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It was a warm, cloudless, sunny spring day. The heat from the blinding white sun in the baby blue beat down on everything below, especially the asphalt. To walk around outside barefoot on a day like this was tempting, but completely out of the question.

18 Year old Mia McDowell wasn’t even outside. She was in her small, polished oak paneled upstairs bedroom, whose walls were plastered with posters of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and other entertainment heartthrobs, in the short,cubic, two story red brick house she lived in with her parents: Her father Douglas, a dedicated firefighter who, despite his youthful looks for 43, was beginning to gray at the temples, and her mother Georgia, a ravishing beauty who stood 6’3, which was two inches taller than Douglas! She possessed long,elegant, swaying dark brown hair, and a twinkle in her sparkling brown eyes,who shared her husband’s youthful appearance, she was already 45 and had no tone single wrinkle or blemish! She still held the job of a model that she had had since her youth, and was always perfumed with the finest fragrances. Poor Mia didn’t catch any of the breaks. She was a plump, stumpy young girl who only stood 5’0 tall, and had pimples and acne spread across her pale, pasty complexion. Her, short, uneven dark red hair, was stringy and tangled. She had no breasts to speak of, just two small A-cup lumps that sat on her otherwise flat chest, unlike her gorgeous mother, who was a “D”.

Mia stood in front of her full length mirror in her ill-fitting underwear,which consisted of a white cotton tank top and pink satin panties with frilled lace on the edges and a small bow on top. The top was far too small for Mia and was already clinging to her body with perspiration. Mia adjusted her black horn rimmed spectacles, which she also hated, and sighed deeply with woe. She hadn't wanted to wear glasses, especially this kind, since it made her look like a boy, but it was all the optometrist in the small town she lived in, had for her. Mia especially couldn’t believe this heat wave. It was only 7:35 in the morning and already she was soaked to the skin in sweat. She wiped her moist brow with the back of her hand.

“Mia! Hurry up and get dressed, your bus will be here soon!” Mia’s dad called faintly from downstairs. She could tell by the tone of his voice, as she always could, that he wasn’t playing around.

“Alright! Coming!” Mia loudly answered back so he could hear her. She quickly peeled her undergarments off her wet and sticky body, they had stuck to her as if they were taped on! As she got into a fresh pair of underwear, she resisted the persistent temptation to look in the mirror as she dressed, as her body disgusted her. She put on some black dress socks, a plain white blouse, a thankfully long plaid skirt which covered her stout, dumpy legs, a pair of tight black dress shoes which painfully clamped around her ankles, but she tried her best to grin through the discomfort. She then donned a drab beige jacket, although it was far too hot to wear one on a day like this, it was school dress code. Suddenly, an idea popped into Mia’s head! She quickly whipped off her jacket and glasses and rolled up her sleeves. You see, Mia was an avid comic book reader. She especially liked superheroine comics that featured such heroines as Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Mary Marvel! She thought they were so powerful, and so sexy! She desperately wanted to be like them, tobe beautiful and have astounding superpowers! She would scour shops for old copies of the heroines just so she could witness them in exciting adventures she hadn’t seen before. Mia often fantasized about this quite a lot. Although her vision was now completely blurry, she didn’t care, as she raised her arms upward and flexed her flabby biceps. “Yes, it’s the amazing Mia!” She boldly announced in a deep, heroic voice. “Imbued with superhuman powers, she bravely fights the forces of …”

“MIA! I said get dressed and get down here!” Mia’s dad thundered at the top of his lungs, interrupting her flight of fancy.

“HUH? Oh, yeah.” Mia said, regrettably snapping out of her wonderful super fantasy. She snatched her glasses and coat from the bed and donned them once more, before dashing out the door. Then quickly rushing back in for her books,she grabbed them from her nightstand and ran out once more, failing to notice that her History homework paper fell off the pile of books and onto the floor.

Sweat poured down Mia’s forehead like raindrops as she sat on a flat tree stump at the bus stop. “Where is it? It’s really hot out here!” Mia thought out loud, even though she knew there was no air conditioning on the bus and that it would be ten times hotter inside. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the large bright yellow vehicle come into view at a steady pace. Mia let out a deep breath, and grabbed her books that were beside her and hoisted herself from the stump with a grunt.

As soon as the massive vehicle stopped in front of Mia, it’s air-brakes let out an earsplitting squeak. Mia winced at it’s sound, although she was supposed to be used to it by now. As soon as the mechanical door on the side opened, a blast of hot air, even hotter than the atmosphere outside, hit Mia in the face. She was immediately greeted by the sounds of dozens of teenagers horsing around. They were either fighting, gossiping, or laughing uproariously. The sound was almost deafening, but Mia was used to it, as well as used to something else that was right around the corner. Sure enough, Chet Wilkens, the curly black haired troublemaker from the photography club stood up and pointed at Mia, loudly proclaiming “Look everybody, it’s Mia the Moon!” This caused a symphony of loud taunting laughter from the whole team of students on the bus. It bit Mia deep like a knife. The bus driver, a sad looking, slightly overweight old man with thinning white hair, made no attempt to come to Mia’s aid. Why should he? He was only pulling down $45.00 a day to haul these kids around, he didn’t stick his neck out for people at that price. Mia bit her bottom lip as she tried her best to fight back the warm, wet tears that began to mix in with the sweat on her hot, flushed cheeks. It’s times like this she wished her vision was good enough to get her a driver’s license. Mia merely swallowed hard, wiped the tears away, and made her way to her usual spot, in the back of the bus with the rest of the downtrodden.

As Mia passed Chet’s seat, she overheard him talking to several other teens in a hushed tone, showing them a photograph “*… developed it last week … one of my sister’s …*” Mia peeked her head into the crowd of boys to see what was up. The photograph was obviously taken in a dark room, with only the camera flash to illuminate it, it was a child’s doll, a blonde child’s doll with all of it’s clothing removed. It was suspended from one leg by a rope of some kind,it had a blue bandanna acting as a blindfold over it’s eyes, and a wash rag wrapped around it’s mouth. The boys giggled with glee at the sight of it, but Mia didn’t think it was funny one bit!

