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Ayami Versus America

Written by Berkhart :: [Thursday, 27 March 2008 16:58] Last updated by :: [Monday, 10 February 2020 17:39]


It was already done … There was nothing the university or government scientists could do but watch as the slender young woman’s body absorbed the last of their invention’s rays.

Ayami could already feel the strength … the incredible strength boiling inside her, even before the device shut down. Once every last bit of energy had entered the slight framed Japanese woman, the ray deactivated and left the room suddenly silent. Somewhat surprisingly, despite the nearly infinite levels of power she now commanded, Ayami looked no different then she had before the procedure began. Her skinny arms and perky chest didn’t press out any more than usual against her tight gray baby t-shirt. At the same time, Ayami’s thin legs still fit snugly into her bell bottom jeans, without showing the slightest sign of muscularity.

As the scientists stood helplessly by taking in the sight of Ayami, not one of them could believe that this college sophomore had not only slipped through security, but also defeated several fail-safe measures in her quest to become the world’s first superhuman. The girl’s obvious ambition and unknown intentions terrified the gathered men and women. The first person to gain such power was supposed to hold the very highest of moral standards, and be trusted to use their fabulous powers to help mankind.

Ayami, on the other hand, didn’t quite meet those qualities. Self centered and power hungry, she had spent much of the last year plotting ways to seize an opportunity to steal the strength enhancing energy of the university’s experimental invention. With her brilliant mind, Ayami used her access to the program to learn everything she could about the project, to include its full potential, and most importantly, when it the first test would be scheduled. Once she had all this information, the calculating woman was ready to make her move.

Even though she was confident in her planning, Ayami still couldn’t believe how well everything worked in her favor. Nobody had stopped her, and now, nobody ever could …

The pleasurable, volcanic levels of strength surging through her made Ayami feel as if she would explode if she didn’t unleash it quickly. Fixing her almond shaped eyes on the heavy looking strength device, she stepped toward the machine, eager to test it against her newfound power. Bending low and grasping the device’s base, Ayami stood up and effortlessly lifted the three ton piece of equipment with laughable ease. Nobody in the room wanted to believe what they were seeing. They knew that Ayami would be strong, but the way in which she manipulated the massive machinery indicated that she was far more powerful than the scientists thought possible.

The newly created superwoman, on the other hand, knew quite well what to expect, and in fact, she was quite sure that this was only the beginning. Ayami’s delighted giggles were the only sounds in the stunned laboratory. Truly pleased with the awesome strength at her command, the 4’9”, 92 pound woman playfully shifted the three ton ray from one of her delicate hands to the other.

“It feels so light! Just like a baseball”, she marveled. “No wait, that’s not true, it seems to weigh less than even a ball of paper! Hee, hee!”

As ecstatic as the college student was, she also knew that there was “business” that needed to be taken care of. Most importantly, Ayami wanted to ensure that there was only one superhuman on Earth. With that in mind, the thin framed woman bent her legs ever so slightly and then flung the strength device through the lab’s ceiling. Originally, the program’s architects would have been pleased by this level of physical power, but Ayami far exceeded those previous estimates, as the 6000 pound object not only crashed through the four floors above the lab, but also out of the planet’s atmosphere. Grinning and dusting off her hands proudly, the super powered girl turned her attention to the room full of scientists …

It took Ayami less than thirty seconds to eliminate the men and women inside the laboratory. So quick did she work, that only the last few victims had a chance to even beg for mercy. Once she saw this show of subjugation, Ayami wished that she hadn’t killed the first people so quickly. Of course, realizing that there was a whole world full of people who would soon be groveling at her feet, cheered the diminutive juggernaut up greatly.

With nothing left of interest in the lab, Ayami tensed her shapely legs and leaped into the air. No longer subject to the rules of gravity, her body took flight. While she could have followed the gaping hole left by the now orbiting strength machine, Ayami chose to create her own exit. Propelled by power well beyond any living human’s comprehension, she exploded through the concrete barriers with gleeful ease.

Once she was free from the building’s confines, Ayami delighted in the sensation of flight. Hovering a few hundred feet from the ground, the slim uberwoman giggled as she looked over the Tokyo landscape spread out beneath her. Everything looked so tiny to Ayami from her elevation, which seemed fitting she thought, considering the world was now her personal toy box. Briefly, the superwoman thought about playing with the helpless insects beneath her, but she had a more tempting setting in mind.

