She first arched back and flopped on the building like a fish. The pain was excruciating, but like before, began to slowly diminish. MJ's brain seethed with anger, and slowly she managed to coax her muscles to respond.

Her entire body felt stiff with electricity, but gradually responded. MJ stood up and released the tattered and dissolving web, noticing her gloves having burned to trace threadings. MJ felt the transformation coming on a lot stronger than before. Her skin felt tight all over her body, and she felt the complete opposite of the previous pain. It seemed her seratonin receptors were flooding with sensations of pleasure, as her body remapped itself to accommodate all the new energy. Her muscles all tightened, her bones became more dense, and grew slightly. Her breasts grew more firm and larger, and her hair seemed to lengthen under the mask. Her lips felt slightly stung, and she felt her sex become wet with excitement. MJ ignored it though, she wanted only one thing at the moment, revenge.

Electro shook his head in disbelief. This girl was not only strong, but appeared to be growing before his eyes. He had never felt so threatened, nor so attracted by the physicality of a woman. He felt his loins stir as he readied himself for the next blast. He managed to miss her, with her leap carrying enough forward momentum to bowl into Electro. Her legs quickly swept his from under his body, and Electro fell unceremoniously on his back. Before he could move again, a barrage of punches and kicks made the world spin before Electro fell into complete unconsciousness.

MJ noticed that the moment she had touched Electro's face while unmasking his near unconscious frame, she had gained a slight shiver of something from Electro's body. Focussing hard on her fingers she saw little bolts of static energy begin to coalesce near the tips. She smiled, understanding that some measure of Electro's power was now hers. But how much?

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