“What are you doing?! That degrading picture is disgusting, Chet!” Mia interjected with fury in her voice, her brows furrowed with anger.

All the boys’ heads turned and looked at Mia as if she had just insulted their mothers. “Aw, shut up, Moonface! You’re not the boss of me! Go slide to the back of the bus, you fat slug!”

The insult cut as deeply as a surgeon’s scalpel, but Mia wasn’t going to let it ruin her day. She held her head high and continued on her way to the back. While traveling to the usual seat, she overheard Chet whisper to his pals “*… gonna post it on the school bulletin board …*” She finally reached her lonely seat, cotton and springs sticking out, and sat down gracefully. She then bent forward, placed her face delicately in her hands, and began to sob quietly. No one around her bothered to ask what was wrong, or even look at her.

The bus let the class off at around 7:55. The students piled out of the vehicle like grains of sand escaping from a hole in a bag. Mia was the last to get off, her eyes still red and puffy from crying on her way to school. As she passed the parking lot, she saw Oliver Daniels emerge from his dark blue 1965Chevorlet Stingray Coupe, and he began to walk her way! Mia froze, her heart began beating as fast as the fire from a machine gun, her palms began to sweat profusely, her breath became choked up in her throat! Oliver was the star Quarterback of Central East High’s football team, The Cobras. He stood 6’2, with a lean, firm muscular build, had a full, glorious head of dusty brown hair, and a flawless smile of perfectly white teeth. He also possessed a light olive complexion that gave him the look of an all American athlete. He was dressed in his usual blue varsity sweater with red sleeves, faded blue jeans, and brown snakeskin cowboy boots. Mia tensed, what should she say if he talks to her? A chill of fear went up her spine as she remembered that she had forgotten to brush her teeth before leaving the house! “What if my breath offends him?” She thought in a worried fashion. She quickly cupped her hand to her mouth, and exhaled into it, then daintily sniffed. She couldn’t tell! A look of sadness replaced the fear, as she though to herself. “Oh, why should I bother? He’s a jock, and the geeks won’t even associate with me. Why would he take a sudden interest in me?”

“Oh, Hi, Mia! Catch you later in History.” Oliver said casually with a slight wave as he walked by. Time froze, the world had ended, Mia thought. The state of Delaware had been bombed and this was just a hallucination from the Nuclear fallout.

“H-He actually spoke to m-me?” Mia stuttered in her thoughts as a fiery volcano of passion suddenly erupted inside of her! “Yes! Yes he did! Sure, it was just a little aside, but he spoke to ME!” Mia whispered frantically to herself as her heart began to do somersaults in her chest! Mia was so excited that she forgot all about Chet and his stupid insults and practically floated on a cloud of happiness as she headed to her first class.

The drill alarm blared like a tea kettle ready for pouring, it seemed to say”There is danger afoot! Listen to me!” Paul Giddy, the school’s History teacher, a stone faced, balding man with no apparent desire to live any longer,slowly lifted his eyes from the book he was reading at his desk, and flatly announced “Alright, students, you know the drill. Duck and Cover.”

Mr. Giddy said it so low and uncaring, that they couldn’t hear him. But they didn't need to, they had done the routine time and time again. They dropped their textbooks and got under their desks. Some of them actually wished an atom bomb would drop on the town, so things would get shaken up for once!

As Mia halfheartedly positioned herself beneath her work space, she felt someone poke her leg from behind. “Watch it!” Mia aggressively whispered. Gosh,couldn’t people be more careful?

“Mia, it’s me!” Came a familiar voice in response.

It couldn’t be! Oliver? Mia turned around and saw the handsome Quarterback on his hands and knees, smiling at her! Oliver always sat in the third seat in the first row, where all the other “accepted” kids sat, while Mia sat in the far right seat of the last, where no one could see her.

“Oliver! Why aren’t you under your desk?” Mia asked in a hurried tone.

“I have to talk to you about something!” Oliver replied in a hushed voice.

“What? What is it?” Mia asked hopefully.

“Not now. After school, I’ll tell you.” Oliver quickly answered, before scooting back over to his place.

Mia’s breath now came in short gasping pants, her heart fluttered as quickly as a hummingbird’s wings, she couldn’t believe it, Oliver wanted to talk to her after school! It was practically a date! Mia considered pinching herself to see if she was dreaming, but didn’t want to disappoint herself in case it was.

“Alright! Drill’s over! Everybody up!” the ironically named Mr. Giddy said coldly.

Everyone rose from their positions and returned to their seats. But as soon as they had sat down, Mr. Giddy suddenly stated indifferently “Oh, before I forget, everyone hand in their homework from yesterday, please.”

The class got up, and began handing their papers in. But Mia was frantically searching for hers. She looked through her book, but it wasn’t there! She looked on the floor, no, it wasn’t there either! Where was it? Mia broke out in a cold sweat, Giddy was notorious for giving kids that forgot their homework,even once, detention. Is it in my locker? Come to think of it, I hadn’t seen my history homework when I left for school this morning! Oh, no! It must still beat my house! Mia thought worriedly to herself. She stared dead ahead at Giddy,who was coldly staring in her direction! All the kids having already given him their homework.

“What seems to be the problem, McDowell? Why aren’t you up here giving me your homework?” Giddy tersely asked with a suspicious look.

Mia just sat there, frozen in her seat. She didn’t know what to say. Should she lie? Should she say her dog ate it, even though she didn’t have a dog. Then she remembered the old saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” So she boldly stood up and looked Giddy straight in the eye and confessed as calmly as she could, despite feeling a trembling in her right leg. “I’m sorry, sir. I seem to have left it at home by mistake.”