The one woman army wanted to go somewhere that would prove to be a suitable test for her power, and she knew the exact place to find this challenge. Ayami had never been overly impressed with the United States, and showing that country and its people who was boss appealed to her. Without a second thought, the smug super girl headed east. As she blasted over the Pacific Ocean, Ayami had no real way of knowing how fast she was flying. It took her only a second though, to break the sound barrier, and create a sonic boom. A minute later, moving at the speed of sound seemed quite pedestrian to Ayami when she reached Mach 6.

Unbelievably, despite the incredible speed that she flew, the godlike girl had no difficulty processing everything that happened around her. For instance, a jetliner traveling in the opposite direction immediately caught her attention, even though it was still some twenty miles away. Zipping into the lumbering plane’s path, Ayami was able to stop on a dime and waited for it to reach her.

The airliner’s pilot and copilot would have thought they were hallucinating if they both hadn’t seen the same exact thing. Looking quite casual, and hovering in front of the plane, was what looked to be a bare sliver of a woman. Short and thin, the grinning Japanese girl stood in midair, one hand on her hip and the other idly twirling a lock of her silky black hair. Realizing that the strange girl wouldn’t move, the astonished pilots struggled to pull the massive aircraft into a clear path.

Amused with the panicked maneuver, Ayami giggled merrily and then trailed after the plane. Tagging along beside the aircraft, the super woman looked into its windows, getting a kick out of the passengers’ astonished reaction to her. Waving, she marveled at how truly vulnerable all these people were. “Really”, Ayami said to herself. “Here they are at 30,000 feet and nothing but a few inches of metal and fiberglass are protecting them from all falling to their deaths.”

Deciding it was time to illustrate to the passengers just how much peril they were in, the supergirl flew to one side of the plane. Placing one of her soft, dainty hands on a wingtip, Ayami gently pressed down, before quickly letting go. Even with her minimal effort, the young woman caused the jet to rock up and down. The resulting turbulence and the absolute terror it produced from the plane’s passengers, caused Ayami to giggle. For the next ten minutes, the slim goddess repeated her game, until she heard the faint sound of new jets approaching far off in the distance.

Thrilled to have new “toys” to play with, Ayami let the airliner go and waited for the other aircraft to arrive. Alerted to a threat from the passenger plane’s flight crew, military jets stationed in Hawaii were summoned to investigate. Two F-15 fighters, fully armed with missiles screamed toward Ayami’s position. When the jets were within twenty miles, and fully within the supergirl’s sight, she inhaled deeply. A split second later, when her lungs were filled to capacity, she breathed out gently, before gradually increasing the intensity.

Winds stronger than any ever recorded greeted the fighters mere seconds later. The leading edge of the blast forced the two jets off course, forcing the pilots to scramble to regain control of their aircraft. Against the powerful onslaught though, the skilled men couldn’t win. As the winds from Ayami strengthened significantly, the F-15s’ suddenly tore apart in midair. The grinning Japanese girl watched the debris plummet into the ocean, before she resumed her flight toward America.

Chuckling in her bubbly, deceptively sweet way, Ayami reflected on her battle with the jets, as a strip of land appeared over the horizon. Pleased with how one sided her first encounter with America’s military went, she seriously doubted that there would be anything that could stop her now …


Ayami soared over the west coast of the United States, her slender body cutting through the clouds at incredible speed. Within five minutes she was soaring above the northern California landscape, and would have continued on her way, if she hadn’t become momentarily distracted. Ayami’s augmented vision wasn’t even necessary to see columns of black smoke billowing from the sprawling wooded lands beneath her.

Curious, she slowed down and lazily circled the sprawling forest fire. On the ground, the hundreds of men fighting the blaze looked up in astonishment while mighty Ayami flew above them. She found their reactions to her presence amusing, and as they pointed and gawked, she sneered with contempt. Following a few more minutes of flight, Ayami decided to give her audience another demonstration of her power. Without a second thought, she plunged into the midst of the fire, temporarily disappearing from their sight.

For the next few minutes Ayami delighted in the warm sensation that surrounded her lithe body. The flames licked at the uber girl, but didn’t leave a mark on her silky skin, or even her clothing. As the fire left her unharmed, but continued to destroy everything else it touched, she realized that not even a heat source trillions of times stronger could hurt her.