Mr. Giddy’s eyes narrowed angrily. “Young lady, you know that you’ll have tostay after school for this.” He grimly sentenced her.

Mia’s heart sank like it was a heavy stone dropped into the ocean. If she got detention, she wouldn’t be able to meet Oliver after school! And she was sure that he wouldn’t want to be associated with her anyway after that.

“Sir, please! It was an accident! It won’t happen again, I promise!” Mia objected, but Mr.Giddy just made a “Stop” motion with the palm of his hand.

“I don’t want to hear it! If you didn’t want to get in trouble, you should have taken better care of your property, you troublemaker! If it weren’t for my pension, I would have retired years ago, so I wouldn’t have to put up with people like you!” Giddy furiously said, shouting Mia down in front of the whole class.

A few titters and stifled giggles emitted from the mouths of some of the students, both popular and unpopular. Mia felt the tears of sorrow return to her eyes. The shrill blast of the school bell sounded, and all the students grabbed their books and rose from their seats, except Mia, who was trying her hardest not to cry.

“Everyone, I want you to read chapters five through seven and write down the answers to the questions it asks. McDowell, you are to report to detention after school where Coach Markham will see to you!” Giddy ordered.

Mia couldn’t take it anymore, the tears spilled out of her eyes and she let out loud sobs of sorrow and ran from the room, her face in her hands, leaving her textbook on her desk. As the rest of the class began to file out, Oliver tried to pursue her, calling out “Mia, wait! Wait!” but she was nowhere to be seen, he had lost her in the flood of students that had filled the hallways.

Mia sat on the front steps of the once noble learning institution, weeping bitterly, salt filled tears of despair falling from her eyes to the concrete walkway below. First, losing her homework, then being teased by Chet on the bus, then being reprimanded by “Gloomy” Giddy. The day had only been alleviated by Oliver talking to her. But now he wouldn’t ever speak to her again! Good looking boys like him didn’t associate with delinquents. Oh, if only this was a comic book! I wouldn’t have any of these problems if I was a tall, powerful,and overall, beautiful superheroine!

“Are you alright, Mia, dear?” came an elegant, yet unfamiliar voice. Mia suddenly looked up in shock to see a glamorous young woman with long, straight,raven black hair pulled back in a ponytail that reflected the blazing sunlight like a body of water. She was dressed in a form fitting black dress with a matching coat and gloves. Mia wondered how she could possibly wear those during this heatwave!Her calves and upper thighs were bare and lightly tanned and tight with muscle definition. Her feet were covered by black high heeled shoes. Her face was like that of an angel, only it had more of a well chiseled look to it, like it was cut from rock, yet extremely beautiful, and also well tanned. Her eyes were obscured by a pair of polarized sunglasses. It was funny, the only people she had seen wearing those were the Police, like the Highway Patrolman who had pulled her Dad over for speeding, she could see her shuddering, sad form reflected in them. Her lips were full, and pink and slightly parted, as if she was breathing through her mouth instead of her nose. Under her clothes, Mia could tell the woman had a muscular, athletic body, yet she still had very large, pronounced breasts that bulged under the constrictive clothing.

“W-Who are you? And how did you know my name?” Mia asked, her voice astonished as she took in every detail of the beautiful woman.

The woman just smirked self-assuredly replying “That isn’t important, What is that I know all about the problems you’ve been having, and I can help you.”in a deep velvety voice rife with certainty.

“What a-are you talking about?” Mia asked unbelievingly.

The woman smiled in return, showing off her glimmering white, flawless teeth,and replied cooly “You know, the teasing, the detention, everything. I also know about your deepest desires.” her thin black eyebrows rising with the word”desires”. “I can make them come true.” she continued.

Mia knew now that there was something unusual about this woman, something dangerous, yet reassuring. She didn’t want to ask her about how she knew about her dreams, she knew about everything else, so she decided to move the conversation ahead. Anything to finally realize them! She thought, a slight spark of pleasure and hope charging through her body. “You can?” She asked,with an air of unbelieveability.

“Why of course, my child.” the woman said tenderly, reaching her leather gloved hand inside the pocket of her black cloth coat, and it came out with a corked test tube containing a light blue liquid. “All you have to do, darling,is shake this liquid vigorously, then uncork it and drink it down. But fair warning, to activate your abilities, you’ll have to be far away from this city,in an uninhabited area. Then say “Atom Up!” as loudly as you can, then connect your two fists together and all your superhuman fantasies will come true!” she concluded with a dramatic flourish, before handing the mysterious concoction to Mia, while lowering her sunglasses. They were as bright and lightly blue as the liquid in the tube! “I promise!” the woman said warmly with a quick-as-a-flash wink.

Mia took the tube in her hand and studied it’s contents carefully. “Alright,but where …” Mia began as she looked up at the woman, but she was gone! She looked all around, for any sign of her leaving, but she had appeared to have vanished into thin air! The only proof Mia had of her existence was the tube. Mia’s eyes widened in shock “Wow! Just like something out of a comic book!” She exclaimed to herself, becoming more excited, before looking at the cylindrical transparent container of liquid. Mia shrugged as she thought with a devious smile “Well, I suppose I could give it a shot.”

Behind her, the school’s windows suddenly shattered outwards, the shards of sharp glass pouring down like drops of rain, deadly rain! Mia lept forward to avoid them, rolling away from the glass like she was in combat. All over the neighborhood, she heard glass of every kind breaking and smashing! What was happening?! She wondered, horrified. She looked down at the test tube in her hand. It hadn’t shattered at all, hadn’t even cracked. Was it plastic? It certainly felt like glass though! Mia didn’t understand, until the voice came from above.

It was emotionless and robotic, it had a heavily mechanical accent and was tinny as if being spoken through a Public Address system. “Beings of Planet Earth! Now that we have your undivided attention, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Ozaxxon race of life forms of Planet Quesscer in an otherwise uninhabited solar system. Through years of hard fought wars, we have managed to conquer various planets, and placed them under our rule! Now, we are proud to announce that we have selected yours as our next galactic outpost! Wewarn you, any attempt to resist will be met with severe retaliation! However,surrender peacefully and you will have the honor of becoming our humble servants! That is all!”

“Aliens?!” Mia exclaimed horrified, her eyes practically popping out, her pulse racing with fear like a hot rod engine. “I can’t believe it!”

But it was only all too real! The ship descended as gracefully as a dove from the peaceful, partly cloudy sky, cutting through the cumulus clouds on it’s way down. It was humongous, stretching around One Hundred Feet in each direction!It was silver with chrome and had the shape of a large diamond. It towered over the city and left part of it in a shadow! People stared in horror out of their shattered house, car, and other windows, while people walking on the grass and sidewalks joined the silent gaping chorus.

The sound of a low, whirring motor broke the silence, as a lime green light began emanating from the various points on the craft’s surface. It grew louder and louder until it was nearly deafening. Then, suddenly, a beam of the light shot out from one of the points, and into the Central East Armory, a large,brown stone building near Mia’s vicinity! The Armory lit up like a light bulb,and then exploded in a large green fireball that shook the ground with a massive rumble. It reached out towards the frightened populace, who began to flee down the street in a wild panic! Stone pieces and steel beams went flying in all directions, threatening to strike the people who were running for their lives!

“My goodness! They’re going to kill those people!” Mia exclaimed, before looking down at the tube. “I’ve got to do something about this!” She said, her face starting to become resolute with a sense of duty! “But first, I’ve got to get out of here!” She remarked as she ran in the opposite direction the people were. She spotted a taxicab on the side of the road, looking like it was going to speed off at any second! “Taxi!” she called out loud.

The driver, a kindly black gentleman with gray hair and crow’s feet around his eyes, wearing a white t- shirt and jeans opened the door for Mia from inside the cab, and Mia dove in! “Which way, Miss?!” he hurriedly asked with concern for her well being.

“Into the wilderness, as far from here as possible!” Mia shouted back with urgency.

“Believe me, I don’t blame you! Buckle up and hold on!” the cabbie instructed,as he shifted into first, and sped off towards the wooded area beyond the city!

From the backseat, Mia looked back at the city with sorrow and regret on her face as she saw the strange ship destroying more buildings with it’s laser, as the crowds of people fled in horror. Don’t worry, everyone. I’ll rescue you eventually, I just have to get far away for some reason. She thought sadly to herself, as she hoped no one would be killed or seriously hurt while she was gone.

The forest road seemed to stretch on for miles like a long grey tongue. The various grass covered hills and abundant trees were everywhere on both sides of the out of place concrete divider. Yet all Mia could think about was the people of her town being annihilated by those sinister aliens. What if they were attacking her parents? Or Oliver?! Mia couldn’t take it anymore, she had to act now! “Let me off right here!” she urgently shouted to the driver.

“Are you sure this is far enough for you, Ma’am?” The elderly gentleman asked worriedly asked with concern.

“Yes! Right here!” Mia fervently stated in loud voice.

“Alright.” the driver reluctantly said, he pulled the cab over to the shoulder of the road and slowed to a stop. He turned around to Mia, who was already unbuckling her seat-belt, and said “Don’t worry about the charge, it’s on me,”in a kind, fatherly voice.

Mia opened the door and eased her way out, and quickly said “Thanks. You’d better get out of here. Who knows what they’re going to do next?”.

“I hear you. Take care of yourself, young lady.” The driver warmly called out,but Mia was already trudging up one of the high, thick hills. He put the car into drive, and pulled back onto the highway, eager to get as far away from the invaders as he could.

Mia perspired with every step she took, her coat now off her shoulders and wrapped around her waist, and her breath becoming labored and her sides beginning to ache, but she continued to push forward deeper into the woods,past streams and brooks with a gentle lapping rhythm emerging from the sound of the water against the rocks. Mia stopped by one of them, and knelt down beside it and dipped her hands into the cool, crisp water, and brought the water up to her lips, drinking deeply until she had refreshed herself, before continuing on her trek. As she carried on, she crossed soft, flower filled meadows that tickled her bare calves, tempting her to lie down and nap in their cushioned blanket of affection, but she refused, knowing the task that was at hand.

She traveled deeper within the labyrinth of forest life until she was in an area full of mostly dead trees, their sinister appearance gave the illusion of a monster’s many terrible claws reaching out of the ground, trying to grab an unfortunate victim. Mia decided this was the place. She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out the tube of blue liquid. She was supposed to shake it very hard. She didn’t know if she could, she was so tired. But she decided to give it a try. She managed to shake it up and down at a very high rate which surprised her. The top of the liquid began to fizzle and pop, as the gasses built up inside, they pressed up against the cork, and popped it off. Snow white foam poured out of the tube and onto Mia’s hand. “That lady wants me to drink this?” she thought nervously to herself. But then her thoughts turned to those of heroism as she thought of the town’s invasion and her dreams of power finally being realized! She brought the drink up to her lips and threw her head back as she quickly downed it.

The taste of wild raspberries tingled her taste buds and she felt what seemed like small charges of electricity going down her throat and into her stomach.”Now what was that phrase I was supposed to shout?” She thought to herself,before suddenly recalling. “Oh, yeah! That’s right!” Mia dramatically spread her feet apart, and shouted at the top of her lungs “ATOM UP!!” before clashing her two fists together!