Once Ayami had her fun, she burst out of the blaze, and once again hovered above the tree tops. Fully aware that the cute figure possessed power far beyond any other human, the firefighters began to cheer, believing that she had arrived to assist them. Of course, rendering help was the last thing on Ayami’s mind. Hovering above the men, she watched as they resumed their struggle to contain the blaze, and save several nearby towns. From Ayami’s perspective, it appeared as if the firefighters might actually contain the inferno, unless she acted quickly.

Smirking, the mean spirited supergirl put her powerful lungs to work once again. Unlike her earlier encounter with the fighter jets though, Ayami pursed her lips and released a much “gentler” wind. Without warning, thirty mile per hour winds, propelled by the diminutive powerhouse, suddenly fueled the inferno to an even greater intensity. Ayami was rewarded for efforts when the flames tripled in size and surged forward. Faced with a far more intense blaze, the firefighter knew almost immediately that they were defeated and threw down their equipment. As they fled for their lives, a delighted, girlish giggle mocked them from high above.

Satisfied with her work, Ayami flew a little further away, and spied another front in the fire. Here, the blaze was nearly under control. Frowning ever so slightly, Ayami looked down at the scene and sized up the situation. As her evil mind turned, she quickly perked up. Grinning again, Ayami placed her hands on her hips and focused on the dwindling flames. Instead of blowing on the fire though, a pair of red beams streamed from her beautiful almond shaped eyes. Packing incredible power, the beams struck the flames and caused them to increase in size.

Responding quickly, nearby firefighters attacked the blaze with high pressured water blasts. Miraculously though, Ayami’s “super fire” refused to die down, and instead, actually seemed to consume the liquid and grow larger. Amused with this new development, the young woman turned her focus to random spots, and unleashed several more heat blasts. While these fires would eventually burn themselves out several months later, they would still devastate several hundred square miles of land.

In the meantime, Ayami began to tire of her game. Yawning ever so slightly, she took a second to give the firefighters a cute little wave, before flying away with a sonic boom. Minutes later, Ayami was two states away and had slowed down to a more leisurely pace. She flew over a number of populated areas, but didn’t take the time to bother with them. Instead, the super girl had a specific destination in mind, not to mention a particular individual.

Terensburg was a medium sized city, surrounded by a sprawling community of suburbs. Knowing exactly where she wanted to go, Ayami reached the city center and gracefully landed amongst several astonished pedestrians. Completely unconcerned with such tiresome concepts as concealing her identity, the proud woman ignored the slack jawed fools, and sashayed towards a nearby apartment building.

Soon after, Ayami found herself standing before a fourth floor apartment door. Rearing back her fist, she briefly considered shattering the door with one punch, but then changed her mind. Instead, with complete control of her limitless strength, Ayami tapped her small fist lightly on the entrance, and waited. When the door opened, a thin man in his early twenties found himself looking down at his unexpected visitor.

A knowing smirk lit up Ayami’s face as the man stammered in reaction to her presence. She allowed him to twist a little bit, before ducking under his arm and entering the apartment.

“Why I’d love to come in … thank you.” As her host turned around, Ayami said, It is good to seeing you again Robert.”

“God, Ayami … you don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”, her boyfriend said, finally able to speak.

Robert went to wrap his arms around Ayami, but she held up one hand. “Not so fast.”

While her boyfriend watched, Ayami casually walked around his living room. She paused for a second, to run her finger across an end table, and then looked up, “So … you have been loyal?”

“You know I have … you’re the only woman for me.”

Ayami grinned inwardly. She knew that Robert would never cheat on her, even though the two had been separated by an ocean for almost a year. Still, she felt the need to ask. With Robert’s faithfulness confirmed, Ayami allowed him to finally wrap his arms around her. As they kissed, the waif like Japanese girl returned Robert’s passionate greeting, only at a much higher level. Without warning, she bent her boyfriend way back at the waist and then, resumed the kissing.

When the two broke away, Robert tried to understand what had just happened. Before he could begin to ask questions though, Ayami interrupted him. “I change much since we last met”, she said To prove her point, Ayami grabbed Robert and hoisted him over her shoulder. “Now time for love, we make”, she said in her broken English, while carrying him to the bedroom.