The white light that suddenly surrounded Mia was completely blinding, that she had to immediately shut her eyes for fear that she would permanently lose her sight. She could feel a burning sensation on her body, like her clothes were on fire, yet her body wasn’t in agony. In fact, it, combined with the sudden rush of hot air around her, felt rather pleasurable. Her large, obnoxious looking glasses melted right off her face, but didn’t burn her skin! There then came a near splitting sound like the loudest clap of thunder Mia had ever heard! Her surroundings shook as if jolted by an earthquake and she felt herself sinking deeper and deeper into the ground! At the same time her body felt like it contained multitudes of limitless power! Her muscles felt like they were expanding and tightening all over her body. It was extremely arousing, like having an orgasm. So much so that Mia let out a loud yell of pleasure, that seemed to deepen and gain more potency, becoming more sultry sounding by the second. Finally, the rumbling stopped, and the forest was once again quiet. Mia slowly and cautiously opened her eyes to investigate the aftermath, and was absolutely speechless at what she saw!

Mia was standing in a crater, a large 32-foot crater deep into the ground! She could even see the roots of various trees sticking out of the crust. She then decided to climb up to the surface. So she sunk her fingers into the ground, to pull herself up, it was then that Mia noticed her arms. Mia’s arms were even larger than before, but were now fine tuned with tremendous muscles! Her biceps alone looked like large grapefruits! Her skin was also the finest olive complected she had ever seen! Mia was so thrilled, that she looked down at the rest of her body to inspect it. She was now completely nude from head to toe,yet there was not an ounce of fat on her! Instead, her body was completely covered with powerful muscle definition! Her small A-cup breasts had now swelled so large that they were titanic G-cup torpedoes, big enough to put her own mother’s to shame! They were suspended on her chest so that it looked like they were almost floating, and felt completely weightless! Mia let out a giggle of pride as she reached up to touch her enormous protrusions! Upon her fingers making contact with them, she found that while they were soft to the touch,they still wouldn’t completely squish inward, even when she applied the hardest pressure to them that she could! She was absolutely overcome with emotion as she fondled her new mammaries, attempting to hold back tears of joy while shouting “Breasts! I finally have breasts!” elatedly. Mia then parted her large attributes like jungle brush to get a look at the rest of her new, perfect body. She saw that her normally sagging stomach now had a complete washboard look like on some ancient Roman armor, and her waist, while still being somewhat thin and slender, had the look of a thick, mighty oak tree trunk! Her legs were thin and very tight, yet very muscular and athletic looking. Mia’sbreath came in soft, short pants, as her hand went down to her loins, her middle finger began probing between her nether lips as she moaned with absolute pleasure as she picked a large rock up off the ground with ease and softly began etching large grooves into the solid stone with her bare fingers! As she massaged her glossy pink labia minora, she began to groan with ecstasy “OH! Oh,yes! I’m finally a superheroine! I feel s-so powerful! I AM p-powerful! Oooh!Oh, yesss!” Mia moaned passionately as her grip around the rock tightened,until with barely much pressure being put on the rock, the large stone was smashed into little pebbles with a loud cracking noise! Mia came out of her trance of self pleasure, and just looked at the remains of the rock that was formally in her hands with utter astonishment. “WOW! Did I do that?” Before she adopted a look of pure confidence. A gallant smile crossed her face. “YES! IDID DO IT! NOW I AM NOW A MIGHTY SUPERHEROINE WHO HAS POWERS BEYONDCOMPREHENSION, AND I MUST PROTECT MY TOWN!” She boldly announced in a triumphant prideful voice reminiscent of the heroines whose comics she had read.

Then she suddenly thought to herself, “Hmm, I’d better be able to identify myself with a groovy name when I arrive. Let’s see, I emerged as a heroine in an atomic explosion, so Atom Girl? Atom Woman? Atom Lass? No, those are all good, but I need something a little more different. Wait a minute!” She suddenly realized. “Maybe I could combine the word atom, with my name. Atomia!That’s it!” She said with a burst of inspiration. “Now let’s see if I can fly!”Atomia lept into the air, and surrendered herself to the air, it worked, she began to hover over the large crater, and saw the devastation that her transformation had caused to the forest, most of the dead trees were now just scorched earth! “WOW! Such power!” Atomia mused.

As Atomia put her hands up to feel her face, she found that her glasses were indeed gone, yet she could see perfectly! In fact, she could see so good, she could see already see the town in the faraway distance, and most of the tops of the highest buildings had been blown off by the invaders, smoke rose from damaged framework, steam erupted out of burst gas lines, the army was already there, firing at the craft with rifles and cannons, but they didn’t have any remote effect on it whatsoever, and they were being fried to a crisp by the lasers for their troubles.

“Wow, the town really needs me! Don’t worry, Central East! The mighty Atomia is coming to your rescue!” She boldly announced as she put one arm forward,while cocking one back, and zooming at the town at sonic speeds, causing an eardrum shattering sonic boom, as she thought to herself “But first, I’ve got to dress for success!”

The tank cannon spit out it’s large lead payload with it’s usual loud refrain,nearby trees planted in the concrete shuddered, as if in fear of the large metal behemoth. A large burst of flame erupted on the crystalline craft, but when the smoke cleared, there wasn’t a scratch on it!

“Sir, I-I can’t believe it, we’ve hit it with everything we’ve got, and it’s still untouched!” The nervous Private reported to his general.

The general, the bristles on his his white handlebar mustache blowing gently in the afternoon wind looked up at the ship with hard, steel gray eyes hardened by many battles and said softly, as if in resignation. “I know, Private. Tomake matters worse, it looks like the Russkies have set off an atom bomb off in the distance. Remember the flash and mushroom cloud we saw?”

“Y-Yes, Sir! I certainly do! And the loud sound it made!” The Private responded.

“Exactly, son. Looks like it’s the beginning of the end for us.” The old General said quietly, as he removed his green, gaily decorated hat and without zest, dropped it on the ground, sinking to his knees after it.

“G-General, we can’t just give up!” The Private objected, panic seeping into his voice.

“I’m sorry, soldier. But we’re doomed.” The General said somberly, burying his face in his hands. “There’s no one who can help us now.”

All of a sudden, a peach colored blur swooped over the two men, as well as the rest of the soldiers stationed in the vicinity. All eyes went to it. After it had passed, an extremely loud sonic boom followed, shattering the windows of nearby buildings.

“What in tarnation?” the young private said, astonished. In awe of what had just transpired.

“Now what?” The General’s voice, muffled by his palms, asked hopelessly.

Atomia rushed like a powerful wind, right through the glass doors of Madame Blunt’s Clothing Shop without cutting herself!

“Hmm, now let’s see if I can make a costume out of any of these materials!”the heroine thought to herself as, at super speed, she looked through various types of materials! “Wow! I’m going so fast!” she said to herself as she went through the layers of material on the shelves like the were decks of cards. On one in particular, she stopped and examined it. It was silver in color and had a smooth, reflective surface. She knew this was the one! Having taken sewing classes, stitching the large piece of fabric into a unitard.

On one of the counters, she spotted a red marker, she snatched it up and drew a large red atom on it’s chest. “Alright, let’s see if this thing fits!” Atomia said. She cautiously stepped into the uniform and pulled it upwards over her body, hoping her muscular frame didn’t rip the material. To her surprise, it actually fit! It was rather snug, but it worked! “And now, for some footwear.”she said, while searching around for what she felt would suit her new look. She noticed a pair of black hiking boots, checked to see if they would be approximately big enough, and donned them. They fit as well! “Wow! I’ve got quite a heroic attire, now to see how it looks on me!” Atomia stated. She found a nearby full length mirror and stepped in front of it. The first thing she noticed was her face! It was no longer fat, but looked as if it were carved out of pure marble with an expert hand! Her finely chiseled cheeks and chin reflected this. Her eyes were light blue and seemed to glow, just like the woman who had given her the super potion! Her hair now reached to the small of her back and was as golden as wheat and as smooth as the finest silk! Her lips were now very pronounced and as red as blood. Atomia stood in shock at the beauty in the reflection before her, her form fitting silver costume with it’s light red emblem, her large breasts and muscles protruding boldly from the uniform. Her black boots fitting over her feet and ankles. The heroine finally found the courage to speak “Y-Yes …” She hesitated softly, before shouting triumphantly “YES! I’M FINALLY BEAUTIFUL! Just beautiful? Why, I’M A GODDESS!”

A large explosion nearby and the sound of people screaming shook her out of her flight of fancy “And now it’s time for this goddess to do her duty and protect her people!” She announced mightily!

The laser from the spaceship once again struck a tank near the soldiers,blasting it into metal shards, which went flying in all directions! As the soldiers ducked to avoid them, the nervous Private turned to his General and shouted “Sir, how much more of this can we take?” worriedly.

“Not much more, son.” The General said, hopelessly. Tears in his eyes. “This enemy is worse than any I’ve ever seen the likes of. Looks like we have no other choice, but to surrender.”

“No you won’t, General!” came a mighty feminine voice from the sky!

The old war horse looked upwards surprised to see an extremely beautiful and muscular flaxen haired young woman dressed in a shining silver leotard and black hiking boots hovering in mid-air!

“Who on Earth are you?!” The General asked, astonished at the wondrous sight before him.

“Glad you asked!” Atomia said, before proclaiming proudly “I am the mighty Atomia! Protector of Central East! And now, if you don’t mind, General, I’mgoing to take care of these vile invaders!” Then as quick as a flash, Atomia sped her trajectory towards the alien craft.

A rapid beeping noise emitted from the Ozaxxonian’s incoming object detector,which was a small blinking yellow light inside their massive stainless steel interior the light from a large lamp in the ceiling reflected the illumination on the walls and floor. The beings, light purple, bald creatures with a halo of completely solid black glimmering eyes floating around their heads, were immediately alerted to the sound of it.

“Master, an incoming object!” an Ozaxxonian reported to the Captain, who sat on a throne-like chair in the center of the ship.

“What is it?” The Captain asked, inquisitiveness in his voice.

“It’s coming into range now …” The alien at the large green viewing screen began to report, before fear seeped into his voice. “Sweet Gobnaff! I-It’s a flying humanoi—” That was all the invader had time to utter, before Atomia cocked back her mighty fist and connected it with the ship. A loud crunching noise was heard like a car windshield being shattered, only magnified 10 times. The sheer force of her power sent the ship straight toward the stars!

Inside the ship, various buzzers and lights were blinking on and off, as thick gray smoke emitted from the dmaged area.

“Koorg, damage report!” The Captain loudly ordered one of the subordinates.

“Captain, the entire bow is crushed! The earthling who just performed thisfeat is very powerful indeed!” A crew member responded, panic in his voice.

“Well, I won’t take this sitting down!” The Captain shouted furiously, before boistriously ordering “Release the Verrok!”

“Yes, Sir!” The Lieutenant responded, he grabbed two large red levers and pulled them downwards!

The crowd beneath Atomia began to roar with cheers and applause, as the heroine hovered above them. She cut her piercing blue eyes over to the burst gas lines, firefighters were busy trying to shut them off, but if flames from the nearby burning buildings connected with the gas, it would blow several blocks sky high! Suddenly, as she looked closer at the firemen closer,fervently hard at work trying to cut off the gas, she saw that one of them washer dad!

Atomia knew she had to act fast. “Alright boys, stand back! I’ve got this!”She ordered, as if she was a Commanding Officer.

Despite their minor apprehension, the men rushed to the sides of the street,as Atomia thought deeply to herself “Okay, if a superhero can do it, so can I!”She then drew a very deep breath, and blew through her tightly clenched lips. Sure enough, a fast, extremely cold breeze jetted from her mouth and towards the gas lines. To the firefighters amazement, the lines quickly frosted over,and then were frozen solid!