Two hours later?

Ayami breathed a small sigh of relief. From the very beginning, there was no sacrifice she wouldn’t have made in order to acquire power. She craved and obsessed over it for so long, that nothing else mattered to her. Still, there were certain things Ayami would have missed, and feared losing in the process.

Like sex, for example.

The vibrant young woman enjoyed the activity thoroughly, and worried that her fabulous new powers would have made it impossible. Naturally, the self-centered Ayami was hardly afraid of damaging her playmates with her raw strength; rather, she reasoned that she might not be able to feel physical pleasure ever again. After all, if a bullet was incapable of hurting her, how could a lowly powerless male cause her to tingle in the slightest

Fortunately, Robert set Ayami’s fears to rest.

Her attentive boyfriend proved to be more than capable of satisfying her, which was fortuitous for him, as failure would have carried a steep price. Not that he didn’t escape the encounter totally unscathed. As Robert discovered very quickly, making love to a demanding superwoman was more that he or any man was prepared for. Bruised, slightly battered, and completely exhausted, he immediately collapsed upon completing his final “task”.

As he slumbered, the normally uncaring Ayami couldn’t help but admit to herself how cute his devotion to her was. Reflecting back, she decided it was probably for the best that she hadn’t killed him in the midst of their lovemaking. Indeed, Robert would never know how close he came to death in that last hour. Throughout their encounter, Ayami had toyed with the idea of simply squeezing her shapely, super powered thighs around the young man. In the end, she resisted that tempting impulse … just barely.

Again, the petite juggernaut breathed a sigh of relief, as she realized that she would have missed Robert. It wasn’t because she loved him, that was a emotion Ayami was largely incapable of feeling, but it was something else. Instead, she reasoned, Robert was more like a favorite plaything or a pet. No, Ayami reminded herself a second time, she wouldn’t break her toy?

While Ayami laid in Robert’s bed, a meeting was taking place in the Pentagon. Several generals and their civilian leaders gathered inside the sprawling headquarters in order to assess a potential threat to their nation. They watched cell phone videos taken by airline passengers of a most disturbing sight.

The footage was grainy in most of cases, but there was still no missing the sight of a woman flying beside a jumbo jet at 30,000 feet. That this girl could fly was miraculous in itself, but the fact that she didn’t seem to be bothered by the frigid temperatures at that high of an altitude was just as impressive. Most worrisome though was the ease in which she was able to rock the aircraft. It was clearly evident that whoever this Asian girl was, she possessed power far beyond any other human.

“Look at her” one of the generals complained. “See her smiling and waving at those people. It’s like she’s enjoying the scare she’s throwing at them.”

It was a thought that everybody else in the room shared.

Another general said, “I wanna know just what else she can do. We need to figure out what were dealing with before we can even decide what to do next.”

“Well it looks like she can take out of our F-15’s without any problem” somebody else said.

An Air Force commander didn’t like hearing that. “Now have no evidence that ties this girl to that!”

“No, other than they got knocked out of the sky within twenty miles of her.” the Army’s top man replied. “Our satellites picked up the wind speeds there, and they were moving faster than the instruments could measure.”

“So you’re saying she can destroy stuff just by blowing at them?”

It seemed ridiculous, yet the evidence increasingly pointed toward just that possibility. Turning their attention back to the video screen, the generals saw the clearest picture of the mysterious girl yet.

“Look at her”, somebody in the crowd scoffed. “She don’t look big enough to open a tough jar of pickles, much less take down two fighter jets!”

The men all laughed a little nervously at the joke, until a lower ranking officer burst into the room. After slipping a piece of paper to the ranking member, he saluted and left the room. The general read the brief report, and looked up at his colleagues and subordinates.

“According to this, four hours ago, firefighters claim they saw a flying woman over Northern California.”

He paused for a second, before continuing. “They all said that this girl was able to go into the fire, and come back out without a mark on her.”

An admiral asked, “Description?”

“Asian girl. Petite. Dressed in a gray t-shirt and jeans. And that’s not all, they said that she actually made the fires stronger by blowing on them.”

This latest news only served to make the mood all the darker, and led to a sudden decision from the commanding general.

“That tears it then”, he said. “We gotta get quick reaction forces in place all over the country. Next time this lil’ strumpet makes a move, I want our boys to snag her!”

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