Then Atomia turned her lips of ice over to the flaming building tops, and like a fire hose, blew across them, freezing them effortlessly. As she moved her lips towards the school building, she saw someone hanging from the blazing roof!

It was Chet! His camera dangled from a strap around his neck, and his fingers dug into the edge of the concrete roof. The flames were edging dangerously close to his fingers! “Help! Someone! I’m gonna fall!” he cried out desperately,his voice cracking. Then, the strain was just too much for him, and he fell from the roof!

Thinking quickly, Atomia elegantly swooped down and snatched Chet from the air and flew upwards with him with her arm around his waist, blowing out the fire on top of the school and slowly descending, using her ice breath through every blown out window in the tall red brick building, until she had had blown the fire completely out! Then, she landed softly on the ground, and gently letting Chet down to his feet. Chet looked up and marveled at the muscular beauty who had just saved his life! “G-Gee, lady! T-Thank y-you for r-rescuing m-me!” He struggled to say, his lips quivering.

“You’re welcome, Chet.” Atomia said slyly with a smirk.

Chet was flabbergasted! “H-How d-did you k-know my n-name?” he stuttered.

“I know many things about you, young man.” Atomia said, her voice began to take an authoritative tone, as she lowered her eyebrows. She was deeply excited inside, now she could finally tell him off without being talked back to! “I also know that you like to take simulated degrading pictures of women!” Chet’s eyes widened in horror! “You ought to be ashamed of yourself, you little misogonyst! Women are an integral and important part of our society! In fact,if it weren’t for women, you wouldn’t even exist! So take heed, never subject any type of woman to humiliation, because if you do, believe me …” Atomia said,a steely cold look in her magnificent eyes “… I will find out about it!”

“Y-Yes M-Ma’am.” Chet sheepishly replied, still unable to take his eyes off her.

Suddenly, there was a shuddering that seemed to come from an enormous earthquake! The ground split between them, separating them from each other!Atomia looked behind her to see what the cause of the commotion was!

It was what appeared to be a giant blue frog with angry glowing dark red eye son either side of it’s head! People began running in all directions, as the tremendous alien amphibian which towered high above the town, as it’s large tongue protruded from it’s cavernous mouth, began to wrap around buildings and rip them from their foundations and sucked them inside it’s gaping maw, as if they were small models!

“Get to safety, right now, Chet!” Atomia ordered As she crouched forward, and lept from the ground, soaring into the air just like a missile, heading for the massive beast! Chet instinctively aimed his camera at the receding Atomia and snapped a picture, before rushing off.

As Atomia barreled towards the giant frog, she thought to herself “This thing is probably the aliens secret weapon. Well, let’s just see how it fares against me!” Then, as she looked down at the people fleeing from it, her super vision caught sight of a young man who had his ankle pinned down by some debris, as she abandoned her flight plan from the monster frog and dove towards the imperiled boy, she was horrified to realize that she recognized him! “Oliver!”Atomia thought to herself, and rushed down to him.

Oliver desperately tried desperately to pull his foot and ankle from the small, but extremely heavy pile of stone debris, as he felt the thunderous hopping of the frog! He closed his eyes and waited for the crushing pain, followed by the sweet sound of the heavenly host singing glorious praises. When all of a sudden, he felt the weight lifting, until in a matter of seconds, it was gone!He opened his eyes to see the most beautiful girl he had ever seen looking back at him. “Are you an angel?” He asked, wonder prevalent in his voice.

Atomia blushed, before becoming serious and businesslike again. “Can you walk?” she asked, concerned.

“No. It hurts too much.” Oliver said, rubbing his ankle. “I think my ankle’s broken.”

“Don’t worry, citizen. I’ll get you to the hospital. Then I’ll take care of this alien problem!” Atomia boldly stated. Before taking Oliver in her arms as a groom takes his bride, and took to the sky, zooming through the air like the quickest jet!

“You ARE an angel! You’re flying!” Oliver exclaimed with unbridled joy.

Atomia just giggled and explained “No citizen, I’m just a superheroine, hereto rescue the city!”

“Wow! Even better!” Oliver said affectionately, running his hand along Atomia’s heavily ripped arm.

Atomia landed at the Central East General Hospital and carried him near the front, when Oliver said “Wait, what’s your name?”

The heroine ran her fingers through her long flowing locks, and then flexed her bicep, pumping her arm to twice it’s size, saying confidently “Why, I’m the MIGHTY ATOMIA!” with a dramatic finish.

“You’re my hero is who you are!” Oliver said enthusiastically as he threw his arms around Atomia and brought a slow passionate kiss upon her lips, running his tongue slowly along her teeth, before Atomia pulled away in surprise.”Thank you!” he said breathlessly.

Atomia nervously smiled, her face turned crimson with embarrassment and she tittered softly with glee. “Don’t worry, citizen, no thanks needed!”

The hospital staff rushed out and placed Oliver in a wheelchair. Oliver turned to Atomia as he was being taken in “Wait!” he called. “Will I ever see you again?”

Atomia turned back to Oliver and gave a quick wink and a seductive smile “It's a promise!” she said sweetly, before taking flight!

The Verrok was grasping and swallowing more buildings when Atomia soared straight for him! The massive amphibian swallowed it’s latest collection of buildings and then lurched forward, towards Atomia and shot it’s highly lengthened tongue at her quicker that a bullet fires from a gun! However, the mighty heroine was ready for this, and her mighty arm snatched the very tip of the beast’s tongue and gripped it harder than a vice! The monstrous frog let out a massive hissing sound as it’s entire body wrenched in agony.

“That’s the last time you ever harm the people of this town! And now to make sure that you’ll never do it again!” Atomia quipped to the behemoth, before shooting high up into the air with the tongue trailing behind her like a long,pink, wet, tether. The Verrok, having no say in the matter, quickly followed her into the stratosphere!

Just above the Earth’s atmosphere, the Oxxazon’s ship hovered and waited like a silent messenger of doom.

“Commander, Do you think the Verrok has destroyed the flying earth female by now?” The Lieutenant asked.

“Of course, you nitwit.” The Commander quickly responded, angry to have been doubted. “Any second now, we shall … Wha?” The Commander began, only to be silenced by the sight he saw.

It was Atomia, flying straight toward them again, this time, she had theVerrok’s tongue slung over her arm like a bag, attached to it, was the wildly flailing Verrok!

“Quick, Lieutenant Quaaf, get us out of here!” The Commander ordered, hisvoice highly panicked.

But it was too late, Atomia loosened the Verrok’s tongue from her shoulder,and swung wildly with the frog’s body calling out “Batter up!” smacking the ship with it’s own secret weapon, sending it right into the sun in a matter of seconds, instantly disintegrating the horrid invaders! “You’re next, big fella!” Atomia said to the beast as sent the massive beast above her head, and twirled it above her head like a lariat! She then waited for the right moment,and flung the beast into the sun’s flames of death as well! “Well, that takes care of that! Now, back to Central East!” Atomia said, before turning around and rocketing back to Earth, the extremely hot pressure of re-entry not even phasing her!

The crowd was waiting for her as she appeared from the clouds and hovered above them, their cheers, whistling and applause filling her with pride. She decided to address them, and as soon as the ruckus died down, she shouted at the top of her voice, she said “Ladies and Gentlemen of Central East, I, The Mighty Atomia, will always be here to defend you from the forces of evil!Farewell, for now, citizens!” she said with much zest, before speeding off for her house. The crowd resumed it’s cheering and applauding. “Hmm, not bad if I do say so myself, just like in the comic books!” Atomia thought to herself proudly.

The next morning was another hot day, Mia had immediately gone to bed after the whole Atomia incident. Thankfully, her parents were still away. Since the mysterious woman hadn’t told her how she would change back, Mia just guessed it would simply wear off. Because if it didn’t, she would have a lot of explaining to do to her family.

Mia threw the covers off her bed and got up and stretched. She looked down at herself, unsurprisingly, she was still wearing her Atomia costume, but, could it be? Yes! She still had large breasts! They weren’t as big as Atomia’s but there were still rather pronounced, like a D-cup! She rushed over to her mirror. The first thing she noticed was her face, it was no longer fat,instead, it was quite thin, and had no blemishes or acne covering it whatsoever! The skin was completely smooth and beautiful! Her short red hair was now completely straight and easy to manage! Her waist was now very slim,the same with her legs! Which were a couple of inches longer, and much more muscular and limber! “My goodness!” Mia squealed with unbridled ecstasy as she looked at herself, feeling all over her beautiful new body! “Those superpowers must have altered my genetic makeup! I’m utterly gorgeous now!” she joyfully deducted. “Well, better get ready for school! They’re not going to believe this!” Mia pleasantly thought to herself as she got her clothing from the dresser and began to clothe herself.

Surprisingly, school had not stopped the day after the town was nearly demolished. It was part of the mayor’s “Progress” plan. In any case, Mia didn’t care, the bus ride to school had gained her a group of admirers. People gawking wide eyed at the once ugly duckling who was now a beautiful swan. Whisperings of “Is that Mia McDowell?” “No, they only dress the same.” “I don’t ever remember her being in our school though, I would have remembered someone so beautiful!” When the popular kids asked her to sit with them, she politely refused, she was different now, but not corrupt. She ended up sitting with the chess team, because there was nowhere else.

Once at the school, Mia was walking through the halls, when she spotted Oliver! He had a large white cast on his ankle, and walked with a pair of wooden crutches. Mia approached him, and prepared to do some of the best acting in her life.

“Hey, Oliver! She bravely called out to him.

He turned to meet her, his eyes went as wide as saucers. “MIA! Is that you?!”He spit out the words in surprise. “What happened to you?!”

Mia just blushed and smiled “Oh, I guess catastrophes just affect people indifferent ways.” She explained, before her eyes drifted down to his cast. “What happened to your ankle, Oliver?”

“Oh, it broke.” Oliver said quickly, almost like he was brushing it off,immediately asking “So, did you see her?”

“Atomia? Yeah, I caught a glimpse of her, but I was in back of a crowd, so I couldn’t see her that well. She’s pretty cool, huh?” Mia lied. The drama club would be proud.

“Pretty cool? She’s amazing! Just think! A real life superheroine in our town!You know, she rescued me! If it weren’t for her, I’d be dead, instead if just having this.” he exclaimed, pointing to his ankle.

Oliver then told her about his harrowing encounter with the frog monster and Atomia. She noted how he left you the part about kissing her.

“Wow! That sounds excellent! I wished I’d gotten to meet her!” Mia then decided now was the chance to bring something up from the previous day. “Say,Oliver, what exactly did you want to talk to me about, yesterday?” she asked.

Oliver was the one who blushed, he began to twiddle with his fingers and avoided making eye contact. “Oh, well, I was going to tell you that I feel really bad that everybody picks on you, and that I wanted to have lunch with you, but you took off so quickly that I never got the chance.” he explained. “Besides, now that I’m temporarily out of action on the field, I would sure like to get to know you better!”

Mia smiled tenderly at him. Tears once again came to her eyes, except now theywere tears of joy. “It’s a date!” she said, her voice full of emotion.

The bell suddenly blared, and Oliver gripped his crutches tightly and began tolimp away, calling “See you at lunch, Mia!”

As the students hurried off to their own classes and worries, Mia walked toward hers. But stopped at the bulletin board, and smiled. There, in the middle of the photography club’s pictures, was Chet’s large photograph of her as Atomia, soaring towards the monster frog with the bold caption underneath: “ATOMIA – CENTRAL EAST’S HEROINE!”

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